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10-16-2007, 06:09 PM
Here’s another story I posted a while back on the other site. It’s quite long, almost 40,000 words encompassing 31 chapters, so it’s not a quick read but I think you’ll find it’s worth the effort. I wasn’t sure where to post it so if the mods feel it belongs in the novel forum, please feel free to move it. I should warn any sensitive readers that it does involve kidnaping and forced sex, including a somewhat brutal rape scene.

The inspiration for this story was a documentary on sex slavery in the far east and it got me thinking what it might be like if it happened in a western country like Canada or America. It’s complete fiction and to my knowledge has no basis in reality, other than the fact that it’s possible something like this could very well be happening right now in almost any city or town.

As with all my stories, I’ve tried to bring the characters to life and bring their own feelings and emotions into the story. I hope I’ve accomplished this and I welcome any and all comments, good or bad. That’s the only way I know if I’m writing something good or if it’s simply garbage, so don’t be shy - let me know what you think.

So grab a favorite beverage, sit back and get comfortable. I hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 1

Alyson looked out from between the spruce trees that separated her back yard from the Jensens’ next door. She carefully studied the dark windows of her house, checking for any indication that her mother was up waiting for her. Seeing no signs of life, she quietly emerged from the cover of the thick trees and dashed across the back yard to the baby barn on the far side. She opened the door and slipped inside, pulling the door noiselessly closed behind her. Breathing a small sigh of relief, she pulled the curtains over the small window and flicked on the light switch.

She was dressed in a very short, and very revealing red mini-skirt and a white blouse with the top buttons opened enough to show a matching red bra under it. Her face was done up with just enough makeup to make her appear much older than her actual sixteen years. Her long mane of wavy brown hair was accented with blonde streaks and the spike-heeled shoes she wore made her appear much taller than her five-foot-four height. She was a naturally pretty girl with a slim athletic figure and with the sexy clothes, the makeup, and a fake ID, she had no problem being admitted to the local dance clubs.

She pulled a small mirror from under the workbench and cleared a space among the various garden tools and planters that littered it. She reached under a pile of old rags and retrieved her makeup kit, then looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. It was amazing how different she looked! She removed the makeup and tied her long hair into a ponytail. Next, she exchanged the forbidden miniskirt for the jeans she had hidden in a cardboard box on a shelf. She buttoned up the blouse, traded her heels for sneakers, then checked herself in the mirror.

“There,” she said to herself. “Mommy’s little girl can come home now.” She carefully hid everything and turned the light off, then opened the door a crack and peered out into the dark night. The house was still dark. She crept out and pulled the door closed behind her.

“Would you mind explaining to me why you’re creeping around in the back yard in the middle of the night?”

Alyson whirled around to see her mother sitting in one of the patio chairs off to left of the shed. She stood up and walked over to her daughter.


Alyson, surprised at her mother’s sudden appearance, could only stammer, “I . . . I . . . I th . . thought I heard something . . . in the shed!” Her deception wasn’t very convincing and she knew her mother wouldn’t buy it as soon as she said it.

Her mother frowned. “Don’t lie to me, young lady. I saw you dressed up like a . . . like a whore when you went in there!” Alyson felt her face turning red and she swallowed hard. “So why don’t you just tell me the truth for a change, huh?” She glared at her. “What’s his name?”

“Huh? Who?” Alyson asked, genuinely surprised at her question.

Her mother sighed impatiently. “Whoever it is you’re dressing like a hooker for and staying out until one in the morning with! Aren’t you worried about diseases? Or getting pregnant? You’re only sixteen, for gods sake!”

Alyson shook her head and met her mother’s gaze. “Mom, there isn’t any guy! And I’m not having sex!”

Her mother pursed her lips and snorted derisively. “No? Then why all the makeup and slutty clothes?”

Alyson sighed resignedly. “Me and Jen go down to Twister’s sometimes. We use the makeup so we look older. And the clothes are just what everyone else is wearing!”

Her mother stared at her for a long moment without speaking. The silence was becoming uncomfortable. Finally she spoke, her eyes still fixed on Alyson’s.

“So you’re telling me that you’re going out dressed like a prostitute and drinking in bars?” She rubbed her forehead with two fingers, as if she was trying to ease a headache. “Don’t you realize how dangerous that is?”

Alyson looked at her feet. “We . . . we only had a couple of drinks. And we always look out for each other.”

Her mother sighed and shook her head. “You just don’t get it.” She put an arm around her and they began walking toward the house. “Men will try to take advantage of a pretty, naive girl like you. Or even worse, rape you. You’re becoming a very beautiful young woman, but you still have a lot to learn about the world.” They went into the kitchen. “Now, go up to bed. It’s very late. We’ll talk about this in the morning, ok?”

Alyson nodded glumly.

“Good night, then.” Her mother kissed her on the forehead and she trudged up the stairs to her room.

She undressed and crawled into bed, but couldn’t sleep. She stared up at the ceiling, watching the shadows from branches of the oak tree outside her window moving slowly back and forth across it. What did her mother mean? There wasn’t anything dangerous about Twister’s! It wasn’t like she was going into the downtown area, where hookers and pimps lined the sidewalks after ten. They lived in a small suburb outside the busy city. Nothing like rape ever happened at any of the clubs around here!

Soon, she began to drift off but was awakened by a light knocking at her window. She blinked, her fuzzy mind trying to focus on the sound. Was she imagining it?

Tap, tap, tap.

She looked over at her window.

Tap, tap.

Fully awake now and sure was wasn’t dreaming, she threw back the covers and went over to her window. Peering out into the darkness, she could see Jen standing on a branch of the oak tree just below her window, a long stick in her hand. She quickly unlocked and slid the window open.

“Jen? What are you doing out there?”

Jen grinned. “Meet me at the swings and I’ll tell you!” With that, she scrambled back down the tree, dropping the final few feet to the grass. She looked up, waved, and gestured for Alyson to come out. Alyson nodded and closed the window.

She dressed quickly and crept down the stairs, being careful to avoid the two that creaked, and went out the back door into the yard. Jen was sitting on a swing, spinning slowly, her head down. She looked up as Alyson approached.

Jen was blonde with a lithe, slender body. Like Alyson, her long wheat colored hair was now tied up into a ponytail. She was a little smaller in the chest area than Alyson; she was a full B cup, while Alyson stretched her C cup bras to their limits, but was far from wanting. And she was absolutely gorgeous. While Alyson was also very pretty, Jen was the one the guys always went nuts over. There was something about her super model good looks combined with her carefree and outgoing personality that they just couldn’t resist.

Alyson sat in the other swing next to her. “So . . . what’s up?” she asked, kicking at the dirt with her toes.

Jen was quiet for a few seconds, then said quietly, “I’m leaving.” Alyson looked at her in disbelief, her eyes wide.

“Leaving?! Where? When?!”

Jen looked across the lawn vacantly. “My mom caught me sneaking in tonight and really let me have it,” she replied, looking back down at her feet. She looked back up at Alyson. “So after they went to sleep, I packed up my stuff and left.” She jerked her head toward two duffle bags in the shadow of the trees.

For a moment, Alyson didn’t speak. She couldn’t believe Jen was actually running away! “But where will you go?” she finally asked.

Jen shrugged. “Don’t know.” She gave Alyson a humorless smile. “I guess I didn’t exactly think it through, huh?”

Alyson kicked at a pebble. “I got busted, too,” she said. “The whole, ‘you’re still a young girl and guys will take advantage of you’ speech.”

Jen nodded, still looking at the ground. They’d both heard the spiel a million times, it seemed. Neither spoke for a few minutes. Finally, Jen raised her head and looked at Alyson.

“Aly, come with me?” she said, almost pleadingly.

Alyson looked into her friend’s pretty blue eyes. “Come with you!?” She shook her head. “Jen, I can’t . . .”

Jen cut her off. “Why not? Think of all the fun we could have! We could go to the city, get jobs, our own apartment. We could be roomies and no one would be able to tell us what to do!”

Alyson looked at her, not convinced. “What about our parents? And school?”

Jen stood up and spread her arms. “Look at us! Two attractive young women! We could be models! Or actresses! You don’t need school for that!” She paused and sat back down. “As for my parents, I don’t care if I ever see them again!” They both sat in silence again, each lost in their own thoughts.

“I suppose,” Alyson said after a few minutes, “. . . we could find jobs somewhere.” Jen perked up and jumped up off the swing.

“Sure we could! Great jobs!” She took Alyson’s arm and pulled her to her feet. “C’mon! We can catch the early bus! We’ll be in the city by noon!” Alyson paused, looking into Jen’s deep blue eyes. She had never been able to say no to one of her pretty friend’s wild ideas. She smiled.

“Ok. Let me get some stuff.”

Jen hugged her. “This is gonna be great!”

Chapter 2

Andrea stood in the crowded bus terminal watching as passengers got off the incoming busses. She was an attractive woman, in her late twenties, and wore a conservative knee length gray skirt with a white blouse and a matching blazer. She wore little makeup and her shoulder-length light brown hair was tied into a loose bun. She looked like one of the secretaries from any one of the many office complexes in the area.

But Andrea wasn’t a secretary. Far from it. In fact, she felt very out of character in her conservative business suit. She was actually a former prostitute and high priced call girl who now worked for a woman who ran a very exclusive bordello. Her job was to ‘hire and train’ new girls for her employer and runaways were a perfect target. And the bus station was prime hunting ground for runaways.

She studied the various people who got off the busses, scanning the crowds for possible recruits. When Alyson and Jen stepped off the bus and looked around, trying to find their bearings, she smiled to herself. ‘Perfect!’ she thought. She watched them as they picked up their bags and huddled together nervously, unsure of which way to go. ‘Definitely runaways,’ she thought, immediately picking up on their nervousness. They began walking toward a hot dog wagon not far from where Andrea was standing. She could now get a better look at them. They were both beautiful, perfect for her needs. The blonde, especially, was a complete knock-out!

They each bought a hot dog and sat on a nearby bench to eat, still looking around at the throngs of people. Andrea went into action immediately. She pulled out her cell phone and started moving toward them. She put the phone to her ear and began an animated one-sided conversation as she neared their bench.

“ . . . then what am I supposed to do?! I can’t just pull two teenaged models from my ass!” She paused as she neared them, making sure her voice was loud enough so they couldn’t help but overhear. “Tomorrow! How the hell am I supposed to find them by then?!” She paused again, as if listening to someone replying on the other end. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the blonde glance at her, then nudge the brunette and whisper to her. She slowly turned toward them, once again speaking into the dead phone. “Dammit, Jim! I don’t see how I can . . .” Her eyes locked on them and she stopped talking. “Uh, let me call you back.” She flipped the phone shut, her eyes never leaving the two girls. Then she smiled and held out her hand.

“Hi! I’m Andrea Mills!” The blonde just stared and the brunette was eyeing her with wide eyes. ‘Good,’ she thought, sensing their naivety. She continued, pulling her hand back. “I, uh, don’t know if you heard any of my conversation, but I’m a representative of the Capitol Modeling Agency.” She dug through her purse, fished out a card, and passed it to the blonde, who accepted it tentatively. She read it and passed it to her friend.

“I know this is kind of sudden and I usually don’t work this way, but I’m really in a jam!” She paused for effect, then continued. “Um, would you two be available to audition for a shoot we’re doing? You’d be perfect!” She smiled and added, “And it would really save my ass!”

The girls glanced at each other and the busty brunette spoke up. “What kind of a shoot?” she asked, eyeing Andrea warily. It appeared this one had some common sense, but Andrea never missed a beat. Her warm smile lit up her face.

“It’s for a new line of clothing for young women, you know, just out of college, entering the workforce. Trendy enough for the clubs, but still suitable to wear to the office.” She stepped back and looked them over. “And you two are perfect for it!” Then she frowned slightly. “Uh, you are both eighteen, right?” That was just for effect; their ages were of no real consequence to her.

The blonde nodded. “Actually, we’re nineteen.” That’s what their fake IDs said, anyway.

Andrea’s practiced smile returned. “Even better! Please say you’ll do it!”

The blonde looked at her friend, who shrugged, then back to Andrea and grinned. “Ok, we’ll do it!”

“Great!” Andrea said, relief flooding her face. They got to their feet, grabbed their bags, and walked with her toward the door. “Let’s go to my office and get the paperwork taken care of! Hopefully we can get some test shots in this afternoon!” They went out onto the crowded sidewalk and Andrea led them to a long white limo parked at the curb. It was used for some of her boss’s more important clients and Andrea found it an excellent tool for her own purposes. They put their bags into the trunk, climbed inside, and the car pulled out into traffic. Introductions were made and Andrea poured them each a glass of champagne from the bar to celebrate.

By the time the limo reached the bordello’s back entrance, Alyson and Jen were both unconscious from the drugs Andrea had slipped into their glasses of champagne. Two of the bordellos’ security men carried the unconscious girls to separate, windowless rooms in the basement. They were each laid out on a cot, stripped naked, and locked in.

Chapter 3

Alyson’s head hurt. She blinked her eyes open and tried to remember where she was. It wasn’t her room, but where? She focused on the cold concrete walls and the bare light bulb hanging from a wire from the cracked and stained ceiling. She was cold. She brought her hand to her face, absently dragging it across her bare breasts. Suddenly she was wide awake, her headache all but forgotten. She looked down at her naked body on the bare mattress in total shock and sat up, hugging her knees to her chest. Looking around the sparse room, she saw there was only the bare cot, a small table with two wooden chairs, the light dangling from the ceiling, and a video camera mounted high up in the far corner. Where was she? And why was she naked? Her mother’s words suddenly flashed through her mind and she tensed in fear. Slowly, she looked down between her legs. There was no sign of her being violated, and no pain. So why did they take her clothes, whoever ‘they’ were?

She tried to piece together what had happened after her and Jen got off the bus. She remembered meeting someone - a woman. What was her name? Alex? No, Andrea! Yes, that was it, Andrea! She had offered to . . . to . . . to what? She fought to remember. Models! She was going to hire them as models! They had gotten into the limo with her and . . .

Suddenly, she remembered. The champagne. It must have had something in it to knock them out! But why? She began to shiver, partly because she was cold - the room was freezing - and partly out of fear. What were they going to do to her? And where was Jen? She began to cry and started rocking back and forth on the bed. She started out with soft sobs, then they turned to great heaving wails. She kept it up for a while, until she couldn’t cry anymore. She sat on the bed, her red rimmed eyes watching the little red light on the camera as it watched her silently from the corner.

Eventually, anger replaced her fear and she forgot about her inhibitions. With a loud yell, she jumped up from the bed, grabbed one of the chairs, and hurled it at the camera. It hit it, knocking it askew and one leg broke off the chair as it crashed to the floor.

“What do you want from me?!” she screamed, her hands clenched into tight fists. She collapsed to the floor, sobbing.

A few seconds later, she heard the door open. Andrea and two men came into the room. Suddenly aware of her nudity once again, she curled up, clutching her knees to her chest on the cold concrete floor. She stared up at Andrea, hurt and confusion showing in her bright green eyes.

“Destroying things will only bring on punishment,” Andrea said quietly.

“Andrea? Wh . . .what’s going on? Where are my clothes? And where’s Jen?”

Andrea smiled, but the genial warmth from the previous day was gone from it. Her eyes were hard and cold. “Clothing is a privilege you’ll have to earn,” she replied, eyeing Alyson’s naked body. She nodded to one of the men, who moved toward her. He grabbed her arms, pulled her to her feet and held them behind her back. Andrea walked over closer.

“Jen is,” she waved her hand around the stark, cold room, “ . . . in a similar room down the hall.”

Alyson stared in utter horror as one of the men produced a syringe and passed it to Andrea. She held it up and squirted a clear fluid from the needle, then turned to her.

“Wh . . . what’s that!?” she cried, her eyes wide as she struggled to free her arms.

Andrea smiled. “Just something to help you relax, my dear!” She nodded to the other man, who had been straightening the camera and making sure it wasn’t damaged. He went over to the naked and terrified girl and they forced her back onto the bed, pinning her there. Andrea came over and Alyson looked up as she bent over, the needle coming closer. She screamed as Andrea pushed it into her arm, then a warm feeling of total relaxation suddenly filled her mind and she stopped struggling. Her mind floated effortlessly and all her problems suddenly seemed trivial. She looked over and saw Andrea smiling at her.

“There, now. Isn’t that better?” Then they were gone and she was left alone in her world of dreamy euphoria.

Chapter 4

For the next while this was her world. She completely lost track of time. She would wake up cold, shivering, her body aching. Then Andrea would come in, give her another shot, and the pain was replaced by the familiar feeling of careless contentment.

One day, Andrea arrived with a man. After administering her shot, which she now accepted gratefully, Andrea sat next to her on the bed.

“You’re coming along just fine, Alyson,” she said, patting her bare knee. “So is Jen, in case you’re still wondering. Soon you’ll be together again. Would you like that?”

Alyson nodded, her eyes vacant. This shot was different. While the pain and shivering had stopped, there was no feeling of euphoria she had come to expect.

“Good!” Andrea replied. “Now, you may notice that this shot’s a little different than the others. It’ll take away the pain, but won’t cloud your mind.” She looked over at the man. “I need you a little more alert today.” Alyson just looked at her, her foggy mind barely registering her words. Andrea nodded toward the man, who stepped forward. “This is . . . John. He works for me.” She looked at Alyson. “Have you ever had sex with a man?”

Alyson felt her stomach knot. “N . . . no,” she whispered, shaking her head.

Andrea smiled. “Ok, how about a woman?”

Alyson looked at her, shock showing on her face. “No . . . of course not!”

Andrea stroked her hand along Alyson’s knee, all the way up to her thigh. She cringed at her touch and moved away slightly, but Andrea didn’t seem to notice. “Well, you’re going to learn everything there is to know about pleasing a man . . . and a woman, starting today. With John.”

Alyson closed her eyes and swallowed, but said nothing. She was too terrified to speak. Andrea continued.

“If you do as you’re told today, I’ll bring you some clothes. If you do good again tomorrow, maybe you can see Jen.”

Alyson opened her eyes as Andrea’s words finally penetrated the fog in her brain. “Y . . .you want me . . . to have sex . . . with him?” she asked, her voice hoarse.

Andrea smiled and cupped her chin in her hand. “Not right now, darling. We’re going to take you to get cleaned up a little first. Just relax. In an hour or two you’ll start to feel more like yourself, then you can shower and eat.” She leaned over and kissed her forehead. Like her mother did.

“What about my mother?” she asked. “When can I go home?”

“This is your home now,” Andrea replied as she walked to the door. She opened it and turned to her. “You belong to me, now.” Then she was gone.

As the fog slowly cleared from her head, she began to realize just how much trouble she was in. The drugs she’d been taking had completely disoriented her and she had no idea how long she had been here. If only she hadn’t agreed to go with Jen! She started to cry, then stopped herself, choking back the tears. No! She wasn’t going to give up! There had to be a way out!

Chapter 5

A couple of hours later, she was standing in a warm shower. The water felt wonderful as it flowed over her naked skin. She hadn’t bathed since they’d left home and it felt like she was washing a weeks’ worth of sweat and grime from her body. What she didn’t realize was that it had actually been over two weeks since their abduction.

She stepped from the shower and dried herself off. It felt so good to be clean again! She noticed a t-shirt hanging over a chair so she slipped it on. It had been so long since she’d worn any kind of clothing that the meager t-shirt made her feel like she was fully clothed.

She stepped out of the bathroom and was met by John, the man Andrea had said she was supposed to have sex with. She froze, then shrunk away from him. He merely opened the door to the hallway and ushered her through it without speaking. Alyson tugged the t-shirt down, trying to cover as much of her body as she could, and hurried past him into the hall. He led her down a long corridor, then stopped and opened a door. He stood aside and indicated for her to enter. Alyson peeked in and saw a table laid out with what looked like a turkey dinner, with all the fixings. She looked back at John, who nodded.

“It’s for you. Dig in,” he said.

Alyson went over and started eating. It had been a long time since she’d eaten anything substantial and she discovered that she was starving! She began to shovel food into her mouth, barely swallowing a mouthful before jamming another fork full into it. John went over and sat on a couch against one wall, an amused smile on his face as he watched her eat. As she was finishing up, forcing the last mouthful in, the door opened and Andrea came in, wearing a bikini top and khaki shorts. For the first time, Alyson noticed how beautiful she really was. Her full breasts strained at the tight bikini and her erect nipples left little bumps in the fabric. Her light brown hair fell to her shoulders and framed her oval face.

“Starting to feel better, I see,” she said, looking at the empty plate.

Alyson only shrugged, her eyes following Andrea’s movements. She gestured for her to stand up. At first, Alyson didn’t move, but Andrea gave her a hard look and she reconsidered. As she stood, Andrea walked over next to her. John got up and moved over to her other side. Alyson swallowed a lump as her fear grew. Were they going to rape her now?

“Now, Alyson,” Andrea said, walking around behind the terrified teenager. “You say you’ve never had sex before, making you a virgin, right?” Alyson started to turn around to answer her.

“Eyes front!” Andrea barked. Alyson jumped at her loud command, and kept looking forward, her knees trembling.

“Now answer my question! Are you a virgin?!” The tone of her voice was now that of an army drill sergeant. Alyson nodded, fighting back tears.

“I can’t hear you!” Andrea cried.

Alyson swallowed hard. “Y . . . yes,” she stammered.

“Yes, what?” Andrea said, leaning forward so that her lips brushed Alyson’s ear.

Alyson inhaled deeply. “Y . . .yes, I’m a . . . virgin,” she said in voice barely above a whisper.

“Ever given head? A hand job?” Andrea asked, still standing behind her.

Alyson shook her head. “N . . . no.”

Andrea turned to John and grinned. “Pure as the driven snow!” John chuckled. She turned back to Alyson. “Have you ever even seen a real cock?”

Alyson lowered her head, fighting hard to keep from crying, and shook her head once more. “No,” she whispered.

Andrea went around in front of her. She placed a finger under Alyson’s chin and raised her head so that she was looking directly into her eyes. “Well, today you’re going to learn the ancient art of cock-sucking!” Andrea spun her to face John, who grabbed his crotch and grinned widely, winking at her. Alyson found her eyes following John’s hand to his crotch and another wave of fear spread through her. Andrea spoke up and she moved her gaze back to her.

“You better take off that t-shirt. We don’t want to get any cum stains on it!” Alyson looked into her cold eyes and knew she had no choice. Reluctantly, she tugged the shirt off and passed it to her. Once again, she was completely naked in front of strangers. Andrea stepped behind her and placed her hands on Alyson’s shoulders.

“On your knees, now. Like a good little slut.” She pushed down and Alyson obediently dropped to her knees. John stepped up in front of her, his fly only inches from her face. Through his pants, she could make out the bulge of his cock as it grew harder in anticipation.

“Unzip his pants and pull out his cock,” Andrea commanded. Alyson tried to control her trepidation and fear as she reached her shaking hands up and unbuttoned his pants, then lowered the fly. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his stiff, nine inch prick fell out, almost hitting her in the face as she lowered his pants. She stared at it, her eyes wide. She didn’t realize it would be so big!

Andrea smiled. “Mmmm . . . John, you are something else,” she said, kissing him. “I may need you later for some . . . personal attention.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am! Anytime!” He nodded down to Alyson, who still stared open mouthed at his long thick cock. “Maybe we can give the little whore a live demonstration later; show her how it’s done!”

Andrea grinned and nodded. “Excellent idea! But first . . .” She looked down at Alyson. “Let’s see if she can suck cock! We’ll start off easy. Take it in your hand and stroke it, slut!”

