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Part One

It was the last day of high school and Harry really did not have any plans for the summer that was to come. But in the Fall he would be attending college and with the financial aid money he would be getting he would have just enough to pay for books, the dorms, and maybe some roman noodles if he was lucky. During the Summer he was going to go to the college campus and pick out which dorm he was going to stay in that Fall. His friend Brian said he could stay with him when he came down as Brian's roommate would not be attending Summer classes. He did not want to stay at his parents house as him and his Dad were always fighting about the school he chose to go to. As he was going to his last class Miss Chase hollered down the hall for him to wait.

"Harry I wanted to ask you if you wanted to earn some extra cash this summer by cleaning my pool. My pool guy Javier quit last week cause INS was on his back about getting his green card." Miss Chase said.

"I would love to Miss Chase." Harry said.

"Great, do you think you can get started this afternoon before graduation, so I can enjoy it tomorrow?" Miss Chase asked.

"Sure, I will just have to bring my graduation clothes, my cap and gown, just in case it takes up until graduation." Harry said.

"Good here are the directions." Miss Chase said handing him the note.

"Okay after school I will go to my parents house and pick up everything and be right over." Harry said.

"Thanks Harry, your a lifesaver." Miss Chase said as she hugged Harry.

Just then the first bell rang for his last class. "See you then." He said as she walked back to her classroom. Harry watched her walk away. Her long slender legs and her beautiful butt. Harry wondered if she was wearing stockings or full on pantyhose. That was the first time he had looked at another woman with interest since the accident. Things were starting to get back to normal.

As she stepped into her class she shut the door, and Harry went inside of his classroom. Mr. Walken took attendance and told the students it was time to turn in their books. So he had to clean out his book of all the papers that were in it. As he did. He placed all the papers on his desk and put the empty book on the corner for Mr. Walken to collect. He started going through the papers sorting what can be thrown away and what to keep. In those there was a picture of his girlfriend that had just passed away 3 months ago in a car crash. He looked at it and daydreamed about the last time he saw her. He could not believe the one time she did not wear her seat belt it would be the time that took her. He put the picture away as Mr. Walken called him to his desk to turn in his book. Mr. Walken took the book and looked at the number on the book.

"Very good Harry. Here are your $20 book fees back for a well kept book." Mr. Walken said.

"Thank you sir." Harry said as he placed the $20 in his wallet with the other $60 in book fees he had gotten back from his other classes. He returned to his seat and sat back down and resumed going through the papers.

"Class." Mr. Walken said. "I am pleased to announce that everyone in this class passed." Everyone clapped and hooted. Harry threw all the excess papers away and put those he planned to hang onto in his book bag. He closed it up and looked at the clock. "Still 15 minutes to go." Harry thought to himself. He passed his yearbook around with everyone else for everyone who had not signed his and him to sign theirs. Just as he finished signing the last one the bell rang. Sandy walked up to him and they exchanged yearbooks as he had hers and she had his.

"Thanks." She said

"Thank you." He said back.

"Your welcome." They said to one another in unison. Harry and Sandy walked out as they shook hands with Mr. Walken he thanked them for a wonderful year. Harry and Sandy went opposite ways down the hall as Harry wanted to get a glimpse of Miss Chase again. She was the youngest teacher in the school and she was only 6 years older than Harry. He did not see her in her class so she must have already left Harry thought to himself. Oh well he will see her shortly anyway. He made his way to his car. The principal told him that she'd see him tonight at the graduation. He just nodded as he got in his car. He turned on the car and drove to his parents house. Hopefully both of them will still be at work so he does not have to explain that he is headed over to Miss Chase's house to clean her pool. He got on the highway and got to his parents house. "Good he thought, no one home." Harry said out loud. He left his car running as all he had to get was a pair of shorts, his dress clothes and his cap and gown. "Should I change into shorts here or there." He wondered. "I'm sure Miss Chase won't mind if I change there." He said. He went back downstairs and saw the note from his Mom and Dad. He grabbed and made his way to his car. He put his clothes all in the backseat and got back in the front seat. He looked at the directions. "Man she is really close to both the high school and the college." he thought. "About 30 minutes from each." He then got to the red light. He pulled out the note from his parents. It read.

