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This is a story about a hard working divorced truck driver who gets lucky at a truck stop one weekend with another driver and his wife that hauls for the same company. This is the first chapter. It is the first episode of a weekend of sex for the three and it has a long introduction with only a little sex in this chapter but depending on feedback I have a lot of writing and lots of sex in the following chapters. This story has some truth to it but has also been fabricated and coming chapters will be fabricated as well for reader enjoyment. Enjoy.

It was mid May and Mike had been away from his home state for more than four weeks. Mike was 32 years of age and about 6 ' 2 " weighing near 300 pounds. Not a sloppy 300 but for sure a big man with short dark brown hair and clean cut but he looked decent for a big fella. He had been trucking since he was 24 and had always been a workaholic but just recently had been divorced to his wife of three years. He had came home one evening from a trip and found his wife in bed with a neighbor and the neighbors friend. Needless to say he was upset but did love his wife and tried to mend things even after her wild affairs while he was out trucking to pay the bills.

With the divorce settled he had buried himself in his job with the occasional weekend off while waiting for a reload. It was Friday afternoon and he unloaded in Portland Oregon and found himself at the truck stop until Monday when he can get his load from a local retailer heading back east. Fortunately it is a very nice place to have a layover with great food, a bar with live music on the weekends and a motel all on the premises.

Late afternoon rolls around and Mike is tinkering around with his truck. While installing a new antenna on his mirror he hears a man say well hello there friend. He turns to see a couple in their mid fifties or so. Mike says hello to them and the man says to him that he and his wife work for the same outfit and they are also waiting till Monday to get their reload. Mike introduces himself and Jerry and Linda do the same and Jerry invites Mike to come join them for dinner and some conversation.

Mike agrees and cleans up his tools and locks the truck up and they head across the lot towards the restaurant. Mike following a few steps back when they walk between a pair of semi trucks happens to admire Linda's shape for a women in her fifties. She is about 5 ' 6 " with long curly blond albeit dyed hair with medium sized breasts and a nice full round ass. Not what you would call a BBW but by no means was she petite. She had a small tummy under that summer blouse and probably opts for a nice one piece swimsuit over a two piece. All in all at first glance she is sexy any way you look at it.

Jerry is a short portly man with dark hair balding in the front. Clean cut and neat in appearance for a trucker. Jerry and Linda are not your stereotypical husband and wife trucking team. All in all they both seem friendly and harmless and Mike sure doesn't mind a good dinner and some trucking talk with the friendly couple.

They arrive at the restaurant and grab a booth near the buffet. With dinner ordered they chat from everything from fuel prices to favorite diners. The typical trucker chat. The chat breaks away from trucking for a bit and gets personal. Mike learns Jerry and Linda are from Texas and have three children of their own and now three grandchildren and have been married for 35 years. Mike shares some of his personal information and tells them he is divorced and just trying to work hard till he figures things out. Jerry tells him he is with the right line of work and the open road just might be what he needs for a while. Linda reaches over and holds onto Mike's hand and sincerely tells Mike he is young and has plenty of time to find someone special and start his own family.

Dinner comes and goes, the ice tea pitcher is endless and they continue on with their chat. Linda excuses herself from the table to use the ladies room and browse the gift shop. With Linda gone Jerry and Mike chat about some more of their favorite routes to travel and Nevada comes up. Mike being a small time gambler really loves going to Nevada not only for the good poker rooms but for the great food and just the nonstop excitement. He tells Jerry he prefers Reno over Vegas in which Jerry says in return probably because some of the best brothels are just outside city limits. They both chuckle briefly and Mike explains he has just had better luck in Reno.

The subject goes back to the brothels and Mike asks Jerry if he has ever been to one and Mike admitted he was curious about the whore houses but never stopped at any due to trying to be a faithful boyfriend and then eventually husband to his ex wife. Jerry's reply to Mike almost made Mikes jaw hit the table. He had told Mike that on a few occasions over the last few years him and Linda had stopped and both had went in to party with the working girls.