Alyson looked at the large cock only inches from her face. It was rough, with a large, almost purple colored tip and had a drop of clear fluid seeping from the small hole. She could detect a musky odor, which she didn’t find entirely unpleasant. She felt a nudge on her back and tentatively reached up and wrapped her hand around it. It was hard! A lot harder than she’d imagined. The rough skin of the shaft was warm in her grip. She started to move her hand back and forth a few inches, unsure of exactly what she was supposed to do.

Andrea sighed and knelt down beside her. “No, no. Like this.” She removed Alyson’s hand and took it in her own. As Alyson watched, she began pumping back and forth in long, smooth strokes, her hand rubbing over the large bulbous tip each time, smearing the precum over it. Andrea was explaining it to her as John sighed in obvious pleasure.

“You have to use the whole length, especially the head. That’s the sensitive part. Now try it again.”

Alyson took it again and mimicked Andrea’s motions. The head, as Andrea had called it, was very smooth and soft. John sighed every time her soft hands brushed across it. After a few minutes, Andrea stopped her.

“Ok, not bad. Now, it’s time to use that pretty little mouth. Open wide, and suck it.”

Alyson closed her eyes. She didn’t think she could do it. It seemed so disgusting she was afraid she would puke if she put it into her mouth! She opened her eyes and looked at the long, hard penis. She shook her head.

“I . . . I can’t,” she murmured, lowering her head.

Andrea took a deep breath and let it out. “You can, and you will. Right fucking now!” Her voice was calm at first, then rose to an angry command. Alyson shook her head and felt her eyes fill with hot tears.

“I . . . c . . . can’t do it!” she sobbed. “I’ll puke!”

Andrea grabbed the back of her neck and squeezed. Alyson cried out in shock and pain. “If you puke, you puke! I don’t give a shit! But you’re going to put that cock into your mouth and suck on it until he cums! Then you’re going to swallow it all! Got it!?” She looked up at John and indicated for him to come closer, still gripping her neck as she began to sob. John stepped closer and placed both hands on her head. Then Andrea pushed her open mouth onto his cock, shoving her head forward until she began to gag. John’s strong hands held her there as she choked and gasped for air.

“See?” Andrea hissed into her ear. “I told you you could do it!” She motioned to John and he released his grip on her head, allowing her to pull free. She coughed and gagged, gasping for air. “Now, are you going to be nice and suck on it, or should I just have John fuck your pretty little mouth until he cums in it?”

Alyson coughed and held up her hand. “N . . . no, please! I . . . I’ll try, just please d . . . don’t do that . . . again!” Andrea smiled coldly.

“That’s more like it!” she said. She watched Alyson impatiently as she took the long penis in her hand and eased her mouth toward its tip. She parted her lips and let the smooth skin of the head slip over her lips and tongue. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she forced the thick cock deeper into her mouth.

“All right. Very good,” Andrea said. “Now move back and forth on it.” Alyson started moving it in and out of her mouth. “Don’t forget to suck, and use your tongue,” she coached. The thick penis slid back and forth across her tongue, leaving the tangy taste of the precum in her mouth. Once she got used to it, it wasn’t so bad, although she could hardly say she was enjoying it. John was, however. His sighs had turned to moans and he was moving his pelvis slightly along with her movements. As his moans became more urgent, Andrea stopped them.

“Ok, that’s enough for now.” Alyson pulled the swollen cock from her mouth and took a deep breath, relieved that it was over. Andrea pulled her to her feet. “That’s lesson number one. Come with me, whore!” She led her over to the couch John had been sitting on earlier. Andrea pointed to it and said, “Get on your hands and knees at one end.”

Alyson felt her heart jump into her throat. Was this how she was to lose her virginity? Raped on a couch by an older man whose last name she didn’t even know? She noticed Andrea’s impatient glare and climbed onto the couch, positioning her head over one of the arms. John moved over and stood before her face, his cock bobbing in front of her nose, slick with precum and saliva.

“Now you’re going to try something a little more advanced,” Andrea said. “It’s called ‘deep-throating’ and it means that you are going to swallow all of John’s beautiful cock, every inch.”

Alyson looked at her, shocked. “B . . . but, I can’t! My mouth isn’t big enough!” she protested.

Andrea smiled. “No, but your throat is!” She motioned to John and he pressed his cock to her lips. “Open up, slut!” Her voice was cold and taunting. She acted as if she enjoyed torturing her. Reluctantly, Alyson parted her lips and he pushed his hard cock back into her mouth. He pushed in until she began to gag. Andrea lifted her head so that her throat was lined up with her mouth.

“Swallow it!” she commanded as John continued pushing his cock deeper. It entered her throat and she began to gag and choke again.

“Just relax. Imagine it’s a piece of food and try to swallow.” She had no choice but to obey and she found that she could do it, although it was very uncomfortable. John pushed deeper and deeper, the thick shaft sliding in and filling her throat. The urge to gag was incredibly strong, but she fought it back. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, she felt her nose being tickled by his pubic hair.

“There!” Andrea exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “I told you you could do it!” She turned to John. “Now, fuck her face, but don’t cum in her throat. I want to make sure she tastes it before she swallows it!”

John grinned and held Alyson’s head as he began to pump his massive dick slowly in and out of her throat, burying it to the hilt each time.

“I can’t last much longer!” he panted after a few minutes of this. Alyson’s throat was aching, rubbed raw by the constant friction.

“Ok,” Andrea said. “Pull out of her throat.” John pulled all the way out and Alyson began coughing and hacking. For a minute, she thought she would puke, but managed to suppress the urge. When she could finally speak, she looked pleadingly at Andrea.

“Can I please go now?”

Andrea laughed maliciously. “Oh, no, my dear little cocksucker! Not yet! We need to get some cream down that sore throat!” She motioned to John and he once again stepped up and pressed his cock to her lips. She didn’t have the energy to fight, so she opened her mouth and allowed the thick organ in. He began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Andrea picked up one of her hands and placed it on the part of his cock that wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

“Stroke him as you suck,” she said. Again, Alyson complied. “When he cums, swallow every drop. If you miss any, you’ll have to lick it from wherever it lands.” As much as she dreaded his cumming in her mouth, she just wanted this nightmare to end. She heard John start to moan and her mouth was filled with the musky taste of his precum. He continued pumping, using his hands to move her head. Finally, he groaned and held her head still. She felt a warm, thick liquid hit the back of her throat and fill her mouth.

“Swallow it!” Andrea cried. She steeled herself and managed to force the vile goo down her throat, but immediately afterward, another spurt shot out and filled her mouth again. Once more, she forced it down, but not before a third shot erupted, which overfilled her mouth and dribbled down her chin, dripping onto her tits. She swallowed again and heard Andrea cry out.

“Cum on my tits, John!” As he pulled his spurting dick from her mouth, Alyson looked over and saw Andrea on her knees, topless. John pointed his cock at her chest and jerked a few remaining gobs of the white jism onto her tits. When he finished, Andrea grinned at Alyson.

“Looks like you’ve got a little mess to clean up, slut!” She reached out and scooped a gob of white cum from Alyson’s tit and smeared it onto her own nipple. Then she repeated the process until all the cum from Alyson’s tits and chin was spread all over her tits.

“Ok, cum-slut. Lick my tits clean. Every drop.”

Alyson, still getting over her first experience with semen, stared at her. “But . . . I’m not gay!”

Andrea laughed and John joined in. “Baby, wait until you see what I have planned for you next!” She stopped laughing and her eyes bore into Alyson’s. “Now, lick!”

She winced at the sharp order and tentatively moved closer to Andrea’s large breasts. The cum was beginning to run down them in small streams. She gingerly stuck out her tongue and licked a small amount from the side of her left tit. Andrea watched in silence as she cleaned all the cum from both of her tits, leaving only her nipples untouched.

“Good,” Andrea said. “Now get my nipples. And I want you to suck on them!” Alyson sucked one nipple between her lips and continued until Andrea moved her over to the other one.

“Ahhh . . . very nice! That felt real good!”

Alyson sat back and didn’t reply, deeply ashamed of what they had forced her to do. Andrea ran one hand along Alyson’s tit, gently squeezing her nipple. Alyson jerked slightly when she pinched her nipple, but otherwise gave no reaction. She was done. Exhausted, physically and emotionally, and didn’t care what else they did to her.

“Just one more thing, then you can relax for a while,” Andrea said, smiling. She indicated John, who was sitting on the far end of the couch, watching them and rubbing his limp cock. “I need him hard again. Be a good little cocksucker and suck his dick until he is.”

John slid over next to her and Andrea pushed her to the floor. She knelt between his spread legs and took the limp tool into her hand. As if in a daze, she sucked it into her mouth and slurped on it noisily until she felt it grow to its former size in her mouth. Andrea pulled her to her feet and pointed at the end of the couch.

“Take a seat and watch carefully.” She grinned. “There’ll be a test on this later!” She embraced John and they kissed passionately for a few seconds. Then Andrea backed away, unbuttoned her khaki hiking shorts, and let them fall from her curved hips to the floor. Alyson looked at her lean, nude figure, noting that her pussy was completely free of hair. She took John’s hand and placed it between her legs, then sighed as he pushed his fingers into her wet snatch. She worked her pelvis back and forth on his fingers for a few minutes, then backed away. She turned and knelt on the opposite end of the couch that Alyson sat on, leaving one foot on the floor and gripping the arm with both hands.

Alyson was looking directly at her smooth round ass, her engorged pussy peering out from between her slightly open legs. John stepped up and rubbed his hard cock along her swollen lips, then pushed it into her waiting cunt, not stopping until its entire length was inside. Alyson stared in morbid fascination as they began to fuck, moving faster and faster with each passing minute. The room was silent except for the wet slurping of their coupling, along with the slapping of sweaty skin and their combined moans and grunts. Her mother had always told her that sex was painful, and the few girls she knew who’d had sex confirmed it. But Andrea actually seemed too be enjoying it! Her moans were those of pleasure, not pain! She began moaning louder.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” John increased his speed and her cries increased along with him. “Oh, shit! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh . . .” She lowered her head and groaned loudly, her body pushing back against John, forcing his cock all the way and holding it there. Alyson couldn’t see her face from her position, but she seemed to be trying to scream. No sound was coming out, though, and her body jerked quickly several times, then relaxed. John began to pound away at her pussy once more, but after a few seconds he began to sigh.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I’m gonna cum!” he cried. Suddenly, Andrea pulled free from his throbbing dick and spun around, grabbing Alyson by the hair and tilting her head back.

“Cum in her face!” she cried. Alyson involuntarily opened her mouth to cry out as Andrea tugged at her hair and at that moment, John’s cock erupted, shooting across her forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and open mouth. He jerked his hot seed into her mouth until no more came out. Her face was a mess. Streams of white cum ran down her cheeks and nose, across her lips, and dripped from her chin.

“Clean his cock off!” Andrea demanded, pushing her face toward John’s deflating cock. Alyson opened her mouth and began sucking it clean. She could taste the now familiar flavor of his sex, mixed with a different taste which she decided must be Andrea’s pussy. She kept licking and sucking until Andrea pronounced it clean. She tossed the shame-faced teen a towel.

“Here, use this,” she said. “You’ll be an hour trying to lick yourself clean!” Alyson accepted the towel and wiped the cum from her face, as well as what had dripped down onto her tits.

“Ok,” Andrea said as she pulled on her shorts and bikini top. “That’s today’s lesson. We’ll review tomorrow.” She picked up the t-shirt Alyson had worn from the shower and tucked it under one arm. She reached out to her with the other and pulled her to her feet. “Come on.” She and John led the naked teen back out into the hall and back to the room she had spent the last two weeks in.

Alyson stepped inside and Andrea paused before locking her in. “Now we’re going to go see if Jen does as good as you did. If all goes well, you can see her soon.” She closed the door and Alyson heard the clunk of the deadbolt sliding into place.

Poor Jen. She wished she could somehow help her; give her some kind of warning. She went over to the bed. Someone had at least put some blankets on it while she was gone. She lay down and stared up at the cracked and stained ceiling. She felt the her throat closing and tears welling up in her eyes. The tears soon became sniffles, then sobs. Before long, she was curled into a fetal position, heavy sobs wracking her abused body. She eventually fell into a fitful sleep, reliving the days events over and over in her nightmares.

Chapter 6

Jen sat up on the bed as Andrea and John entered. Like Alyson, she had woken up cold and naked in an identical room. She, too, had been given the injections and today she had finally been permitted to shower and eat. She looked up at them, her knees pulled tightly to her chest. Andrea had told her they would be returning and her ‘lessons’ would begin today. She wasn’t stupid. She had a pretty good idea what they had meant.

Andrea smiled as she saw Jen, her freshly scrubbed skin glowing and her long, silky hair splayed over her smooth shoulders. ‘She really is a beauty!’ she thought, smiling to herself. ‘Definitely top dollar!’

“Hello, my dear,” Andrea purred. “Are you all ready to start your lessons?”

Jen gave her a defiant look. “Where’s Alyson? When are we going home?”

Andrea smiled coldly. “As I told that little cocksucker Alyson a few hours ago, this is your home. Get used to it. Do as you’re told and we’ll get along fine. Disobey, and punishment will be swift and severe.” She glared at Jen, who lowered her eyes and hugged her knees tighter. “Do you understand, whore?”

Jen looked up, startled by the name-calling. Andrea stared at her, her eyes boring into Jen’s. She swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded.

“Very good. Now, first a few questions. Are you a virgin?” Jen looked at her, a fearful look in her eyes, then lowered her head and nodded.

“Have you ever given head?”

Jen shook her head, not looking up.

“Ok, get up.”

Jen hesitated. Although she had been kept naked for as long as she’d been here, she was always drugged up until today. It was hard to stand naked in front of two virtual strangers. One look from Andrea told her she’d better obey, so she unfolded her body and reluctantly stood up, her eyes downcast. Andrea put her fingers under her chin and raised her head up.

“On your knees. Today you’re going to learn the proper way to suck a cock!” Andrea said, a smirk on her face. With tears in her eyes, Jen sunk to her knees on the cold concrete floor. John stepped up to her and Andrea told her to undo his pants and release his cock. She stared at it in disbelief. She had heard many stories from other girls at school who’d had sex, and none of them ever described a penis this big! Andrea looked at it admiringly.

“Yes, John is quite well-endowed, isn’t he? Something you’ll soon learn to appreciate!” she said, chuckling. John grinned at her and winked. Suddenly, she stopped laughing like someone had thrown a switch. “Now suck it, slut!” John moved closer, the big, purple head almost touching her lips. She could see the precum oozing from the hole. Then it was pressing against her lips, the odor of it strong in her nostrils.

“Open up, whore!” Andrea yelled and Jen parted her lips. John immediately pushed it into her mouth and began to pump it in and out. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the thick meat slid across her lips and tongue, depositing the tangy taste of his sex in her mouth.

After a few minutes, Andrea positioned her on the cot on all fours. She lined up her throat like she had with Alyson and John attempted to deep-throat her. Jen’s tears were flowing freely now and her heavy sobs were causing her to gag much more than Alyson had. John still managed to shove his entire nine inches into her mouth, but Andrea stopped him once he had.

“Ok, John, that’s enough for now. At least you got it in. You can fuck her throat another time.”

John pulled out and she coughed and hacked for quite some time. She was still crying, making it harder for her to get over the feeling of having a thick, nine inch long piece of meat down her throat. Eventually, she stopped coughing and crying. After making sure she was ok, Andrea told her to finish the blow job. She took it back into her mouth and began moving her lips back and forth on it, swirling her tongue around the tip as she had been coached. John moaned and sighed. He looked over at Andrea and smiled.

“This one’s a natural! I really think she’s getting off on it!”

Jen continued sucking on the big penis. She couldn’t actually say that she loved sucking cock, but it did kinda turn her on to be able to give someone this much pleasure. John’s breathing started coming in short gasps and she felt his cock twitch in her mouth. He groaned loudly and her mouth was suddenly filled with a warm, salty liquid. She started to pull away, but Andrea held her head in place.

“Swallow it!” she demanded. Jen managed to swallow the thick liquid and the next shot as well, without spilling a drop. The taste wasn’t really that bad, if she didn’t think about what it was she was swallowing. She continued sucking and swallowing until he stopped cumming and pulled it from her mouth.

Andrea seemed genuinely impressed. “Very good, my little cum-slut! You didn’t spill a drop!” She grinned. “For doing so well, you get a special treat!” Andrea helped her to her feet, then sat her down on the edge of the bed. She told her to lie back, then Andrea spread her legs wide and knelt between them. She pushed the lips of her pussy open and breathed in the aroma of her sweet virgin pussy.

“Mmmm,” she murmured as she lowered her mouth to Jen’s twat. She stuck out her tongue and licked her slit from bottom to top. Despite her compromised situation, Jen shivered in pleasure at her touch. As Andrea got into it more, Jen forgot who was doing this wonderful thing to her and lost herself in the intense feelings of carnal pleasure. She began to moan, thrusting her pelvis upward to meet Andrea’s tongue.

John moved over and began to nibble and suck on her nipples, causing her to moan louder. Jen had never had one mouth working on her before, let alone two. She was caught up in a turmoil of emotions. On one hand, these people were her captors, her tormentors, her rapists! Yet, the things they were doing to her now felt so damn good! She jerked as Andrea’s tongue lapped at her clit, and she could feel a warm glow starting in her womb and spreading throughout her perfect little body.

Suddenly, the glow became an intense pressure, a wave of sensual delight that was about to crash through her entire body.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh, yes . . .!” she moaned, her head rolling from side to side.

Andrea was thoroughly enjoying herself. Virgin pussies were so sweet that she could have spent all day licking and teasing her soft pink flesh. But, she had other things to do so she locked her lips around Jen’s little clit and sucked it between her teeth. At the same time, she flicked the tip of her tongue across it.

Jen’s reaction was immediate. Her back arched and her body stiffened. A high, garbled scream escaped her lips and she squeezed her eyes shut as her first orgasm enveloped her body and took over her senses. She came over and over as long as Andrea kept her tongue moving across her sensitive little love button.

Finally, Jen begged her to stop. The feelings were beginning to overwhelm her and her clit was starting to get a little tender. Andrea released her clitoris, but continued to lick the juices from the pink folds of her labia. Jen moaned and sighed, her body twitching whenever Andrea’s tongue touched on a particularly sensitive area.

As she lay there in the warmth of the afterglow, Andrea crawled up next to her and kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into her throat. Jen returned the warm, passionate kiss at first, then opened her eyes and realized that she was being french kissed by a woman! She instinctively pulled away, a look of shock on her beautiful face.

Andrea gave her a wry grin. “Oh, so it’s ok for another woman to lick your cunt, but not to kiss you, huh? Come here, you lesbo slut! Kiss me!” She pulled Jen’s face to hers and kissed her roughly, pushing her tongue deep into her throat, then shoved her away. “The next time someone kisses you, man or woman, you return it! With feeling! Got it?!”

Jen swallowed hard and nodded, her eyes filled with fear. “Y . . . you just . . . s . . .startled me! I . . . I wasn’t . . . expecting you to . . .,” she stammered.

“I don’t give a shit!” Andrea roared. “From this moment on, your only purpose in life is to give sexual pleasure to whoever I say, whenever I say! Understand!?”

Jen shrank back on the bed, visibly shaking. “O . . . ok,” she managed.

Andrea straightened up. “All right then. Get some rest. I’ll be back later.”

After they left, Jen curled up on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

10-16-2007, 06:10 PM
Chapter 7

“Yes, yes, brand new. Never been used before.” The woman sat behind an ornate walnut desk and winked at Andrea, who sat across from her as she listened to her caller’s reply. “Very good. You can come over around eight tonight to check out the merchandise.” Another pause. “Good. See you then.” She hung up the phone and smiled warmly at Andrea.

“You’ve really outdone yourself this time, my darling,” the woman said as she got up and embraced Andrea, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, Jackie,” Andrea replied. “I really do enjoy my work.”

Jackie was a curvaceous brunette in her early forties, but looked much younger. She had been operating her high end escort service for nearly ten years and boasted some famous and powerful clients, which was probably the main reason she’d been able to remain in business so long. The girls like Jen and Alyson that Andrea brought in were for special clients who were willing to spend five figures for a night with a young virgin. She’d just made a deal to use both of them in a party with three clients - two men and another woman - for thirty grand. Of course, Jen and Alyson would see none of it. Captured girls like them were usually a one-time deal, then they were shipped off to a new life as a street whore in another city.

“Can you have them both ready for eight o’clock?” Jackie asked as she poured them each a drink from a cut crystal bottle of brandy from a small bar against one of the wood paneled walls.

Andrea nodded. “Shouldn’t be a problem. They’re responding favorably so far.”

Jackie passed her a glass and sipped at her own drink. “Good. Julia will join them tonight. You keep a close eye on things and be ready to move in if there’s a problem.”

Andrea nodded again and took a sip. “I’m going to let them see each other. I’ll make sure Julia’s there with them so they can get to trust her.”

Jackie went back around and sat at her desk. “Good. I know everything’s in good hands.” Andrea drained her glass and set it on the bar. She turned and walked out of her boss’s office and across the hall to her own office where she picked up her phone and dialed Julia’s extension.

“Hi, Julia. Can you come right up to my office? Thanks.”

She hung up and sat at her desk, wondering how the two new recruits would react to Julia’s unique charms. She spun her chair around and gazed out her window at the busy city below, smiling to herself. It had been a very profitable two weeks. Her cut of the thirty thousand was ten thousand. Not bad for two weeks work. She began to think about her next trip to the bus station.

Ten minutes later, Julia; a petite strawberry blonde with huge tits, luscious lips, and an extremely voracious sexual appetite, sat in the leather chair across from Andrea’s desk. Andrea had just filled her in on tonight’s job and said that she needed her there today to get to know the girls. She was a trusted member of her staff who had helped many times to finish the training for new recruits.

“Are you sure they’re ready?” Julia was saying. “Two weeks is cutting it a little short, isn’t it?”

Andrea nodded in agreement. “True. I would feel more comfortable if I had another week to condition them. But Jackie said the client wants young, innocent girls, so . . .” She shrugged.

Julia nodded. “Do you want me to act innocent as well?”

Andrea drew a deep breath. “To a certain extent,” she replied, leaning forward on her desk. “They’re paying for three girls, but only two virgins. They like the innocence thing, so play it up a bit, but don’t over-do it.” Andrea stood up, indicating the meeting was over.

Julia stood as well. “Gotcha!” she said with a sly grin.

Andrea walked around her desk and opened the door for the pretty blonde. “All right! Let’s go meet the girls!”

Chapter 8

Alyson was once again wearing the blue t-shirt she’d briefly worn earlier. She had been taken to a larger room, again with no windows, but this one had two large beds, a couch, and two armchairs.

The door opened and one of Andrea’s security goons peeked in, then stepped back and held the door open. Alyson couldn’t believe it when Jen, clad only in a small white t-shirt, stepped hesitantly into the room. They ran to each other and embraced, laughing and crying at the same time. After the initial greetings and hugs were exchanged, Jen looked sadly at Alyson.

“Aly, I’m so sorry!” she blurted out, burying her face in Alyson’s shoulder.

“Sshh . . . Jen, it’s all right. I don’t blame you!” Alyson replied soothingly as she stroked her long, silky hair. “How could you have known? Besides, I could have said no, right?”

They broke their embrace and sat on the couch. “Are they . . . making you . . . do things?” Jen asked, wiping her tears.

Alyson nodded, lowering her eyes. “Uh-huh. Gross, disgusting things!”

“Like . . . sucking a cock?” Jen asked quietly.

Tears were running down Alyson’s cheeks as she looked up at Jen’s pretty face. She nodded. “A big one. He . . . shoved it down my throat!”

Jen nodded. “Me too. Did they make you swallow his . . .” She didn’t have to explain any further.

Alyson nodded. “And I had to lick up any I missed . . . and some from Andrea’s . . . boobs, too.”