Your Dad and I will not be here when you get home. But we will see you at your graduation.

See you there.
Mom and Dad

He folded it back up just in time to catch the light and got back on the highway. He turned on the stereo. Listening to the songs he was there before he knew it. "She has a pretty house." He thought to himself. He got out of the car and grabbed all his clothes. Her car was not the driveway as he walked up. So he knew she was not home yet. Just as he got to the porch, she honked and he sat down his clothes on the porch swing and walked out to meet her. He opened her door for her as she stepped out. When she did he caught a glimpse of her stocking tops. He now knew she was wearing stockings. He smiled to himself. He shut her door and carried her bag for her.

"I take it you were not waiting long?" She said.

"No I just got here just before you did." He said back.

"No trouble finding the place?" She asked.

"Nope none whatsoever." He answered. As he grabbed his clothes. "I hope you don't mind but I brought my shorts with me to change here." He added.

"No that is fine." She said. "The pool of course is out back, bathroom is first door on the right for you to change in. Pool cleaning tools are in the shed."

"Okay Miss Chase." Harry said.

"Please call me Vicky, now that you are not a student anymore you can call my Vicky." She said.

"Yes Vicky." He said as he made his way to her bathroom. He turned on the light and shut the door behind him. Her bathroom was mostly pink. "No surprise, most women like pink." He thought to himself as he changed. He took his clothes out with him and she told him. "You can put those on my bed. First door on your right. He opened the door and put his clothes on her bed and his dress shoes on the floor. Next to his cap and gown which was already in there. "She must have put them in here while I was changing he thought.

She appeared at the door and said "You can either go out those doors or you can go out the door in the kitchen" as she pointed to the doors.

"I'll just go out these." He said and he made his way out to the pool.

He went to the shed and got the pool skimmer. He began cleaning all the leaves out of the pool. Soon all the leaves were out. He took the pool skimmer and put it back in the shed and began covering the pool with the pool cover. He had the whole thing covered and he grabbed the pool chemicals next. Going over to the pump he sat down on the edge of the pool and read the instructions.

Just then she came out the doors and asked "How is it coming?"

"All I have to do is add the chemicals and my part will be done." Harry said.

"Great cause dinner is almost ready." She said.

"I don't wanna impose Vicky." He said.

"Nonsense. I insist." She said.

"What about your boyfriend?" He asked.

"I haven't a boyfriend." She said as she shut the door behind her and went back inside.

He finished reading the bottle and followed the directions. He poured a cup full into the pump and plugged it the pump in which started automatically.

He went to the door and she opened it for him.

"Don't change until after you are done eating. I don't want you to mess up your clothes for tonight." She told him.

"Okay. I at least need to put on a shirt." He said as he made his way to her room and grabbed his shirt from the school day. He pulled it on and made his way to the dinning room. He sat opposite of her on the other end of the table. She brings him his plate and an envelope. She dishes up her plate and sits down. He sticks the envelope in his pocket and waited for her to begin eating. She did just as he looked at her. He began eating and she asked him.

"What are you going to study in college?"

"Well I was thinking about becoming a teacher, so probably secondary education." Harry said.

"Well it is a fine profession." She commented.

"Thanks." He said and looked at his watch. He still had an hour and half before graduation.

"So what are you doing tomorrow?" She asked.

"I don't know yet." He answered.

"Well how about coming over here and enjoying the fruits of your labor?" She asked.

"Okay what time?" He asked.

"How about 2pm." She answered back.

"Okay, I'll be here." He said.

He finished eating and went into her room and began changing clothes for the graduation. He looked at himself in her full length mirror. He looked sharp. He grabbed his cap and gown and put it on. He decided to take it back off and wait until he got to the school to put it on. As he stepped out of her bedroom he glanced once more at the surroundings. A nice four post canopy bed with matching dressers and nightstand. He walked back to the kitchen.

