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by Wo0od


In the spring of 1970, I was 23 years old and my wife, Ann was 22 years old. I was 6', slender in build, 150lbs, brown hair and blue eyes, now, have put on an extra 15lbs somewhere along the way. My wife, Ann was 5' 5" tall, 107lbs and also slender, very nice legs and smallish breasts, with large protruding nipples. Our new friends, Jan and Harold were about our age and were an attractive couple too. Harold 5'8" tall and about 150lbs, Jan about 5'4" and about 130lbs, maybe a little heavier than most ladies strive to be, with long brown hair, and super firm 38DD tits that caused one to not notice any extra weight.

And Now, Swappin'

Chapter I The Seduction

It was 1970, my wife, Ann, and I, had just moved to a small town in the Midwest. I had started a new job and Ann was staying at home with our two-year-old daughter. She decided to baby sit to supplement our income. Ann quickly hooked up with a couple that lived just down the block that had two kids that were three and five. We quickly became friends and began spending our free time together. Sex was often a topic of conversation and Jan love to show a lot of cleavage and often caught me looking.

Friday night found us playing cards at Jan and Harold's. We were well into a second six-pack and as usual our conversation became more explicit as the empties filled the kitchen trashcan. Jan drained the last of a can of Colt45, looked directly at me and asked, "John, have you ever heard of wife swappin'?"

"Well sure," I replied, "I read Playboy Forum. Its not just because of the pictures that I have a subscription." I looked at her curiously, wondering just where this was going.

"So what do you think, have you ever thought about trying it," she asked?

"No", I replied, "I don't think Ann would be too enthused about anything like that."

"Well have you ever asked her?" she shot back, and then turned to Ann and asked, "What do you think Ann?"

To my complete amazement and as my mouth dropped open, Ann looked directly at me and said, "I think it sounds like it would be a blast." It got very quiet for a long moment and although I had not heard the furnace kick on, the room was suddenly quite hot. I glanced quickly at Harold; he was just sitting there with a big grin.

"So John," Jan probed again, "What do you think now?"

I looked from one to the other and as I fixed my gaze on Ann's face, replied, "I think it would be a blast too. But I sure don't know anyone that might be into it and wouldn't know where to start looking."

"We have been doing it for over a year," Jan said, "And you're right, it is a blast, really wild. The sex is great and our sex life is better than ever too."

I looked at Harold, seeking confirmation, was this a joke or for real. Harold nodded in agreement, still wearing the big grin. The regular Friday night pitch game took second priority for the rest of the evening as Jan and Harold filled us in on the exciting world of wife swapping.

As we waved goodbye, heading home when the evening ended, Jan called after us, "Y'all talk it over, I think you will really like it. And I know John has a more than passing interest in these", she continued on as she cupped her hands under her large breasts and shook them at me.

Well as you might imagine we went home and made love with a heated passion we hadn't enjoyed since our honeymoon. For the next couple of days we talked of little else, Ann finally admitting she and Jan had set me up that she was already convinced she wanted to try it if I would go along. That was all it took.

Ann and Jan had the details all worked out before the next Friday rolled around. We would make our regular Friday card game and after the kids were put to bed, Harold and Ann would take our sleeping daughter in our car and retire to our house, leaving me with Jan. Harold would call the next morning before coming home, all nice and neat.

A few brews and a couple of hours after we arrived, the time was approaching. I had a great deal of difficulty staying focused on the game, my mind understandingly enough on other things. Jan, true to her nature was wearing a low cut top, showing most of the tops of her ample breasts. I couldn't keep my eyes from them. Ann, not to be out done, was sporting a thin tee shirt with no bra, nipples pebble hard and pressing through the thin material. Harold did not seem the least bit disappointed in what he saw either. Finally, around 8:30 or so, Jan got up and put her kids to bed, our daughter already fast asleep on the floor in front of the television. Jan looked first at Ann and then straight at me and asked, "Y'all sure about this?"

We looked at each other and answered in unison, "Yes." Ann picked up our daughter and Harold and she headed out the door. In a moment I heard my car start and pull away.

Jan looked at me and whispered quietly, "Wait here. I want to check on the kids." I sat at the kitchen table sipping from a near empty can of Colt45 malt liquor, waiting patiently. I heard doors opening quietly and in a moment a soft call from the hall.

