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A new story based upon the request of a fellow mwmber on here....

I did not see anyone!!!.

Jim Brown was a typical man, nothing special to make him stand out in a crowd. In fact you could almost consider him as an ugly duckling waiting to materialise as a swan. He had never been lucky at love or anything else for that matter and now at 26 years of age; he was about to have his worst run of luck in the last ten years.

Many people who knew of his history had secretly nicknamed him the lightning rod, for unbelievably he had been struck by lightning on three separate occasions and survived, the last twice he had not even shown any serious injuries from being hit.

His affinity to lightning began as a seven year old, caught out in the Nebraska wheat fields during a rainstorm that turned into an electrical storm, his injuries that day where the worst he was to receive with some 30% burns to his hands and feet and a freakish scar almost a lightning zigzag on his left side of his face.

His second incident with lightning happened again in Nebraska some five years later when sheltering under a tree he was struck by a lightning bolt and he had singed his hair, but no further damaged to his already defaced hands or face. It had taken six months for him to lose the smell of his singed hair and re grow his fine ginger top back. Many said the smell of singed hair was a figment of his imagination, but it was real enough to Jim.

His third brush with lightning death happened some eight years after the first one and again struck by a lightning bolt he showed no signs of any injury and in fact this time he felt an exhilarating rush of power, which left his fingers tingling for weeks. It was at this time that he began to notice that he could affect electrical systems. Once his mother's car had a flat battery and simply by placing his hands on the terminals he mentally thought about charging it up and ten minutes later, his mother started the car with out a problem.

Fearing the next lightning strike would kill him, he moved from Nebraska to California, registered with the University there as firstly a student and then as a sports coach, figuring that the chances of lightning hitting California was far less than his old home town in Nebraska.

If he had know what fate had in store for him he would have lived in a cave, because during a freak torrential rainstorm in the San Fernando Valley he was hit for a forth time by a lightning bolt, but this time it seemed so different. All he could remember was that he was stood sheltering from the rain in an old wooden barn and the next thing he came round some 2,000 metres away with smoke still rising from his soaked clothing.

Knowing his already odd nickname at University he decided not to report this latest incident, as it would only add to his already folk lore-ish reputation. He did feel strange this time though and it was not until two weeks later he suddenly had an odd thought, 'What would he do, if he was suddenly totally invisible and untraceable?'

As he watched his reflection in the full-length mirror and concentrated on this thought, he noticed his reflection begin to fade and become almost transparent. With much more concentration he could make his image disappear completely and only had to think of being solid again for it to reappear.

After weeks of practise he was able to disappear at will and even managed to remain invisible for over an hour at a time. He was so eager to test his newfound powers! But where?

His mind wandered as he pondered the choices of where to put in his first appearance as the invisible man, or rather his non-appearance... He suddenly had a thought which he was unable to shake from his excited brain, the female locker room at the University after all as a student he had seen loads of fit looking well built females disappearing into this room and had often fantasised about what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in there.

He made his way as a solid person down town towards the university and slipping into the hallowed halls he once occupied as a student he stood beside the hallway lockers and thought himself transparent. Then unseen he slipped to the female locker room and waited outside. Actually he was wondering how to get inside with out freaking anyone out, it would appear really strange for the locker room door to open and close without anyone passing through it. His luck was in as a tall blonde busty student wearing a cheerleader's uniform came walking down the hallway. Quickly stepping aside and behind her he followed her into the locker room.

It was just as he had fantasised about, rows of lockers and benches with six or seven girls in various stages of undress, standing around chatting. He watched as the blonde student divested her top and sports bra, he then leaned forward and gently blew on to her nipple. She shivered and looked around for a possible open window. When she could not find one she then removed her short skirt and sweat knickers, she now stood in front of him less than two feet away as naked as the day she was born, he lightly reached out and stroked her blond pubic curls only to see a shocked look appear on the girl's face.

Quickly she pulled away and headed for the shower room, he followed and as he hit the steam sprays from the hot showers he became aware that the steam actually outlined his body. Quickly retreating he made a mental note to be much more careful in future.

Suddenly he spotted a female student all alone in the corner with a wet towel wrapped around her. Obviously she had just come from the shower and she was not likely to be returning there soon. So there was no reason she would spoil his newfound fun. He silently moved towards her, she seemed on edge as she glanced around the room. She was around seventeen or eighteen years of age and very slim with 36 C breasts and stood five foot six inches tall.

She relaxed, as she could not see anyone looking in her direction, little did she know of this man so close staring intently at her towel? She slipped from the towel and it was Jim's turn to be shocked, this girl had a great figure but what shocked him was the thing between her legs, even slack it was a six inch penis hanging there. He watched fascinated as she dried it off and then lifted it up to reveal a perfectly formed pussy beneath the tightly hanging balls. He had heard of such things but had never been lucky enough to see one in the flesh, She was a hermaphrodite, both sex organs in on body and he thought to himself "what a body".

He could not resist as he slid his hand on to her soft cock and he could feel it begin to harden in his hand. The girl looked down at her prick and could see it begin to harden and she was at a loss to explain why her prick felt like a man was caressing it, all she really knew that it felt so good and natural. Within seconds her cock was a fully erect eight inches and as thick as baseball bat.

Jim Could not release it as he began now to wank the cock in his hand, He had never shown homosexual tendencies in the past but this seemed so different. Tabatha looked down at her rock hard cock and thought she could detect movement similar to a hand gripping as cock as it slowly worked it up and down. She found the sensation much to exciting to even think of crying out or stopping it.

Suddenly she saw her balls rise up of their own accord and felt something pressing against her rapidly juicing cunt. She should have felt alarmed by the sight of this but she thought she was having a daytime version of a wet dream, after all who says wet dreams only happen at night in bed.

With in seconds she was panting her way through her first orgasm when suddenly her cock spurted forth its white load all over her lower stomach. Jim instantly released her cock as she grabbed the towel and began wiping up the cream.