"Nice bedroom suite." He said.

"Thanks. It has been mine since I was 17." She said.

"Well I guess I should head to the school for the graduation." He said.

"Okay I will see you there. And thanks a million, we will work out the details for this Summer tomorrow." She said back.

"Thank you for dinner, it was splendid." Harry said.

"Your welcome Harry." Vicky said.

He shut the door and went out to his car. He unlocked the door and put his shorts in the backseat and put the cap and gown beside them. He got in the drivers seat and started the car. He turned on the stereo and drove back to the highway. He made his way to the high school. Parking in the parking lot he saw his parents car and parked right next to them. He went to the back seat and got his cap and gown and made his way to the back door of the school. He went to the bathroom and put on his cap and gown. He looked in the mirror and made sure everything looked straight. He was pleased. He made his way out to the gym and went inside. He saw his parents. He walked over to them and his Dad stood.

"I may not always say this out loud but you should know your Mom and I are proud of you Son." He said.

"Thanks Dad. That means a lot." Harry said as he shook his fathers hand. He gave his Mom a hug. She had just started tearing up as they announced for the students to make their way to the commons area and line up. He told them he'd see them afterwards and made his way to the designated area. The 140 students lined up according to class rank and made their way into the gym. They were seated and the superintendent gave his speech. Telling each one that they too can reach their dreams if they put their minds too it. Then the valedictorian and the principal announced for them to form the next line to receive their diplomas. One by one the students got them and returned to their seats. The assistant superintendent conferred their diplomas and the assistant principal told them to move their tassels to the left and said they were graduated. He walked back over to his parents as they handed him an envelope. He thanked them and he told them he would see them when he got home. He took off his cap and gown and congratulated all of his classmates. Then he went to each of the teachers and thanked them for the last four years of classes.

He got to Vicky and she said "You looked nice in your cap and gown."

"Thanks Vicky." He said as he hugged her. He felt her breasts press against her shirt which pressed against his. He smiled thinking and wondering what she planned to wear tomorrow.

Stepping back from her he tells her "I will see you tomorrow."

"Okay I will see you then."

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Part 2

Harry wakes up at 12:00pm. This was the first time he had slept this long in many many years. He gets dressed and goes downstairs. His parents being the workaholics they are were at work on this Saturday. On his way down the stairs he gets the mail from the mail box outside and he made a stop by his car to retrieve the envelope his parents had given him and the one that Vicky had given him as well. Closing the door of his car, Mrs. Ascott hollered at him. He turns and walks over to the fence where she stood.

"Good morning Mrs. Ascott." Harry said.

"Good morning Harry. Here you go Mr. Ascott and I got you something for graduating high school. Its not much but every little bit helps." Mrs. Ascott said.

"Thank you Mrs. Ascott, but you guys didn't have to." Harry said.

"Nonsense you are just like a nephew to Mr. Ascott and I. Oh and we took your suggestion and Bobby said he would cut the grass." Mrs. Ascott told him.

"Great Bobby can use some responsibility and that will also keep him busy for the Summer too." Harry told her. "Well I gotta go but thank you again." Harry added.

"Your welcome Harry and good luck." Mrs. Ascott said.

"Thanks." Harry said as he headed back inside.

Harry put the bills all on his father's desk and went to bar and sat down. He opened each envelope individually. Vicky had given him fifty dollars for cleaning the pool. His parents had given him five hundred for a graduation gift and the Ascott's had given him one hundred for graduation.

"Wow." Harry thought, "maybe I should run to the bank before it closes and deposit all this money." He grabbed his keys and got closed the door behind him as he got into his car. Bobby appeared at the window.

Harry hit the button to roll down the window. "Hi Harry. Thanks for suggesting me to cut the Ascott's yard. I will do just as good as a job as you did." Bobby said.

"Good. Now remember don't cut it the same way every time. That will help the grass grow straight." Harry told him. "I have to go now but have a good day Bobby." Harry said.

