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The Cabin

The thunder crackled and rolled as the icy rain poured down, lightning streaked
across the sky, revealing the mountain range engulfed in the storm. Sandra
watched the storm from the cabin window, all bundled up in jeans and sweater,
curled up under an Afghan thrown over her legs. She sipped on her wine watching
the storm, although her mind wasn’t on nature’s display of temper but on the
storm ranging inside her. Her emotion rolled much like the thunder, one moment
anger, sadness the next, then guilt.

She replayed the events of one year ago today, morning was bright and cheery,
promising to be a wonderful day. Her husband Adam came in the kitchen while she
was making breakfast. She kissed him, giving him his coffee, and he handed her
some papers. She took one look at them and her heart broke in to a million

In big letters was ‘Petition for Divorce,’ and he stated, “I no longer love
you, and this is best for the both of us.”

He says it so matter-of-factly she can’t believe the words are coming out of
his mouth. “By that you mean it’d be better for you don't you? You’re the one
wanting this, not me!” I threw the papers at him. " Why the sudden love loss,
there’s someone else, isn't there?"

"Yes, but that doesn’t have anything do with the fact I haven’t loved you for a
long time,” Adam watched the papers fall to the floor, ignoring her anger, “or
the fact I’ve been going through the motions."

"I don't believe you were just going through the motions,” Sandra stood there
glaring, clenching her teeth, “you’re just saying that so you feel better about
cheating on me. So who’s the tramp?"

"Believe what you want, and Lisa isn’t a tramp." Adam spat at her, "She’s more
of a woman than you’ll ever be, she has more passion and a higher sex drive
than you ever had."

The color drained from her face, stomach churned, sending bile to her throat
and she had gripped the counter. "Great not only are you leaving me, you’ve
been fucking my best friend."

Adam turned away, walking to the door, not even bothering to reply. As he
opened the door he said, "I’ll have someone pick up the papers tonight," then
went out the door.

She turned to watch him get in car, but he never looked back, not once. She
crumbled to the floor, crying as his car drove out of sight.

That was last time she saw him, their lawyers did everything else. A marriage
built over ten years destroyed in a matter minutes. She had received the final
paperwork this morning.

Without thinking she got in the car, driving for hours, not really caring were
she went just drove as if it was like the car had its own mind. When she
finally stopped she had arrived at her family cabin in the mountain. It was no
surprise her happiest childhood memories had been here. They had spent holidays
and summers here, and her folks left the place to her when they passed away two
years ago.

Since then she didn’t come up here very often, but when she did she always felt
their presence here. Perhaps that’s why she’d been drawn here, to get comfort
from the memories her family and her made here.

She sighed, taking a sip of her wine, then there was a knock at the door,
bringing her out of her daze. Sandra threw off the afghan wondering who was at
the door, being as no one even knew she was here. Heading for the door there
was another knock, heavier, more intense.

"Coming." She stopped in the living room to place the wine glass on the coffee
table in front of the fireplace, which held a softly flickering fire.

Yet another knock, sounding as if the hand was about to come through the door.

"Alright, alright keep your pantyhose on jezz." Near running to the door she
jerked it open only to see a chest.

Craning her neck up she found the owner, and a smile broke across her face.
"Matthew, what a wonderful surprise. What are you doing here, thought you were
in Europe?”

She was thinking, god he’s as handsome as ever, six-foot, average body, jet-
black hair, but what always got her attention was his blue eyes, reminding her
of sapphires. They’d been best friends as kids, his parents had at least a
dozen cabins on the other side of the ridge they rented out all year.

They played together whenever her family was here, and as they grew so did
their friendship. They often were teased by their parents they’d end up
marrying each other, but neither of them wanted to ruin the friendship. There
was an unspoken agreement they’d always stay friends.

"What? No invite to come in out of the cold before you start asking questions,"
he teased, shoving his hands in pockets and shivering. He smiled, taking in her
beauty, five-six she had silky long red hair and sparkling dark green eyes.
Soon as she opened the door he wanted her in his arms, kissing her, and he
wouldn’t stop there he wanted so much more and as far as he knew she was still

"Oh come in please, I must have forgotten my manners." She opened the door more
so he could come in, relieved the vicious storm had stopped. But the rain had
turned to snow, and there was at least two inches on the ground.

Matthew walked in, taking note of the single glass of wine on the coffee table,
wondering why only one glass. Sandra closed the door, walking past him towards
the kitchen, and she noticed him looking at the glass of wine.

"Would you like something to drink? As you can see I have wine," she walked
towards the kitchen, “think might have some beer in the frig, or I can make
some coffee.”

"Whatever, I'm easy." He followed her into the kitchen. "So is… um-m, is Adam

"No he isn't." Sandra kept her back to him, then hung her head adding "He left
me a year ago, divorce was final today."

