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This one is pretty long. I loved practicing to write the shave scene.... <g>

"It’s been hell..." Shannon said, "and if it doesn’t get any better at home, I’m gonna have to go find me a cowboy."

"A cowboy?"

"Yep. A studly dude with a ten gallon hat and a belt buckle." Shannon giggled, feeling a little relief from finally admitting the problem.

"You aren’t getting your rocks off?"

"Never." Shannon said, her voice barely a whisper. "Not anymore."

Frankie tore open a box of Twinkies. The kids were going to swarm in a few moments. The kids were out on the soccer field, running laps. The moms had to be ready.

"Maybe I can give you a hand." Frankie said quietly.

Shit! Shannon could barely breathe after that. She blushed and stared at her shoes. Frankie worked at the bank! Frankie was in charge of the soccer schedule to make sure that the kids got treats during practice. Frankie was just another ordinary mom. Shannon had to stand and watch her son run for a minute, unsure of how to answer. Finally, she ducked and said, "We should talk about this later."

Frankie nodded. Shannon opened a box of juice. It was weird to be acting normal while the conversation had taken a turn towards the carnal. Truth was, Shannon was ecstatic. She’d always wondered what it would be like to sleep with another woman and now her chance was at hand! She pinched herself to make sure this was real.

They had lunch the next Monday. After that they got in one car. Frankie said, "Let’s find a hotel."

They were off.

"You might have to be rough." Shannon said quietly.

Frankie turned and looked at her. "What do you mean? Rough? What exactly are you talking about?"

"You might have to bite my nipples." Shannon said, looking away, embarrassed.

"Then I’ll chew away," Frankie said, relieved that was all it was.

This could get interesting. She always knew people had different buttons, but it would be challenging to be part of making someone else's buttons click. Frankie had been fifteen years with her husband, Jacob…funny how we all got so comfortable…

"It’ll probably take penetration." Shannon added. As long as she was telling her everything.

Frankie laughed. "Well there's NOT going to be a cowboy, so I'll do what I can about that."

"And…" Shannon stopped. This part was hard, because people didn't talk about this sort of thing.

"And what?" Frankie wanted to know.

"And sometimes when I come, I push really hard, and...well...if I've relaxed all my muscles…and sometimes, well...you would get wet."

"Oh that." Frankie said. "Then we can take a shower."

"That happens to you?"

"Not really, but I can see the possibility."

Shannon felt better. She was always embarrassed about that part of it, but it felt erotic when it happened. She still didn't know if she could show Frankie this part of her, this kind of wild thing that she could become when she fucked. She laid awake the night before imagining what Frankie looked like when she had sex. Frankie was probably all pretty about it. Well, maybe Frankie wasn't always pretty about it. Sometimes Shannon could come when she was like that, all soft and complacent, but usually it took some groundwork and some acceptance.

Frankie pulled into the gas station. She filled the car with gas, and went in to ask directions. She wasn't quite sure how to say it, she was sure that everyone inside would see that the car was full of only two women, and they would read things into "I need to find a motel" at 2:00 in the afternoon. She bit the bullet and asked.

She got directions, and the guy didn't raise any eyebrow.

They came to the motel. Shannon didn't really care what it looked like, as long as it wasn’t trashy, and it had a bed. They walked in. It smelled funny. Shannon lit a candle and placed it by the bed. The pear scent was subtle and began blowing through the air. It wasn't dark in the room, so they pulled the shades. Frankie pulled her to her, and kissed her so suddenly that Shannon stopped short.

Frankie unzipped Shannon's jeans pushed her hand inside and grabbed her pussy, "So you might need me to get rough?" she asked in a very aggressive whisper.

Shannon smiled, embarrassed. "A little. Hang on though, if you start that way, it won't go anywhere."

"Well then tell me how to start, because I am here to do whatever it's going to take."

"I won't be able to tell you, because I can't say most of this. It’s really hard for me to talk about it. But I can probably move your hand or your mouth where I want it when I want it and if I push into you or say 'harder'--you'll have to work with me."

Frankie gulped in a deep breath. She was not sure how to do any of this, or if she could do it at all. So Shannon added, "and if I can't do it, then I will sit up and we'll walk away from this for a bit, and maybe try again."

