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Yeah... this was originally a quest entry for an rp game, but that game's kinda dead now... so I thought I might as well share this. >_>

Basically, Crow Reeds is Death's 25th Disciple and 108th in line to the title of Grim Reaper. He's lost his powers as a reaper and intends to earn it back bit by bit by worshipping the Goddess of Sacrifice. For this sacrificial ritual, he's temporarily given the powers equal to that of a god.


<Purple>"I see... so I must present a sacrifice,"</Purple> Crow muttered grimly to himself. As he was now, he was not sure if he had it in him to perform the ritual through pain and death. On the other hand, he wanted to win the Goddess of Sacrifice's favour and could not think how a simple act of love and pleasure with the sacrifice could be interesting enough. Perhaps he could find some way to combine the two without actually killing the sacrifice.

At that moment, his hidden red eye began to glow bright with power. The young man was surprised at the sudden surge of god-like power coursing through his veins. He not only felt his old abilities returning, but he also felt a much larger strength just waiting to burst out. Perhaps... he did had it in him to complete the ritual if he played his cards right. Of course, if he were to do so, he had to place trust in the persona he had long since forgotten to had existed within him. With that in mind, he sat down cross-legged and focused on the spiritual form residing within.

The female sacrifice chosen by Crow widened her dark grassy green eyes in fear. She had light brown hair that waved their way down to the small of her back. Her skin was lightly tanned without any sign of any tan lines whatsoever on her well-developed body. Her breasts were estimated to be around c-cup and not only felt soft, but they were firm with nipples erect from the exposure. The shaven pussy was also wet with excitement despite the predicament she was in. Obviously, whoever chose her knew what they were doing.

<Purple>"I believe it's time to begin,"</Purple> The robed figure that was Crow's spirit loamed over the sacrifice. Crow's body continued sitting cross-legged, prepared to house the rightful spirit once he returned. Crow's spiritual form was none other than that of a reaper. His tattered dark robes flowed through the air despite the lack of wind passing through the chamber. He held a scythe around eight feet long with a three feet long blade. Both of his eyes were glowing crimson red to show that he was not the same person as before.

Without any prior warning whatsoever, the sacrifice found herself on top of a pole made of ice. The pole was around ten feet tall and from top to bottom on each side were pegs made of ice. Each pair of pegs were around an inch in diameter and five inches apart. The top six inches of the pole had no pegs and the very top of it brushes lightly against the opening of the sacrifice's womanhood. She shivered in both fear and excitement as she balanced her delicate and sensitive feet on the two topmost pegs of the icy cold pole. Her hands were clasped together in front of her heaving breasts for her wrists were not only shackled, but they were chained to the ceiling directly above her.

<Purple>"There are more ways than one to offer a sacrifice besides killing, you know. If you perform well enough, killing you might become unnecessary,"</Purple> Crow grumbled coldly as he placed the tip of his scythe against the sacrifice's throat. He raised the tip of the blade against the chin, indicating for the woman to look him in the eyes. He withdrew his blade and continued, <Purple>"This is how things will work, slut. The two of us will practice speaking to each other as a slave and a master would. You will be given a warning every time you make a mistake. If you make the same mistake more than once, I'll remove the pegs your feet are currently on. You can imagine what would happen if too many pegs are removed. You understand, right?"</Purple>

The female sacrifice shivered in response to this. She could not understand why this was happening to her. One minute she was leaving after working the graveyard-shift at the 7-11 and the next minute she was here in this dark chamber. She tried to convince herself that she was just dreaming. She just fell asleep during her shift, that's all! She knew that was a bad thing to happen, but it was way better than what was happening now!

<Purple>"I asked you a question, slut!"</Purple> Crow growled as he tapped the bottom of his scythe against the top of the chained girl's head. <Purple>"Don't make me have to repeat myself, understand?"</Purple>

"Y-yes... I'm sorry," The sacrifice whimpered in response. She closed her eyes and expected the reaper to hit her or something. When nothing happened, she cautiously opened her eyes and continued shivering from the ice. From the heat her pussy was producing, one would had expected the ice pole to melt by now... so why wasn't it?