And with that Harry backed up the car and got on the road. He drove to the bank and made a deposit for $700 dollars into his account. He looked at his watch. It was now 1pm. So he drove over to the Burger Hill and got something to eat. He now had 35 minutes until he was supposed be at Vicky's house to enjoy the fruits of his labor. So he decided he had better head that way. Getting on the highway he thought about what he was going to do in college. He made up his mind that he was going to go ahead and become a teacher. It was a respectable profession, and maybe he could teach kids to love school like his teachers taught him.

Arriving at Vicky's house he got out of the car and grabbed his shorts out of the backseat. He made his way to her door. He knocked on the door and Vicky opened it up. "Let me change real quick and I will join you." She said.

"Okay can I barrow your bathroom again so I can change?" Harry asked.

"No need to ask, you know where it is." She said to him as she smiled.

"Okay." He said. He went into the bathroom and changed out of his clothes and into his shorts. He waited for her in the living room as she changed in her bedroom. She came out in a red white and blue bikini. Harry could not help but smile at her. She blushed and said "You like it" as she twirled in a circle. Harry looked at her and said "Yes." As she handed him two towels and took his clothes and put them on her bed. She grabbed the cordless phone off the charger and they made their way to the pool.

Harry and Vicky pulled the cover off of the pool and folded it. Harry put it in the shed and began looking at the pool. He grabbed a test strip from the box and tested the water. He showed her the results to assure her it was perfect. He put the strip in the trash. As he heard a splash. He turned to see Vicky swimming. He waited until she was at the opposite end and he dived in. It was just a bit nippy but it felt good as it was a hot day. She stood up just as he did and caught her breath and rubbed the water from her eyes. As she did Harry saw her nipples poking at her top. They were hard as Harry could tell. Then as she slid over to the side of the pool Harry walked over to her and stood there.

"Harry have you decided which dorm you will be staying in while at college." Vicky asked.

"No I was going to do that sometime this summer." Harry told her.

"Well perfect that is if you hear my idea." Vicky said.

"Okay what is your idea?" He asked.

"Well if you help me out by taking care of the pool this summer, you can stay in my spare bedroom and I will still pay you, plus I will make breakfast and dinner for you. Lunch will be up to you as I will be at the high school." Vicky told him.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." He said.

"So it was not too forward of me to suggest it, I mean after all I am only a 30 minute drive from the campus and then you don't have to worry about food and housing." She asked.

"No not at all, I have to admit I noticed how close you were to the campuses. Both for the college and the high school." He told her.

"Great." she said as she reached around and hugged him. He felt her nipples pressing into his chest. She leaned back and looked into his eyes. He looked back at her as she stood up on her toes and started kissing him. She pulled back and apologized. He had just enough time to say its okay as she was getting out of the pool and going inside. He grabbed his towel she provided and went in after her. He could hear Vicky in her bedroom tearing up. He went to the door and told her "Its okay. I am attracted to you as well." He told her.

She looked up at him and said "Really?"

"Yes." He said sitting beside her on the bed. She reached over and started kissing him again and broke away for a moment and whispered. "Then please make love to me."

"Gladly." Harry said.

As he started kissing her back he places his hands on her breasts and gently squeezes them. She places her hands on his and squeezes them. As she intensifies her kiss she reaches behind her and unties the top and it falls into Harry's hands and he places it on the bed beside them.

He sat back on the bed as she laid him back and placed one leg over him to straddle him. As she laid on top of him she felt his cock through his shorts and her bikini bottoms. She smiled as she slid down off of him and went to her dresser drawer. She grabbed a condom out and returned to his side. She helped him remove his shorts and she opened the condom and placed it in her mouth. She then took his cock in her and slid her mouth over it putting the condom on it.

"I've only seen that done in the movies." He said as she smiled and began sucking on his cock. She felt him remove her bikini bottoms as one of his fingers entered her moist vagina. Her sucking intensified as it felt good to have one of his fingers inside of her. She then re straddled him placing his cock inside of her very slowly.

She looked at him and said "This is going to hurt but I will be okay."

