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09-13-2005, 06:39 PM
Thanks to my friend, mentor, and editor, BrettJ for his help with this story.
His encouragement, keen eyes, and naughty PMs helped me to write this story.
Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Teacher's Pet
By Shannon Ray © 2005

Dean had lost track of time trying to get his students’ science tests graded. When the phone rang, he looked at the clock. It was six o’clock. He sighed; he hated being interrupted when he was concentrating on work. He grabbed the cordless and answered the call.

“Mr. Wagner?” a soft, but flustered feminine voice came from the other end.

“Yes?” he answered; hoping it wasn’t some irate parent on the line.

“Mr. Wagner, this is Melinda Phillips, Megan’s mom. I need a big favor and was hoping you could help me out.”

“Hello Ms. Phillips. What is it?” he asked.

“The hospital called and wants to know if I can work tonight. I really could use the extra money Mr. Wagner. I can’t find a babysitter, and I rather not leave her all alone at night. Could she possibly stay with you?”

Dean considered it for a minute. Megan was his favorite student this year. He knew how much her mom was struggling after the tragic death of Megan’s father just a year ago. Her request was unusual, but he hated to turn her down.

“Yes Ms. Phillips that will be fine. Bring her by when you’re ready,” he said, trying to hide his annoyance.

It was Friday night, not that he had any plans, but once his work was done, he could kick back and relax. Dean was an attractive man of 36, short dark brown hair, brown eyes, a small dimple in the middle of his chin, and he had a rugged look to him. The only excuses he had for not dating after divorcing his wife seven years ago, was his sons and going back to get his Master’s Degree. Not very convincing excuses, at that, he knew. He’d had a few dates, but none of the women ever meant much more than dinner and an occasional fuck.

“Oh, thank you so much Mr. Wagner,” she said excitedly and they said their good-byes.

While he was waiting on Megan to arrive, he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. He was lost in thought; Megan had come a long way since the beginning of the school year. He knew 12th grade was tough for any kid, but she was really struggling when she started in his class. Her father had been killed in a car wreck the year before, and she had barely passed 11th grade. Her mom had sold the house and moved to Hopewell, thinking a change of scenery would help her daughter.

Ms. Phillips worked two jobs just to make ends meet. When she worked the eleven to seven shifts at the hospital, she often left Megan with him after school, until she got off work. It was his idea. He could see how much they were struggling, and wanted to help out. Megan was the same age as his middle son; he had three, who all lived with their mom. She was like the daughter he never had. The extra time spent with her seemed to pay off, she was an A/B student now, and more importantly she was coming out of her shell and making friends.

Megan and her mom arrived just as Dean was finished with dinner. Dean took off his apron and went to the door. Megan was beaming from ear to ear. She enjoyed being with Mr. Wagner, he reminded her of her dad.

“Hi Mr. Wagner!” she was grinning up at him. Her copper-colored hair bouncing in a ponytail. She wore an oversized T-shirt and baggy jeans.

“Hey Meg!” he gave her a friendly wink. He looked at her mom, “Hi Mrs. Phillips.”

“Than you so much Mr. Wagner,” reaching out to shake his hand. “I will be by just after eight in the morning to get Megan.”

“That’s fine Mrs. Phillips. I’ll have Meg up, dressed and fed before then. I’ll fix my special pancakes, I always fix them when my boys are here,” he paused. It would be nice to have some company close to his age. “There will be plenty for you as well, that is, if you’re not to tired.”

“Oh, that sounds lovely Mr. Wagner,” she smiled at him. You’ve been too kind. And, please, call me Melinda.”

Melinda hugged her daughter, and kissed her on the forehead, “I love you baby, be a good girl for Mr. Wagner.”

“Feel free to call me Dean. We’ll see you in the morning Melinda,” Dean told her.

Melinda gave Dean a wave and turned to go. He shut the door behind her as she walked down the stone path to her jeep.

Dean turned and grinned at Meg. “So? Meg, ya hungry?”

