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Trust Fund Babes
Chapter 1: Ivanka Trump
Featuring Ivanka Trump
By The Pornographer
(MF, drugs, blowjob)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING!
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I was in New York City for a few days to attend some glitzy gala being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As predicted I was bored out of my mind but with nothing to lose I decided to stick around at the very last moment. Looking back now I was glad I did as it was then that I was introduced to a ravishing, leggy, brown eyed blonde. Her name was Ivanka, Ivanka Trump to be exact, and exchanging some clever banter back and forth we soon settled into a great conversation followed by a few drinks and laughs together.

Right from the get go Ivanka and I got on extremely well, so well in fact that we spent the remainder of the evening huddled in the corner drinking, flirting, and enjoying each others company. There was great chemistry there, and it was clear to whom ever passed by that we were very much infatuated with each other. At one point we even blushed as an elderly couple asked us if we were together, adding that we really looked good and made a great couple.

I had to admit Ivanka really impressed me. I had never met a woman who was so poised, elegant, intelligent, and yet down to earth and friendly. It seemed she loved to laugh and knew how to have a good time. Oh, and did I also mention that apart from her luscious lips, and long legs, she also had a killer rack! It was one of the best set of breasts I’d ever seen.

Downing an impressive amount of alcohol together by nights end I began to see a certain twinkle in her eye telling me that the evening for us was far from over and just getting started. It was just after 1am when Ivanka then turned her back to the party and shamelessly came onto me, asking if I would be interested in accompanying her for some late night drinks.

“So, what do you say?” Ivanka smiled shyly, “Do you think you’d be interested?”

All night we had flirted relentlessly with each other and to my amusement she had chosen her words very carefully. Now at the end of the evening it seemed she was sick of all the fun and games and wanted to know straight out if I was interested in her. Duh! She was drop dead gorgeous and fun, of course I wanted her. But seeing these insecurities I decided to have a little fun and toy with her.

Grinning slyly I teased, “I dunno, depends. Is there anywhere to go this time of the night?”

Giving me the most flirtious look ever, Ivanka replied, “Well, if need be I’m sure we could find a way to... entertain ourselves.”

Finishing our drinks we then ducked out a side gate to a waiting limousine and Ivanka’s chauffeur. Inside we wasted little time in popping open another bottle of champagne and getting blasted some more while she then instructed the driver to just cruise around the city. Staring into each others eyes we drank in relevant silence, both knowing and eagerly anticipating what was going to happen next. We both felt the strong attraction between us and knew something was bound to happen, but now we just decided to enjoy the moment, and revel in the suspense.

Crossing her long legs I gulped as I caught an eyeful of thigh. Finally Ivanka put down her crystal glass, and then getting more comfortable slipped off her coat, giving me another spectacular flash of her body, this time her chest and shoulders. Her breasts spilled out and almost poured out of her tight elegant dress. I so wanted this woman.

Taking another sip from her glass she then said, “I’m really glad I met you tonight. These types of events can be so boring, but tonight I’m having a blast. Now I just want to let down my hair and party. You don’t mind do you?”

“By all means” I told her.

With that she then produced some coke and reached out to offer me a hit. Snorting a quick line together, she then turned for a moment to stash away her tiny vile of drugs before suddenly swinging around and throwing herself at me, practically mauling me. Her full luscious lips were on me in a split second, and felt incredible, while the scent of her body was fantastic. Sliding my hand between her legs, my fingers slowly slide up and inside her dress while I listened to her coo.

Ivanka then totally surprised me when I found that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. I was amazed and delighted at the same time. This woman was incredible, and the move itself was bold considering the long slit on her thousand dollar evening dress travelled all the way up the length of her thigh. Ivanka giggled to my reaction and admitted that before we had left the Museum she had taken it upon herself to have a little fun and stripped off her panties in the ladies room.

“You’re a wicked little thing aren’t you?” I smiled.

“You have no idea.” Ivanka replied, and with that she suddenly slid her butt off the leather seat beside me and dropped to kneel before me on the floor of the limousine.

Gently pushing my knees apart she smiled slyly as she then proceeded to casually undo my pants, all the while looking me in the eye.

“I’ve been dying to know all night,” she said to herself, apparently curious to see what I was packing.

Taking a sip from my glass I joked, “Well don’t let me stop you.”

