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10-12-2007, 07:09 PM
Looking through these threads it's been awhile
since we've had an illustrated story shared around
this place.

I ran across a few pictures this morning and thought
why not work on creating a little somethin' somethin'.
A couple hours later I came up with the following
tale woven from the fabric of what some of you have
come to know as a most disturbed mind. :icon071:
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Meoki's Sweet Surrender

Meoki lay upon the bed in her apartment before me.
Having just come from the "Release The Bats" club
in Orange county she still had that heat from the E tab
we both shared still coursing through her like a
creeping viscious fire.

"Rub your cunt baby girl, make all that wetness come out."

I knelt beside her, faded jeans kicked into a crumpled pile
beside the bed.
My cock enraged with a fire of its own, I slapped it over
her ashen powdered face taking time to rub the bell
shaped dome over her lips in slow teasing swipes.

"Fuck my mouth Sir; please," Meoki urged.

"Spurt right down my throat and choke me with it."

She continued to wipe at her crotch using her fingertips.
The black fishnet stockings now moist as her swollen
lips began poking through the small eliptical openings.

"I like it best when your bare beneath like that."

"Nothing but that pretty little cunny pressed all tight
and hot against your stockings."

Meoki began to shiver and I watched as her glossy
coal black Doc Martin's dug into the sheets
and she began to crest the wave of an orgasm.

"Stop----rip that fuckin' crotch open now," I demanded.

"Grab your toy and fuck yourself for me, show me how
that cunt can squeeze the juice out just like it does
a real prick."

Watching her this way I felt my balls begin to swell
with seed. I wanted to jerk this well oiled loaded out
over her face and fill her mouth so I could watch
those creamy ribbons run down her tongue.

Meoki loved the taste of cum, the way it would dribble
down the back of her throat like small white worms
wiggling their way into her belly.

Clutching the thick green gel dildo that lay beside her;
Meoki had no hesitation in plunging it inside the now
churning cauldron of her pussy.
Those tender violated lips clutching the now slick shaft
and plunging it deep within her as she stabbed
herself violently.

"Tear that pussy up for me you filthy little fucker," I
"All for you Sir, all my cunt honey covering it good
and thick for you," she whimpered.

My right hand continued to pull and wrestle the thick
skin up and down my shaft, feeling the slow tickle
build at the base and begin its languid creep up
my fuck tube.

With my left hand I gripped her cheeks firmly.
The pressure creating an oval of her mouth as her lips
spread open and I watched the azure blue of her lipstick
smear over my fingertips.

Thick strands of pre cum began weeping from the piss
hole of my prick as I jacked myself off over her.
Milking them over the tip of her tongue as it protruded
outward searching for those sweet candy drops she
always craved.

Listening to her fuck her pussy like this was something
that always set my loins on fire. That subtle sucking
sound when she'd use her toys to plumb deep inside
herself. Lost in that moment of reaching her climax
and not giving a shit as to how she came by it.

Watching as they split her wide and seeing
them coated with the foamy strands of her cunt
cream clinging to them. Those tiny dribbles of
pure liquid ecstasy that smelled like warm ripe fruit
on a Summer's day.

Hearing her whimper and moan and knowing I was
a part of this most intimate of moments shared
between us was nothing short of raw intoxication.
Her voice changed timbre as she spoke aloud those filthy
thoughts in words that held no shame for either of us.

In those moments she became the whore of Babylon
riding atop her many headed beast and yet still
always remained my Goddess standing proud upon
that pedestal of female virtue.

"It's gonna squirt out Sir, make me your dirty little bitch
so I cum mad hot," Meoki squeeled, breath catching
in her slender throat.

"Do it girl, shove that fucker up there and show me that
shit as it pours out!!!"
That's what I'd been waiting for, that moment of
surrender when her body had betrayed itself and the
walls came crashing down like thunder cast from the
heavens by some angry God.

My fist now a heated band of flesh, wresting my
erection into a rhythm that blended with hers.
Our time had come and neither of us could fight
that delicious pull from our sex. Giving to the
other all the passion pent up in this power play
of erotic tease and torment.

"Lap it up little one, eat my fuckin' load."

With this strangled keen I watched as the
first milky streamer erupted from the ragged split
of my cock tip. Time seemed to suspend as it
created a slow arcing motion and fell across
the bridge of her nose.

Her tongue flicked out like a serpet scenting
the air to insure she caught what was to follow.
Meoki's hips bucked upward from the crumpled
sheets beneath her and I knew she was hitting
her cum as well.

"That's it bitch, slam it right up against
the roof of your cunt and cum all over it."
"Show me where the fuck you live, down deep
inside that pussy where you can't hide from

Another spray came jetting out of me, this one
I made sure was going to find it's target as I held
the cock crown right between her lips.
I watched as it blurted out over her tongue and
she raked it toward the back of her mouth to
swallow it down.

As I shot once more I pressed further inside
the warmth and wetness of Meoki's mouth.
This time the ebbing stream coating the
roof of her mouth and hanging in tiny
stalagtites where they slowly began choking
her as they fell toward the back of her throat.

Meoki coughed as she struggled to catch her
breath, all the while thrusting the green gel
intruder deeper inside herself. Her boot heels
dug deep furrows into the sheets as her sweat
moist bottom clung to them and they
rumpled beneath her.

Her amber eyes rolled back within her brow,
those fuck eyes I'd come know so well as
she found release in her submission to me.
This knowledge acquired that home truely
is where the heart lies when found within
those you trust and honor so preciously.

With my left hand I stilled her thrusting
with the toy, removing it from inside her so
that I could taste the pure rich nectar that
was her. I knew she had come hard, she
always did this way. This was our time to
come down with one another, our blending
of who we were as one entity.

Taking the toy I gathered my semen that
had trailed across her cheeks, upon the tip of it.
Holding it between our lips we tasted it with
each other, that fluid essence that was a part
of us both now combined. Our tongues lashed
over it, both of us locked within this tribal ritual to
consume the other.

As always was our way we soon found our mouths
held fast upon the others. Our tongues now dancing
one again and savoring the salty sweet mixture of
our passions well sated. Breathing each other inside
and passing our spirit into the other.

"Rest little one, dream deeply and know this is
our world, our time within it now," I whispered to her
as I knelt down to kiss her fevered brow.

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Good story, but the pics are showing yet

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You dont see any images?.....Hummm it shows them on mine

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Ok hopefully that worked....;)

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Much Better. Thanks

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Ok great...thanks Hawk

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very good story i love the pics too

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Dm you done it again, another terrific pick...good one.

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Good story & good pics