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10-24-2007, 09:18 PM
We had a woman come over on Friday. I donít know about you, but for me, part of the "high" that happens is in the anticipation, and then in the thrill of remembering it afterwards.

She is single. And horny. And when she cums, she clenches and throbs and I love watching her face. I do the same thing, so it is exciting to me to see someone cum in the same way that I do. Her back arches and her face grows red and she wants her nipples sucked. Hard. And I want to give it to her again. And of course, I am female. I do not own a strap on, and I am not sure it appeals to me. But she will take my hand. I think about her all week long, hoping nothing comes up to spoil our fun.

I never thought it could be so easy. After she gets here, I say, "Letís get started." She goes in the room and takes off her clothes. I want to keep her forever! I spend a long time eating her pussy, all purple and ridged. Her clit is small and wants to stay hidden, but I try to push it out with my tongue. I love the way she sighs and calls out. My husband stays up and kisses her mouth and fingers pert nipples. His dick is still soft. It wonít be for long.

I slip a finger in. I have nails, so I try to be careful. She eases against me, so I know Iím okay. I start to jab her with two fingers, darting down with my mouth to suck on her clit at the same time. I feel that wonderful ridge toward the top of her belly and I stroke that inside of her cunt. She sighs. Sheís wonderful to let me do this to her. I am still new enough at being with women that I feel it is such a privilege and I still donít feel like I know the first thing about what I am doing, I just am fortunate enough to have the same body parts

I ease another finger in, then another. She is a good girl, she takes them, nails and all. At one point, I moved my hand awkwardly and grazed her deep inside the tender places, and she grimaced, but I adjusted and she grinded against my hand. Yumm! I pushed a little more andĖgulpĖI was deep inside. Oh my god. Oh thank you god. I am up to my wrist in a woman and she is incredible and there is nothing I wouldnít do to take her again and again. I feel my own pussy, as wet as it gets, and I ache with excitement. My husband moves behind me and sticks his dick in my cunt and I ride against him, all distracted, my wrist inside my girlfriend, my husband sinking home. I love him for letting me play with girls! He fucks me playfully, his eyes riveted to watching my hand disappear inside the girl on our bed.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I call out as my girl starts to cum. Her twitching and clenching around my wrist makes me want to cum myself! I give it to her two or three more times, aggressively as I dare, and then as fast as I can, I pull it out. Thwk! I hear the slurp of my hand come out of that tight trap and WHAM the convulsions rock through her abdomen in a way I canít describe. OMG. I want to do it again. I ease my slippery hand back inside and slunk! slunk! slunk! I give it to her good. Then whap! I pull it out and she twitches and writhes on the bed. I need a dick! My husband is stroking his own next to me as he watches her cum, then I pull my favorite dildo out of the nightstand, lube it up and ease it inside of her. Slurp, slurp, slurp. She raises her pelvis to meet my hand as it holds the rubber toy. I dab my left hand across her clit and tell my husband to hold open her legs. She is cranking up for a third orgasm, and the more we take control of the situation and hold her so and make her take it, the more she seems to get into her space. He holds her thighs apart and I give it to her good, and wham! Another wild-ass climax reels through her body! She cums so hard!

"OK, your turn" I tell him. (Like, make yourself useful, dammit!) I move out of the way and pull my fake dick out of her cunt so she can take the real one. I pull up on the bed and away and start kissing her mouth, licking her neck. "Fuck her, Baby," I urge him. "Fuck her." My own hand finds a place between my legs and I pet my pussy eagerly while I watch.

I know she likes the real penetration more than any toy, and likes the face to face of being with a man more than being with a woman, but there is still an aspect to being with a woman that is distinctively different than being with a man. I stroke her forehead and kiss her with soft kisses. I pinch her taut nipples, and like me, she can take some pressure there, so I twist and she calls out. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Between her legs, I see his big black dick sinking in and out with sharp thrusts. He grabs her legs and pulls her to the edge of the bed where he can get more leverage and give her the fucking she deserves. Oh it is so HOT!

I take matters into my own hands and start tearing myself up. Then, Iím kissing her. My husband moves down to kiss us both, passionately and deep, then sucks lingeringly on my tongue as he pulls up to stand. He holds her like a wheelbarrow, her back on the bed and plows deep into her. Sheís almost screaming, sheís so thrilled.

I jam my dildo inside my own cunt and slam it in there good. Itís not going to take much. At this point we are each so into what we are doing, the smells of our satisfaction and sweat are thick in the room. I want to roll over and stand above her face and fuck myself with the toy until I squirt all over her face, but I donít. I havenít asked her if sheíd be into that, and Iím not taking a chance of ruining the mood. I feel the pressure rise inside my loins just thinking about what Iíd like to do to her and then Pop! I pull the dildo out and spray them both as a stream shoots across the bed.

My oh my! We kept at it for another hour. It was midnight when she finally left, and I canít wait to have her again!

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Another good addition...thanks.....:)

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Very nice, Fyre!

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Up to your usual high standards as always. many thanks for sharing.

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God Fyre...I think I just got hit by a train. I want to be your girlfriend. The story was great and it gave me an intense orgasm.
Thank you

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good story

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very good story

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;guns;loved it .more;guns