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Not my story got it from the sister site , thought ppl here would like it :)

The Slut's Panties Ch.1 by SnowTies

It was about 1 PM when the girl got to the store. It was new in town, kind of like a thrift shop. She heard they had ‘everything’, so she decided to check it out. She brushed her brown hair behind her shoulders and opened the door. A cool wave of AC hit her in the face, but it wasn’t unwelcome in the unusual heat outside. It was early June, but it felt like late July.

The clerk, an older man of maybe around 45, greeted her kindly and told her to feel free to browse around. Walking away, she looked back to see him staring at her. He averted his gaze quickly, and began shuffling with some boxes. The girl, Jessica, wandered up and down the isles, seeing things from toy guns, to make-up and discount jeans. After about hitting up maybe half the shelves, she saw an open door, leading to some boxes and shelves. Quickly looking around, the owner not in sight, she went in.

In the boxes were more useless stuff, knick-knacks and the works. However, in a box towards the very back of the room, she spied something. She peered inside and gasped. There were exotic pornographic magazines, oddly shaped vibrators, the largest dildos and strap-ons she had heard of, thick butt plugs, lubricants, liquid latex, nipple clamps, anal beads, clit stimulators and cock rings, blow-up dolls, fake vaginas and other odd arrangements of kinky sex toys. She started to dig through the box, when the sound of footsteps caught her attention. Scrambling quickly, she stuck her hand in the box, grabbed something, and ran into an isle quickly.

She dropped it in her purse, and left in a hurry. She ran home as fast as she could.

She had 3 messages on her answering machine, so she tossed her purse on her bed and went to call her friends. After all, what’s an attractive 18 year old brown-eyed brunette supposed to do?

At around 11 PM, she got back from the movie theatre depressed. She didn’t see any hot guys and it didn’t help that the movie also sucked. So, sighing, she went into her room and locked the door. Peeling off her shirt and tossing it on the floor, she plopped onto her bed. Seeing the purse, she was about to throw it at her door, when the memory of the store earlier that day caught her attention. Scrambling to open her purse, she gasped as she pulled out the stolen object.

In her hand, she held an 8” black vibrator. She had tried one of her friends out before, but hadn’t really tried it.

“Ah, what the hell? Why not?” She said as she turned the vibrator over in her hand. She found the switch to turn it on, and hit it. It thrummed to live in her hand, making a sweet humming sound that could only mean pleasure. So gingerly, she took it and started to rub her vagina through her jeans. It didn’t feel that bad! Getting up, she unbuttoned her pants and let them fall to the floor.

Jessica sat down onto her bed, pink bra and thong her only clothing. She lay back against her pillow, and move the vibrator to her nipples. The cloth vibrated back and forth, making her nipples stand out. A flash went through her body, and she curled up, moving the vibrator down between her legs. An intense wave of pleasure rang through, touching nipples and pussy alike. Within seconds, bra and thong were forgotten, lying in a cute pile beside her bed.

The vibrator went into her trimmed pussy, a feeling of ecstasy floating around her body. Then, it happened. The tip of the vibrator found her clit and a moan escaped her lips. She began to thrust against the vibrator, wanting more and more. Her pussy was wet, and still she kept trying to hump the vibrator. Then, in an intense spasm of pleasure, she orgasmed. Trying to catch her breath, she was hit with another, and her head started to swim. Again, and again they hit her. Teeth clenching, nipples erect beyond belief. Toes curled and hips thrusting, she lost control. As a final, raging orgasm hit her, her pussy clenched around the vibrator, and she blacked out.

A floating sensation, like in a dream. She was hovering in a room, dimly lit. Her eyes adjusted slowly, but she could hear noises from below. She slowly lowered her self.

A girl, blond hair and big of breast, no more than 20, was sitting in a chair. She was surrounded by another blond girl, perhaps older, and a man. A wave of Déjà Vu hit her, along with a jolt of recognition. The man she was staring at, though she could only see his back, was the owner of that new store she just visited.

“Hey, what’s going on?” She cried out in an ethereal voice. The three didn’t hear her. She tried again a few more times, but again to no avail. She submitted and watched the scene unfold before her eyes.

The blond in the chair appeared to be sitting uncomfortably, and was shaking her head as if disagreeing with something. Words drifted up to were Jessica was floating.

“No, I won’t do it. I'm not going over there!”

“But you must!” The man’s voice.

“Come on… You don’t want to have me make you, do you baby?” Said another girl’s voice.

“No! Nohhh… God…” Said the first voice, sounding like it was feeling intense pleasure.

Jessica started to feel a tug, not on her body, but in her mind. Slowly, she started to be pulled down, towards the people. She began to get some speed, and then 'bang!', she crashed into the girl on the seat.

“No! Help me!” She cried out as she was forced into the sitting girl, and was shocked to hear the words coming from the girl’s lips. Her body began to feel real again, and she began to feel sensations. She felt full, and she was very horny. She looked at the two people standing over her and tried to get away. She only succeeded in pushing her self up off the chair 5 inches when she cried out with pleasure.

The dildo that was pressed into her cunt was no where near small, and pulling away caused yet another wave of pleasure. The one filling her ass gave her a queasy-full feeling when she tried to move. Gasping, she slid back down and screamed with pleasure as the two massive sex toys slid farther into her. As she plopped back down onto the seat, she felt a weight pulling on her nipples, causing a blur of pain and pleasure. The sharp bite of the nipple clamps was an experience that she had never felt before.

“Well, will you do it now then?” The other blond girl asked, slipping her tongue into the mouth of the girl who Jessica was inhabiting. Jessica moaned and nodded her head, trying to push down on the gargantuan dildos filling her body. She heaved her chest, the nerves from her tits responding to the pull of the weights in an untamed shout.

“Good, then I guess its time for your treat.” Said the blond girl, moving in front of Jessica. Jessica tried to move her hands to play with her nipples, or her clit, or anything, but found them to be tied down with leather straps. The blond girl moved over Jessica and sat on her lap, straddling her. The additional weight of the blond girl pushed Jessica’s pussy against the dildo even further.

Her pussy juices ran freely down the thick shaft of the dildo, grouping around the base. The girl who was straddling Jessica took off the nipple clamps and began to run her hands over Jessica’s now-large tits. Her nipples were fatter and longer, looking as if they were ready to burst. The other girl, Emily, took one of Jessica’s large, fat nipples and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, and then placed it in her mouth. She began to whorl her tongue around it and suck with enthusiasm. She switched from tit to kisses, and kisses to tit, tongue always moving.

Meanwhile, one of her hands was tucked underneath her, fingers in her own pussy to the knuckle. When she was nice and wet, she took her fingers out and rubbed them across Jessica's lips, her tongue flicking out to taste. Then, going back down to the wet slit between her, she took her drenched hand and gripped the shaft of the dildo.

Her hand, now wet with her own juices, slid up and down the shaft of the soaked dildo, Jessica’s own pleasured mess adding to the ease. The hand, which started at the base, eventually found its way up the shaft into Jessica’s wet, gaping tunnel of a pussy. Experienced fingers traced the lips of the sopping cunt and made there way to the clit. Rubbing, thrusting, finding, squeezing, tickling, her fingers were a machine. Jessica, already having juices flowing freely from her pussy, let out a shriek of joy that was soon silenced by the weight of Emily’s tongue.

A minute or so later, Emily licked Jessica’s nipple one last time, and lowered her head to Jessica's now blond-haired bush. Emily buried her mouth against Jessica's huge mound of curly pubic hair, licking the entire region of her sex. Finally, pulling away, a cupped hand came down and played with her curly, blond pubes, fingers dancing. With an increasing pressure being applied, Emily could feel the dildo through Jessica’s hairy pubic mound. After a few pressured strokes, another bout of juice made its way out of Jessica's deliciously wet lips, and onto Emily’s tongue.

Jessica’s breath was heavy, eyes closed for about a minute. When she opened, the man spoke.

“Now, now, Stacy, or should I say, Jessica, you must get ready for the party.” Jessica, as if in a trance, nodded. Emily walked back over, and with a hand on Jessica’s breast and a hand on her back, she helped her up.

The full-feeling slowly left her as the anal dildo slid out first, followed shortly after by the wet one that was buried almost base deep in her delicious cunt. She stood on shaky legs, and touched her pussy. It was spread wide, and it was leaking onto the floor, and the sight of it made her wanting more things done to her.

“Your room is on the right. Get into something… sexy” The man said, pointing towards a wooden door.

Jessica, moving awkwardly towards the door, nodded. She grasped the door knob and looked back. She saw Emily rubbing her tongue up and down the shaft of the dildo that was inserted into Jessica’s pussy, hand on the one from her ass, and almost touched her self when Emily stood on the chair and squatted into the thick dildo, letting it slowly enter the moist cavern that awaited.

Jessica found her room, or a room, not knowing if it was hers, and went inside. There were dressers, and closets full of clothing. As she looked around, a note, lying on the bed, caught her eye. She picked it up and read it.