She slammed her vagina over his cock breaking through her hymen. "You were a virgin?" He asked.

She nodded. "Where did you learn to do this?" He asked as she began to ride him.

"Movies and pictures." She said. Sliding up and down on his cock was beginning to wear her out. So she asked him to take over. As she slid down and he gripped her tightly as the swapped places. With him now on top he began to go faster and faster on top of her as he felt her legs wrap around his waist. Her ankles were locked around him as he drove deep inside of her. Rocketing back and forth he knew it would not be long before he came deep with in the condom within her newly touched vagina. He started kissing her as he began shifting his butt up and down as she began to moan louder and louder.

"Give it to me Harry, harder Harry. Yes yes oh god yes Harry." She said as she came for the first and second time. Feeling her vaginal muscles squeezing his cock. He came and filled the condom. Rolling to her side they slipped under the covers and fell fast asleep.

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Very good story...thanks

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Part 3

Harry and Vicky were sleeping soundly when he began dreaming about Sylvia. She was his high school sweetheart that had been killed in a terrible car accident. She had walked in on her mother cheating on her father and she was distraught. She called Harry and told him she was on her way over to see him that she needed comforting. He said he would wait for her in the drive of his parent’s house. Unfortunately she never made it to Harry‘s parent’s house as a drunk driver crossed over the median and plowed right into her car. Killing her and not even injuring himself. After she had not shown up Harry got worried about her so he called and called her cellular phone with no answer. So he got his keys and began driving hoping that she had pulled over some where to dry her tears that she was crying. Getting on the highway he began seeing a flash of red and blue lights up ahead. He began thinking please don’t let it be her, please don’t let it be her. As he approached where the accident had taken place he saw her mangled car and he began tearing up.

He pulled over and asked the officer working traffic. “Is everyone okay officer?”

“No the woman in the car was deceased and the drunk driver that plowed into her was fine.” He thanked the officer and drove on to her house, hoping that he would not have to be the one to break the news to her parents.

When he got there the police had already arrived. He took a deep breath and opened the car door and hopped out and ran up to the door. The officer was on his way out of the house and Sylvia’s mom and he hugged. He told her he was sorry and they had suffered a terrible loss. To make matters worse her father was no where to be found.

He asked her. “Mrs. Williams where is Mr. Williams? Shouldn’t he know what happened to Sylvia?”

“He already knows Harry. He was the drunk driver that plowed into her.” Mrs. Williams told him.

He could not believe his ears but he had to be strong as that is what Sylvia would want. He had had a lot of dreams about her. But this dream this dream seemed different. Sylvia came to him in this dream and told him she was going to be ok as would he. She told him she had crossed over into the light right after the accident and that she had been in pain in what she saw not what had happened. She told him she knew he would find love again and not in a source he had previously thought about. “Just be happy.” She added just as he sat up in bed in a hurry. Vicky looked up at him.

“You okay?” She asked.

“Yes. Yes I am.” He said as he leaned over and began to kiss her on her lips. Their tongues danced in one another’s mouth. Slowly but surely they began making love again.

She told him “I could get used to this and that he was spoiling her.”

“Nonsense, this is just something that we both will have the rest of our lives.” He answered back.

He smiled as he began quickening his thrusts into her pelvis that she lurched to meet his thrusts. Before long they were releasing their love juices for one another. Before long it was dinner time and she told him she was going to take him out to dinner to celebrate their agreement that they had made. He told her he would have to go home and get changed and asked if it was formal or causal. She said to get dressed nicely because this was no fast food occasion. He agreed and got dressed.

He kissed her but before he left he asked her. “Does this mean that we are dating?”

“We can discuss that over dinner Harry go get dressed for dinner.” Vicky told him.

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good story

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Thanks, and maybe I will continue writing more to it sometime this next week...

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I would love to see this story expand PhillyCub. Great job on the first three parts

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great story philly
keep em cumming

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A Love That Lasts a Lifetime pt4

Harry put on his clothes very quickly and went back to his parents house. He began thinking about the dream. It left him surprisingly relieved to know that she had not been in pain in what happened to her, but troubled him was why had she been in tears while driving. He decided to leave that question to be never be answered.