Mike asked him in a shocked tone, "Linda AND you?" to which Jerry replied a proud "Hell Ya". He then added that one of his fantasies was two ladies and that Linda had always been a little bi-curious and being married and faithful so long what could it hurt. They had done about everything there was to do in bed as a couple so why not try it. Mike smiles and says hold on to Linda because a women that will go along with that is a keeper for sure. Jerry nods and smiles proudly.

Just when Mike thought he heard it all Jerry asks him how long he has been without sex. Mike not worrying what Jerry thought admitted that he has not had sex for almost two years due to a broken heart and going through the divorce. Jerry seems sincere enough when he says that he is sorry to hear that and he then asks Mike what he thinks of Linda. Mike not wanting to be out of line but thinks he knows where the conversation is going tells Jerry she is very attractive and is more turned on than ever after hearing about the couples trips to the brothels.

Jerry smiles and then says to Mike that Linda is really a great wife and lover but it is hard for him to please her at his age and asked Mike if he would be interested in coming up to their motel room for some sex with Linda later that evening or sometime during the weekend. Apparently Linda really enjoys her sex and the portly 59 year old Jerry just can't keep up with her anymore. Mike says to him that he has never done a threesome but being that it has been so long and as good as Linda looks for 54 years old that he would love to at the very least have a few drinks with the couple at the bar and see where it goes. Jerry says that him and Linda had talked about giving her another man in a threesome but have yet to find the right person in the right situation. Jerry also agrees that a few drinks maybe at the bar is a good idea and firmly says to Mike that there isn't any gay or bi stuff between them but he doesn't have any problem sharing Linda with him and thinks they can all have a great weekend.

Mike asks Jerry if he thought Linda would feel comfortable with this potential situation this weekend and Jerry told him that when Mike went to the buffet line earlier they talked briefly about it and she found him handsome and was interested. Jerry grabs the check and insists dinner is on him. Mike thanks him and insists that he leaves the tip at least. They take care of the check and walk out of the restaurant and down the hall to the gift shop where they find Linda checking out the glass figurines and assorted truck stop junk.

Jerry says to his wife that Mike would like to join them for a few drinks in the bar and that he likes poker and maybe they can have some small stakes poker later in their motel room. She smiles and says that sounds great and offers Mike the use of the room before they go to the bar if he wants to get a shower and get freshened up. Mike likes the idea so he asks what their room number is and tells them he will run to his truck and get his shower bag and a change of clothes and meet them in 15 or so minutes. Room 312 Jerry says and they shake hands and Linda gives Mike a rub on the shoulder. "Hurry back" Linda tells him.

Mike feeling good as ever hustles out to his truck and gets his things together. His shower bag and some fresh clothes and locks the rig up and heads back into the restaurant and motel building and up the elevator to the third floor. Room 312 is just outside the elevator door. He knocks and notices that the dead bolt bar is blocking the door from shutting. "Come in" he hears Linda say. He pushes the door open and walks in to see Jerry with a towel around him just out of the shower and Linda blow drying her hair with some shorts on and a towel wrapped around her.

Jerry tells Mike to pull the dead bolt latch out of the way so the door will shut and that there is some fresh bath linens on the counter next to Linda and to enjoy his shower. He thanks Jerry and moves behind Linda to get the towels. She smiles and reaches for the towels and hands them over her shoulder to Mike. Mike thanks her and can't believe how nice and sincere her and her husband are. Mike steps in the bathroom and closes the door and is getting undressed when he hears the couple softly talking. He can't make out the conversation but hopes it isn't anything negative about the potential threesome they seem to have in mind.

He starts the shower and hops in and gets cleaned up. His cock is semi erect and he ponders jerking off quickly as to not cum so fast if they do have some sex later but realizes as long as he has been without he could jack off ten five times and it wont matter. He is going to cum fast regardless. He cleans up quickly and hops out of the shower and dries off. He gets dressed with some underwear, shorts and a T-shirt and opens the door of the bathroom and proceeds out to the room. As soon as he rounds the turn from the bathroom he sees Linda and Jerry on the second of two queen beds in the 69 position with Jerry naked and Linda wearing a sexy black corset with stockings and of course some sexy black heals.

