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06-13-2006, 04:39 AM
First Swing Party
by lock696

The add read simply "soft swing parties" and a phone number. The number was answered by a soft woman's voice. She asked a few questions. Was I familiar with Soft Swing parties? Was I married? Did my wife want to participate? Had we done this before? She told me her name was Donna. She would be wearing a blue square dance costume Wednesday night in the lobby of a local hotel. Mary and I should meet her there.

Arriving, we joined three couples and two apparently single men meeting with her. She explained the clubs philosophy. A members only club, mainly for committed couples from 25 to 40, they rent a large house in the country for use exclusively as a Party House. They encourage up to 3 visits before requiring membership, they also allow a few selected singles, both male and female, as members. No more than 7 men for each 5 women are allowed to attend any party, she explained that women can handle more men, than men can women, we all laughed at how true that was. But, to many single men could make the women feel used and the men feel left out. She explained, that while looks are important, looks are not everything. Only " beautiful people" are members, but not all members are "hard bodies". She said she would call us with an invitation.

She called the next night. The directions were easy to follow and we arrive at the large isolated farmhouse well before 8:30 the following Saturday evening. A couple in their late Thirties greeted us by asking if we were Dan and Mary. Tom and Linn were assigned to show us around and explain the rules.

A large nicely decorated house, there is a large living-dining room, and a kitchen-bar, and the garage is now a dance hall. There is a patio with a Hot Tub with a changing/shower area adjoining it. The patio is the only area where smoking is allowed. The most striking thing were the bedrooms. One room contained 8 cubicles each a little larger than a double bed, each with curtains; these are for couples that want privacy. Another room has 4 larger than King bed cubicles, these are for threesomes and foursomes that want privacy. Another changing area with another shower adjoins the lower and upper group rooms. One room is called a Hard Swing Room for those willing to take on all comers. The other group room is mainly for those who wish to watch and be watched, they may allow you to join in, but you must ask first.

The most important rule, the one that could get you kicked out is, No voyeurism in the private areas. As important is, No asking to join in, in the private area. Nudity is allowed and even encouraged everywhere except that No nudity is allowed in the living room, dining room, bar or kitchen before midnight. No sex, except in the rooms before 1:00 AM. Those and a few more rules were explained and we were shown where they were posted in case we needed to check them.

The next 2 hours we enjoy ourselves, eating from the plentiful buffet, drinking from the full bar, and conversing with many of the nearly 2 dozen couples who are attending what amounts to a party at their social club. Most are in their Thirties, with a few in their Forties. Most are very attractive, but it's obvious that looks are not the only consideration for membership. We seem to be the youngest here.

Mary is 24, 5'9" 36C X 26 X 36 with long blond hair and blue eyes and is extremely attractive. She was a 17 y/o virgin when we met. I am 27, 6'2" 200 lbs. and have been told I am a Hunk. We have been married just over 5 years.

Eight months ago we changed partners with my best friend Bob and his wife Darlene. Until then I was the only man she had seen naked. Bob became the second man to fuck her, and Darlene became the first woman to eat her and the first woman she ate out. See the story "Weekend with Friends". On this site. We have spent 5 sex filed weekends with them since then, but that is another story.

We are chatting with Tom and Linn when I notice that there are few people in the room. Two couples sitting on the couch are about to break the no nudity in the living room rule as four pairs of hands explore each other. There is one couple engaged in a heated discussion about something, and a woman sitting alone. Tom says many have gone out to the Patio Hot Tub; we could join them if we want. I look to Mary; she is already getting to her feet. We want. Many of the people we had talked with earlier are now lounging nude on the patio or in the hot tub.

In the changing area I can't stop myself from watching Linn remove her clothing, placing each item carefully in one of the lockers; deliberately putting on a show for us. She is 38, 5'3, black hair, shaved pussy, big tits, very sexy. Tom is 42, 5'11" in very good shape, must work out often. Tom puts his arm around Linn, Nice isn't she? Looks as good now as when I fell in love with her 20 years ago he brags, cupping one of her large tits, bringing a blush to her pretty face. Don't, she pleads. What do you think; He asks, make your cock hard? Want to fuck her? I remove my shorts reveling my answer, a very hard cock.

