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Sex, Lies, and Hilary Duff
Featuring Hilary Duff
By The Pornographer
(M+F, blowjob, blackmail)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING!
Feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or death threats lol

Visiting the States for the first time in years, I was excited at the prospect of seeing my old friend, Good Charlotte front man, Joel Madden. We had been family friends for the longest some time but living on opposite sides of the globe we rarely saw each other. In the time I had last spoken to him he and the band had done very well for themselves and now had a huge following. Joel in fact had done so well for himself he and his brother Benji had moved into a huge mansion in Beverly Hills and were both reportedly dating a number of Hollywood starlets.

Flying into Los Angeles, Joel was there to pick me up and drive me back to his opulent home. Getting settled in, that first night we just lazily hung out, slowly getting drunk and stoned while catching up on old times. It was then just after 10pm that we got some visitors. It was apparently his new girlfriend, notorious bad girl and Hollywood socialite, Nicole Richie. I didn’t really know much about Nicole, only what I read in the gossip rages. Meeting her for the very first time, I had to admit that she was a thousand times hotter than I originally thought not to mention she was really tiny.

Nicole was apparently on her way to some big Hollywood event, and dressed up, decided to quickly pop in to pick up some pills. To my delight it seemed Nicole was not alone, and it was then I was introduced to her best friend, Paris Hilton. Then as Joel and Nicole disappeared into the bedroom, apparently rushing off for a quickie, Paris and I chatted briefly. Right away she took an interest in me, especially after finding out that I was from out of town.

I was actually surprised to see just how friendly she was, and without wasting anytime Paris shamelessly asked me for my number and suggested we “hook up” one night during the week and before I leave. A few minutes later Nicole finally reappeared from the bedroom, all be it a little dishevelled, and the girls began to leave. Then, while Joel and Nicole canoodled on the other side of their SUV, Paris smiled slyly and planted a sweet wet kiss on my lips.

Seeing my stunned expression, Joel then laughed, “Welcome to Hollywood, Matey.”

Settling back to our boy’s night in, it was then Joel asked me if I was actually contemplating calling Paris. He argued that although it initially seemed like a good idea, he thought he should be the one to warn me, explaining that the girls were fucking insane. They were apparently huge junkies, who spent all of their spare time just fucking around, partying, and taking hardcore drugs. They apparently lived to just be famous and be in the gossip rags.

“And your point is?” I told him.

Joel chuckled, “Hey man, I’m just letting you know. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Chatting some more, it was then Joel admitted to me that despite the bad lifestyle, and reputation, he genuinely had strong feelings for Nicole. He even thought that he may love her. I immediately laughed in his face knowing what he was like, and joking around I then told him that he was most probably just pussy whipped considering he had recently broken up with pop sensation and goody-two shoes singer/actress, Hilary Duff. Joel then shocked me by divulging that Hilary was in fact one of the craziest, nastiest, little whore’s he had ever known, much less dated.

Of course I didn’t believe him, but to prove his point he then got up from the sofa, “Fuck this man, I’ll prove it to you bro.”

Joel then fumbled around behind the television cabinet looking for something. Producing a small video camera, he then searched through a number of tapes before pressing play and perusing some footage on the TV screen.

“I’m telling you, she was a fucking wild bitch!” he declared, “People have no idea what she’s really like.”

It was then that on the 42inch plasma I caught sight of his girlfriend Nicole Richie getting fucked doggy style. The footage was rough and out of focus, but you could still clearly see it was her. And from the sounds of things she was extremely vocal.

“Whoa whoa, stop right there!” I laughed, “Holy shit!”

“Sorry dude,” Joel apologized, before rewinding the tape further, “It’s here somewhere.”

“Man, you have got to let me borrow that tape one day,” I joked, “You’re girlfriend there looks fucking good.”

“Yeah no worries dude,” he replied, “Just let me find the Hilary stuff.”