"We'll get it right," Frankie said, determined. It was nothing to make a man to come. She was used to Jacob spurting his jizz all over her hand when she was barely getting started. Frankie had never really thought about it being this tricky for another woman. She kind of had a system of things that needed to be in place, a little routine of her own to get her body relaxed and her head in the right mood. But confronted with Shannon’s list of prerequisites, she thought she must be pretty easy about cumming. But, she reasoned, if Matthew could get Shannon to cum, it wasn't impossible. And Frankie figured she had a few tricks of her own. What tricks? She thought of everything that was on Jacob's usual repertoire, and realized that a lot of it came down to penetration. Well, she would think of them as she went. She smiled.

There was a bedside radio. "Music?" she asked.

Shannon was already laying on the bed. Sometimes she liked music when she was having sex. But not this time. Shannon shook her head no.

Frankie studied Shannon on the bed. She was practically shaking, she was so nervous. Why did she always get so stirred up about things?

"Relax" Frankie told her friend, and she pulled off her jeans and lay down beside her. She started to kiss her, and Shannon kissed her back, and they just kissed for awhile, and then Frankie started to undress Shannon and was glad that there was enough light to see what she was doing. Frankie touched Shannon's body very lightly, watching the goosebumps rise and seeing her nipples respond, then she ran her hands down her body. Shannon lay motionless, allowing Frankie to take the lead.

After a moment, Frankie got up from the bed. She gathered up a small bag, and took it over to the sink. She took out a razor, a pair of scissors, a can of shaving cream. She wet the hotel wash cloth. She retrieved a large towel out of the bathroom and then took a last item out of the cosmetic bag--a bottle of baby oil.

"Okay, hon, come over here and sit up on this counter." She folded the towel and put it on the surface next to the sink.

Shannon was struck with a major attack of modesty right then. It looked like Frankie was about to shave her! She’d never done such a thing! Frankie just stood by the sink, running hot water. Shannon wasn’t sure she would be able to sit with her privates gaping open to some other woman. "I need a glass of wine."

Frankie giggled. "Okay, hon. But I’m not going to bite."

Shannon took a huge swig directly from the wine bottle, the Chardonnay burning as it went down. Shannon wondered what Matthew would think if he were a fly on the wall. Your wife’s about to have some other woman eat her beaver....she thought. But Frankie looked so self-assured, so confident. She wasn’t phased by this at all! Shannon poured herself a glass of wine, using one of the motel plastic cups.

Shannon then sat on the edge of the counter, on the folded towel. She felt more nervous than she'd ever been in her life. Shannon spread her legs, revealing her crotch for the first time to another woman. It was strange. She’d never been modest about her private parts before. She knew her bush and pussy looked good and that the man she was with had never been disappointed. But Frankie wasn't a man and she was kneeling at face level right in front of her. Shannon felt exposed. It wasn’t like being at the gynecologist. This woman had an agenda.

"You don't need to be embarrassed." Frankie told her, picking up the scissors. "You have a beautiful pussy..."

Just hearing her say that made Shannon turn red. Frankie grabbed a pinch of blonde pubic hair and began snipping at it with the scissors. The hair fell softly onto the towel beneath Shannon’s bottom. Shannon sipped her wine. She needed the alcohol to steady her nerves.

Frankie clipped and snipped her pubic hair as close to the skin as she dared. Shannon was hyper aware of the hands flitting between her legs. Every touch, every brush against skin, made her feel alerted, alive. Frankie’s hands rhythmically pulled a pinch of curly hair away and cut it. She then brushed it downward where it joined the pile accumulating on the towel. As she trimmed close to Shannon’s pussy lips, Shannon felt her fingers brush against her several times. Frankie was humming under her breath as she worked.

"Okay, part two." She said when most of Shannon’s hair was trimmed away. She picked up the washcloth and dipped it into the hot water in the sink.

Shannon sipped at her wine. She looked helplessly down at her crotch while she did this. Already it looked vastly different than what she was used to. Her thick curls were reduced to a pile on the towel, leaving only blonde fuzz less than an eight of an inch or so. Her lips looked much more pronounced. What was she going to say to Matthew? Oh Honey, I got a wild hair up my ass...and well...I shaved it. Ha, ha, ha! Would a bare pussy make him more diligent? If that happened, it would be well worth the effort. But that was far down the road. For now, it was Frankie who was taking the time, Frankie who was preparing to tear that pussy up. Shannon felt funny, knowing she was making this drastic change for a woman, and not the man she loved.