Linda is sucking her husbands seven inch and pretty wide cock hungrily and looks up at Mike and in a sexy voice tells him the drinks will have to wait. Mike smiles and underneath Linda's privates he hears Jerry tell him to get undressed and enjoy himself. Linda says to Mike that they both really like him and want him to feel comfortable and they can have a fun weekend. She then goes back to work on Jerry's cock. Mike doesn't hesitate and gets undressed to reveal his rock hard cock. About the same size as Jerry's but maybe a little more width.

Linda says to Jerry "Wow honey, he has a big cock like you." Jerry moves her off him and gets out from under her. "Lay down here Mike" Jerry says. Mike doesn't argue and lays down on the bed as Linda reaches for his cock and begins to lick him up and down. Jerry moves behind her and enters her in the doggy style position and is giving it to her good. She is moaning as she sucks their new friends cock massaging his balls the whole time. It doesn't take long for him to build up and she knows he is close. She strokes it softly and tells him it's fine if he cums fast and she knows its been a long time and returns to sucking his cock. With that being said he tightens up and tells her he is going to cum soon. Jerry says to him "Give it to her, she loves it." She moans out what appears to be an "Uh huh." Mike erupts in her mouth and after a moment she releases his cock from her mouth and strokes and slaps his cock against her lips and cheeks as he spews his seed everywhere. His cum is all over her face, neck and even in her hair not to mention all over his belly.

Mike is gasping as he thanks her and also says to Jerry that his wife gives fantastic head. All the while Jerry is still laying it to Linda good with a smile as she is licking and stroking Mike's semi erect cock while she wimpers and moans in ecstasy. It isn't to much longer and Jerry starts to groan louder as he cums inside his wifes trimmed but hairy pussy. She is moaning louder and apparently his hot seed is enough to bring her over the edge as she says she is cumming. Jerry keeps his cock inside her and pumps slowly a few more times till his wifes moans subside. She moves forward and his softening cock falls out with a plop sound against his left leg. Linda lays next to me with Jerry dropping down on the bed next to her. There they lay speechless for the next few seconds with Linda in between the two men and Mike's arm around her neck and hand on her breast while Jerry has his hand rubbing her belly. She says to them that was wonderful and that they are going to have a weekend to remember.

Next chapters coming soon depending on feedback. Thank you.

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Great first Chapter, hope to see more soon :)

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Nyka, great first story and with the added promise of further chapters....its brilliant.

Many thanks for choosing to post here...

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Great Start.

Looking forward to some more.

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Thanks for the addition...please post more for all to enjoy.....:)

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Chapter two. Enjoy.

A few more minutes go by and Jerry asks Mike how he is doing and adds that he is tired and is going to relax but Mike is more than welcome to have some sex with his wife if he likes. Jerry gets up and goes to the other bed, fluffs up a pillow and grabs the remote for the TV and starts channel surfing. Linda still cuddling with and massaging her new friend looks into his eyes and asks him to have sex with her. She looks so sexy with her face still glazed and sticky with his cum that he is hard and ready to go. Mike takes a quick look over at Jerry who seemed to be enjoying a retro episode of Friends on the tube then looks back at Linda and kisses her. She sits upright for a moment and removes her heals and unties and removes her corset and then removes her stockings. Now with both of them naked they resume the cuddling and kissing.

As they lock lips she strokes him to a full erection while he rubs his fingers and palm up and down her very wet cum soaked pussy. She lays back and spreads her legs with an obvious invite for Mike to mount her. Without any talk of protection he obliges and gets on her in a missionary position and rubs his hard cock around her moist lips and her swollen clit. Linda says to him it is OK to penetrate and assures him that her and her husband are clean and that she feels confident that he is in good health as well. As all adults know the risk is always there but they are both consumed with their lust for each other and the moment is perfect. With Linda getting anxious with his teasing she reaches down and grabs hold of his manhood and with a wiggle downward and a fast pivot up towards him she gets him inside her.