‘These clothes are at your disposal, wear any that you like. The only exception is that you wear the pair of blue panties that are lying on the pillow. You will find that they are… exceptionally comfortable and conforming. Remember my little slut, dress to fuck.’

She read and reread the note again. Looking around, she saw the pair of panties on the pillow. She slowly walked over to them and sat on the bed. Shifting them around in her hands, the panties felt like they were made of an odd material, one that she couldn’t quite place. Bending down, she brought her left leg, then her right through the blue panties and brought them up. The feeling of clothes on her skin felt odd, as if she hadn’t been dressed in weeks. However, looking down, she saw that the panties were forming themselves to her body, filling in down the crack of her ass, and forming around the swollen lips of her still wet pussy. She could feel the juices, but looking down at herself, could not see them.

She sat up, feeling better, and went to some drawers. She eventually found herself some tight cloth short-shorts, some name brand or another. They hugged her hips, her ass, now larger than her real one was, filled the back of it perfectly. For a shirt, she decided to go braless and chose a white shirt that showed off little cleavage, but really was tight so her tits pressed out to great lengths. Her nipples, still a little hard from earlier, made the shirt a wonder to lust for.

She was reaching for the door when a knock came from the other side. She opened it and Emily was there. Emily eyed Jessica’s body from top to bottom and smiled. She reached her hands forward and brought Jessica’s head to her own, slipping her tongue in for a quick wrestle. Jessica smiled and brushed a strand of blond hair out of her eyes.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Emily said, reaching for another strand. “Here, come with me.”

She led Jessica to the bed and sat her down. She then proceeded to give Jessica pigtails, which when done, made Jessica appear to be an innocent school-girl with a slut body.

“There, now the party is going on next-door, and remember what he said… Be sexy, you little slut.” Emily said smiling. She grabbed Jessica’s hand and led her out of the room. Jessica followed down a hallway, took a turn, and was at a door. She could see it was dark outside.

“Here’s where I leave you.” Emily said, moving up to Jessica and kissing her again. Jessica returned the favor, and let out a gasp as one of Emily’s hands found her breast, other squeezing her ass. “Good luck, and have a hell of a time. Oh, and when you get back, I want to see a gaping asshole, and I want to be able to fist-fuck your cunt sideways.”

Jessica nodded and opened the door. There was a bunch of cars parked two houses away, and people were outside. She guessed there would be a lot of drunks, due to the chants of “Chug” and a passed out person or two. She walked across the lawn, and made her way up to the house. She opened the door, and went in. A group of guys turned to see the newcomer, and stared in shock at the bombshell that just entered. Jessica walked through a kitchen and out into what appeared to be a living room. A bunch of guys were watching a football game, a drunken girl was passed out by another man’s exposed cock, and the sounds of a creaking bed and yells suggested that somebody was having a good time.

Jessica walked passed the people and found a bathroom. She opened the door and went inside. Closing it behind her, she sat on the toilet and began to finger herself. She was then going to wipe herself, but stopped and stood up. The panties slid up and felt great against the wetness of her juices. She turned and looked into the mirror, admired her body, and pulled her pants back down. Her panties had taken on the outline of her clit, which stood out slightly from its hood, and was shocked to see that it was fairly large. She touched it and gave a shudder. Feeling dirty, but having a good time, she pulled the back of her panties into her ass crack and tightened her cheeks. After letting her cheeks do a post-flex jiggle, she saw that the panties remained in her crack, like a thong. In fact, it had somehow changed into a thong. Smiling, she pulled the top of her panties higher, and pulled up her pants. A good 4 inches of the blue thong showed, and since her breasts made her shirt ride high, it was completely visible. She walked out, hips swaying.

Again, she entered the living room, but this time, she lingered. She was looking at the guys on the couch, who until she entered, were watching the game. She could see a twitch or two in some of the pants, and had to smile.

“Easy as pie.” She murmured to herself. Reaching into her purse, she grabbed a lipstick container and pulled it out. Turning around, she ‘accidentally’ dropped the lipstick. Giving out a fake, but audible sigh, she bent over and grabbed the fallen accessory. However, she didn’t stand back up. She looked between her legs and saw a mass of guys staring at her. Smiling she spoke.

“Whichever one of you has the biggest prick; I’ll let you ‘prick’ me in my fat ass.” She said loudly, as she pulled down her pants. She closed her eyes as the cool air assaulted her ass and the sound of zippers rang out. She finally opened her eyes and stood up. Turning around, she saw a mass of guys standing with cocks at attention. She eyed each of them carefully. About half way down the line of horny young men, she found the biggest of the lot.

She slowly sauntered over and grabbed his cock. Giving it a pull, she led him to the carpet that lay in the middle of the room. She whispered in his ears, and his penis twitched. She moved behind him and reached around, grabbing his cock in her hand. She gingerly stroked it, and smiled. She move from behind him to in front, and got on her hands and knees. Looking behind her, she smiled and grabbed the line of her thong and moved it to the side. She held it there, waiting, head facing forward.

About 2-3 seconds later, she felt the bulbous head of his cock press against her sphincter. The touch of it on the rim of her anus made a shudder climb through her body, and her nipples began to harden. She heard a grunt, and she felt part of her asshole open, cool air hitting it. She reached back and found his cock, urging it inward. With a push, it was in. Just the feeling of the long throbbing cock being inside her made her gasp in pleasure. His cock slowly moved in and out, his breath becoming ragged. Jessica breathed heavily and thrust back against his cock, urging it deeper. Her pussy was wet now, a drop or eight leaking out and wetting the front of her panties. She reached down with a hand and began to rub her clit, the material of the panty formed around the large clit adding an otherworldly feeling. About half a minute later, the breath of the guy behind her stopped, his cock twitched.

She thrust hard against it, forcing him back and to the ground, cock still in her ass. She was panting as he pumped wave after wave of cum into her ass. After he stopped cuming, which lasted quite a while, she moved herself off of his cock and stood up, his cum leaking down onto the line of her thong. She stood staring at the rest of the guys who were standing there, and pulled her shirt off.

While her shirt came off and her boobs popped out in a jolly bounce, the excess cum that was leaking down her ass crack was being absorbed into the thong. Jessica squatted down, breasts bouncing all the while, and grabbed the back of her thong, she pulled the thong string out, and now the panties were normal again. However, this didn’t last. The wet spots of her juices were still there, shining up from her moist pussy. A line was made down the crack of her ass, from where all the juices had went.

Jessica stuck a finger at the mouth of her hidden pussy, and pressed it in. Juices flowed from the side of her panties, and down the inside of her creamy thighs. She pinched the bottom of her panties, and pulled. The bottom came off, and she laughed in excitement over her new pair of crotch less, and ass less panties.

She sat on the ground, rubbing her left nipple with her hand, while the other played with her clit, now throbbing.

“So, who’s ever wanted to circle jerk onto a wet, horny, big-breasted slut?” Jessica asked, licking some of her juices from her fingers. A chorus of “Aye!” and “Me!” filled the room. So, Jessica laughed and lay on the floor. She waited for about 10 seconds, then she spoke.

“Come get it then.”

She had about 8 guys standing around her in a circle. She was on her knees now, looking at eye level with each of there cocks. She touched one or two, then gave a shout.

“Don’t just stand there, FUCK!” She cried, watching as a bunch of hands moved back and forth. She went around the circle, touching this guys balls, rubbing this guys head, licking this guy’s shaft. She went around again and again, and when someone started to cum, she told him to pinch it. Eventually, there were 3 guys who hadn’t started to cum yet, so she decided to give them a little ‘treat’. She went to the first guy, and began running her tongue up and down his shaft. She kept doing this, and eventually placed his cock in her mouth, tongue moving always. When she placed the tip of her tongue to the slit of his penis, she could taste a bit of his cum, so she brought her head back and told him to hold. The next guy had his balls in her mouth, each one being sucked on and licked, until his moment was about to come.

The final guy, he was still jerking when he felt her hands on his balls. He then felt the hand move, slowly between his legs and grab his ass. Jessica gave a short laugh and pressed a finger against his anus. His cock started to spasm, so she knew it was time.

She lay back down in the middle, mouth open, legs spread. She rubbed her tits once, and then spoke.

“Make me wet.” As the words left her lips, hands unclenched their cocks and streams of semen sprayed against her body. She felt her nipples get covered by the warm fluid; she felt some spray all over her pussy lips, and up to her bush and throbbing clit. Her mouth was wide open, and she was greeted with the salty taste of warm cum. It was in her hair, on her eyes, in her mouth, loads on each tit, in her belly-button, and all over her legs. She brought her fingers down and played with her pubic mound, blond hair covered milky white. At one point, she turned over, and 2 or 3 of the late sprayers got her neck and lower back. Her ass cheeks sent up sprays as cum bounced off it. Jessica moaned as semen began to slide down her ass cheeks, making her asshole wet and lubed again.