“Yup! What’s for dinner?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing special, barbecue baked chicken, rice, green beans, and rolls,” he paused, “and banana pudding for dessert.”

“Sounds good to me,” she said, already on her way to the kitchen.

Dean and Meg sat at the table enjoying their dinner and making small talk. They were comfortable together after all the special attention from Dean. They finished dinner and dessert and Meg helped clear the table.

“Meg, why don’t you get ready for bed,” Dean suggested, “and I’ll load the dishwasher. Then we’ll watch a movie.”

By the time Meg had showered and put on her pajamas, Dean had popped a bag of popcorn and was already sitting on the couch. Dean looked up as Meg was walking toward the living room. He was shocked at what he saw. He wasn’t looking at his young, innocent student anymore; he was looking at a sexy young lady, all grown up.

Meg was wearing a short chemise top. The shimmery satin fabric, the color of violets after a fresh spring rain, was clinging to her body. A layer of lace, blue as a summer sky, outlined Meg’s small breasts. One tiny spaghetti strap hung loosely over her right arm. The matching shorts were cut high on the sides, allowing a view of her firm ass as she moved.

Megan’s red hair, the color of a new copper penny, now hung loosely around her shoulders Her nipples poked through the sheer top. Her long sexy legs were tan; her thighs were full and shapely. Dean felt a familiar heat in his groin. He knew it was wrong to feel this way. Meg was so young, so naïve. She wasn’t even aware her body was changing from a girl to a woman.

Meg chose to watch ‘Me, Myself & Irene’ and popped it in the DVD player as Dean had asked. He was trying to will his hard-on to go away and would have been embarrassed if he had gotten up to put the movie in and she had noticed his erection. It was difficult at the moment, with Meg across the room, her satin shorts clinging to her firm round ass.

Meg sat on the couch, just inches away from Dean. She was like a young innocent child, needing attention. Her feet were propped on the edge of the couch, knees to her chest, hands on her knees. Her legs were in a ‘V’ shape, her elbows hung down beside her shapely legs. Meg was soon enthralled with the movie.

Dean noticed her shorts leg creeping up her silky looking inner thigh and could see her small puffy lips, they had a layer of baby fine copper hair over them. His cock twitched in his shorts. ‘What kind of pervert am I?’ he thought. He tried hard to concentrate on the movie, but caught himself peeking at that innocent honey pot several times.

Dean got up from the couch and started for the kitchen. “Do you want something to drink Meg?” he asked over his shoulder. He didn’t want her to see the obvious bulge in his pants. He had to cool his head, both of them.

“Yes, please Mr. Wagner,” she answered.

Dean turned on the cold water and splashed his face. ‘Get it together man!’ he thought to himself. The cold water seemed to bring him to his senses, but didn’t relieve the aching between his legs. He retrieved two sodas from the fridge and returned to the living room.

Meg had moved to the other end of the couch, using the armrest as a pillow, her legs folded up toward her chest, leaving him room to sit. He placed her soda on a coaster on the end table next to her head. She was unaware that her shorts were twisted and again he could see her smooth little slit. He offered her a blanket, hoping she’d take it, so he wouldn’t be tempted to look at her sexy young body. She declined it, and he sat down at the other end of the couch to continue watching the movie, trying hard not to think about the vision of sweetness at the other end of the couch.

Dean was finally calming down and concentrating on the movie when a line from the movie made him cringe.

“Man, you'll do the cooking? Man, you're the one who thought you got chipped beef from a toothy blowjob.”

Hearing the word blowjob, Dean again was fighting a battle of the bulge in his pants. Meg seemed to not have heard it, or was ignoring it. She hadn’t moved from her position. Several minutes passed, and Dean started to relax again.

Meg broke the silence. “Mr. Wagner?” she paused, “What’s a blowjob?” She sounded so innocent.

Dean was shocked, unable to speak. There was silence again for several moments.

“Mr. Wagner, what’s a blowjob?” she asked again.