With Mike feeling this warm, wet, cum soaked love canal his penis is buried in it brings a feeling back that he had almost forgotten and within a few thrusts he buries it balls deep in her willing snatch. He had never had what some would call sloppy seconds but it felt better than anything he had ever been in. Slippery as ever he banged her hoping to fill her some more with his own seed. Together they found the perfect speed and she met each of his thrusts with one of her own all the while holding him and massaging his sides and back. With one leg wrapped higher around his rear thigh and the other laid almost flat on the bed he got maximum penetration and she loved every inch.

With Linda and Mike working it good on one bed Jerry lays on the other bed not as interested in the sitcom anymore and is stroking his rod as he watches his wife get fucked good and hard. Linda looks at her husband and motions him over. She wants to suck him while Mike plows her. Jerry goes over and kneels next to her, she grabs his cock and pulls it to her lips. With Linda sucking him off and Mike's face dangerously close to this oral segment as he continues his fucking he raises himself up off of her and puts both of her legs around his shoulders without ever exiting her. This gives Jerry more room to get his blowjob and he is now working his wifes large but semi saggy breasts.

Linda looks at Mike and briefly stops sucking Jerry and says with a chuckle "A little to close for comfort I gather Mike?" The three of them get a chuckle and Mike says as wet as she is with Jerry's cum he is afraid when Jerry cums again he might get soaked as well being as close as he was. She smiles and gets back to her duties on her man. Mike is pounding away hard and is very turned on seeing her slobbering away that he tells them he is close. Once again Jerry says "Give it to her. It's OK. She loves to feel us cum inside her." With her moaning in pleasure and the go ahead from her husband, Mike unloads what must have been two years of sex inside of Linda's already soaked pussy. He moans loud and holds still while he spasms repeatedly and Linda just locks onto his cock with a tight grip of her thighs and slowly milks every bit of his semen with absolutely no regrets.

With Jerry still pumping her mouth Mike pulls out and lays on the opposite side of Jerry. It takes all of two seconds for Jerry to hop onto his wife and plunge into her waiting hole. With the speed of a racehorse he nails his wife while she just smiles and works her muscles to milk yet another load from one of her large cocks. Mike still tuckered out and just rubbing her neck says "Man she is like the energizer bunny." to which they all get a laugh out of. She replies to him that at their age she has to get it while she can. Quickly Jerry agreed that she better enjoy it because his hard ons are getting more and more scarce as the years go by. You would have never known it tonight though as he pounds her into another orgasm triggering another of his own. This time Jerry pulls out midway through ejaculation as to open a floodgate of the three internal loads pouring out onto the bed combined with her love juice and rests his cock on her bush to let the last few spasms unload onto her tummy and soak her pubic hair.

She strokes her husbands already shrinking cock and smiles thanking him for fulfilling her two men fantasy. Jerry kisses her and tells her he is enjoying the show as much as her and says to Mike that he really appreciates his participation. With a dumbfounded look Mike tells them no problem and thanks them both for having him. Jerry dismounts his wife and tells them he needs a nice shower and then they can go down to the bar to which they all agree sounds like fun. Linda does let them both know that her night is not over yet and she plans on fucking them both all weekend or until they both croak. Jerry answers as he closes the bathroom door still out of breath from the sex. He muffled out something along the lines of that he is an old man and Mike better be ready to carry his slack. Mike shouts back no problem and reminds him that he has had two years rest and can handle the task.

With the sounds of the shower going Linda rolls a leg around Mike's leg and hugs him. They kiss a few times as she soaks his thigh with all their cum. Mike once again thanks her for the sex. She tells him the pleasure is all hers and that she is not done with him. A few more kisses and she says to him that she enjoyed getting fucked by them both and the sex is great but she wants a little one on one lovemaking. Confused he asks what she means by the term. She tells him she is a very passionate lover and wants to make love to him rather than just fucking but with her husband there with them she can't fully enjoy herself in the way she wants to. She adds that she knows this is just a weekend affair and she loves her husband but she wants to be with me and enjoy every aspect of sex as much as she can. Mike tells her he will do whatever she wants as long as they are careful as to not hurt or upset her husband.