I couldn’t believe it, not only was I seeing some incredible footage but Joel was actually going to let me borrow it, or so he said. I could hardly control my excitement. Flipping through a few more minutes of film, Joel then finally found what he was looking for.

“Here it is. Enjoy.” he said before coming back to the sofa and taking another hit from the bong.

Watching the screen intently, I almost gasped with shock at what I was witnessing. On the screen it revealed a clearly intoxicated and sexily clad Hilary Duff, strutting around in some lavish hotel suite and fooling around with Joel and his brother Benji. From the look of her outfit and make up it seemed they had all just arrived back to the hotel from some big event.

“This was in Florida about a year ago.” Joel explained before coughing up his lungs beside me.

Meanwhile back on the TV it seemed Benji was assigned as the designated cameraman for the night, and while loud music blared in the background he taped the happy couple fool around in the middle of the suite. Kicking her shoes away, Hilary and Joel enjoyed the view from their balcony before they stepped back inside and she then treated him to an impromptu lap dance, bending over and rubbing her incredible body against him.

Hilary then sexily danced for her boyfriend for several minutes, working up a sweat and really putting on a great show. Meanwhile Joel rewarded her by sharing and baiting her with a joint, letting her take a hit every now and then. This action only seemed to rile her up even more, and over the next few minutes more and more of her clothing found itself on the floor around them. By this stage Hilary was now just clad in her two piece bikini, which doubled as her underwear for the evening.

At first it all just seemed like harmless fun, but then, Hilary finally grinned slyly and pulled Joel by the hand towards the bedroom. Then as Benji fooled around and filmed some nonsense outside from the balcony, a minute later he casually walked down the hall and straight into the bedroom to find Hilary and Joel lying on the bed, with Hilary kneeling between his spread legs, blowing him keenly. It was without a doubt the hottest piece of celebrity footage I had ever seen, and unlike the Nicole stuff I had just viewed minutes earlier, you could clearly see it was Hilary Duff.

The younger Duff was between her boyfriend’s legs, happily blowing him as he lay back enjoying himself. Clearly drunk and stoned, Hilary simply laughed and carried on, not even flinching at the sight of the camera. Just then, Joel then suddenly turned the tables and without warning grabbed Hilary by the arm and flipped her over onto the bed, making her playfully shriek. He then parted her legs roughly and proceeded to fuck her right then and there, right in view of his brother, and the video camera!

Getting fucked, I was then shocked to see Hilary play it up to the audience, blowing kisses and sticking out her tongue at Benji. I had to remind myself that this was the same Hilary Duff who was a pop icon, recognized around the globe for being this sweet and shy actress and singer. It totally blew my mind. Then, just as I still try to digest this lewd material, I saw something that absolutely took my breath away.

As Joel lay on top of her fucking her steadily, Benji stepped forward and casually pulled out his limp cock, shaking it above her face and presenting it to her. Without hesitation, Hilary leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. I was dumbfounded. Seeing my stunned expression, Joel simply chuckled.

“Ha, see. Do you believe me now?”

“Holy. Fucking. Shit.” I let out as I watched the incredible video.

The camera then clearly showed Hilary Duff blowing Benji Madden as his brother Joel Madden fucked her. It was then the camera shook a little as Benji passes the handy cam to his brother, and with his cock still buried inside her, Joel then recorded his girlfriend eagerly blowing his twin. The brothers then really started to go to town on her, grabbing her by the back of her head while pinning her knees back up to her chest.

Hilary moaned lustfully until Benji then leaned over and mumbled something into her. Hilary then laughed uncontrollably and playfully threw a pillow at him, before pushing them both off her and taking off down the hall. As the guys playfully yelled and screamed over the music, the camera chased after Benji and Hilary. Suddenly, in the middle of all the action there was a loud knock at the front door, and they all froze with fear.

It seemed that the loud rock music had caused a few complains from surrounding guests in the hotel and a concierge was forced to take action, telling them to keep it down. As expected, Joel abused him before slamming the door in his face, and a minute later the three quickly returned back to their shenanigans, fooling around and chasing each other loudly around the suite. It was like watching three spoilt children act up while they’re parents were away at work.