Jim decided to wait for this gorgeous creature and follow her to her dorm before trying to explore the situation a little more.

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Very interesting concept indeed...thanks and looking forward to more?

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I did not see anyone!

Chapter two....

Jim made sure that when Tabatha entered her home, he was close enough behind her to enter without giving himself away. He waited anxiously as she flitted around the living room and kitchen, suddenly the phone rang and as she answered it, Jim heard her say, "oh ok I was just going to go shower, give me an hour and then come pick me up!"

He knew he would have to act fast, but at least she would undress herself for him, although she would not know it was for him. Tabatha dashed up stairs and into her bedroom, closely followed by Jim. She began to undress as he watched, unbeknown to her. When she was naked he made his move and began to tease her nipples.

Tabatha was facing the mirror and allowed a gentle moan to escape her lips as her nipples responded to the gentle stroking. Suddenly she shrieked as she saw the breasts being squeezed. It was not because the squeeze was harsh but the fact that she could see the indentations of invisible fingers pressing into her flesh.

She suddenly froze and asked, "who are you?" it looked so strange her talking to no one and yet the indentations in her breast flesh assured her someone was there.

Jim decided to play along and he whispered into her ear, "I am your hidden passion, for too long you have sought to deny my existence!"

A strange puzzled look appeared on Tabatha's face as she clearly heard these words. "Open your legs, my little sexy slut" she heard the voice demand. Soon she could feel the same sensations earlier as an imaginary hand began to feel her hardening cock, then the unmistakeable sensations of having her cock stroked as the voice whispered "You want to feel as good as you did in the locker room, then you must obey my every word!"

"No, no, " she moaned, "its wrong to play with myself like this!" she muttered.

The voice growing stronger and sterner replied, "But its me playing with you and I will have my way or you will suffer!" Jim was now getting into this role as unseen master and was already contemplating his plan of action.

"You will turn around and get on your knees and you will suck my imaginary cock!" the voice demanded.

Obediently she turned and knelt before opening her mouth, just as he was about to slip his already hard cock into her mouth, she spoke, "this is stupid, how can I suck an imaginary cock!" but she soon shut up when sure enough her tongue came into contact with what felt like a real cock only she could not see it.

So she gave way to her inner desires and began to suck hard on the cock she mentally visualised to be in her mouth, but there was no disguising the taste of the sperm that cock was now depositing down her throat. She balked at the taste. Not that it was badly tasting but it just could not be that she had swallowed the spunk of her inner desires, yet she knew the taste so well that it could not be anything else. Her mind recalled the taste of her own spunk, which she had been swallowing for a few months now.

In her wilder moments she would often wank her cock and licked the spunk from her own hand, and yet this tasted similar but different, if that was possible. She did not realise that she was sucking and swallowing a stranger's spunk and therefore the taste would be slightly different.

Then the voice inside her head told her to stand and to lay on her bed with her feet still on the floor. In a trance and wondering what was about to come next she did as she was told. Jim then stood between Tabatha's spread legs and lifted her cock and balls clear of her cunt. Tabatha moan as she felt the realistic feel of a handgrip her cock.

She then felt as if something soft but hard was beginning to force her cunt lips apart, she cried out "No, no, please I an a virgin!"

The voice laughed as it replied "You will give me your cherry then and also your anal cherry will be mine too!"

She suddenly began to struggle to get away from this demon she perceived, as her own inner desires. Her mind kept telling her that if this were her inner desire she would be able to control its actions by thinking it to do something else. Suddenly her mind was dragged back to reality as she felt a sharp tearing pain in her crutch as her hymen was finally broken. The sharp stabbing pain continued for a short while until it was overtaken by the intense sexual frenzy beginning to overtake her body. She found herself begging to be fucked even harder as she neared an unbelievable climax. Just as she felt the orgasm break she also felt the throb of the cock inside her as it too began to spurt its life creating fluids.

She almost shrieked in fear as she watched the blood stained cock slowly exit her cunt, whilst she could not see the full cock she could now see the areas covered by the virginal blood and she closed her eyes as she screamed for this horror before her. Jim took this opportunity to quickly wipe his cock on her bed sheet so he was again invisible to the naked eye.

Forcing the still hysterical Tabatha over on to her stomach, he tied her hands behind her back and forced her legs apart as she began to probe her anal ring with his fingers. Tabatha tried her best to defend her anal cherry but as she could not see where her attacker was and already hampered by her hands being tied she could do little but hope this haunting would soon be over and would never return.

She could now feel the same thick cock being forced into her tight anal opening, and the pain seared through her body yet again. Who ever or what ever was doing this to her was only interested in their own needs and pleasures. Soon Jim was fucking her anal ring with hard long strokes and was teasing her as he said, "your cunt is mine, your arse is mine, and your cock is mine to play with as I see fit. You fucking shameless whore will be mine for ever more to be my cum bucket as often as I want!"

Sobbing into the bed, Tabatha had no response to make for how can you stop something you cannot see. As Jim began to really pound her arse he reached beneath her and began to wank her rock hard cock as he thrust. He matched the thrusts to his wanking and it seemed to Tabatha confused mind that the cock was an extension of the one inside her sore and bloody arse. Soon she felt the tell tale throb as the cock inside her spewed forth its third lot of cum.

The voice told her to keep her head pressed into the bed as he withdrew his cock and he wiped this shit-covered cock on the blankets beside her. He then re dressed himself and stood off to one side. After some twenty minutes, Tabatha ventured to try to rise from the bed. No longer the heavy weight was pressing her done into the bed, she managed to slide down on to her knees beside the bed and it was then she saw the stain on the sheet where he had wiped his shitty cock. She broke out in fits of sobs as she cried her eyes out that a spirit had raped her, an entity she could not see and therefore could not protect herself from.