“Meg, honey,” Dean finally found his voice, “that’s something you should ask your mom.”

“Mom won’t tell me things like that,” she replied. “She says I’m supposed to learn about sex in health class. Old Mrs. Lonely, ummm, Mrs. Linley, won’t tell us anything either.”

Dean knew this was probably true. Mrs. Linley had been his Health teacher when he was Meg’s age. She hadn’t changed the way she’s taught since she began teaching forty years ago. The kids were lucky to even know what sex was if it was up to that woman.

“Meg, it’s not my place to tell you about things like that. Let’s just watch the movie,” he said as gently as possible.

“B-b-but,” Meg stammered, “how am I supposed to learn if no one will tell me?”

Dean sighed. Meg just wasn’t going to give up until she got an answer. He really didn’t want to have this discussion with her, considering the feelings he was already having for this sweet child.

“Alright, Meg,” he said, trying to remain calm. “I’ll answer the question, but then we finish watching the rest of the movie. Ok?”

“Ok,” she says, pouting a little.

“Ok, Meg. You know what a penis is?” he asks, not really sure how much she really knew.

“Yes,” she answers, sitting up looking him in the eyes; “you mean a man’s cock?”

Shocked again by her response, Dean tried to keep his composure. His dick was trying to push through the zipper on his shorts. He really wished this night were over, regretting that he even said yes to Mrs. Phillips request.

“Yes, Meg,” still trying to sound calm. “A blowjob is when a woman sucks a man’s cock until he ejaculates.”

“You mean he cums in her mouth?” she asked.

“Yes, Meg,” his frustration is obvious in his voice. “Most of the time. Now can we get back to watching the movie?” His cock is throbbing, as thoughts of putting his own cock between Meg’s sweet lips enter his head.

She leans back against the couch, seemingly satisfied at his answers. He wished the movie were over so he could just go to his bedroom, lock the door and jack off. Minutes ticked by on the clock, but it seemed like hours.

“What does it taste like?” Meg asked.

“What does what taste like Meg?” Dean asked, somewhat distracted.

“What does cum taste like?” she asked again. “It must taste pretty good for most women to taste it.”

“Meg,” he sighed, “I really rather not be having this conversation.”

“I’m sorry,” she said in an apologetic tone. She moved closer to Dean, shoulder against his. “I just want to know. I feel so stupid when all the other kids in 8th grade talks about these things, and I don’t have a clue.”

Dean turned to face her, lifted her chin looked in her emerald green eyes. “Meg, don’t ever think that about yourself. You are not stupid. You’re a very smart girl. Sex is something that adults do, and kids your age don’t need to be talking about it anyway.”

She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Her soft lips brushing against his stubbled chin sent another rush of blood to his cock. Her hair smelled like lavender, she was driving him mad with lust.

“Thank you, Mr. Wagner,” she said as she leans back, her shoulder resting against his.

The movie was almost over and Dean was glad. He could finally go to his room and imagine his cock entering her pale red lips as he gave himself relief from the aching in his groin.

The credits began to roll, and Dean reached for the remote. He felt her fingers on his thigh, on his bare leg just below his shorts. Her fingers were trailing small circles on one of his sensitive spots. Unknowingly, she had found the spot that drove him to the edge.

“Do you like blowjobs Mr. Wagner?” she whispered in his ear.

“Yes, Megan,” he said softly, “I do.” He was tired of denying himself pleasure.

Dean started to get up and go to his bedroom. She caught his arm as he began to rise. He turned to face her, the bulge in his pants quite obvious. She was sitting on the edge of the couch looking up at him eagerly.

“Will you show me how to do a blowjob Mr. Wagner?” she pleaded with him.

Wrong or not, Dean was going to do this. He wanted her desperately, and it was obvious she wanted him, though she was to naïve to know how to tell him.

“Meg,” he said softly, “are you sure about this?”

“Yes,” she barely whispered. She looked him in the eyes, her voice a little stronger this time. “This is what I want.”

