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10-24-2007, 06:47 PM
This happened before we had caller ID. I mean, we had it, but not everyone had it. And you could hit “last call dialed” but only on certain phones, only if they were the most modern styles. I remember I was working at the fabric store, and my shift was due to start in the evening. I was laying down for a few minutes before my shift started, but I wasn’t really tired. What I really was was horny. But there wasn’t much I could do about that.

You might not know this about me, but I am not much of a masturbator. I mean, when I was a teen in the dark of my room, of course there were moments where I did, but not as part of a regular routine. I didn’t do it just to do it, to try to learn things about myself. And to this day, I don’t usually masturbate. Mutual masturbation is another story. I will masturbate if I can watch you masturbate. But regular masturbation, by myself, no- - - not usually.

That afternoon, I was lying in the bed, thinking about masturbating, but not sure if I wanted to (because I do like some company) when the phone rang.


“Hello. Is Kim there?”

“I’m sorry. There’s no Kim here. You must have the wrong number.”

The caller was an older man. He apologized and hung up. In a moment, the phone rang again.


“Is Kim there?”

“This is the wrong number again.”


Now the caller was pausing in a strange way that I couldn’t put my finger on. I said, “But do you just want to talk? I mean, I don’t know you, but if you don’t care whether you speak to Kim, I’d like to talk.”

“Oh. Okay...”

Now I don’t know about instincts, but I had a good vibe on this man. In the few words that had passed between us, I had him pegged for the silent, brooding type who would watch you across the room but wouldn’t be the one to speak first. I had him pegged for being the “God, nothing hysterically exciting Ever happens to me” type. I may have been unfair, but I even had him pegged for the “I look inside lit rooms hoping someone will be naked” type.

I didn’t really care. I wanted to masturbate and I don’t like doing it alone. Talking on the phone to a complete stranger might be okay.

“So tell me about yourself,” he said to me.

“I’m married. Have a son. My husband’s at work. My son’s at school. I’m getting ready to go to work. Well not right away. In an hour or so.”

I glanced at my watch. I really had more than two hours, but he didn’t need to know that.

He pitched in that he was married, and he worked at a company that we would all know because of the many millions of dollars they spend to advertise on tv. He was off for the afternoon. Had the house to himself.

“So tell me about Kim.”

“She’s a friend.”

“Are you attracted to her? Are you an item?”

He stumbled on his answers.

“No. Really. Tell me about Kim. If I’m going to reveal real things about myself, tell me about Kim. Why are you calling her at 3:30 in the middle of a Thursday afternoon?”

“She’s a business associate.”

“Really? Is that all?”

“But I am attracted to her.”

“I knew it!” I said. My hand was working its way down the hollow of my tummy, past the elastic band of my panties... He was going to be fun!

“Have you ever approached her to have sex?”

He laughed uncomfortably.

“Let me say that a different way. Have you ever wanted to approach her to have sex?”

“Yes I have.”

“But you haven’t done it.”

“I’m married.” He said.
“Of course you are. We all are, aren’t we?”

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“I’m not going to tell you my name because I am probably the only person in the city who has it, so if you ever ran into me, you would know who I was. What do you want to call me?”

“I’ll call you Elizabeth.”

That gave me goosies because that’s really my middle name, and in the fantasies of a child with a name no one’s ever heard of, I used to wish people would call me Beth. “Call me Beth, then.” I told him.

By now I had my finger more or less trapped inside pussy folds, but I really wanted to play hard, not just dabble, so I figured I’d better get out of my pants. “Hang on a sec, I need to put the phone down.”

I put the phone on the end table, and I wriggled out of my clothes. I took my shirt off real quick because I like to play with my nipples. I laid back on the bed and picked up the phone.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Now this was the moment of truth. Would I tell him what I was really doing? I really, really wanted to tell him, but only if I was anonymous.

“Before I answer that, do you remember what number you called?” Before he could answer, I fed him the answer I wanted. “Because if you can remember the number you called, then I don’t want to tell you. But if you’re perfectly sure that you don’t remember the number you called and you won’t be calling it back again, well... if you don’t remember the number, then I could make this one of the most fun phone conversations you’ve ever had...”

I had my legs thrown wide and I was trailing my fingers along body parts that craved to be touched. The uncharted territories. Having a listening audience was making me drip with anticipation. My pussy was sodden. I dipped a finger in and licked the taste off. I’ve always liked the way I tasted.

“I have no idea what number I dialed.”

I could almost see him making notes about the number he did actually dial, but at that point, I didn’t care. He passed my test that he was willing to go along with what I wanted. He wasn’t one of those assholes who would insist on things being a certain way, regardless of what it cost him in the end.

“Well then, I am laying here completely naked, getting ready to masturbate while we are on the phone.”

I loved hearing the gasp in his voice. “Do you do this often?”

“Nope. First time. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

He assured me that was more than okay. That was fabulous.

I thought I heard a door close. I imagined him going into some remote room of his house. Maybe he was going to masturbate with me!

“Tell me what you look like.”

I described to him my twenty-five-ness. I told him my measurements and my height. I was pretty much a 36 - 28 - 36 then, but I was sure he didn’t believe me. It didn’t matter. This was the phone. Anything was possible. I had curly brown hair. I had soft, sensuous skin. I had nipples that liked to stand up. I had a wet, wet, pussy. He wanted to hear more about the wet, wet pussy. He wanted to hear about the last time I’d had sex. I talked to him awhile, fingering myself, sliding my hands across lakes and valleys and delicious encounters.

“Tell me about yourself.” I said, when I’d told him enough.