She tried to move her hands but found them still tied tight. She was hopelessly stuck. Meanwhile Jim surveyed his handy work and for the first time in his life he felt good and in control of something. Just then he found he had an intense need to pee and he smiled to himself as he thought about what he intended to do.

He undid his fly and removed his well used penis, he then walked quietly up to Tabatha and began to piss all over her making sure to spray her mouth, eyes and hair in his personal golden shower.

He was just about finished when he heard the door downstairs open and slam closed. A female voice shouted out "Tabatha, where are you!"

Tabatha responded in a wail of sobs and some a young woman of around twenty-two came crashing into the bedroom and stood shocked to see the state of her young lover. Bound and abused beside their bed.

In all the confusion, Jim slipped out the bedroom and all the girls heard was the slamming of the front door as he made his escape. Jenny dashed to the window and peered down towards the doorway but was unable to see anyone. Although she had to rub her eyes because despite no one being there she saw a shadow make its way along the path at a frantic pace.

Jim vowed never to attack again and especially during daylight. But his pleasure of what he had done some began eating at his very soul and the urge to repeat the episode soon became too strong to resist. Although the fear of his DNA was being left behind because of unprotected sex calmed his desires for the next two weeks.

Tabatha blurted out the whole story to Jenny as she gently bathed her and soothed her sore body. Both girls refused to believe it was a ghost that had so sadistically raped Tabatha but if it was not then who could make themselves invisible and be motivated to do such awful things to a gentle natured hermaphrodite.

Please note that the nature of this story is not necessarily the attitude of the author, I stress this story was written following the detailed requirements of a bluestories member.

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I did not see anything.

Chapter three.... School days revisited.

For the next two weeks, Jim relived the experiences with Tabatha every night, but every time the thrill grew less and less and he knew soon he would have to experience a new adventure; unseen of course.

For the last three days he had been thinking who would be his next victim, the blonde from the locker room, he even contemplated tackling a male as he had found playing with some one else's penis such a great thrill, he kept telling himself he was not gay, but then a really wicked idea hit him.

When he was in the final grade at school, his English teacher, Ms Trout, had been a twenty two year old female and on several occasions she had given the impression of teasing her front row students, male or female.

He made a phone call to his old school and by inventing a slight lie he got permission to sit in on one of the English lessons for a supposed thesis on teaching practises. That night he travelled back to his hometown in Nebraska, staying in a medium sized hotel on the far side of town.

By late afternoon he made his way to his old school and was amazed to find Ms Trout was still teaching the same class. He instantly recognised her and she seemed to recognise him as she tentatively asked "didn't I teach you a few years ago?"

Jim was surprised and his ego boosted that this woman would remember him, although she remembered his name more than his appearance. He was also impressed by the way this woman's figure had filled out. From memory he thought her breasts had been much smaller and her body size a little plumper than she now appeared.

He asked her permission to sit at the back of the class and was shocked when she suggested that he take his old seat in the front row. When he sat down he felt awkward and uncomfortable sitting in the seat and desk, he found it more comfortable to slouch forward and he discovered doing this had an additional benefit as his eye line now fell to be level with Miss Trout's hips allowing him to watch discretely her legs.

The lesson began as a normal lesson would but for Jim, he seemed to become hypnotised by her legs, the occasional parting of her knees offering the hint of a flash of her panties, her short skirt hardly obscuring the view. He also felt her eyes boring into him as her voice droned on and on about English grammar.

Suddenly he nearly choked as her legs opened wide enough to flash what should have been her panty gusset but instead revealed to him she was wearing no panties at all and not only that her pussy was completely shaved.

Glassy eyed and feeling hornier than he had in a long while, he was in a world of his own until he suddenly realised that the class was laughing and he vaguely heard Miss Sammi Trout calling his name. It now dawned on him that she had asked him to give an example for the class to discuss and he had virtually been caught out daydreaming.

He quickly recovered and gave a rather weak example before excusing himself as feeling a little unwell. Miss Trout came up to him and helped him stand, discretely managing to feel his rock hard cock and helping him to the classroom door without the other students seeing his erection.

She offered a sweet smile as she whispered that he really had grown up, she emphasised this by stroking lightly his bulge. She then cheekily said if you had been a real student here, you would be heading for a detention for daydreaming like that.

Miss Trout then turned and re entered the classroom leaving Jim rather embarrassingly exposed in the school hallway. He vowed that she would pay for that tomorrow as he quickly fled the corridor and went back to his hotel room.

That night as he slept he dreamt, He was back to sixteen again in Ms Trout's class sat as he had today in the front row, only Ms Trout was the new better looking woman he had met today and not the skinny fresh faced teacher of the time he was sixteen.

She had as today flashed him her bald puffy cunt and had caught him staring, ordering him to attend detention that night. Once in detention he dreamed she had approached him and deftly undone his belt and trousers slipping her hand inside and gripping his hard cock. She then made him undress as she lay on her back on her teacher's desk, ordering him between her legs she took hold of his cock and offered his member up to her soaking wet cunt and demanded he fuck her hard.

He began to thrust his cock into her and in his mind's eye he took hold of her breast through her blouse and began teasing her nipples. She then stopped him and demanded he fuck her up the arse and raising her legs up high offered her pink anal ring towards him.

Eagerly he began to pummel her anal ring and soon had her grunting and groaning in ecstasy, but the final shock was his as she slipped her hands around his buttocks and slipped her index finger up his own anal ring almost forcing him deeper into her. The pressure on his prostate gland had him spewing his spunk in seconds. He woke with fright as in his minds eye he could hear maniacal laughing and saw her face mocking his attempts at fucking her.

He was bathed in sweat and the now cooling feel of his spunk on his legs. He was now even more determined to take revenge on Miss Sammi Trout. Next day he spent the majority of the time, biding his time, trying to force the images of what was going to happen out of his mind and desperately trying to stop himself going back to his hotel room to wank himself.

