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Perfect Pills I : Love Thy Neighbor.

I threw the empty bottle of my last drink into a nearby bin. Not many were left at the party, most had left only a short time ago, although I suppose it was around 3 am. I lingered still, with the hopes to pick up some drunken chick. Open houses were the best places for this, often many people would find rooms to fuck throughout the house, although it hadn’t happened to me in a while.

I exited the house, kicking empty bottles and rubbish as I went. The cool night air hit me making me shiver a bit. “Yo, Thomas man!” came a recognizable voice from over my shoulder. “Hey Danny bro, whatsup?” I replied, turning around to meet my friend walking towards me from inside the house. “Usual man, dude you have to check this out” Danny replied beckoning me inside. “Nah man I got to head off” I replied, but standing still. “Come on man, its not like you’ve got work tomorrow or anything you rich son of a bitch, seriously this will blow your mind” he said laughing. He often taunted me about the cash my old man left me a few years back. A few million wasn’t anything to brag about, although it did allow me early retirement to do whatever I want, at the age of 23.

“What is it?” I said, trying to sound uninterested. “You will see” He said smiling, beckoning once more. I sighed out loud, and made sure he noticed, and then entered the house again. As I approached him he cracked a huge smile, “Your gonna love this”. I followed him through the house, which was actually quite large. We didn’t meet anyone as we passed. We finally came to the end of a narrow carpeted walkway, to a door. He turned around and smiled at me again, then opened the door.

We entered the room. It was quite small, and very clean as if it wasn’t ever used; but that wasn’t the first thing I noticed, on the small single bed in front of me was a really hot sleeping girl, maybe 15 or 16 years of age. She had pale skin, a gorgeously rounded face with small soft lips, a great body with good-medium sized tits and blonde hair that was quite long and lay flat on the bed. My gaze was fixed on the girl when Danny spoke, “Hot, eh?”. “Yeah man, but what are we doing here” I whispered, so I wouldn’t wake the girl. Danny acknowledged my response then walked over to the sleeping girl, he waved his hand above her for a moment, I was afraid of what he was going to do incase she would suddenly awaken at his presence, he then reached down and grabbed one of her boobs tightly. I gasped as he did so, then almost backing towards the door saw she didn’t budge at all to his movements. “What the…?” managed to escape my mouth.

“Haha” he laughed at my response. “A guy at the party came to me and offered me some pills. You know me, I refused, I don’t touch pills, we then chatted for a while and he pointed out these two hot chicks. This one and another” he said gesturing to the girl. “Yeah well anyways I went to get another drink and that guy was talking to them, so I joined them. He offered them a drink, which you know chicks, didn’t refuse and so we headed to where he kept his drinks, in a small fridge in the room next to this. Long story short, when we grabbed the drinks for them he said to me “here’s a live trial bro” and slipped these two pills into the drinks. After about a minute or so the chicks were gone” He said, rubbing the girls tits again. “Wont they remember though?” I said, almost stupidly. “Best thing is man after taking one of those pills you wont even remember how you got to the party, they would just think they drank too much. Well I think I’m ready for another round with my chick, this one’s all yours. You got around two hours.” He said, moving to the door. “But… I” I began to mutter, but he ignored me and left. Closing the door behind him.

I stood there for a moment, I mean what they were doing to these chicks was wrong. My eyes drifted to the chick on the bed. All thought of wrong left my head. Being alone in the room with this awesomely hot chick aroused me a lot. I moved towards the bed, still silently scared that I would wake her. I followed the same motion that Danny had, moving my hand over her body, although much slower. I had to remind myself that she was knocked out before I dared to touch her. I lightly poked at her stomach, as if expecting her to move. After a few seconds, and no action, I moved my hand to her breast.

I lightly placed my hand on it, it was warm and soft. I then placed both hands on her tits and began massaging them, still lightly. They jiggled under my touch and felt great. My confidence rose a lot with this. I moved my hands down to the bottom of her plain blue shirt, and began pulling it up. With a little struggle I got it up to her shoulders and placed it, revealing her godly tits under a red laced bra. My heart jumped a little at the site of them.