Even though only Bob, Darlene and I have seen her nude, till now, Mary acts as though she's use to removing her clothes in public. She slowly removes her shear blouse and short skirt. I watch Tom's reaction as she removes the black lace bra and little lace panties, making sure she shows us all her assets. Her large tits with their large pink nipples and her nearly bald pussy with only a blond peach fuzz, and her shapely ass. His cock stands straight out, like it has a mind of its own. I do not need to ask if wants to fuck my wife. Mary's checking out both of our new found friends. Tom is at least 9 very fat inches long, larger than either Bob or me, I can see Mary's interest. I take Linn into my arms and pull her to me and kiss her passionately. I am about to suggest we go to one of those king cubicles for a foursomes, when Mary says she wants to get into the hot tub. I whisper later to Linn

As soon as we come around the corner, the people in the Tub beg us to join them. The water is just right and really feels nice. The 3 women introduced themselves to Mary with handshakes and, to me, with kisses and strokes of my cock. I take the hint and let my hands room over their bodies. I could really get to like this. Linn puts her tong deep into my mouth and strokes my cock; I want that in me she says. Me too says Sue. Me three says Ann. Me first says Mary. We laugh. I want very much to put it in all of you I answer. One at a time they retort. Why? Mary asks. We all laugh.

Four men are mauling Mary; but she seems to be enjoying herself. Tom has a finger in her pussy and is taking turns kissing her with a couple of other guys. Another guy also has a finger in her pussy while sucking a tit. Two fingers in her, the third and fourth men's fingers she has had in her vagina. She is alternately kissing them deeply and massaging their cocks and playfully pushing them away. Tom and another guy ask her to go have sex with them; she refuses. My husband first she tells them, moving to sit next to me. The men turn their attention to the other women. We fondle each other, watching them fondle each other till they pair up and excuse themselves. No sex in the Tub before One AM, the rules are the rules.

Alone, I whisper in her ear, asking if she is OK with what is happening. Yes, she says, but she wants to make love to me. These men have made her hot, but hot for me, not for them. She wants to make love with me. Then, she says, she may fuck some one else; Tom maybe, she thinks he is handsome and she likes his cock, and she tells me, I can fuck Linn or another women. I am overwhelmed by my love for this woman.

We wrap the large towels around ourselves and head for the couples only room. It is full, and worse, there is a waiting line of couples caressing each other as they wait their turn at one of the cubicles. When did all these people arrive? The Romper Room, the group room where every thing goes is empty. It is about 15 feet square and only 5 feet high, with wall-to-wall mattresses. The walls and ceiling are covered with mirrors. Soft pink lighting gives the white sheets a soft glow. It is empty; our best chance to fuck in a room full of ourselves. I take my wife into my arms and kiss her urgently. We hang our towels on the hooks provided out side the opening, no door, and crawl into the room. We watch ourselves in all the mirrors; there are an infinite number of us. We kiss fervently. I fuck deep into her. Soon we are climaxing. I pump my cum into her, as her tight vagina milks my cock in wave after wave of her very intense continuing orgasm.

Rolling off her, I touch a soft body. A good-looking petit blond is lying next to me. I tall thin Man is moving in to lick my wife's freshly fucked pussy. She reaches for the back of his head, pulling his face into her pussy. She grins at me in the mirror above. Mary loved Bob or me or Darlene sucking cum from her, now this guy is going to suck my cum out of her, I know she will reach another climax.

That's my husband Jack, I am Joan says the blond as she strokes my cock then takes it into her mouth, Umm, she says, I love the taste of pussy and semen together. I lay there watching the stranger lap my loves pussy while his wife sucks my cock. I smile at Mary in the mirror above, God I love her.

A man enters, kneels over Mary's head and offers her his cock, which she sucks into her mouth. A Woman appears and begins tong fucking my mouth. I watch in the over head mirror as a well hung heavy man pushes Jack aside and plunges his fat cock into my wife, becoming the third cock she has had in her, she moons, from the size, and begins rotating her hips, giving him a great fuck. Joan lowers her pussy onto my cock, trying to get the slowly hardening thing up into her tight cunt. Jack, her husband comes over and she licks Mary and my cum from his mouth, Umm, she says, I love the taste of pussy and semen together. My cock slips into her wet cunt. The fat guy pumps his load into my wife and the guy she's been sucking immediately buries his cock all the way into her, and almost as quickly, shoot his load deep in her, becoming the fourth guy to fuck her.

Jack is next, he moves over and enters her semen filled cunt and begins long slow strokes. Joan strokes my cock with her strong vagina mussels in rhythm with her husbands fucking my wife. I smile up at Mary in the overhead mirror and she reaches for my hand and gives it tender squeezes. Jack is taking his time. The fifth man to fuck her is fucking her just the way she likes; it is very obvious he is enjoying my wife's pussy. He grins at his wife as he takes long slow strokes; she rises up and kisses him on the mouth. I move over and put my tong deep into my lovely wife's mouth. Joan's tight vagina is beginning to have an effect on me, in spite of the fact that I had just cum a few minutes ago; I can feel another climax approaching.