“There’s nothing to tell.” He said. “I would bore you.”

“Then talk to me about anything at all, anything you like. I want to feel my pussy while you talk to me. I will listen and when I start to get close, you will know. But I want to listen to you talk.”

“Describe to me what you are going to do.”

I told him that I was cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples, that I was petting the outer folds of my labia, that I was tapping and stroking my clit... but I was going to start inserting fingers, and maybe a toy, into my pussy, and I wanted him to talk to me while I did it all. He was going to have to use his imagination, I told him.

He started talking, I don’t remember about what, but I was sure he was yanking his own by then. I stopped him. “Are you touching yourself too?” I asked.


“Oh that makes me so fucking hot. It makes me so fucking hot to know that you want to jack off listening to me on the phone. Okay. Go ahead with your story...”

And I went back to diddling my clit and imagining him wetting his hand to slide it up and down on his hairy knob. At some point, I did get out a toy. I didn’t have elaborate toys at the time, it was just a small vibrator that came free with a purchase from Adam & Eve. I didn’t use it very often, and the batteries weren’t fully charged.

“You hear that?” I asked him, holding the phone closer to my puss. “I turned on a vibrator and I’m using it to fuck my hot pussy. You like that?”

He didn’t answer but there was a catch in his breath. I could imagine him with eyes shut, willing himself into a bed with a twenty five year old horny woman who wanted to get off before she started her shift. There was a noticeable slurp when I moved the vibrator in and out of my slit. I hoped the sound of my sloppy wet pussy just about to cum was totally getting him off.

I put the phone back to my ear. I didn’t hear much coming from his end of the phone. “You still there?”

“I’m here,” he said.

I imagined him saying something more along the lines of “Oh God, Yes, I am here, and I am so fucking horny because I just dialed the wrong number and you are a freaking goddess to let me listen to you cum like this” and I went on, “Well, I’m close. I’m real close. You want to listen to me cum?”

“Yes,” he whispered. I imagined him sitting on the floor in his den, back against the wall, his weiner stiff in his hand, phone pressed against his ear, hanging on my every movement. I felt like I had him totally captured.

Men, those of you who have read this far, you will learn something about women if you will allow them to think they have you totally captured. At least once in awhile.

I arched up in the bed, the receiver next to me on the pillow. I jammed the vibrator in and out of my pussy, in and out, in and out. The battery was rumbling, but it was almost dead, and there wasn’t much girth to the toy, so it wasn’t fulfilling my need... if you get my drift.

In desperation, I picked up the phone. Smooth. Rounded. Big.

“Okay,” I told him, “I can’t listen to you for a minute, cuz I’m about to cum, and I’m going to use the phone receiver to make me. Okay? I want you listening to this...”

He could hear the intensity in my voice because at this point this was all performance. Live performance of a woman on the edge of a cum, willing herself to tiptoe up to the edge, and body slam to the other side. I took the phone receiver by the cord end and jammed the ear piece smack down into my sopping wet cunt.

It didn’t take much. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” I started calling. Oh God, I hoped he was listening. This was making me so fucking hot. “Oh God. I’m cummm-mmm-iiing!” I yelled. “My pussy is so wet. My pussy is so fucking wet. My nipples are rock hard. Oh it makes me so HOT to think about you listening to me do this.”

A few more slams into my hot pussy and I thrashed about on the bed somewhat. I pulled the receiver to my ear by the cord. “Did you hear all that?” The phone receiver was slippery and full of my smell.

“You are so hot,” he said. “I’m gonna cum too!” And I heard him “Oooh! Oh! Oooh!” and imagined a drizzle of white cum flash out of the end.

“I have to get ready for work, now.” I told him when he’d caught his breath. “Now if you’re going to keep this special, it’s very important you don’t call me back. This was a one-time deal, you understand me?”

“Yes, Beth,” he said. “I understand.”

About a week later, the phone rang on a Thursday afternoon at around 3:00. “Hello?”

“Is Beth there?”

Of course it was him. “I told you you could NOT call me back. I told you it was that one time. You cannot be calling my house. I am married.” There was more urgency in my voice than I wanted him to hear. There was more urgency in my voice than I wanted to have. I really did need to remain anonymous! I could not have a man hanging around, wanting to meet me, wondering if I was horny every Thursday afternoon. If he called me again, he was going to ruin it.

“I must have the wrong number.” His voice sounded sad.

He couldn’t imagine how I’d remember that afternoon, like a precious stone collected on a beach of long, lazy afternoons. He would never imagine how I wanted to tell him thank you for letting it be just what it was: A wrong number.

He never called back again.

10-24-2007, 07:01 PM
That was an awesome story...thanks....:)

10-25-2007, 08:58 PM
Wow, very interesting

10-26-2007, 04:41 AM
Great story thanks for sharing it with us

10-26-2007, 04:54 AM
Very well done, solid plot and the right mix of
erotic enticement to get the reader hooked early on.

A sweet slice of writing and shows a real talent
behind the thoughts to create with words.

10-26-2007, 12:38 PM
Well what can I say, great stroy, excellent topic, well written and sensitively portrayed... Guess the only thing left to say is wish I had written it....lol

10-26-2007, 10:43 PM
Wow, that was hot. I would never have the nreve to do something like that, but reading about someone else doing it is really erotic.

11-27-2007, 03:41 AM
great story, if only I could call someone and get that response
keep em cumming

01-02-2008, 10:05 AM
Great story.Its nice that you got creative with it

The ending was pretty good too.I like how its different than most other stories in the sense that its got something unique.