Chapter 2 That First Taste of Forbidden Pleasure

Jan was standing in the hall near her bedroom door. She had changed into a pale green silk, transparent nightgown. Although the light was dim, I could clearly see her large breasts, with the dark areolas and very hard protruding nipples. This was what I had secretly desired to see since meeting her. Yet, my eyes were drawn from the objects of my desire to lock with hers, greenish blue and shining in the low light. I moved quickly down the hall to meet her, my arms opening to catch her shoulders. Still looking into her eyes, I whispered, "Boy have I been waiting for this."

"Shhhhhh," she whispered, rising on tiptoes to quickly press her lips to mine. The quick kiss, which was intended to silence me least I might awaken the sleeping children, quickly turned into a very hot and passionate one, lips that had made that first touch in a tender exploring way, were now pressing hard, and tongues were dueling, slipping from one open mouth to the other. We pulled back, breathing hard, and she, pressing her finger to her lips for silence, took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

Jan quietly closed the door. "Now you can talk," she said softly, just keep it down.

My wife long forgotten, my eyes dropped from her face to gaze at her full chest. The sight of her gently swaying breasts with the dark circles and large nipples clearly visible through the transparent material of the gown, caused an immediate throb in my cock, which in all truthfulness, had been erect most of the sexual charged night already. My hands came up, catching a full breast in each hand and feeling hard nipples pressing against each palm. Fingers and hands kneaded and caressed, while once again I bent to press my lips to hers. It was as if the first kiss had never ended, for once again tongues dueled, slipping deep into a waiting, sucking mouth; we began our love making with that wonderful passionate and frantic kissing.

Jan dropped her hands to my belt and I felt a tugging and pulling as she unfastened my belt and began pulling my shirt upward. The shirt and tee shirt came off together and as we broke the kiss, to let the garments slip over my head, I took the opportunity to catch the hem of her gown to life it quickly over her head as well, leaving her standing nude before me. As my eyes took in the sight I had so longed to feast upon, those wonderfully full and quire firm, considering their size and her having had two children, breast, She knelt and quickly pushed my jeans and underwear down and off. Again we embraced, now hot flesh against hot flesh, mouths again seeking to devour one another. Jan broke the kiss, and stepped back toward the bed.

I had thought of little else for the past week, but I had planned to be very cool headed, taking my time to show her I was an experienced lover. It didn't happen that way, and really neither of us wanted slow or cool at that moment. We were quickly on the bed with me on top, and Jan whispering furiously, "Fuck me, fuck me now, hard!"

To be honest I don't know if I could have acted differently anyway, so I did as she was demanding. Her pussy was already very wet, and I entered her in one hard fast plunge, and we were fucking fast and furious, flesh slapping audibly with each thrust. It was over very quickly, too quick really, but neither of us was disappointed. The heightened state of sexual arousal we had both lived through for the past hours, and week, had primed us and we reached that first orgasm virtually together.

Collapsing on her, we rested a moment, the sounds of ragged breathing blending together much as our bodies previously had, filling the quietness of the room. "Wow," I breathed into her ear, "That was something."

"Yes," she whispered, "That was something and only a start too. Remember we have all night." And we did. We made love all night, literally. Somehow, I was able to rise to the occasion and get off seven times, and Jan, who turned out to be multi-orgasmic, many more than that. Actually, I guess it was not about making love at all, rather it was about fucking and sucking; It was about sixty-nine'ing, and me fucking her doggy style with her ass up in the air and large beasts swaying with the tempo of our thrusting, and about her straddling me, and riding my cock until she was wet with perspiration. No it was not love making, but raw sex.

Around 6:00am the phone rang. Jan picked it up and said, "Sure, come on. I think John is all fucked out." She grinned a big grin and said, "Harold is on the way. Better get dressed."

I met Harold on the driveway as he got out of my car. We never spoke, the shit eating grins plastered over our faces telling the story without words.

Chapter 3 Friends and Lovers

The two couples quickly fell into a comfortable routine of swapping on the weekends, with our activities limited only by the desire to not allow the children to know. We also quickly found we enjoyed each other's company so we agreed Ann and Harold or Jan and I could be alone together if our schedules allowed without a formal swap.

Jan and I soon started car-pooling together since we worked in the same area, only a few miles apart. There was an automatic car wash in the gas station where I purchased gas, and since you got a free car wash with a fill up, I was in the habit of getting a car wash. The first time we rode together was the very week after the first night of swapping. I pulled into the car wash, and totally unexpected Jan, leaned over, unfastened my pants and engulfed my cock, It was not fully hard, but that only took 30 seconds or less. The car wash was two or three minutes, and as we rolled out into the bright sunlight, Jan, was raising up with a drop of cum being slurped off, in a swipe of her tongue. "I have been wanting to do that every since last Saturday night," she grinned.

