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"A Twist in the Box"

Mrs. Cheeri O’s w as planning the Halloween party of the century. No one is going to want to miss this she thought as she made out the guest list. Just then her husband popped his head in the door and asked her

“Is this going to be a theme party or are we just going to be come as you wish?”

“I had not thought about that Honeynut but maybe we should make it a theme party.” She answered back. “But if we do have a theme what should the theme be?” She added.

“How about ‘the Wizard of Oz”? He suggested.

“That’s a great idea and when everyone calls to say they will be there I will have them tell me what they are coming as so no one comes as the same as another guest.” She replied.

Soon she was making out the invitations for the party. She sent one to each of their friends. She sent one to their neighbors the Flakes. She sent one to Cocoa and Fruity. She even sent one to the Meals. And who could forget Mr. Jax. Even though he was alone Mr. Jax was always fun. She did not want to invite too many people as their backyard was really not that big.

Just as she finished making out the last invitation her husband joined her on their bed. Honeynut reached over to her and ran his fingers through her hair. He kissed her on the cheek. He could feel her release. She stood up and said that she really should be going to get the invitations out in the mail. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back down to the bed “You can mail them in the morning”. He smiled devilishly. She said “OK.” As she sat back on the bed and began kissing him.

Slowly Honeynut and Cheeri began removing each others clothes. Soon they were completely naked and Honeynut was giving her sex doggy style just as she liked.

“Oh Honeynut yes, oh yes yes yes. Give it to me good and hard Honeynut.” She screamed as he rammed his rod into her pussy. Before long his cock exploded deep inside her and she moved as quickly as she could to get to his cock as she began sucking him and cleaning him off. She tasted their juices together. Soon he was hard again as she dropped back to the bed and spread her legs. Honeynut slipped between them inserting his cock back inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he began thrusting inside of her. Now he could take his time making love to her. So he began to question which one of the characters should they come as.

She suggested. “How about you come as the Wizard and I will come as Glinda the good witch of the North.” Honeynut smiled as he pictured her in a hoopskirt. He looked down at her and said “Sure that sounds great as his pace quickened. Soon she was moaning again. “Yes oh gods yes yes, this feels so unbelievable.” As he thrust one more time his cock began spewing his cum in her again. This time not so much cum came out as the first time.

He smiled as he pulled out of her and drifted to her side. She picked up her pad of paper and placed their names beside their respective costumes and turned out the light. Soon they were fast asleep.

The alarm startled them both as they woke up and started their day. Honeynut got his shower first as Cheeri went downstairs and started the coffee pot and put the invitations in the mail. She turned on the TV in the kitchen as she began fixing breakfast for them both. Soon he joined her and they had breakfast together before he headed off to work. After he left she made her way upstairs and removed her robe. She prepared for her bath. Stepping inside the tub after grabbing her shaving cream and shaver, felt the warm water next to her skin. She sat down in the tub and began lathering her legs up with the cream. She began shaving her legs. Soon both were done and she cleaned up. As she cleaned her pussy she decided to shave it completely bald as well. By the time she finished she was hot and bothered so she cupped her breasts and began fingering herself. Within minutes she brought herself to flooding orgasms. She cleaned up again as she laid back in the water. Soon the water was too cold to be in. So she got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her waist. And put her hair in another.

She went to their bedroom and started laying out what she was going to wear to the grocery store. She laid out a black skirt and a white shirt. Reaching into her drawer she brings out a new pair of black stockings, white bra, and black panties. Slowly she began putting the stockings on along with her garter belt. She put on the panties and the bra followed by the shirt and skirt. She went back into the bathroom and fixed her hair. Soon she was ready for the grocery store. She locked the door behind her as she made her way out the car. She got in and put on her seatbelt. She started the car and left the driveway. Before long she was at the grocery store. She was going down every aisle. She saw Cocoa and Oat. She walked up and told them that she had sent out the invitations for them and their respected lovers to the annual O’s Halloween party.

“Great.” Cocoa said. “Fruity and I will be there.”

“Same here.” Oat said. “Malt and I would not miss it for the world.” She added.

“This year it is going to be a theme party. And the theme is ‘The Wizard of Oz.’” she said.

“Oh that should be fun.” Cocoa said.

“Are you inviting you know who?” Oat asked.

