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11-05-2007, 06:00 AM
It all started out innocent enough that day
we met over the internet as we did.
Oddly enough over on Sex Stories Post
teasing with one another around the forum
and posting across the boards.

Who could have imagined things could end up
like this, not I, that's for damn sure.
Things just seemed to flow naturally as if
we'd known each other for the longest of times.

Having decided to meet at some halfway point
between us, she'd found an old boarding house
along the side of a now less traveled highway
and contacted me on my cell phone to give
me directions.

I was already on the road heading to the
little hamlet we'd decided in advance that
would best suit us both for our clandestine

In all honesty the place was pretty much a shithole
and apparently the owner had lost not
only his ass when the interstate passed
him by but his desire to keep the place up
as well.

For me it was perfect, it only added to
the feel of the mood I was in, that hunger
to dominate her that we both craved. I wanted
this meeting to be raw, unrehearsed and
bring out the most primal urges within us

Those deep dark places that so many
try desperately to conceal inside themselves.
That are only waiting for someone to tear
them apart at their emotional and physical
seams. To make it all come spilling out to be
greedily devoured by someone who may understand
them better than they understand themselves.


I'd even brought along a cd that
I'd looped with the songs I use for scening.
Nine Inch Nails, "I Want To Fuck You Like An
Animal", Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" and
Puddle of Mudd's "Control" that played
one after the other only to repeat time
and again.

There were no awkward moments of silence
between us, no fear of speaking what was on
our minds.
Somehow we both just knew that this was the
place we should be and what we shared was for
us alone.

"Do you trust me?" I asked firmly.

"Yes, something about you tells me that it's
OK to do that," she whispered.

"It is OK, there's nothing for you to fear
with me, no reason to run nor hide from your
desires," I assured her.

"Never be ashamed of who you are, of what
you feel inside,"I told her with a voice of
experience gathered over time and learning my
own inner secrets all too well.

I secured her with strands of slender white
cord to the chair, her supple breasts garnering
the most attention as I worked magic with the
knots that bound her, bound us to each other.

I loved how they lifted upward as the cord ran
beneath the hollow of her breasts. The way the
nipples became so stiff and the aureola
engorged to a light shade of violet.

With my hands I cupped her upturned breasts,
squeezing them firmly, fingers probing deeply into
the tender flesh.

Her breath caught and I looked down to see
the first damp traces of wetness showing through
the crotch of her red lace panties.

The way her vulva pressed itself against the
smooth material as it began to gather
between them.

"I' think I'm gonna cum, my pussy feels like it's
on fire," she moaned as she bit down hard on
her own lip.

A single drop of blood trickled down over her
chin where her teeth raked the almost transparent
sheeth of her lips.
"NO, not yet Angel, you can't cum until I tell
you, only when I tell you you can," I scolded her.

I licked the faint trace of blood from her lips
and chin, my mouth moving slowly down the
curve of her neck.

Nipping gently along the smooth milky skin
as I licked her earlobe and and tugged on it with
the edges of my teeth.

"I want you to taste me, make me cum so
you can cum," I urged her.

"The warmth and wetness of my seed filling
your mouth and then your tummy, all of it yours
to devour as you cum with me."

As much as I wanted to feel the glorious pull
of her lips sliding up and down the swollen husk
of my manhood I wanted to kiss her to taste her
tongue in my mouth.

I'd used a pair of her panties I'd gotten from
her overnight bag and tore them into thin strips to gag
her, only to quiet her when I knew she would want to
scream when things became so intense.
Screams not born of fear but rather of
desire, of release, of acknowledgement that we
were as one and shame played no part in what
we shared with each other.

I used my foot to slide a small wooden stool
beside her chair to stand on.
My free hand opening the button at the waist
of my jeans, unzipping myself so I could free my
cock for my captive angel.

Looking up at me her eyes gleamed like
firey gems, her tongue now licking the swollen
edge of her lip where she'd nicked it.

I gathered a fistful of her cherry hued mane
and twisted it into a small ponytail behind her,
knotting the hair tighter as I drew her
to my erection.

Fuck it I thought, I needed those sweet
succulent lips taking me to the base of
my prick so I removed the gag for the moment
and tossed it beside the chair.

"I can see it in your eyes, you're a cock sucker
if ever I saw one," I told her as I stared eye
to eye with her.

"I want your cum in my mouth so fucking bad,
I want to taste it on my tongue and swirl the
thickness of it around inside my mouth before
I swallow," she pleaded.

Before penetrating the warmth of her mouth I
took the hand holding my penis and reached
downward to the waistband of her panties.