She moaned, and she was fingering herself, and playing with her tits, and swallowing and licking semen. As pleasure sent tendrils to her brain, she let out words of enjoyment.

“Now… Dick… In me…” She gasped as her own pussy juices mixed with that of the creamy cum, making a lovely mess on her inner thighs.

She rolled back onto her back and raised her feet into the air.

“FUCK ME!” She shouted, and three men obeyed. She closed her eyes and let them come to her. These ones were not from the circle jerk, because they were rock hard. She felt herself being turned to her side, and gasped loudly as a throbbing cock buried itself balls deep into her raging pussy. Another cock, this one fat, slid its way into her mouth. She felt precum dance on her tongue as the cock slid in and out. Finally, a finger was pressed into her anus. Then she felt 2, then 3 fingers, spreading her asshole wide for an invasion.

And no sooner had she thought this than a cock, rock hard, slid into her ass, stretching her sphincter wide yet again. All the while, her hand was down the front of her panties, pinching her clit and rubbing her blond mess of sticky pubic hair. The guy in her ass shot his load first, filling the cavern of her anus yet again with a large load of milky semen. The guy in her wet cunt shot next, spraying cum back out and over her pussy lips and crotch less panties. The man in her mouth shot last, spraying a load so large that it flowed out of her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed the salty and sticky load and sat up. There wasn’t a dry part anywhere on her body. Even her panties were soaked through!

She grabbed as much of the sticky mess as she could and put it in her mouth, the rest she tried to push towards her pussy. The panties she was wearing were absorbing the cum and pussy juices, as if eating them up.

The exhausted, yet satisfied men left the room, leaving the pool of semen to her. She finally got to her feet, most of the semen either swallowed, or absorbed. She wiped her breasts with a pillow, and found her shirt. She put it on, the fabric sliding over her tits with ease. A wet spot, from a spot she missed, appeared on her right tit, making it see through and cling. Her belly button also had some cum left over, and a spot appeared there.

Jessica felt dizzy; what would she do now? She bent over to get her pants, but turned when she heard a noise. She turned, the man from the store stood there. He looked at her, smiling. She gave a laugh and placed her hands on the side of a couch, bracing herself.

At the sound of a zip, she looked back and gasped at the sight of his flaccid cock. It was HUGE! She moaned and thrust her ass out, waiting. Four seconds later, a cock which was stiff as a board, slid its way into her pink asshole.

From all it saw that day, the muscle spread itself wide to accommodate. However, even that wasn't enough when the monster of a head pushed it wide. In, out, in, out, the cock ravaging her anus went.

It slowed to a stop and she looked back. No sooner did she look back then the lips of her cunt spread out, dragging along the shaft of the man’s cock. Jessica's large clit was being rubbed back and forth, her pussy juices sliming down her leg from the lack of room in her hot cunt. She felt her head tug back, an odd feeling in her scalp. The man had her blond pigtails in his hand, pulling.

With every orgasm she received, the world started to blur. She felt an explosion rip through her greedy cunt, semen everywhere. Her starving pussy lapped it up like a vicious dog.

Warmth everywhere, then black...

Her eyes opened, staring up at her bedroom ceiling. She gasped for breath, blinking.

"Oh my god... What a dream.'' She said, images going through her mind. It wasn't until a little after that when she noticed the warmth in her pussy, or an odd feeling in her ass. Puzzled, she looked down at herself, strewn across the bed.

"What the...?" she said, looking down at her fat nipples, and big breasts. Closing her eyes, she reached down and touched her clit; her large, cum soaked clit. She opened her eyes and stood up, admiring her blue, crotch less panties.

Sighing, she grabbed the black vibrator, turned it on, and slowly slid it into her now-wide cunt.


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This is a good story....thanks for adding it here also.

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Thanks for bringing it over.

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again not mine , don't want people to think i wrote it xD

by "Ananak, Thom" (yes i know dif name , im just putting the name of the person that submitted it ><)

Chapter 2

The brunette lay on her bed, a hand rubbing her thick, erect nipples. The other hand was holding a black 8 inch vibrator that was being fanatically pushed into her pussy, the soft hum punctuating the air. A moan escaped her as she slid the 8 inch wonder up her slit and onto her large clit, sending tingles to her body. Her pussy, already wet from that night’s previous ‘adventure’, let the vibrator slide in and out with ease, the cum and juices splashing over her outer lips and trimmed brown bush.

Her hand let go of her throbbing nipple and moved down to the pair of crotch less panties she was wearing. She did not, however, start the night with them on.

Previously, she had stolen the black vibrator, and come to an orgasm which caused her to black out. Upon awakening, she found her self in the body of a gorgeous blonde, and had proceeded to have her ass pounded, cunt flooded, and throat slimed, and that’s not to mention the two huge toys she awoke to sitting on. After that incident, she found her way back to her own body, but some changes had occurred.

…The Changes…

The girl, Jessica, who had normally large C cups, awoke to find herself with the breasts of the blonde girl who she had inhabited, impressively large Ds. With the breasts came the long, fat nipples, and a large clit. Having only had sex once or twice before, due to preferring to give blowjobs, she was shocked to feel her anus wide and sore, along with a gaping, cum soaked pussy. The pair of blue crotch less panties hadn’t started on her, but they stayed. She received them while in the blonde body, from the man who ran the new thrift shop in town. They conformed to her body, and weren’t always crotch less. They did this odd thing, where they absorbed any fluids that came in contact with them, and could be manipulated into a thong, or crotch less, normal, or who knows what else. Either way, they were on her now.

So, her hand, sliding off her large breasts, crept its way down to her blue panties, fingers rubbing the odd material against her skin and short pubic hairs. It felt so odd that she was doing this in her room, twice that night for that matter. What was even odder was the deeds she did previously, having done nothing that extreme, or even remotely close before. The thrum and tickle of the vibrator brought her back to reality, toes curling as a shot of pleasure hit her body. Moving her hand back up to her nipple, she pinched hard, and thrust the vibrating shaft as deep as she could into her cunt.

It must have been seven seconds or so before the orgasm hit her. Ripping through her body, leaving her mouth open in a silent scream, she thrust it in and out, repeatedly, the walls of her vagina contracting around the pleasure wand, sending Jessica in a pleasure spiral. As she was being wracked with pleasure, a familiar dizzy feeling came over her, and the world started to blacken. She let out a cry of joy, realizing what was going to happen next.

Slowly vision came back to her. She was hovering in front of a large bed, covered with pink silk sheets. On the bed lay a girl, head buried under pillow and face down, creamy white ass showing. Little red hairs could almost be seen. The girl turned over, red hair plastered to her sleeping face. She was wearing a pink and black bustier, showing off ample cleavage.

Jessica felt a hard tug on her essence, pulling her towards the red head's extremely hairy bush. Within seconds, she collided, slipping into the sleeping girls body.

A jolt caused Jessica to lurch forward, waking from her sleep. She gasped for breath and tried looking around, vision slowly flowing back to her. Her eyes focused to see herself lying on top of a silk covered bed.

Closing her eyes again, she felt up her new body. Her hands swept down over her bustier, sighing as she couldn't reach her nipples. Her hands went down to her stomach, feeling a slight roundness, suggesting she had a hint of extra weight, but not enough to be unattractive. Jessica had to bite her lip and smile at this, her previous body having a mirror flat stomach.

Her hands ventured down further, and Jessica gasped at the feeling of the hairy bush her fingers crawled through. The immense amount suggested she had trimmed maybe once, but no more. It was possible not at all! This differed from the blonde's body, which was on the verge of getting a little long, and her own neatly trimmed pubes.

A little deeper down, her fingers brushed against the hood of her clit, and Jessica frowned to find it smaller than the blonde's. However, the frown soon changed into a gasp as her finger found the barbell pierced through the end. Puzzled, she soon realized that the blue pair of panties was crotch less again.

She opened her eyes and looked around, admiring the place. She heaved a sigh and realized she hadn't taken the bustier off yet. So fingers working quickly, they undid the laces propping her boobs up, and soon her breasts popped free. She let out an excited shriek when she saw her buds resting on the average breasts. The rings pierced through each teat were a sight she had never seen before. Sure, she thought about it once, and one of her friends almost got one pierced, but never did. Her hand slowly wormed its way down and begin tugging on the rings slightly, shivers coursing through her body. Just as she began to rub the other, she crossed her legs and moaned at the feeling of the barbell rubbing her clit.

It was about a minute or so later when a knock rang out, and a familiar face walked through the door. The 45 year old store owner smiled as Jessica tried to cover her nakedness. Shaking his head, he spoke...

"So, you just couldn’t help yourself again? That is fine. You have already proven yourself to be a willing, fuckable slut. You have, however, now condemned yourself to this life. No, no, not this body, but the life you are living. Changes here will happen to your real body, and you will forever be addicted to the experience you are going through.” The man said, shaking his head slowly. He continued. “That pair of panties you are wearing, no doubt you already caught a glimpse of what they can do. I see that they are crotch less, your choice is admirable. Now, there is a group of young ladies next door and I don’t want to keep them waiting.” The man said, turning for the door.

