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10-10-2007, 10:35 PM
Call Me A Slut Wife If You Must
by Diane Marie

I guess I'd better start this with an introduction. My name is Diane, I'm 36 years old. I have long blonde hair, blue gray eyes, which tend to get dark blue when I'm mad. I'm not modest so I have no problem telling you that I'm beautiful. I'd say my best feature is my skin, very smooth, no blemishes to speak of, naturally tan in color. Next best feature I'd say is my mouth. It's rather large, with nice straight white teeth, I'll add here that I've never had a cavity. I have a big smile, seductive at times, with nice full lips. I'm 5'8" tall, weigh 118 lbs.. I have a great figure, I guess you'd say I have a hard body as I work out a lot. Best asset body wise would be my legs and my tight buns. I'm not large breasted a "C" cup, thanks to having my two children as I was only a small "B" before they were born. As far as having children it did of course effect my body, at first a few stretch marks were visible but they have since faded, you really have to look hard to find them. Over all the effect was great, besides the bigger boobs, it also made me shapelier.

Early on in my life I found that I was an exhibitionist. I was 16 at the time, my next door neighbor's bedroom was right across from mind. Both of our houses were two story with our bedrooms being on the second floor each facing the side of the house. I just never pulled my curtains shut, I really didn't think there was a need to, you couldn't see into my room from outside and my neighbor, Kathy was a friend. One day Kathy told me that she caught her brother and a few of his friends in her bedroom looking at me as I undressed one night. I don't know why but that excited me on, Kathy was a senior in high school, I was a sophomore but we had been friends since I'd been little so I confided in her that I kind of liked knowing that. Even though we were close friends, I was afraid that she'd think I was weird. I was relieved when she told me she wished she had a body like mine, then she wouldn't pull the curtains either. Not that I really had such a great body but Kathy was chunky and wanted to be thin like I was. Anyway, after that when ever her brother and his friends would sneak into her bedroom at night, she'd call me to let me know. I'd then undress for them in front of the window trying to act like I didn't know anyone was there. It got to the point where I'd caress my breast and slide my hand between my legs trying to put on the best show I could. There were nights, I'd be so turned on by this, that I'd shut off all my lights except a night light, then lay on my bed masturbating, knowing that they could at least see a little of what I was doing. I guess my first orgasm was on such a night.

These feelings had other effects on me to, mainly in the way I'd dress. I sure wasn't opposed to showing to much leg, or at times showing my panty covered buns or pussy either. My showing off progressed to a point that one night I did a strip tease at one of our wilder high school parties. I have to admit I started it but when a couple of the other girls joined in it was easy to strip naked. I was so turned on that night, I think if one of the guys would have tried hard enough I would have had intercourse with him. I was at the party with my boy friend, but I have a feeling that any of the guys could have done me. Of course I was drunk along with the other girls at the party, lets face it guys you intentionally try to get us women to drink to much, most of us seem to lose our inhibitions then.

Other then that night, I was pretty tame sexually, normal high school stuff, necking, petting, sometimes letting a guy get in my pants, and occasionally giving a guy a hand job but nothing more then that. After high school I did fall in love with a guy and gave him my virginity. I planed on marrying him, having sex with him seemed natural to me and it being good sex was a bonus. I say bonus because at the time I didn't realize how important good sex is to a marriage, my opinion any way. Things don't always work out as you plan and when my boy friend broke up with me I was devastated.

When I finally did start dating again it was back to necking, petting, sometimes letting a guy get in my pants, and occasionally giving a guy a hand job, I wasn't intending to go further until after I was married. Intent and actions don't always mix. One night I excepted a ride home from a party with two guys. One I did have the hots for, the other I liked as a friend. I'd already had to much to drink, but when one of them produced a bottle of Bailey's I drank more. It wasn't long before I was necking with the guy I though of as a friend. I didn't stop him when he unbutton my blouse and pulled my bra up above my breasts. I was drunk, I was horny, and I was turned on. I didn't notice that the car had stopped until I felt the other guys hand on my thigh, working his way up under my skirt. And being he was the guy I really wanted I didn't stop him either. It wasn't long before he slide his hand under the side of my panties and started to working on my clit. I'd like to say I didn't like what was going on. I'd like to say I didn't like one guy sucking on my breast while the other guy fingered my clitoris. I really did tell myself that later but you can't really lie to yourself. I let them remove my cloths, one taking off my blouse and bra the other taking off my skirt and panties.