Jen frowned. “I didn’t have to do that.” She thought for a second. “But I didn’t miss any, though.” She lowered her head and said in a soft voice, “Did Andrea . . . do anything to you?”

Alyson looked puzzled. “Like what?”

Jen shrugged, obviously uncomfortable. “Like . . . lick you . . . here.” She pointed between her legs.

Alyson looked at her, but Jen wouldn’t meet her gaze. “Uh-uh, nothing like that.” She paused, then added, “But when she told me to lick her boobs I said that I wasn’t gay. She just laughed and said ‘wait until tomorrow’, or something like that.”

Jen began to sob louder. “Why are they doing this to us!?”

Alyson hugged her. “I guess what Mom said was true. People take advantage of young girls.”

They were still embracing each other when Andrea and Julia walked in. “Awww, isn’t this sweet! My two little cock-sucking sluts making out with each other!” Andrea said with a sinister grin.

“We weren’t making out!” Alyson snapped, then quickly shut her mouth as Andrea glared at her.

“You weren’t, huh?” she said with the same evil smile. “Then do it. Now!” They looked over at her. Her smile had vanished and her cold eyes seemed to bore right through them. “Remember what I said, blondie? Whoever I say, whenever I say!”

Jen looked at Alyson, her eyes welling up again. “I’m sorry, Aly,” she whispered. Alyson smiled faintly and nodded. She knew they had no choice. They leaned in until their lips almost touched. Alyson could feel Jen’s soft breath on her face. They moved closer and their lips touched. Alyson parted her lips slightly. Jen’s lips were soft; her breath sweet.

“Come on! I want to see some tongue action!” Andrea ordered.

Alyson parted her lips further and Jen’s tongue darted into her mouth. She returned the kiss warmly; a lover’s kiss, tender and soft. After a few seconds, they parted slowly and sat staring into each other’s eyes for a long moment. Alyson realized that the kiss meant something and wondered if Jen felt it ,too. Then Andrea spoke, breaking the spell.

“Ok, sluts, this is Julia. She’s going to be . . . hanging out with you for a while. Play nice. I will be watching!” She pointed to the camera mounted in the corner and without another word, left them alone with the petite blonde.

Julia walked over to one of the chairs and sat down, looking at the two terrified teens on the couch.
“Hi.” She looked up at the camera and smiled. “Don’t worry about Andrea. She won’t bother us.”

Alyson and Jen sat huddled together on the couch, watching her with great trepidation. Alyson finally found her tongue.

“Wh . . . what are you going to make us do?”

Julia smiled warmly. “Nothing. I’m just here to be your friend. To help you adjust to your new life here.” She paused, sensing their suspicion. “It seems that we’re going to be working together and Andrea thought we should get to know each other better.”

Jen eyed her warily. “I may be a little naive, but don’t try to tell me that this is a modeling agency!”

Julia chuckled. “Is that what they told you? When they caught me three years ago, they told me they were movie producers!”

Jen looked at her with even more disbelief. “Are you telling us that they kidnaped you three years ago, raped you, and you’re still here?”

Julia shrugged and took a deep breath. “It was hard at first. I was like you . . . confused, terrified. Eventually I realized that they were going to make me do what they wanted, whether I co-operated or not and decided it would be easier just to go along with them. And I was right. The sex was a little scary at first, but I soon got over that. Pretty soon, I was starting to enjoy it. And I started getting treated better, too. Bigger room, nicer clothes, more freedom.”

Alyson spoke up. “But, you don’t get to chose who you have sex with! It could be some disgusting old man, or even a woman!”

Julia smiled and shook her head. “They’re very selective with their clientele. I’ve never had to sleep with a ‘disgusting old man’, as you put it. And as for women, what’s wrong with that? I think they’re just as sexy as men!” She watched as they stared at her, then added with a shrug, “Besides, if anyone knows how to please a woman, it’s another woman!”

Jen looked at her and shrugged. “I . . . I never thought of it like that before. And Andrea did make me feel really good.” She looked at Alyson. “And even though Andrea made us do it, I . . . liked kissing you.”

Alyson took her hand and looked into her clear blue eyes. “So did I , Jen,” she said softly.

“There, now!” Julia said with a broad smile. “Problem solved! Sometimes all you need is a little push!” Her face became serious. “I’m going to level with you. Andrea sent me here to teach you how to make love to another woman.” Jen and Alyson stared at her, not speaking.

Julia glanced up at the camera, then moved to the couch, squeezing between the two girls. “Pretend we’re getting real cozy,” she whispered as she stroked Jen’s hair and kissed her cheek. She did the same to Alyson and whispered softly, “I have something to tell you that could save your lives.” She leaned back and motioned for them to kiss each other. As they did, she continued whispering while stroking their hair. “If you act like you’re enjoying what they make you do, they may decide to keep you here for a while, like they did with me. If you give them a hard time, they’ll just sell you off to some pimp in another city and you’ll end up on the street giving blow jobs for twenty bucks. Trust me . . . I’ve seen it happen many times. Think of this as the lesser of two evils.”

Alyson pulled away from Jen’s soft, warm lips and whispered, “But we want to go home!” Julia smiled and leaned down to kiss her, their lips touching sensuously.

“I know, but you have to forget about home for now. Concentrate on staying alive. And believe me, if you end up on the street, you won’t last long before some john stabs you, beats you up, or you catch AIDS.” She leaned over and kissed Jen.

“Let’s get started,” she said to her. “Take my top off. And look like you’re having fun!” She moved her eyes toward the camera high up in the corner. “They want to see some action!” Jen hesitated a second, then slowly and awkwardly pulled Julia’s t-shirt over her head. Her huge DDs spilled out, quivering, the nipples hard.

“Wow! How do you carry all that weight?” Jen asked, eyeing her massive breasts with wide eyes. Alyson shifted so she could get a look. Julia smiled and pushed her face down to one, then kissed Alyson before pushing her head to the other.

Jen looked up at Julia. “You said we’d be working together later. What exactly did you mean by that?”

Julia pressed Jen’s lips to her nipple, then nodded to Alyson to do the same. As the girls took her hard nipples into their mouths, Julia leaned back and smiled. In a low whisper she said, “We are all going to . . . entertain three clients later tonight. Two men and a woman.”

Jen released the nub from her lips. “All at once?”

Julia nodded. “Mmmhmm. They sold your virginity to them.” Both girls looked up at her.

“They did what?” Alyson asked flatly.

Julia looked down at them. “Keep sucking my tits or they’ll get suspicious.” The girls resumed licking and sucking the massive orbs and Julia continued. “I’m sorry, but there’s no easy way to put it. Virgins are worth big money in this business. That’s why they haven’t fucked you yet.” She reached down and slipped her hand under Alyson’s shirt and began squeezing her tits. Neither girl spoke, both trying to absorb what she’d just said. Finally, Alyson spoke.

“Will it hurt much?”

Julia was surprised by her question. She had expected it, of course, but not right after finding out that their virtue had been sold. She expected tears, refusals to cooperate, the usual. She paused, searching for the right words. Chances are, the clients would be rough and uncaring. They would have their way with the two young teens and not give a second thought to their feelings, figuring they were just whores anyway, bought and paid for.

“The first time it does hurt a little, but only at first. Soon it will start to feel real good.” She knew full well that they probably wouldn’t get any pleasure from it, but they didn’t need to know that.

Jen looked up at her, and as if reading her thoughts said, “Like they’d give a damn if they hurt us!”

Julia just smiled sadly and stroked their hair as they returned to suckling her breasts. It was so sad to have to explain to these innocent young kids that their childhood was over and life would never be the same again. After a few minutes, she pulled their faces up to hers.

“Andrea wants me to teach you everything about pleasing a woman,” she said, looking into both of their eyes. “So we better get to it.” They both had a defeated look, and she couldn’t help but to pity them. It was going to be a hard night, one they would never be able to forget.

Alyson sighed and looked at Jen. “I guess this is what Andrea meant by my ‘next lesson’.”

Julia smiled and caressed her cheek with her soft hand. “It’s not so bad, Alyson. Actually, I like it a lot. It’s not as messy as giving head and I like the taste better.” Alyson just gave her a blank look.

Julia stood up and removed her mini-skirt, revealing a shaved pussy with a small triangle of blonde hair over her mound. She reached out to Alyson and pulled her over close to her, trying not to let her sympathy for their situation interfere with her mission.

“Licking pussy is easy. You’re a woman, so just do what you think would feel good to you!” Jen watched as Alyson knelt before Julia and remembered the licking Andrea had given her. She placed Alyson’s hand on her swollen lips and said, “Spread them and rub your finger up and down, real gently.” Alyson ran a finger over the wet folds of Julia’s pussy, then pushed it between them, rubbing it from top to bottom.

“That’s it! See, it’s not so bad!” Julia exclaimed.

Alyson shrugged. “What’s next?” she asked, a hint of interest in her voice.

“Keep doing that, then push your finger inside. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me!” Alyson pushed into Julia’s soft warm pussy, burying her finger inside the wet tunnel. “Mmmm . . . yes! That’s it! Oh, that feels good!” After a few minutes, Alyson sat down and Jen took over. Julia looked over at Alyson, who was looking at her wet fingers.

“Taste me, Alyson,” Julia said. “Lick my pussy juice from your finger!” Jen looked over to her as she studied her wet fingers. She tentatively raised them to her lips and sniffed them. Julia nodded at her. “Go ahead . . . try it!” She looked at Julia, then back to her fingers. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and slipped the wet fingers in, sucking the sweet juices from them. Jen watched her as she fingered Julia’s twat, eyes wide.

“What’s it taste like?” she asked, making a face.

“Try some yourself,” Alyson said, nodding toward her fingers buried in Julia’s pussy.

“I have a better idea,” Julia said. She pulled Jen’s hand from her pussy, sat down on the couch, and spread her long legs wide. “Time to learn how to eat pussy, girls.” Her gaze went from one to the other. “Who wants to go first?”

Alyson started to move over to her, but Jen spoke up.

“I will.” She gave Alyson a smile and dropped to her knees between Julia’s legs. Julia’s lips were swollen and glistening with moisture from their fingering. She could smell her musky aroma and see pink flesh peeking out from under the folds of skin. She looked up at Julia and sighed sadly, her eyes telling her she would rather do almost anything else, then slowly lowered her face between her legs. She stuck her tongue out and quickly licked lightly across her labia. Not finding the taste disagreeable, she did it again, this time with more conviction. Julia placed a hand on her head, forcing her lips to her wet labia.

“Push your tongue in as far as you can and flick it around,” Julia coached. Jen did as she was told and Julia moaned in pleasure. “Yes! That’s it!” she whispered. “Just like that! Now, go up and suck on my clit . . . yes! Oh, god, yes!” Jen locked her lips around the little sex organ and sucked on it, causing Julia to moan even louder.

“Oh, yeah! I think you’ve got it, hun!” she exclaimed, and lifted Jen’s pretty face from her stimulated pussy. She kissed her deeply, tasting herself on Jen’s lips and tongue, then turned to Alyson.

“Your turn, honey. Come on.” She beckoned for her to take Jen’s place between her spread legs. “Let’s see if you can finish what Jen started!” she said as Alyson knelt between her legs. Wanting this humiliation to end as soon as possible, Alyson immediately lowered her face to the pink flesh and began licking.

“Oooo!” Julia cried. “That’s it! Wow, you’re a natural, Alyson! Nice and slow, now . . . that’s it!” She continued her licking and tongue-fucking for a few moments, then attacked Julia’s erect clit with a vengeance! She sucked hard on the little bud then began to nibble on it with her teeth. Julia moaned in pleasure and started rocking her hips.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Suck my pussy! Oh, yes!! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Ahhhhh!”

Her body stiffened as her orgasm exploded and a warm, kind of bitter fluid sprayed into Alyson’s mouth. Julia’s hands were holding her head in place and she had no choice but to swallow it. It wasn’t bad tasting, much better than when John came in her mouth. And it wasn’t as thick, more like water.

Julia cried out as her pussy gushed into Alyson’s mouth and soaked her face. “Oh, yesss!”

She finally released her grip on her head and her body relaxed, occasionally twitching on the couch. Alyson pulled her head free, her face dripping with cum.

Julia smiled weakly at her. “That was incredible!” She leaned forward and caught a drop as it was about to fall from Alyson’s chin. “Sorry . . . sometimes that happens.” Alyson licked her lips and Julia grinned. “So, how do I taste?”

Alyson made a face. “Not bad . . . better than a man. A little bitter.”

Julia turned to Jen. “Give her a kiss. Try it.” Alyson turned to Jen, her face slick with Julia’s cum, and kissed her. Jen pulled away and licked her lips. She shrugged.

“It’s ok,” she said with disinterest. It was better than a man’s but her mind was elsewhere. She was really starting to like kissing Alyson. Each time they were told to kiss, her heart skipped a beat. It seemed more pleasurable the more they did it. She wondered if Alyson was having the same thoughts. She smiled at Alyson, who took her hand and squeezed it.

Just then, the door opened and Andrea walked in, the usual malicious grin on her face.

“Well now! My two little cock suckers are now muff divers, too!” she said with a hollow laugh. Julia stood and began to dress while the two girls remained sitting on the couch, holding hands and watching Andrea fearfully. “Ok, it’s time to eat, then you can bathe and get ready for tonight.” She held out her hands. “Come on, sluts! Follow me!”

Chapter 9

Reluctantly, they each took her hands and rose from the couch. They still had on the t-shirts, which barely fell below their hips, but it was still the most clothing either had worn in over two weeks. “You can leave those here,” she said, tugging on Alyson’s shirt. “We’ll get you some new outfits after you get cleaned up.”

They looked at each other and began to remove the t-shirts. One lesson they had learned well was not to question Andrea’s orders. Julia finished dressing and watched as they pulled the t-shirts over their heads and dropped them to the floor. Both girls stood stark naked before Andrea and Julia. Once again, Julia felt a pang of pity for them. She quickly excused herself and left the room.

“Follow me,” Andrea said, and opened the door. Obediently, they followed her out into the hall. They passed several men and women along the way and they tried in utter futility to cover themselves with their hands.

They stopped at a door and Andrea opened it, gesturing for them to go in first. As they walked in, they were horrified to see several people, both men and women, all fully clothed, sitting around a dining table. They stood in shocked silence as everyone stopped talking and turned to look at them. Alyson and Jen lowered their eyes. Jen didn’t think is was possible for Andrea to degrade and humiliate them anymore than she already had, but this was the icing on the cake. She wished the floor would just open up and swallow her.

Andrea was suddenly standing behind them. Sexual humiliation and submission were important parts of their conditioning. She leaned over and said, “Don’t be shy, sluts. Take a seat!” She urged them forward toward two empty chairs on either side of the long table. Alyson was seated between Julia and a man of about thirty, with a somewhat handsome face. He grinned lustily at her as she took her seat.

Jen sat between a very sexy looking brunette with huge tits and John, the man she’d given head to earlier. He gave her leg a squeeze after she sat down.

“You still owe me a deep throat, blondie!” he snarled under his breath as she slid her chair forward. She shuddered at his words and touch, but didn’t look at him or respond.

Andrea took her seat at the head of the table and raised her wine glass. Everyone picked up a glass and turned to her, except Alyson and Jen, who were staring at their plates. Julia nudged Alyson, who picked up her glass. Jen looked up and did as well.

Andrea grinned at the two girls and held her glass up higher. “Here’s to a night of wild sex! May you surrender your virginity with much lust and enthusiasm!”

Everyone chuckled and took a sip. Andrea gave Jen and Alyson a hard stare until they did, too. The food was then brought out and served by three pretty young girls in sexy french maid uniforms. Alyson and Jen ate in silence while everyone chatted away happily and tried to ignore the comments about how hot their bodies were and how much everyone there wished they could be the one to take their virginity.
After what seemed an eternity, the meal ended and everyone drifted away, leaving Alyson and Jen alone with Andrea and Julia. Andrea checked her watch.

“It’s six-thirty, girls. Time for you to be getting ready. Julia, would you accompany them to their baths while I prepare your outfits?”

Julia nodded. “Of course.” She stood and motioned for the girls to come with her. As they went through the door, Andrea called out to them.

“And no more fooling around! I want all of you fresh for the clients!”

Chapter 10

Jen and Alyson held hands as they followed Julia down the hall. She opened a door and led them into a huge room that held four large whirlpool tubs. The room was finished in expensive looking tile and each tub was filled with water and luxuriant bubbles. Off to one side there was an alcove with a fully stocked makeup table and several chairs. Through a door was a large walk-in wardrobe and dressing room, and beyond that a bedroom with the biggest bed either of them had ever seen, two couches, several easy chairs, and a long sturdy looking table about two and a half feet high.

“Is this where we . . .” Jen asked as she looked into the bedroom, her voice trailing off. She already knew the answer.

Julia hugged her from behind. “Don’t worry about that now. Let’s all have a nice, relaxing bath. I think I saw some wine in there, too.” She steered Jen back into the bathroom and over to one of the tubs. Alyson followed and soon they were both sitting up to their necks in the warm, soapy water. Julia brought them each a bottle of wine and a glass, which she filled before slipping into her own bath. “Ahhhh!” she sighed as the warm water enveloped her.

After about fifteen minutes, Jen noticed that she wasn’t as nervous as she had been earlier and Alyson agreed. They both decided it must be the soothing bath, since they only had one glass of wine.

“I’m almost looking forward to it!” Jen said with a little grin as she took another sip of her wine. “As long as it doesn’t get too . . . too . . .” She thought for a second, then looked up. “Kinky! That’s the word I was looking for!”

Julia listened sadly as they chatted excitedly. She knew the type of people who paid for girls like them and ‘too kinky’ wasn’t even close to describing some of the things she’d seen done.

Alyson drained her glass and filled another. “I know what you mean! I’m actually getting . . .” She leaned over closer to Jen’s bath and whispered loudly, “. . .horny!” They both started giggling.

Julia swirled the wine in her glass, watching them. As expected, the drugs in their wine were having the desired effect. By the time the clients got here, Jen and Alyson would be chomping at the bit. Unfortunately, soon after they would probably be pleading for mercy.

Sometime around seven-fifteen, Andrea walked in from the dressing room. “Your clothes are all ready. Time to get dressed.”

They obediently but reluctantly got out of their baths and toweled off before padding naked into the dressing room. There were three catholic school girl type outfits hanging on hooks on the wall. Panties and long white stockings were lain out next to them, but no bras.

Happy to finally have real clothes to wear again, Jen and Alyson quickly got dressed. Julia put on the plaid skirt and white blouse and all three stood before Andrea.

“Perfect,” she said, winking at Julia. “If those outfits don’t scream ‘innocence’, I don’t know what would!” She glanced again at her watch and turned to Julia. “It’s seven-thirty. Can you get just a little makeup on them? Not too much! I don’t want them to look like whores, just act like whores!”

Julia nodded, looking at the two teens. “No problem. They don’t need much, anyway.”

Andrea turned to go, then stopped and faced the girls. “I hope you realize just how important this night is to your future.” Her eyes took on the now familiar icy stare and her lips twisted into a humorless smile. “If you don’t please these clients, then you’re no good to me. And that is a position you don’t want to be in.” She continued to stare at them for a moment, then turned and left without another word.

After the door closed behind her, Julia said quietly, “And she means it. Remember what I told you!” The girls swallowed hard, remembering Julia’s warning all too well. They sat down at the makeup table and began applying some light makeup, the final preparation for the theft of their innocence.

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Chapter 11

Jackie sat at her impressive desk and surveyed the two men and the woman seated across from her. One man was in his twenties, tall and well toned, but not too bulky, and quite handsome with his short, dark hair and equally dark eyes. He didn’t tell her his name and sat slightly apart from the other two, not speaking.

The other man, Joe, appeared to be a few years older. He looked to be around thirty, tall, and a little more built than the other man. His build suggested he worked out with weights regularly, but didn’t go overboard on the bodybuilding. His sandy colored, shoulder length hair hung over his forehead and a pair of piercing blue eyes were locked onto Jackie’s. Of the two men, he was definitely the more attractive. He was also more outgoing and did most of the talking.

The woman, Jackie learned, was Joe’s fiancé. Her name was Jill and she had long, light brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders in a natural wave. She had a strikingly beautiful face with high cheekbones, full pouty lips, and warm brown eyes. She also had a lithe, sexy figure, although her tits were a little on the small side. Overall, a very attractive woman.

“So, you’re all ready for your private party?” Jackie asked after introductions and small talk.

Joe grinned and squeezed Jill’s hand. “We haven’t been able to think about anything else for two days!”

Jill returned his grin and licked her lips. “Mmmhmm!” she said. “I’ve been wanting to do another woman for a long time. I can’t believe it’s actually happening!”

Jackie smiled graciously. “Your pleasure is my business, my dear, but it’s also my pleasure!” She turned to Joe. “There’s just the small matter of my fee and you can get started!” He reached into his jacket and pulled out a thick envelope, which he passed across the desk to Jackie. She glanced inside, then put it away in her desk.

“I’m sure it’s all there,” she said, standing. “Now, if you’ll all just follow me, I’ll introduce you to my assistant, Andrea, and she will show you to your suite!” The followed her into the lobby where Andrea was chatting with a busty redhead.

“Andrea!” Jackie called out cheerily, waving her over. Andrea glanced over, spoke briefly to the redhead, then came over to them, a warm smile on her face. Jackie introduced everyone. “This is Joe, Jill, and . . . I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

The dark haired man managed a slight smile and shook Andrea’s hand. “Bob,” was all he said.

“Bob,” Jackie repeated. “They are your special eight o’clock appointment in the Presidential Suite.”

“Of course!” Andrea said, her smile widening. “Very nice to meet you! Everything is all ready. All we need is you to get the party started!”

She led them over to the elevator and pushed the button. The doors slid open and everyone but Jackie stepped in. She waved to them as the doors closed. Andrea took a key from her pocket, stuck it into a slot, and turned it. The elevator began to descend into the lower basement of the mansion.

Chapter 12

Alyson and Jen sat nervously on the couch, holding hands and trying to remain calm. The drugs were still working, but horny as they were, it was still scary. Julia glanced up at the clock on the wall. Eight-ten. They should be on the way down by now. ‘Christ, I hope they’re not total perverts!’ she thought as she watched the two girls whose childhood had come to an abrupt end two weeks ago and whose life would never be the same after tonight.

There was a click as the doorknob turned and Julia stood, gesturing for them to do the same. She smiled, urging them to smile as well. She thought they managed not to look too terrified, even though she knew they were.

They watched in silence as Andrea brought the three clients into the room. Jen was relieved to see that Julia hadn’t lied. None of them were fat or ugly.

Julia was also relieved when she saw them. Her instincts told her that this may not be as bad as she feared. While it was impossible to predict what someone would do when they were able to act out their wildest sexual fantasies with little or no thought of the consequences, her intuition told her that they weren’t as crazy as some of Jackie’s clients had been in the past, although the quiet man with the dark eyes looked like a wild card. There was something about him that set off a red flag.

Andrea put on her most syrupy smile and made introductions as if they were all old friends of hers. She watched them carefully as they inspected the girls.

“Very nice,” Joe said, walking around behind them. Jill and Bob nodded their agreement.

“Then I’ll leave you alone,” Andrea said with a smile. “If you need anything at all, just pick up the phone and ask.” With that, she disappeared through the door, leaving the six of them alone.

Joe stepped behind Jen. “What do you think, honey?” he said, stroking her long, blonde hair. “Blonde . . .” He moved over to Alyson, caressing her shoulder. “. . . or brunette to start?”

Jill walked over and looked closely at them both. “Hmm . . . decisions, decisions!” Alyson felt like she was on display at an auction. Jill placed a finger on her upper lip and looked thoughtfully from Jen to Alyson. “Why don’t we let Bob chose first?”