Frankie laid the hot, steamy washcloth over her crotch. Shannon couldn't help but feel a strong tinge of sexual arousal at the contact. The sensation of heat and wetness on her most sensitive parts was really turning her on.

Shannon asked Frankie to refill her glass with wine. This was going to be mind-blowing.

Frankie set the washcloth aside and picked up the can of shaving cream. She squirted into the palm of her hand and then, with the fingers of her other hand, began smearing it all over Shannon’s crotch, covering the fuzz that remained. Her fingers rubbed softly, working the cream in. As she neared the portions closest to Shannon’s vaginal lips, Shannon hoped to hell she knew what she was doing. She didn’t want to go home all razor burned. The shaving cream gave off a considerable heat of its own. Shannon relaxed into the aroused feelings she was having. It was all so exciting.

Frankie rinsed her hands in the sink and picked up the razor. "Let's start at the top," she said, reaching forward.

Frankie scraped off the largest accumulation of hair and shaving cream with a few gentle but practiced strokes of the razor. The skin beneath was smooth and slightly reddened from the friction. When her mons pubis was done she began working on the sides, moving from the outside in. After every two or three swipes she would dip the razor into the water. As she got closer to Shannon’s slit she was forced to grasp each lip between two fingers to pull it tight enough to shave. Her grip was firm but pleasingly gentle. Too pleasing. Tingles emanated through Shannon’s crotch and she felt herself getting wet. Frankie was definitely turning her on!

Shannon could feel herself becoming wetter by the second as Frankie’s fingers tugged and pulled at her lips, from left to right, from bottom to top, shaving the hair away with the razor. Shannon’s secretions were making her lips so slippery that Frankie had trouble keeping a grip on them. Twice her fingers almost slipped inside as she struggled to get a good grip and each time Shannon stifled a gasp of delight at the sensation. Shannon could smell herself now, the fresh, willing odor of pheromones drifting up from her crotch. Frankie noticed that Shannon’s clit was poking out of its hood like a prairie dog peering out of its hole. It was pink and swollen and Shannon wanted nothing more than to put her fingers to it and start rubbing. The pussy smell was thick in the air. Once Frankie’s knuckle brushed quickly over the top of her clit, making her jump and sending a jolt of pleasure shooting through her stomach.

"Sorry." Frankie said absently. "Hope I didn't hurt you."

"No." Shannon said, shaking her head, almost licking her lips with anticipation. Shannon’s hands were clenched tightly into fists and her body was breaking out in gooseflesh.

Finally Frankie was finished with the razor. She rinsed it in the water and set it aside. She picked up the washcloth once more and, using slow, firm strokes, she wiped away all of the residual shaving cream and hair fragments that remained. As she stroked her with the cloth Shannon’s arousal increased to a higher level as the rough cotton slipped over her lips, her pubis, her clit. Shannon’s hips involuntarily jerked a few times, actions that Frankie seemed not to notice. She set the cloth in the sink when she was done. Shannon was so surprised at how sensitive the whole area was now that it was bare. So alert. Each movement felt a thousand times more erotic.

"Viola!" Frankie exclaimed, leaning back a little. "What do you think?"

Shannon looked down at herself and saw a smooth, unmarred crotch. It was weird. She was so used to seeing hair down there that it was a little like looking at someone else's pussy. A child’s pussy. Except her lips were very swollen and her clit was as erect as she’d ever seen it.

"That was incredibe." Shannon admitted. "I think I’m ready now."

"Not yet. We need to put some baby oil on it." She said, picking up the bottle.
Frankie brought the bottle to her crotch and tipped it upside down, squirting the clear liquid on Shannon’s pussy. Immediately she caught the familiar fragrance, so innocent. Shannon remembered the scent well, from bathing her own children. On her pussy, the oil was cool and slimy. It dribbled downward, running over her clit and her lips and finally to the towel beneath. It felt absolutely divine. Shannon really loved that she was being smothered with Frankie’s attention. Of course, she could have put that oil on herself, but Frankie was taking her time, stroking it on with such tenderness. Shannon was quietly falling in love.