Many men and women are in the room. Some are engaged in various sex acts, while other seem to be waiting their turn. Sex sounds and soft music fill the air, it is very erotic. Time seems to stand still, while I concentrate on Joan's vagina milking my cock. Suddenly, Jack sinks his cock all the way in and his ass begins to buck as he pumps what must be a huge load into Mary's already full vagina. He lays still while Joan gets to her hands and knees. Joan kisses her husband's mouth, then his ass. He pulls his cock from my wife like a cork from a bottle. Joan quickly replaces it with her mouth, and starts sucking the cum from her very full pussy. Mary screams loudly as she climaxes, startling everyone. Those who are not busy, and even some who are, break into applause. As Joan continues to softly lick my wife's pussy, a woman moves into place and begins to lick her pussy, she moans and then climaxes herself. I was kind of grateful that I had not cum, but Joan really felt great. Mary whispers that she needs a drink.

As we leave we meet Tom and Linn. Hope you Two saved some for us, but if not we hope to have you next time. Mary reaches under Tom's towel and squeezes his cock. We are only taking a break, she says, we still have all night.

06-13-2006, 08:48 AM
Great story line...could use a little work on the formatting...but good anyway!

06-13-2006, 11:24 PM
Swing Party Ch. 2
by lock696

In Part one Mary and I (Dan) are attending our first swing party. We have just left the group room where, unexpectedly, Mary has just screwed her Third, Fourth and Fifth man; and was eaten out by her second woman.

Leaving the room I ask her, What did you think of that? She melts into my arms, pressing herself to me, Wonderful, she smiles. I feel so satisfied, yet I want more, she purrs. How about you she asks. I feel great, I answer. I am thirsty, but I would love to watch and maybe join the orgy in there. She hugs me, me too, but I need a shower and a drink first.

Turning, we see Tom and Linn, our hosts for the evening. The four of us shower together in the large shower area near the group rooms. Soaping each other reminds us of showering with Bob and Darlene. We tell them the story, Then we warp towels around ourselves and head for the living room.

We join the many others; this party is getting large. Tom says that 40 couples pulse 8 single men have reservations for this evening, the maximum allowed at any party is 100. He explains that some couples come mainly for the social activity, the nudity, the sexual activity of others, and public sex with their own partners, and swing, that is change partners, only occasionally. Still, only real swingers, that is, those who willingly open up to sex with others are allowed to become members. By the time a couple has been to 3 parties the old timers can tell if both partners really enjoy being at the parties. He tells us, It is evident that you are enjoying yourselves, you already qualify for membership.

We help ourselves to coffee, cake and ice cream. They introduce us to many people, to many to remember, and I have no idea as to who is with whom, but the conversation is pleasant and Mary and I are really enjoying ourselves. Tom and Linn stay close to us, seems they are not about to miss, a second time, a chance to be with us.

I tell Tom that by leaving us in the Hot Tub, he missed his chance to be the third man to screw my wife. But, we thought you two wanted to be alone, he protested, or we would never have left you. Oh, we were alone for a while; but we did not remain alone. I tell them everything that happened in the group room in vivid detail. About Jack and Joan and the two men whose names we do not know. (see First Swing Party part one) Mary blushes, she is so beautiful when she blushes, and squeezes his hand. She puts her lips to his ear, you can be the next she whispers, licking his ear lob. Then, you’ll be number Six, I tell him. Tom puts his arm around my wife, saying, it makes no difference to me if I’m number 3 or 300 as long as I have a chance to please you. I am positive you’ll pleas me, she says, caressing his cock. Their mouths meet in a full long deep kiss.

Mary lifts the towel exposing his now very hard cock, look she tells me, this is the second most beautiful, besides yours, cock I have ever seen. I laughingly protest; It is larger than mine, but no larger than Jack’s, that guy you just fucked. Well, she stammers, blushing a bright red. His was nice, but this one is nicer and I want to suck it, then I want very much to fuck Tom the man, not just Tom’s cock. Yes, I want his beautiful cock all the way in me, filling me completely, but more importantly, I really want to fuck Tom. Now, let’s find a place where we can be alone together. We make our way to one of the larger cubicles and climb in.