<Purple>"Two more things. Always begin and end your sentences with 'Master' or 'Mistress' depending on the person you're talking to. The other thing is that you will always refer to yourself in the third person from now on. You may choose to call yourself either slut, bitch, slave, or something equally or more degrading,"</Purple> Crow continued as he moved himself right behind the shivering and naked woman. His left hand reached out and grabbed the woman's left breast. He proceeded to grope the woman's breast when he received no resistance from the frightened sacrifice. <Purple>"Do you understand, slut?"</Purple>

"Master, yes, master," The sacrifice managed to whimper. She let out a gasp from the warm and experienced hand on her breast. She was too afraid to resist and feared the consequences if she did so.

<Purple>"Good girl,"</Purple> Crow said in his usual cold tone of voice as he withdrew his left hand. That left hand trailed towards and he rubbed his knuckles lightly against the girl's buttocks. <Purple>"Now tell me what you are."</Purple>

"Th-this slut... I mean... Master, this-" The sacrifice stammered before she suddenly felt herself drop lower. Two pegs below each of her foot were immediately sliced off by the blade of the reaper. Fortunately for her, she was able to slam her feet against the current topmost pegs before the ice pole could enter her. Of course, she wasn't entirely sure how that could last for she felt her legs starting to cramp up for maintaining her position for so long. Once she caught her breathe, she quickly tried to apologize, "Master, this slut is sorry, master! Please forgive this slut, master!"

<Purple>"You started yet another sentence without 'master' in the beginning,"</Purple> Crow warned right before he forced the sacrifice to lower her feet even more. This time, the distressed woman could not stop the first inch of ice to enter her pussy. She gasped as soon as she felt the coldness of the intrusion and quickly lifted herself off of it. It shouldn't be long before she could not do such a thing anymore. <Purple>"Now tell me, what are you?"</Purple>

"Master, this slut is... is... a sacrifice, master," The chained woman managed to squeal out.

<Purple>"A wanton sex-craving sacrifice who lives to serve the Goddess of Sacrifice,"</Purple> Crow corrected. <Purple>"Now tell me again. What are you?"</Purple>

"Master, this slut is a wanton sex-craving sacrifice who lives to serve the Goddess of Sacrifice," The woman replied as quickly as possible. In her haste, she forgot to add 'master' at the end of her sentence. She realized her mistake a couple seconds too late and quickly added, "master."

<Purple>"Too late, slut,"</Purple> Crow monotoned as he sliced off yet another pair of pegs. By not, the female sacrifice had to stand on her toes to keep the pole from entering her. In desperation, she grabbed hold of the chain she hung from to keep herself from falling. The reaper floated down to the girl's front until his eyes were directly on the bare and quivering pussy. He reached out and ran his finger from the bottom of the slit to the clit behind the hood. He was rewarded with a soft moan from the back of the chained sacrifice's throat. <Purple>"How many cocks were in this cunt?"</Purple>

"Master, this slut slept with-" The sacrifice began.

There went another pair of pegs.

<Purple>"I asked how many cocks were in this cunt, not how many men you slept with. There's a difference, you know,"</Purple> Crow's eyes glowed sadistically as he watched the female sacrifice cry out in both pain and pleasure from the pole's insertion. The girl slipped on the next pair of pegs, so without any support she landed directly onto the top of the pole. A full eight painful inches went inside her before the reaper decided to spare her by shortening the chain she hung from. With that, the girl hung there shivering her pretty little ass off. Crow smirked at the slave before continuing, <Purple>"You're hanging on with your last chance now, slut. How many cocks were in this cunt?"</Purple>

"Master... this... th-this... s-slut... had... t-two... two cocks... in... th-this... cunt... m-master..." The sacrificed managed to cry out between sobs. Tears were running down her cheeks and her face was lowered in shame. Since the reaper was right below her, she closed her eyes and tried to block out the image of her tormentor.

<Purple>"Only? What about women? How many cunts did your slutty little tongue taste?"</Purple> Crow asked as he floated upwards and stared directly into the girl's eyes. He reached out with his new powers and forced the sacrifice to look him back in the eyes as well.

"M-master... th-this... slut... never... n-never... h-had... t-tasted... a... a c-cunt... master," The female sacrificed quivered in fear as she reviewed her last sentence, checking for any mistakes she had made.