Unzipping my pants Ivanka then reached in and pulled out my cock, and with a huge grin on her face proceeded to gently stroke it. Judging by the expression on her face it seemed she was more then pleased. She then told me to lay back and relax before leaning over and taking my cock into her warm mouth. I simply closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. This evening was really turning out to be an unforgettable night. Blowing me slowly and meticulously, Ivanka didn’t waste anytime using her tongue and soon picked up the pace.

Sucking me eagerly she then proceeded to lick and spit all over my balls, lustfully groaning and talking to herself as she sucked and stroked me. Looking up at me she then began to talk dirty, telling me that she wanted to see me shoot my load all over her hand and fingers.

“Mmmphhh... I love the taste of cock and champagne.” she breathed while stroking me, “C’mon on baby, I wanna see you shoot that stuff all over my hand.”

Softly slurping and sucking the end of my bell head, Ivanka lovingly stroked my shaft with her hand and used her fingertips to caress my sensitive skin, all the while repeatedly flicking the tip of her hot wet tongue across the eye of my prick. She was an expert cock sucker and she blew me skillfully for almost 20 minutes straight, slowly bringing me ever closer to my impending orgasm.

Teasing and toying with me Ivanka would repeatedly bring me to the verge of orgasm only to then cruelly pull back and concentrate on licking my balls. It was enfuriating, but nice. I had to admit, I liked being teased. Finally after tormenting me for such a long time Ivanka suddenly took me by surprise when she scooted up off the floor and climbed up to straddle my lap.

“I want you inside me.” she breathed.

Pawing at the top of her dress, Ivanka’s large breasts spilled out and I was so amazed at the sight of them I gasped in wonder. Meanwhile she impatiently impaled herself over my throbbing tool and began to rock back and forth while I continued to admire her huge rack. Her large round breasts were spectacular. Cupping and groping them she then leaned forward and playfully pressed her awe-inspiring chest into my face, mashing her cleavage and her nipples into my mouth.

“Mmm yeah, I like that. Bite them a little, yeah like that.” she moaned.

Taking her left nipple between my lips I eagerly sucked and slurped on her globes noisily as she proceeded to ride me fervently, bouncing over me hard and fast. Grunting steadily, she then wrapped her arms around my head and soon began to cry and shake uncontrollably as we both felt her reach her orgasm. I was actually surprised at just how quickly she came. Drenching my cock with her warm juices I was suddenly riled up and without warning I then gripped her by her hips and rolled her onto her back where I then began to pound into her mercilessly.

Clearly shocked yet delighted by the sudden actions, Ivanka gasped and grunted breathlessly as I then proceeded to go to town on her, clutching her firmly by her soft hips and fucking her like a rag doll. Groping at her legs, ass, and body, I was like a man possessed as I suddenly had an urge to fill her completely, to fuck her hard, and make cum again.

Gripping and clawing at my arms and chest, Ivanka grunted loudly, “Uuurghh yessss! Fuck meeeee! Fuuuck me harrdddd!! I need to getttt fucckkkked!!!”

Climaxing another two more times, I finally erupted deep inside her as she just giggled uncontrollably, apparently lost in sexual bliss. We then lay there enjoying our blissful state and chuckled as we both knew full well that there was no way the driver could not have heard all the commotion, especially her yelling out in ecstasy. Totally smitten with me Ivanka lovingly caressed and stroked my face and demanded I give her my phone number, insisting we see each other again. I had to admit, judging by her now tender demeanour I was quite proud of myself. I had fucked her well.

It was then that I was thrilled to watch as she moved around the back of the limousine half naked, searching for a pen. She really had a body build for sin and truth be told I couldn't wait to see [fuck] her again. As we eventually straightened ourselves up she then had the driver swing by my apartment building to drop me off. A few minutes later I stepped out of the stretch vehicle but we then spent another few minutes kissing and canoodling sweetly through the window, and carrying on like two love stuck teenagers. We just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Finally kissing her goodnight, I told her I would call her soon.

The very next day I was awoken in the afternoon to the sound of loud knocking on my front door. Barely clad in just my boxers I opened up and was surprised to find Ivanka Trump standing there. I couldn’t believe it, it seemed she didn’t waste any time discovering my floor and apartment number. Despite that I had to admit Ivanka looked incredible. Wearing the perfect amount of makeup, she had her long blonde hair pulled back and tied up into a pony tail and was dressed conservatively, clad in a single long tan trench coat.

Glancing around the apartment from the door Ivanka smiled, “So are you going to invite me in or what?”