Bob was the son of a potential business associate of Joe’s who was out of town and suggested that his son go out for a night of fun with Joe and his pretty young fiancé. Joe didn’t really trust the quiet young man, but had agreed to take him out with them. It was Bob who had suggested Jackie’s establishment.

He came over and slowly circled each girl, studying them carefully. He paused at Julia, but then his eyes fell on Alyson. He went over to her and raised her chin, gazing into her scared eyes. He could see the fear in them and she trembled under his piercing stare.

“This one,” he said quietly and took her by the hand. Alyson glanced over at Jen as he led her away, but Jill was already caressing her cheek and Joe was kissing Julia. She allowed Bob to lead her to one of the couches and they both sat down, Alyson perched nervously on the edge of the cushion. Bob moved up, sitting next to her.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Alyson,” he said. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “I promise,” he said with a reassuring smile, looking deep into her eyes.

Alyson swallowed hard and smiled back, but was too scared to speak. He leaned over and kissed her softly, his hands sliding down her arms to her waist, then to her thighs. Alyson found herself a little turned on by his tender touch and warm kiss. She returned his kiss, relaxing a little, her tongue flicking across his as it pushed into her mouth.

His hands went to the buttons of her skirt and undid it. She kissed him harder, driving her tongue even further into his throat. Then she released his lips and stood up, allowing the plaid skirt to drop to the floor at her feet. She kicked it aside and stood before him demurely in her white panties, long white stockings, and thin white blouse.

He leaned forward and grabbed her blouse, ripping it open with one quick motion, buttons flying everywhere. Alyson gasped and jumped, startled by his sudden aggressiveness. Her hands flew automatically to her breasts in an attempt to cover them with the torn top. Bob stood up, pulled her hands away, and took her destroyed blouse off, tossing it onto the floor next to her discarded skirt.

Alyson stood there, half naked and trembling, while Bob examined her firm young tits. He grabbed one, kneading it roughly, then the other, watching her face for a reaction. She made a small cry and looked terrified, which she was, but made no attempt to interrupt his fondling. Andrea’s words still rang in her ears and she allowed him to continue without resisting. But when he tore her shirt off, he lost any hint of trust his kind words had given her.

He released her tits, giving each nipple a quick twist. She winced in pain and he smiled a little. “Unfasten my pants and take them off, Alyson,” he said quietly, but firmly.

Alyson swallowed hard and forced her hands to reach out and grip the button of his jeans. They shook so badly that it took her a few tries to finally get them undone. She began to pull them down and soon spotted the familiar bulge in his boxers. She crouched down to pull them all the way down and he stepped out of them, then stood back up, her head bowed. He raised her face up with one finger so she was looking into his eyes. There was a contemptuous smirk on his face.

“Now the boxers,” he said.

Knowing that she had no choice, she reached for the waistband and began to lower them. His hard cock sprang out as she did, the tip glistening with precum.

“All the way off,” he said, pushing her to her knees.

As she knelt and finished removing them, the strong musky aroma of his precum filled her nostrils. Despite her fear and loathing for what she was being forced to do, the scent somehow excited her and she couldn’t help staring at his hard dick as it bobbed in front of her face. While it wasn’t quite as big as John’s had been, it wasn’t small. Probably about six or seven inches long, and not as thick, either.

She tossed the boxers aside and started to rise, but he pushed her back down. She looked up at him, already knowing what he wanted her to do. He looked down into her pleading eyes and with the same sadistic smirk on his face, placed his hands on the back of her head.

“Open wide!” he sneered and pushed her mouth toward his hard cock. Alyson swallowed, opened her mouth, and closed her eyes.

Chapter 13

Jen watched Bob lead Alyson over to the other couch, then her attention was diverted by a hand touching her cheek. She turned to see that it belonged to the woman, Jill, who was smiling at her.

“You’re very pretty,” Jill said, looking her over. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” Jen nodded her head silently.

“Really?” Jill exclaimed, surprised. “I thought you were still a virgin?”

Jen lowered her eyes from Jill’s warm brown ones. “I . . . I am,” she replied quietly. “They just taught us . . . things.”

“Oh, I see!” Jill said, nodding her head. She moved her body closer to Jen’s, her hand slipping from her cheek to her shoulder, then lightly brushing across her perky breasts.

“Such nice, firm tits,” she murmured, her eyes moving up to meet Jen’s. It was at that moment that Bob ripped Alyson’s shirt off and they both turned in time to see it drop to the floor, revealing her bare breasts.

“Mmmm . . . are yours as nice in the flesh as hers are?” Jill asked in a sultry voice. She continued watching as Alyson removed Bob’s pants. Joe came over to Jill.

“Hold on, honey,” he said, placing a hand on Jill’s arm. “We agreed that Bob and I got first crack at these two.” He motioned for Julia to come over. “Julia tells me that she’s been with lots of women. I think you’d have more fun with her.”

Jill looked over at the petite blonde with the huge tits. “I suppose,” she said, chewing on her lower lip. She looked back at Jen. “Maybe we can play later?”

Joe chuckled and kissed her. “Of course, darling. We have no time limit here.” She kissed him back and walked over to the bed with Julia, where they both sat down.

Joe looked at Jen, taking in her beautiful face and equally gorgeous young body. “Now, why don’t you and I get better acquainted,” he said with a smile, and pulled her close to him. “Jill’s right, you are beautiful!” He turned her around and squeezed her ass over her skirt. “Very nice,” he murmured. “But this . . .” He grabbed the button of her skirt and ripped it off, sending it flying somewhere under the bed. “. . . has to go!” He unzipped it and it fell to a pile at Jen’s feet. At his urging, she stepped out of it, fighting back tears.

“Yes,” Joe said, running his hands over the tightly stretched fabric of her cotton panties. “Very nice, indeed!” His hands went to her waist, then up her torso and around to grasp her tits. Jen closed her eyes as he gently squeezed and caressed them. She was still terrified of what they planned to do to her, but something about it also excited her, and she didn’t know why. Her pussy was already wet at the thought of it.

Joe’s hands went to the buttons of her shirt and he undid each one slowly, then slid it over her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. His hands went back to her tits, this time teasing and pinching her nipples until they were erect and very sensitive. Jen gasped in surprised pleasure at how good he made her feel! He turned her around to face him, his eyes dropping to her firm tits.

“My, my . . . that is one fine rack, my dear!” he exclaimed with a little grin. Jen managed a slight smile, remembering Andrea’s words about pleasing the clients.

“Now, let’s see those legs!” he said, kneeling down before her.. He slowly rolled her stockings down one at a time, then had her sit on the couch. She lifted one leg, then the other so he could pull them off.

“There!” he said, running his hands along her long, slender legs up to her thighs. “Almost finished!” He stood and pulled her to her feet and placed his hands on the waist band of her white panties. Looking her straight in the eye, he hooked his fingers in them and ripped them apart in a quick lateral motion.

Jen jumped, the sudden move surprising her. Joe held up the shredded panties and grinned impishly. “Oops!” He held them to his nose and breathed in the scent of her sex deeply. “Ahhh!” he sighed, then dropped them to the floor.

Jen now stood completely naked among these strangers. Her long blonde hair fell over one shoulder, partially covering one of her tits. Joe brushed the hair away and let out a low whistle. “Wow! Take a look at this, honey!”

Jill and Julia were locked in a passionate kiss. Jill looked over at them and bit her lip at the sight of Jen’s gorgeous naked body. She smiled and nodded approvingly before Julia pulled her back and they resumed making out.

“Now undress me,” Joe said, placing Jen’s hands on the waistband of his jeans. Jen slowly undid the button and unzipped the fly. Joe pulled the golf shirt over his head and off, exposing a well toned chest. Jen couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds before tugging his jeans down to ankles. He pulled her up to her feet and embraced her, moving his lips to hers and kissing her deeply. She obediently returned the passionate kiss. While they kissed, he put her hand on the growing bulge in his boxers and she rubbed his cock through the thin fabric. It was as least as thick as John’s had been and was nearly as long.

‘He’ll tear me in half with that!’ she thought to herself as her fear rose. She fought back her fear and concentrated on the warm, sensuous kiss. He was a good kisser and she was actually enjoying kissing him. After a few minutes he broke off the kiss and pulled back a little.

“Ok, honey. . . time to get this show started!” He pushed her to a sitting position on the couch and stepped up in front of her. “You know what to do.” He tossed his head in the direction of Bob and Alyson. Alyson was on her knees, sucking on Bob’s cock.

Jen glanced over, then reluctantly grasped the waistband of Joe’s boxers and pulled them down. His big cock sprung out, fully grown, right in front of her face. He waved it at her and, with a look up at his face, she grasped the thick shaft and began to slowly stroke it. Joe gripped her long blonde hair and pulled it back behind her head, then gently pushed her head forward toward his throbbing meat.

Just as the soft tip touched her lips, Jen opened wide and allowed him to push her mouth onto the huge organ, forcing almost half of it into her warm, wet mouth. She rubbed her tongue along the underside of the shaft and sucked hard on it, trying to please him as Andrea had ordered. Joe moaned and began to slowly pump his thick cock in and out of her mouth. ‘At least he isn’t as rough as John,’ she thought. Actually, she didn’t find it really all that unpleasant, considering the circumstances.

After a few minutes of her slow cocksucking, he pulled it from her lips. She gently kissed the tip before looking up at him.

“That’s enough for now,” he said with a lusty grin. She leaned back on the couch, her legs together. Joe knelt before her and put his hands on her knees. “Now let me have a taste of you!”

He pushed her knees apart to reveal her pink pussy. The lips were swollen and there was a light peach fuzz of blonde hair covering her mound. “Ahh, a true blonde, I see,” he said with a wink and a grin. Jen forced another smile.

“Slide up a little,” he said, pulling her toward him so that she was perched on the edge of the cushion. He leaned down and ran a finger lightly over her wet, swollen lips. Jen leaned back and sighed, her eyes closing. It felt so good!

He kept rubbing her slit, the wet pink flesh warm on his finger. He slid along her lips to her erect little clit. Jen shuddered as his finger brushed against the sensitive little sex organ. Then he moved down, seeking her tiny virgin opening. He found it and gently pushed a finger into her, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He pushed it in slowly until he touched her intact hymen and grinned at her.

“You really are a virgin!” he exclaimed. Jen opened her eyes and nodded. He pulled his finger from her warm, wet hole and sniffed it, then held it up to her lips. She opened her mouth and he pushed it inside, watching her intently as she sucked the juices from it. When it was clean, he pulled it from her lips and lowered his mouth to her sweet, virgin pussy.

Chapter 14

Julia led Jill to the bed and sat down beside her, looking over the slender brunette lustily. “Have you ever been with another woman?” she asked her.

Jill smiled nervously. “No, but it’s always been a fantasy of mine.” She reached out and tentatively touched one of Julia’s huge tits. “They’re beautiful!” she whispered, not taking her eyes off them. Julia smiled and touched her cheek. They slowly moved closer, their lips almost touching. Jill’s eyes were closed, lost in Julia’s tender touch. Julia moved closer and kissed Jill’s soft lips, her tongue probing at them.

Jill was surprised at the softness of Julia’s full, luscious lips. When she felt her tongue pushing at hers, she parted them, allowing Julia’s soft, warm tongue to touch hers. Caught up in the passion, Jill opened her mouth and devoured Julia’s tongue, sucking on it as it darted into her mouth.

They slowly pulled apart and Julia smiled at her. “That was nice!” Jill exclaimed, returning her smile. “So much different than kissing a man!” She licked her lips, her eyes locked on Julia’s. “Show me more!” she whispered, her eyes blazing with lust.

Julia slowly unbuttoned her blouse, never taking her eyes from Jill’s. She didn’t take it off, but stood up and motioned for Jill to unfasten her skirt. Jill undid the button and zipper and let the garment fall to the floor at Julia’s feet, and smiled. Unlike the girls, Julia wasn’t wearing panties and her clean shaven pussy glistened with her juices. She reached out for Jill’s hands and pulled her to her feet, then took one of her hands and pressed it to her wet snatch, watching her face for her reaction. Jill slowly rubbed her fingers along Julia’s wet cunt, surprising herself on how hot it made her feel to be touching another woman’s pussy.

As Jill continued to explore her pussy, Julia reached over and pulled her shirt off, revealing a very sexy black lace bra underneath. Jill paused her fingering while Julia removed her shirt, and was about to resume when Julia pulled her hand from her pussy and held it up to Jill’s lips. She smiled and nodded. Jill hesitantly stuck out her tongue and touched it to her creamy finger. She licked her lips uncertainly, but Julia pushed her finger back toward her lips once more.

“Suck it clean! Show me how much you love my pussy!” Julia purred. Jill hesitated, then grinned and popped the wet finger into her mouth, sucking the juices from it.

Julia smiled. “That’s a good girl!” she said, and kissed her long and hard. While they kissed, Julia unfastened Jill’s jeans, then knelt down and began wriggling them down over her curvy hips. As she slowly worked them down, she saw that she was wearing a pair of black lace panties that matched her bra. She finished removing the jeans and ran her hands softly along Jill’s slender legs, gently caressing the smooth skin.

She stood up and kissed Jill again, pulling her slender body tight to hers. This time, she reached behind her back and deftly unhooked her bra. She pulled the sexy lingerie free and caressed Jill’s small, but well formed tits. Her fingers danced lightly across the erect nipples, bringing small sighs of delight from Jill.

Julia shrugged off her blouse and took Jill into her arms again, their nipples pressing together as they shared a long, lingering kiss. Julia’s hands dropped to her tight, round ass and she squeezed each cheek.

After the kiss ended, Julia guided her back to the edge of the bed and gently pushed her down on her back. She grabbed her panties and Jill raised herself up from the bed so she could remove them. The scent of her sex was strong, mingling with the other sex smells in the room. Julia noticed that she was shaved, too, with only a small triangular patch of hair left over her mound. She pushed her legs apart, then crawled up between them. She winked up at Jill, then dove into her pussy with relish.

Chapter 16

Alyson’s lips parted and Bob began pushing his cock into her mouth. When he reached the back of her throat, she started to gag.

“What’s the problem? Is my cock too big for you?” he said, his face twisted into a sick grin. Alyson tried to pull free, but he held her head in place so she couldn’t. He kept pushing, trying to force his cock into her throat. Realizing that she either had to swallow it or choke on it, Alyson raised up and leaned her head forward, lining her mouth up with her throat. Slowly, she relaxed her throat muscles and began to swallow Bob’s huge prick.

“Ah, that’s it!” he moaned. “Yeah, bitch! Take it all!” After what seemed an eternity, she finally felt her nose bump against his stomach and her lips around the base of the shaft. Bob began a slow fuck, but her throat was so tight, he nearly came right away. He pulled out, leaving her coughing and gasping for air.

“Maybe we’ll do that again later,” he said as she finally stopped coughing and caught her breath. “Right now, I want a shot at the hot little cunt between your legs!”

Alyson closed her eyes, fighting back tears. So this was it. After protecting her virginity for that special someone, it was going to be stolen from her by this uncaring asshole! Her eyes overflowed onto her cheeks, but she didn’t sob or cry openly. They ran down her face in tiny rivulets, dripping onto her chest.

“Aw, what’s the matter?” Bob sneered. “We’re only gonna fuck! You might even like it!”

He pulled her to her feet and roughly pushed her toward the other bed. She stumbled, nearly falling to the floor. She regained her balance, but he pushed her again and she fell onto the bed. Julia looked up, but quickly went back to what she was doing with Jill. ‘Fucking asshole!’ she thought.

Alyson landed on the bed face first. Bob quickly grabbed her ankles and twisted them so that she was lying on her back. He glared at her, his mouth twisted into an evil grin; his eyes wild.

“Crying won’t help, bitch! I’m gonna fuck you until I cum all over that hot little body! Then you’re gonna suck my dick until it’s hard so we can do it again!”

Alyson cringed at his words. He was obviously insane, which scared her more than she thought possible. The others looked over briefly at all the commotion, but no one said anything. Jen felt such pain for Alyson that she couldn’t hold back her own tears, but quickly wiped them away before anyone noticed.

Bob crawled onto the bed, forcing Alyson’s legs apart roughly. She was openly sobbing now, not caring who saw her. No punishment Andrea could inflict on her could be worse than this! Her tears only seemed to anger him.

“I told you crying won’t help!” he yelled and slapped her across the face. Shocked by the painful slap, Alyson stopped crying. “That’s better,” he said and reached down to rub a finger over her pussy. He found her opening and he grinned. “Oh, I love a tight pussy!” he exclaimed, grinning. “This is gonna be fun!”

He pulled his finger out and placed the tip of his cock against her tiny virgin hole. Alyson closed her eyes and gripped the sheets tightly. He applied pressure and she could feel her pussy spreading wider so that his soft head slid inside. He continued forcing the thick shaft into her, spreading her vaginal walls. It hurt like hell, but she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry out. The pain was bad, but manageable. Then he came to her barrier.

Without even pausing, he shoved through it, ripping it apart. She cried out despite her vow as he tore through her cherry and buried his cock deep in her untouched womb. The burning pain was tenfold what it had been at first and she felt like the thick penis was ripping her small body in half. She could feel the rough shaft inside her, gripped tightly by her tender vaginal walls. She bit her lip against the pain, drawing blood. Bob leered down at her.

“That’s what a man feels like, bitch!” he hissed.

He began pumping in and out of her tortured pussy, watching her face contort in pain with every stroke. He wanted to really fuck her brains out - pound her mercilessly - but she was so tight, it wasn’t physically possible. The next time would be better, he thought. She’d be loosened up a bit. Maybe he could fuck her in the ass too! ‘Yeah,’ he thought, ‘That would really fuck her up!’ He chuckled at his own pun as he continued to pound away at the hapless teen’s pussy.

Alyson just lay there, staring in utter hatred at the sick bastard raping her. After a while, the pain had eased somewhat. She just felt numb from the waist down. No, she thought, from the neck down. In her mind, it wasn’t her he was doing this to. It was like she was watching it happen to someone else and was helpless to stop it.

Bob noticed that she wasn’t responding like she had been earlier. “C’mon, slut! I didn’t pay for no dead fuck! Virgin or not!”

Alyson just stared blankly at him. What was his problem? Now he expected her to act like she was enjoying it? ‘No fucking way!’ she thought, smiling to herself at her small victory.

“All right then,” he said, pulling his cock from her ravaged pussy. “Let’s try this then!”

He flipped her over onto her stomach and pulled her ass up into the air. Spreading her legs, he found her opening once more and positioned his cock over it. He grabbed her hips and leaned over, putting his lips against her ear. “Take this!” he hissed, and plunged his dick all the way into her aching pussy in one fast stroke.

“Unhhh!” Alyson cried out. It felt like his cock was in so far it was bumping against some vital organ. Pleased with her reaction, he began to fucking her harder, pulling back on her hips as he thrust forward into her. Alyson buried her face in her arms as he continued his assault on her tender pussy, wishing he would hurry up and cum so her nightmare would finally end.


Jen leaned back on the couch as Joe began teasing her pussy with his talented tongue. She shivered in pleasure as he slowly licked the entire length of her slit, lingering for a moment at her tiny, erect clit before doing it again. She moaned in pleasure, thinking that maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. She gasped as he slipped his tongue between the folds of her swollen labia and into her tiny opening, sending warm tingling sensations through her young body.

She was startled back to reality when Bob began screaming at Alyson to stop crying. Joe paused his licking and they both looked over to see him towering over Alyson, who was cowering in fear and sobbing on the bed. Jen’s eyes welled up at the sight of her best friend being abused so badly, but she wiped them away before Joe turned back to her. She heard the loud slap as Bob hit her and bit her lip to prevent her tears from flowing again.

Joe went back to her now wet and very sensitive pussy, his tongue taking her away and bringing her ever closer to her impending orgasm. As he worked it over her sensitive clit, she felt it building quickly; her entire body tingling. She vaguely heard Alyson cry out again in pain, then the orgasm overtook her senses and nothing mattered but the intense feelings of pleasure as her body convulsed with each wave of orgasmic ecstacy.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” she cried as her body stiffened and she thrust her hips forward, forcing her spasming pussy into Joe’s mouth. He nibbled and licked for a few moments, then pulled away and let her gradually come down from her orgasmic high. He watched as her body twitched, then relaxed, her long, blonde hair splayed across her pretty face. Her eyes were closed and there was a dreamy, contented smile on her lips.

Suddenly, Joe’s face was next to hers and he kissed her lightly, her juices still wet on his lips. She opened her eyes and gazed into his. “I promise I won’t treat you like that,” he whispered, gesturing toward Bob and Alyson. Jen managed a slight smile, and a tear ran down her cheek.

“Can’t you ask him to please stop? He’s really hurting her!” she whispered back.

Joe frowned and shook his head sorrowfully. “I’m sorry. It’s . . . complicated.” His eyes locked sadly on hers and she knew there was nothing he could do.

Chapter 18

Suddenly, Bob began moaning. He increased his thrusts for a few more strokes, then pulled his cock from Alyson’s aching and abused pussy. It glistened with their mixed juices and a trace of blood. He grabbed the sobbing teen by the waist and turned her over onto her back, pulling her up to a sitting position by her long hair. He pulled her face to his groin with one hand while he stroked his wet, bloody cock with the other. Alyson stared in mute horror at the blood.

“Open wide, bitch! Here it comes!” he cried, shaking her by the hair until she opened her mouth. He began stroking it faster and aimed it at her open mouth. His moans got louder, then he groaned as a shot of white cum shot across Alyson’s nose, lips, and into her mouth. She blinked but showed no reaction as shot after shot splashed her face and mouth, and dripped from her chin. Finally, he finished and grinned down at her cum covered face. He tugged on her hair and tilted her head back. She stared blankly up at him, her mouth still open. His semen dribbled from the corners of her mouth and ran down her neck to her tits.

“Hey! Wake up!” he yelled, and slapped her. She blinked and her eyes seemed to focus on him. “Clean it!” he ordered, shoving his messy cock against her lips.

He felt a firm hand on his shoulder and turned to see Jill looking at him. “No, Bob. That’s enough. Leave her alone.” She was still totally naked and stared at him with hard, cold eyes.

He glared at her, not believing what she was saying. This girl was his, bought and paid for! To do with as he pleased! But Jill’s steady gaze and firm grip on his shoulder told him she wasn’t backing down.

He felt another pair of hands grip his arm and turned to see Julia, also naked with her huge tits pressing against his naked torso. She smiled at him. “Come on into the bathroom, Bob,” she said in a sultry voice. “I’ll get you all cleaned up.” She glanced down at his deflating penis and winked at him. “Then we’ll see about getting this guy back on the job!” She took his hand and led him silently into the bathroom.

Jill knelt in front of Alyson. Using the bed sheet, she wiped most of the sticky semen from her face.

“Alyson?” she asked softly. “Can you hear me?”

Alyson slowly turned to meet her gaze, her eyes filling with tears. Suddenly, she threw her arms around Jill’s neck and buried her face in her shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably. Jill held her, rubbing her back in slow circles.

“There, there . . . it’s all over now. Let it all out, honey,” she whispered soothingly. She glanced over at Joe and shook her head. “It’s over. I can’t continue after this.”

Joe nodded. “I know . . . and I agree.” He looked at Jen apologetically, then they both went over to Jill and Alyson. “We have to help them,” he said to Jill. “No one deserves to be treated like that.”

Jill nodded, stroking Alyson’s hair. “But how?”

Jen spoke up. “Julia told us that if we didn’t please you, Andrea would sell us to some street pimp in another city.” She sat down next to Alyson, who detached herself from Jill and embraced Jen. They held each other tight, while Jen whispered soothingly to her, rocking her in her arms.