<Purple>"Really, now,"</Purple> Crow remarked as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully at the girl's answer. <Purple>"Ah well, not really important at the moment. That ends our practice, slut. Now it's time for the real deal."</Purple>

With that, the bound girl found herself squatting on the floor next to the enormous bed. Her hands were still bound to the ceiling, but they were behind her back this time. The ice pole was gone and any injuries that the girl may had sustained were immediately healed for the next stage of the ritual. The female sacrifice would had been looking around and trying to figure out where she was if not for the cock in her face.

<Purple>"So... little slave, how many cocks were in that mouth of yours?"</Purple> Crow asked as he placed his hand on top of the bound girl's head.

"Master, this slut c-cannot remember, m-master."

<Purple>"Too many to count, then?"</Purple> Crow asked frostily before he forced his cock into the girl's mouth. He pressed his cock further into the girl's mouth until the sacrifice was gagging from the 'face-fucking'. <Purple>"I guess you being such a good little cock-sucker kept too many cocks from getting inside that wet little pussy of yours, huh? Don't worry, you're definately going to get such attention down there... if you're good."</Purple>

The female sacrifice could do nothing except try and get her tormentor to come as soon as possible. She did not lack in experience in deepthroating, but she wasn't sure how long she could last, especially after such a sudden intrusion. In desperation, she ran her tongue all over the bottom and sides of the large penis in her mouth. Her moans and groans of pain and pleasure also helped send stimulating vibrations up her throat. It didn't take long until she felt the penis throb violently before shooting semen deep into her throat. She had no choice but to swallow it.

<Purple>"As expected of a wanton sex-craving cock-slut sacrifice," Crow remarked as he pulled his manhood out of the bound girl's mouth. He stepped back away from the woman and lifted his hand with the palm facing upwards. A sphere of energy crackled into view above the reaper's left hand. In a few seconds, that sphere of energy was replaced by a trio of magical sprites.

The sprites were faeries with lustful bodies and glowing wings. They all seemed eager with the whatever task was bestowed upon them after seeing the female sacrifice chained as she was. One of them had long blonde hair and yellow cat-like eyes. Another was a brunette with emerald green eyes. The last one had orange hair and sky blue eyes. They circled around the chained girl and couldn't wait to get their tiny little hands on the sacrifice.

<Purple>"Come on, girls. We haven't seen each other in three years and you don't even say hello?"</Purple> Crow asked as he quirked an eyebrow at them. In response, the faeries guiltily returned to the reaper and had apologetic looks on their faces. <Purple>"Then again, I can't blame you for wanting to start right away. In fact, let's start right. Hina, Sinn, and Bell... when you're ready."</Purple>

With that, the faeries got to work. The brunette, Hina was the first to reach her destination. She hovered right beside the girl's right ear and she got to work on it. Her right hand grasped the earlobe while her other hand supported herself. She leaned in and flicked her small yet effective tongue against the skin of the sensitive ear.

The one with orange hair, Bell decided to work on the left nipple. As soon as she arrived, she placed herself flat against the soft and supple skin directly above the nipple. She just loved how bouncy and soft the breast felt and she continued hugging it. Once she was satisfied, she lowered herself so that her pussy was directly on top of her victim's erect nipple. She positioned herself so that her clit was directly stimulated by her wanton humping, which she proceeded with right away.

The last of the faeries, the blond one named Bell went directly for the prize. She grasped the top of each lip with each hand and pulled them apart as far as her tiny arms could go. She pushed her feet into the inner folds of the bound girl's labia, but it was obvious she couldn't get very far. She closed the lips around her body and wriggled with pleasure at wetness and warmth surrounding her. She could feel herself becoming soaked with the sacrifice's juice in no time at all.

The female sacrifice wasn't sure what to make of all this. It was just too bizarre at this point to be real at all. Unfortunately, she remembered all too well the pain she received from the ice pole torture just a few minutes ago. Now she was being molested by a trio of sex-starved faeries and she was enjoying it! She couldn't help but moan in pleasure as the magical sprites had their way with her.