He turned, and in a flash, was standing over her nearly naked body. Grabbing her left nipple roughly and giving the ring a hard yank, he spoke.

“You better not fuck this up! I want every single one of those girls to be shrieking in orgasm by the time the night is over, do you understand me you little whore?!” He said, ramming a long finger into her moist pussy. Jessica gave out a shout and nodded vigorously, surprised by the fingers sudden entrance. The man took the wet finger out and stuck it in Jessica’s mouth, the taste of the red head’s pussy lingering on her tongue.

The man turned around, and walked towards the door, closing it behind her. Jessica felt as if a huge weight had rammed into her chest, realization dawning, and began to cry. After a few minutes of weeping, she dried her eyes and thought about what the man had said. Giving in, she picked herself up and went to a dresser that was in the room. Looking through, she found a black miniskirt, and slipped into it. Turning around and looking back onto the bed, she saw the bustier still lying there. Walking over to it, she picked it up and put it back on. Moving to a mirror, she saw herself standing there, and realized she probably looked like a slut. She knew that the thought was wrong, but the words in her head made her quiver with joy.

Turning the doorknob of the room, she opened the door and left, moving down a long corridor and descending down a flight of stairs. Walking to a large set of double doors, she saw a note taped to the handle. It read: “3 houses to the right.” Figuring that the party was there, she opened the door and left.

Walking across the wet yard barefoot shoved some sense into her. She wasn’t going to do anything, just sit there and be friendly, she’ll deal with the consequences later, she told herself repeatedly.

Three houses later, she knocked on the door. It opened and a tall black haired girl stood there, beverage in hand. Jessica watched as the girls eyes went up and down her body. The girl laughed to herself.

“Forgive me, I'm Ericka. You’re here for the party?” She asked. Jessica nodded. “Well then, you must be Jessica. The nice man a few houses over said you were coming. Come on in and meet the gals.” Ericka said, moving aside to let Jessica in. Jessica thanked her and walked in, the cool breeze of the dark sky leaving as the door was shut. She could hear a lot of noise coming from a room or so over. As she turned to look, she felt Ericka grab her hand and pull her towards the source of the noise. Five seconds later, she was staring at four other girls, Ericka and she not included.

Ericka started to point out people and say names, but Jessica wasn’t paying attention. Her mind was busy taking in the information her eyes were seeing. A big breasted blonde lay with her head on a brunette girl's lap, whom in turn was talking to a black haired girl with dyed purple streaks. Brown hair covered yet another girl's head, who was deep into a book.

The girl with purple streaks let out a loud sigh.

"It's about fucking time. Now we can relax without interruption." She said, unbuttoning the dress shirt she was wearing. A black lace bra now separated her pale skin from Jessica's hungry eyes.

A cheer of "About time!" and "Finally!'' filled the room. Jessica was shocked to see the lightly tanned brunette pull her tank-top off, light green bra becoming exposed. The blonde whose head was on the brunette's lap sat up, peeling off the tight shirt, large unbarred breasts jiggling to a happy stop, pert nipples pointing up in a slight diagonal angle. She tried to get a look of the girl in the chair, but stopped suddenly when Ericka told her to hold her cup, and looked to see hard nipples pressed tight against white fabric of Ericka's bra.

Jessica felt a body press up behind her, the tips of bare nipples rubbing against the back of her neck. She turned quickly, brown hair filling her vision as a tongue parted her lips. Her tongue moved to meet the invader, rolling over the pink muscle. The sound of a book hitting the floor rang out. They stood there, swapping spit and loving each other's tongue for minutes, and then a cheer rose and claps began.

Jessica pulled herself away, wiping a line of drool that managed to make its way down her chin. Looking around now, she realized that others were doing the same, the blonde making out with the purple streaks, Ericka doing the same to the brunette that didn't have her hand on the small of Jessica's back and lips on neck.

Jessica, feeling invigorated, turned back to the brunette, licking her way up her neck and across her moist lips. Jessica's tongue slid past the pink lips, crawling across the brunette's tongue. Jessica felt a hand against the back of her head, bringing her body closer. Jessica pressed her body hard against the brunette's topless form, enjoying the feel of the kiss and passion.

Pulling away once more, she quickly undid her bustier and pulled it off, her pierced breasts showing. She heard a gasp escape the brunette's lips and was pulled together again, her tongue grinding against the other. A hand found its way down to her bottom, a Jessica moaned lightly as her cheek was squeezed and slapped.

By then, all the other girls were topless as well; engrossed in the girl they were kissing. After five minutes or so, Jessica finally stopped, and shortly after the other girls followed suit.

''So, what do you girls wanna do now?" Ericka asked, fingers rubbing her tits as she spoke. Jessica looked around, realizing that she wasn't the only one who was mimicking Ericka's hand. Twisting nipples and flicking her rings, Jessica cried out with revelation.

"Well... Why don't we just do this, and well, some 'other things' as well?" Jessica said, reaching out and grabbing the brunette's breast with a hand. In response, a unanimous, lusty "I agree!" was shouted.

The brunette with Jessica's hand on her breast returned the favor, rubbing her own hand over Jessica's pierced nipple. Caught in the moment, Jessica squeezed the breast and kissed the lips of her current lover, only vaguely aware of her surroundings.

What she did notice, however, was that a few girls had gotten completely naked, and that the rest were following. Moving a hand to her skirt, she yanked it down, having it fall to her ankles, blue panties outlining her pussy lips and accentuating the large, hairy bush that lay covered beneath fabric.

The black and purple haired girl had moved her head to the blonde's robust breasts, taking a nipple in her mouth and sucking greedily. The blonde's mouth hung open, eyes shut. Her hand was beneath her, rubbing the trimmed pussy of her lover.

Ericka sat atop the other brunette's chest, rubbing the nipples she sat against into her pussy. Her second hand was fumbling blindly with the brunette's clit.

The brown-haired beauty that had her tongue around Jessica's slowly withdrew it, bringing it to the pierced nipple below. A tongue swirling around her sensitive nipple, her head swung back as the ring was grasped in the brunette's teeth and tugged lightly. Jessica managed to drop her hand to the brunette's pussy, slowly dragging her fingers around the sensitive lips of the warming cunt. Her middle finger lingered on the hood of the brunette’s clit, which now was being rubbed repeatedly by Jessica’s smooth fingers.

The blonde began to slide her fingers in and out of the black haired girl’s wet pussy, bringing her fingers up every now and then to her own and the black haired girl’s lips. The girl whose own pussy juices were being trailed across her lips returned the favor, biting softly on the nipples of the blonde, moving her tongue around the sensitive buds.

Ericka slid forward on the brunette’s chest, sitting now on her face. The brunettes tongue moved in and out of Ericka’s pussy, lapping up the pussy juices flowing onto her face. Ericka sang to herself, rubbing her nipples as her pussy was being eaten.

Jessica lowered her head so she was eye level with the brunette’s hungry pussy. Gently moving forward, she brought her mouth to the slit, sliding her tongue in and sucking lightly, the taste of the excretions from the pussy was ecstasy. Jessica licked her tongue up the entire slit, darted it in, and then sucked on her clit. She repeated this rhythm for a while before burying her head completely in the brunette's crotch.

The blonde whispered something to the dark haired girl and giggled. With a shift and small struggle, they were where they wanted to be, licking each others drenched slits. To put this more aptly, they were in the 69 position.

The feast of pussy lasted 10 minutes, leaving girls with orgasms. Afterward, they sat on the floor of the room, panting and soaked.

“What, now?” Asked the brunette who lay on Jessica’s soft stomach.

“I don’t know.” Responded the black haired girl.

“I do…” said Ericka, eyes fixed intently on Jessica’s enormous red haired bush. Jessica followed her gaze, and returned it, checking out all the others. The blonde’s pubic region was virtually hairless, save for slight stubble that was coming in. The black haired girl’s dark pubes were grouped small, but thick. The brunette who was with Ericka had a little hair, as if it were trimmed awhile ago. The brunette who had found Jessica’s mouth had a fairly small, brown haired bush, the curls making neat little rings. Ericka, who Jessica looked at last, was a shocker. Her black pubes were long, dark and her mound thick and completely covered.

Jessica compared her own to Ericka’s, and thought her red hair won. The outer lips of her pussy were flecked with red hair, ending a bit before her anus. Beckoning to Ericka, she crawled over to her and ran her hands through the thick mound of pubic hair that guarded her cunt. Pulling lightly on the black hairs, she moved her nose down and inhaled the musky scent of Ericka’s pussy. Feeling a hand brush against her ass, she turned her head and saw the blonde biting her lip, smiling. Then Jessica shuddered as the blonde’s finger slid into her pussy and brushed her outer lips.