Jill and Joe looked at each other, saying nothing. After a moment, Joe seemed to come to a decision. “Get dressed.” He looked at Jen and Alyson. “Everyone. I’ll be right back.”

He gathered up his clothing and went into the change room. As Jen helped Jill get Alyson dressed she heard Joe talking on the phone in urgent, but hushed tones in the other room. After they had Alyson dressed, Jill and Jen put their clothes on. Jen had to hold her blouse closed, but it was better than nothing. Jill went into the bathroom and returned with a large towel, which she wrapped around Jen’s shoulders.

“This should help,” she said with a smile. She nodded toward the bathroom. “I think Bob met his match with Julia,” she said with a grin. “She’s sitting on the edge of the tub holding his head between her legs. I heard her tell him that she’s not letting him up until he gets her off four times!”

Joe returned, tucking his shirt into his jeans. His face was serious. “Ok, I’m going to have a meeting with Jackie. I believe I can get you two out of here . . . tonight.”

Chapter 19

Ten minutes later, Joe was once again sitting in Jackie’s office. She leaned back in her chair and gazed across her desk at him.

“So let me get this straight,” she said, eyeing him warily. “You want to buy their contract from me for fifty grand?” Joe nodded. Jackie leaned forward, clasping her hands together on her desk blotter, and met Joe’s stare.

“It seems like a very generous offer,” she said thoughtfully. “But you’ve only been with them a little over an hour and you’re willing to pay that much? It makes me think maybe you’re trying to pull a fast one on me. What makes these two worth that much to you?”

Joe shrugged. “My fiancé is quite taken with the blonde, as am I, but she won’t go without her friend. Simple as that.” His face gave no indication of any deception. Jackie sat back again in her plush leather chair and gave him a slight smile.

“I don’t think so. I could make that much off them in only a few weeks,” she said in a quiet, but firm tone.

Joe was unfazed. “Maybe. But they’re not virgins anymore. Plus,” he added with a dismissive wave, “the brunette’s practically comatose. Bob really used her rough.” Jackie eyed him again, trying to read his eyes. But Joe was a skilled businessman and negotiator. His expression told her nothing.

Jackie pondered this for a moment. She had seen the footage from the cameras they had hidden in the room and it was true, the brunette was now useless for her purposes. But she also knew that the blonde was still a virgin and big money could still be earned from her.

She smiled. “Double your price and they’re yours.”

Joe gave her a knowing smile. “Jackie, be reasonable. Fifty is a very generous offer.”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. My price is one hundred thousand. Take it or leave it.”

Joe sighed and stood up. He leaned over her desk, looking her straight in the eye. “No, that’s too much. And you know it,” he said, his eyes never wavering from hers.

Jackie’s lips formed a cold smile. “And I also know that you didn’t fuck the blonde, meaning she’s still a valuable commodity to me!”

Joe raised one eyebrow , then straightened up and folded his arms over his chest. “Well, well . . . so much for your much touted client privacy. Just how many cameras do you have hidden in that room?”
Jackie, realizing what she’d said, just stared at him. He leaned over her desk again, his face inches from hers and his eyes retaining their cold, steely stare. “I don’t think that’s something you’d like to get out, would you?” He kept his eyes locked on hers until she broke away and leaned back, a scowl on her face.

“You really play hardball,” she said flatly, her eyes cold. “Very well, fifty grand.” She leaned forward. “And I never see you or your sick friend in here again!”

Joe straightened up. “Deal. I’ll be back with the cash in an hour. Please have Jill and the girls moved to another room. My sick colleague is still busy with Julia and I don’t want him around the others.”
Jackie nodded. “Very well.”

She picked up a phone and punched a number. “Andrea, could you please move the female client and the two girls to one of the other suites for an hour? . . . No, leave the others there. I’ll explain later . . . Thank you.” She hung up the phone and stood up. “One more thing . . . I don’t want these girls bringing any heat back on me. You keep them isolated. I’ll have their parent’s houses watched and their phones tapped. If I see either of them, or you, around there, their parents will suffer. Make sure they both understand that.”

Joe hesitated. He had intended to take the girls back to their families. But Jackie held her ground and he nodded. At least they would be away from here. “Good,” she said. “You have one hour. One minute late and the deal’s off.” Joe nodded and left her office, wondering just what he had gotten himself into.

10-16-2007, 06:13 PM
Chapter 20

An hour later, Jen stood next to the black limo holding Alyson as Jill opened the door for them. Joe passed another thick white envelope to Jackie and climbed in after them. They rode in silence as the car drove down the long, dark driveway, through the gates, and onto the street. Jen watched through the tinted back window as their prison faded into the night then disappeared completely as they rounded a turn. She settled back into the soft leather seat, her hand gripping Alyson’s, and wondered what their future now held.

“That’s the last you’ll ever see of that place,” Jill said with a warm smile.

Jen looked up at her, a sad look in her eyes. “We’ve never even seen the outside before. We were drugged when they brought us there. We woke up naked in small rooms in the basement.”

Jill looked at Joe, shaking her head. “That’s so unfair. If we had known how bad they treated you, forcing you into a life like that . . .” Her voice trailed off and she looked away in shame. Joe put his arm around her and looked at the two teenagers across from him.

“But now what are we going to do with you? You two cost me nearly eighty grand today,” he said.

Jen’s mouth dropped open. “Eighty grand?!”

Jill nodded. “It was thirty thousand for our . . . party. Bob paid some of that. Then Joe paid Jackie another fifty for your freedom.”

Alyson was listening. “Th . . .thank you,” she said, her voice barely a whisper. It was the first time she’d spoken since she was raped.

Jen hugged her. “We’ll find a way to repay you. I . . . we promise.”

Joe smiled. “We’ll talk about that later. First let’s get Alyson taken care of. I think a doctor should check her over.” He placed his hands on theirs and smiled warmly. Jen smiled back, her eyes glistening with tears of gratitude. Alyson even managed a slight smile before closing her eyes and resting her head on Jen’s shoulder.

The car wound its way through the city streets before turning north onto a two lane highway that led out of the city. Jen and Alyson were soon both sound asleep as the long black limo made its way further and further from the city; and their homes.

Several hours later, the car turned into a secluded drive with a gate across it. The driver slid a card into a slot next to the car and the gate slid open. They passed through and the metal gate slid shut behind them. Closed circuit security cameras followed them as the car passed along the narrow twisting lane lined with tall pine trees.

Jen and Alyson were still sound asleep when the car stopped in front of a large log home on the shore of an isolated lake. They carried the exhausted girls into the house without waking them, up to a large guest room and laid them together in the king size bed. Jill pulled a thick comforter over them and left a note on the night stand, then they quietly closed the door behind them and retired to the master suite in the other wing.

Chapter 21

Jen blinked at the sunlight that streamed in through the window onto her face. She slowly opened her eyes and peered in confusion at the red and white checkered curtains. Then she realized that she was dressed. That hadn’t happened since the day Andrea had captured them. Slowly, her mind began to clear and last night’s events came back to her. First the sex, then leaving with Joe and Jill. But that was all she could recall.

She felt movement on the bed behind her and she froze. ‘Oh no!’ she thought, ‘What happened here!?’

“Jen?” the sleepy voice asked. “Is that you?” Jen rolled over and was relieved to see it was Alyson lying next to her.

“Aly!” she cried, embracing her friend. Then she pulled away, remembering the hell Alyson had gone through. “Are you all right?”

Alyson shrugged, looking around the bright, cheery room with its red and white curtains and thick log walls. “I don’t know. I think so, but . . . where are we?”

Jen got up and went over to the window. She gazed out over a sparkling lake surrounded by trees and some low mountains. “I don’t know. It must belong to Joe and Jill.” She turned back to Alyson, who winced as she sat up. Jen rushed over to her.

“You’re not all right!”

Alyson groaned as she stood up. Her cheek was turning from a sick yellow to an ugly black where Bob had struck her. “I’ll be ok. Just a little sore . ..” She touched her crotch and made a face. “ . . . here.”

Jen’s eyes filled with tears. “That asshole!” she spat. “I’d like to kick him in the balls!”

Alyson took her hand and smiled. “I know,” she whispered and kissed Jen’s cheek. Jen sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She noticed two chairs flanking an open door to a bathroom.

“Hey! We got a bathroom! Why don’t you go first?”

Alyson shook her head. “No, you go ahead. I want to look around.”

Jen smiled and kissed her forehead. “Ok. I won’t be long.”

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Alyson looked over the room with it’s high log rafters, dormer windows, and matching log furniture. There was a large woven rug covering the hardwood floors and a few natural paintings were hung on the walls. It was very nice. A friendly and inviting room. Her eyes fell on a piece of paper lying on a pine dresser near another door. She went over and picked up the paper. It was a hand written note.

‘Jen and Alyson:
We hope you slept ok. We didn’t want to wake you when we got here. Make yourselves
at home. There are towels, toothbrushes, soap, and shampoo in the bathroom and plenty
of clothes in the closet that should fit you. Come on downstairs whenever you’re ready.
Joe and Jill’

Alyson put the note down and opened the door next to the dresser to reveal a huge walk-in closet. She walked in slowly, examining the clothes hanging from the racks. There were dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, and t-shirts. On the other wall were built in drawers containing new packages of socks, panties, bras, and nylons. Next to the drawers was a shoe rack containing everything from high heeled dress shoes to hiking boots.

“Alyson? Where are you?”

“In here!” she called out as she looked through the underwear for something that would fit her.

“Wow!” Jen exclaimed as she entered the closet. “Whose is this?”

Alyson pulled out a pair of panties and continued looking for the right size bra. “According to the note on the dresser, it’s ours,” she said. Jen retrieved the note and quickly read it.

“All right then!” Jen said with a grin. “Why don’t you go have a shower while I pick out something to wear!” Alyson smiled and began undressing. Jen found herself watching, unable to pull her eyes from her body as she slowly undressed.

Alyson was aware of Jen’s intense gaze, but it didn’t bother her. It actually kind of excited her that she found her attractive. She dropped her tattered skirt to the floor and turned to face her with a slight smile. As their eyes met, Jen nervously turned her head, pretending to look at the shoes. Alyson came closer and took her hand. Jen turned and found herself looking into her friend’s deep blue eyes, so warm and beautiful. Alyson placed Jen’s hand on her bare breast and kissed her on the lips.

“It’s ok, Jen,” she whispered. “Come on. You can wash my back.” They walked hand in hand to the bathroom. Jen dropped her skirt and shredded blouse along the way.

Chapter 22

Joe and Jill were sitting on the couch sipping coffee when the girls came down the long curving log staircase from the second level. Both wore jeans; Jen in a red t-shirt, while Alyson had chosen a denim work shirt.

“Good morning, ladies!” Joe called out cheerily. “Did you sleep ok?”

Jill stood up and smiled warmly as they approached. “I see you found something that fit you.” She looked at Alyson, concern in her eyes. “How are you, honey? Do you want to see a doctor?”

Alyson gave her a shy smile. “Uh, no . . . thanks. I’ll be ok.”

Joe eyed her warily. “Are you sure? That eye looks quite sore, and after Bob . . .” He felt his anger rising and he stopped himself, inhaling a deep breath. “Let’s just say that you had a pretty rough night.”
Alyson sat nervously on the edge of the couch that faced the one Joe and Jill were sitting on. Jen sat down next to her.

“No,” she said. “I’ll be ok. I’m just a little sore.”

Jill seemed dubious, but acquiesced. “Can we offer you some breakfast? Anything you want!”

Jen looked at Alyson, then to Jill. “Waffles?” She knew it was Alyson’s favorite.

Jill smiled. “You got it. Just give me twenty minutes.” She got up and disappeared through a set of swinging doors. Joe looked over at the two pretty young girls on the couch across from him. Despite what had happened, he was still very attracted to them, especially Jen.

“Where are we?” Alyson asked, looking around the huge room.

Jen looked over at him, her silky, freshly washed hair shining in the morning sunlight. “And when can we go home?” she added.

Joe sighed. He stood up and went over to the large plate glass windows that practically filled the wall overlooking the lake, from floor level to the rafters two stories up. After a moment, he turned to face the girls.

“This is my vacation home,” he said. “And I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here for a while.”

Jen felt her blood run cold. Had they simply traded one prison for another? She looked at Alyson, who looked equally afraid, then back over to Joe.

“B . . . but I thought you rescued us so we could go home?” she said in a shaky voice.

Joe took another breath and went back over to the couch. “I know. And that was what I wanted to do.” He sat down. “You see, Jackie is afraid you’ll bring the cops back to her place so she made it a condition of your release that I keep you isolated. She . . . said that she knew where you lived and if she saw either of you there, or me, that she . . .” He paused and looked down. “She said she would hurt your families.” He looked back up at them. “I’m sorry. I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn’t budge. And I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you there.”

Jen and Alyson looked at each other and back to Joe. There was something in his eyes, a kind of sorrow, that told them he was telling the truth. “B . . . but we wouldn’t tell anyone! We just want to go home!” Jen sobbed, her eyes welling up.

Joe nodded and shook his head. “I know, but I think part of the reason was just to be a bitch. I had to use some . . . persuasion to get her to agree to release you.” He saw their questioning looks and smiled. “Ok, it was blackmail, I admit it. Anyway, I think she just did it out of spite. I’m sorry.”

He stood up. “It could be worse,” he said, gesturing around the large house and grounds. “I own everything you see. We have horses and plenty of trails. You’re free to go anywhere you like, on the property, that is.”

Jen looked at Alyson. “It is nice,” she said. “And I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride.” She looked into Alyson’s eyes and saw them soften a little.

“It seems like we have no choice,” Alyson replied resignedly. “And it is a lot better than . . . before.” Jen hugged her and Alyson returned her warm embrace. They separated and Alyson turned to Joe. “Can we at least call our parents? Let them know we’re ok?”

Joe frowned and shook his head. “She said that she would tap your parent’s phones to make sure you didn’t. It’s probably a bluff, but I don’t think we should risk it. Not yet, anyway.”

“Come and get it!” Jill called from the kitchen.

Joe ushered the two teens ahead of him toward the kitchen. “But let me look into it, ok?”

“Thank you,” Jen said, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“You’re very welcome,” he replied as they went into the eating area of the kitchen. “After you eat, I’ll show you around, then I’ll make some calls.”

Chapter 23

Later that night, Jen and Alyson walked into the same room they’d slept in the night before. Jill had offered them each their own rooms, but Alyson didn’t want to be separated from Jen. Jen felt the same way and the idea of sharing a bed with Alyson excited her. Their shower that morning hadn’t involved any sexual activity, although they did kiss a little. Alyson was still hurting, both physically and emotionally, and Jen didn’t want to push her.

“I like it here,” Jen said, sprawling on her back on the king sized bed. “Aren’t the horses beautiful?”

Alyson nodded, eyeing Jen’s heaving breasts. “It’s very nice, as far as prisons go.” She began unbuttoning her shirt.

Jen propped herself up on her elbows, her breasts stretching the fabric of the t-shirt. “It’s a whole lot better than our previous accommodations!”

She watched while Alyson removed her shirt, then walked over to the makeup table, and sat down. She picked up a brush and began brushing her hair. Jen got up and walked over behind her, watching her face in the mirror.

“Here, let me do that,” she said softly, taking the brush from Alyson’s hand. As she brushed her long hair, Alyson closed her eyes and smiled.

“That feels nice!” she sighed. “I love it when someone brushes my hair. Mom used to . . .” She stopped, her eyes filling with tears. Jen pulled her to her feet and they held onto one another for a long time.

Finally Jen said, “Let’s get some sleep.” They got ready for bed and crawled under the covers. Jen spooned Alyson and they soon fell asleep, feeling safe and loved in each others arms.

10-16-2007, 06:14 PM
Chapter 24

The weeks passed. Joe had somehow talked Jackie into letting them each make a short, supervised phone call to let their parents know they were alive and well. They had to tell them that they were runaways and weren’t coming back, but not to worry. Alyson had nearly broken down while talking to her mother, who pleaded with her to come home. She had cried herself to sleep that night while Jen held her.

They began to feel more comfortable with their surroundings. Jill and Joe showed them around the ranch and taught them how to ride and care for the horses. Jen spent a lot of time in the stables with the horses while Alyson was content to read or watch TV. Her physical scars healed and emotionally she began to act more like herself. Every night, her and Jen went to bed together, sometimes naked, but nothing happened beyond heavy petting and kissing. Jen was anxious to make love to Alyson, but she didn’t want to push her.

One night as they were getting ready for bed, Alyson said, “Joe really likes you, you know.”

Jen shrugged and pulled back the sheets. “Sure, he likes you, too.”

Alyson shook her head and crawled between the sheets. “That’s not what I mean. He still wants to . . . have sex with you.”

Jen pulled the covers over her t-shirt clad body and gave her a quizzical look. “Really? He hasn’t said anything.”

Alyson smiled and turned off the light. “I’ve seen him looking at you. Trust me, he does.”

Jen thought a moment, letting her eyes adjust to the dark room. “Do you think I should? I mean, I do like him . . . and it might be fun!”

Alyson frowned, thankful that Jen couldn’t see the look of jealousy on her face in the darkness. “What about Jill?”

“She’d probably want to be there, too.” She took Alyson’s hand. “What about you? Would you mind? Or would you want to be there, too?”

Alyson shook her head. Every time she thought about sex, even with Jen, the image of Bob’s leering face popped into her head. “I . . . I don’t think . . .”

Jen rolled over and propped her face on her hand. “Aly, you were raped - brutally. Sex isn’t supposed to be like that. Maybe if . . . if you were with someone caring, like Joe, . . . and Jill, it would help you recover.”

Alyson thought her words over. Maybe she was right, but she was terrified even at the thought of someone touching her in that way. Even with her deep feelings for Jen, it was hard for her to allow her to touch her. “Maybe someday, but not yet.” Wanting to change the subject, she smiled at her in the gloom. “But if you’re gonna do this, I heard them making plans for tonight. Maybe they’d like some company!”

Jen’s eyes sparkled. “Really? Hmm . . .”

Chapter 25

Joe and Jill embraced in their room, their tongues probing, seeking out the other’s. Joe’s hand cupped her firm breast over her t-shirt and she sighed as his fingers lightly caressed her erect nipple. She pulled away, breaking off their kiss, and playfully grasped his stiffening cock over his boxer shorts. Grinning, he pulled his t-shirt over his head while she removed hers. She was reaching for the waistband of his shorts when there was a light knock at their door and it swung open.

Jen stood alone in the hallway, wearing only her short t-shirt and looking a little unsure. Jill smiled and beckoned her in. Joe turned in time to see Jen’s small bare ass peeking out from under her shirt as she closed the door behind her.

“Hi, honey. Is everything all right?” Jill said softly as Jen walked over to her.

She looked at Jill, then over to Joe. Her eyes took in his hard, bare chest, then dropped to the thick bulge in his boxers.

“Yes,” she replied, her eyes still on his boxers. “I . . . I just wanted . . .” Jill turned her head back to look into her eyes.

“Would you like to join us?” she asked her softly. Jen smiled shyly and nodded. Jill returned her smile warmly and pulled Jen’s body to hers. They embraced and kissed, their tongues dancing together sensually. When they pulled apart, Jill said, “Is Alyson coming?”

Jen shook her head. “I asked her to, but she said she wasn’t ready yet.”

“Why don’t you and Joe find something to do? I’ll go and talk to her.” She slipped her shirt back on and gave them each a peck on the lips. “Hopefully, I’ll be right back with her!” she said with a sexy grin and slipped out the door.

Jen turned to Joe. “Hi,” she said softly, her eyes searching his. They moved closer, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Jen’s hands went to his bare chest and she caressed it sensuously. Joe pulled her small body to his, stroking her back over the thin t-shirt.

She lowered her hands to his shorts. They broke off the kiss and stared into each others eyes. Joe smiled and lifted her t-shirt up and over her head, revealing her young, sexy body. Her firm tits needed no support; her nipples hard. The enticing scent of her virgin pussy reached his nose, taking him back to the day at Jackie’s when he last smelled and tasted her.

“My god! You are absolutely perfect!” he exclaimed, stepping back to admire her.

She blushed and smiled, then dropped to her knees and began pulling his boxers down. His hard cock sprang out at her, the head shiny and glistening with precum. She was once again amazed at the size of it. She kissed it tenderly, then slowly slid her lips over the soft head. It was so thick that it completely filled her mouth. Once again, she found herself wondering how the huge cock would fit inside her tiny pussy. This time, however, her fear wasn’t as strong.

Joe moaned loudly as Jen worked her tongue around the head of his cock. She teased the sensitive area just under the head, then sucked nearly half of the long, thick organ into her warm mouth. He gasped in pleasure and threw his head back as she stroked his shaft while still sucking hard on it. She kept this up for a few minutes, then popped it from her mouth to lick and suck on his hairless balls. She kept alternating back and forth from his cock to his balls, bringing him to the brink of orgasm by sucking his cock, then allowing him to relax before doing it all over again.

She had his cock back in her mouth when the door swung open and Jill stepped in, followed hesitantly a second later by Alyson. Jill saw Jen, her lips wrapped around Joe’s shaft, and grinned. She turned to Alyson.

“Take a seat, honey. You can just watch if you like.”

Alyson sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes glued on Jen. Jen gave her a quick wink and rolled her tongue over Joe’s head, causing a low moan to escape his lips.

“Mmm . . . my turn, darling,” Jill said, licking her lips as she dropped to her knees next to her. Jen reluctantly let Joe’s dick slide from her mouth and licked her lips. She leaned over and kissed Jill, then stood up and kissed Joe. Jill took over sucking Joe’s cock and Jen went over and sat next to Alyson.

“I’m glad you came,” she said, hugging her. “It wouldn’t have felt right without you here.” Alyson smiled shyly, then her mouth twisted into a questioning grimace.

“You almost looked like you were enjoying that!” she said, nodding toward Joe and Jill.

Jen grinned widely. “I was!”

Alyson looked at her doubtfully. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. It’s a lot different when you do it because you want to, and not because you’re forced to do it.” Alyson looked over at Jill, who indeed seemed to be enjoying her work. The expression on Joe’s face left little doubt as to his enjoyment. She looked back at her gorgeous naked friend sitting beside her.

“Maybe later,” she whispered, her eyes locked on Jen’s. Jen smiled and pulled Alyson’s face closer to hers. They kissed long and hard, their tongues exploring each others mouth while their hands roamed freely across naked skin.

“J . . . Jill, baby . . . please s . . .stop! I’m gonna cum!” Joe suddenly moaned. Jill slipped his cock from her luscious lips and smiled up at him.

“So cum. I don’t mind!” she said, winking seductively. He just smiled, lifted her to her feet and pulled her t-shirt over her head for the second time that night. Then they kissed briefly and stared into each other’s eyes.

“Not yet,” he whispered, nodding at the two teens making out on the other side of the bed. Jill smiled at him and went over to them, her nipples hard on her small tits. She reached out to both of them and stroked their hair lovingly. They broke off their kiss and looked up at her. Jen’s hand went to her perky breast and she began fondling it and teasing the nipple.

Joe walked over and sat next to Alyson. He placed his hand on hers and smiled warmly as their eyes met.

“Hi,” he said softly.

Alyson looked down at the naked man holding her hand, his thick cock standing straight up. “H . . . hi,” she answered, averting her eyes from his cock.

“You never did get any pleasure at all . . . that night, did you?” he asked gently, almost apologetically.

She shook her head, but said nothing. Joe smiled again and raised her hand to his lips. “Why don’t you let us show you how beautiful sex can be when you really care about your partner.” He glanced around and chuckled. “Or partners!”

Alyson looked over at Jen, who was on her knees removing Jill’s pants, revealing a very sexy red thong. Jill looked over at her and smiled. “No tricks, Alyson. And nothing rough. The four of us can spend all night making love.”