Arriving home his parents were not home yet. "Must be still at work." Harry thought to himself as he ran upstairs and took out a nice blue dress shirt and a pair of black slacks. He pulled his black loafers out of their box out of his closet. He then began undressing as he planned to get a shower when something on his bed caught his eye. He saw the newspaper with a red circle on it. He stepped over to his bed where the newspaper lay and read the circled item.

"Jeff Williams asked for divorced from Sherry Williams. Granted."

"Her parents are getting a divorce, maybe that is why she was in tears coming to my arms." His thoughts began to race. While they were still racing he went to the bathroom and got in the shower. The hot, steamy water along with his Axel body wash washed away all of the sweat and love juices from he and Vicky's steamy scenes. He turned on the radio in the shower as it was news time.

"Authorities have dropped the charges against Jeff Williams for the drunk driving death of his daughter Sylvia Williams. But charges still remain for drunk driving. He said his reasons for driving drunk was 'he was headed home to confront his now ex wife with her estranged lover.' Sherry said that their daughter had found her and her lover having an affair and that is why she was his victim. His sentencing will be tomorrow at 9pm. In other news...."

At that point it all hit him like a ton of bricks. "That is why she was in tears. She had found her mother and estranged lover in bed. Her father had been drinking at the bar to relieve the stress of finding out about his wife and their 17 almost 18 year old daughter had to pay the price for it."

He turned off the shower and quickly dried off. He went back to his room and got dressed. He then called Vicky and asked her "Do I meet you at our place and we drive together or do I meet you at dinner?"

"You can meet me at our place, that will be fine." She said.

"See you soon." He said as he hung up the phone.

He locked the door on his way out and got into his car. He did not bother turning on the stereo as he drove back to Sylvia's and his house. He could not believe it. He had a place to stay for not only the summer, but what he had hoped would be the rest of his life. Pulling up to the house. He parked on the street so they could take her car to the restaurant. He got up to the door as she was coming out. She took his breath away with what she had on. She was wearing a blue strapless dress with blue heels and blue hosiery of some sort. He hoped he would find out what kind later. He walked her to her car and opened the door for her. She got in and as she slid in Harry got a glimpse of white skin. He figured out that it was a pair of blue stockings. He then shut her door and went to the opposite side of the car and got in. They put on their seat belts and she backed out of the driveway. She turned on the stereo and began driving the opposite way he had came. He told her she was very beautiful and she thanked him as she began to blush. Finally getting to the restaurant she handed the keys to the valet. They walked up to the doors of The Cheesecake Factory and he opened the door for her. She smiled as she thanked him.

The waitress seated them and took their drink orders. Sylvia ordered a strawberry margarita and Harry ordered an iced tea as he was not quite old enough to order alcohol yet. When the waitress returned they ordered their dinner and soon they began discussing the big discussion. She told him that she wanted to be exclusive with him and he agreed that they had magic together. She would help him with any college subjects he would have difficulty in. In return they would share many nights together and he would be her pool cleaner. Soon their dinners arrived and they ate enjoying their food. Harry could not mistake the feeling of her foot rubbing up against his leg. He smiled at her across the table and she smiled back. Soon the dinners were out of the way. He walked out as the valet brought them her car. Harry opened the passenger seat for her and then went around to the drivers side of the car. He got in and put his seat belt on as she had already got hers on. He asked her "Is there anywhere else you need to go?"

"Just home with you Harry." She said with a smile.

Harry began driving back to their house. He pulled up into the drive and went back around to her the passenger side of the car. He opened the door and stuck his arms under her as she locked the doors of the car. He carried her up to the door as she unlocked it from his arms. As the door opened he carried her inside and he shut the door using his foot and locked the door as he carried her upstairs. He placed her on the bed as he began undressing. He pulled her dress off of her and put it on the chair behind him as he began licking and caressing her inner thighs. She smiled as she moaned and begged him to take her. He slid between her legs as she locked her stocking clad heels behind him. Her heels bounced up and down as he began making passionate love to her. Before long she was moaning and Harry knew soon she was going to explode with loves juices as he also knew he was going to be releasing his soon as well. Their breath quickened and became more rapid with every thrust. Soon they both exploded at the same time. Harry slid off of Sylvia as she turned to her side Harry began to spoon with her. They soon fell fast asleep.