I pulled the bra forcefully down onto her stomach so I could play with her bare chest. Her bounced around as I pulled it down. Her silky nipples in the middle, erected. I placed my hands on them again, enjoying the sensation of them beneath my large hands. I squeezed them and rubbed her nipples until they were stiff. Although I was half expecting her to wake up.

After a few minutes of playing with her tits I started moving my hands lower. She was wearing a small grey skirt, I hooked my thumbs around the edges and pulled it down over her long sexy legs. She was wearing a thong, red and lacey just like her bra. I wasted no time with it, quickly pulling them down, eager to see her snatch. And what a snatch it was!

Her puccy was completely unshaven, and two full pouting pink lips sat there in front of me, begging to be touched. I ran my finger over her folds, heat searing up my hand at the touch of her. I circled my finger through her folds then moved down to her small opening. Mmmm. I put the tip of my finger at the hole and pushed in. She was quite tight, but also dry. I pushed my finger in to the knuckle then withdrew it. I spit on my finger and rubbed it around to provide lubrication. I pushed in again, much easier this time. I got all the way to the end of the finger with ease.

I withdrew again, this time lubricating two of my fingers, I dove in with both. I made it in again, with no problem. I fingered her a bit with just the two fingers before putting in a third. This time it was much more difficult and the sides of her vagina walls sucked on my fingers, as if trying to strangle them.

Using a lot of spit, and a bit more effort, I was able to push all three fingers in. She was really tight, the way I like it. I pulled her thong all the way off her legs, and then keeping an eye that she was completely unresponsive, removed my clothes. My cock proudly stood erected, I wrapped my hand around my cock, stroking it back and forth at the sight of the blessing from god before me.

I spat on my hand, then rubbed it on my cock. I went to the end of the bed, and grabbed hold of the girls legs, then pulled her to the end, with her legs over the bed. I pulled her limp legs up, and placed them high in the air, at the same time positioning my cock with her snatch. This gave me a comfortable position at the least, though not so good for her, awake or not awake.

I pushed the tip of my cock into her snatch and leant over her with my hands on her shoulders so she wouldn’t move, and her legs rested on me. I looked down then tightening my grip, I pushed in. Her snatch felt like it was on fire as I pushed my cock almost half way in. I pulled my cock back again, not completely out of the hole, then pushed back in, this time most my cock was swallowed by her.

I pulled out then in again, building up a slow pace. I repeated this process until I was thrusting at what felt like a million miles an hour. Her snatch walls burned and pressed against my cock, felt so fucking good!! I kept pumping into her, feeling my cum rising. I pulled out then pushed in at a mighty force, then exploding my seed inside her. I was engulfed in pleasure.

I panted in exhaustion and felt my cock slowly shriveling. I pulled out of her, bringing a lot of cum with me, but it kept leaking out the sides of her narrow puccy. I stumbled backwards, her legs falling and smashing against the side of the bed with a thud. I sat on the ground, regaining my breath. My body was consumed in pleasure, the only thought going through my head was god bless the man who supplied me with this hot chick.

After regaining my breathe I got to my feet again, feeling kind of light headed. I moved to where her slumbering body was, cum had led trails from her puccy onto the bed sheets, which made me smile, such a beautiful site. I put my finger on her snatch, wiping up all the left over cum. Keeping my finger steady I walked around the bed, to where her face was. Her head lolled on the bed, using one hand to open her mouth I put my finger in, wiping the cum onto her tongue and lips.

I dressed her again, she looked as sexy as ever, although a little messed up, although I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of playing with her tits again before putting on her bra and shirt. She lay, fully dressed, on the bed, I smiled down almost as if I had accomplished something, then left the room for her to lay there. I passed the room where Danny must still be in. Smiling once again, I made my way home by cab.

After that night we had contacted the guy that offered Danny the pills, as he had given Danny his mobile number after giving him the girls. We bought half a dozen each, at around $70.oo per, which would make the person drugged for at least two and a half hours, but sometimes up to five hours, he bragged.