When the guy on the passenger side of the car opened the door, took my hand and assisted me outside, I'd like to say he pulled me out, not assisted me out but that wasn't how it happened I got out under my own power. When he put me on the truck of the car getting between my legs, I'd like to say I resisted, I didn't. When he penetrated me I'd like to say I wasn't willing but I was willing and so very wet. I'd like to say I didn't love the feeling of one man sucking my nipples, fondling my breasts, while the other fucked me, but I did. I'd like to say I put a stop to it after the first guy came but I didn't, I eagerly took the second guys cock. I'd like to say I came to my senses then got dressed and just went home. But what I did was get back in the car, didn't dress and loved it when the both fingered my sloppy cunt as they drove me to my apartment. They didn't come up to my apartment with me, I'd like to say that I didn't want them to but I did.

Of course like I said we all lie to ourselves so the next day I rationalized that I didn't like what had happened, I'd never do that again. It wasn't my fault, I was drunk and they took advantage of me. I wasn't a willing participant. I lied to myself that I'd never have intercourse with another man until I'm married. You can lie to yourself but deep down you know it's not true. And when a few nights later they came to my apartment I let them in. I knew why they were there, they knew why they were there. My roommate didn't but I'm sure she did when we went to my bedroom. I was stone cold sober and I let it happen again, the only difference was that this time it wasn't rushed and I actually had some orgasms. I also found out I liked pleasuring a man with my month while another is pleasuring me with his cock. When they left I swore it wouldn't happen again, and it didn't. The next time they came back, months later, I was in love with someone and I was sure I was going to be faithful to him forever. I sent them away, but I didn't let them in my door because I think deep down I knew that if I did, I would.

My state of mind when I met my future husband, Richard was that I hoped to not fuck again until after marriage but inside I wanted to, I think I wanted to be easy. If that first night Rich would have pushed it he could have fucked me but like most men I'd have never seen him again. What happened was we hit it off on the first date, Rich didn't push the sex issue. He asked me out a number of times after that never pushing me, and by the time he did I wasn't about to give in, I was afraid I'd loss him if I did. I didn't want Rich to think I was easy. It wasn't long after that we became exclusive. Rich liked my wilder side, my exhibitionism side, my last boy friend had not. Rich encouraged me to sometimes flash strangers, even talked me into not wearing panties when we'd go out. Sometimes I'd wear really short skirts, and with Rich's encouragement I'd occasionally flash my pussy. The night's I'd do the most flashing were the night I'd be the most horny, letting Rich get close to having intercourse on those nights. It was so hard not to but I didn't want Rich to think I was anything but a virgin. One night we went to a strip club, it was amateur night, Rich tried to talk me into stripping but I didn't. When he asked me to go back the next Tuesday I eagerly agreed, more so because I realized how much I liked watching the other women strip, but partly because I knew he'd try to talk me into stripping. I ended up getting really wasted which gave me enough courage to strip so I did. I loved taking my cloths off in front of so many strangers, I loved the cat calls, I loved the way the men looked at me, some of the women to. I was so turned on by the experience that I was actually wet when I left the stage.

I was so horny when I left the club I allowed Rich to have intercourse with me that night. Tell you the truth is wasn't what I expected, Rich is a lousy fuck, no other way to say it. First off he rushed everything, no real foreplay, and no oral at all. For that matter he never has liked to give me oral, I could number the times he had since that night on one hand. That is until the second time I cheated, orals been ok after that night but only ok never great. Having your man not want to give you oral isn't great on your self esteem. I'll tell you, you start to worry about why, you have thoughts like maybe he doesn't like the way I smell, or I taste bad. It was that way with me until we'd been married a number of years, after my second affair, that is when I decided that I didn't care if Rich liked the way I smelled or tasted, three other men and one woman did and he was going to learn to like it.

Rich is also very small, you'd never know that from looking at him he had a great body. Not that I'd have an orgasms from someone just because he's large. Most of the time I need to be brought to orgasm, hopefully lots of them, before intercourse, if I am I almost always have an orgasms during intercourse to. That is if the guy doesn't ejaculate to soon. But I do know, at least for me, if a guy is big it's easier for me to have an orgasm. The whole experience of being fucked by a nice thick cock is better. I suppose a cock could be to big, I haven't found one but then again I haven't found any of the 10, 11, or 12 inchers you men seem to talk about either. I'll comment here that when I read a supposed true story where even a few of the men are that big it's a dead give away that the story is not true. Not to many men built like that and even less women willing to fuck a guy that is, for god sakes peoples hold a ruler to your crouch. Or maybe the guys who write those stories are all built like my husband and even average looks like a foot to then. I don't believe that either, I've never found another 4" cock so I figure that's rare to. But given the choice I'll take the 4 over the 12 any day.