I place my left arm under Linn’s shoulders and press my lips to hers in a soft sensual kiss. With my right hand I slowly caress her tits, and then slide it down her flat belly to the top of her pubic mound, gently stroking her clit with my index finger. I gently suck each nipple between kisses on her mouth. I have been mentally ravaging Linn since we met some 5 hours ago. She is an absolutely fascinating woman. At 38, 11 years older than me, she will be by far the oldest I have been with, and there is something about her, that makes her very, very sexy. Perhaps it is her large brown bedroom eyes, or her jet black hair. She is 5’3”, about 120 lbs. she has big tits, 38D a small waste and rather large but very shapely, womanly, ass. She is, unlike other women I have been with, soft, like a marshmallow. All in all, she is a very beautiful and very sexy woman. I want to feel those big soft tits pressed to my chest, I want to lick her shaved pussy, and then fuck her. I lick inside her mouth in deep satisfying kisses then kiss my way down he body. I press my lips to her clitoris and lick inside her love tunnel. She asks me to turn around, she wants to suck my cock while I suck her pussy.

Turning, I note my wife and Tom are 69ing. His cock is stroking her mouth as though it were a vagina. He’s massaging her ass checks, the tips of both index fingers are working their way into her tiny brown back hole, while his tong is deep inside her hot wet tight fuck hole. As I lower my head I hear Mary moan and look to see Tom licking her butt-hole while working his finger into it. Normally she does not allow her butt hole violated, but she seems to be enjoying it now.

Taking a hint from what Tom is doing to my wife, I place my hands under his wife’s butt and lift it high enough to put my tong in her ass-hole. An intensifying of the suction on my penis rewards me. Wetting my finger with her abundant lubricant, I work it into her butt-hole. Returning to licking her clit, I finger fuck her ass-hole. She is going wild, moaning and bucking. I work a second finger into her ass. She is climaxing repeatedly, rewarding me with squirts of sweet juices. Despite Linn’s loud cries, I hear my lovely wife in unmistakable repeated climaxes. God, I love it when she climaxes.

Turning around, I press my lips to hers. Her warm soft tits against my chest, my cock enters her wet, unbelievably tight vagina. Ever so slowly, savoring each fraction of each inch, I work it in, deeper and deeper till it’s all the way. I rotate my hips, she rotates hers. It’s hot and tight, a perfect fit. My God it feels good. I kiss her harder, ramming my tong deep down her throat. She sucks it the way she had sucked my cock. I take a single slow stroke. All the way out, till just the head is in, then slowly all the way in. She moans, I take another stroke, then another, oh, oh, god she is a great fuck. She is rotating her hips, while she is moving up and down in time with me, what a wonderful fuck. Faster, shorter strokes now. Faster, oh my god. Faster. She is convulsing, her cunt is pulsating. She is climaxing. OH MY GOD. I am Cumming, pumping my semen deep, deep into her.

My wife and Tom are screwing next to us. Tom’s enjoying the tight young, 18 years younger than him, pussy of my wife, while I’ve been so aggressively, like the youngster I am, fucking his wife. He picks up the beat, hammering into my screaming wife, bringing her to yet another orgasm, while he pumps his large thick load of creamy cum deep into her.

I smile at Mary, she weakly returns the smile. That was great she whispers. Yes it was we all answer. We laugh at the spontaneous response. We lie there coming down from our sexual high. I rock back so I am sitting on my heals and run my hand up the inside of my wife’s leg between Toms legs until I reach his balls. I cup his balls then caress his softening cock. That feels good he says, yes I answer, to bad she gets to enjoy it and I cannot. Mary laughs, you have one of your own. I saw how much you enjoyed using it on Linn. Tom and Linn laugh. We were wondering if you were bi. Are you bi? Tom asks. Only with one guy so far, I answer. Tom reaches for my cock, well we will just have to make that two guys, won’t we, he says. We laugh. Yes, but not right now, I answer. Yes he says, squeezing my soft cock, Let’s go get a drink.

We shower again. We help ourselves to large glasses of Cola on ice at the bar. We are told that most people do not drink much alcohol at these parties. In the dinning room we find a variety of snacks. I note that many of the women are wearing negligees, others nothing at all. Most of the men have towels around their waists, however some have on shorts and others nothing at all. It is after 1 AM so there is no longer any rules about dress or undress. A couple sit on the sofa kissing, while a woman sucks his cock and a man licks her pussy. A man sits on a dinning room chair, his cock deep in the woman on his lap.

On our way to the hot tub, which we are told in now a warm tub, we pass a full fledge orgy in the group room. The night is still young. The Party will continue.

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Good story.

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Thanks for sharing that...like the pic at the end.

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Thanks everyone for commenting and reading them.....glad you all keep coming back.

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this is by far the best story here.... I've read it twice since i've been here :O cum tastic

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Glad you enjoyed it...and thanks for posting the comment. It encourages people to add their stories that way!

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Very good DM, you know my weakness!

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Jezzz I have read this so many times and it still gets me hot....

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thanks for the story!