Jessica licked up between Ericka’s legs, down and around her anus, then back up her slit into her mound, wetting the thick hair with her spit and Ericka's juices. Feeling a slight tug on her own bushy mound, she felt a hand rub and press into it, every now and then sliding a few fingers into Jessica’s pussy to get them wet, and began again on the thick red hair.

The two brunettes were at it with each other now, rubbing the trimmed mound of one, while the other nuzzled against hair. They continued, one at a time, licking the pussy, then clit, then pulling on the pubic hairs.

Jessica’s teeth pulled lightly on the black curls, but let out a gasp as she felt a finger slide its way into her tight little pink anus. Jessica, lost in a sea of happiness, lay against Ericka’s hairy pussy, lapping up as much juice as possible and breathing in the heavy scents.

It was about five minutes later when Jessica orgasmed.

She was busy with Ericka’s tight ass, licking and rubbing her fingers gently around the light brown ring of Ericka’s anus, every now and then sliding a finger in, when she felt a hard, round object press to her ass cheek.

She turned to look, and gasped at the sight of purple thing that was standing out of the blonde’s pussy. The strap-on dildo was at least twelve inches long and no less than three inches wide.

Positioning her mouth against Ericka's ass crack, she breathed heavily against the ass hole, waiting for what she knew was about to come.

She felt a cool liquid slide it's way down the crack of her ass, and a finger rubbing in and against the rim of her anus. With a lubricated squish, she felt her ass hole stretch wide as the thick dildo slid it's way into her bottom.

The force from the thrust sent Jessica forward, mouth buring itself against Ericka's anus. She licked a wet circle around the hole, then slowly pressed her tounge against it.

The sound of a moan escaped Ericka's lips as the tongue squirmed it's way around her ass. Lifting a leg, she brought it over Jessica's head, and managed to flip herself onto her back, positioning Jessica's face against her black muff.

The blonde pinched her nipples hard, letting a tingle travel through her body. She peered over to the brunettes, who happened to be thrusting against each other, double sided dildo between both their legs.

Jessica, face against Ericka's jungle of a bush, inhaled deeply through the wild black hairs, chin rubbing Ericka's clit. With a small push, then a mighty shove, the object lodged in her ass slid forward, now half burried. Another thrust, deeper. Yet again, the purple giant slid it's way deeper and deeper, each thrust burrying Jessica's face in Ericka's pussy.

Three thrust later, Jessica gasped as the base of the dildo, along with the hips of the blonde made contact with Jessica's butt cheeks.

Moaning, pleasure started to well up. Pulling her self away from Ericka's pussy, Jessica's body rocked with each long thrust. It was a mighty thrust that sent her sprawling onto Ericka's chest, face brushing against breast.

*Slap!* *Slap!* *Slap!* went the base of the dildo against Jessica's ass, and in a moment of numb, Jessica orgasmed.

Pleasure flooded through her as the dildo kept pounding. A moan, then she opened and closed her mouth wordlessly. A shudder sprang through her body, ending in her vagina. An explosive spray of pussy juices erupted out of her pussy, coating the lower belly and black pubes of Ericka's body in a sweet flood.

The dildo slowly pulled out of Jessica's ass, the large bulbous head widening its way out, causing a small spurt of vaginal juices to leak out of Jessica. The blonde backed away, purple dildo standing erect as always. She nudged Jessica's legs apart, feeling the wet mess of juices dripping out of her lips.

She had a full view of both Ericka's and Jessica's pussies, and she took advantage of it. Moving to her knees, she rubbed the dildo against Ericka's wet bush, coating the bulbous, purple tip. She pulled her hips back, and slid forward, wet dildo sliding it's way into Ericka's cunt. Pulling out, she then thrust into Jessica's wet pussy, sliding in with ease. She thrust in hard, slamming Jessica forward a little. The top four inches of the shaft gleamed with juice. Pulling out, a drop dripped off the large, purple head, and she thrust back in, widening Ericka's cunt once again. She kept switching between the two hot slits, and soon, both were oozing.

The two brunettes lay holding each other, lying on their sides and breathing heavily. From Jessica's point of view their cunts were connected by a band of translucent-green jelly. The insides of both their legs were wet with each other's cum.

A thrust that sent her slamming forward brought her back. The glistening purple monster was now base deep into Ericka's cunt. Jessica, who lay ontop of Ericka, slid her tongue into Ericka's mouth, rolling their tounges together passionatly. Ericka began moaning, and Jessica felt her body go rigid. Jessica heard a squishy thrust, and Ericka howled. A hot liquid splashed against Jessica's crotch, wetting her red pubic hairs and sliming down her legs. The squishing noise continued, and Jessica gasped as another hot, forceful blast splashed against her pussy.

Jessica closed her eyes, grinding her cunt against Ericka's. The feeling of her pussy lips widening brought Jessica's eyes flying open, her wet walls letting the already soaked dildo slide in with ease. With four quick, slimy thrusts, Jessica came.

After the spurting liquid had died down from Jessica's clentching pussy, the blonde pulled the purple dildo out, running her her hands over the cum soaked shaft that protruded from her pelvic area.

The blonde pulled off the straps that held the purple monster in place, grabbing the shaft in her hands. Bringing it up to her lips, she wrapped her tounge around the wet head, licking up both of the girl's juices. She ran her lips up and down the side of the shaft, the sensuous liquid flooding her senses. Her pussy was wet just from the previous actions.

Jessica rolled off of Ericka, getting up and collapsing in a chair. Her pussy was stretched open wide, juices casually leaking onto the chair cushion. Her crotch less panties had started to absorb some of Ericka's secreations, along with her own. She looked at the blonde, who was now over with the brunettes, creating a sexy threesome.

The two brunettes were still connected by the dildo, but the blonde now joined them, toying with herself. She was running the purple dildo over her nipples, and then trying to sit on something. Jessica looked harder, and as the blonde adjusted herself, she could see a red butt plug, at least five inches round.

She watched, transfixed as the small tip of the red toy poked the blonde's light brown asshole. As the brownish ring stretched wide to accomdate the growing shaft, Jessica saw the blonde's anus fully engulf the plug, base now covering her asshole.

The blonde began clentching her teeth, purple dildo now working its way in and out of her hungry cunt. A few thrusts later, the blonde pulled the dildo out, clentched her butt cheeks, and arched her back, lying down. A liquidy explosion sprang forth, spraying into the air and onto her stomach, coating herself in her own juices.

Wiping her own mess onto her hands, she moved over to the two brunnetes, placing wet hands on each of their nipples. Rubbing them lightly, she brought her wet hands to the double dildo pressed into both of the dark haired girls' cavernous cunts. Her hands massaged the swollen clits of the two girls, causing a double orgasm to occur.

Jessica, leaking greatly, didn't even realize her hands were pounding her pussy. She heard a noise, and saw that Ericka stood up.

"Girls, I see you all have enjoyed yourselves. This party will be over shortly, but first, I would like to give Jessica one last gift." Ericka said, turning around and reaching into a box. She pulled out an object and turned.

In her hands, was a large cock.

Jessica shook her head and looked again. No, it wasn't a cock. It was the most realistic dildo she had ever seen. The shaft was a skin-peach color, the head a darker, almost purple-ish shade. Fake veins, bluish, ran down the thick shaft, ending at a pair of giant balls, equipped with fake pubic hairs.

The dildo was limp, the fake testicles swaying lightly as they hung over the side of her hand. Standing up, she walked over and got a closer look.

The small slit at the head of the cock was open, and if it were attached to a body, Jessica would have sworn it was capable of shooting spunk everywhere. She reached out and touched it, hand brushing across the large, swollen balls and up the shaft. Puzzled, she touched it again.

"It feels so real!" She exclaimed, turning it over in her hands. The weight felt right, for a cock which would be that size, and the texture, the way the material moved when she touched it. It was almost life-like.

"It is yours, as soon as you fuck it and with it. The man next door told us to give it to you." Ericka said, rubbing the purple-ish head with her hands.

"He also said that you don't need anything special to use it, it just kind of stays there." Ericka added, grabbing the dildo from Jessica.

"Shall we begin?" Ericka asked, holding the floppy dildo in her hand. It drooped over flacid, balls dangling. She turned it over in her hands, holding like a cock would hang normally. Bringing it down between her legs, she rubbed it against her pussy, and brought it up a little, so it was positioned at the lower end of her thick black haired bush, right against her clit. Her pubes and that of the dildo meshed together, making it look like Ericka had a massive cock of her own.

Slowly, she pulled her hands away, and sighed as the dildo stayed in place, cock hanging down at her mid-thigh, swollen balls dangling in front of her pussy.

"Oh my god! It feels... It's like I... It feels like I have a cock of my own!!" Ericka cried out, touching the limp cock at it's base.

"I'm feeling me touch it! Jessica, do something to it!" Ericka commanded, a hand rubbing the (or should we say 'her') large balls.

Jessica reached over, grabbing the cock firmly with her hand and gave a stroke. Ericka gasped.