The other problem with Rich is that he ejaculates to quickly, a problem he still has to this day. I was in love with Rich so I over looked all of that, I didn't at the time realize sex was so important, and I did think he'd improve as time went on. And he has some, but only because I demand it. I've still never had a virginal orgasm with him. Sex seems incomplete without one or two of those. I really can't say that back then I even though about Rich having such a small penis. I'd might as well give you the measurements now, Just under 4" and just over 2 " inches around. He had what he had and I love him. Later I did start to think about penis size, partly due to what I'd read, mostly do to the influence of my girl friends, in particular my friend Kathy, her husband was big and she'd brag about how wonderful it felt. Later after the two of them got a divorce she'd rate her men based on penis size, if a guy was small he didn't have a chance with her. I guess you might say she was obsessed with size. I may add I've become a little like that myself.

Back to my story. I didn't win that night, I was a real amateur but I liked stripping so I practiced until I was good enough to win at a few of the clubs. I seriously though about becoming a stripper. With Rich's encouragement, I finally applied at one of the wilder private clubs that had an opening. Beside stripping at the club, the job required stripping at private parties. The women who interviewed me had been a stripper but now ran the club. I didn't have to many question to ask about stripping at the club I'd been there enough. I did ask some question about the lap dances. Most of the stripper let the men touch them and I wondered if that was required or not. It wasn't, it was not even suppose to happen, but she had to admit that tips were a lot better for the stripper that allowed touching.

Most of my questions had to do with the private parties, I'd never been to one. First she explained that I'd always have an escort that way things wouldn't get out of hand. He was responsible to get me to the party, collect all money's owned in advance, then make sure I got to the next engagement in time, if there was more then one party that night. She told me that I'd be paid different amounts depending on how many sets were requested. She explained that some of the parties I'd just do a strip and leave, but most of the parties I'd be requested to do lap dances, usually one for the man, or sometime a woman, who the party was for. I'd be paid extra for each lap dance. I'd be required to do lap dances only if they had been requested in advance. If time allowed I could do extra lap dances but they had to be paid for in advance. Any tips would be mine to keep, then she winked and said for some of the strippers the tips were more then the club paid.

After the interview was over she asked if I'd like a drink, I said yes. After the bartender mixed us our drinks she lead me to a table near the back of the club. Then in a low voice, she told me though the club did not condone it, but I could make a lot of extra money doing private parties. Almost all the girls allowed some touching while lap dancing, for an extra charge, the amount being up to each stripper. A lot of the girls went beyond that if the money was right. I was tempted to ask what but I wasn't that nave. Of course the amount and payment terms were up to the stripper but if I wanted to earn a lot of extra money I could. She told me she still did certain private parties when she needed extra money. She also told me that I'd be requested more if I did extra's, as she called them. Then she told me that if I was interested she could set me up with some really special private parties, parties that the club didn't know about, parties that paid a lot of money but of course she got a cut of that. I couldn't believe what I was hearing she was offering me a job as a whore, what about me would even make her think I was interested.

As shocked as I was, I was still interested in stripping and I was a little curious about what it would be like doing a wild private party. Not the ones she was talking about but ones with lots of lap dances, lots of guys having there hands all over you. I didn't give my answer about taking the job right away, I did think about it for a while, had a couple of wild fantasies to. When I finally did decided to take the job, the position had been filled but she promised to call me when she had an opening. Before I left she again offered to set me up with some private parties. I did decline, but I have to admit to being curious. I'm trying as much as possible to be truthful here, I think that if I'd have gotten that job done some private parties that given time I would have at some point gone beyond just lab dances and guys feeling me up. The stripping alone turned me on, then rubbing myself up and down on a guys cock, even with his cloths on would have turned me on more, then knowing I was being watched as a bonus. I'm sure I would have gone further, I'd almost be willing to bet that the first time that happened I wouldn't have charged a dime.

She finally called me with a job opening about a month before Rich and I were to be married, I even though about taking it but decided it was just not the right job for a married woman. When I told Rich, I was surprised that he seemed disappointed that I didn't take it. There were things I should have realized about Richard from that episode in my life, the signs were all there, I guess I just didn't want to see them. I guess it was more then not wanting to, I didn't know men like Richard existed.

