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Nude and Naughty!
by marriedpervs

Work was hell. The weather was hot. The heat wave was in full swing, and the office air conditioning was on the blink.

I needed a break.

Just as I thought the day couldn't get any worse, a client rang to say their finance had fallen through.

Well. That did it.

I grabbed my keys, handbag, and told Kelly the receptionist I was off for the rest of the day. It was one of the advantages of being the boss I guess.

I jumped into my Beamer and opened the sunroof, cranked the air con up full, and put on my sunnies. I unbuttoned the top two buttons on my satin blouse, and as I left the car park, I cranked up Chris Isaak to full volume, and headed south.

Forty minutes later I was there. Sunnyside nude beach! My favourite place to completely chill out on a stinking hot, bastard of a day.....

I parked the car and noticed about ten other cars were there.

Heading down the ramp to the change rooms, I had a small bag with me to put my clothes in, and a towel. My ipod was in there too, and I'd stopped off and grabbed a couple of cold cans of soft drink and a ham and salad roll. I was set.

It felt great to be naked, and as I gathered up my things and left the change rooms, I sought the perfect spot to relax and unwind. On the beach there were a few people here and there.

I chose a spot near the back of the beach, about twenty metres from the water. To my left there was a naked couple aged well into their sixties. To my right, several single men and a pair of women between them about forty metres further up the beach. In the water several people splashed and stood, displaying all manner of body shapes.

I loved it here. No inhibitions. No kids. Just adults wanting to be naked in the elements on a hot summer day.

I lay my towel down, and made sure to slightly over-exaggerate the sticking out of my butt as I did so. I loved teasing, and never wasted an opportunity to flaunt my firm cheeks in the face of admirers.

Sitting down on my towel, I positioned my ipod and cranked the music. Once set, I grabbed my coconut oil tanning lotion from my bag and began the fun part. I love covering myself in shiny tanning oil, and find the smell of the coconut oil sensationally sexy as it wafts down the beach to torment the other nudists.

I applied a generous amount to each hand, before slowly covering my legs, first, then my stomach, before working my way up to my ample bosoms. I made sure to work them well and truly, giving a good show to any one who might have taken an interest.

Satisfied I had covered myself well, I lay back down and got comfortable in the hot sun.

I must have dozed off for a while, because I stirred feeling hot and sweaty, and when I woke I glanced to my left and noticed a young woman had set up her towel only a few metres away.

As I stretched my body, pointing my toes and reaching high above my head as I lay, I took in her appearance. She was dark skinned, with amazing small but large nippled bosoms. Her legs went on forever, and she was wearing white sunglasses that contrasted starkly with her skin.

I rose and took off my ipod, and headed for the water, needing to cool off. I noticed beads of sweat had gathered between my own bosoms, and I reached to wipe the sweat with my left hand, as I padded out to about waist high water. Once there, I dipped down into the refreshing coolness, and felt my nipples instantly stiffen. Standing, facing the people on the beach, I gave them a play and shook my hair to remove the excess water.

I took a moment to check out the woman near my towel. She was very attractive. I splashed around a few minutes, before noticing that the young woman was also coming in to the water to cool off.

I watched with interest as she walked directly towards me. I smiled at her as she approached, her confidence surprising, yet impressing me.

As she came within a few metres, she spoke.

"You're lovely. I'm Janice."

Before I had a chance to respond, she dived into the water and swam passed me without coming up for a breath. Surfacing, she turned and walked back passed me to her towel, where she stood, dried off, then lay back down on her stomach, her amazingly long legs and tight bottom pointed back at me as I stood still in the water, almost stunned at her elegance and poise on the nude beach.

I knew several of the other beach goers were watching her too, and I planned my next move carefully.

Returning to my towel, I dried myself off, before standing, taking my coconut oil, and again applied a generous amount to my bosoms, belly and legs.

Sensing the opportunity to be naughty, I walked the few meters to where Janice lay. She was facing me, her eyes somewhat hidden by her white shades as she warmed in the hot sun.

I crouched down, then slowly and openly applied a large line of coconut oil all the way down her spine on her back. Clicking the lid back on, I placed the bottle in the sand next to her towel, and then made my move.

I positioned my body directly over her back, then slowly lowered my body downwards, until my bosoms, slippery with their own coating of oil, made contact with her shoulder blades, my nipples erect with her touch as I laid down fully on top of her.

She said nothing as I began to writhe and move my body sexily on top of her oiled, dark skinned torso. I felt her shoulder blades dig slightly in to my boobs as I massaged our bodies together with the slippery, sweet smelling oil.

We writhed there for ages, the sensory excitement electric between us, our interracial mingling making quite a sight on the yellow sands of the nude beach.

I kissed the back of her neck, my ample bosoms now totally soaked with oil, and she responded with an audible moan, before slowly pushing back with her bottom, pressing the hip bone towards my throbbing clitoris as we began to make love there on the sand.

I rose gently from her, the heat from our bodies momentarily quelled, until she rolled over, exposing her own breasts for my body to massage once more. Our slippery, shiny bodies glistened in the sun, and we kissed passionately in front of our audience. Ferociously her tongue found mine, and as our bosoms squelched with the movement of our bodies and the slipperiness of the coconut oil, we made love.

My hands explored her every inch, and as she felt her own way across my back to my buttocks with her long fingered hands, a man approached. Standing next to us, he took my bottle of oil. I kissed Janice again, wondering what this male spectator would do. Her fingernails gripped my own buttocks as our pussies ground together and our tongues continued their erotic dance inside our mouths and out.

He open the cap and then poured a large amount of oil directly onto his erect penis, which by this time was also glistening in the sun, erect and proud. He took his dick in his fist, and whilst we two women continues to make love in front of him and the others, he began to masturbate his erect pole.

It was a glorious site, and I wanted to watch it as I had sex with my newfound female lover on the beach.

Reaching up with one hand, I took him in my hand, the amazing heat emanating from his stiffness catching me by surprise. I rose up from Janice body slightly, our oil soaked physiques amazingly slick in the hot sun. Janice took my nipple in her mouth and sucked hard, her fingers dropping to find my clitoris as I masturbated the man now, his hands on his hips as he watched in awe at our sexy display.

He must have been heavily aroused, because the moment Janice found my clitoris and I moaned audibly, his penis shot forth it's load of creamy liquid, covering myself and Janice as we writhed on our towels. In my hand, the pulsating penis shot out three or four large spurts, and I delighted in the fact that at my age I was still able to cause such an eruption in so short a time.

As he finished pumping his sperm onto our naked, oil soaked bodies, I rolled off Janice and savoured her touch as she bought me close to climax right there on the beach.

I returned the favour, and we fingered each other to orgasm, our bodies now spasming on the towels as we came, the stranger rubbed his semen all over our bodies, covering our orgasmic bosoms and stomachs with his sperm. Several of the other beach goers were by this time assembled to watch closer, and as the two of us climaxed and thrashed around, during the sperm massage from our handsome stranger, applause erupted.

It was heaven.

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Thanks DM good find

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More of the same DM... Your a marvel at finding these gems...

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got any more like this?

08-17-2008, 01:36 PM
That's a good one. I love a good exhibitionist story now and then.

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Glad you liked them

I will look and see what I can find