At 2 pm he made his way across town to the school and disappearing into a café close by the school. He casually walked into the gents and making sure it was empty he stood in front of the mirror and concentrated on being invisible. He watched in the mirror as his image began to disappear. Carefully he slipped out of the café's toilet and across the road to the school.

There were a couple of tricky moments as he made his way through the school to the intended classroom. On one occasion he opened a door just as a schoolgirl appeared and she actually stopped dead in her tracks staring at a large heavy door, which just opened and closed on its own. The other incident was when a schoolboy raced down a corridor and collided with Jim, the boy bounced off and picking himself up rubbed his eyes, as he could not see any reason for his collision.

He managed to time his arrival at the classroom, just as the class began filing in and he slipped unnoticed into the room. He waited until the lesson was in full swing and crept up behind Miss Trout, he immediately began gently massaging her nipples, lightly enough not to indent her blouse. Sammi Trout began to feel the effects as her nipples began to harden and her face visibly flushed.

After some twenty minutes of teasing her nipples and making her both embarrassed and uncomfortable, he switched his attack to her legs. He knelt down and crawled beneath the table and lightly prized open her legs. He felt very little resistance as her legs parted, he was pleased to see that again she was not wearing panties as he now moved into position to begin licking her cunt.

Sammi felt herself getting so turned on she almost imagined she felt forceful hands parting her legs. Her senses heightened and she could have sworn that she felt someone's hot breath on her inner thigh and she sensed she was about to feel that breath on her cunt. Despite the realisation she was in front of a class of 15 year olds she found her need to slouch down was undeniable. She could see no reason for her feelings, but she could not deny her building passions.

Suddenly she felt her cunt lips being licked and a tongue slipping between them, she could not deny the bathing of her clit and had difficulty controlling her breathing. She was conscious of her audience and was determined that they would not see anything a miss. She was now biting hard on her bottom lip to prevent her crying out.

Sammi suddenly thanked her lucky stars as the bell sounded ending the last lesson of the day. Without a word the students all rose and began to leave the classroom, several of the more sexually aware males gave their teacher a strange look as they left.

Three of the more experienced girls, aware of the tell tale signs of an impending orgasm decided to play awkward and stood around Miss Trout's desk on the pretence of asking questions about the lesson. Sammi struggled to answer the questions as her climax rapidly approached. Jasmine one of the more advanced girls casually asked, are you ok Miss?

Sammi nodded and almost pleaded with the girls to go home, when Jasmine said, "I think you need so help! So why don't you just open your blouse and let us suck your nipples whilst I bring your bubbling cunt to its much needed climax."

There was silence as Sammi contemplated the possible repercussions of those actions, but she then grunted as her hands almost of their own volition moved to the buttons on her blouse and quickly she exposed her lacy bra covered breasts. Jasmine then stepped forward and taking a pair of scissors she cut the linkage between the cups and revealed the teacher's breasts.

They then pulled the chair back from the desk, taking Sammi's cunt away from the eager mouth of Jim. The two girls with Jasmine were then told to begin sucking on Sammi's breasts. The two girls jumped at the chance to suckle on Miss's tits. Jasmine stepped between Sammi's legs and pulling her short skirt up revealing her soaking wet bald cunt, she plunged her fingers into the sopping cunt bringing groans from Sammi.

Jim slowly stood up, annoyed to be interrupted but turned on to see these four females getting so into the action. He moved behind Jasmine and slipped his hands up her skirt, stroking the rapidly expanding wet gusset of her panties. Jasmine suddenly began to buck her hips as she exclaimed, "What the fuck is happening? I can feel someone or something stroking my cunt!"

Sammi answered "Yes, that's what put me in this state! While I was teaching you I felt my nipples teased and then cunt being licked!"

Fearing his game was up and he was about to be discovered, Jim decided to take action, he announced, "I am John Bull, I was a student here in 1879 and I was put into detention, locked in the basement, where I was forgotten and then died. I swore revenge on the female teachers of this school for killing me!"

He went on to instruct the four females to remove all their clothes, the women really did not believe the story but could not deny the fact that a male voice was telling them to do things and yet there were no males present. They all began to remove their clothes and follow the instructions being given.

Jasmine and Sammi was told to sixty-nine each other, whilst Jenny was told to finger Sammi's anal ring. The forth female, Rosie, was told to kneel and open her mouth. Soon she was sucking an invisible cock and then had to endure taking her first cock up her anal opening. This time Jim took his time allowing her to adjust to her fist cock up her arse.

The three females were all really getting into their action, Sammi was screaming her orgasm's as she buried her tongue deep inside Jasmine's cunt causing her to squirm and pant her orgasm into Sammi's own cunt.

Jenny had gone further than she had been told for she was sucking on Sammi's tit as she now forced three fingers into her teacher's anal opening.

Jim pulled his prick from Rosie's arse and moved behind Sammi, he without warning slipped his cock into her already full arse forcing his member alongside Jenny's fingers. Sammi screamed out so loud as the pain ripped through her arse, that Jenny clamped her free hand over her mouth.

Jim thrust only a few strokes before his cock spurted forth his spunk deep inside his teacher's ass, and all over Jenny's fingers. As the girls fell into their own orgasm's he slipped away, intending to call in and see the teacher just once more before leaving for home.

Next day he approached Miss Sammi Trout, before she entered the school. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to one side, "I don't know how you managed it! But I know it was you in the class yesterday! You silly boy, you could have saved all that energy by just asking me for a date, but thank you for the lesbian fun you started. The girls will become my regular playmates from now on."

Jim tried to deny the allegation, but was silenced when she told him she recognised his voice when he spoke. She also asked when he was planning to go back to California, as she would love a face to face in full view session with him before he left.

Jim suddenly felt threatened and less in control than his invisibility granted him so he almost stuttered that he had to leave at dinnertime today so it would have to wait till he next returned to his hometown.

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Chapter 04. Urges run wild...