The shower turns off and Linda tells him to just go with the flow and maybe after some drinks and some more sex her husband will probably fall asleep good and they can have their moment of passion. He smiles and agrees, kisses her and they both lay back on the pillows. Jerry comes out of the bathroom nude and heads to his bag for some clothes. Linda tells Mike to shower first so she can lay around like a dirty girl for a few more minutes. It becomes pretty apparent that she really enjoys cum. Lots of cum. She stays sprawled out on the wet bed massaging her slick inner thighs and sticky belly while Mike heads for the shower.

With Mike in the shower Jerry has the chance to tell her how much he enjoyed seeing her get fucked by another man. She is relieved to know that he enjoys it as much as he does. With both of them having no regrets she thanks him and tells him she loves him so much and maybe they can do this again with other couples and maybe they can stay in touch with Mike after this weekend and then said to her husband that she owes him another threesome with a female. He told her he would just as well see her get fucked by a man than have her and another women. No complaints here she says. He added that in his younger days the two women thing is easier to handle but at his age it is hard to please her, never mind another female. He also admitted that seeing her enjoy getting fucked by someone else actually turns him on a lot more than two ladies. She chuckled and said she did enjoy her bisexual episodes at the ranch but she would suck off ten cocks before she would do oral with another women again. Without saying so it became apparent she did the women on women thing to please her husband and for that he appreciates. Jerry smirks at her and says "Ten cocks huh?" She replies to him that ten might be pushing it but rather than eat another pussy she would try to please as many guys as she had to.

As the gangbang conversation gets deeper Mike opens the door and exits the shower. Linda hops up and heads toward the bathroom getting a nice slap on the ass by her husband. She chuckles and shuts the door behind her to clean up. The two men have some small chatter while they get dressed and Jerry once again thanks him for spending the time with them this weekend. Mike assures him the pleasure is all his and he has never came so hard in his life. Jerry sheepishly admitted that he has not been so turned on since they where in their twenties and seeing Linda suck and fuck him brought him to a new level of arousal and for sure he wants to see Mike fuck her some more this weekend. He also told Mike that they want to stay in contact with him and meet up in the future. Mike said he would like that very much. Jerry wanted to tell him about Linda's comment about the ten cocks but before he could get that out Linda came out of the shower. Maybe Jerry will get some time to chat with Mike about that tonight at the bar. What Jerry wants is to see his wife gangbanged by two or three other men and maybe Mike can help this happen by the end of the weekend.

As Linda dresses the men stair as she snuggles into a nice black pair of silk panties and a matching bra. Then she gets into a pair of jeans and puts a blouse on. "Chop chop" she says. The faster we get down to the bar for some drinks and maybe an appetizer the faster we can get back her and naked. The men laugh and out the door they go to the bar. Jerry knows how lucky he is to have Linda as a wife and Linda knows now that she likes MMF sex but she really wants to make love to their new young trucking friend. Maybe tonight she gets her wish.

Chapter three to come soon. We will see if Linda gets to make love to Mike or if Jerry gets to watch his wife fuck some more guys. Maybe both by the time Monday comes. After all it is only Friday night.

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Thnks for another good chapter..:)

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Thanks Nyka, its another great chapter to add to your collection and shows great talent and promise.

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Chapter three, Enjoy.

It was just after nine o'clock when the three made it downstairs to the attached club and the band was already playing. Mike got a drink order from them and proceeded to the bar while Linda and Jerry found a table near the dance floor. The place wasn't to crowded being such an early hour and the crowd was mostly couples with some solo truckers enjoying the music and some beer. A country and rock and roll cover band was playing and the atmosphere was comfortable. Not to loud but not dull and boring.