Since that party, I had fantasized about younger girls, they were so tight and just good fuckers, and noticed them more sexually, even in town I couldn’t take my eyes off some of the young chicks in they hot little bathing suits. Although this came to my embarrassment as some ( I think ) noticed me staring at them. Even worse I swear to god, I saw the chick that I had fucked at that party, and that instant I regretted not going back for seconds.

The second time I used the drugs, or what me and Danny later named “Perfect Pills”, was around a month later. I had just moved into my newly renovated home, in a small street, mine being the biggest and most modern looking house. It should be too, I paid a good solid mil and a half for it.

Every morning while I collected the mail I would always notice one of the girls in the street. She would come out in the morning and exercise for around thirty minutes, not like she needed it though, she had a mind blowing body. Not one of a athletics body one but quite skinny, tanned skin, medium-short black hair. Although she had barely any tits, as she was quite young. Maybe a few years younger then the one I slept with at the party.

The fourth day she did the same thing, 7:00am she would come out onto the lawn next to mine and do star jumps and all sorts of exercises, quite entertaining to watch this sexy girl jump around wearing almost nothing. I decided to stay a little longer today, I sat on my porch pretending to read the paper. Around 15 minutes past, her parents would leave for work, she would then finish up and drink from her water bottle and then spend 10 minutes relaxing and stretching. Oh it was so convenient.

At around 7:40, she had just left to go inside, I made my way over to her house. It was the same block layout as mine, small grassy front, gravel driveway but her house was made of old style bricks and polished wood. I went to her front door and knocked loudly. She answered a few seconds later. “Hey” She greeted me smiling, with a look of confusion on her face. “Hey, I’ve just moved next door I just wanted to introduce myself” I said to her, from behind the screen door. She opened the door, and there she was. My goddess up close.

She was even more stunning face to face, “Hey, welcome to our street” She said extending her arm. I shook it, “Thanks” I said returning her smile, “The names Thomas”. “Sarah” she replied still smiling. “My parents would love to meet you, but unfortunately they’ve left for work and wont be back until this afternoon”. “That’s O.K, ill come around another time and introduce myself, seeya Sarah” I said walking away, smiling and waving to her. “Bye Tom!” She said.

I had it all planned out the second I reached my door. Tomorrow would be one heck of a day.

At 7:10am I went outside and collected the mail, as I had done yesterday. Sarah was already outside exercising. “Hey Tom!” She yelled as I approached my mail box. “Hey sarah!” I replied. “Good morning, eh?” I pointed to the sky. She nodded, “Yeah, beautiful and sunny just the way I like it” She said, grinning. “Beautiful and skinny just the way I like it” I mumbled under my breathe, returning the smile.

Her drink bottle lay on the ground close to where she was excersizing, I rumbled through my mail box until a few minutes later her parents drove out, wishing her goodbye and driving off into the day. I went back inside, and to the cordless telephone that was on my kitchen bench. I began dialing the number that was written down next to it, provided by the local telephone index. As it began ringing I grabbed the pill that I had laid next to the sheet of paper, yes I was very organized, and leaving the phone on the bench I made my way outside.

Sarah had heard the ringing and left to go inside. The second she disappeared inside, I bolted over to where she had been working out, and found her water bottle at once. I opened the screw top lid, and dropped the pill inside. I placed it back on the ground, and ran back over to my yard, hidden behind a lounge on my porch. She reappeared soon enough with a unsatisfied look on her face, I smiled. She went back over to where she had been working out, then stood there for a second. She picked up the waterbottle and drank deeply from it. JACKPOT!

She stood there, then deciding not to start working out again made her way back inside. Suddenly a car pulled up into my driveway. Oh god. I stood up, and looked puzzled at the car. Out came Danny, phew. “Hey man!” he said crossing the driveway towards me. “Hey bro watsup?” I said to him smiling. “Nothing man” he said, then looking at my house and whistled approvingly. “Yeahs its sweet eh” I said to him. “No kidding hah” He said still gawking at my modern looking house. “Hey man I owe you from that party, want repayment?” I said to him grinning. “Heck yeh man, what do you have in mind” he said enthusiastically. “Come with me”.

