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Workin' for the Boss Man
by Yasashii_Kaze

The look on my boss' face told me I was in trouble as soon as he opened my office door. He closed it firmly behind him, although I wasn't really sure why, since everyone else was gone for the day. I hadn't suspected anything when he asked if I could stay a little late to work on something for him, but now it was clear from his expression that I should have.

"I need to talk to you." I nodded wordlessly as Rick leaned his tall, bulky frame against the wall and continued. "Remember that computer you had sent in for the hard disk recovery?"

"Yes, sir," I replied slowly.

"Some files were found on it that were, well, inappropriate. The company called me this morning. They sent a copy of everything that was recovered." He held out a small flash drive.

My mind was working frantically. True, the computer had been issued to me by my job, but I was free to take it home and use it on my personal network. I only ever visited a couple of nondescript sites, checked my home email every night, and chatted ****** a bit before going to bed. I took the drive and plugged it in.

I gasped audibly as the files came up. My erotica! No, it can't be! Okay, yes, I admit I used the computer to write some rather extreme stories, but I always saved the files to my external USB drive, never once on the computer itself. Oh god, this is terrible. Am I going to be fired for this?

"I take by your response that these are indeed yours."

I nodded mutely, dumbfounded.

"You realize that this is a dismissible offense? If I took these to the board, they would fire you immediately."

I nodded again, the pit in my stomach growing deeper. I couldn't lose this job, I just couldn't! I had worked too hard, had too much at stake. If I were fired now, I'd lose everything. I fought back the tears that clustered in my throat.

"I scanned through these. They're pretty graphic."

I was nodding almost habitually by now. I was a decent writer, I knew, and no reader would have trouble seeing the intruder pin a helpless woman to the bed as he raped her, or hearing the slave scream in agony as the lash bit into her tender ass. And there were more. Lots more, all as explicit as the next. I used my writing skills to help me release the sexual tension brought on by too much time alone and circumstance-induced celibacy.

"However," Rick's voice cut through my panicky thoughts and I jumped a little, "you've shown yourself invaluable as an employee here. As I would be hard-pressed to replace you, I'm going to give you another chance."

I nearly threw myself at his feet and kissed them. "Thank you, sir," I whispered hoarsely. I felt the shock begin to drain out of me and heaved an internal sigh of relief. I closed my eyes to keep from tearing up and embarrassing myself as I realized just how close I had come to ruining my life.

"Come to my office tomorrow at five."

I opened my eyes and looked up at him in surprise but his face betrayed nothing. "That's all. You may go home now."

I mulled it over on the drive home. As much as I was certain that he had a particularly distasteful assignment for me, I knew I had been given a huge break. I couldn't ask to get off totally scotch-free, and decided that whatever task he had in mind, I'd do the best I'd ever done on it.

The next day was uneventful. Rick was in meetings all day and I barely saw him. I kept to myself, working furiously to meet an important deadline. When I finally checked my clock and realized it was four thirty, I was astonished. I typed up a few last details on my proposal and backed everything up.

It was five to five when I stood up and headed towards my boss' office. The building was silent, everyone else gone for the day. I rapped lightly on Rick's door and turned the knob when he called, "Come in!" He was sitting at his desk, his suit jacket draped across the back of his chair and his sleeves rolled up. As I entered, he swiveled around to face me. I stood expectantly, waiting to see what project he had for me. To my surprise, he motioned me closer with a finger. I took a couple steps, then a couple more when he gestured again. I was standing about a two feet away from him when he finally spoke.

"You look nice today." I was about to thank him when he reached up and touched the outside of my left breast lightly with his fingertips. I sucked in my breath sharply and opened my mouth to protest but he cut me off. "You know, I'm really going out on a limb for you, not reporting those files."

The implication was thunderous in the large room. I closed my mouth slowly as he brought his hand around the bottom of my breast then slid up until he was cupping it in his large hand. He lifted it slightly, as if testing its weight. His fingers slid up and moved firmly across my nipple. He held my gaze the entire time, as if he were testing my willingness to cooperate to keep my job. After a while, he seemed satisfied with what he saw, and with one last little tug at my nipple let his hand drop.

"I'm glad we had this discussion. I'll see you tomorrow. You may go."

I escaped the room with a hurried pace similar to the day before. The churning in my stomach was a new sensation, however. I was trapped and I knew it. I had no idea how long or far this would go. I could be subject to my boss' groping for years, all because he knew I couldn't afford to lose my job. Because of what he knew, period.

My night was long and restless. I dozed off a few times, but spent most of the night lying in bed, thoughts chasing each other in my mind. I gave up around five and rose wearily. I attempted to eat breakfast, but realized after a couple bites that I simply wasn't hungry. I scraped my mostly uneaten cereal into the garbage disposal and decided to go to work early to run over my proposal one last time. Work was the last place I wanted to be at the moment, but all of Rick's team, myself included, had a day full of meetings that started at eight o'clock with some government officials, and I was nervous about being in another closed room with him. I figured the extra time in a business setting would help me gather composure and courage.

The two extra hours seemed to help, and by eight I was reasonably ready. I gathered my proposal and resolve and left for the boardroom. I stepped into the room and saw that most of the team was already there. Nancy, Rick's secretary, was taking coffee orders. I gave her mine out of habit and sat down as far from the head of the table, and my boss, as I could get.