Mike finds the couple easy enough and they all sit back and enjoy their spirits while the band plays on. After a few pieces the band has an intermission so the three engage in some conversation about the band and local establishment. Jerry excuses himself after a few minutes to use the restroom and get the next round. "Keep an eye on my sexy wife." he says to Mike who smiles and replies with a "Will do."

With Jerry gone Linda grabs Mike's hand and pulls him closer. She kisses him on the lips and says she doesn't want this weekend to end. Mike feeling that she might be getting pretty attached says to her that he wants her to enjoy it as he will do the same and that with their jobs it is possible to meet up at least a few times a year. She agrees and says she loves her husband and is glad he has allowed them to go this far but still wants to have Mike alone so she can be more passionate rather than just naughty. Mike tells her maybe she should just ask him if it's OK for her to be more passionate and make love rather than just engage in the sex and mentions what Jerry said about how he really enjoyed watching the two. Maybe he wont mind and will get more enjoyment himself and then she can have run of the show with his permission. She explains that while she is OK letting him fuck her with her husband their it would make her feel unfaithful if she makes love to him while he is watching. Strange she admits but it is just how she feels. Fair enough Mike says. We can see how it goes.

Jerry returns with a small tray of cocktails. A mixed drink for Linda, Two beers for the fellas and three shots of tequila with groceries. Linda smiles and admits the tequila will get her even hornier and we better not get to drunk and pass out because she is going to want some action. They all chuckle and set up and toast and down their glasses and resume their conversation.

As time goes by and the band resumes playing and with the crowd growing the dancing begins. An average built black man in his early forties or so approaches the three and introduces himself as Spencer. He is drinking a mixed drink and appears to have a decent buzz already but is genuinely kind and just feeling good. Jerry introduces himself and his wife then Mike does as well and they all shake hands. "Pull up a chair." Jerry says to him. Spencer thanks him and does so and offers the next round for the table. Upon chatting with the gentleman they find out he is also a truck driver from Texas and he is happy to announce he is a grandfather now at age 43. His daughter just gave birth to a baby boy back home and his wife has sent him pictures through his cellphone. "Adorable" Linda says and they all agree and Spencer gets a pat on the back from Jerry. Spencer thanks them and tells them he is happy and can't wait to head home next week but just wants to relax and enjoy himself for the night.

A waitress comes around a few moments later and Spencer sets up the table with a round and notices the used tequila glasses and limes so orders up four of them as well. "Very kind" Linda says and they all thank him in advance. Jerry looks at Linda and asks her to repeat what she said earlier. Linda and Mike chuckle along with Jerry as Spencer looks puzzled. "Whats the joke?" he asks nicely. Jerry says "Well we better let Linda say it again if she wants." Sort of confused and a little tiffed her husband brought that up in front of someone they met ten minutes prior she figures she would play the part whether he liked it or not.

"I get very horny when I drink tequila and I told the boys they better be up to the task again later." Linda says with a firm voice. Mike puts his head down while Jerry sits almost in disbelief. She smiles and looks at her husband and tells him thats what he gets for bringing it up. Spencer with a grin says "Did I hear you correctly when you said they better be up to the task again later?" With Mike's head still down and Jerry with a dumb look on his face she answers with a proud "Yes you did Spencer." A moment of silence goes by and the waitress returns with their cocktails.

Spencer pays the lady and as she leaves he slides his glass of tequila in front of Linda. Jokingly he says to her "I will buy these all night in that case." They all get a chuckle from it including Jerry who just then loses the dumbfounded expression he had on his face. Spencer tells them he is just being funny and hope he wasn't out of line but was sort of blown away hearing what she said because he remembers them telling him that her and Jerry where married and Mike was another driver from the same outfit. "You had me going there for a minute." Spencer says. Spencer was under the impression she was kidding and poking fun at her husband when Jerry tells him he wasn't out of line but it is the truth. "Serious?" he asks. Linda breaks in and says they are serious as a heart attack.