My life moved on and I married Rich. Our life together became routine just like all marriages, we bought a house, so on and so forth. I wasn't unhappy with my life but then again I wasn't happy either. Sex with Rich didn't improve much, I did try to improve it, I'd buy book after book, I'd read them but he wouldn't, I did learn things but the truth was it wasn't me that needed improving. I tried be subtle, teaching Rich new things in a way that wouldn't hurt his masculinity and did at least succeed in teaching him how important my clitoris was. But the truth is he still rushed things so I rarely had an orgasm. Our sex drives weren't a match either, I wanted a lot of sex, Rich was more then happy with once or at the most twice a week. Something I'd have never known while dating him, he was after me all the time then.

The physical attraction I felt for Rich changed to, I'm sure partly do to the fact we were together all the time but mostly because he allowed himself to get so out of shape. He had gained a lot of weight, and was no longer the hard muscular bodied man I had married, not really fat but flabby, with a beer gut. Maybe that shouldn't have mattered but I worked hard at staying in shape, partly for him, he could have done the same for me. Him being out of shape seemed even worse because we'd become part of a group of eight couples who all boated, not one of the other men let themselves go like that. They weren't all hunk either, three of them were real nice looking, and one guy you'd call a hunk. But all of seven of them stayed in shape. We were an active group, did a lot of outdoor activities and Rich would always be the first to tire out. We'd go places and take long hikes, Rich and I would always be left behind because he couldn't keep up, eventually it got to be just Rich being left behind as I'd stay with the group.

After my first child was born, my libido went way up and Rich's seem to do just the opposite, so I'd been tempted to cheat a few times, coming close at a few wild parties. Tempted isn't really the right word, I didn't think about cheating, I didn't plan to cheat. But given a few to many drinks, the right guy and the fact that Rich ignores me at parties, I'd had plenty of opportunity and had done a lot of heavy petting. Coming really close to cheating one night with one of the men, Marty, in our group. After that I tried to avoid being alone with Marty, as I said I didn't plan on cheating.

My feeling at the time are hard to explain, I had a need for sex that wasn't being fulfilled. I had a desire for other men but I'd had that even when I was just dating Rich, and I'd never strayed. My desire for Rich had changed, even though the sex hadn't ever been good I'd always before had a desire for him, that was gone most of the time now. I wanted sex but I wanted it to be great sex and even when Rich and I had sex, which wasn't often, it wasn't even good sex. Before I'd think about sex occasionally now I was thinking about it most of the time. I wanted a man one who could make love to me, bring me to new heights but I didn't want to cheat. I guess in my heart I wanted that man to be Rich. I wanted a miracle, Rich wasn't ever going to be that man.

Then one New Years Eve, Rich and I had been invited to a friend's party. Mary's parties were always big bashes, besides the other seven couples that made up our group, she'd invite everyone she knew. Mary was the wild one of our group always pushing to do new things, always talking and joking about her and Jeff's sexual exploits. We were all pretty sure that Jeff and Mary were a lot wilder then they let on to us, a few of us were sure that they were into swinging with another group of friends they had. And in a way her influence was pushing a number of the couples in our group to experiment. Not quite into swinging but into being openly sexual with each other. Dancing close with someone else's spouse, a little kissing, sometimes light petting had become common at our parties.

Shortly after we arrived Rich vanished in his usual fashion, I was used to that by then, didn't like it but I was used to it. After a little bit of small talk with people I hardly knew I went down stairs to the basement where the rec. room and wet bar were. All the furniture had been move up against the wall making room in the center of the room for dancing. One of the other couples from our group were sitting there, Beverly and Ben, Ben got up giving me his stool then made me a drink. The three of us talked for a while, Ben making sure my glass was always full. It wasn't long before some of the men started to ask me to dance. Lots would be more accurate. I did look hot that night, dressed in a black silk dress, spaghetti strap, cut low in the back, just below the lace on my black thigh highs in length. I'd bought a new black strapless pushup bra to wear under it but when I got dressed that night it just looked wrong with that bra, so I'd gone without. Of course I hadn't expected it to be cold but is was in that basement, so my nipples were quite evident though the dress. After quite a few dances and quite a few more drinks I wasn't cold but my nipples were still hard, this time from the feeling of them rubbing against men's chest while they danced with me. I was so damn horny.