It was not the only time either; in fact it was part of the routine. Every time I got a car wash, I got a first class blowjob too. I bet folks at my place of work wondered why my car was always "Just washed"!

Now you might wonder how Ann and Harold made out. Well it was much like our night of passion. With a small exception; Harold's cock was about the same as mine in length, but thinner. Not to say I am large, because I am probably only about average. Harold on the other hand had a cigar shaped cock, like I said, long and thin. Seems after breaking the ice and getting the strong edge of desire worked off by good ole vaginal intercourse, good ole Harold had convinced Ann to let him fuck her ass; something I had not been able to talk her into. Seems the shape of his cock was less threatening and she agreed. It probably also had something to do with the whole supercharged raw sexuality of the experience. Anyway, once the ice was broken, she had no problem taking me too. (Thanks Harold!!)

As I mentioned earlier, we agreed we could get together anytime things worked out for any two of us. And so it was one late spring morning, around 2:00am, a light tap on our bedroom window awakened me. As I started to rise, Ann's hand caught me and pressed me back down, "It's ok," she whispered. "I'll be right back and take care of you. Keep your ears open and use your imagination."

Coming full awake, I watched as Ann grabbed a blanket from the closet and quickly climbed out the window into the back yard. As I lay there, now fully aware of what was happening, my cock sprang to full attention. I could hear soft laughter and obvious sounds of love making, sucking sounds such as made by lots of deep passionate kissing. The sounds soon turned to soft moans and a slapping of flesh. The sound of a sharp gasp, told me good ole Harold had learned my wife liked those large nipples pinched, and still another, this time the tone laced with that white hot pain/pleasure, told me his teeth had made real contact. Low throaty guttural sounds associated with sexual expression continued to drift to my ears and I lay still, wanting to touch my cock, to stroke it, but knowing if I did I would quickly cum, I disciplined my self to wait. Good ole Harold was not so quiet either and the tones coming from him told me he was starting to feel the bite of sharp nails on his back, something I had often felt myself, all of this causing my already rock hard cock to throb even more. They were not at all respectful of the sleeping neighborhood as they finished mid grunts and moans and down right cries of passion.

It was quite for a moment, another soft laugh, and then the sound of a car door opening and closing. In a moment Ann was climbing back into our bedroom. She quickly straddled me and lowered her cum filled pussy onto my cock. (I should say right here that even thought I considered myself enlightened lover and loved eating pussy, and sure I had read "Oragenitalism: oral techniques in genital excitation" by G. Legman, it just never occurred to me that I should have done what I would certainly do today some 30 years later, i.e. catch my wife's buttock in each hand and drag her forward away from my hard cock to my lips and taste that fresh baked "creampie" before allowing her to ride me as she did.) As it was, it was heavenly. She quickly set a fast pace, and my fingers found her nipples even as hers found mine and she was cumming again as I felt hot cum jet from my cock to mingle with Harold's. Ann collapsed on me and we lay there until sleep once again claimed us. Sometime in the night we rolled apart, and when we awoke the next morning amid love juice and sticky sheets, we were not turned off, but rather reveled in the memories of having made the messy bed.

Besides being swapping partners and, yes lovers of a sort, we became best friends. We were frequently together as couples and as families, having backyard cookouts, and such. Once when we were cooking out on the grill, Ann and Harold were inside, supposedly getting some food ready, I went in to get some sauce, I saw Ann leaning over the table, grasping the sides as Harold stood behind her, thrusting into her from the back. I quickly retreated and, upon approaching Jan, motioned her to sit on the picnic table. As she settled on the table, I reached for her shorts, attempting to remove them. "Are you crazy," she asked, "They will be out here any minute."

"They will be a while," I responded, "Trust me." One look at me, and she realized what must be going on inside. She raised her hips to allow me to slip off her shorts and panties. Kneeling, I buried my head in her thighs, lips and tongue quickly finding her sensitive clit. I brought her to a quick climax and Jan was just pulling up her shorts when Ann and Harold reappeared. Looking from one to the other, we burst out laughing.


These events occurred 30 years ago, and yet many of them are as fresh in my memory as yesterday. It was a nearly two-year period of the most fulfilling sexual experiences of my life. Here's to Jan, Harold and Ann, where ever they are today.

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another classic DM, where do you find the time and sites.

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Great Story. Thanks.

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another classic DM, where do you find the time and sites.

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30 years ago is not that long ago, because those enjoyable memories stay with you.