Meanwhile, Joel was now behind the camera, and losing track of the others walked around until he finally found them in the bathroom. There, Benji had Hilary by the sink; bend over, naked, while fucking her from behind. Watching themselves in the mirror as they fucked, he pulled and yanked on her long brown hair, causing Hilary to grunt and moan sweetly as she arched her back and he fucked her hard and fast.

At this point I was so shocked at what I was seeing that I almost didn’t hear the phone ring in Joel’s house. Pausing the explicit video for a moment, he then answered his phone and chuckled at me as it in fact turned out to be the devil herself, Hilary Duff. Joel then got up and I listened as they began to argue. Swearing at her, he yelled at her to stop calling him, telling her he had a new girlfriend now and was seeing Nicole Richie.

I found the entire scene surreal as we were just watching both of them “perform” on camera. Hanging up he then told me that she was a fucking nut job, and wouldn’t leave him alone. It was then that I called in a favour, and knowing exactly what I wanted Joel laughed.

“Hey man you’re stoned, but if you really want a shot at her be my guess. I couldn’t give a fuck. I’ve had her, Benji’s had her. We’ve ever had her sister Haylie...” he went on to say.

It was then we devised a plan for me to get some of that hot, Duff ass. Pranking her phone, it didn’t take long for her to call back and Joel chuckled as he passed me the phone. While he then went for a shower, I then introduced myself to her and began to chat, faking concern about their relationship. Chatting for a few minutes, I could hear the desperation in her voice; Hilary really wanted to get back with Joel, and at any cost.

“I’ll do anything, he knows that.” She admitted to me, “Why is he treating me this way?”

It was then I instructed her to call back later, telling her that I was going to talk to him properly and try to convince him to see her. As expected, Hilary excitedly hung up and called back a few minutes later. I then cruelly played with her emotions and told her that Joel wanted to see her tomorrow afternoon. Hilary sounded more than excited and I informed her that because of the whole Nicole Richie situation, that he wanted to meet her at a well known hotel in Beverly Hills. I could tell she was a little apprehensive about it, but at the same time she was just too excited to refuse.

Meanwhile Joel stood next to me laughing his ass off. With no intentions of going, we then started to think of all the different ways I could take advantage of her and the situation. We soon came up with a full proof plan.

The following afternoon, I rocked up to the room and made myself at home, preparing my material before taking a shower. Meanwhile, Hilary Duff showed up 15 minutes early, and was dressed up to the nines, as she wanted to make a big impression with her ex sweetheart. Dressed like a tramp, her small cleavage and legs were on full display, and her high heeled shoes were so tall she could barely walk.

Hilary knocked on the door of the suite but didn’t get a reply. It was then she tried the door knob and was delighted to find it was unlocked. Hearing the shower, she immediately assumed it was Joel, and dropping her bag to the lounge, excitedly stepped into the bathroom to greet him. There, I was right in the middle of washing my face when I heard the sound of her heels echo through the small room and step closer to me in the shower.

“Hello? Baby, I missed you.” she said as she began to take of her top and step towards the shower.

Turning around, Hilary then suddenly shrieked out in shock, and almost toppled over. Grabbing her shirt she then bolted for the door.

“Hilary, Hilary! Wait, relax! It’s me!” I quickly yelled as I rushed out of the shower totally naked and chased after her.

Hurriedly reaching for her bag, she then inadvertently dropped it, causing all her things to scatter all over the place as I ran out to find her kneeling on all fours in front of the main door, trying to clean up the mess.

“Wait! I spoke to you last night, remember?”I tried to explain, and it was only then that she remembered who I was.

Hilary eventually calmed down and looked at me. I was still standing naked and I could see by the twinkle in her eye that she was more than impressed with my athletic physic, and trying as she may she just couldn’t stop gawking at my swinging cock.

“Wh—What the hells going on?” she finally asked, embarrassed.

