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10-12-2007, 01:13 PM
(MF, Cons, Rom)
"Jason? Where are you?" Tara cautiously entered the dark room. She had flipped on the light switch, but it didn't turn on. Maybe it was burnt out, she thought to herself. Carefully she felt her way around the furniture. When she felt the light switch in the hall, she flipped it on; still nothing. "Jason! What's going on! This isn't funny! You're scaring me!"

Suddenly she felt an arm grab her from behind and cover her mouth. She jumped, but then relaxed when she heard Jason's voice softly whisper in her ear. "Did I scare you?"

She turned and playfully smacked his arm. "Don't ever do that to me again! You scared me half to death!"

"I'm sorry babyboo! I've got a surprise for you though and I didn't want you to spoil it with the lights. Now close your eyes." Tara gave him a questioning look, but then sighed and closed her eyes. It was then that she felt Jason place a soft piece of material over her eyes. "This is just to be sure you can't see your surprise", He whispered into her ear, "Do you trust me babyboo?"

"You know I trust you Jason!"

"Good!" She felt his lips gently brush hers. She savored the moment. She loved his kisses. The soft gentle ones that made her swoon and the deep passionate ones that made her burn with desire. This kiss caused her to melt into his arms. She was putty in his hands and she knew it! Jason led her slowly down the hallway. She felt a sudden warmth when they entered the room at the end of the hall. Jason stood her in the middle of the room and kissed her again, more passionately than before. She was hungry with desire for him. She felt his hands roam over her body, unzipping her dress and letting it slide freely to the floor. His hands moved along her hips and ran along the waistband of her panties before sliding them down her legs. She stepped out of them as he moved back up, all the while his hands roamed over her body, feeling every curve, placing gentle kisses every few inches. Tara moaned softly as he let one hand linger at the delicate folds of her moistening lips. His other hand reached around behind her to unfasten the snaps on her bra. She felt him slide the straps down her shoulders and then the bra was gone. Her breasts fell free and he wasted no time at all in cupping one of her breasts, bringing it to his mouth and gently kissing the sensitive bud. She sighed softly. When she felt his tongue flick across it she let out a moan.

"Follow me!" He instructed, taking her by the hand and moving her to the bed. He kissed her gently, laying her back on the bed. She felt his body pressed firmly against hers, felt his hard cock pressed against her thigh as he deepened the kiss. She parted her lips and hungrily took his tongue inside her mouth, meeting it with her own. Their tongues danced in circles.

Tara was so lost in the moment that she hadn't even noticed him move her arms up over her head, at least, not until she felt the soft cloths wrap firmly around her wrists. "What are you doing?" she asked. There was just a hint of panic in her voice. "Sssssshhhhhhhhhhh! It's alright babyboo! You trust me, right?"

"Yes. I trust you baby!" she felt herself relax completely. She did trust him. She trusted him more than she had ever trusted any man. He tied the soft material around her wrists and reached each arm up to a corner of the bed, tying her firmly to each bedpost. Then he moved downward, letting his hands roam once again over her body, placing gentle kisses along the way. He kissed down her chest and belly, along her thighs down to her ankles. She felt him slowly slide the delicate material under her ankles and wrap it around, stretching her legs wide open and tying her feet to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. She lay there, completely exposed, unable to move, unable to see. She felt something brush her face, along her cheek, across her lips. She smelled it then, the soft petals of a rose. She felt the petals slide down her chin, her neck, along her chest, brushing lightly over her nipples.


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"You are so beautiful babyboo. Just like a rose." He whispered to her. She felt his lips gently kiss each of her breasts and a soft sigh escaped her lips. She longed to see him, to feel him, to touch him, to kiss him, and to taste him. His hands roamed over her body then, and she moaned softly when she felt his fingers brush over the delicate folds of her most intimate place. His lips brushed over hers as she felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her warm, wet hole. He slid himself inside of her, slowly, gently. She had never before known this kind of intimacy and it was driving her wild with passion. A hunger was growing inside of her like she had never felt before. It was as though he was awakening something in her for the very first time. He continued pumping in and out of her, with slow delicate movements. She moaned softly as his lips again met hers, his tongue slithering inside of her welcoming mouth. She felt as though she were on fire now. Her body tightened and she tried her best to push her hips forward, despite the restrains holding her down. He reached up and released the restraints on her wrists and she threw her arms around him, holding him tight as his pace quickened. She was falling over the edge now, past the point of all reason. She loved this man and tonight they were loving each other as though tomorrow would never come.

Tara's finger's combed through Jason's hair as he lovingly kissed and caressed her breasts, rolling her nipples in his mouth as he sucked on each succulent bud. She arched her back, meeting his every thrust with one of her own. The feeling of him sliding in and out of her was more than she could bear and she felt herself once again tightening as wave after wave of an intense orgasm hit her. His pace quickened again. She could feel him burying himself deeper and deeper inside of her with each powerful thrust. She was now crying out, begging him to spill his seed inside of her, longing to feel him spray that seed deep inside of her for the first time. Her body again stiffened as another intense orgasm hit her. Just then Jason's body also became stiff and his movements became slower as he thrust himself deep inside of her, spilling his seed deep inside of her longing cavern.

Jason untied her feet and they collapsed onto each other. Curled up in each other's arms, they slept the whole night. Tara awoke the next morning with the most amazing feeling she had ever known. She opened her eyes to find that Jason was gone. Had it all been a dream she wondered to herself. Then rolling over she found the rose in a small vase with a note on the nightstand beside her. The note read, "To my beautiful rose. I loved loving you. Last night was only the beginning of a long lifetime of love making. Here's something to help you reflect and have sweet thoughts of the night and lifetime ahead!" Tara pulled the rose from the vase and brought it to her nose, smelling it. Last night was incredible, and it was only the start! Who knew what the future would hold for them! Tara certainly didn't, but she was more than willing to find out!

- The End -

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Thanks again for the story

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excellant story many thanks

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That story was really hot. I loved the bondage and I gave myself a nice orgasm reading it. Thank you

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not a bad story not as hard core as I was thinking it would be but it was a very loving sex storie, and it didn't take to long to get to the sex and also didn't rush right to it either it was timed perfect. Thanks for the story keep em coming