With the alcohol taking effect and the cat out of the bag Linda leans over to her husband and gives him a sensual kiss on the lips. After a few seconds she leans opposite Jerry to Mike and gives him an equally sensual kiss. At this point Jerry realizes he has created a sexual monster in his wife and isn't the least bit disturbed. He has always fantasized about her sleeping with other men and even has had an urge to see her with a black man. Mike is getting some mixed feelings about Linda and why she told him she wanted to make love with him yet she is being a huge dick tease to this new guy unless she really does want to fuck him. The flip side for Mike is he doesn't really have to worry about much because he knows Linda and Jerry are happily married and what happened earlier was just some sex and the sex was the best he has ever had so fuck it. Whatever happens, happens.

Spencer looks at Mike and gives a manly shake on Mike's shoulder and says "Well hot damn son. You are about as lucky as they get this weekend." Mike nods and tells them all how lucky he is to have met the couple and he has been single and alone since he got divorced over two years ago and that how he is still quaking at the knees from their earlier episode. Linda smiles as she grabs onto Jerry and says "I think all of us are still quaking over earlier." Jerry nods. Spencer obviously aroused glances back and fourth at the two men and asks "Is she really that good?" As Mike smiles and nods assuringly Jerry says to them "She damn sure is and if you keep the tequila coming maybe my wife will let you come back to the room with us." Linda sips her drink and in a sexy voice tells Spencer "If Mike is fine with it then me and Jerry are as well." Jerry laughs briefly then says to Spencer "Thats of course if your wife doesn't mind." Spencer looks at Mike and Mike grins and without Spencer even asking Mike tells him it sounds like it is going to be a fun night. Spencer admits he has only cheated once before and many years ago but given the situation in front of him and as good as Linda looks that he can put aside morals for the night to join the fellas on their quest to please Linda.

"More tequila?" Spencer asks them. Jerry being as horny as he is and not wanting to get to much liquor in him as to not want to miss out on the action tells him that he is all set. Linda thanks him as well but says she would rather head up to the room. Mike is indifferent at this point so Spencer asks if he can go out to his truck and get some things together and call his wife to which Jerry replies "No Problem. Room 312." Jerry leans over and whispers in Spencer's ear "I think we are going to go get started, Hope you don't mind it messy." Spencer laughs and though he admits he wish he could go up right now that he will wait his turn. With Jerry and Mike in tow, Linda heads out of the bar as Spencer is left at the table alone and is dialing his phone to probably tell his wife he is going to sleep after the next song.

The three step into the elevator and with Linda in between the two she puts an arm around each one and says to her husband "Is it turning you on baby? Me being a good little slut for you and our new friends?" Jerry admitted it has been something he has fantasized about forever but never knew how to tell her. She holds them both and as the door opens they exit and head to their room. Once inside she heads to the bathroom, closes the door and gets the shower ready. With the guys alone for the moment while they wait for Linda to finish and for their new guest to arrive they both kick off their shoes and Jerry gets right down to his briefs. He tells Mike that he has always fantasized about this and doesn't want anyone thinking he is half a fag or anything but he, like most people have their own fetishes. Mike agrees and admits himself that since he caught his wife in a MMF threesome that he has really fantasized about being in one. Jerry tells him that him and Linda always had a decent sex life but nothing was ever as fun as this. "Not even the brothel with two women?" Mike asks. Jerry tells him it was fun but he is more turned on by watching Linda get railed than anything. The two grin and eagerly await what will happen next.

This concludes chapter three for now. Chapter four will begin when Linda exits the shower.

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good story I like it keep em cumming

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Another good Chapter......thanks...:)

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Thanks for sharing this excellant third chapter...

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Your story is good. I know this truck stop in Portland; it is one of my favorite stops. There's a pool room, too! And a little movie theater! LOL. Lot's of opportunities for more encounters. I like the flow of your story, though some of your background could be condensed, now that you've gotten into the action. I think a good future chapter would be if they run into each other at Sparks, NV, another famous truck stop. Maybe your guy could go in with them to the brothel...
I have some truck driving stories myself so I had to take a look at yours. I wish I'd met a couple like that on my adventures over the road!