I went through my already perfect proposal needlessly to avoid risking eye contact with Rick. I couldn't avoid it out forever, though, and when everyone was settled, he cleared his throat. "Thank you, everyone, for coming. Shall we begin?"

The meeting was a blur. I presented my proposal and it seemed to be well-received. I did glance at Rick once but he didn't give any outward sign of our shift in relationship. I barely listened as my coworkers presented their parts and looked up gratefully when Rick announced we would break for lunch. A brief discussion ensued as to where we would be eating. When everyone had settled on a place and got up to leave, I used the bustle to slip away to my office. I really didn't feel like being near my boss any more than I absolutely had to.

I grabbed a pack of sandwich crackers and a diet coke from a vending machine on the way to my sanctuary. I closed the door behind me and sunk into my leather chair, leaning back and closing my eyes. I sighed heavily. Here I was, a skilled business woman who had clawed her way to the top to stand with men twice her age, and because of an unexplainable mistake was being manipulated like a simpleton. I ran a trembling hand through my short hair and heaved a bigger sigh.

The door opened behind me. I glanced up, expecting to see one of the secretaries coming in to leave a message, unaware that I hadn't left with all the other executives. My stomach lurched when I saw Rick standing there. "I-I thought you went to lunch," I stammered.

"No," he stated as he closed the door behind him. And then locked it. "Stand up." His tone was business as usual, as though he were still conducting a meeting.

I rose shakily to my feet. He reached out, taking me by the shoulders and turning me around to face my desk. He tugged off my blazer and tossed it carelessly onto the floor out of his way. He reached around and yanked my shirt out of my pants, worming his hand up under it. He leaned against me as he wrapped his fingers under my bra and pulled it up, baring my breasts. My stomach crawled when I felt his crotch rub against my ass and realized he was hard.

Rick rubbed my breasts with both hands, pinching my nipples firmly. I gasped in pain and he ground his hips against me in response. I could feel everything; his breath on my neck, the hardness of his crotch, his groping fingers. My head was spinning. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, of all people. I'm too smart to be blackmailed!

My boss didn't seem to be interested in consulting my intelligence, however. He was too busy reaching down to unfasten my pants. As soon as he got them open, he yanked them to my ankles, along with my panties, in one swift motion. He withdrew his hands and I heard the sound of a zipper and the rustle of cloth, then felt his hand against the middle of my upper back.

He pushed me down until my shoulders were against the desk, my naked ass sticking out obscenely. He pulled my shirt up around my neck with one hand and brought the other up between my legs, spreading them and fondling my pussy roughly. His intent must have been to make me comfortable for him, if not willing, because as soon as I showed signs of the slightest dampness, he withdrew his fingers.

I felt his cock head against my pussy seconds before he penetrated me. I gasped at his sharp entry and instinctively twisted away from him. His hand shot out and grabbed the back of my head, pushing it sharply against the desk. He thrust into me roughly, urgently, as though he wanted to get off and still make lunch.

He groaned and fucked me even harder, pressing firmly against my head, mashing my cheek into the wooden surface. I closed my eyes tightly as wave after wave of humiliation swept over me. My shirt was rumpled up around my face, making it me feel slightly claustrophobic. My pants were around my ankles, allowing enough room between my legs for my boss' rough thrusts but effectively hindering free movement, and I was being used with the consideration of a blow-up doll.

Rick pulled out of my pussy suddenly and slid his cock back to my asshole. No, oh god, no, please! I let out a muffled moan of pain as he pressed against it that turned into a sharp cry as he thrust his hips forward and shoved into my ass. Tears leaked from my tightly closed eyes and trickled onto the desk. My boss fucked me with no consideration for my agony; in fact, he thrust even harder when I cried out.

He started grunting with each push, shoving harder and deeper with growing intensity. He groaned harshly and I felt him begin to cum. After a couple of spurts he let go of me and pulled out, shooting the rest of his jizz on my ass. It hit my cheeks and trickled down my thighs. With a final groan, he finished, then wiped his cock against my ass to remove the last few drops.

He stepped back and tucked himself away as I straightened up painfully. My ass burned and even my pussy, which was used to rougher treatment, was tender. Rick leaned over and picked up my blazer and tossed it at me. "Clean yourself up. Meeting starts in five minutes." With that, he walked out of my office, closing the door behind him.

I had never felt so used and discarded. I dug around in my purse for some hand wipes I kept there and cleaned the cum off my ass. I pulled up my pants and straightened my shirt with trembling fingers, then donned my jacket. I found a pocket mirror in my purse and dabbed at my face, then fixed my hair the best I could. I smoothed the creases in my clothes and headed to the boardroom.

Everyone was talking and laughing when I arrived. People were filling their coffee cups or getting bottles of water and gathering notes, preparing for another period of discussion. I avoided as many eyes as I could as I made my way to my seat.

As I leaned forward to sit down gingerly, I felt some of my boss' cum trickle out of my ass. Startled, my eyes flew up and found him watching me, studying me. His eyes held me captive. You are mine, they seemed to say. I own you, body and soul. I will use you, abuse you, mistreat you in ways unimaginable, and there is nothing you can do about it.

"Shall we begin?"

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great find DM thanks

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I bet your a great detective DM with regular gems of finds like this...

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nice story

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thanks for reading it

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a very good story. I see the author left it standing for more chapters, have you found any?