Jen smiled up at her. “That sounds nice.” She turned to Alyson. “How about it, Aly? I really need you to be here.”

Alyson looked at Jen’s beautiful face and those hypnotizing blue eyes, and knew she wouldn’t be able to say no. It did sound nice. And maybe it was something she needed to do to get over her ordeal. She smiled at Jen and nodded. Jen went over to her, pulled her to her feet, and hugged her warmly.

“Thank you, Aly.” She released her and pulled her face close to hers. “I love you, Alyson,” she said, and kissed her.

“I love you, too,” Alyson replied after they finished their kiss. As Jen began to undress Alyson, Jill grinned and looked over at Joe.

“Three women! I hope you had your wheaties, lover!” she said with a wink. “Maybe we should have some . . . uh, marital aids ready, just in case!” She ran over to a dresser and rummaged through one of the drawers, and pulled out a shiny silver vibrator as well as a long, life-like dildo.

Joe put on a mock pout. “So, it seems I can be replaced!”

Jill dropped her toys onto the bed and grabbed his cock, stroking it lovingly. “Not replaced, baby. Just occasionally substituted!”

As Jen pulled Alyson’s night shirt over her head, Jill looked over at her firm, slender body with open admiration.

“Wow! You have one beautiful body, Alyson,” she said, still stroking her fiance’s cock.

Jen looked from Joe’s thick cock to Jill’s petite frame. “You’re not very big,” she asked. “How do you . . .” She gestured at Joe’s massive cock. “ . . . fit that . . . inside you?”

Jill laughed. “I know it seems impossible, but your body will adapt. And trust me, it feels wonderful to have a hard cock inside you!” She looked up at Joe. “How about a demonstration, babe?”

Joe grinned. “Excellent idea!”

He turned Jill around and gently pushed her to her hands and knees on the bed. She raised her small ass up in the air and wiggled it at him. Her swollen labia and pink flesh glistened between her legs. Jen and Alyson stood watching as Joe positioned his thick tool at her small opening. He pushed gently and Jill wriggled her ass until the head slipped inside. Jen and Alyson watched in awe as her pussy was stretched wide and Joe slowly pushed all nine inches inside her.

Jill moaned loudly. “Oh, yes, baby! I love having your big cock in my pussy!” She began humping his cock and Joe began to move slowly in and out of her distended cunt. “Oh, shit, yes! It feels like I’m already cumming! Oh! Ohh! Ohhhhh . . .”

The girls watched in fascination as they began moving faster and faster, their bodies slapping together. Jill’s moans became grunts and she began to cry out.

“Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh, shit! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m cumming! I’m . . .” She let out a loud cry and her body stiffened, then began convulsing as each wave of the orgasm overtook her. She gasped and groaned. Her face turned red, along with her neck and upper chest, and sweat beaded on her face and body. Finally, Joe eased up on his thrusts, sensing that she’d had enough, and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, gleaming with her cum. Jill collapsed to the bed, a contented smile on her face, panting for air.

Jen saw the look of satisfaction on Jill’s face and grinned at Alyson. “I do believe she enjoyed that!” Alyson giggled and Jill lifted a hand in acknowledgment, letting drop limply back to the bed.

“Uh-huh!” she gasped.

Joe sat down on the bed to catch his breath. “Do you think you’re ready to try that?” he asked Jen as he slowly stroked his still hard cock. The sight of him doing that excited her.

“You didn’t cum!” she exclaimed in surprise. She thought he had shot his load inside Jill’s cunt.

Joe smiled at her. “I almost did a couple of times.” He reached up and touched her cheek. “But I don’t want to wear myself out too quickly.” Jen smiled and kissed his hand as it passed over her soft lips. She sat down next to him and grasped his wet, sticky cock and began to stroke it slowly as he had been doing.

Alyson’s eyes went from Joe’s cock to Jill, then back to his hard cock while Jen continued stroking it. Jen looked over and saw she was watching and reached out for her hand. She replaced her hand with Alyson’s on Joe’s thick cock and moved it up and down until she got the feel for it and began doing it herself.

“Ahhh . . . that feels real nice, Alyson,” Joe said with a smile.

Alyson smiled back and adjusted her grip to a more comfortable position. Joe sighed and leaned over to kiss her. Their lips touched and Alyson parted her lips to let his tongue into her mouth. She found herself getting more and more turned on by his tender kiss and the feel of his hard cock in her hand.

Jen, meanwhile, was rubbing her hands over Joe’s chest and kissing his nipples. He broke the kiss off with Alyson, who dropped to her knees on the floor and continued pumping his cock. Jen’s lips met Joe’s and she felt her body melting against his. He slipped a finger between her legs and began running it along her slit until her was able to slip it inside her hot, tight, twat.

Jen gasped in pleasure into Joe’s mouth as his finger slid between the lips of her pussy and found her small opening. It felt so good, she didn’t want him to stop. He continued rubbing and probing at the pink flesh just inside her labia. He twirled it around her opening, but didn’t want to risk popping her cherry with his finger. He had other plans for it!

Suddenly, he felt Alyson suck the head of his cock into her mouth. He hadn’t been expecting her to do that and he moaned as much in surprise as pleasure. “A . . . Alyson! Baby! Oh, shit! If you . . . keep that up I’m gonna . . . cum!” he gasped.

Alyson released his big tool from her mouth and looked p at him, licking her lips. “Just cleaning you off!” she said with a grin.

By this time, Jill had recovered enough to roll over on the bed and watch her fiancé and the two hot teens. Her finger was buried in her pussy as she watched Alyson suck her cum and pussy juices from his cock.

“How do I taste, darling?” she asked, touching Alyson’s arm.

Alyson turned to her, her lips still wet with her cum. She grinned and licked them again. “I think I’d like some more,” she said, her eyes taking in Jill’s slender, naked body. Jill smiled and pulled her finger from her freshly fucked cunt. She leaned back, spreading her legs wide.

“Then come over here and help yourself, sweetie,” she cooed. Without hesitation, Alyson crawled between her legs and began licking her sopping wet pussy. Jill closed her eyes and started moaning.

Joe looked into Jen’s clear blue eyes. “Do you think you’re ready, or do you want some more time?”

Jen grinned. “I want to fuck you . . . now! But,” she pointed at his huge cock, “it’s so big!” Joe laughed and hugged her reassuringly.

“Remember what Jill said. Your body will adapt and stretch. I’m not saying that it won’t hurt a little the first time, but if you relax and let it happen, I think you’ll find it quite pleasurable!”

Jen looked a little apprehensive, but Joe’s warm smile reassured her and her eyes sparkled. “Ok, let’s do it. Where do you want me?”

Joe indicated a spot on the bed next to Jill and Alyson, who had switched positions. Jill was now enthusiastically lapping away at Alyon’s hot little pussy while Alyson was moaning and sighing.

“Lie on your back,” he instructed. “Unless you want to do it the way Jill and I just did.” Jen thought about it, but Joe interrupted her thoughts. “I think on your back would be better for your first time.”

“Are you sure?” Jen asked.

Joe nodded. “Yes, and as an added bonus, I’ll be able to watch your face when you cum!”

Jen punched him playfully and laid down next to Alyson. Alyson looked over at her and smiled as Jill continued eating her pussy. ‘I love you,’ she mouthed silently to Jen, taking her hand. Jen returned her smile and squeezed her hand. Joe knelt on the bed at her feet and spread her legs wide. He looked into her eyes.

“Ready?” She bit her lower lip and nodded.

“Ok, just try to relax. This is going to be fun, ok?”

He leaned over her and rubbed the head of his cock along her swollen lips. Jen closed her eyes. The feel of his soft head sliding along the length of her slit was starting to create a warm buzz deep inside her belly. As he began to increase the pressure, the feeling grew stronger and seemed to spread.

After a few moments, he ceased rubbing the velvet soft tip of his cock along her lips and positioned it at her opening. He began to gently push it in, working it from side to side. Jen inhaled deeply and felt her pussy stretch as the thick head slowly began to spread her. She gasped at the odd sensation and her pussy clamped down on it, squeezing it as if subconsciously trying to force it back out.

“Are you ok, Jen?” she heard him ask.

“Uh-huh!,” she panted. “Doesn’t hurt - it just feels . . . weird!”

Joe chuckled. “We’re just getting started, honey. We’ve still got a long way to go!” Jen opened her eyes and looked down at the long cock poking into her. She still couldn’t imagine it all fitting into her, but she trusted him.

She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes again. Joe pushed in a little further, fighting the urge to cum as her pussy constantly expanded, then began to move it back and forth along her wet lips. Jen’s face twisted into a grimace as she tried to prepare herself, at the same time experiencing excited anticipation and outright fear.

Jen vaguely heard Alyson cry out as she came from Jill’s intense pussy licking. Joe kept up a slow, steady pressure and she marveled at the strange sensation he was creating in her cunt. Suddenly, a searing pain enveloped her distended pussy and she cried out. She felt someone take her hand and in the next second Alyson’s voice was in her ear.

“Shhh . . . It’s ok, Jen. I’m right here,” she whispered softly. “This is the worst part, but it’ll be over quick.”

Jill stroked her hair. “She’s right. Soon, it will start to feel real good!”

Jen took a deep breath and nodded up at Joe. He pulled back so that only the tip remained in her, then pushed back in to her cherry, stopping before he touched it. Jen grimaced again, but didn’t cry out this time. He pulled out again and with a quick glance to Alyson, drove his cock into her in one quick motion, tearing her hymen apart.

Jen screamed in pain as Joe ripped through her barrier and buried over half of his full nine inches inside her untouched womb. The pain was intense and tears ran down her cheeks. She opened her eyes to see Alyson looking down at her, a slight smile on her face.

“It’s ok, Jen,” she said soothingly. “It’s all over. You did it! See?” Jen looked down and was amazed to see half of Joe’s cock inside her body. She looked up at Joe, who gave her a concerned smile.

“Are you ok?” he asked, wiping a tear from her cheek. Jen looked down in disbelief at her grossly distended pussy, her lips stretched thin around the thick shaft.

“I . . . I think so. It just hurts more than I was expecting it to,” she replied haltingly, lying her head back down on the pillow.

“Sorry,” he said. “I thought it would be better if I did it all at once. Get all the pain over with in one shot.”

Jen licked her lips and smiled weakly at Joe, her eyes pleading. “Just go easy, ok?”

He nodded and slowly pulled his cock back out. Jen grimaced as it slid past where her hymen had been torn free. He pushed it back in a little deeper while she grit her teeth against the pain, then continued the slow, gentle fuck, going deeper with each thrust until he was almost completely inside her. He constantly watched her face for any signs that she was becoming accustomed to his huge organ in her tight pussy. After a few minutes, he felt her relaxing a little and her pussy walls eased up on his shaft, making it a little easier to move. Eventually, he was able to feed the rest of it into her tight hole.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Jill smiling at him. She looked down at his cock as it slid in and out of Jen’s tight little twat. “It’s so hot watching you fuck another woman!” she exclaimed, kissing him.

He grinned at her. “I could say the same about you!” he panted.

Jen was becoming used to the feel of Joe’s cock and he was no longer causing her any serious pain. She felt the familiar tingle starting deep in her belly and she began moving her hips upward to meet his thrusts. Jill knelt next to her and stroked her firm breast.

“Starting to feel better?” she asked, smiling knowingly.

Jen nodded, but didn’t open her eyes. “Uh-huh! F . . . feels real good!”

Alyson crawled up beside her and gave her a warm, wet kiss. Jen responded by hungrily sucking Alyson’s tongue into her mouth. They kept up their passionate kiss for several minutes until Joe started moving faster, and Jen broke off the kiss.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me!” she cried, her eyes wild with passion and lust. Alyson watched in awe as Jen began bucking her hips furiously, matching Joe’s thrusts stroke for stroke. She tossed her head back, her tits straining skyward; neck muscles taut.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! Don’t stop!”

Jill looked from Jen over to Alyson, who met her gaze. She smiled as Jen and Joe continued their energetic fuck.

“This is how sex is supposed to be,” she said.

Alyson looked down at the look of intense pleasure on Jen’s face. It was obvious that she was enjoying her first taste of intercourse! Jill reached over and brushed her hand over Alyson’s cheek. “Do you think you’re ready for it?” Alyson shrugged, and was about to say something when Jen suddenly cried out again.

“Oh, yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”

Her body went stiff as her words turned into a strangled cry, the tendons in her neck straining as the orgasm enveloped her. Joe kept up his steady pumping while she tossed her head from side to side, her mouth open in a silent scream. Alyson watched in wonder as her body twisted and convulsed on the bed. Joe slowed his thrusts, eventually stopping to allow her to come down from the orgasmic high. Her convulsions finally ceased and she flopped back on the bed, her chest heaving and her body flushed crimson red, coated in a sheen of sweat. Joe leaned over her, panting, his hard cock still buried in her hot pussy.

“Are you ok, Jen?” he asked. She nodded, gasping for breath.

“Th . . . that was . . .” She paused to catch her breath. “That was incredible!” she finally managed to say, a smile of total contentment on her face.

Joe kissed her and straightened up. “Ok, pulling out now.”

He slowly extracted his hard cock from her tight pussy. Jen gasped as the thick tool was pulled out, her juices gleaming on the long shaft. She had become quite used to having him inside her and when he pulled it out she felt a kind of emptiness that she couldn’t explain. She closed her eyes, her body still buzzing from her massive orgasm.

Jill grinned up at Joe. “Wow! Two women and you still haven’t cum! Maybe I was wrong about the marital aids!”

Joe returned her grin. “Only through sheer willpower!” he exclaimed. Jill sat up on the edge of the bed and slipped his sticky, wet cock into her mouth, savoring the taste of Jen’s sweet cum on it.

“Mmmm,” she murmured as she licked and sucked the juice from it. She slipped it from her mouth and smacked her lips. “Very tasty!” she said, turning to Jen. “You have a very sweet little pussy, Jen!”

Jen smiled sleepily at her, still catching her breath. “And your fiancé has one big, delicious cock!”

Joe looked over at Alyson, who was watching them all closely. “So what do you think, Alyson? Want to try it?”

Alyson looked at Jen, who smiled at her and nodded enthusiastically. “Go for it, Aly. Believe me, it’s well worth it!” she said.

Alyson stared at them for a few seconds, then lowered her eyes, shaking her head. “I can’t. Not yet. It’s . . . too soon.” She looked up and met Jen’s eyes. “I’m sorry, I just . . . can’t.”

Jen sat up and moved closer to her and caressed her hair. “It’s ok, Aly. I didn’t mean to rush you. I’m sorry.”

Joe sat on the bed and took her hand. “We’re not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to. It’s just that, I don’t want what that . . .” He paused, controlling his anger. “What that asshole did to you to turn you off sex completely, because it can be a wonderful experience that two caring people can share.” He smiled at her, but his eyes were serious. “I’m afraid the longer you wait, the harder it will be.”

Alyson nodded, gripping his hand. “I know. But I’m not ready yet, ok?”

Joe gave her a warm smile and kissed her cheek. “Ok. Whenever you’re ready. No one’s going to force you.”

Jill grabbed his hard cock and stroked it. She looked up at him, a mischievous grin on her face. “Well, if she’s not ready . . .”

Joe chuckled and ran his fingers through her hair. “All right, how do you want it?”

Jill stood up, kissed him quickly, and went over to the dresser. She returned with a tube of KY and the same mischievous grin on her face. She held up the tube.

“Let’s see if that monster will fit in my back door!” She passed the KY to Joe. He turned it over in his hand and gave her a questioning look.

“But, baby, we’ve tried that before. I’m just too big, remember?”

Jill kissed him. “I know, but I’ve been . . . working on the problem.” Joe shot her a confused look. She laughed. “Let’s just say I’ve been doing some stretching exercises.”

Jen and Alyson watched them curiously. Finally Jen spoke up. “Do you mean you want him to stick it in your . . .”

“Ass,” Jill said, finishing her question. “Uh-huh. It feels great, but Joe’s so big I’ve never been able to do it with him. So I started using butt plugs to stretch myself. I think I’m ready for him now!”

Jen and Alyson exchanged a look. “Really?” Alyson asked, trying to imagine Joe’s thick cock in her tiny asshole.

“Oh, yes!” Jill replied as she lay down on the bed and pulled her legs up to her chest. “Could you girls help us out by spreading some lube on my asshole and Joe’s cock?”

Still looking skeptical, Alyson took the tube from Joe and unscrewed the cap. She squeezed some onto her hand, then passed it to Jen. Jen squeezed it directly onto Jill’s asshole, then spread it around with her finger.

“Get it inside, too,” she said as Jen spread the slippery cream. Jen hesitated a moment, then pushed a finger against Jill’s puckered hole and was surprised at how easily it slipped inside. Jill sighed and lay back, closing her eyes. “Mmmm, that feels good!” she murmured.

Alyson spread a liberal amount of the slippery gel onto Joe’s cock, coating the tip and the entire shaft. When she finished, Joe stepped up to Jill and pressed it against her tiny puckered asshole.

“C’mon, lover, give it to me!” she growled seductively. Joe paused.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, still looking doubtful.

Jill spread her cheeks with her hands and her hole opened slightly. “Yes!” she hissed, her eyes wild. “Fuck my ass!”

Jen and Alyson watched in stunned silence as Joe applied pressure and the head of his cock slipped into Jill’s ass with relative ease. She cried out and grabbed Jen’s arm, causing her to jump in surprise.

“S . . . sorry!” Jill gasped, letting go of her arm.

“Are you ok, honey? Do you want me to stop?” Joe asked, watching her face closely. She shook her head.

“Uh-uh! Keep going! It feels so good!” she gasped. Joe slowly pushed his cock further and further into her bowels, constantly studying her face for any hint of pain or discomfort. He could feel her sphincter squeezing his cock tighter than Jen’s pussy had done just a few minutes ago.

Jen dropped down and watched from only inches away as Joe pushed his entire cock slowly into Jill’s badly stretched ass. Then a thought occurred to her.

Jill was lost in the intense pleasure of finally having Joe’s big dick in her back door. Suddenly, she was aware of hot breath on her pussy. She opened her eyes to see Jen kneeling beside her on the bed with her head between her legs. As Joe began to slowly pump in and out of her tight ass, Jen began licking her pussy and she immediately felt her orgasm starting to build.

‘Oh my god!’ she thought, ‘I’m going to cum right away!’

She started moving her hips to meet Joe’s inward thrusts and her hands went to her tits, teasing and pulling on her erect nipples. Alyson noticed this and bent over her. She moved her hands out of the way and began sucking and nibbling on Jill’s perky tits. Jill signaled her approval by holding her head to her breasts. Jen stuck her tongue deep nto Jill’s pussy while Joe continued his assault on her ass. When Jen also began teasing her clit, she lost it.

“Oh, shittt!” she groaned.

Her body began to quiver and shake, then she let out a loud cry and began jerking on the bed uncontrollably. Jen had to move her head and Alyson also moved away, giving her some room. Joe thrust deep inside her steamy back door. He was getting close to his own orgasm, and Jill’s reaction was the final straw. He felt his balls contract and the cum rising through his long shaft.

“Oh, yeah! I’m cumming!” he groaned.

Jill opened her eyes, still overcome by her intense orgasm. “Oh yeah, baby! Cum in my ass!” she cried before flopping her head back and closing her eyes. Joe felt the cum literally being squeezed from his cock as he shot a huge stream of semen deep inside her bowels. It felt like he came for a very long time in one long, continuous stream of hot cum that left him completely spent, leaving his legs feeling like rubber.

Jill moaned and exclaimed, “Oh yeah, baby! I can feel your hot cum inside me!”

Joe made a few more feeble thrusts, then collapsed against her, his deflating cock still buried in her ass. Jen and Alyson watched as he came, amazed at the look on his face. It almost looked like he was in some kind of intense pain. Jen wondered if that’s what she had looked like. Jill held Joe tightly with her legs and looked over at Jen and Alyson. She smiled and waved them over.

“Come here, girls. I need a group hug!” she said with a smile. They each crawled to one side of them and joined them in their loving embrace. They remained like that for a few moments, just enjoying their special intimacy. Finally, Joe pushed himself up and pulled his semi flaccid penis from Jill’s ravaged asshole. As it slid out, a flood of semen was released, running down Jill’s ass cheeks to the sheets, forming a large puddle.

He grinned at her. “Looks like we made a mess!”

Jill smiled and hugged the girls. “Well worth it!”

Jen propped her head on her elbow and looked questioningly at Jill. “I can’t believe you came so hard from that!”

Jill laughed and kissed the pretty blonde. “Baby, I started to cum from almost the minute Joe stuck his cock in. When you began licking my pussy, I knew it was going to be a real good one!” She grinned. “And, boy! Was I right on that!” She held Jen’s hand and looked into her bright blue eyes. “Maybe later I’ll show you just how good it can feel!”

Jen looked at her, her eyes wide. Jill laughed. “No, no . . . I don’t mean I’m going to ram a dildo up your ass! But there are ways I can show you just how sensitive and erogenous your anus can be!”

Jen looked doubtful, but relented. “Well, ok . . . I guess.”

Jill smiled at her and sat up. “Right now, I need a shower! There’s room for two. Anyone care to join me?” Alyson spoke up.

“I will.” She went over to Jill and took her hand.

“Be right back!” Jill called over her shoulder as they went out the door into the hallway. Jen and Joe both watched their hot, naked bodies as they disappeared out the door.

He turned to Jen and gestured toward another door. “There’s another shower in there. Wash my back?” He grinned and reached out for her hand. Jill giggled and took it.

“Sure! Why not?” she replied. Joe helped her to her feet and they walked hand in hand into the adjoining bathroom.

10-16-2007, 06:15 PM
Chapter 26

Jill checked the water temperature of the shower and adjusted it slightly. Satisfied, she stepped aside to allow Alyson in first. Alyson stepped in and let the warm water flow over her face. She felt Jill step in behind her and begin to massage her shoulders. Then she picked up some soap and a sponge and started washing Alyson’s back. She relaxed under Jill’s tender, loving touch and leaned her head against the shower wall under the spray.

Jill turned her around so they were facing each other and washed her arms, breasts and stomach. When she finished, she looked into Alyson’s eyes and smiled. Alyson returned her smile and Jill leaned in to kiss the green eyed beauty, probing at her soft lips with her tongue. Alyson hesitated, then parted her lips to allow her tongue in, touching it with her own. They held the kiss for several moments as the water ran over their naked flesh until Jill finally pulled away. Alyson licked her lips sensuously, her eyes closed, as she savored the affectionate and passionate kiss. She opened her eyes and smiled warmly at Jill.

“That was . . . nice,” she said, wiping the water from her eyes.

Jill smiled. For the first time, she felt like Alyson was actually letting her guard down. Sure, she had participated in the bedroom, but this was different. She was starting to open up to her.

She dropped to her knees and began washing Alyson’s legs with the sponge. As she reached her thighs, she was looking directly at her pink pussy, and her lips were still swollen. The aroma of her sex was strong, even here in the shower, and she breathed it in deeply. She washed her inner thighs, watching as the water beaded on her scant pubic hair before rubbing it with the sponge. Alyson sighed and parted her legs wider. She put the sponge on the shelf and stood up.

“Have you ever thought about shaving your pussy?” she asked, running her fingers through the dark, curly hairs.

Alyson shrugged. “No, not really. I trim it a little so I can wear a bikini, but that’s about it.” She glanced down at Jill’s bald pussy and remembered that Julia’s had been bare as well. “Does it feel good?”

Jill shrugged. “I guess so. I first shaved mine when I was about your age and I’ve kept it shaved ever since.” She picked up the sponge and passed it to Alyson. “Do me now?”