Barely able to look away from my cock she asked, “Where’s Joel?”

It was then that I explained that he in fact wasn’t coming, and that I had actually lured her there under false pretences. Upset, for a moment I thought she was going to cry.

Preparing to leave, I then said, “Well aren’t you at least curious as to why I brought you here?”

Hilary spat, “Fuck you! I don’t care. I’m leaving.”

While she then went to leave, I then mentioned the video tape I had seen and this seemed to stop her dead in her tracks. It was then that I explained that I had made a copy of the video and unless she did exactly what I asked, and exactly what Joel wish for, I would upload it to the internet, specifically mentioning sites like you tube, and a handful of other celebrity boards. This seemed to frazzle her now, and I now seemed to have her full and undivided attention.

“Joel would never do that.”

“Oh no, really?”

“What do you want?”

It was then I explained just how much I enjoyed the video, especially mentioning the sexy little lap dance she gave her then boyfriend.

“Are you serious? All you want is a lap dance?”

“Well yeah, for starters.” I replied casually, “By the way, I love the outfit today.”

Hilary then squirmed and folded her arms self consciously.

“Why are you doing this? Please don’t make me do this,” Hilary pleaded, her big brown eyes filling with tears.

“I’m not making you do anything,” I told hold her, “It’s what you’ve already done that interests me. I just want a repeat.”

Her eyes flickered to the side, only now noticing the video playing in the background. I think up until that point she wasn’t sure if I was full of shit or not. Now she knew for sure that I was dead serious.

“You know if anyone ever saw that footage I’d be dead, finished in the industry.”

“So you expect me not to release it?” I asked her pointedly, “Do you have any idea how much money it would be worth?”

Hilary stood quietly, firming her resolve.

“Okay...” she said while thinking, “One lap-dance. I’ll give you one lap dance and you’ll give me all the copies of that tape, right?”

We both already knew she was going to do it. But she was still waffling.

“Alright, I promise. One GOOD lap-dance, and then I’ll give you the original, and delete any copies I might have made.”

“Okay, deal.”

Once committed, Hilary seemed willing enough to make the best of a bad situation. While she prepared herself, I then slipped into the bathroom and returned clad in just my boxers. Hilary started awkwardly, and had a bit of difficulty trying to act sexy while peeling her outfit over her head, but the end result was worth it. Her breasts were small but very nice, and to see them swelling out of her lacy push up bra brought on the first twitch in my shorts. She did a much better job with her shorts, opening up a button, then slowly lowering the zipper, exposing nothing but skin to the eye.

Hilary peeled the two sides outward and I was finally rewarded with a hint of black material where her panties started. She then completed a leisurely turn, ending with her back to me, before teasing her shorts over her hips. After just an inch or two a thin black string was exposed, and she bent over and slid them down to her ankles, then held that pose for a few seconds, before letting me take in her all but naked, oh-so delicious, butt. The naughty thong, worn by such the prim-and-proper celebrity as herself was extremely thrilling to see.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” I told her, gazing at her heart-shaped cheeks and thinking how nice it would be to bury my face in between them.

She stood back up and danced a bit longer before she reached behind and unsnapped her bra, releasing her full, ripe, young breasts. I saw her eyes glance over at the television once again, then at the tenting of my boxers, then back to my face. She was suddenly blushing madly as she tried to cover her breasts somewhat, while turning and dancing before me.

“Come closer,” I encouraged her, and she hesitantly did, straddling my leg with her crotch.

She suddenly spun, her back facing me, all but naked. She leaned over, hands on her knees and wiggled her ass at me, now no more than a foot away. Hilary turned to see my reaction and gave me another glance at her globes, which were now unfettered by bra or hands. I then reached out and ran a single finger down the outside of one cheek, slowly. I could see the goose bumps break out all over her flawless body.

Hilary gasped, and I could see her legs trembling. I reached one hand out to each hip, and turned her, so she would face me once more. As soon as she turned her hands went back to her breasts, doing a poor job of covering them.