"I felt that!" she cried, rubbing the cock enthusiasticly.

"Jessica, you have to fuck me." Ericka said, moving towards Jessica. Jessica nodded, getting to her knees. The cock bumped against Jessica's face as Ericka positioned herself over her.

Jessica's hands grabbed the shaft of the cock, rubbing it lightly. Stunned, Jessica felt a pulse flow through it, as if it were starting to harden. Her lips opened and moved around the large head of the cock, sucking lightly on the mostly flacid member. Her hand found it's way to the gigantic balls that hung infront of Ericka's pussy, working the swollen testicles between her fingers. With a stunning shock, the dildo grew harder in her mouth, Ericka breathing heavier. Soon, Ericka was thrusting, the long cock gliding into her mouth with ease.

A little later, Ericka stopped.

"I wanna feel what the inside of a pussy feels like." Ericka said, petting the mostly erect cock that stood out of her. Jessica nodded, and spoke her response.

"I want some dick..." She said casually, standing up. She pushed Ericka, sending her falling onto a chair. Jessica moved over, and positioned herself onto Ericka's lap, having the massive cock's head buried in her red pubes.

"Ready lovely?" Jessica asked, stroking the cock of the girl she was sitting on.

"Stop fucking around!" Ericka said, trying to move her large penis into Jessica's hot cunt. Jessica sat up slightly, grabbing the cock with both her hands and placing the head at the mouth of her moist pussy.

Slowly she lowered herself, the cock sliding further and further in. Finally it came to a halt, Ericka's balls at the beginning of Jessica's vagina. A pair of hands forcefully grabbed Jessica's breasts, pulling her close. Ericka's grip was vice-like.

Looking down at herself, the curved cock inside her made a tingle of pleasure shift through her body, making her pussy a little wetter. Ericka began to thrust into Jessica's cunt, the large cock pushing her up as it steadily worked it's way in her.

Ericka was moaning heavily now, as was Jessica. The feeling of the cock curving into her, the large head being squeezed between her wet walls was unbarrible.

"Oh GOD! I'm cumming!" Ericka shouted, thrusting harder and harder into Jessica. At these words, Jessica came, her juices spraying out of her engorged pussy. The fluids slid down Ericka's thrusting shaft, onto her curly black pubic hairs. Then, in a moment of ecstasy, Ericka came, shooting her load deep inside Jessica. The spray back was intense, covering both of them with semen. Ericka's balls were contracting, sending wave after wave into Jessica. Shortly after, she stopped.

Ericka's cock slid out from Jessica's cunt smoothly, cum and juices dripping onto herself. Jessica took the cock in her mouth, sucking off the mess that covered Ericka's shaft. Another healthy shot of cum sprang out, smothering the roof of Jessica's mouth. She swallowed the salty liquid, and stood up.

"That, was amazing!" Ericka said, resting back on the chair. She grabbed her cock at the base and tugged. After a bit of twisting and pulling, it popped off, a line of cum hanging from the tip. Ericka took it in her hands, and licked up the shaft, tasting the cum that had come out of her. Sighing, she handed it over to Jessica, liquid leaking from her own pussy.

Jessica's hands shook as she grabbed the cock, feeling its weight once again. Mimicing Ericka's gesture, she placed the cock to the lower end of her bush, and held it there for a second. A sucking feeling wound its way through her, ending in her tits. Letting go of the cock, she looked down.

There it hung, lifeless and waiting. To Jessica's shock, the little black hairs on the sack were gone, now being flecked with red ones. Jessica felt blood move forth, filling something. She looked down and realized her cock was throbbing. Placing a hand against the hanging shaft, she could feel the blood rushing through her veins. She walked over to Ericka and grabbed her hands, pulling her up.

"Get on your hands and knees." She said, hand rubbing her swollen balls. She brushed her inner lips, and realized that she could still orgasm with her pussy. This brought thoughts to her head, but she shook them away as she looked down at Ericka's bent over form.

Her cock kept throbbing, growing harder by the second. Kneeling down, she placed her hand on Ericka's butt, spreading her cheeks apart. With her left hand, she made a light circle on the brown ring of Ericka's anus, licking her fingers to wet the hole.

Sliding a finger in, she felt Ericka's muscles contract around her finger. She imagined that's what it felt like, except on a much more pleasursable scale.

Extracting her finger, she pressed the head of her cock to the entrance of the hole, steadily increaseing the pressure being applied. With a sudden push, Jessica's cock slid it's way into Ericka's ass.

She thrust quickly, pumping at a steady speed. The sound of her balls slapping against Ericka's ass the only sound. The tight feeling was amazing, Jessica's cock feeling full. With a few more thrusts, the slit of the cock opened, spraying forth a load of cum into Ericka's asshole. She was hit with three waves of pleasure, each one darkening the world.

On the final spurt, she passed out, cum dripping onto her legs.

Jessica's eyes fluttered open, looking up at her ceiling. She was breathing heavily, strangely relaxed. A cool breeze blew in from her window, making her body cold and nipples stand. A warmth was covering her legs, and her body was sore. Looking down, she saw her cunt leaking, Ericka's sperm starting to harden around her pussy lips. A warmer mess of liquid was spread across her inner thighs, and sighing, Jessica realized it was also over her now hairy bush.

A glimpse of a flashback, her standing over a bent over girl, rubbing her throbbing cock.

Jessica gasped and felt between her legs. Her hand traced all of her bush but no cock to be felt. However, when her fingers brushed her clit, they ran across a big old set of balls. Jessica screamed, and pulled hard on the balls. They slid out, followed by a long, life-like cock that was buried in her pussy. She sighed in relief, collapsing back down onto her bed, toying with her new body.


11-03-2007, 12:47 PM
Not me who wrote it ...

by Ananak, Thom

Chapter 3

***Warning: This story contains a form of incest. It still fits this Genre, so here is the warning.***

Jessica ran her hands through her hair, collecting her thoughts. Her body was now sexier in every way, but would her parents notice? Sure, they wouldn't notice her large mess of pubic hair, at least not 'till the bathing suit weather, when a tight suit might give it away. Her boobs would be a bigger problem, pardon the pun. They were about a size and a half larger, and now her nipples were pierced too! She could probably remove the rings, but still, this wasn't good.

Pondering her situation, she looked around her room. On her nightstand was the fake cock that she had used beforehand, fragments of thought floating back to her. It was skin colored, proportions matching what a large, thick cock would look like. Previously, when used, it had felt like she had a cock of her own.

Moving her mind back to her current situation, she started wishing she was someone else. Maybe the blonde girl, who had been the first body she had 'worn', and the body that she had received those mysterious blue panties in. Made of a blue, stretchy material, they formed around her body, outlining her clit, lips, and filling in her ass crack. However, they currently had taken on a crotch less form, but could even be manipulated into a thong. They seemed to absorb all sexual and sex related liquids, which brought around an unknown effect.

'Blonde. Why couldn't I still be in that blonde? I could do what I wanted, not have to worry about anything. Blonde!' Jessica thought these, over and over, picturing the blonde in her mind.

Suddenly, the blue panties grew tight around her body, and a soothing wave of comfort flowed through her body. Her eyes shut, trying to stay in the moment. The tingle slowly wore off, and Jessica opened her eyes. Her body felt curvier than it had before, and sitting up, Jessica looked at her body. Dark blonde pubes, a light fluff, sat above her pussy, and a blonde strand of hair fell across her face. Jessica's heart leapt, realization dawning on her.

She could change her body.

Screaming softly to herself, she began to wonder what else she could do. Getting up and running over to her drawers, she clawed through till she found what she was looking for. It was a powder pink t-shirt, which could stretch a bit to accommodate the heavier girls, or the busty babes. Sliding the shirt on over her head, she pulled it past her breasts, shirt clinging to the large mounds, nipples accentuated.

Hopping back onto her bed, shirt tight, she began to wonder what else she could do.

In her mind, a red head stood, with same hair as the second body. A large, red mess of pubic hairs covered her pubic mound, the hair thick, long, and everywhere.

Jessica paused, rubbing her stomach.

The red head's stomach was huge, but smooth. Pregnant. A bit of stretch marks lined the sides, but not enough to be a turn-off. Her breasts were large and heavy, nipples wide and dark, a small ring through each tit. Her pubic mound was large and fat, very top coming even with her stomach.

Jessica envisioned this, and closed her eyes as the tingle went through her body once more. Her shirt was growing tight, and as the tingle went away, she opened her eyes. Her round stomach stretched against the shirt, her nipples thicker than they were before, the shape of her nipple rings outlined perfectly against the light pink shirt.

She rubbed her hands against her stomach, the feeling odd to her. The large breasts felt heavy, full, a feeling she didn't know. She rubbed them, an intense shiver shooting through her. Just as one of her hands found it's way to her butt, the fat pressing against her bed, a knock rang out, coming from her bedroom door.