By nine thirty I was feeling pretty good. Then I decided to roam around the house and see if I could find Rich, which I did. He was in the kitchen, flirting with one of the women we knew, Linda. I can't say I really minded that much that Rich flirted at parties, I did the same, but not to Linda. I disliked her the minute we met, there seemed to be an animosity between us. Being that we were both part of the same group of friends we had to be together a lot but when we were we seemed to complete with each other. Always trying to out do each other. I watched for the longest time, Rich really seemed to be enjoying her company. I don't think if it had been anyone else I would have gotten so jealous but being it was Linda I did. I considered confronting the two of them but instead decided to get even and went looking for Linda's husband, Mike.

I found him in the family room. I walked over to where he was standing and started a conversation with him but after a few minutes I knew he wasn't the man I wanted to make Rich jealous of. Mike was nice enough but he was dull. Not unattractive but not handsome either, worst thing for me was he was short, not much taller then I am, so in my heals I was looking down at him. I'd started it so I was kind of stuck when he went to get me a drink, I just couldn't walk away. After about twenty minutes of listening to his boring talk about work, Marty came over and asked me to dance. I was so relieved to get away from Mike, that I didn't even think about trying to avoid Marty.

Returning to the rec. room Marty and I started to dance. Marty's a marvelous dancer so when he didn't break away after the first dance, I danced another one with him. I knew by the way I was feeling I really should be avoiding Marty, I just didn't want to. Marty was the man I'd almost cheated with the time before. Marty was a real ladies man, the only real hunk of our group of friends. It had been hard enough fighting him off that other night, and then he'd been still married to Jennifer. Jenny and I were good friends and that's really the only thing that had stopped me that night. Now that they were divorced there really wasn't that same barrier. I guess I should have had more loyalty to her then that, she'd divorced him when she'd found out he'd been cheating. But Jenny wasn't at the party, she hadn't come because Marty was coming. I saw no harm in flirting with him.

For the next hour or so we'd dance take a break for a drink or two then more dancing. Things started to get intense between us and we were doing more necking and groping of each other then we were dancing. Not that this is an excuse but we weren't the only couple on that dance floor, with someone other then their partner, doing some necking and petting. During one of our dances, Marty started to lead me away from the dance floor down the hall to where a room had been made for Jeff and Mary's hot tube. I knew he was leading me there so we'd have some privacy, taped to the door of the room was a big keep out sign. After Marty opened the door we both quickly stepped in the room hoping no one would see us, I was shocked to see a couple sitting naked in the hot tube. I knew the women she was one of Mary's and Jeff's other group of friend, the guy was a husband of one of the other women in that group. Marty declined her offer to join them. As we left they started necking, which kind of confirmed my suspension that Jeff and Mary were swingers.

Marty then lead me up the back stairs to the garage area of the house. It was really cold in there, I was hoping he wasn't intending to try to make love to me there. Opening the door back to the house we were in the back hallway which lead to the kitchen. I spotted Rich and Linda right away, still standing in just about the same spot as before, but now Linda was standing really close to him with her hand on his arm, looking up at him with this fuck me look on her face. Rich's look wasn't much better. That fucking bitch I thought. As I started heading to the kitchen, to give both of them a peace of my mind, Marty pulled me into a dark room and shut the door. I wasn't sure Rich hadn't seen me, I didn't think so, he was so engrossed in Linda, but I was so pissed off at him that even if he had, at that moment in time I didn't care.

I was a little confused as to which room I actually was in but as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I realized we were in the laundry room. Marty started to kiss me, before I could even lift my arms to his neck he pulled the straps of my dress down my arms exposing me breasts. Marty not being content with that found the zipper on the side of my dress and unzipped it. Not removing my dress Marty stepped back, letting me decide if I was going further or not. I didn't need to decide anything, I'd half way made my decision when we were still downstairs and any chance of me backing out had vanished when I'd seen Rich and Linda just before that. Pulling my dress over my hips then letting it slip to the floor I confirmed that decision for Marty. Then stepping out of my dress I bent down, picked up my dress from the floor placing it on the dryer. Stepping to Marty, he started to again put his arms around me I stopped him. I unbuttoned his shirt then slipped it off his arms. Started kissing his neck, nipples then as I kneeled, his stomach. Still kissing his stomach I undid his belt, unzipped his pants dropping them to the floor, finding he had no under pants on I placed the fingers around his already hard cock.