She turned around and Alyson washed her back, then she turned back to face her so she could wash her chest and stomach. Alyson knelt down to wash her legs and found herself staring directly at Jill’s bare twat. She washed her thoroughly and stood up.

“Would you shave me? Show me how?” she asked.

Jill smiled. “Sure! Come on, we can do it right now!”

She turned off the shower and they stepped out. They toweled off and Jill pointed to the steps leading up to the whirlpool bathtub.

“Take a seat over there. I’ll get a razor and shaving cream.”

Alyson sat on the tile step while Jill gathered up her shaving supplies. She returned with a razor, scissors, a basin of warm water, and a can of shaving gel. Kneeling in front of Alyson, she spread her legs wide and began by clipping the hair as short as she could with the scissors. Then she covered the entire area with shaving cream and picked up the razor. She looked up at Alyson.

“Try not to move too much, ok?”

Alyson grinned. “I’ll try, but you behave!”

Jill laughed. “Oh, all right!” She winked. “But only until I’m done shaving you!”

Alyson allowed a small smile. “Ok - deal!”

Jill began the slow, careful task of shaving Alyson’s hot little pussy. After about ten minutes, she wiped away the remaining shaving cream and surveyed her handiwork. “Hmm . . . not bad,” she said, examining her labia for any missed hairs. Satisfied, she sat back and held out a hand. “Well, what do you think?”

Alyson looked down at her bare twat, then ran her hand over the soft flesh. She made a face. “It feels weird! But I think I like it!”

Jill put away the shaving supplies and swept the loose hairs into the trash can. “So will your partner,” she said. “They’re more likely to go down on you if you’re shaved.”

“Really!?” Alyson said, raising one eyebrow.

Jill nodded and knelt at her feet. “Really. I personally love licking a nice, smooth pussy!”

She grinned and lowered her head between Alyson’s legs. Alyson sighed as her warm tongue sought out all her sensitive spots.

Chapter 27

Joe watched as the water flowed over Jen’s beautiful tits, droplets forming on her erect nipples before dripping to the shower basin. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her. Their eyes met and she smiled, then turned off the water and stepped out.

Joe passed her a towel. “You are so hot when you’re wet!” he exclaimed, unable to take his eyes from her slender, sexy body. Jen glanced over at his semi-hard cock as she dried off.

“So it would seem!” she said, moving her eyes from his cock back to his.

He looked down and grinned. “I can’t help how I feel!”

Jen laughed and finished drying off. Joe tossed their towels into the hamper and they walked hand in hand back to the bedroom. Jill and Alyson still hadn’t returned so they both sprawled out on the bed. Joe reached for the remote and turned on the large plasma screen TV hanging on the wall.

A porno appeared on the screen, showing two women undressing each other in front of a naked man. When they were both naked, they kissed, then dropped to their knees and began giving the man a blow-job, taking turns. Jen gave Joe a dirty look over his choice of movies, then noticed that his cock was nearly back to its full hardness. He saw her gaze, grinned and shrugged, going back to the movie.

Jen was getting aroused herself, although her pussy was still tender from the pounding he had given her earlier. She looked back over at him, but he was watching the action on the TV. ‘Typical man,’ she thought. ‘A naked woman lying beside him and he’d still rather watch TV!’

She sat up and crawled across the bed so she was face to face with his erect cock. She glanced up at him. He was alternating looking at the TV and her, with a quirky smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye. She grasped his thick, hard shaft and started to stroke it slowly. He gave her his complete attention and took a deep breath, tossing the remote onto the night stand.

Jen stuck her tongue out and gave the long member a healthy lick, then sucked it into her mouth. Joe gasped as she sucked it to the back of her throat, her tongue working back and forth across it. She continued stroking the remainder of it while she did. She kept this up for several minutes, then began to suck and lick his balls, teasing the sensitive skin with the tip of her tongue. Joe moaned and sighed and she went back to sucking his cock voraciously.

He laid his head back on the pillow, loving the feel of her warm mouth on his hard dick. She would bring him to the brink of orgasm, then go back to his balls, like she had done before. This kept him on the verge of cumming without pushing him over the edge. It was something she had learned from Julia.

She moved from his balls back to his cock and he looked up to see Alyson and Jill watching from the door. Because of her position and her concentrating on his dick, Jen hadn’t seen them. Jill raised a finger to her lips and grinned. Jen began sucking hard, her mouth making loud slurping sounds as her head bobbed up and down. Joe placed a hand on her head and pulled her long hair from her face. She looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth, then pulled it free.

“Stand up,” she said breathlessly.

He obeyed and she slid her lips over the hard shaft again. She adjusted her position, then pushed it further into her mouth. Joe watched in amazement as she swallowed half, three quarters, then his entire nine inches! He gestured for Jill and Alyson to come over. Jen began bobbing her head slowly, her throat contracting on the long shaft as it slid in and out. She glanced up as Jill crawled onto the bed, her eyes wide, but she continued to deep-throat Joe’s dick.

After a few more strokes, she pulled it out, coughing a little. Jill stared at her in wide-eyed wonder. “Where did you learn how to do that? At the . . .” The word ‘brothel’ stuck in her throat. She was sorry she’d brought it up, not wanting to ruin their wonderful night together with bad memories.

Jen didn’t seem bothered. She nodded. “They forced us to do it there. But tonight, I wanted to do it.”
Jill looked at her fiancé, who was panting. “So, how was it, stud?”

Joe grinned. “Unbelievable! I’ve never felt anything like that before! I could feel her swallowing it! It was so erotic!”

Alyson sat on the bed next to Jill, who grinned and said, “Alyson has something to show you!” They both looked at her and she felt her face getting hot. “Don’t be shy, honey, show them.” She slowly got to her knees and spread her legs, showing them her bare twat.

“Oooo,” Joe exclaimed. “That is sexy!”

Jen grinned. “Nice! Can you do mine later?”

Alyson cringed. “Maybe Jill should. I wouldn’t want to cut you.”

“I’d be happy to,” Jill said, grasping Joe’s hard cock. “Anytime at all.” She stroked it absently while looking up at the TV. The two women were still sucking on the man’s cock. She looked at Jen and said, “My turn?” Jen grinned and backed away. Jill slipped his hard dick into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down on it. Joe looked over at Alyson.

“Mind if I sample your new look?” he asked. Alyson seemed hesitant, but Jen nudged her.

“Go ahead, Aly. You’ll like it. I promise,” she said, locking her eyes on Alyson’s. She looked over at Joe, who gestured for her to come over to him.

“Come on, honey. It won’t hurt,” he said. “Just straddle my head and push your pussy to my mouth. I’ll do the rest.”

Alyson watched as Jill sucked on Joe’s dick while Jen watched her, patiently awaiting her turn. Deciding she could at least do this, she braced herself on Jill’s shoulders, swung her long leg over Joe’s head and pressed her pussy to his lips. She felt him grab her hips and pull her into position. His hot breath caressed her pussy, then his tongue began moving across it. It seemed even more sensitive now that she was hairless. As his soft tongue slid into her slit, she gasped and closed her eyes, giving in to the sensations.

A few moments later, she heard Jill saying her name. She opened her eyes. Jill was no longer sucking Joe’s cock. Neither was Jen. They were both looking up at her from between his legs. Jill was stroking it and looked down, then back up to Alyson.

“Would you like a turn?” she asked.

Alyson looked down at the huge, almost purple head only a short distance from her face. At that moment, Joe shifted his attention to her clit, sucking and nibbling on the little bud. She gasped as a wave of pleasure washed over her and before she realized she was doing it, she had his cock in her mouth, sucking on it noisily.

She could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm as Joe kept touching on all of her most sensitive areas. She began bobbing her head up and down faster, enjoying the feel of his velvet-soft tip on her tongue. Suddenly, he pulled his mouth from her cunt.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!” he cried, then dove back into her pussy with renewed vigor.

Alyson continued to suck on him with the same vigor. Jill spoke to her. “Swallow some if you want, but save some for the rest of us!” She was completely caught up in the moment and surprised herself by sucking even harder, actually looking forward to making him cum in her mouth.

Joe cried out and moaned, his voice muffled by Alyson’s pussy and she felt his cock twitch a second before her mouth was filled with his warm, salty jism. That was all it took to set her off and she released his spurting cock as her own orgasm gripped her. Her mouth dropped open, but a low gurgle was the only sound that came out. Cum dribbled over her lower lip and ran down her chin. Her body stiffened, then began convulsing uncontrollably as her pussy contracted and spewed her own cum into Joe’s mouth.

Jill quickly grabbed the spurting cock and sucked on it, catching the second shot and swallowing it down. She smacked her lips and moved aside so Jen could have a taste as well. Jen managed to get a small mouthful, then stroked it as she sucked the few remaining drops from it before licking the tip clean.

Alyson was slowly coming down from her orgasm despite the fact that Joe was still trying to lick all the cum from her over-stimulated pussy. She lifted herself from his face, unable to handle any more of his probing tongue. She rolled off him and collapsed on the bed next to Jen. Jill and Jen kissed passionately, then Jill crawled up to lick Alyson’s cum from Joe’s face.

Jen lay down next to Alyson and kissed her beautiful tits. Alyson quivered in pleasure and pulled her face to hers. They kissed long and deep; two lovers completely lost in each other. Then exhausted and totally spent, they fell asleep in each others arms.

Joe and Jill watched the two girls sleeping for a few minutes, then Jill pulled a warm comforter over their naked bodies. She crawled up next to Joe on the king size bed and they slid under the covers.

“I think I’m in love,” Jill murmured as Joe held her. “With all of you.”

Joe kissed her forehead. “I know exactly how you feel,” he said. Then they, too drifted off to sleep.

10-16-2007, 06:15 PM
Chapter 28

Alyson awoke in the now familiar position of Jen’s arms. She could feel the comforting warmth of her naked flesh next to hers, her breasts crushed against her back. She got up, being careful not to wake the others, and went into the bathroom.

When she came back to bed, everyone was still asleep. Joe and Jill lay to one side, her head resting on his chest. Jen had rolled over onto her back. Alyson gazed at the sleeping bodies, her eyes finally settling on Jen. Her long blond hair was spread out across the pillow with some spilling over her shoulder to partly cover one of her perfect tits. The comforter had been thrown aside during the night and both of her breasts and one leg were exposed. Alyson watched as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing and found herself becoming aroused.

Still naked herself, she crept over and carefully pulled the comforter from the rest of Jen’s nude form. She paused for a moment, staring at her beautiful body, then moved to the end of the bed near her feet. Very gently, she pushed her legs apart a few inches at a time, until they were open far enough that her pussy was exposed. She quickly crawled up between her legs and pulled up so that her face was inches from her best friend’s pussy. Jen was still sound asleep, as were Joe and Jill.

Alyson breathed in the musky aroma, then stuck out her tongue and licked her slit. Jen murmured in her sleep and subconsciously spread her legs a little wider. Alyson grinned and gave her twat another slower, and deeper, lick. Jen moaned louder this time and her hand went to her pussy. Alyson began licking with more passion, her tongue pushing deep into Jen’s pussy. She looked up to see Jen looking down at her, a sleepy smile on her face.

“Good morning!” Alyson whispered.

“Hi, darling!” Jen whispered back. “What a way to wake up!”

Alyson winked at her, then went back to licking and sucking on her recently deflowered pussy. Jen leaned back on her pillow, closed her eyes, and gave in to the wonderful sensations Alyson was creating in her still tender pussy. A moment later, she felt a hand squeezing her breast and opened her eyes to see Jill smiling at her.

“Morning, honey!” she said with a cheerful smile. She looked down at Alyson. “Hey, baby! Having an early breakfast?” Alyson raised her head, her lips and chin glistening with Jen’s juices, grinned, and went back to work. “Personally,” Jill said as she tossed the covers off her and Joe. “I prefer a little cock in the morning!” With that, she lifted Joe’s flaccid penis, took it into her mouth, and began slurping noisily on it.

Joe moaned, then opened his eyes. He looked down at Jill sucking his cock back to life, then over at the girls. Jen was squirming and moaning, very close to her climax.

“Oh, god, yes! Oh, Alyson! Yes! Yes! Ahhh . . . don’t stop!” She began thrusting her hips upward, trying to push Alyson’s tongue deeper inside her. The orgasm was building deep in her womb and spreading rapidly outward. She grit her teeth as it enveloped her, her muscles contracting, and her eyes squeezed tightly closed.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Ohh . . .!” Her mouth opened and it looked like she was trying to say something, but the only sound that came out was a low, guttural groan. It seemed to build into a low wail as she neared release.

Alyson kept her mouth locked over Jen’s clit, her tongue flicking rapidly across the sensitive little sex organ. Suddenly, Jen climaxed, her body convulsing with each wave of orgasmic ecstacy. She cried out, her screams of pleasure filling the room. Alyson continued teasing her clit until Jen begged her to stop, claiming she was going to pass out from pleasure.

Alyson lifted her lips from Jen’s over-stimulated pussy. Jen lay limply on the bed, her hair disheveled and her breath coming in short gasps. Alyson crawled up slowly, leaving kisses on her stomach, tits, neck, ears, and finally, her sweet lips. Jen returned her kiss passionately, their tongues dancing together erotically.

After they pulled apart, Jen looked into her lover’s eyes. “Oh, god, Aly! That was wonderful!” she gasped. Alyson stared back into her sparkling blue eyes.

“I loved doing it,” she said. “It really turns me on making you feel good, and I really love watching you cum!”

As they gazed longingly into each others eyes, Jen knew she was telling the truth. She also knew now what she had suspected for some time. She was head over heels in love, and she knew Alyson felt the same way about her.

Joe’s moans brought them back to the present. Jill was hard at work, sucking on his fully erect cock with great enthusiasm.

“Oh my god, Jill! I can’t take much more of this!! Ungh!” He grunted as Jill picked up the pace, her head moving so fast that her hair flew wildly. She pulled his cock from her mouth and jerked it rapidly, her eyes wild.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Give it to me! Come on!” She winked at Jen and Alyson, then slipped her mouth back over the huge purple head and resumed sucking. Alyson and Jill lay in each others arms, watching the action. They didn’t have to wait long.

A few moments later, Joe’s moans became louder. “Oh, yeah! I’m cumming! Unghh!” He groaned loudly as his body tensed and Jill felt his balls contract a split second before her mouth was flooded with his hot seed. She swallowed quickly, then again and again until Joe finished shooting his hot cum and flopped his head back down on the pillow.

“Mmmm,” Jill murmured as she licked and sucked the last few drops from his wilting cock. “You had a good load that time, baby!”

Joe grinned sleepily, his eyes closed. “You just turn me on, honey!” He opened his eyes and turned to look at the two teens. “Not to mention you two!” he added with a grin as he stroked Alyson’s hair.

Alyson smiled at him, enjoying his tender, loving caress. She found herself really starting to trust him. Of course, she liked Joe a lot. Jill, too. But after what Bob had done to her, the idea of a man touching her hadn’t been something she was real comfortable with. But Joe seemed different. She found herself thinking more and more what it would be like to have sex with him, to feel his hard cock inside her. Not brutally ravaging her, but making sweet love to her; body, mind, and soul. After watching Jen give herself to him the night before, and the way he was with her, she was even more convinced that maybe she could do it after all.

“Alyson?” Joe was looking at her questioningly.

“Huh? Oh, sorry,” she said, smiling. “I guess I was daydreaming.”

He smiled at her. “I asked if you wanted to help me with breakfast.” He got up from the bed, but made no move to put on a robe or to otherwise cover his nakedness.

“Uh, sure,” she said, getting to her feet.

He took her hand and grinned. “Great! Why don’t we cook ‘au natural’!?” He spread his arms wide, then struck a body builder’s pose. Alyson giggled and snuggled up to him.

“Sure, why not?” Then a naughty idea came to her. “Why don’t we all spend the entire day naked?” They all looked at her, stunned silent that she was the one who suggested such a deviant thought. Then Jill grinned.

“I think that’s a great idea! What do you say, shall we make it a Naked Saturday?” She paused, thinking. “Uh, it is Saturday, right?”

Jen laughed and hugged her. “Well, whatever day it is, I’m in!”

Joe chuckled. “Sure! I have no problem spending the day with three beautiful, naked women!” He took Alyson’s hand and they went out the door, discussing breakfast choices.

Chapter 29

Jen and Jill watched them go, then Jill turned to her and said, “I believe Alyson’s starting to come around. Two weeks ago, she wouldn’t have been alone with Joe for any reason. Now, they’re cooking breakfast naked!”

Jen reached over and ran her hand down Jill’s torso and over the gentle curve of her hips, then looked into her eyes. “We, uh . . . really like you guys . . . a lot,” she admitted. “I mean, I don’t think it’s any secret how Alyson and I feel about each other.” She studied Jill’s eyes for her reaction but saw only love and understanding in them.

“I know, Jen. So does Joe. And we think it’s wonderful.” She smiled and brushed the hair from Jen’s pretty face. “I know what it’s like to be in love,” she continued in a softer tone of voice, her face turning serious. “Because I’m deeply in love with Joe.” She paused, staring directly into Jen’s clear blue eyes. “And you. And Alyson.”

Jen just stared at her, momentarily stunned by her words, then smiled cautiously. “Really? You’re in love with . . . all of us?”

Jill smiled and nodded. “I hope it doesn’t scare you, but yes, I am. Joe is, too.”

She thought about it. Well, why not? There’s no rule that says you can only be in love with one other person. And they didn’t just have sex last night, she realized. They were making love.

“Are you ok with this, Jen?”

Jen looked at her. “I think so, but . . .” She paused, looking for the right words. “I don’t think I love you . . . I mean, of course I love you, and Joe too. But not the same way I love Alyson.”

Jill smiled, her eyes sparkling. “That’s ok, honey.” She slid over and took Jen’s nude body into her arms. “Maybe that’ll come later.” They kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining. When they pulled apart, Jill looked down at her pubic area.

“Are you still tender?”

Jen reached down and gingerly touched her pussy. She was still a little sore.

“A little, but not too bad,” she replied, then eyed her suspiciously through narrowed eyes. “Why?”

Jill’s eyes sparkled. She jumped up and bounced over to the dresser she had gotten the unused dildos from the night before and rummaged through a drawer. She returned with a long, double-headed dildo. “Wanna fuck?” she asked, a mischievous grin on her face.

Jen stared at the strange looking object. It was made to look like a real cock, with life-like bumps and veins. It was even flesh colored. But it reminded her of a long snake with a cock head at each end.

“I’ve been dying to try this out!” Jill exclaimed, dropping onto the bed next to Jen. Jen picked up the nearly two foot long device and studied it. It was firm, but also flexible.

“How does it work?” she asked, turning it over in her hands.

Jill picked up one end. “We sit on the bed facing each other with our legs spread and we each put one end into our pussies. Then we lay back and push it the rest of the way in and start fucking!”

Jen was intrigued, but the long thick toy was big, even longer than Joe’s formidable dick. Jill seemed to read her thoughts. “If it’s too much, we can stop whenever you want. You don’t have to put it all in you.”

Jen thought about it for only a second or two. “Ok, let’s do it!”

They positioned themselves on the bed. Jill picked up the dildo and passed one end to Jen, then lowered the other end to her bare pussy and pushed it in a couple of inches. “Mmmm . . . nice!” she murmured. “Ok, your turn!”

Jen rubbed the end of the huge fake cock along her still swollen lips until she located her opening and slowly fed it into her still tender hole. When she put it in as far as it would reach, they both leaned back on their elbows and started inching closer together. The long dildo slowly disappeared into their pussies as they both moaned and sighed. Jen didn’t realize that she had taken it’s entire length until she felt Jill’s wet lips rubbing against hers. They were both amazed at the feeling of having almost a foot of fake penis inside them, but even more amazing was the erotic tingle of their pussies touching together.

“Are you ok?” Jill gasped. Jen opened her eyes and smiled wanly at her.

“Uh-huh! Feels . . . great!”

Jill began grinding her cunt against Jen’s and she responded in kind. Soon, they were pumping the big dildo in and out, pausing to rub their labia together every couple of strokes. Jill soon felt the tingle of an impending orgasm.

“Oh, Jen! I’m so close! I’m gonna cum real soon!”

Jen was already experiencing a series of small orgasms, but she could sense a bigger one building as well. The grinding together of their pussies, combined with the feel of the huge dildo in her pussy was the most erotic feeling she’d ever experienced in her brief, but colorful, sexual experience!

Jill began moaning louder. “Oh, yeah, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me, now! Harder!”

She began grinding harder against Jen’s pussy, their exposed clits rubbing together. Jen could feel her own orgasm boiling to the surface as their bodies slapped and ground together in sexual abandon, the sounds of their moaning and grunting filling the room. She felt herself tipping over the edge.

“Oh, god, Jill! Fuck me! I’m cumming!” she cried, slamming her body against Jill’s. She felt her pussy clench down on the rubber cock as her body tensed and the orgasm built and released. She writhed on the bed, her legs pulling Jill’s body tight to hers and holding it there. She came over and over, her cries of ecstacy loud in the confines of the room.

As Jen’s orgasm started, Jill felt her own becoming stronger. When Jen finally came, it set her off, her orgasm exploding inside her as Jen wriggled against her. She came over and over and was vaguely aware of her pussy squirting cum from around the sides of the dildo, soaking her, Jen, and the bed underneath their spasming pussies with her sticky juice. She cried out again as yet another wave coursed through her body, then another, until she finally collapsed to her pillow, completely spent.

As they lay on the bed panting for breath, still connected by the double-headed dildo, Jill reached out and took Jen’s hand in hers. “I love you, baby,” she whispered, twisting her head so she could see Jen’s face. Jen smiled and squeezed her hand, but said nothing.

They lay there silently except for the sound of their deep breathing for a few more minutes until Jill raised her head from the pillow and said, “I wonder what’s taking them so long?”

Chapter 30

Alyson and Joe walked hand in hand down the stairs to the main floor. He couldn’t help but steal glances at her luscious, perky tits as they made their way down the staircase to the kitchen. They bounced slightly and just the sight caused his dick to twitch, despite the blow job Jill had just given him. Alyson felt his eyes and turned to look at him.

“See something you like?” she asked. Her lips weren’t smiling, but her eyes sparkled playfully. Joe grinned sheepishly.

They arrived in the kitchen and he turned her to face him. “Sorry, honey. You look so damn sexy I couldn’t help myself!” he replied, caressing her cheek.

Alyson looked into his warm eyes. She had been having a hard time trusting him, any man for that matter, since their last night at Jackie’s. But something about him told her that she could trust this man and she found herself falling for him a little more each day. After last night, she thought maybe she was ready for the next step. She closed her eyes and nuzzled his hand.

“You really are beautiful,” he whispered. He placed his free hand on her other cheek and moved his face close to hers. He kissed her softly and she returned the kiss willingly. When she felt his tongue touch her lips, she immediately opened her mouth and sucked it inside, throwing her arms around his neck and pressing her small body tight to his. She could feel his awakening cock pressing into her thigh and began kissing him with more passion, abandoning all inhibitions as she savored his warm lips. They pulled their lips apart and Joe kissed her trembling neck, sending shivers down her spine.

She brought her lips to his ear and nibbled on his earlobe for a few seconds before whispering softly into his ear. “Make love to me, Joe.” He pulled back and looked into her soft, brilliant green eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked, a curious mix of concern and desire showing on his face and in his voice.

She looked up into his deep blue eyes, a shade darker than Jen’s, she noted, and nodded.

“Yes. I trust you and . . . I love you,” she said, the last words a low whisper.

Joe pulled her to him, their eyes only inches apart. She could feel his warm breath on her face. “I love you, too, Alyson. And it would make me very happy to make love to you.”

Alyson blushed. “Really?” She glanced toward the stairs. “You still want me with Jill and Jen to . . .” He put a finger to her lips, stopping her mid sentence.

