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10-02-2007, 02:32 PM
It was dark when the figure opened their eyes, they had slept longer than planned and had to get ready quicker this time. It didnt take long however as they had been through this process many times before, all just to be ready for this day once it arrived. The figure looked in the mirror and was pleased by the view that was returned. A wig and hood concealed the face while the body was covered by a long black cloak that flowed from the shoulders to the ankles. A sudden noise drew the figures attention to outside, a quick glance through the window revealed imps, goblins, witches and.........SNOW WHITE. A more obvious hint of a costume from another party couldnt be had than that. All hallows eve always brought out more and more children each year, hungry for treats of sweets and candies that gullible adults handed out to an ever increasing procession of prodigious badly behaved brats that invariably swarmed the streets at this time of year. This year however the very same throng of costumed morons would provide sanctum for the figure and the plan that lay ahead. With one last look around and a moment to gather itself the figure picked up a gleeming item from the table and made its way out the front door.

'Fuck its cold tonight, i can see my breath as I exhale. Thats going to make it harder to hide but no matter'

"Cool outfit dude, what are you supposed to be?"

I glance at the teen dracula that has presented itself in front of me.

"I...I'm" my footsteps quicken as I make my escape from the situation, my heart pounding inside my chest.

'why did you run? you should have stood up to him, you cant be scared tonight, not tonight'

As I walk through the streets I see adults and children alike, dresses up for the frivolity and oblivious to my presence. Wandering through an alley way I come across a pack of teens. 2 of them block my path, they are looking directly at me and sneering.

"What the fuck are you looking at? HAHAHAHAHA Check out the shitty costume lads. BOO!"

I look at the ground hoping, preying they will leave me alone.

'Don't look at the fucking ground, look this fucker in the eyes. Let him know you aren't to be messed with', 'I cant, he might hurt me, i cant go through that hell again','stop being such a pussy, there arent that many of them','i.......I just can't'

"Please let me past, im not bothering anyone, i just want past.......please."

"Why the fuck should I let you past, go on give me one good reason to let you past, just one. FUCKING ANSWER THEN YOU STUPID PRICK"

'OMG its feels like my heart is going to give up, please dont hurt me, ill do anything you want, ill be good, just dont hurt me again'

"Fucking wimp, go on fuck off, cant be arsed with a prick like you, waste of good energy"

I step between the teens, expecting a blow to come from either side and when it doesnt i look up and realise I am past the danger, my pace picks up and when I turn the corner I am running before I know what I am doing. My mind races all over until through the commotion I see a sanctuary and my body moves before I have time to register where I am.

The bus stop is dimly lit by one solitary strip light, thankfully theres noone else waiting.

'He was right you know, you are a fucking wimp. What the hell did you bring IT with you for anyway? That bastard was a prime candidate for our plan yet you freeze up.'

My fingers close over the item I picked up earlier and I remove it from my pocket. The long blade gleems dispite the low light emitting from above. I had purchased it the week before, the shopkeeper was certainly confused as to why I would want such a knife. The blade was 8 inches long and was serrated down one side, it would certainly accomplish the task it was intended for.

'Waste of money if all you are going to do is look at it','I couldnt','why the fuck not, he was asking for it, I'll bet hes laughing at you now, look at yourself, pathetic, you deserved what happened last time'


'not even teh bastard that did it to you?, thats why we are here isnt it? or are you just going to let that happen again?. Are you going to let them hurt you like that again?, maybe you liked it?',

'NOOOOO i will never let that happen again, NEVER'

' Well what are you going to do about it? Here comes someone now, looks the same as the others, dresses the same, why not them?'

'I dont know who they are, they could be anyone, I dont want to hurt someone innocent'

'Did they care who they hurt, did they know you, DID THEY GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOU WERE INNOCENT OR NOT, DID THEY HELL. Follow them, go on, thats it. Look at him on the phone, as if he didnt have a care in the world. Oh now hes laughing, something funny the person on the other end of that phone said?........or is he laughing at you......thats it isnt it, hes laughing at you. Even he thinks you are pathetic, he thinks you are gutless. Maybe he even thinks he could hurt you like the others. AHHHHHH yes I can feel your stomach churn at that thought'

'he wouldnt, he couldnt'

'YES HE COULD, and he will......dont let him, he cant.......but only if you get him first, thats right, get him, don't wait to be a victim, hes gonna get you in the end so its only right you get him first, take the knife and stab him before he turns on you.

'Yes you're right, hes laughing at me, me, after all I have been through he's laughing at me'

'So what are you waiting on, its easy, just take the knife and use it, one quick thrust and its done.'

'That would show them wouldnt it, yes, yes, yes i will, ill get that fucking bastard before he gets me'


'YES, yeeeesssss thats it, see wasn't that hard after all, now everyone will be scared of you and not the other way around,turn him over , look into his eyes and let him know that you wont be scared of him ever again. TURN HIM OVER.'

The figure grabbed its victim by the shoulders and turned him over.

"Let me look into your eyes, see im not scared of yo................"

"~Noooooooooooooooooo it cant be, I .....HELP, HELP ME SOMEONE. Oh no I'm so sorry , im sorry please forgive me"

The boy looked up at his attacker confused and dazed, his life almost gone from his body. While somewhere in the back of the attackers head a quiet voice laughed and said goodbye the boy uttered one final word before he died.


10-02-2007, 04:54 PM
Thanks for the story g00ber.....and good luck to all...:)

10-04-2007, 03:43 AM
wow that story is so AWESOME! And I though those weird monster stories suck

10-05-2007, 07:41 PM
wow, that was different, very different. Good job g00ber