12-06-2007, 05:51 AM
A Love That Lasts a Lifetime pt5

Harry wakes up and it is not Sylvia he sees but Vicky. He sits up thinking about the previous night. He realizes he must have daydreamed while making love to Vicky that he was in fact making love to Sylvia. He lays back down and snuggles up to Vicky. Just the scent of her made his cock begin to grow. Harry begins nibbling on her neck as he slides his cock up between her cheeks of her butt reaching for her vaginal opening he finds it. He nibbles on her neck some more realizing it was turning her on involuntarily. His cock slides in and he begins thrusting his hips into hers. She begins to moan as they cum together once again.

Harry's cock slips out of Vicky and he falls asleep from exhaustion. He begins to relax as a dream begins. In his dream Vicky has enveloped his cock in her mouth. She smiles as she looks at him in his dream. He could not help but smile back. Hours later he wakes up to the events that happened in his dream. Harry warns her he is about to cum.

"That is fine, cum in my mouth Harry. Let your juices flood my mouth. She says as his cum fills her mouth. His cock jumping from the spasms. She swallowed all of his cum and said "Our juices taste so good with one another. They compliment each other well. and by the way thank you for earlier. That has been always one of my fantasies to be taken while sleeping."

"Vicky I have to admit you forfilled one of my fantasies by what you just did as well." Harry told her. She smiled at him. As she slid up to be in his arms.

"So what are we going to do today?" She asked looking into his eyes.

"Well for starters I figured maybe that we could get a shower, then go to the college and sign me up for classes, then maybe go shopping for some new clothes to begin college in." Harry said

"Sounds good to me." Vicky said. "Last one in there is a rotten egg." She said. Harry knew he could beat her as she still had to remove her stockings from the night before. Not banking on the fact that she had already removed them she beat him in there.

"You lose." She says.

He smiles "But actually I win." He says as he gets on his knees placing one of her legs over one of his shoulders so he can taste their juices with one another. Before long she is moaning. "Oh oh oh god Harry that feels so good. Mmmm yes Harry deeper with your tongue please, ohhhhh yes right there.. yes yes oh god yes." She says as her cum floods his mouth, he swallows all of it down. Standing up he begins to wash her back for her and then he washes his body and she returns the favor and washes his back. Harry and Vicky then got out of the shower and dried off. He was lucky he remembered to pack an over night bag. As it had clean clothes in it. Soon they were on their way with their day.

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great series of stories. thanks for posting here and keep up the good work.

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great the next chapters thanx mate

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I first began reading this a couple days ago and just
tonight got to the latest addition.

This is very good writing PhillyCub.

It pulls the reader into the storyline and weaves
a concise tale that's believable and adds plenty
of detail work as well.

Format and dialogue are spot on and I see this
as a fine example on how a well written story
should be.

The perfect mix of ertoic elements to keep
things nice and hot.

A big thumbs up on this!!!

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A Love That Lasts a Lifetime pt6

Harry decides to let her drive her own car and they leave his in their driveway.

"First stop, the college to get you signed up for classes." She says. They sang along to some 90's songs over the radio. Before long he was walking into the registrars office and was picking his classes. He picked all Monday and Wednesday classes. English 1, Algebra 1, Biology 1, and Biology Lab 1. As he was one of the first students to register for the Fall classes he got every class and time he chose. "You are lucky." The woman behind the counter told him. "We just instituted a no Friday semester for the upcoming semester, to see if our students will like it better. And your scholarships that you received have already paid for all your classes. If you take this slip to the bookstore on the second floor they will get your books and everything you need for the lab together for you." She finished.

