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11-05-2007, 12:17 AM
My Bachelorette party.....by meliketaters in our Lesbian Forum

I cant believe Im getting married tomorrow, I told my best friend (and maid of honor). She smiled, but I sensed it was a weak smile just for my benefit.

Elizabeth and I have been best friends since Elementary school. Im two years older but a good half a foot shorter. Ive always been jealous of her big DD tits, but Im satisfied with my Bs. Elizabeth has long dark brown hair and green eyes. As for me, I have curly, lighter brown hair thats short and blue eyes. We both knew each other very well and had even kissed once when I found out she was bi. Nothing became of the kiss obviously, and we both moved our own separate ways with relationships.

Tonight, my friends and I are celebrating my bachelorette party at my house. As the night wore on, people started to leave (and I had to call a couple cabs). Elizabeth stuck around to help me clean up all the alcohol bottles and trash. It was only about 11 and so we decided to finish the last of the Smirnoff. I was starting to feel tipsy by my last bottle and I knew Elizabeth must have been feeling it too.

Want me to call you a cab, or I can pull out the sofa bed, I suggested.

I think Ima crash here, she said.

While she pulled out the bed, I went in to my room to retrieve the spare bedding, two pillows, and a t-shirt for Elizabeth to wear to sleep. After giving her everything, I returned to my room to throw on a t-shirt myself. I headed back to the living room to see if she needed any help getting the bed fixed. When I got out there, she was fitting the sheet on the mattress. When she leaned over, the t-shirt rode up so that you could see her lacy red panties.

Nice underwear, I said slapping her butt.

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