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10-28-2007, 02:12 PM
Daddy Please Don't Leave
by Amyfriend

Mom had already left to do her nightshift in the factory and I was in my nightie and just about to go to bed. I thought that Dad had already gone to bed, but suddenly he appeared again fully dressed and carrying a bag. "Well, I've decided to leave home for good. I'm leaving your mom." He said and I shook my head and wondered what the heck was going on.

"Wait, what the heck is happening?" I asked.

"I just can't take it anymore, so I'm leaving."

"Is it because I'm at home with the baby, I do keep him quiet daddy?"

"No, it has nothing to do with you and the baby sweetheart."

"Don't do this daddy, please don't leave, just unpack your bag, please." I said.

"I have to leave honey, before your Mom gets home tomorrow morning. I've had enough, its time for me to move on and find some quiet small town where the women want to be women."

"Daddy, sit down and talk to me, please. Tell me what's going on here. I'm 22 years old and the mother of your grandson, I'm not a kid anymore, you can tell me the way it is."

"Well, your mom and me just don't get on anymore honey, in bed I mean."

"You mean that you don't have sex, right?"

"Yes, honey. It's been over two years since we did anything and she won't even touch me, she says its over so I should just get used to it, well I can't, I'm a man and I have needs."

"But apart from that, I mean if that part was okay then you would stay?"


"Do you want me to help you out, daddy?"

"Heck no, its her job."

"But she has already told you that it's over for her, listen daddy I'm not stupid. What about a nice handjob to calm you down?"

"Oh honey, that wouldn't be right, you're my daughter and I love you honey."

"But you're willing to leave me and your grandson too daddy, so you can't love us that much either."

"Oh I didn't mean for it to come out that way, honey."

"By you leaving, you're gonna make my life and your grandson's life miserable. Mom won't be able to keep up the rent on this place and then we'll be moving to some sleazy cheaper place. You'll have to pay rent wherever you go and you won't be living in a place like this either. Everyone will suffer and everyone's standard of living will go down the tubes, just because you don't get a piece of ass every now and then. This is crazy."

"I know it may sound crazy, but I feel like I've tried my best."

"No, it sounds like you've given up trying and haven't looked for alternatives."

"What do you mean, like an affair with another woman?"

"Yeah, I guess that's an option. But I wouldn't want to see you paying some streetwalker, god knows what you could catch today daddy."

"Oh I just feel so helpless and frustrated."

"Surely there's no rush daddy. Let me make you a tea and we'll just talk, please daddy." I said and made two teas. Finally he sat down at the kitchen table and I straddled his knee and faced him. "I love you daddy, you know I have problems too, but I don't pack a bag and leave then let the people I love suffer for my shortcomings.

"I know you've had it rough too honey."

"Rough. I guess you could call it that, what with being drugged and raped and becoming pregnant because of the rape. Then torturing myself whether to have the baby or not, then going through with it and hoping that the family would accept my baby. I listened to you and took your advice daddy so please don't go, you're the only man I trust today and little Pete will need a man about the house to look up to. You're not the only one that has needs, I hope you know that I have needs too, I need a man occasionally as much as you need a woman, so just maybe we can help each other daddy."

"I don't know honey, it seems so wrong."

"Daddy when your cock is rock hard and throbbing, does it really matter who relieves you? I know that when my pussy is oozing and that overwhelming feeling for release is upon me, I don't care how I get it, so long as I get some relief. But I do know that it's always better if someone else does it for you. I know how you feel daddy, it's only been six months for me since I had the baby and I'm climbing the wall already."

"I know what you're saying honey, for a while I would look after myself but now I just don't even have the ambition to masturbate."

"Then let me help, daddy. I can make you feel good again and maybe you can relieve some of my anxiety. I'm probably a better piece of ass than mom has ever been. Look at the advantages for both of us, we don't have to leave the house or risk catching some weird disease and best of all there is genuine love between us both."

"You do make some good points, honey. But I think you better feed young Pete or look after you're... err... leaking... breast milk."

"I've already fed him daddy and he's down for the night... I'm just overloaded with milk right now and have to get rid of some more... maybe you can help." I said as I let my nightgown slip over my shoulders and bared my heavy left breast.

"Oh my... you do look to be overflowing."

"Yes... why don't you help me by sucking my nipple for a little while daddy and relieve some of that aching pressure. Your little girl really needs you daddy."

"Oh I couldn't do that... honey. Heck I haven't even seen you breast feed him."

"I know, you guys are so old fashioned, you want me to hide away in the bathroom or my bedroom to feed him. But my breasts hurt so much and I'm oozing milk daddy, please just taste it." I said as I pressed around my nipple then caught some drops on my fingers and put it to his mouth. "Taste it daddy, it won't hurt you."