Frankie rubbed the oil into the newly shaved skin. She made tight circles with her fingers, massaging and kneading her flesh. Her fingers slipped deliciously over her pussy lips, pulled at them, and then slid slightly inside. Shannon gasped with pleasure at the contact. Frankie slid in and out, her finger sliding across the clitoris. Shannon moaned a little and her hips rocked, vaginal muscles clenching.

They moved it to the bed. They laid next to each other on the spread. "If I do something you don't like, then you tell me." Frankie stressed.

"You're doing fine."

Frankie kissed and stroked Shannon's body, whispering and licking and sucking on it, never touching her breasts or between her thighs. Shannon started to roll towards her and pushed against her. She was ready to be touched.

Frankie smiled. "I’m not ready yet."

"Well I am." Shannon insisted.

"No you're NOT." Frankie said in a thick voice. "You'll be ready when I say you're ready."

Shannon felt her nipples grow hard with excitement. She sensed that Frankie was going to play the "When I Say You Can" game. She knew that one! She and Matthew played it, but not often enough. She was thrilled that Frankie was starting the game, and wanted to see how long Frankie could last at ordering her around. Matthew was a softie. He could never last long at all, not with the telling her what to do and when to do it. He always got too aroused, and because he was simply bigger, he’d finally just push her over, yank her legs apart, and ejaculate on the way in. Sometimes, she fought him, which made him more determined.

Frankie was about her size, so she didn't see them doing any big wrestling matches. It was definitely a fun way to start.

"Undress me. NOW. Take your time." Frankie ordered.

Shannon moved to undress her friend. Her hands were shaking. She kept expecting someone to rush into their private room and demand, You can’t do that! You’re married. You can’t cheat on your husband with another woman.

"Slow down. Pay attention to what you’re doing. I mean it."

Shannon halted. Frankie was right. Part of what she’d loved about the shaving session was that Frankie had done it so slowly and deliberately, elaborating on every step. Shannon eased Frankie’s sweater up over her head. She traced the line of lace around her bra. Frankie’s bra had push-up inserts, so she flowed out the top. Shannon so wanted to kiss the flesh that was busting out of the cups. Then she realized that she would be allowed, so she leaned down and did it. Just like that. Oh her flesh was so, so soft! There was a small red mole hidden in the cleavage. Shannon kissed it. She unfastened the clip at the front of her bra and peeled the cups away. Oh! Her breasts were so beautiful. They were full and pale. The contrast between the fair skin and the ruddy nipples was incredible. Shannon leaned down to suck the nipples.

"Not yet," Frankie ordered. "Just take off the rest of my clothes."

After a bit more of doing things Frankie’s way, Shannon was itching to be touched. She started to ease her hand between her thighs. Frankie saw her hand move and stopped it. "No you don't. You can't do that till I say. Right now, I want you to go down on Me."

And Frankie pushed her head. Shannon started sucking and licking at Frankie's pussy. Frankie lay back on the bed. Shannon started to move her hand to her own pussy again, and Frankie saw it, and said, "I didn't say you could do that." Frankie pulled her hand away, and gripped it tightly. Shannon could not move her hand.

"Hey," Frankie said aggressively, "You’re doing a pretty sloppy job of that pussy eating, you know. I like to be licked here. Right here," and she moved Shannon's mouth to a different spot, and Shannon kissed and licked there, and began to dot it in a steady beat with her tongue.

Frankie lay still and suddenly quiet, so Shannon knew she was on to something. Frankie crumpled under her, and Shannon pulled her hand away. She began to stoke other parts of Frankie's pussy and reached up to rub her nipples with at first very soft, gentle strokes, and then later, more persistent pinching motions. Frankie stopped her mouth at her pussy, and breathed to her in a much different voice, "Suck on my breasts," she pleaded. Shannon did, keeping one hand back where her mouth had been. It was so exciting to make love to Frankie! She couldn't believe how perfect it was. It was all about timing and patience. All about staging and pace.

Frankie knew that Shannon wanted to masturbate. She made her wait. Then she whispered, "Show me where you touch yourself. I want to watch your hand."