"Great, thanks." Harry said as he made his way to the bookstore. He got on the elevator and rode up to the second floor. He made his way in the bookstore, and passed his slip to the attendant behind the desk. "Give me about 5 minutes and I will have this ready for you." She said.

"Thank you." He said back. Harry began looking at some of the school supplies. He saw that they were not very cheap there so he decided he would have to go somewhere else to get his supplies.

"Harry, your books are ready." The attendant said over the intercom.

Harry made his way back to the desk. He accepted his books and she told him everything was taken care of by his scholarships.

"Thank you." He said "Your welcome." She said back as he made his way back to Vicky and the car.

He put the books in the trunk as he did not want to risk losing them. Then he rejoined Vicky in the front seat. "All signed up?" She asked. "Yes, I am." He answered. "All Monday and Wednesday classes." He added.

"What about Fridays?" She asked.

"No more Friday classes, at least for this semester. As they are trying out a no Fridays semester to see if the students will like it." Harry told her.

"Well your lucky there, I believe though all the students are going to like it." She said.

"Yeah me too." He said.

"Next stop, Meijer." She said.

They listened to more music as they made their way to the Meijer. Soon they pulled up and both got out of the car this time. She locked the doors as they held hands going inside. Harry grabbed them a cart as they were welcomed by the door greeter. They made their way to the clothing section and picked out some nice jeans and some catchy slogan shirts for him. Then they stopped over in the female clothing section and she found a few skirts on sale.

"I wanna try these on, to see if they fit." She said.

Soon she was inside the dressing room, and she asked Harry to join her as she needed help zipping it up as she could not reach the zipper. So Harry went inside the dressing room with her. He zipped it up and she twirled around.

"It looks good on you." He told her.

"Thanks." She said as she reached for the zipper.

Harry came up behind her and unzipped it for her. "Thanks again." She said.

Harry put his finger to his lips as he began to passionately kiss her. She whispered "What are you doing?" He just smiled.

He dropped his pants and picked her up and laid her on the floor as he slipped his cock inside of her, which was becoming increasingly wet from the thought of making love in a public place. Soon her legs were wrapped around his waist as he began to thrust in and out of her at a decent pace. She was getting close and Harry knew this so he quickened the pace as he knew if he picked up speed he would be spewing in no time. Soon they finished together and she was quickly up and getting her clothes back on, as was he.

She told him "I will go out first and when the ghost was clear I will tap my shoe three times and you will be able to slip out next."

He just nodded.

Soon she was out and about and she looked around, seeing no workers or no customers she tapped three times and he slipped out unnoticed. Soon they resumed shopping. She had both skirts in the cart.

They then made their way to the school supply section and got him 4 notebooks one for each class. And a binder for the Biology Lab book. He did not have to get any pens or pencils as he still had some from his high school days he could use as well as his book bag. His calculator just needed new batteries so they picked them up in the register lane. Their purchases came up to $93.96 and Harry gave the cashier a $100 bill. The cashier checked the bill for authenticity and it came up just fine. He received his $6.04 back with his receipt. Along with a coupon and another coupon stating he had won a $500 gift card. The cashier was extremely excited for him. And told him "You can redeem that coupon at the service desk."

"Thanks." He said with a smile on his face from ear to ear.

He went the service desk and presented the attendant with the coupon. He in turn passed him the $500 gift card. "Congratulations sir." The attendant said.

"Thank you." Harry said as he put the gift card in his wallet to use another day.

They then made their way out to the car after having their picture taken as the $500 gift card winner. They then drove back to their house and Harry told her he needed to go home and get all his things and bring them over to her house. She agreed as he left he kissed her and said he'd be back soon.

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thanks for the new chapter. They are just as good as the first

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This is a great story, I don't know how I've managed to miss it until now!

I really like this story! Very erotic but with a great story line behind it!

Good work! :rolleyes:

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damn I must be slipping forgot to look for the next chapter for this one thanks philly keep em coming regards

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afternoon Archas I hope you havent put this story to bed There cannot be just me hoping for the next chapter regards from yorkshire andy