It was only now I noticed just how tall Ivanka was. Standing at over 6 feet tall, she was a lot taller then I last remembered. As she tentatively stepped inside my apartment I looked down to see she was also wearing a pair of shiny black leather, high heeled boots. Shutting the door behind her I had just turned to face her when suddenly Ivanka leapt at me, pinning me back against that very same door and shoving her tongue down my throat.

Kissing me hard on the lips her hands quickly moved all over me as she whispered, “I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night.”

Before I had time to say anything, Ivanka then stood back and smirked mischievously, “I have a surprise for you.”

I watched in wonder as she then proceeded to pull on the belt strap of her long coat and let it fall open. To my absolute amazement Ivanka Trump was revealed to be totally and utterly naked underneath. The only thing she wore were her shiny black leather boots, which now I noticed were knee high.

“My God!” I let out, causing her to grin proudly.

For a moment I thought I was still dreaming. I have to say I was also astonished to see that she didn’t have a single speck of hair on her entire body, including her pussy. Ivanka Trump was totally bald, while her large fake breasts look absolutely breathtaking, spectacular even. Standing tall and proud Ivanka was all legs, and her pale porcelain skin was flawless. Shrugging the coat off her shoulders she casually let it fall to the floor behind her and stood there totally bare and exposed to me, allowing me to admire and drink her in.

Seeing my stunned expression she smiled, “Cat got your tongue?”

“You’re fucking incredible.” I told her, unable to tear my eyes away from her exquisite body.

Taking a few steps towards me she then draped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I quickly placed my hands around her soft luscious hips and pulled her in close, groaning with delight as her large excited breasts and nipples pressed into my bare chest. Finally breaking our embrace Ivanka spoke.

“So, do you like my outfit?”

Not waiting for my answer she then gripped my hardening tool through my boxers and smiled, “Hmm, I see you do.”

Pinning me back against the door she then kissed me on the face and neck and whispered in my ear, “I want you to touch me... fuck me... do me like you did last night.”

Then before I had time to do or say anything Ivanka slowly dropped to her knees directly in front of me and it was only now I realized what her knee high boots were designed for. Wasting little time she then fished out my cock and without further ado proceeded to meticulously blow me, taking me straight into the back of her tight throat. Coughing and gagging almost immedaitely, she then proceeded to blow me keenly, and I had to salute her enthusiasm.

Between slurps she mumbled, “God I love your cock!”

I simply smiled, “I noticed.”

Gasping for breathe, I then reached down and gripped the back of her head and pony tail as she sucked me keenly, deeply. What a way to wake up, I thought.

Aiming the head of my shaft to the ceiling Ivanka then licked at my balls tenderly and moaned, “I’ve been playing with myself all day thinking about you.”

“I think I’ve made myself cum a dozen times already,” she added between slurps, “And I still can’t get enough. I can’t stop touching myself thinking about you. I’m so wet.”

This girl was out of control, and I had to admit hearing it I fucking loved every second of it. Licking my balls devotedly, she then proceeded to slither her wet tongue even lower when suddenly I snapped and took charge, yanking the back of her pony tail and aggressively cocking her head back.

“Urghh!” Ivanka grunted with excitement.

Looking down at her I found I couldn’t tear my eyes away off her incredible breasts, as her nipples stood at full attention and her chest heaved erotically.

“Gawk damn, baby, those fucking tits look so good.” I let out.

Ivanka simply grinned and as if reading my dirty mind she clutched the sides of her large round breasts and pushed her cleavage together, wrapping them snugly around my throbbing tool.

“Mmm, like that?” she grinned, “Fuck my tits babe!! I want you to slide that huge cock right here... mmmmm.”

Wrapping my hand around her slender neck I then proceeded to fuck her large breasts, and I have to say it felt extraordinary. Looking up at me Ivanka continued to lick her luscious thick lips at me and proceeded to squeeze her breasts firmly together, driving me wild.

“Oohh goddd, that feel sooo good...” she groaned and whimpered as I fucked her tits.

She was driving me insane.

Suddenly, I began to grunt and shake and before I could help myself I proceeded to ejaculate, squirting strand after strand of hot gooey jizz all over her tits and neck. Ivanka squealed loudly with delight, and looking down, quickly began to lick at the syrupy load.

“Mmmffffhhhhh yessss more, I want more!” she breathed between slurps, her lips and chin smeared in cum.

Aroused beyond belief, I suddenly lashed out and grabbed her roughly by the arm, startling her as I pulled her up and dragged her over onto the sofa. There Ivanka gasped with delight as I then pushed her roughly onto the couch and before she could protest I quickly spread her long legs wide, parting her thighs and shoving her knees up to her chest. Lying there spread obscenely wide, I then dropped to my knees and began to eagerly eat her out.