We crossed the lawn and over to Sarah’s house. I knocked loudly, after 20 seconds and no reply I let myself in. Danny still had a confused look on his face. “Sarah you home?” I said leaning inside. No reply. I walked inside. As we reached the kitchen we noticed Sarah’s body on the tiled floor. “Woah” Danny said, from behind me. I grabbed her arms. “Well ya gonna help me or what?” I said looking at him. “Haha yeah sure man”.

We picked her up easily and moved her into the more comfortable lounge room area. We placed her onto one of the large lounge’s, her body limp. “Nice man, this chick is sooo fucking sweet” He said gawking her body the same way he did my house. “Yeah man she’s all yours!” I said to him grinning, but inside kind of regretting I had sacrificed her. “Nah way man, we share this one, she’s too fucking good to giveaway” He said.

“Thanks man” I said. We both began, like vultures, feeling her body. She had the smoothest feeling legs ever, they seriously felt like rubbing silk. I made my way up to her chest, and removed her top, she was wearing no bra. She had small little lumps, maybe half a handful, but they were so fucking sexy I don’t know why they had the effect they did on me. I threw her shirt away, not removing my eyes from her, and not caring what Danny was doing, began rubbing her tits.

They were so soft, and wriggled in my hands as I bobbed them up and down. I kneeled down and began licking her nipples. They soon hardened in response which turned me on, I then softly chewed on one, while massaging the other. After a minute of this I decided to keep some saliva for her puccy. Danny had already removed her sport pants and underwear. I moved over to get a better look at her snatch. It was bare bald, she probably hadn’t started growing pubes yet. It looked so soft and pink, and so extremely inviting. This chick was making me crazy!

Danny had moved to her head, he removed his pants faster then the speed of light and pulled out his 6” cock. He climbed ontop of her, sitting on her stomach, he pulled her body up, then aligned his cock with her mouth. He then forcefully opened her mouth and bobbed it up and down on his cock.

I almost laughed at the weird position, but then moved to enjoy her myself. I grabbed her legs and moved them wide apart, allowing easy access to her snatch. I clambered onto the lounge and moved my face towards her puccy. She smelt great, musky but really good. I stared down at her tiny lips, she was definitely with no doubt a virgin. Probably never masturbated by the looks of it either.

I lowered my head and moved my tongue over her puccy. Using my fingers to spread her lips apart I was able to lick into her fold s and over the tiniest hole I’ve ever seen in my life. I licked a little more then focused on the hole itself, licking all around it then spitting into it to provide lube. Danny was now groaning in pleasure.

I licked my finger all over and rubbed it around her cunt. She was well lubricated, and ready for the all mighty finger. I placed my middle finger on her hole and pushed in. After a few seconds with no penetration I pushed harder and harder until finally my fingertip slid in. I kept the momentum up and pushed deeper, although it was rather hard.

Danny came into her mouth, and lowered her face to the lounge. I kept pushing into her, as he clambered off the lounge. I pulled out, and spat on my finger some more. I pushed as hard as I possibly could this time and my finger sank down and down until I hit her hymen. “Use this man” Danny said, handing me some liquid soap. Smart. I squeezed some of it off into my hand, then smothered it on my fingers then around her snatch.

I placed my middle finger once more onto her hole and pushed, the liquid soap was marvelous, and my finger easily sank, hitting her hymen once more. I built up a steady speed then once I was satisfied began smothering my middle and index finger with the liquid soap. I aligned them to the hole, Danny was suckling on her breasts, and pushed in.
I sank in easily enough getting to the hymen once again. I pulled out slowly. I breathed in, aligning my two fingers to the hole. 3…2…1… I counted down in my head, and I pushed and pushed down with all my might. My fingers sank down hitting the hymen and ripping it apart, my fingers still lowered until the knuckle. I pulled them out and sank them back in and out at a slow but steady pace.