“Ok, my pet,” he said, as he unzipped his shorts and removed them. His cock stood straight out, just inches from her lovely mouth. “Start by kissing and licking it Meg, then when you feel ready, you can put it in your mouth.”

Meg was eager to please her teacher. She started by placing a kiss on the tip; she kissed every inch of his cock. The touch of her velvet lips was driving him insane with pleasure. He urged her to use her tongue, and again she explored every sensitive inch of his cock, lingering around the base of his head. One of her hands around his shaft, she guided the now moist tip around the outline of her lips. Dean held his breath in anticipation; sure she was about wrap her sensuous lips around his cock. He didn’t want to rush her, nor did he want to frighten her, so he let her continue doing what she was doing.

Dean let out a rush of air from his lungs as Meg parted her lips and timidly put them around the head of his cock. While stroking her copper-colored hair, he looked down at her and encouraged her to continue. Slowly, she engulfed his entire cock in her mouth, her lips against his closely trimmed hair. He pulled back gradually until just the head was behind her luscious lips. Dean ran his fingers through her silky hair, to the back of her head. He gently guided her head forward again, encouraging her to use her tongue as he gently lunged in and out of her hot mouth. Meg was a quick study, greedily sucking and flicking her tongue all around his cock, while he slowly thrust toward the back of her throat.

“Lean back Pet,” Dean whispered.

Meg leaned against the back of the couch, and Dean leaned forward with her, not wanting his cock to escape that hot, moist hole. Dean removed his T-shirt, not wanting the loose fabric to impede his view of her lips swallowing his dick, and dropped it on the couch beside Megan. Dean used the back of the couch to support his weight, his hands on either side of her head.

He drove his cock harder in her mouth. Her hands roamed around his hips, inner thighs, around to his ass. He guided one of her hands to his aching balls; he needed relief soon, but at the same time didn’t want the moment to end. Dean pounded her mouth, assaulted her lips. Her head was pressed deep into the cushion of the couch; he could hear her struggling to breathe through her nose. Her fingers slipped from his aching balls. They trailed lightly down his inner thigh.

“Pet, I’m going to cum in your mouth,” he managed to gasp.

He felt her try to nod her head. He put his hand on her top of head, thumb on her forehead, so she wouldn’t move, his other hand stroking his cock. He looked down; he wanted to watch her face as she swallowed his load. After a few more thrusts, his cock began to spasm, spilling his seed down her throat. Dean could hear her gulping his juice, taking every drop. She never hesitated, never gagged. As Dean tried to catch his breath, he looked down at Meg, smiling.

Finally, he knelt down in front of her. He leaned forward and kissed her. His tongue exploring her mouth, tasting his own juices. She tentatively flicked her tongue against his at first, then gaining confidence, she hungrily explored his mouth. When their mouths separated, Dean looked her in the eyes, wanting to remember this moment forever.

“How do you feel Pet?” he asked, gently caressing her hair.

“It tastes salty Mr. Wagner,” she replied, licking her lower lip.

“No, Baby, how do you feel?” he repeated his question.

“Well,” she said hesitantly, “I feel warm and tingly all over.” She paused, looking into his deep brown eyes. “My shorts, I think they’re wet.”

Dean looked down to her lap. There was a small dark spot of moistness between her legs.
He looked back into her emerald green eyes and smiled.

“That means you enjoyed it too Pet,” speaking softly and squeezing her hand.

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good story. Is there going to be more parts?

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good story. Is there going to be more parts?
Oh yes, at least 2 more if not 3..... ;)
Glad you liked it! :D

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Well!... we're waiting...lol ;)

Peace, Love and surf naked,


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Keep the SEXY work! :p

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I'm with Neeka! Such a hot story, and now we have to wait for more. Please don't keep us waiting long.

06-07-2006, 03:54 AM
Outstanding story, thanks. Hope there are more chapters to this erotic saga

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i want to see the rest of this story it is so tabo but thats what makes it so hot u should turn her into a slut

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