Bell nuzzled her face against the hood that was hiding the sacrifice's clitoris. She could feel the spasms race through her victim's body every time she did this. While she stimulated the girl this way, she reached down between her legs and started playing with herself. She could feel more juice soak her pretty little body and that just made it easier for her to reach an orgasm. The blonde sprite squealed in pleasure as she felt her own pool of fluids mix with the sacrifice's.

At this point, the other two faeries joined their sister and hovered near their victim's womanhood. Sinn directly sought out the clitoris by pulling back the thin flesh separating it from the open air. Licking her lips in anticipation, she lowered herself onto the little nub and rocked her hips back and forth. Such stimulation was too much for the sacrifice and the bound girl could not longer hold back her orgasms.

Not about to the be only one to not orgasm, Hina wrapped her legs around Sinn and placed her pussy onto the topside of the bound girl's clit. The two faeries embraced each other and made out while rocking their hips in sync. At the same time, Hina brought her face up and licked the underside of the female sacrifice's clit. With such a combination of wanton lust on the victim's most sensitive spot, the bound girl nearly fell unconscious from the overwhelming experience.

<Purple>"Okay, that's enough you three,"</Purple> Crow ordered as he signalled for the faeries to come back. Once they did, he patted each of them on the head with the tip of his fingers. <Purple>"You three did a good job. I'd hate to see you girls leave so soon after our reunion, but this power was borrowed and I cannot keep it after this ritual. Perhaps when my powers return we can see each other again. For now, this is good bye."</Purple>

The three faeries appeared sad to leave so soon after being away from their master for so long. However, the three of them nodded their heads and each in turn gave the reaper on a peck on the cheek. They turned towards the Goddess of Sacrifice and bowed gratefully to her. With that, they were gone.

<Purple>"Thank you for giving me to the opportunity to see my old friends again, oh Goddess of Sacrifice,"</Purple> Crow bowed as well to the one true goddess in the chamber. <Purple>"I shall now continue on with the sacrificial ritual."</Purple>

With that, he swung his scythe and broke the chain that connected the female sacrifice to the ceiling. He grabbed the sacrifice by the hair and pulled her onto the bed. With her hands still shackled together, the exhausted woman was forced to lower her head against the bed with her knees against her ribs and ass sticking outward.

<Purple>"Now... it's time, slut,"</Purple> Crow growled as he set aside his scythe and climbed onto the bed with the naked girl. He opened his robes yet again, exposing his manhood once more for the final stage. He grabbed the woman by the hips and simply thrusted his cock deep into the woman's moist and ready vagina. Once he was in, he began fucking the girl savagely and painfully.

For the sacrifice, compared to the ice pole ordeal, this was heaven. Although exhausted, she could easily feel herself becoming aroused by the rough handling of her pussy. She shivered in delight at the way she was treated and came yet again. Although he already shot his load once into the sacrifice's mouth, Crow was more than ready to come yet again. That display of lust by the faeries earlier got him hard and ready for the slut's fucking.

Suffice to say, it didn't take long before the two of them were panting heavily and lusting after one another. Their sweat dripped down from their already moistened skin and onto the red silk below them. In time, the two of them came together and their shouts of pleasure announced the climax of the ritual. The female sacrifice collapsed onto the bed with her legs sprawled out and her wrists still shacked together. She enjoyed the comfort that the bed provided and was tempted to go right to sleep.

<Purple>"No... not until you submit yourself to your goddess,"</Purple> Crow remarked as he grabbed the female sacrifice by the hair and pulled her off the bed and to her feet. He released the bound girl's wrists and ordered her to crawl to the Goddess of Sacrifice. He followed behind her until they stopped in front of the Goddess. Once they stopped, the reaper bent down and whispered to the sacrifice what she should say.

"Goddess of sacrifice, this slut submits herself to your glorious power and mercy. Please allow this worthless sacrifice to continue to worship you by degrading herself until she is lower than even that of a worm," The female sacrifice said. Her mind was so tired right now that she didn't even care what she was saying. She just wanted to go home... but that didn't seem like a very likely scenario.


Btw... I'm not done using this character, yet. :p

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Thanks deathnote...great stuff :)

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Great story although not my usual theme but well written many thanks.