He hated she was hurting, taking her arm, turning her around, and holding her
close to his body. She slips her arms around his back laying her head on his
chest. Matthew couldn’t help but think how well they fit together. He let out a
bit of a growl, planting a kiss on the top of her head, then using his hands he
tilted her head kissing her forehead.

Eyes closed Sandra felt him gently kiss her eyelids, then his lips were on hers
she sighed and moaned as she slipped her tongue in his mouth. She felt that
familiar tug inside her as Matthew’s tongue slid into her mouth.

He slipped his hands under her sweater her skin soft and smooth under his
hands. They glided up to her breast, where her nipples were like stones. She
slipped her hand down his pants feeling a good size bulge, before starting to
undo his belt, then pants. Matthew ran his hands to her jeans, pushing them
down, taking the panties with them.

Sandra kicked off her jeans and panties, while pushing his pants down. She ran
her fingers through his hair, kissing him deeply.

She broke the kiss. "Lets go the bedroom."

"Later," Matthew growled. He kissed her, jabbing his tongue deep in her mouth.

She grabbed his hair, wrapping one of her legs around his. He grabbed her other
leg wrapping it around him and with one solid thrust slid into her wet
entrance, filling her completely. She tightly clung to him as they fell against
the wall, while kissing each other hard. Sandra still had a handful of his hair
the other hand under his sweater, her nails digging deep into his skin.

Matthew grabbed her hair, pulling her head to the side taking a bite of her
neck all the while thrusting hard and fast in her. This went on for what seemed
like hours as they moan, groan, bite, and kiss each other, scratching and
pawing til they cum together, hard.

He gently brushed her hair from her face, placing a tender kiss on her lips.
She kissed him back, rubbing his back, her legs slide down off his hips. They
look at each other knowing this was just the beginning.

"I want to see the rest of you " Matthew said sliding out of her.

"I’ll show you mine, you show me yours." She chuckled knowing full well it
sounded corny, but didn’t care. She took off her sweater and bra, throwing them
to the floor.

"I think we played this game before." He laughed, kicking off his pants and
shrugging out of his sweater.

She swatted him snickering. "Doesn't count we were ten."

"True," he pulled her to him kissing her, "this is much better."

He scooped her up, carrying her to the living room, placing her on the floor in
front of the fire. Picking up the wine glass he dipped his fingers in, grazing
her lips with the wet fingers. He kissed her, tasting the wine, then broke the
kiss, getting a loud groan from her.

Matthew dipped his finger back into the wine, tracing her hard nipples lazily,
then lick and suck each one slowly. Sandra moaned arching her back, running her
hands through his hair pushing him farther down to her aching pussy. Taking the
hint he kisses his way down to her mound, then licks her pussy taking each lip
in his mouth enjoying the taste of both on her.

"I want to taste you to please,” she plead.

He rolled on his back, she turned, laying on top of him, grabbing hold of his
beautiful hard dick giving it a squeeze. She ran her tongue over the top of his
head, down him, back up, then sucking him hard. She felt one then two fingers
inside her while he sucked on her clit she moaned deeply sending vibrations
through his dick. She began to move hips back and forth all the while rubbing
his balls. The attention he was giving her pussy was beginning to be too much
so she stopped sucking him, but kept a hand wrapped around his shaft.

"Matthew I need you inside me please."

She turned around as he released her, and kissed him deeply, then he spun her
to where they were spooning. He slipped his hard dick into her, running his
hand over her breasts and kissing her on the neck.

Sandra turned her head to kiss him, placing her hand on his helping play with
her nipples, enjoying both of they're hands. She began to buck against him
slowly enjoying his length and weight.

He groaned deeply, running his hand down to her clit making small circles
slowly then pick up the pace she bucked faster, harder. Her muscles clamped
down on him as she began to cum hard, shaking and quivering she grabbed his
hair and kissed him hard as his hot cum filled her.

Matthew held her close and gave her a quick kiss, then tenderly she kissed him
back, lingering longer. He stroked her hair as her breathing became more relax,
then she fell asleep and he watched her before drifting off to sleep.

the end

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I put this story in the Anonymous story contest and now wanted to let you all know who it that wrote it

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Very cool...thanks

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great job gypsy girl,
keep writing cutie

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very well done ^^

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I 'm so glad that of all of you enjoyed the story

And Wizard I'll keep writeing if my editor keeps editing ;)

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Very well written. Great Job.

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great story and well written, you should be proud of your work and by the fact your declaring you wrote it I assume your very proud of it... keep up the great style.

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Thank you very much ,i'm please that both of you enjoyed the story .

Niteowluk2003 I guess I 'm proud of the story but i also kinda wanted to claim what was mine. thank agian for the kind words

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Great story Gypsy, thank you for sharing it. Very well written and very hot:)

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There is talent with in that writing. I liked it lots and it got my blood moving. Thank you

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thank one and all for you complients

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Well done Gypsy. Hope you write more.

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thank you Badlybent, I working on a story now just taking some time is all