“Yes I have to invite Apple. I can not leave him out even though him and Corn are not together anymore. It would be rude not too.” She said.

All three nodded in unison. “Well once you and your significant others decide what you are coming as call me and let me know, cause I do not want two of any major character.” She said. Then she made her way down the last aisles and went up front to pay for everything. The bag boy helped her out to her car. He put everything in the back of the car and she tipped him $5. “Thank you young man.” She said.

“Your welcome Ma’am and come back to see us soon.” He said as she drove away. Arriving back home she saw a couple of the neighbor boys. She offered them a dollar a piece to help her carry all the groceries in. They willingly helped and she gave each one of them a dollar. Soon all the groceries were put away and she started on the dinner as Honeynut would be home soon. The whole house smelled of the pot roast she was fixing. “Dinner is going to be great.” She thought to herself.

She sat down to watch TV. Just as Honeynut pulled up the timer went off. She went to the kitchen and began pulling everything from the refrigerator that she and Honeynut liked on their pot roast. The door closes and Honeynut puts his briefcase on the floor and joins her in the kitchen. His eyes catch the glimpse of his hot wife as he puts his arms around her. He kisses her behind her ear and whispers “Man sakes alive you look sexy.”

“Thank you dear.” She says as she spins around kisses him square on the lips. “How was work?” She adds.

“Eh! It was work.” He says as she begins dishing up their dinner. She hands him his bowl and he adds the special seasonings to his. They both sit down and began eating their dinner. Before long she feels his foot sliding up and down her legs. She smiles as she reaches over and grabs his swelling cock with her hand. She undoes his zipper as he stands up and pulls his pants and boxer briefs to the floor. He resumes sitting in his chair as she begins to go down on him. Sucking him and licking his cock, she deep throats his cock as she knows he is close. As his cock reaches the back of her throat he cums down her throat. She does not miss a drop as he drops to his knees putting her legs on his shoulders he removes her panties and returns the favor. Licking her to ecstasy she smiles. As they return their clothes to their natural state and go to the living room and watch TV before going to bed.

Chapter 2

The next morning he goes to work and she looks over the mail. Soon there is a telephone call. It was Apple. He said he would be at their party and would be dressing up like Dorothy’s’ Uncle Henry. Soon she hung up and Corn called and said he and Frost would be there. Corn said he would be dressing up as The Tin Man, and Frost would be coming as the Scarecrow. She put all this on her pad of paper. And just like clock work Cocoa called next to say that she and Fruity would be there as Dorothy and Fruity as the Cowardly Lion. Now all she had to do is wait for the Meals to call. She began watching her Soap Operas and after they were finished she started working on dinner. She was making Honeynut’s favorite; steak and baked potato with a salad on the side. Just as she had finished flipping the steaks Oat called and said that her and Malt would be there. Malt will be coming as Auntie Em and she would be coming as the wicked witch. After she hung up the phone she thought to herself “perfect no one is coming as the same character.”

Just then Honeynut pulled up and came in the door. She placed his plate before him. The most perfect steak, baked potato, and a salad. She put hers on the table as she told him that everyone had called and gave their costumes and it was perfect as no one would be doubling as another character already taken.

”Great, that’s awesome.” He said.

“Yeah I thought so too.” She said. “Tomorrow I will have to go get decorations for the party.” She added.

“Sounds good, I mean after all the party is Saturday. I am just surprised everyone can get costumes together that quick.” He said.

“Yeah I guess our friends are more resourceful than we thought.” She said.

“I agree.” He said as he finished his dinner. Once dinner was over they watched their favorite television shows. Before long the news was over and they headed off to bed. Soon they were sawing logs and the night passed quickly.

When they woke up Honeynut got to the shower first. She stuck her tongue out at him. He just smiled as he closed the curtain. She quickly removed her robe and joined him in the shower. She began playing with his cock from behind. Soon his cum was shooting all over the tub as it escaped to the drain. They finished washing each others bodies and got out. Soon they both were getting dressed and Honeynut could not take his eyes off of her putting on her white stockings. He loved watching her put them on. Soon they both were dressed and she kissed him as he made his way to the car to drive to work.

She got in hers and went to the party supply store. She bought everything they
needed to throw the perfect party.