Upon his arrival back home, he was both exhilarated at the outcome of the adventure with his old teasing teacher, but he was scared he nearly blew it and was almost discovered.

The thrill he expected to last as long as the last one began to fade after only a few days, and the nagging urges to repeat actions were already building to a point where he would soon have to act or suffer the consequences.

A late night drinking session led to his next action, he was walking home when he saw an absolute stunning blonde haired woman walking towards him. She was not only tall but well built with he estimated 40DD breasts. She swayed her hips as she passed him and although he smiled in her direction she cut him dead as if he did not exist and that pushed him into making the snap decision to attack her.

He ducked into the bushes, thought himself invisible and began to follow the woman, she could hear footsteps behind her but could see no one. Startled by the sounds she began walking faster but the sounds of footsteps seemed to be gaining on her, she then turned into her street and sighed as she saw her home looming up just 40 yards away.

As she turned onto her footpath towards her front door she passed a large set of bushes, she had frequently demanded her husband prune them back and thin them out. She was about to regret him not doing so.

Suddenly she was grabbed and an invisible hand covered her mouth, preventing her from screaming. The strong unseen figure dragged her into the bushes and she was forced face down into the earth. Rough hands then forced their way up her skirt and gripped the top of her pantyhose, dragging them down and using them as bindings to tie her hands behind her back.

The same unseen hands returned up her skirt and ripped her fragile lacy panties from her body. These he used as a gag to prevent her from yelling out. Now he could sit and plan his further plans. He snatched her handbag and emptied the contents on the floor beside her; he soon picked out her front door keys and car keys.

He pinned her to the earth by sitting on her back and demanded to know if someone was at home and where the car was kept. He told her to nod if someone would be at home or shake her head if the house was empty; she shook her head. Next he instructed her to nod when he mentioned where the car was parked. Drive way, she shook her head, on the street again she shook her head, in the garage this time she nodded.

Taking a knife from his inside pocket he sliced her blouse into pieces as he removed it. At this stage she feared she was about to be raped where she lay, little did she know the episode she was about to have to endure. He took the pieces of her blouse and tied her securely to the thickest of the bush roots. She stared wide-eyed and unbelieving as she could see no one doing this to her. The fear factor on her face caused Jim to laugh as he jested that she would soon be reporting to the police an entity attacked her and she was powerless to prevent it.

He then left her tied there while he made his way to the house, he let himself in and searched the lower level to make sure it was empty, then he made his way upstairs and searched each of the rooms until he found what was obviously her bed room.

Going through her wardrobe he found a baby doll nightie and satin Basques. Picking out a particularly sexy looking sheer black lacy Basque and the white baby doll negligee, he stuffed them into a bag. Next rifling through the drawers he found what he was really looking for, dumping all the sex toys he found into the same bag.

He returned downstairs and exited the house heading for the garage, he then let himself in and found a 4X4 Range Rover parked there. Using the other set of keys he opened the car dumped the bag on the seat beside him and press the door remote. The garage door began to open. As it began to move he started the car and reversed down the drive until he was almost level with the bushes.

He reset the garage remote closing the door and walked slowly round to the back of the car, opened the tailgate and disappeared into the bushes. He untied the woman and humped her over his shoulder as she carried her back to the rear of her car. He then dumped her struggling body inside the tailgate before closing the hatch and returning to the driver's seat.

Soon he was clear of her Home Street and relaxed allowing himself to become visible again. He was thankful he remembered to wear his gloves, as he had taken no precautions inside her house or garage.

He drove on till he came to a desolate cabin he knew was empty. He parked the car around the back out of sight of the road and forced entry to the cabin. He the carried her unceremoniously into the cabin dumping her on a musty smelling bed; before returning to the vehicle to retrieve the bag. He made sure he was again invisible before he re-entered the cabin.

He cursed his luck as he suddenly thought he had not made sure he was invisible when he carried her body inside and he hoped and prayed that she had not seen enough of him to identify him later.

Entering back into the cabin, he turned on a light and moved towards the cowering woman, her instant reaction reassured him she had not seen him earlier and therefore he felt sure she would never be able to identify him.

He gazed at the once sexy looking woman, now a poor wretch as she huddled in a heap bewildered as to what was happening to her. She still looked sexy to him as she cowered with her large fleshy tits struggling to remain contained inside her lacy bra, he knew she was almost naked except for the two tiny pieces of material covering her body.

He now spoke to her in a very determined tone, telling her that he was going to untie her but if she tried to escape he would make sure she suffered extreme pain for being so stupid, he wanted her to remove the tatters of clothing she was wearing and to put on the Basque and nightie. He hinted that if she did as she was told he would go easier on her. She slowly nodded in the direction of the sound of his voice, not sure where this invisible being was standing.

He released her hands from her hosiery bindings and watched intently as she removed the shards of clothing. He stopped her from immediately putting her Basque on and made her pose in various positions displaying her large bust and blonde pubic hairs. He demanded to know her name and she responded with an almost whispered "Teressa!"

Later he allowed her to dress in the items he laid out on the bed for her after finding out she was 42 years old, divorced, 6 foot 2 inches tall and 42DD bust size.

She almost broke down sobbing, begging him to allow her to go free. He laughed at her and commented that he had not gone to such lengths to simply give up and let her go. He also managed to find out that she had not had sex for nearly six months and anal sex had never taken place and was in fact the reason she divorced her husband because he wanted anal sex and she refused claiming it to be an unreasonable request.

Jim now surveyed Teressa, as she stood in an almost transparent negligee with the striking black Basque clearly displayed beneath, this clash of tones clearly highlighted the size of breasts.

He ordered her to kneel down facing the bed and he grabbed her long blonde hair and yanked her head back. She yelped but did not try to escape his clutches. He ordered her to put her hands behind her back and soon tied them together with the tights he had used earlier. Now he pushed her forward until her head was touching the floor and her arse high in the air, he took the hem of her negligee and tossed it forward exposing her beautiful pear shaped arse cheeks.