Marty felt so big, it had been a long time since I'd had another man's cock in my hand and compared to Rich he was big, in truth he was long but not really thick but he seemed thick to me. Not wasting any time I put him in my month, sucking the head of his penis withdrawing it, then taking my tongue and running it around the ridge. Then I started fucking his cock with my month, with each thrust taking move of him in each time. I was finding it increasingly hard to get more of him inside of my month. With Rich I had no problem at all deep throating him. Marty was so much longer that I already had more of him in my month then Rich even had. I think in a way I was obsessed with that, I kept comparing the two of them in my mind. How much fuller my mouth was, how much longer Marty was. I'd never done that when I first met Rich, I could have compared him to my previous three lovers but I hadn't. I guess our sex life together was so bad that is was an easy comparison to make. His size wasn't the only comparison I made that night and in each one Rich the loser.

I continued to suck on Marty's cock fully intending to get it's full length in month and throat when he pulled me to a standing position. He then lifted me in a sitting position with my legs hanging over the edge of a countertop which had been mounted to the wall as Mary's cloths folding table. I almost giggled at that, as I'd been the one to suggest she do that, it was about to serve a much more useful propose. Marty started to kiss me while fondling my breast, moving from my lips to my neck, where he spent considerable time, I just love my neck being kissed. Then working his mouth down to my breast sucking them, nibbling on my nipples, kneeling between my legs as he proceeded to my pussy. I was in no need of preliminaries, I'm sure he sensed that, so he started to lick my clit right away. It wasn't long before I was having orgasms, intense orgasms better then any Rich had been able to produce. After a few really nice orgasms, I gentle pulled Marty back up to my lips, kissing him tasting my own juices on his lips and tongue. Then whispered "I'm ready."

Marty put his cock against my lips then taking it in his hand he moved it up and down my vulva. When he finally did penetrate me he stopped after inserting only a small portion of it. I wanted to fuck and Marty was teasing me I moved towards him trying to push him inside of me, but he held my hips in place. I started to beg saying "Please Marty I need you." Marty responded with "Please what Diane, tell me what you want." I can't say I didn't like this little game, I actually was getting more turned on knowing I'd have to beg him to fuck me. "Please Marty, Please, Please Fuck me." That's when he started with long slow strokes, longer then Rich could produce that is for sure. Another comparison I made. He continued that way for the longest time then increased his pace, then slowed down, then faster then slower. He just kept it up faster, then slower, trying to keep my thrust to his was not easy at first but he had a pattern and I adjusted to it. It wasn't long before I could fell myself getting closer to an orgasm, each time he'd quicken his pace I'd get closer. It was running though my head that I really was going to have an orgasm during intercourse I really was. It had been to long for that.

I can't say how long Marty had been fucking me when that first orgasm came, maybe five minutes maybe longer, but however long it was it was a lot longer then Rich ever lasted, with Rich I was lucky to get two minutes. Another comparison where Rich failed. Just after that first orgasm subsided, I was about to have another when I heard everyone counting down the New Year. I so wanted to time that next orgasm to the New Year, I missed it by a little, but it still was a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. I couldn't help thinking that Rich was probably looking for me at that very minute and here I was fucking another man having the best New Years I'd ever had. Marty wasn't close to finished yet, I had at least five more orgasms before I finally felt his body start to tense. When he finally did start to orgasms I felt his cock increase in size with each spasms, bringing me to another orgasm. I'd never felt that with Rich. Another failure.

When he was finished he withdrew from me and it was like the flood gates burst, so much cum running down the crack of my butt, more then Rich ever shoot in me. Marty lifted me off the counter, while at the same time applying pressure to my shoulders and pushing me down again to my knees in front of him. I don't want you to think he forced me, I could have resisted there wasn't that much pressure, more an unspoken request then a demand. I'd never had a man's cock in my month when it was full of his and my cum mixed together. I'd never had a man's cum in my month period, some pre-cum but that was it. I looked at his cock for the longest time, then took the base of it between my thumb and forefinger. I rubbed the head over my lips then engulfed his soft cock into my month. I'd braced myself for this horrible taste, not having that was a pleasant surprise. It sure didn't taste like chocolate but it was something I could learn to like, especially sense the smell of it reminded me of sex. I'd smell cum before, and it's musky scent always reminded me of sex but I'd never smelled it so strongly before.

I guess I sucked a little to long because I started feeling Marty growing hard in my month. I knew I should stop before Marty was fully aroused again. I was worried that Rich would be looking everywhere for me, he may even look in here though I figured he'd never think of the laundry room. Alas I sucked a bit to long, Marty pushed me down on all fours got behind me and did me doggie style, this time it was even better, I had to actually bite my hand to keep from making to much noise. When we finally finished I looked for something to clean up with, finding nothing I used my panties. Not that they were much good, there just wasn't enough fabric to them as they were thongs. When I finished myself I cleaned up Marty as best I could. I dropped my panties in Mary's washer thinking she'd really wonder who had so much fun in her laundry room. Put on my dress, opened the door, looking first to see if anyone was in the hallway before I left, then retraced my path down to the basement.