“More,” I whispered huskily, “I wanna see more.”

She then slowed her movements and languidly slid her hands down, until instead of covering her breasts her hands were cupping and pushing them together. Hilary leaned forward, her shoulders performing a mesmerizing figure eight as her hands now offered up those amazing mounds for my examination. Her eyes were slightly closed and her head thrown back, as she undulated before me, her pert breasts a hesitant gift.

I leaned forward in my seat, matching her leisurely pace. Her nipples were small, thick, pink, and extremely hard, begging for attention. Up close I could breathe in her scent, and count each little bump surrounding her aroused nipples. A tiny freckle just above the right one was framed inside her tan line. I was so tempted to kiss that tiny spot. Hilary must have felt my breath on her skin, and just as we were about to touch she inched back, making me lean forward even more.

“Just this once, please.” I almost begged.

Hilary tried to act tough but couldn’t help but let a tiny smile escape. It was clear she loved to tease.

She then replied, “And you’ll destroy the video, right?”

“Fucking A, I swear.” I responded.

With that Hilary leaned back over me, her breasts rubbing against my face. I revelled in the sweet smell of her skin, as she rubbed her peach sized tits against my face, encasing my face in the valley of her untanned skin. I only got a few minutes of this incredible treatment before she finally backed away again. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, until suddenly she climbed forward and placed her knee next to my left thigh and proceeded to straddle me.

Hilary then placed her other knee beside my right thigh as I grabbed her hips and keenly pulled her toward me, until her hot crotch was firmly pressed against my very stiff cock. I got a moan for my troubles, and she ever so gently tilted her hips, rubbing her barely covered slit up the length of my pole. The action caused us both to squirm slightly in delight, and although my cock was still inside my boxer shorts, it desperately begged to come out and play. Without thinking I then bent down and took her stiff nipple between my lips.

For a moment Hilary was just about to object but as she felt me softly tug on it, she instead let out a soft whimper as I sucked it deep into my mouth. I teased, pulled, nibbled, and sucked at her young breasts. It seemed the shy innocence pop sensation I thought I knew soon disappeared as the sexy, playful, and incredibly horny Hilary made her appearance. She seemed on heat. She was now pressing herself hard against my stiffening cock, grinding up and down against it rhythmically.

I let my kisses wander upward from her breast to her neck, while my hands replacing my mouth on her breasts. My lips continued their journey to her ear, and she became even more animated, nearly humping me. I reached my right hand behind her body, grabbing at her luscious ass with my hand and grinding her even harder against me, as my left hand turned her face by her chin and I suddenly pulled her in for a kiss, covered her mouth with mine. I raped her mouth with my tongue and she groaned into my mouth, still grinding her pussy against me.

Suddenly, she then began to shriek and shudder as she violently came. I think she was more surprised than I was, and it only riled her up further. When her body finally stopped shivering, she pulled her face away from mine, and shifted her hips back just a bit. Our foreheads touched as we both breathed heavy, trying to catch our breath. Looked down to see where we’d been connected it seemed my cock had sprung from its confines and poked out.

I could see where it was soaked in her juices from about an inch below the head down to where I disappeared back into the shorts. Her pussy was uncovered and her thong shoved to one side, her lips red and swollen, sticking out lustily, and coated in white juices. She was breathing heavily, and she slid her hand between us, running the edge of her index finger up and down my cock. I was afraid to say a word. This wasn’t part of the deal, but it was the goal I’d been dreaming of.

I held my breath and waited to see if she’d take the next step. Hilary pulled her face back about an inch and looked deep into my eyes before bestowing a soft, small, kiss on my lips. It quickly developed into a deep passionate tongue kiss. Sighing into my mouth, Hilary then slowly slid off of me, between my legs, her eyes locked on the very angry red pole rising from my boxers. Her hands then crept forward, grasping me, and she slid them up in an unhurried, teasing fashion.

She then proceeded to tentatively stroke me, her two hands travelling the full length of my cock. Grinning shyly to herself, she then leaned forward and pressed the side of my tool against her pretty face, tapping it lightly against her cheek.