Shocked, Ivanka could only moan and whimper loudly as I proceeded to fervently lick and slurp at her hairless 25-year-old snatch. Judging by the way she reacted, moaning and thrashing about underneath me, I suspected she rarely received any oral before. Clutching her legs tightly by the inside of her knees, I held her wide apart and open as I pressed my mouth firmly against her slick slot. Over the course of the next few minutes Ivanka climaxed a multitude of times, each more powerful then the last.

At this point her entire crotch was now completely sodden wet, including my face, and it was only then that I noticed her tight little anus flex and wink at me. Watching her moan and squirm about beneath me I then grinned to myself as a lewd thought crossed my mind. Staring up at her to gauge her reaction, I then slowly slithered my long tongue down her slick crevice and without warning eagerly proceeded to rim her puckered asshole. Ivanka jumped and thrashed about immediately, grunting and whimpering uncontrollably.

“Ohh oohh nngghhh!!” she noised as her long legs flapped around.

It was obvious from her sudden reaction that no one had ever done that to her before, and I took extra pleasure from that fact.

“Mmmm so tight and sweet.” I told her as I then went back to licking her cunt again, calming her down.

“Uurghh! You animal...” she moaned breathlessly, before flicking her hips and tempting me to lick her fully again.

I simply grinned and licked my way back down to her butt again, relishing the tortured wail it generated from her.

“Mmm you like that don't you. Where’s my tongue? Tell me where my tongue is Ivanka?” I asked her.

“Nnnnggg in... in my ass... it’s in my fucking ass!!” Ivanka bemoaned sweetly.

“Give me your finger,” I told her, and with that I instructed her to slide it into her tight backdoor.

Slipping the tip of her middle finger into her searing asshole, she breathed, “I—I’ve never...”

“I know baby,” I smirked, “That’s why we’re doing it. Play with that asshole, and don’t stop.”

Slipping just the tip of her digit into her anus, she breathed, “Ohh... oh my g—uuhhhh...”

It was then I pulled back to admired the scene before me. Ivanka Trump now lay there completely naked, coated in a thin sheet of sweat, with her legs spread obscenely wide and her knees pushed up to her chest while she fingered her pretty little asshole. It was an incredible sight.

Grinding and moving her hips wantonly, Ivanka pleaded, “Please, fuck me!! Baby, please... fuck me!!! Fuck me, I need it!!! I need you inside me!!!”

As she said this I watched in awe as her finger slowly disappeared inside her, sliding deeper into her backdoor with every moan. Gripping her by her luscious hips I then granted her wish, and rubbing the end of my thick fat cock against her I suddenly drove my pole deep inside, filling her. Then without wasting any time I started to fuck the living shit out of her, driving long deep thrusts. Ivanka’s eyes immediately rolled into the back of her head, and I was then delighted to hear her talk dirty to me throughout the entire ordeal.

“Nnnngggg fuckkkk meeeee...” she growled, “Uuuughhh yeah, fuck my cunt!! Nnnnggg yessss!!!”

“Yeah play with that ass... don’t stop!!” I told her, and she complied, “I want you to continue to finger your ass baby.”

Fucking her hard and steady for several minutes, the entire time she continued to frig her backdoor. And by the time I approached my orgasm she had almost stuffed her entire middle finger knuckle deep inside her. Finally I felt my balls tense up, and shaking violently I erupted deep inside her for the second time in as many days. Ivanka responded in sheer bliss, and proceeded to piston her finger frantically in and out of her asshole at a rapid pace, climaxing loudly and shuddering intensely.

Extremely exhausted I soon collapsed over her as she frantically grabbed at me, hugging, holding, and kissing me passionately.

“Uhhh god yes, god yes,” she exclaimed, “That was so fucking amazing!”

Lying there beside her with our bodies glistening in sweat, Ivanka than glanced up at the clock and suddenly jumped to her feet telling me she was extremely late. Trying to stand on shaky legs she then proceeded to slip on her coat as she told me she had a car waiting for her the entire time downstairs. As she scurried for the door Ivanka went on to explain that she had to rush home, change, shower, and fly out to see her father who was apparently filming some special for his show, ‘The Apprentice’ in LA.

It was then she told me that she would be away for the next few days and after kissing me goodbye added she would stay in touch. After our incredibly lewd, lustfilled, and steamy sex session, I didn’t doubt it.

To be continued...

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