When I got back to the rec. room I stood at the bar afraid to sit as I could feel Marty's semen running down my legs wetting the top of my hose. The room was pretty much deserted by then. I poured what was left of a drink sitting on the bar onto my hands, then used a couple of bar napkin to dry them, as they'd been sticky from Marty's cum. I then looked at the clock and saw it was almost one. I couldn't believe my eyes the clock had to be wrong, Marty had been fucking me at Midnight there was no way an hour had pasted since then. Asking one of the few remaining men what time it was he confirmed that it was indeed almost one. Just after that Jeff came down stairs and told me Rich was looking for me. Giving me a look like I know what you've been doing. I just shrugged and smiled. He asked me if I wanted a drink which I did so he mixed me a strong one.

Shortly after that Rich came down stairs all huffy, wanting to know where I'd been. Putting him on the defensive right away I said angrily that if he hadn't been so interested in Linda, he may have known where I was but he'd never know now. He tried to make light of that by giving me a kiss, which I avoided, as I was worried he'd either taste or smell Marty on my lips. Men our just to easy to deceive, I was in the wrong that night but I had Rich feeling guilty. Shortly after that Rich said it was time to leave, as I walked up the stairs I felt more of Marty's semen start to drip down my legs. A pleasant reminder of my evenings fun.

When we got home, I faked still being mad at Rich, went upstairs to our bedroom then into our bathroom locking the door as I closed it. After stripping, I washed out my hose, then looked at myself in the mirror, telling myself I was a cheat. "Diane, your a fucking whore," I whispered to myself. But as much as I tried I couldn't make myself feel guilty. I wanted to feel guilty, I should have felt guilty but I just didn't. I didn't even feel guilty enough to take a shower. I went and crawled into bed with Rich, smelling of Marty, wet with Marty's cum and let Rich make love to me. Maybe I was giving Rich his one and only chance of knowing I'd cheated but if I'd have know then what I know now that would have only turned him on.

Marty and I had an affair for almost six months, it lasted until I found out I was pregnant. I was pretty sure I was pregnant with Marty's baby, not Rich's. I had Marty to keep me sexually satisfy and being Rich didn't want to make love very often I just let that happen. Rich and I made love maybe two or three times a month. Marty and I made love more then that per week. Even my period didn't stop us, only on my second day when I flow hard.

There was also a possibility that it was Jeff's baby to, a weeks after Mary's party she showed up at me door one afternoon with a small package, wrapped in gift paper. I couldn't understand why she would be bringing me a gift. When I opened it I found my panties laundered and ready to wear again. Mary just burst out laughing, I suppose from the look on my face. It wasn't long before I was laughing with her. Later Mary explained that she had been going out to the garage to get some more ice from the freezer when she'd seen Marty and I go into the laundry room. She was pretty sure we'd made love because we were in there so long, it surely wasn't a quickie she told me. But the next morning when she found my panties she was sure we had.

One thing lead to another and Mary asked me if I'd be interested in swinging. I told her no I'd get to jealous if Rich was with another woman. When she asked me if I'd be interested in a threesome I could hardly believe me ears. I thought I knew Mary really well but I didn't I didn't even know she was bisexual. It really didn't take a lot of thought to answer her, I'd always been curious about making love to another woman. We had our threesome, not just once but 5 times. One of those times when during the cycle I got pregnant. I'm still involved with Mary, but Jeff no longer participates. Not his choice ours.

I want to justify my getting pregnant, I do love Rich, shouldn't but I do. I'd never would have intentionally had another man's baby while I'm with Rich. I admit I didn't use protection but I didn't think there was a need, Rich and I had been trying to get pregnant sense about six months after my daughter was born. I just didn't get pregnant. Being that was a period of over three years I'd given up hope, thinking I just couldn't get pregnant again. Dumb yes but that's how I felt, if I'd have know I could, I wouldn't have had a affair with Marty without being on the pill. I would have done it the first time no matter what, that was going to happen with someone if not Marty then someone else.