Shannon moved. She crouched above Frankie, straddling her face. Shannon closed her eyes, and moved her hand inches away, "showing" Frankie what she liked. The whole idea that she was finger fucking inches in front of another woman’s face was just about enough to set her off! And every movement was intensified because the area was newly bare. It felt so amazing! She couldn’t believe she was going to come so soon! She started to buckle into a climax and follow it. She hadn’t even thought she’d be able to come!!

Frankie noticed the shift of intensity, and stopped her. She moved her hand. Then Frankie's mouth was there on her clit instead.

Shannon froze. What the hell was that? Frankie interrupted her climax! Now she was sure she would never cum. The feeling was gone. If it was going to come back, it needed to be cajoled. Shannon ground her pussy relentlessly against Frankie’s eager face. Frankie explored with her tongue and fingers, urging the intensity to return.


Shannon became certain that Frankie would never make any impact from this position, so she pulled off, and lay down on the bed beside Frankie, resigned. She didn’t think she would cum! Not now. Frankie moved down to open her thighs and played some games of her own. She tasted and sucked and licked and dabbed at places, and traced them with her fingertips. Then slipped her finger inside Shannon's vagina.

Shannon rose a bit in the bed, "Watch your nails," she whispered, distressed.

"Sorry," Frankie said, and she quickly removed her finger to bite off the problem. She could taste Shannon all over her finger.

Frankie slipped the finger back inside and began to touch and resist places inside. All the while, Frankie was studying Shannon's face, trying to read her, moving her finger slowly, then changing pace. Shannon made this seem impossible. Would she get her to cum? Maybe the newness of their being together would be enough. But that could go either way. Sometimes the first time was the worst time.

Shannon rolled out from under Frankie’s hand. She pulled away, and laid listlessly on the bed. She felt resigned. She’d wanted to come, and now she was pissed! Shannon got up and moved between Frankie's thighs to taste her again.

"Hey, it’s my turn to make you come, remember?" Frankie teased.

Shannon stopped. Frankie was right. That was a habit of hers, and it happened when she was with Matthew especially. She got impatient because she didn’t think she would cum, so she immediately went into the role of the martyr. She’d give up and start to give oral sex to her partner, resenting that Matthew didn’t seem to care whether she came or not. And sometimes he was in his mood, because he would have ejaculated before he was ready. Made for some pretty angry sessions of sex. But Frankie wasn’t doing that to her. Frankie was willing to work through it.

"Then give me a minute," Shannon said, rolling onto her back.

Frankie knelt between her thighs. Frankie's breath exhaled warm against Shannon's bare pussy. Frankie pursed her lips like she was about to whistle, and started blowing against Shannon for a minute, then resumed her licking and tasting. She used her hand to feel inside of Shannon, and then she stopped for a minute. She pulled something from her purse on the floor, and asked, "Would it be okay if I used this?" She held up a vibrator. It was not huge, but it was more ample than Shannon was used to.

"On Me or on YOU?" Shannon wanted to know.

"On you."

Shannon thought it more a matter of curiosity than anything else. She wasn’t much into electronics. "You’re doing fine by yourself." Then she thought about it, "Oh go ahead, I want to see what it does. Is that yours?"

"I bought it new just in case." Frankie admitted, face blushing. "I thought it would be tacky to assume that you would want to use something that had already been inside of me."

So Shannon held still and the humming was weird, an odd addition to their breathing. "Can I turn on the radio?" Shannon asked. Frankie turned off the motor, so Shannon could think to find a station. Then Frankie licked Shannon one time with the flat of her tongue, then turned the vibrator on again.

Shannon waited. "I’m not sure that’s doing anything for me," she said after a minute or so. She’d never been big on mechanical toys.

Frankie adjusted a button and the motor became more incessant. Shannon could immediately feel a difference, and began rocking into it. Trying to get into it. The toy felt unexpected, but everything was unexpected today.

Frankie had a bottle of lubricant. She doused Shannon’s pussy and started stroking the area with the vibrator in large, sweeping strokes. Each time she brushed across her clit, she felt a tinge. It felt almost too much, almost painful. The newly bare skin made everything feel surreal. Frankie noticed the annoyed expression on her face.

