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11-07-2007, 11:18 PM
Chapter 2
“Now I will take out my device but you better be a good little slut and do what you’re told.” I take off her gag and she looks back up at me “Thank you” says Darcy. “You still haven’t learned have you” I go back to my bag and grab out my leather wipe you could hear the wipe whistling threw the air SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK “what do you call me slut.” “MASTER” yells Darcy.

She now has nice bright red welts on her ass. “Just so we get this striate, who are you.” Darcy looks back at me “your slut to use for what ever you want.” Now she is starting to get the hand of things I thought to myself. “Ok now its time to get things really going” I grab my cell phone and make my next phone call “hello, how are you doing Erica, yep everything is set for you and Tatters. Ok I’ll see you it a few” Darcy sets her head down “Master are they coming here.” I grab my whip again SMACK SMACK “Oww” muffles Darcy. “Do not speak unless spoken to slut.” “Yes Master.” I go back up to Darcy and untie her hands.

I grab a candle out of my bag, one of those trick kinds that you can’t blow out. “Put this in your mouth slut” Darcy grabs the candle and places it in her mouth. “No deeper than that slut.” She pushes it in to where there’s only about 1 inch of it sticking out of her mouth. I grab a couple of nipple clamps and place the first one onto her left tit, she winches in pain I grab her right tit and slide my toung around her areolas and then to her nipple and I start sucking and licking her nipples. I grab under her breast and start to lightly squeeze and massage her breast.

After a few minutes of this I start to bit at her nipples lightly at first then a little hard and I start to squeeze her breast really hard. I take her tit out of my mouth and place the nipple clamp onto her right tit. My cock is now hard as a rock so I grab my lighter out of my jeans and light the candle. I then lay onto the bed.

“Ok slut the faster you fuck me and make me cum the quicker you can take out the candle.” Darcy quickly gets onto the bed and straddles me. She grabs a hold of my hard cock and starts to slide it up and down the slit of her pussy.

I could see the fear in her eye’s as she positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt and started to slide down the shaft of my cock. She had it almost half way in when she came back up to the tip of my dick and slammed all of her weight down and made my cock disappear in to her tight cunt. She started off slow just rocking her self back and forth on my dick, then she started to slide up and down the length of my shaft.

I kept my eyes locked onto hers and I could see the uncertainty in her. She started to pick up the pace and I was enjoying the show of watching her tits bounce with the rhythm of her fucking me. The candle was now starting to get closer to her mouth and I could see the pain in her face of the burning the candle was causing her.

She then spun around to ride my reverse cow girl style; I had the perfect view of her ass. She started to really get into it and I could her moaning in pleasure and pain. I then grabbed her ass and started to grope at it, then started to work my pointer finger in to her tight little asshole. I was slowly pushing my finger in, once I got my finger half way in started to pull it out and then push it back in until it was all the way into her ass.

I then started to work a second finger in and then a third. Hum ahh ahhh ahhhh I could tell Darcy was close to cumming and she started to grind her cunt really hard against my cock. Her pussy was really fucking wet and contracting around my dick and it was getting harder to hold my self back from shooting my load deep into her cunt. Ahhhh uhhhh uhhhh ahhh Darcy would moan every time my dick was deep into her pussy.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, seeing the pain and desperation in Darcy’s eyes sent me over the edge and I let out a moan and shot my first shot of cum deep into Darcy’s tight cunt, then another shot came from deep in my balls and out my dick, Darcy must have felt me cumming and it turned her on because her pussy really started contracting around my dick milking the cum out of it.

Next thing I saw was Darcy’s pussy shot out a blast of cum, God she squirted I’ve, never seen this face to face before, Ahh ahhh uhhhh Cried Darcy. “Ok slut I will take out the candle now, you did alright.” I grab the candle licked my fingers and put out the flame. “ Now go get in the shower slut, my guest will be here shortly and we don’t want you all dirty do we slut.” Darcy looked up at me with hurt in her eyes and her top lip and nose was all red and said to me “n-n-no master”

More to cum if you want

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Thanks for the addition cum4me....;)

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Awesome job...only thing would read easier if you put a space between paragraphs but the story is very good...I'm sure darcy will love it

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thank you for reading it

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Thank you so much. Great story and it made me sopping wet. I really enjoyed reading it. You just have to continue because I want to know what Taters and Erica do.
Thank you again

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Thanks for reading
yep I will write sum more for yall

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Great so far, can't wait for the rest

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thank you I'll write more as soon as I have the time