I won't say Rich drove me to other men but he didn't do anything to help me from wanting other men either. There is no excuse for a man not to be a good lover, it is something we all learn not something are born with. His small penis couldn't be help but I could have lived with that, if I'd have felt he really was trying to satisfy my sexual needs. What I didn't know was that part of his withholding sex from me was to drive me to other men. I believe that he subconsciously still does that fearing that I'll stop seeing other men if he does. I didn't know any of that at the time, so my life, as is all of ours, was based on what I knew. I didn't feel bad or guilty about my affair with Marty. I didn't about my threesomes with Jeff and Mary either. I don't feel guilty about any of the men or women I've had sex with. I guess the only men I'd feel that way about would be Rich's father or brothers. But I did feel guilty about being pregnant with Marty baby, I was torn between hiding that and telling Rich, in the end I hide that from Rich. Abortion was never an option for me I wanted my baby, Marty, Rich's or Jeff's I wanted my baby. I guess if he reads this he'll know our son isn't his. I would hope that he still feels he is our son's father, he has been and being a father isn't about sperm.

I'm posting this to a site Rich frequents and he likes slut wife stories so I'm sure he'll read it. I don't know why I can't just come out and tell him but he really should know so I'm writing my story. Yes Rich, biologically our son isn't yours I've had the test done. Marty had to know, if I wouldn't have done the test he would have told you, he would have tried for joint custody. He was almost sure just like I was. Marty's not all that bad Rich, I know you never did like him but he's saved enough for our son's education, it's even in an account under our son's name. And I never really stopped seeing Marty completely, he's interested in our son to, but he's a good man and has abided by my request not to interfere.

I hate to tell you this Rich but I've found I do like writing, I like writing about us, so this isn't the last of my stories it's only the beginning. I guess in a way it's going to be an education for you. I've only told you about the one affair I had after I caught you cheating on me. I'll bet Marty's a surprise in more then one way. Strange how your affair can infuriate me so much, when mine only turn you on. Oh yes Rich I'm telling it all, how much you like me being fucked by other men. How much you'll take being humiliated to watch me having sex with all you friends. Oh that's right you didn't really want you buddies to know did you, oh well that was pay back for the affair, but you know that I've told you that.

But Rich there is so much I haven't told you, so many things I'm going to write about so many of those stories are personal and unlike this story, which could be just about anyone, people you know well be able to figure out it's us. Just think Rich one of your business or church friends may be just like you and want his wife to fuck other men, maybe even have a gang bang. He may even like to read stories about it just like you do. May even read this one of mine and put two and two together. Wouldn't that be nice you two could talk about something other then religion or business.

Well folks that's all for now, the next story I'm going to tell is about my next affair, that's when I really learned how much I like being a slut, and how far I'm willing to go to have pleasure. After that I have one I already have the title to, 'The Price he Paid'. That one is related to Rich having his affair but more so the price Rich paid to watch me being a slut. Watched me with all his good buddies to, he may have liked it but for a while he was shrivel up so small you could hardly tell he was a man. Well I guess Rich at his hardest, Rich looks more like a boy then a man anyway. From there I'm not sure what I'll write, personally I like the parts of my life before I knew I had a cuckold husband. That's not right before he knew he was cuckold but also before I knew he liked being that.

Come on guys do you really think your wife wants a man who likes being cuckold. She may like making you cuckold. I love sex with other men, I even think one of the best parts was when I thought Rich might catch me. That's exciting puts a little risk into an affair. Oh well live goes on, I just never thought I'd be married to a man who wants me to cheat. Never would have crossed my mind that if I was, I could go right on loving him.

Just think Rich I love other men's cocks so much more then yours but you have my heart, your a lucky man Rich. In a way I'm a lucky woman to, I know you won't leave me because our son isn't biologically yours. I know that in your heart he is your son and I know that won't change. Your a keeper Rich, I just wish I could teach you how to be a good lover. I wish that almost as much as I wish I could change how you feel about me being with other men. Maybe love we'll get it right in the next life.

Ok folks I'm dying to know did you like my story, is it well written or does it stink. You can comment about my life if you want to, call me a slut wife if you must, but that's not going to change much now is it.

10-10-2007, 11:14 PM
Thanks DM

10-11-2007, 01:28 AM
wow is there more
that was a very good and very well writin story

10-11-2007, 01:33 AM
Thanks for reading it...I will check and see if there is.

05-23-2008, 11:25 AM
Can't wait for the next thrilling story. At least you enjoyed all those cocks in your mouth and hot wet juicy pussy.

07-20-2008, 06:20 PM
Great story - oh and yeah - your a slut (we'll you did ask ...)