“Yes. I love you, and them, too.” He smiled at her. “Jill feels the same way. And it doesn’t take a genius to see how you and Jen feel about each other.”

She blushed again and lowered her head. While they had made no secret of their love, she and Jen had tried to keep their feelings low key.

Joe continued. “So what’s the problem? We all live here together in a perfectly weird, but wonderful loving relationship. We can be with whoever we want, or all together. No rules.” He put a finger under her chin and raised her eyes to his. “Does that sound ok to you?” Alyson nodded and pulled his hand from under her chin up to her lips and kissed it, then lowered it to her breast, pressing it tight. All the while, her eyes never left his.

Joe caressed the soft smooth skin then let his fingers brush lightly across her erect nipple. She sighed and pressed his hand tighter to her tit, squeezing it. She tilted her head back and he kissed along her neck and down to her firm, round breasts. He kissed them for a moment, then started gently sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples. Alyson held his head in place, moaning softly as he first teased one nipple, then moved over to the other one. She could feel her pussy getting wet and the smell of her sex soon reached both of their noses.

Joe halted his sucking and picked her up, cradling her small body in his strong arms. They kissed passionately as he carried her into the living room and set her down carefully on the large couch. She looked up into his eyes and saw only love and desire, the very same feelings she was experiencing. He kissed her again, then knelt on the floor in front of her. She leaned back on the couch as he pushed her legs wide open, breathing in deeply as the full scent of her aroused pussy filled his nostrils. He rose up and once again began kissing her tits, leaving a trail of kisses across her flat stomach to her smooth, hairless pussy.

He licked all around her slit, causing her to suck in her breath in anticipation of feeling his tongue in her waiting pussy. But he denied her that pleasure, instead only kissing around it and moving down to her inner thighs.

She was becoming anxious and a little frustrated. She wanted, no needed, him to lick her pussy! She moaned and raised her hips in an attempt to attract him back to her hot, dewy lips. Joe slowly kissed along her thighs back up to her crack, then slipped his hands under her buttocks and raised her up, fully exposing her inflamed pussy and under it, her tiny puckered asshole.

“Please . . .!” she pleaded, “Lick me!” He blew gently across her swollen lips, already glistening with her juices. She gasped at the feel of his breath on her sensitive lips and pushed upward, trying to push her pussy to his lips. “Joe, please! Stop teasing me!”

He smiled up at her and stuck out his tongue. Beginning at the small fleshy spot between her pussy and asshole, he ran his tongue slowly along the length of her slit up to her erect clit.

She gasped and squirmed in ecstacy, but he didn’t do it again as she had expected. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

“Please! Don’t stop!” she pleaded.

He grinned and lowered his face again. This time, he started at her tiny rosebud, causing her to gasp in surprised pleasure. Jill was right! It felt wonderful! He continued in this pattern, Alyson squirming and writhing under him. Every time his tongue touched her there, it sent a jolt of electricity through her body.

“Oh, yes! That feels so good!” she cried. Joe gave her a few more licks then looked up at her.

“That’s one of your most sensitive g-spots, or at least it is with most people.”

She grinned at him. “I believe you! Please don’t stop!” Her eyes were wild with lust. He lowered his head again and went back to work, paying special attention to her newly discovered g-spot. He began alternating between her asshole and her clit and Alyson cried out.

“Oh, yes! Right there! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” Her voice trailed off into a low wail as Joe felt her vagina contract and then push outward, her labia expanding as if she were trying to expel something from her womb.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!”

He continued to lick while she came over and over, her body jerking and convulsing so much that he had a hard time keeping his tongue in place. After a moment, he sensed she’d had enough and released her tortured pussy, watching her face as her orgasm eased and finally ceased. He sat down next to her and they embraced for a long moment.

She whispered into his ear. “I need you inside me . . . now!”

They pulled apart and he rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs. His huge cock hung just over her excited vagina. He looked down into her beautiful face, searching her hypnotizing eyes for any hint of doubt. Again, all he saw was love and desire. No fear. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him, tasting her own cum on his lips.

“Fuck me, lover! Please!” she begged.

He positioned his cock at her opening and pushed gently, not wanting to hurt her. But she knew exactly what she wanted. As he slowly increased the pressure, she felt herself opening up to accept his massive tool and she forced her hips upward, pushing nearly half of his long tool inside her in one push. She gasped in pleasure and Joe looked down at her, surprised by her aggressiveness.

“You really do want this, don’t you?” he said, a small grin on his face.

“Uh-huh,” she replied breathlessly. “Don’t stop! I want all of you!” She began pushing again and Joe complied by pushing the rest of his cock into her tight pussy, with only slight difficulty.

Alyson bit her lower lip and moaned as the big tool slid deep into her tight cunt. When she felt his pelvis touch hers, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “Mmmm . . . you feel wonderful, baby!” she murmured, her eyes sparkling.

Joe smiled back at her. Her tight vagina was gripping his cock firmly and it took a lot of concentration not to blow his load right then and there. If not for Jill’s earlier blow job, he doubted he could have lasted this long. Alyson pulled him to her, kissed him hungrily, then pushed him back.

“Now fuck me! I want to cum with your hard cock inside me!”

He began to pump in and out of her hot little pussy. Alyson locked her eyes on his. Something about her was different. Gone was the shy, quiet little girl he had come to know over the past weeks, to be replaced by a wild, sex hungry vixen! She matched his thrusts stroke for stroke and pulled him closer, digging her fingernails into his back. Every few minutes she’d pause her grunting and moaning to say something like, “Yes! Fuck me!” She was really getting into it, as if she was releasing years of pent up sexual frustration. She was quite obviously enjoying herself immensely, as was he.

She began breathing faster and wrapped her long legs around him, holding him tight to her. “Oh, yeah, baby! I’m getting close! Faster!” Joe picked up the pace until he was hammering in and out of her wet snatch, their sweaty bodies meeting and their fluids mixing with a wet, squishing sound.

“Oh, yes!” Alyson cried, then screamed in total ecstacy as her body exploded in a mind-numbing orgasm.

Joe felt her vaginal muscles clamp down even harder on his cock, making it impossible for him to move. It was even harder for him to control his orgasm and he groaned loudly as he felt the cum rise in his balls and shoot into Alyson’s spasming pussy in one long, drawn out stream.

After what seemed like a long time, he finally stopped and collapsed into her waiting arms. They lay there for several minutes, trying to catch their breath while their bodies buzzed from their mutually intense orgasms.

Alyson began to rub his back and he opened his eyes, lifting his body from hers. They smiled at each other and kissed. His cock was still buried in her wet pussy and he could feel their mixed juices running out and down her slit to the couch.

“Baby,” he said, “that was unbelievable!”

She kissed his neck. “Trust me, it was my pleasure!” She raised her head and gazed into his eyes. “I love you, Joe.”

He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. “And I love you, Alyson.” Just then, someone cleared their throat over by the kitchen. They both turned to see Jill and Jen standing there with smug grins on their faces.

“So that’s why breakfast isn’t ready!” Jill exclaimed. She was trying to look serious, but Jen started to giggle and she lost it. She began to snicker, then broke down laughing at the sight of them entwined on the couch.

Joe grinned at Alyson, who playfully pushed him off of her. He stood up, his deflating cock slipping from her sloppy pussy. Cum mixed with her juices spilled from Alyson’s vagina and a long string of it connected the end of Joe’s dick to her labia. Jill brought them a box of tissues and they quickly cleaned themselves up.

Jen sat down next to her friend and hugged her. “So?”

Alyson just looked at her. “So . . . what?” she asked, knowing perfectly well what Jen was asking about.

Jen slapped her arm gently. “So, how was it?” She looked up at Joe, who had his arm around Jill as they both watched Alyson, waiting for her reply.

“Oh! That!” Alyson said with a grin. She winked at Joe and shrugged. “It was ok, I guess.”

Jen stared at her for a few seconds, then looked up at Joe, who was trying unsuccessfully to keep a straight face. She looked back at Alyson, who was grinning at her. “Why, you . . .!” Jen began, then slapped her arm again. “Tell me!”

Alyson and Joe laughed, then Alyson said, “It was incredible! Joe is one great lover!”

Joe stuck his chest out with a grin and Jill rolled her eyes. “Oh, geez! Did you have to say that in front of him? Now we’ll never hear the end of it!”

This time everyone laughed. Joe pretended to look hurt for a second, but he soon joined in on the joke.

Jill took Joe’s hand and pulled him toward the kitchen. She beckoned for the girls to come too. “Come on, I’m starving. Let’s get breakfast started. We can play some more later!” They all followed her into the kitchen, talking and laughing. Their new lives had begun.

10-16-2007, 06:16 PM
Chapter 31

Epilogue: Four years later.

Alyson steered the black Mercedes convertible through the night. Jen sat next to her in the passenger seat of the luxury sports car, but neither spoke. They were both too caught up in their own thoughts. She turned onto a once familiar street, and drove slowly along it. There had been a few changes in the last four years, but she still recognized the neighborhood.

They had been living happy, although somewhat restrictive, lives with Jill and Joe. In fact, they still were. Because of the fear that Jackie would harm their families, they hadn’t had any contact with them other than the odd, short phone call to let them know they were ok. Joe used his many contacts to arrange for new ID’s for them, so they were able to get drivers’ licenses, social security numbers, and credit cards, which he paid for.

But Joe had come home to their secluded home with some important news the night before. Jackie’s operation had been raided by police. Acting on a tip, police staked out her mansion, then moved in a week later. She was being held without bail, along with Andrea, John, and anyone else that had been there. The charges were extensive: kidnaping, rape, torture, and trafficking in human slavery, to name a few. She and her cronies were going to be spending a long time behind bars.

After Jen and Alyson had retired to their bed, they spent half the night talking about whether they should testify against Jackie. They had already decided to go home, but only to visit. Their home was with Jill and Joe now, and that wasn’t going to change. They made love and fell asleep, deciding to talk it over with Joe and Jill in the morning.

The next morning, the four of them watched the breaking story of Jackie’s arrest on the news and decided that their testimony wasn’t going to be necessary. And besides, Jen pointed out, it would be difficult to keep Joe and Jill’s names out of it if they did go to the police with their story.

After breakfast, they packed a few things and Joe loaded them into the trunk of their car. He and Jill had offered to come with them, but the girls declined their offer.

“We have a lot of things to explain,” Alyson had said. “I think it would be best if we went alone this time.”

Jill held her hands and hugged her warmly. Now twenty, Alyson had turned into a beautiful young woman. Her hair was a little longer than it had been when they first met up with their new lovers, and she no longer added the blonde highlights. While she had been a little envious of Jen’s more popular looks at sixteen, she was now easily getting as many stares as Jen did, if not more. More importantly, throughout her years with Joe, Jill, and of course, Jen, she had exhibited no more symptoms of mental stress from her brutal rape.

That’s not to say that Jen hadn’t blossomed as well. She was still very beautiful, and with her long, wavy blonde hair flowing around her shoulders and halfway down her back, she could rival any runway model or starlet anywhere in the world. Both girls had grown a little taller and their bodies were lean and well toned. They could often be found sunbathing in very skimpy bikinis, or more often than not, completely nude around the pool.

Joe closed the trunk of the sleek black car and kissed each of them. Jill did as well, giving them each an extra hug. “Please drive carefully,” she said, “And don’t forget to come back home.” Jill was sick with fear that they wouldn’t come back to their happy home.

Jen kissed her. “Please, Jill, stop worrying! We couldn’t stand to be apart from you any more than you can! We will come home, I promise!”

Alyson kissed her as Jen climbed into the passenger seat. “Me, too, honey. We’ll be back in a few days. Don’t worry. I love you.” She blew a kiss to Joe and he stood holding Jill while they pulled away and disappeared down the long driveway.

Jill wiped a tear from her cheek. “Do you think they mean it? Will we ever see them again?” Joe squeezed her shoulders.

“Of course we will. You heard Alyson. This is their home and they love us! Don’t worry, they’ll be back.” He tried to sound confident, but he was also a little concerned. They were going to see their parents who they’d been stolen from four long years ago. He led her inside, still holding her.

Alyson and Jen were getting close to their former homes. Both were nervous, unsure of the reaction they’d get when they told their parents about their new lives and that they weren’t coming home to stay. Alyson pulled to the curb in front of Jen’s parent’s small bungalow, killed the lights and turned off the engine. Both sat staring silently at the modest home. They could see lights in the kitchen and family room and the flicker of a TV through a crack in the blinds. A light burned invitingly over the front door.

“Do you want me to wait? Or come in with you?” Alyson asked. They had already decided to each do their visits separately, but Jen seemed reluctant to go in so Alyson thought she would offer. Jen turned to her and took a deep breath, then shook her head.

“No. Thanks, but this is something I need to do alone. I just didn’t think it would be this hard!” She looked again at the house, then opened her door and stepped out. Alyson popped the trunk and got out as well. She helped Jen collect her bags, then gave her a hug and a quick kiss.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to at least wait until you’re inside?” she asked. Jen shook her head.

“You don’t have to. I know they’re home . . .” She looked at the house again. “And I’m pretty sure they’ll let me in!” Alyson returned her smile and kissed her again.

“Ok, then. Call me if you need me . . . for anything.”

She got back into the car and started the engine while she watched Jen walk slowly up to the front door. When she reached it, she set her bags down and turned to wave at Alyson. Alyson waved back, put the car in gear and slowly pulled away. She watched in the mirror as Jen reached out and pressed the doorbell, but she was out of sight before she saw if anyone opened the door.

She made a right turn onto her old street and drove slowly past her mother’s house. There was a light on in the living room, where she knew her mother would be in front of the TV watching the late news before going to bed. She drove to the end of the cul-de-sac and turned around. This time she pulled the expensive luxury convertible into the driveway behind her mother’s now tired looking Hyundai, the same one that they’d had for two years before she was kidnaped. As she turned off the headlights and cut the engine, she saw the curtain in the living room window pull back, then fall back into place. She sighed. There was no going back now.

She opened her door and stepped out, smoothing her knee length black skirt over her long, slender legs. As she began walking toward the front door, the porch light came on and the inside door opened.

Her mother peered out through the screen door as Alyson approached, her shoes clicking on the concrete walkway. As she got closer, she began walking faster.

“Mom? ” she called, quickening her pace yet again.

Her mother paused, then flung the door open and ran out as she recognized her long lost daughter’s face in the woman coming up the walkway.

“Alyson?! Is it really you?!” she cried when they met just outside the door. She hesitated only a second, taking in her face, then embraced her, crying a mother’s tears of joy. “It is you! Oh, my baby! You’ve finally come home!” Alyson hugged her tight, her own eyes overflowing.

“Mom!” she said in a voice choked with emotion. “I missed you so much!”

Alyson retrieved her bags from the car, which her mother eyed suspiciously, and a few minutes later they were sitting across from one another in the living room.

“Tell me where you’ve been? What have you been doing? How have you managed to live? And that car! Why couldn’t you . . .” Her mother’s questions spilled out in a jumble. No doubt she’d been asking herself these same questions every day for the last four years. Alyson held up a hand, stopping her in mid question.

“Mom, please! One at a time!” she said, smiling into her mother’s face. She had aged a lot in the time that she was gone. “I’ll tell you everything, don’t worry.” Her mother sat back, took a deep breath, and smiled.

“I’m sorry, honey. It’s just that . . .”

“I know, Mom. And I’m sorry you had to go through that. But I’m ok. And I need to tell you first off that I . . . well, I didn’t exactly tell you the truth the first time I called.” Her mother raised one eyebrow, but didn’t speak. Alyson continued. “We did run away, that part was true. But we were kidnaped as soon as we got to the city by a . . . a very bad woman. A friend helped us get away from her, but she said that if we had any contact with you, they would . . . hurt you. I couldn’t risk that. I’m sorry.”

Her mother absorbed this, then said, “So what’s changed that you felt it was safe to come home?”

“The woman who took us has been arrested and she’ll be going to prison for a very long time,” Alyson said. “As soon as we heard, we came back.” Her mother looked thoughtful, then her eyes grew wide and her hand went to her mouth.

“Oh, dear god! Not that woman on the news who kidnaped young girls and turned them into . . .” Her eyes welled up as Alyson nodded and hung her head. “Oh, my poor baby! Did they hurt you?”

Alyson looked up and met her mother’s sorrowful eyes. How could she tell her mother what they had done to her? She was still haunted by nightmares in which Bob brutally raped her again and again. She lowered her head and said quietly, “I’m ok now, Mom. I’ve managed to put it behind me and get on with my life.”

Her mother came over and sat beside her, putting an arm around her shoulders as tears ran down Alyson’s face. “Oh, honey!” she whispered. They sat there holding each other for a long time, neither speaking while Alyson wept. She finally dried her tears and tried to smile.

“I have a pretty good life now, Mom. Jen and I live with some people who love us and treat us like family. I’d really like for you to meet them.”

Her mother nodded. “I’d like that, honey.” She paused. “So, Jen is still with you, then.”

Alyson explained that they had been together the whole time and that Jen was home with her parents now.

“But, what are you doing driving a Mercedes? Where did you get the money to afford a car like that?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously and Jen knew that she was thinking it must be either drugs or prostitution.

“That’s a long story, Mom. It actually belongs to some friends. The ones who helped us to get away and took us into their home.”

Her mother frowned. “They must be good friends to loan you a car like that. Are they rich?” Alyson sighed. It was starting already. The suspicion. The interrogation. She supposed she should allow her mother some leeway. She had certainly earned it over the past four years.

“They are very good, and very close friends. And, yes, you could say they’re rich.”

In truth, Joe was obscenely rich. He had developed a software program years ago that had been put into wide circulation by the government and made a very nice eight figure profit when he sold the rights. Some careful investments, and a few risky ones, had since tripled his net worth and very soon he expected to break the hundred million dollar mark. She explained this to her skeptical mother, leaving out the part about their unorthodox living arrangement. She also didn’t bring up that this was only a visit and she would be returning home in a day or two.

Her mother asked a few more questions and Alyson answered them as truthfully as she could. She didn’t want to go into any of the details of her capture and subsequent abuse. She was afraid she had already said too much and risked implicating Joe and Jill.

Finally she yawned and said, “We’ve been on the road since eight am. Could we go to bed and talk more tomorrow?”

Her mother smiled and stood. “Of course! I’m sorry, honey. You must be exhausted. Let me get some fresh bedding on your bed first.” They went up the stairs, Alyson automatically avoiding the two that squeaked. While her mother made up her bed, Alyson went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then went into her room just as her mother was finishing up.

“There! All ready!” She smiled and kissed Alyson on the forehead, although Alyson had to bend slightly now so she could reach. “Sleep tight, dear. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Alyson closed her door and looked around at her old room. Nothing had changed. The same posters were still on the walls and everything looked just as it had the night she left.

She undressed and climbed into bed naked, as she had become accustomed to doing. It was strange sleeping in her old room, but it was even stranger to be sleeping alone. For four years, there had always been at least one other person in bed with her, usually Jen, and it was an odd feeling to have the entire bed to herself.

She stared up at the shadows of the oak tree moving across the ceiling and thought back to that night four years ago. Was it fate? True, Andrea had tricked them, drugged them, then forced them to have sex with strangers. But if she hadn’t, they never would have met Jill and Joe, who she couldn’t imagine living apart from. And how was she going to explain her and Jen’s unusual relationship with them to her old fashioned mother? Or even the fact that she was madly in love with Jen?

She sighed and rolled onto her side. Tomorrow was going to be a very interesting day, to say the least.

- The end

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Wonderful Story...thanks for sharing this here with us. BJ....:)

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Wow, I couldn't ask for a better compliment! Thank you meliketaters! I'm happy you enjoyed it (sorry if I kept you up past your bedtime! :) ).

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very good story, very well writtin and thought out. Keep writting, you got some talent.
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I am soooo sorry for what I'm about to say.

This story was extreme and laughably inadequate. It started off very nice. Good strong focal point. I thought I knew exactly where this story was going. A part of it even turned me on. Two girls are taken and forced into the world of human trafficking and sex enslavement, made to satisfy clients by being forced to suck a big cock and learning what it feels like to be with women, all leading up to eventually being fucked?

Totally hot I must say, even though I AM a straight woman.

Then it veered off-course, which is alright if at some point it ricocheted back to the original plot. But it didn't. It stayed off-course, not even for the better.

The clients start to feel bad for the merchandise because she's being raped and abused by another client that went in on the merchandise with the other said clients. They in fact feel so bad that they can't bear the thought of these girls being forced whores(though this is from what the initial plot is based) and must rescue the girls by...spending a total of $80,000 to buy both girls for the purpose of rescuing them.

At this point my first thought is: Are you fucking serious?

If I had a mirror to see the expression on my face when I read that part, I'm pretty sure my reflection would have shrugged and said, "Yeah, the writer lost me there, too."

Because, HELLO, no person who illegally purchases underage virgin whores would EVER pay more money for not one, but TWO girls' freedom for the sole purpose of--drum roll, please--getting them out of the trade because they feel sorry for them. NEVER. EVER. People like that don't have remorse. That might have worked had Joe and Jill been a couple on the street who happened to come upon a desperate Alyson and Jen running toward them screaming for help. But never, ever for people who are going to purchase whores, even if they are virgins.

And--as if it couldn't get any crazier-- once Alyson and Jen go on to live with Joe and Jill and find out that they still can't go home, they're o.k. with that because it's better than where they previously were? Not only that, but the girls fall in love with Joe and Jill and also discover they're in love with each other? Wow.

By this time, I found myself laughing to tears. I'm serious. I just couldn't stop laughing, which I'm pretty sure was not the intention.

It seems to me like you've stopped committing to the characters and committed more to the sex.

I can tell just by the way it was written that this story is probably one of your earliest--if not the actual first--works of writing. The girls discussing if their first time is going to hurt with people they're being sold to? Alyson unsure of having sex with Joe because of what Bob did to her, but is suddenly the freak of the week when they do have sex the first time? Class examples of disssociative character transformation. What I mean by this is that Alyson and Jen are inconsistently changing roles. They start off as two scared girls and end up as two horny, lovestruck freaks within a matter of weeks. You've managed to separate who they were by forcing them into their actions...and I find that this happens in a lot of erotic stories with a non-consensual/reluctance sex topic. There has to be a certain finesse as to when and how to take the main victim(s) out of the nightmare before putting presenting her with the dream. If not done correctly, it can throw off the entire story.

Prime example: I've read quite a few erotic stories where the rape victim is fearful of her attacker throughout half the story but, within a few minutes of sex with the rapist, suddenly becomes extremely turned on and starts begging him to fuck her and make her cum. Total 180 character switch. She's not there to become dominant; she's there to be dominated. That's why it is called Non-Consensual. If it were to be consensual, then it might as well have been in the First-Time category.

One last thing.

"Bitch" and "Slut" and "Whore" are common and extremely overused words used by the rapist to guarantee that he means business. The fact is, the reader already knows that. Of course he means business. He's there to rape. He doesn't need to keep calling her names to make his purpose more effective. He's already done that when he took control of her. Let his actions speak louder than his words. After all, its what he's doing to the girl that makes the fantasy worthwhile.

So. Stay with the plot. There's no need for the reader to feel like he/she is reading two different stories. Keep the female lead in an innocent mannerism as long as possible until you figure out a proper place in the story to take her out of it--trust me, its needed and more effective. Don't have the violators continuously calling names; when done too much it can lose its strength. Sex is definitely necessary, but not the entire primary focus. Anybody can write about fucking. Read too many fucking scenes in one story can kill the turn on.

Though I did say speculate that this is one of you earlier works.;fzysmile

Also, no.

This story has, in no way, dissuaded me from reading more of your works. In fact, it makes me want to read more.
__________________________________________________ _____________________

What the hell do I know? I've never done it before!;dggy