The thin edge tore like tissue but the elastic held
firm allowing me to grind them between the swollen
folds of her pussy.

I knew her writhing within the chair, feeling
that lacey edge of fabric gathering up, rubbing
between the lips and soaked with her own cunt
cream would make her cum and cum hard.
She groaned from the sensation as the material
rubbed briskly against her clit, a petal pink hue,
the tip almost crimson as it became enraged with

Now I could enjoy the warm pull of her mouth,
those succulent lips gliding up and down the stalk
as her tongue bathed every ripple and crease along
my meaty tube.

"Yes, fuck yesssssssssss, use that tongue to
really lick deep into my piss hole," I gasped.

I punched the head of my prick into the hollow
of her cheeks, her teeth skimming the length of
me as I pulled back and let her tongue part the
widening slit.

My balls began to draw tight, to nestle themselves
within the spongy covering of my shaven flesh and
I could feel that tickle, that delicious ache that I
knew would begin its slow crawl up my cock shaft.

An ache that would climb all the way to the very
bell shaped tip and then burst forth, rupture and
release the pure creamy white essence of male lust.

Taking her hair back within my fist I began using
it to control her head, shoving myself deeper into
her sucking orifice that had become my nirvana.

Screwing the ponytail of hair between my fingers
I thrust my hips to meet each downward stroke her
lips made over my cock.

Looking at her I could see the faint lines of tears
misting from the corners of her eyes as she sought
to take my every thrust. Bubbles of her clear saliva
foaming around the base of my erection and
dripping down the length of my penis like melting wax.

Suddenly her legs tensed and she arched her back
against the chair. Straining against the cords bindng
her ankles her toes curled into the carpet.
The tips glowing pink through the toes of her jet black
stockings as they fought for purchase against the rug.

I knew she was starting to cum, I looked into her
eyes as they told the true story. That beseeching
gaze when you know your lover is there,
this moment in time when you both become as one.

"Cum you little slut, let go, don't try to fight it,
just let it go," I demanded.
I could do no more than utter it breathlessly as I
too began to erupt. The hot wet coils of seed twisting
out only to be captured within my lover's mouth.

Pooling the milky juices atop her tongue as it
curled about my saturated cock dome and lashed
frantically to tease and tickle every drop to its release.

Her cheeks caved and released with each seperate
expulsion, her mouth floded with her own saliva and
mingling with the honeyed sap of my climax.

I could feel the vibraions of her moans, her whimpers
against the veins crisscrossing my stalk as she peaked
her own cum and her spine went stiff.

Her heels drumming against the chair legs as she
lost all control, relinquished it to me through her
trust and the knowledge that we were equals in all
things now and always.

I couldn't help but withdraw myself. To kneel beside
her and kiss her lips. My tongue probing within the
sticky recess of her mouth to taste myself and share
this as well.

Our eyes closing with each other, the
softness and warmth of her lips against mine
as I breathed her inside me, she breathing me
within her. Our tongues darting against each
others as I embraced her.

Placing her head upon my shoulder I
unfastened the cords that had bound her.
I held her, snuggled her within
my arms, within my heart my mind, my very soul.

This was not and end, far from it, it
was simply the dawn of an awakening
within herself and I only the instrument that
set it her free.

Both of us now bound to each other by
something far greater.
Something invisible that only we could see and touch!!!

*****Images used are for illustration purposes only,
they do NOT reflect the indentity of the submissive portrayed
within the context of this story.*****

11-05-2007, 06:06 AM
Good story thanks for the addition Jeff

11-05-2007, 06:23 AM
Hot stuff Jeff...thanks for sharing it

11-05-2007, 08:12 AM
great story... really hot many thanks.

11-05-2007, 04:34 PM
Jeff thanks for that hot story and great pics

11-05-2007, 09:50 PM
nice story & great pics,
but doesn't 'Invictus' mean 'unconquered'
cause she sure looks conquered to me- lol

11-06-2007, 12:18 AM
Thanks very much wizardwriter.

You're absolutely right about invictus, it means
just that.

The title itself is more a nod toward her being
unconquered by here own fears or shame of letting
that submissive side go free.

I often include things like this in a story, post etc
to see if some folks might be curious enough to take a
a bit deeper look.

Keen eye there.

11-06-2007, 08:16 PM
entresting story , nicely writen

11-07-2007, 05:25 AM
Great story, thanks.

11-07-2007, 01:45 PM
Loved the story, pics are really good

11-07-2007, 07:46 PM
This story stirred something in me... loved it!
Thanks for puttingit here for us to enjoy!