Chapter 3

When she got home she began decorating after putting a pizza and cheese sticks in the oven. Soon the whole house was decorated and the pizza and cheese sticks were done. She pulled both from the oven and finished putting the streamers from the ceiling. Not hearing Honeynut pull up he snuck in the house as he went into the kitchen. She had her back towards him as he crept up behind her and put his hands up her skirt and started playing with her butt. He had remembered she did not put on panties. So he had access to her love button. Soon her cum was streaming down her legs. She used a paper towel to clean her legs up as they sat down to dinner.

“That my love was for this morning’s action.” He said. She just smiled at him as they ate their pizza and cheese sticks. She had the whole house looking excellent for their party that began at 5pm. Every thing was in its place and the whole house was spotless. She put the haunted music in the compact disc player and sat it to run continuous beginning at 4:30pm. They looked over the house and everything was perfect. He just had to get the beer and ice before the party. Soon it was bed time. The next morning they arose well rested. She fixed them some bacon and eggs for breakfast with toast on the side. They got dressed and went and bought the beer and ice. They returned to the house at 4pm. Just enough time to get ready for the party. She put on tan stockings and slipped on her shoes. Her hoop skirt was last as it was the finishing touch. As he put on his old suit he smiled at her.

They looked excellent as they went down stairs. The music began playing. As they reached the bottom of the stairs the doorbell rang. It was Frost Ted and Corn Flakes. She gave the gentlemen a hug, kiss, and welcomed them to the party. They looked great in their costumes. Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles arrived next followed Malt O and Oat Meal. Last to arrive was Apple Jax. Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. As they were dancing Fruity whispered in Cocoa’s ear “Ever been sexed lion style.”

“Why no, no I haven’t.” She said.

“Follow me.” He said as they slipped out of sight into the spare bedroom he pulled out his cock and flipped her dress up as she lay on the bed and he started making love to her. Apple had watched them leave. So he slipped in the door behind them and slit Fruity’s throat. Cocoa looked behind her as his blood began to spill all over her costume. She shrieked just as Apple covered her mouth and slit her throat. Soon they were both dead and he went in the spare bathroom. He washed his hands and rejoined the party after hiding the bodies under the bed. He watched as Malt and Oat started getting frisky with one another. Soon they were in the spare bedroom where unannounced to them two of their friends bodies lay under the bed. Cheeri and Honeynut went to the kitchen and Apple followed behind Malt and Oat and he slit the ladies throats in a matter of seconds while they were licking one another’s pussy. He put their bodies in the closet. Just as he finished washing his hands again Frost and Corn were joining him in the bedroom. As the door closed behind them he threw knives at them both killing them instantly. He put their bodies in the bathroom as he cut off Corn’s cob. He put that in his pocket as Frost Ted Flakes had stolen his lover from him. He could never forgive him for that. He cleaned his hands once more and slipped back out to the dark party. Cheeri and Honeynut were wondering about their friends.
She and Apple started dancing. She asked him if he had seen any of the others. He shrugged his shoulders as Honeynut went into the spare bedroom and came back out. Apple took out his gun and shot Cheeri right in the head in front of him and then shot him in the heart. He pulled out the suicide note and put it in his hand as he pulled the trigger after placing the gun to his own head.

Chapter 4

Detective Fruit Loops arrived on the scene as neighbors said they heard 3 gun shots come from the residence. He knocked on the door and no one answered so he instructed the patrol man to kick down the door. As they go in they see 3 bodies. The go to Apple’s first as he has the gun in his hand and a note in the other. The Detective put on a rubber glove and pulled the note from his hand and read it.

To Whom It May Concern:

I Apple Jax committed these murders in vain. Corn left me for Frost Ted Flakes and the others condoned his actions. I could not however so I murdered them all. Good bye cruel cruel world.

Apple Jax

He instructed the photographer to get pictures of everything as this was an open and shut box. The medical examiner released the results from all the autopsies. But could not figure out where the missing member of Corn was. That is until he began looking in the murderers pockets. All the families of the deceased were contacted and the bodies were laid to rest. Except Apple Jaxs’ his was cremated as he wished. He was also added to the serial killers list and will forever be known as “The Cereal Serial Killer.”

Original Work

By Archas Berube aka PhillyCub

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Great Story....thanks and good luck.