Soon enough I was able to pump my fingers into her quickly, before I entered three. I pulled my three fingers out after giving her a long finger. I realized her breathing was rapid, but still she was unresponsive. I stood up and took off my pants, my erected 7 and a half inch cock rose.

Danny had stopped to watch me too, kind of making me uncomfortable but I didn’t care. I pulled Sarah over to the end of the lounge, and positioned her like I did to the other girl. With her legs above me and my hands leaning on her, I aligned my cock. I squirted some soap onto it with my free hand, then rubbed it in, no need to do her puccy. I breathed in and counted once more; I pushed in, my cock forcefully ripping her open and slowly sinking inch by inch deep into her cunt. Soon enough I had disappeared the whole way.

And fuck was she tight. My cock felt like it was being strangled and set alight at the same time, but yes it felt soo fucking amazing. I pulled out nearly all the way then sank in, I repeated this until I build up a steady pace. In and out I went like some crazy rabbit on drugs. She became looser soon enough after I had pumped in her a dozen times. My cum was rising fast, I breathed deeply, taking the site of the sexy beast below me and exploded like a steam train into her snatch.

I pulled myself off her, gasping for breathe. I laid on the floor, as Danny passed me for his turn. Pleasure was rolling over my body its was incredible, cum was all over my cock. After I regained breathe I stood up again, Danny had positioned her in a doggy position with pillows holding her up, I went to the front of her, kneeing on the lounge, and lifted up her head to my cock. I began to rise again as I pushed my soft cock into her mouth then closing her jaw and pulling out making the cum stay in.

Danny soon came in a rush like I did, and obviously he had the same feeling as he laid on the floor. As he let go, Sarah unbalanced and fell to the floor in a heap. I laughed at that, then picking her up I put her in the same position. I clambered onto her back and with my cock erected once more, fucked her, with no lube this time except the stuff left inside her leaking snatch. I lasted around 5 minutes before feeling my cum rise again, but then I stopped. I went over to her head and shifted the pillows making her lay flat , ontop of my cock. My cock went all the way in and hit the back of her throat, she gagged a little unconsciously, then I pulled back out and bobbed her on my cock.

Danny had picked himself up and was pouring soap all over Sarah’s ass. I kept pumping into her, I peeked, and deposited my seed into her mouth. I lay her down softly and sat back on the floor recovering. Danny continued to lather her up and then I saw his finger disappear into her asshole. I was intrigued, as I had never done anal before, and watched him sink his finger down her ass. He soon had two fingers easily sliding into Sarah’s cute butt.

He was able to get three, but shifted her on top of him, almost as if she was sitting on him. “Hold her for a sec, there man” he instructed to me. I grabbed her from him, as he grabbed the soap and lathered his cock up. He grabbed hold of her waist and lined up his cock with her ass. I let go, and he did the same, only just guiding her. She fell slowly onto his cock, it disappearing inside her. “Ohhhh god” he groaned out.

I was extremely turned on by this and grabbed my cock and began stroking myself until he was done. He blew his load inside her ass, but kept her ontop of him. He pulled her off slowly and lay her next to him, then moving over to allow me to have a go. I jumped on the lounge eagerly. I lathered my cock up and then followed his example in lowering her down. My cock was lined up and slowly went into her tiny ass. Oh my god it felt good! It was ever tighter then her puccy.

My cock disappeared fully now into her, I pushed her back up and then down again. I repeated this but only lasted 4 goes before blowing into her. I felt wasted and pulled her off me, and she laid limp on the lounge. I sat there next to Danny, both of us with a look of ecstasy on our faces. “Th…ank…you” he said in between breaths. “No Probs” I replied smiling back at him.

“Morning Tom!” Yelled a tired and sore looking Sarah. “Morning Sarah, how are you this fine and sunny morning?” I replied smiling at her, whilst getting my mail. “Good, sore from yesterday I slept in a really awkward position” She said, stretching her leg. I smiled. “Seeya round Sarah!”. “Bye Tom!”.

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