Next he forced his knees between her legs and made her open them as wide as she could. Now he had the perfect view of her puffy cunt lips and her delicate pink anal ring. He leaned his head forward and sniffed at her woman scent extruding from her slick cunt.

Sticking out his tongue he flicked at her anal ring, casing her to whimper and begin begging him not to touch her there. He instantly slapped her arse hard and threatened even harder treatment if she did not shut the fuck up. Now he took his index finger and began probing her anal opening, he knew that because his finger was dry it would be harder on her as it forced its way into her shit chute.

Despite squirming, Teressa felt ever millimetre of his finger as it made its way roughly into her anal ring, the discomfort she felt was slightly tempered by the rising excitement she was beginning to feel as she sensed she was about to sample a real cock for the first time in quite a while.

Suddenly one finger became two and the sawing action intensified, the pain trebled as her virgin hole was stretched wider then she had ever felt, but her passion quadrupled as she could not stop herself. If only her husband had tied her up like this and then forced his intentions of anal sex upon her. She would have been powerless to stop him and she could have enjoyed the action without worry of feeling guilty about a sexual act that her parents had always described as perverted and ungodly.

The tempo suddenly changed as a third finger joined the two raping her anal chute, now the pain was so intense it triggered her alto climatic reaction, literally making her come from the heady pain desire mechanism. Her body suddenly went into the throes of a powerful orgasm and she babbled non-intelligent comments into the wilderness. In fact it looked quite bizarre to anyone stood watching, there was this climaxing woman on her knees with her head pressed to the floor her hands and arms tied behind her back, her anal ring spread wide as her inner muscles systematically gripped the invisible fingers that ploughed into her.

Jim removed his fingers and quickly shed his clothes, before plunging his cock in one swift thrust fully into the still spread anal ring. Teressa screamed as she was speared by this monster intrusion. It took several minutes for the agony to be replaced by the feeling of being filled to the brim and the thrusting deep inside her to trigger the nerves into stimulating a second much higher orgasm.

After several forceful thrusts, Jim withdrew his cock and plunged it deep inside her cunt which was flowing like a river, again the sudden intrusion shocked Teressa’s system and her fever pitched wailing took on even higher pitch.

Jim repeated his techniques so that after every few strokes he would withdraw his cock and plough it into the other hole without warning. By now Teressa had become a quivering, jabbering wreck as her body convulsed its way through multiple orgasms.

Jim could feel his own climax starting to build with the tell tale tingles he was experiencing deep in his balls, he wanted so much to deposit his seed deep inside her arse or cunt and the thought of making this woman, who thought she was too good to even offer him a smile as they passed in the street, pregnant really urge his thrusting on and on. However common sense prevailed and at the very last minute pulled his cock out spraying its load of jism in ever decreasing arcs over the bitches back.

He then moved and made this bitch suck his sticky cum cover cock into her mouth and not only clean it but also excite it back to hardness. He was determined to fuck this bitch all night, he reached over to the bed and removed the sex toys in the bag, he spread them out on the bed and taking hold of the crop like strap he began to lay it heavily over her already rosy buttocks. This served to make her thrust forward swallowing for more of his cock with every slap that landed on her now glowing cheeks.

He suddenly had an overwhelming desire to empty his bladder and simply relaxed his bladder muscle and began filling Teressa’s mouth with his hot rancid piss. She almost choked as she realised that she had no alternative but to swallow the hot foul tasting golden shower now pouring into her mouth.

Her Anal open was suddenly forced wide open again as Jim rammed a thick black dildo up her arse and he laughed maniacally as he declared “This is what all bitches deserve!”

He continued to fuck her orally after he finally stopped pissing and soon followed his load of piss with a throat-flooding load of white baby making cum.

As he dressed, he spoke to Teressa, “Your really lucky bitch, I have not the time to stay here and fuck you silly and make sure that you become pregnant with a bastard child! If I ever come across you again your attitude had better have changed or I will return to make you the whore mother of a bastard child!”

He untied her arms before slipping out the door and away, however he only went a few hundred yards when he thought about being visible and soon appeared as you or I would. His twisted sense of humour led to him now entering the house fully visible and supposedly discovering this woman in distress. He told her he had heard what sounded like someone crying and came to investigate. He gently removed the thick black dildo from her now red raw arse, he politely asked, “what ever happened here!” he did his best to disguise his voice as he spoke.

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Here is the long awaited final chapter of the story... unusually for me I have not left a way back into this story so it really is the end...

I did not see anyone

Chapter 05.... The end of my powers...

The thoughts and feelings of what Jim did to Teressa, stayed with him for four weeks each night he dreamt about the fun and often added things he wished he could have done, even sometimes he would select a series of special toys before going to sleep and managed to think them into his sexual dreams. However the dreams were becoming weaker as the time passed.

There had been two or three times during this period when he thought he had been close to being arrested for rape. Like the time a police car pulled him over for a faulty rear light and he almost confessed to the rape of Teressa before the officer told him the reason for his stop. All these things weighed heavy on his mind but he still sought the thrills of being invisible as an escape from his humdrum existence. After all it was the only time he felt totally in control and much more macho than normal.

He finally admitted to himself that he needed this gift much more than he dared to admit previously. Tonight he decided to find a new adventure to renew his feeling of dominance over the world, but where would he start to look.

As the evening wore on, he found himself wandering aimlessly back towards the university, when he saw a cute afro American girl around five foot eight talking to a weedy looking white guy around five foot nine or ten. The thing that attracted him to the Afro American girl was the large looking breasts and he immediately recalled his latest wet dream fantasy where he sucked the engorged nipples of a big breast until the girl screamed out for him to stop.

He waited around to see if the couple would part, so he could follow the woman to a place where it would be safe to grab her, but he was disappointed when she put her arm around the guy and they began to walk off together. He discretely followed waiting his chance to begin his latest sexual adventure.