Jessica shook her head, slight double chin from pregnancy jiggling.

"Come in!" She said, no control over herself. What was she doing!? She was pregnant, naked, and currently a red-head. The door knob twisted, door opening slowly.

A man, black hair balding, muscled stomach contained by a white beater, stood at the door. Black curls of chest hair stood over from the top of his shirt. He had on lounge shorts, and no shoes.

"Hey, I'm home early, mom in b-?" He asked, opening the door. This man was Jessica's father.

Jessica laid there, her father staring at a pregnant, red headed body. She caught his eyes travel down to her exposed crotch, and saw a lump grow in his pants as he caught sight of her pussy and pubes. His eyes flicked back up, studying her face. She soon realized that he didn't recognize her, and that lump of his was still getting bigger.

Without even noticing she was doing it, staring at his hardening cock and licking her lips, she spread her legs, secretions flowing onto the bed. She took her hands and grabbed her shirt, pulling it up over her head. Her heavy pierced breasts flopped onto her chest, nipples pointing to the ceiling. Her hand was running through her pubes, but she took no notice. She was too enticed.

Her dad pulled down his pants, revealing a pair of smoke-grey Jockey shorts. A fat bulge was pressed against the fabric, its head poking out of the waste band. A line of precum wormed its way down onto the elastic band of the underwear, becoming absorbed.

Her first thoughts were "Hmm... What's dad doing home?" However, the first dirty thoughts in Jessica's mind were "Gee... Daddy has a fat cock. Wonder what he tastes like." Lost in lust, she poked a finger between her legs, scooping up some juice and tasting it. Her other hand held up a finger, beckoning him closer. Her dad walked across the room, more of his cock exposed. He knelt onto his daughter's bed and approached the pregnant red head that beckoned him.

He brought his head down to the hairy cunt that was leaking onto the sheets they had bought for their daughter's bed, and pressed his face into it, inhaling the scent of sex. His tongue slid out, licking the juices from her cunt, then sliding up the slit onto her clit, were he began to suck lightly.

Jessica placed a hand against her father's head, pressing him deeper. His face mashed against her fat mound, rubbing against her curly red hairs. He got back up, chin covered in juice. He stared at her pregnant form, taking in the beautiful sight. Jessica reached a hand down and grabbed his underwear, pulling it down hard. His cock sprang forward, pressing against her bush. Jessica rubbed it against her pubes, and then tugged it, pulling him onto her.

They lay side by side, facing each other. One of her father's legs was hooked over and around her ass. His mouth was against Jessica's, separating only for air. He cupped one of Jessica's sagging breasts, rubbing the nipple between his fingers. Jessica moaned as the white liquid dribbled out from her swollen tit, dripping onto her father's hand.

As she lay kissing him, she thought back to the time she saw him masturbating to a porno. Was it just a coincidence that her current form was a great likeness to the pregnant slut in the video? Her mind said coincidence, but a feeling said otherwise. How long had she wondered what it was like to be pregnant, or how good her father was in bed?

Brought back to reality by her other breast now oozing milk, she forgot her troubles and pressed against him.

She felt his hand caress her swollen stomach, a finger rubbing against her belly button. It slid down her stomach and into her groin, fingers intertwining with her red curls. It stopped just above her clit, a finger occasionally rubbing against it to Jessica's joy.

Then a finger, maybe the middle one, slid itself into her hot slit, pressing against her wet walls. Jessica whimpered, the feeling growing like a fever.

She reached down and pulled his hand away.

"Let's see if you can use that tool of yours..." Jessica said, her thumb rubbing against the head of her father's cock. She leaned back, her body sliding flat on the bed.

Slowly she raised her right leg, hooking it around her father's back, drawing him close.

Her father's cock was pressed against the opening of her slit. With a thrust of his hips, he was in. With a rhythmic slap of balls, he thrust into her. As the speed and pleasure increased, so did the tone of Jessica's moans.

"Ohh... Oh god... Oh god, daddy! Harder!" Jessica cried.

His hips began to thrust faster, the slap of balls occasionally being punctuated by a grunt.

"That's right, you pregnant bitch! Who's your daddy? Have you been a good slut?"

"Yesss... Oh god... Yes daddy!" Jessica moaned, mashing herself against him.

"Do you want to get me preggers, daddy? Get your whore of a daughter pregnant? Do you wish when you pop it in your wife's ass, it was Jessica's you were fucking? How bout all the cock's I've blown daddy? Do you want to fuck your daughter?" Jessica yelled, cumming hard on her father's cock.

"Yesssss!" Her father shouted, spraying deep into the fat cunt of Jessica. Jessica lay kissing him until he fell asleep, then got up and went out the door. She looked down the hall. To mom's room, or to Tony's? Mother, or brother, why not both?

Jessica turned around and went into her room, grabbing the life-like dildo from her nightstand. She then left her room, and looking both directions, began heading towards her mother's room.

Carefully, so the door didn't squeak when opened, Jessica snuck her way into her parents' bedroom. She now stood before the nearly naked form of her mother. She grabbed the dildo by the shaft and placed it against her clit, holding it still for a few seconds. A feeling of suction, then presto, a cock. Yet, this too had changed. It was enormous now, no where near what a normal, or for that matter large cock should be. It hung flaccid down to her knees, and Jessica always had long legs. She fondled it for a few seconds, and then stopped. She could feel all of it, that was good. Nothing numb. Closing her eyes, she concentrated.

When the tingle diminished, Jessica examined herself. She had short black hair, a porn star trim job downstairs, and wearing a pair of blue Jockeys. Her breasts were smaller, barely noticeable. Her body had made itself muscular, forming a six-pack and small biceps on Jessica's body. A sharp pain caused her to look down. Her enormous penis was crammed into the shorts, creating a massive, serpentine bulge that almost had to be triple-folded and was practically busting out of the shorts. She looked back at the form of her mother, who appeared to be sleeping. Rubbing her cock through her underwear, she got onto the bed.

She slowly put a hand onto her mother's breast, and squeezed lightly. A small smile formed at the corner of her mom's mouth, and a hand reached over against Jessica's shorts. It rubbed the form of the coiled, flaccid cock, and expertly guided it up and out of its containment. The shorts were at mid-thigh now, and Jessica's cock lay limp against her stomach, the cock's head resting between her breasts. Her mother's hand had soon begun to work the monstrosity to erection, and soon her mouth was lowered around the fat shaft, her tongue tracing the large purple top. Jessica lay there, enjoying the feeling of her mother's lips pressing down around the shaft of her cock, and the occasional line of spit dripping down and onto her balls. Her mother continued to blow Jessica for about three more seconds, before she stopped.

"Honey? Did you, like take any pills or anything? Your penis is gigantic!" Her mother asked, rubbing the wet cock with her hand. Jessica only grunted and guided her mother's hand up and down her cock.

"Well, whatever it is, I love it!" Her mom said, running her hand across Jessica's enlarged ball sack. "Even your balls feel bigger! Gawd!" her mom said a little loudly, and dove forward, shoving Jessica's cock to the back of her throat and down. She began pumping her head down harder, her throat contracting around the thick member. She pulled away and gagged, drooling over her daughter's ball sack. Her mouth moved to one of the large testicles and placed the whole thing inside her mouth. Her hand was working the shaft. After a few long strokes, she moved her mouth back over the cock and began to suck Jessica's dick once more. Yet again, she could only fit so much before she gagged. Jessica pressed her head downward, forcing her to take more.

In her mind Jessica was dirty. 'So that's where I get all my blowjob skills from... Mom you whore!'

She was brought back to reality by the growing swirl of pleasure as her cock twitched and exploded, shooting forth its creamy content. Her mother's mouth began to overflow from all the liquid, but still she swallowed the sticky load. Wave after wave, she continued to swallow, until Jessica's cock went limp in her mouth and she finally lay back. Jessica moved a hand down to the pair of moist cotton panties her mother was wearing and traced the outside of her lips. Good god, her mom was so hot down there.

"Mmmhh... Fuck me Derrick... Fill me up you stud." Her mother moaned, touching herself and writhing on the bed.

'Wait a sec... Who the hell is Derrick? Dad's name is Joseph! Oh my god... Mom's cheating on him! She think's I'm this Derrick guy... She's not expecting dad to be home 'til tomorrow! This is so fucking hot.' Jessica thought, her hand still massaging her mother's crotch.

Her mother's hand found its way to Jessica's cock, and worked its way up, moving across her stomach, then chest, where it stopped. It traced itself over Jessica's petite tits, rubbing them lightly. She had no idea that they were breasts at all! Pushing the hand's away from her chest, Jessica brought her leg over her mother's body, and pulled herself on top of her. Her cock was lying limply on her mother's stomach, coiling itself atop her belly button and snaking up towards her breasts. She brought the head down to her mother's oozing cunt and rubbed it against the wet cotton fabric. Like a snake, she pulled the top of the panties away from her mother's pelvis, and slipped her cock in, the massive shape outline against the tight material. She sat atop her mother's crotch, her cock tucked beneath the panties and herself, her own weight pushing it down against her mother's accepting slit. As if it had a mind of its own, the head of the phallus pushed against the wet lips, and slid itself in, slowly dragging the rest of it behind.