“You’re so big.” she said softly while casually stroking and petting me.

I could feel her warm breathe waft across my throbbing member, and just then, she then brushed her soft lips against it, just under the head. I tensed up and my cock twitched with anticipation.

Placing my hand on the side of her face, I urged, “Hilary, suck it.”

“I don’t do that,” she answered firmly.

Almost immediately I looked at the television remembering the scene of her taking it from both Madden twins.

“C’mon, just this...”

Suddenly, Hilary smirked slyly and interrupted me mid sentence, “Just this once?”

We both laughed.

Watching her lovingly play with me tool I told her, “I know you want to Hilary, just do it.”

Hilary looked from my cock up to my eyes and then back to the length of meat she held between her hands. Smiling slyly, she then licked her lips and to my amazement, a moment later lowered her mouth over my purple helmet. Her tongue almost immediately sprang to live, flicking across my sensitive head as her hands pumped me firmly. She pulled it forward a bit, tilting it away from me, and then she pushed her face down as far as she could, before pulling back to the top, and looking into my eyes. She pulled her head off of my cock and leaned back, moving her hair back with a toss of her head.

“Happy?” she smirked sarcastically, “What else do you want?”

Thinking for a moment I honestly told her, “I want to make love to you.”

Hilary laughed out loud, “Ha! Oh I bet you do, but that’s not going to happen. What else?”

“Well, then why don’t you come back here and suck me some more.” I said it almost plaintively.

“Okay. But ask me nicely,” she said, tilting her head and giving me a teasing smile.

“Hilary Duff, will you please suck my dick.” I said, making her giggle, “And let me watch my cock disappear into your hot little mouth.”

Hilary didn’t respond and simply dived back onto my cock taking me deep into her mouth and using her hands to beat me off. She could only take about half my length, and she gagged several times at that, but she worked hard to pleasure me, breathing deeply through her nose, her hands pumping, occasionally looking up to enjoy the sight of me entranced by the lewd show occurring at my waist. She pulled back a bit and licked up and down my thick shaft before playing with my balls.

She took each in her mouth, tugging and sucking gently, and then licked even further below. I watched her in awe as she pulled my balls up out of the way and licked all the way down to the edge of my ass. Her tongue tickled that sensitive place between balls and ass, before treating my pole to a licking, and once more doing her best to swallow me whole. Now she was in control, and her hands worked me like a piston – tight, firm and fast, dragging me to my climax.

After all the teasing and anticipation I couldn’t hold out any longer, and I stiffened, pushing my hips forward, advertising my impending explosion. Hilary simply pulled her face back, opened her mouth and looked up at me as she stroked me faster and harder with both hands.

“Cum.” she breathed, and with a deep growl I suddenly spewed my load across her beautiful face.

The first shot hit her directly on the forehead and eye, while the second and third landed right across the bridge of her nose and open mouth. Hilary grunted loudly and then plunged forward and took my cock into her mouth, letting me finish there. Still, I spasmed inside her mouth. When I finally relaxed and settled back into the couch, my ejaculation complete, she pulled her head back, her face almost dripping with cum.

Grimacing slightly, she then swallowed deeply before smiling proudly. She then took my sloppy cock back into her slimy mouth and this time sucked it clean, before she leaned back on her heels, wiping her face.

“Looked like someone enjoyed themselves.” she said.

“Now that’s an understatement if I ever heard one.” I chuckled while trying to catch my breath, “Holy shit Hilary, you can suck cock with the best of them.”

“Not bad for our first time then?” she asked, and I could feel an underlying plea for approval.

“You were incredible, sweetie. You sure are a hot piece of ass, and your mouth is a thing of beauty.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” she blushed as she got back to her feet.

“You know I did.”

“So, a deal’s a deal, right?”

“You sold me baby.”

With that I gave her the tapes and entire video camera.

The End

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Good story it had a very intresting plot to it, keep em cuming

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