The chance came sooner than he anticipated, for he overheard the woman calling the man a useless wimp and he should stand up for himself more. The man moaned that it was not his way and he would always avoid trouble wherever possible.

The Couple then entered a leafy lane where the trees seemed to crowd in on them obscuring the sky and afforded Jim the ideal opportunity to disappear and strike. He thought himself invisible and then approached the couple, the small hardwood baton in his pocket soon made contact with the guy's head and he fell in a crumpled heap.

As the woman leaned over the guy to see what was wrong a similar tap on her head had her slumped unconscious across the guy. Ten minutes later they were bound and gagged in the back of Jim's car heading back to the university and down into the labyrinth of the basement.

In a quiet corner he firstly tied up the woman before returning to get the male. He had forward planned the venue of his adventure by constructing a vertical rack and a ninety-degree stand. He firstly cut away the woman's clothes, delighting in the plump ripe fullness of her breasts but a bit miffed by the fact this woman shaved her cunt, he had intended to pluck the individual hairs from her cunt lips with a pair of long nosed pliers. Tying her to the rack with her arms spread wide above her head and her feet just as wide, tied by her ankles to the uprights of the rack. Removing the gag, he forced open her mouth and filled it with her white semitransparent full knickers. This was kept in place with some wide packing tape.

He now turned his attention to his bonus victim, the guy he again cut off all his clothes, noting the rather smallish placid penis but delighting in his cute firm butt. He strung this guy up on the stand forcing his arms to be stretched out before him and his body bent at the waist. He delighted in tying his ankles and knees to the uprights forcing his ass cheeks to part exposing his sphincter muscle. Again he took his underpants and stuffed them into his mouth before applying the packing tape.

He was now all set, he felt confident that the area he had chosen for his playroom would not be disturbed for some days if ever, so he knew he could take his time. He left to remove the car from the car park and returned with two large buckets of freezing cold water. He set these aside while he fetched his bag of fun as he referred to his holdall of toys and torture equipment.

He firstly threw a bucket of water over the woman who groggily awakened, just in time to see him repeat this feat on her friend. As the two victims now became more alert they tried to struggle free but found themselves securely fastened. To their bleary eyes they could see no one else present and almost freaked out when the saw the bucket suddenly lift into the air by itself and move off to the right.

Both tried to scream but without any success as the gags in their mouths proved to be too effective. In apprehension they saw firstly the guys cut trousers lift of the floor and watched in awe as their unseen captor searched the pockets until it found the guys wallet. The wallet then opened itself and Jim read aloud the name on the driver's licence, "Jeremy Kyle", "Hello Jeremy, you may call me Master, Sir or god if you like but you won't because your not having the gag removed so its irrespective what you try to call me!"

He then picked up the handbag that had come with the woman and searched this until he found her student identity card and again read out the name, "Eliza Bennett", "Hello Eliza, or may I call you whore or slut, You too can call me Master but you will be allowed to speak occasionally when your mouth is not full of your panties or my cock! I would have added Jeremy's cock too but poor little wimp appears to not have enough to fill a thimble let alone your mouth!" he laughed.

"Tell me Jeremy, have you ever been fucked by another man?" he teased, Jeremy violently shook his head as he tried verbally to deny the question.

He turned to Eliza and asked "Well Eliza, looks like your going to witness the losing of Jeremy's anal cherry, But not to worry as he is going to witness everything I decide to do to you, too so all's fair there then." He snarled.

Both the victims looked at each other in disbelief, they could hear this voice from just in front of them but could not see anyone or anything. Their eyes were wide open in shock. Both had the impending dread of what their ordeal may entail.

Suddenly the watched as the large holdall was opened and items seemed to jump out on their own. A length of rope suddenly appeared and made its way towards Jeremy, and then it seemed to fasten itself around his balls and the lower end of his cock, before tying itself into a tight knot. Jeremy's engorged cock was now trapped in permanent state of full erection. Then a pair of long nosed pliers emerged and delighted in pulling the single hairs from Jeremy's pubic region. Soon he was howling with pain into his gag.

Each hair pulled caused Eliza to wince as she recalled the pain of plucking her eyebrows and that was when she was careful and tender in doing it. So she could only imagine the level of pain Jeremy must be feeling with them being gouged out.

The pliers eventually stopped their work and she suddenly felt the unmistakeable feel of someone's hands on her breasts, no matter how she twisted and turned she could not prevent them feeling her large tits. Then she felt something wet on her left nipple, like a tongue bathing it in saliva followed by the gentle sucking sensation around her aureole, this sucking became more intense and more uncomfortable until suddenly she screamed into her panty gag as she felt the sharp sinking teeth biting hard into her tit flesh.

As the unseen mouth released the tit flesh, the indentations of his teeth could clearly be seen. Eliza calmed down until she felt the same biting sensation on her right breast. Again she screamed out as best she could and glanced down to see the same teeth marks appearing on her breast.

By now Jeremy had calmed down from his agonies, but felt uneasy as he felt a hand sliding between his arse cheeks, slight but firm pressure was being applied to his anal ring from he assumed was a finger. He tried to tighten his sphincter muscle but this just increased the amount of pain as a medium sized vibrator was forced unceremoniously into his opening.

When the vibrator was almost fully home Jim stopped pushing and instead began yanking harshly on Jeremy's balls. Jeremy unable to fight the two assaults relaxed his sphincter muscle as he tried desperately to close his legs to protect his now aching balls.

Jim Laughed loudly into Jeremy's ear as he added "I could cut these off and you could not stop me, you little wimp! Behave and accept what I intend for you and I may even allow you to fuck the black bitch there!" Eliza strained to catch the conversation between this invisible being and Jeremy but failed to make head or tail of it.