"Uhggghhg... fuck... it's not even hard... so deep... mmmhmm..." Her mother moaned as Jessica's cock slithered into her pussy.

'Hmm, Mom, where do you keep your toys?' Jessica wondered, looking at her night stand. She leaned off her mother and reached over quickly, pulling the drawer out and reaching in. She let out a quiet shriek and pulled her hand out, clasping the fat plastic object in her hand.

'Why mother, a butt-plug? You dog!' Jessica thought to herself, reaching back with sex toy in hand. Jessica's cock had begun to ooze precum, coating the walls of her mother's cunt with the slimy fluid. With the butt-plug in hand, she sat back down on her mother. Two more inches of cock had pulled itself in. With well muscled arms, Jessica lifted her mothers butt up, pulled her panties down to her ankles, and with a quick motion, placed the short, round plug beneath her ass crack. Jessica then lowered her mother onto the sex toy slowly, her mother's gasp telling her that the tip had made contact with her mother's anus. Slowly increasing pressure, Jessica pushed down on her mother's body, forcing her sphincter to spread wide to accommodate the fat plastic object intruding her.

A grunt, then a sigh. Her mother was lying flat on the bed again, no traces of butt-plug visible.

"Good girl." Jessica whispered. All her mother could do was moan and gasp. All the while, Jessica's monstrosity of a cock buried itself deeper, pumping layers upon layers of the slick coating on her mother's vaginal walls.

With strong hands, Jessica began to pump the limp cock that was buried in her mother's pussy. Looking down, she could see liquid flowing through veins, moving forth to fill the rest of the gigantic member.

Jessica had now positioned herself above her mother, standing on all fours like an animal. The cock continued to harden itself, and her mother gasped as her cunt was spread wider as the cock hardened. With her fully erect penis, engorged in her mother's slimy, begging cunt, all Jessica could do was oblige her mother's plea for more. Slowly, she moved her hips, starting at a nice, steady rhythm. Then, she began to pick up the pace. Her thrusts became faster, and juice from both her and her mother began to spray out of her mother's stretched cunt. Her balls slapped the bottom of her cock with an insane fury, and her mother's moans only made her thrust harder. In a muffled cry, she orgasmed.

Her massive cock was still, for a moment at least. Then her balls contracted hard, and her cock exploded forth, shooting waves of her cum into her mother's brutalized cunt. Even though Jessica had stopped moving, her penis pressed forward, pushing deeper and deeper into her mother, shooting itself wherever it could.

As the liquid slowed to a stop, Jessica sat up, her cock slithering itself out of her mother's abused, leaking cunt. Getting up off the bed, staring down at her mother's exhausted form, Jessica turned around and left the room, working her way out into the hall. All that was left was her brother.

First thing first, to get rid of this god-like cock. She pictured herself without one, and a tight tingle let her know something was happening. Looking down, she watched as the cock rose up and bent inward, the head pressing against her vaginal lips. Then, slowly it pushed itself inward, dragging along its body till only balls were left. With a light, audible pop, the rest of the cock detached and the phallus was gone.

Now, to Tony's room; upon entering his room, seeing his sleeping form covered in sheets, Jessica had a sudden revelation. She didn't know what turned her brother on! There was only one solution.

Porno hunt!!

She began to dig through his dresser drawers, shifting past a box of condoms, only to come up fruitless. However, a bright display of colored fish swimming across a black background caught her attention. His computer! She ran over and moved the mouse. Great! He forgot to log off. Moving the mouse and opening the web-browser, she quickly opened up his recent history.

She was appalled, yet she couldn't keep her hand from browsing a finger or two into her slit.

"Let's see here..."

Busty, toys, masturbation, odd/large insertions, lesbian, latex, anal, hardcore, deep throats, some pregnant stuff, celebs, a load of voyeur and up skirt, but it was the last site that shocked Jessica the most: a pure interest in incest.

"Well, I can sure try to accommodate all these, but let's stick with the good old fashion things I can do right here. Let's see... Wait! What if these lil' beauties I'm wearing can do more than just change my body proportions...? I could have quite a bit of fun..."

So, Jessica began to plan. 'Tony was into incest, so she quickly willed herself back to her normal form, back before she was blessed with the panties. Busty, closing her eyes, her breasts began to swell to somewhere around the 40EE range. Masturbation... The only toys she owned were the black vibrator and that amazing dildo the hid itself somewhere inside her.'

"Can't use the vibrator, 'else I'll be pulled into another body, and I don't wanna do that just yet. That only leaves the stuff mom has. I should check to see if she has anything else besides that butt plug that's still in her."

'Masturbation, not a problem. Odd and large insertions, looking around his room, she figured she could do it. If she couldn't find anything, she could always try and get that cock to come out and maybe use that. Hardcore, I can do that with him, same thing goes with anal. Deep throat shouldn't be a problem, but wait! What if I...' Jessica thought deeply. A tingle ran through her mouth, and she smiled. Sticking her tongue out, she almost touched herself when she saw the pointed tongue's length. It was about 5" long, and had an had an unusual coating, like a slimy spit or something.

"Pregnant and latex, I've got a plan for these. First, I'll get his attention from his door." A skirt appeared around her waist, the length short enough so the bottom of her crotch was just barely visible. Her stomach began to swell. She was nine months pregnant. "Then, I'll work my way to the bed, and begin to seduce him. From there, I'll ask him if he's into fucking." Her skin began to shine. A black tint began to cover her skin, working its way across her entire body; the only parts not covered being her mouth, eyes, asshole and cunt. The blue jockeys began to melt into a skimpy G-string, partially exposed due to the short skirt. "Then I'll blow 'em, maybe jerk him off a bit, let him feel my coochie, finger myself a bit." Her face wasn't discernable, a black shining mask, a face of a temptress. Her nipples pressed hard against the skin tight material, the smooth feel making her nipples harder every time she moved.

"Lastly, I'll take my mask off after a good fuckin', show him that he just popped his cock into his sister's oven, and then ask him if he wants to put it in my ass. Genius!"

She walked to the door and shut it, flicking the lock shut. Turning around and giving an audible cough, she posed herself, her cloth covered cunt just visible.

"Who th- who the fuck are you?" Her brother asked, half asleep but already starting to get erect. Jessica turned around, the black latex that covered her face made it impossible to tell who it was. Silently she made her way to his bed, crawling her way on top of him.

"Wha- what are you doing? Who are you?!" He yelled, shocked as this girl in black latex pulled back the covers of his bed, exposing his white briefs. His cock was creating a small tent, but she could still see that he had quite the large set of balls on him. 'Musta' got 'em from daddy...' Jessica thought, her hand rubbing the pair through the white fabric.

"Shh... You don't wanna wake your parents. After all, it's not like your not gonna hate what I'm gonna do to you." Jessica said, pulling his underpants down to his ankles. She took his cock and ran her hand up and down the shaft a few times, and then slowly, she lowered her mouth around it. Her tongue snaked out, coating his cock in a slick liquid. She inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. Soon, it'd get fun.

Jessica removed his cock from her throat, and sat up. Lowering her panties, she positioned her smooth cunt over the tip of his cock, and lowered herself, her vaginal muscles stretching to accommodate.

She bounced up and down, his cock her drive. Jessica pinched her clit hard and moaned, a bout of juice slimed down her brother's cock. Shifting herself, she made her brother could see her face when the time would come.

As her brother shot his load deep into her, Jessica laughed. She laughed long and hard. She reached up and grabbed the black latex, and slowly pulled it away from her face, squeezing her brother's cock with her cunt muscles at the same time he realized he was fucking his sister. His withering cock sprung back to life at this, causing his sister to give a surprised gasp.

"So, you wanna see what my tight little ass feels like? Maybe from the inside?" Jessica asked, removing herself from her brother's cock.

Getting on all fours, she thrust her butt out, welcoming whatever comes. Her brother scrambled up, his hand immediately grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them. Using both of their cum as lubrication, he quickly thrust his cock into her, the tightness making him see stars.

Jessica grunted in appreciation, thrusting her self back into him. The slapping of his balls soon being drowned out by Jessica's yips of pleasure, these yips were soon covered by the slapping of a hand on Jessica's ass.

He shot his cum deep into her ass, Jessica's pussy spraying its contents on the bed. Her brother fell back onto his bed, exhausted. Jessica lay next to him, fondling his cock until he was asleep. When he finally did, Jessica quickly got up and ran out the door.

"Finally, I've gotten all of them." Jessica said, making it to her bedroom. Creeping in, she grabbed her clothes, and snuck out, careful not to wake her father.

Making it to her kitchen, she tossed on her shoes and walked out into the night.

It was about 1 AM when the girl got to the store.

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