Frankie changed her strategy. Frankie inserted the vibrator inside her own vagina and left it there. Humming. She held her friend’s hands hard to the bed so she couldn’t move. Shannon was trapped. Frankie started blowing on her pussy. Her fingers trailed across her labia like feathers. She stroked the smooth area above her slit. Shannon luxuriated into having that ultra-sensitive skin stroked. She’d had no idea that shaving would make everything feel so intense. Frankie touched her all around her pubic area, but she wouldn’t invade Shannon’s pussy. Shannon felt like a doll with a pull cord between her legs. Pull the string, watch me writhe, she thought. Frankie was taking her sweet time pulling the string. Shannon concentrated on breathing. The feeling of wanting to cum built up more and more. Then it became overwhelming. Shannon started bucking, wiggling. Frankie held her hands and wouldn’t let go.

Finally, Frankie rolled Shannon on her knees and started slapping her ass. The blood all rushed down, the throbbing started. She rolled her back over and spread her legs. Shannon was sure Frankie was going to start sucking her cunt, but she didn’t. Shannon quivered with anticipation. Then Frankie slapped her pussy. Five, six times. All Shannon wanted was penetration. She moaned, "Please."

Frankie pinned her to the bed again and started to bite her nipples. Shannon arched her back. She came. Frankie said, "Don’t do that. Stop cumming." She bit her nipples, holding them so tight with her teeth, they started to throb. Frankie lapped at the tips of her breasts and flicked them with her finger. Then she jammed her thumb inside Shannon’s cunt. She bit her left nipple between her teeth and held it there. Shannon came. Frankie slapped her pussy. "I said don’t do that." She came again.

Frankie turned up the light to watch. She released her hands. Shannon put her hand down and shut her eyes. She wanted to cum for her, just for her, about six inches from her face. Shannon started to masturbate. She started cumming on the third stroke. She writhed on the bed. Shannon came, cringing, shuddering, in a heap. Frankie watched Shannon come. Watched where she placed her hands, where she fingered herself. Then Frankie licked and rubbed her with her knuckles until she came again and again. She liked the way that Shannon’s face kind of scrunched up when it happened, and she could hear an audible, "ah!" when she did it.

Frankie smiled, because she knew she did much the same thing. After Shannon came one more time, Frankie put her head on her tummy to feel the rise and fall of her rhythms.

It took a couple of songs to pass through them from the radio before either of them wanted the other to move. Then Frankie said, "Okay, time to get serious." She began to lick and nip at her breasts, biting them with little half bites, and stopping to suck them persistently. She moved her hand down between Shannon's thighs, and fondled there. She pulled out the vibrator, still warm from her own body, and pushed it inside of Shannon. She thought of it being inside there, and then she started to whisper to her, filling her head with her voice, "Shannon, this was just inside of me, and it was just touching me where it’s now touching you, and it was pulsing against me and I was pulsing against it," and Frankie's voice went on and on.

Shannon felt the pulsing vibrations and she thought about having Frankie’s juices inside of her. Shannon started rising against it, then Frankie moved her hand there against her, her fingers reaching inside her vagina. Frankie touched her, pushing the vibrator where she needed to be touched, and swept her up into an uncontrollable climax.

Twenty minutes later, Shannon was cumming some more. Frankie was relentless. Shannon was drenched. Her belly was sore, her pussy was sore. She didn’t care. She was sure she couldn’t come any more. She was certain she was finished forever. Frankie rolled her over. She was lying in a puddle. Shannon didn’t remember ever losing this much control, she’d never made the bed quite this wet. She didn’t know what to say about it. Women don’t compare notes. She didn’t know about other women coming so hard, so frequently, so violently, they lose control and wet all over the bed.

Shannon started talking nonsense. Something about how she was so turned on, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t brush against her pubis without feeling it was all different there. She couldn’t even lay on the flat sheets without being overcome by sensation. She felt like she would go through life for three days straight being turned on, soaking wet. How was she going to go home? How could she face her family? Shannon started sobbing, the emotions washing over her. It was all so confusing. But her body had come so hard; she felt complete relief. Shannon folded up against Frankie’s body, her face all smiling and twisted.

Inside the car, Frankie said, without looking at her friend. "That didn’t take penetration. It wouldn’t have mattered if I prematurely ejaculated. Right?" Frankie continued. "If you want to save your marriage, you’ll have to train Matthew to do that. You get my drift?"

Shannon swallowed. The giddy feeling inside of her dissipated. Yep, she understood.

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