Jim was now becoming almost drunk on the power he had over his two victims and rather foolishly decided that Eliza here would make a good vessel to carry his bastard child, he fully intended to fuck her unprotected until she became pregnant with his child. His mind told him that she could abort his child as soon as she discovered she was pregnant but he mentally argued that she could not see him and therefore she would be warned against this action or she would suffer from her unseen enemy.

Jim slipped out of his clothes and stood in front of Eliza, her nostrils twitched as she could sense the pheromones of an erect cock close to her. No matter how he tried Jim just could not find a suitable position to fuck her. It was quite difficult for him to slip his cock into her in a standing fuck.

He stepped away and found an old master's study room easy chair, dragging it over towards the helpless couple.. Untying Eliza he frog marched over to the chair and forced her to bend over it from the back of the chair, her head was now buried in the cushion seat and her hands quickly tied to the arm supports, her ankles strained to be fastened to the rear legs and once again she was helpless before this invisible being.

Jim stroked his rock hard cock teasing Eliza to sing out all she liked about his mighty cock as it plunged into her anal chute, he wanted Jeremy to be fully aware of his superior cock going deep in to her shit, just so Jeremy could fantasise about when it would be his turn to accept the killer cock up his own arse.

Obviously Eliza was unable to sing out as the panty gag was still preventing her from doing so, but the look of horror on both the victims faces as they prepared to be impaled on the over exaggerated prick, was amusing to Jim.

Without any care as to the level of pain inflicted upon Eliza, Jim ravaged her anal ring with three fingers before swapping them for his now erect cock. Poor Jeremy must have suffered as much mentally as Eliza did physically as all he could see was her straining to pull away from this invisible cock be believe to be not only overly long but massively thick as well.

Soon the excruciating pain ripping through her anal walls began to fade and was replaced with a building desire to climax, her roller coaster of passions welling up inside her, Soon she stopped trying to pull away and instead began thrusting back to meet each thrust of this invisible tool now ploughing a delightful furrow through her anal ring. To Jeremy there was no difference in the action before his eyes, the only thing he did notice that changed was that Eliza was panting more now than she was squealing.

Jim knew he could not last out much longer and he desperately wanted to impregnate her cunt as the first round to making this coloured bitch pregnant with his bastard child. He quickly withdrew noting how Eliza's sphincter muscle continued spasming like a little eye winking at him. Next thrust forward had his cock buried and spurting deep inside her cunt. Eliza could feel every single splash of scalding spunk as it plastered her inner cunt walls. As soon as Jim's cock ceased spurting and shrink back to its normal limp self he withdrew making sure to wipe it clean before Jeremy had chance to see it.

Jim took great delight in forcing Eliza to suck him back to erection and declaring that she was sucking him to prepare it for Jeremy's arse. Despite the fear about the size of this cock he could not see, Jeremy secretly wanted his anal ring penetrated, he had thought for a long while that he could be bi sexual as he had been finding it harder and harder to hide the fact that he was getting turned on in the shower room by some of the larger cocks she frequently saw there.

Suddenly Eliza's mouth was free from obstruction and she immediately begged Jim to let them go and nothing would be said or reported. Jim laughed and said who is going to believe that you were raped by someone or thing you could not see. He then slapped Eliza's face hard telling her to shut the fuck up and only speak when told to you cunting-whore.

Jeremy sensed rather than felt someone behind him, but the sudden spearing of his anal ring and the searing pain that it brought knocked the air clean out of his body. Despite this for some reason he finally felt at ease and natural, in fact he began secretly wishing that he would be made to suck this cock that now raped his virgin arse.

Jim lasted much longer this time as he had deposited his first load only moments ago inside his baby carrier slut. So he was able to plough on longer and harder into Jeremy's now bleeding arse. He did not give a fuck about the pain or pleasure he was doling out to Jeremy, all he wanted to do was debase him in front of this bitch who would be pregnant before he would release them.

As he came for the second time, Jeremy also managed to cum although the spurts from his cock were far smaller but stronger as it fought to escape from his tightly bound cock. The shots of Jeremy's spunk cleared 9 or 10 feet from his wracked body.

Jim now slipped his cock from the bloody mess that was Jeremy's anal ring and slumped down near the wall, his exertions in fucking these two had finally taken its toll and he almost cat napped. However as he cat napped he was not in control of his appearance and on three occasions he displayed himself to a vengeful Eliza.

She now knew exactly what he looked like, and with this image impressed in her artistic mind she kept replaying the photo fit over in her minds eye. Jim slipped away leaving these two securely tied and gagged returning several hours later having managed to sleep and he showed a little compassion by showing the two he had brought some food for them.

One at a time he removed their gags and fed them before allowing them drinks and replacing the gags he then repeated this on the other victim. Over then next three days he regularly came down to this place and fed, watered and fucked his prisoners.

Ultimately this proved to be his downfall as a janitor saw him enter the basement area and followed him, becoming amazed as he saw the guy disappear before seeing the two tied up victims. The old coloured Janitor decided to wait and watch. He hid amongst the old stuff stored around about and watched, he saw Jim finally leave and reappear as normal person. Waiting for some several minutes he then placed cloth bags over the victims heads and he too took full advantage of their helplessness by fucking Jeremy up his now ravaged arse and finally added his baby making seed to the pools of the stuff up Eliza's cunt.

As he left the basement he called 911 and reported what he had seen, the police descended on to the university campus in a big showing; which tipped off Jim.

He immediately fled off the campus and was planning to find his way back to Nebraska when, wouldn't you know it he got caught in a thunderstorm. As he raced for cover the inevitable happened and he was struck by lightning. This time it proved fatal and although the janitor identified the body as being the man who could make himself invisible, the police were sceptical and put it down to an old coloured mans misuse of drugs that had affected his mind.

Eliza, well she in fact was pregnant but the baby when it was born looked nothing like Jim having a deep brown complexion and if anything she looked like the old janitor in the face.

Jeremy finally realised he was gay and stopped seeing women, choosing instead to find his pleasures where he could and was often seen leaving the basement with the janitor.

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