"It tastes fine, honey."

"Put my nipple in your mouth and help me out daddy, please." I said as I eased up a little off his knee and brought my oozing nipple to his mouth. Reluctantly at first he took my nipple between his lips and then he seemed to open his lips a little and take in a little more. "Mmmm that's better... just a little harder daddy... oooooo yesss... oh keep doing that daddy... don't stop."

My god what a position I was in, my feet were flat on the kitchen floor, my legs were wide open as I was straddled across his knee and my knees were partially bent. My hands were around his head, holding him against my breast and the feeling was so wonderful as I eased my pussy against his big fancy belt buckle. "Put your hands under my ass, daddy and hold me up."

His big hands spread wide open and each one cupped a cheek then seemed to squeeze a little as he supported my position. "Mmmm that's so nice daddy... let me switch you to the other nipple." I said, as I readjusted my nightie and released my heavy right breast and this time he needed no prompting and my nipple was in his mouth already.

"Oh... yesss daddy... yesss... god that is so good... don't stop... oh my god you're making my pussy so wet that I must be dripping." I cried as I pushed against his body.

"I know I can feel your panties." He said as he backed away from my nipple momentarily and my breast milk was running down both sides of his mouth.

"You should take my panties off, daddy, I would be more comfortable." I said but he just kept sucking on my nipple so I reached underneath me and felt for his cock and it was rock hard and straining to move in his pants. "Maybe you should take your pants off too daddy and release this hard monster." I said as I tried to stroke it but it was difficult.

Suddenly he stopped sucking and looked at me with a 'I don't know' kind of look so I backed away and stood then tried to drop my panties but I had to stride over him first. I quickly wriggled out of my panties then held my nightie up and exposed my neatly trimmed pussy to him. "Stand up quickly daddy and get them off, then sit down again, hurry." I said and he heaved himself up out the chair so I quickly unbuckled his belt and then unzipped his pants and eased both his pants and his boxer shorts down together until they fell to the floor. "Step out of them and sit down again quickly daddy." He kicked his feet out of the pants and sat down.

I looked down at his gorgeous fat erect penis with the swollen head that glistened with a few droplets leaking from the slit. So I straddled his knee again then pulled off my nightie and lowered myself until my nipple was at his mouth and his big open hands were under my bare ass cheeks. "Suck... suck my nipple... suck me daddy... oh god harder daddy... oooooh... oooooh." I cried as the tip of his hard cock brushed between my wet pussy lips and I couldn't stop myself from fingering my wet pussy and rubbing my clit. "Oh keep going... don't stop... oooooh daddy I'm cummin... I'm cummin." I cried out loudly as I held his head tightly and thrusted my nipple into his mouth.

"Mmmm... guide your hard cock into me daddy... quickly... oh god... oh yesss... oh yesss." I murmured and a tear ran down my cheek as his swollen cockhead squeezed inside of my wet pussy. "Its beautiful daddy... so beautiful."

I threw my arms around him then kissed him passionately on the lips as I slowly slid down onto him and felt his hard cock filling me up. "Mmmm, so good... it feels so good daddy."

"It's better than good, its simply wonderful honey, thank you, thank you so much." He whispered and I brushed the tears from his eyes as he thrusted upward. I spread my legs a little wider then linked my hands behind his neck and proceeded to fuck his hard cock slowly to start and then faster until we were groping each other and kissing wildly.

"Oh baby... I can't holdback... I'm gonna cum... I'm almost..." Daddy cried out softly as I felt his cock throbbing. "That's okay daddy... just keep going... fill me up... shoot your creamy warm spunk inside me... fill me with your beautiful baby seed... ooooooh yesss... yesss daddy... that feels so wonderful... oh yesss... I can feel you cummin daddy... I can feel you cummin inside me... oooooo daddy don't stop... oh fuck I'm cummin too daddy... oh god."

I squeezed my pussy tight and let my head fall back onto my shoulders as the huge flashes of light shocked my brain when the pleasure wave ripped through my body. Then I slumped forward and laid my head gently on his shoulder and breathed heavily into his ear. "Oh wow, I needed that so badly daddy, thank you. But daddy, please don't leave me and little Pete."

"How could I leave now honey after such a fantastic ride."

"You don't have to daddy, you can have as much pussy as you want, right here. But you'll have to help out with my aching breasts every few days."

"That's not a problem honey."

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Great find DM...thanks for sharing

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I just loved your story.

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Would be nice if there was another chapter to this, really enjoyed it!