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Devil’s Advocate

The prosecutor looked distinctly unhappy as Jeri rose from her chair, unfolded might have been more accurate, her long legs stretching out and her blonde hair cascading down behind her. That only reinforced the image of some Nordic Valkyrie come to earth, and it certainly got the attention of everyone in the courtroom.
She fixed a smile on the judge, “Your Honour I request that you dismiss the charges against my client. All Mister Sorvino has offered by way of proof is inference and some lurid tales of my client’s lifestyle. That the majority of people will find his practice of Satanism disturbing and distasteful is in no way shape or form evidence of his involvement in the disappearance of Magda Uvanov. Unless the DA’s office has something more substantial to offer…” She let the words hang and shot a glance at Assistant District Attorney Sorvino. By the unhappy look on his face Jeri guessed that didn’t have anything else to offer.
The judge had clearly come to the same conclusion, “Given the evidence presented I have no choice but to agree with the defence, the case is dismissed.”
There was a low babble of voices as the court session broke up and Jeri was hoping to escape her client with the minimum of fuss; truth was that he creeped her out. He had cultivated a rather corny look with jet-black hair and a goatee beard, on him though it did look menacing somehow. He got right in Jeri’s way and seized her right hand in both of his, “You have done a great service to the Dark Lord this day.”
Jeri did her best not to look disgusted, “I’m just here to make sure you got the best defence possible,” which given how much money you have was quite a lot.
The man released her hand and waved away her modesty, “You have served Lucifer well and he will reward you.”
Jeri was desperate to end this unnerving conversation so she just smiled and nodded and made for the courtroom door. She didn’t quite make it as now Sorvino decided he needed to talk to her, “I hope you’re proud of yourself, that sleaze carved Magda’s heart out and dumped her in a hole and you got him off.”
“If you had a shred of evidence that would have stood up we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” Jeri pointed out coolly.
“And I would have had it if my two star witnesses hadn’t gone AWOL.” Sorvino responded bitterly.
Jeri’s sense of unease returned, “Well you can’t blame if you can’t run your case properly.” She announced as she stormed out of the courtroom.
Back at the office Jeri accepted the congratulations of her colleagues with a phoney smile or two and retreated quickly to her office…


…Inside she closed the door and slumped into her chair. She still couldn’t shake the case though; the case folder was lying on the table. Reluctantly she picked it up and thumbed through it, truth was Sorvino had put together a good case, as long as he had those witnesses to back up his circumstantial evidence, and where did they disappear to?
Jeri had put forward the theory that the witnesses had been pressured by the prosecution and simply ducked out rather than offer up dubious evidence in court. That could even be true but the other possibility was that her client had a hand in their vanishing, come on they were surrounded by cops, and he isn’t a Mafioso with battalions of hit men and informants.
She flung the file in the desk drawer and leant back, which was when she picked up the faint odour of sulphur. Jeri frowned and rose from her chair, wondering if it was a gas leak of some sort, except the office building didn’t use gas. The smell was stronger by one of the walls of the office, enough that she was going to call for her secretary to phone the Fire Department when the wall began to ripple and bulge. Jeri staggered back, struck dumb as something emerged from the bulging, shimmering wall…


…”Good day Miss Sullivan.” The beast announced in a surprisingly pleasant voice, which simply increased Jeri’s degree of confusion. She kept backing up as the creature’s hooves thudded onto the carpet and when she felt the door handle pressing into her back Jeri grabbed it and turned it hard, nearly breaking her wrist as it proved utterly unmovable. Desperate she started hammering on it, “Help! Help!”
“That is pointless Miss Sullivan, I have ensured we will be quite alone.”
The sound of the thing over her shoulder made Jeri jump and she abandoned the door, retreating back to the centre of the room. Finally she managed to calm herself enough to speak, “Who are you…”


…“I would have thought that was rather obvious Miss Sullivan, I am a servant of the of the Lord of the Pit, come to reward you for aiding his earthly minion.”
Jeri took a moment to decipher that, “Look I’m just a defence attorney.”
“Exactly, so we’re already on the same side.”
Lawyer jokes, as if this wasn’t weird enough he’s doing lawyer jokes, shaking her head Jeri tried one more time to dissuade the beast, “I’ve gotten paid that’s all the reward I need.”
“But its not all you’re getting.” The beasts voice had an air of finality to it, the matter was settled.
Jeri gulped and tried to marshal some further argument, which the creature forestalled by the simple expedient of ripping her jacket off. Jeri stared at the remains of her expensive jacket and then at the beast, who was in turn staring at her rather magnificent bosom in a way that gave Jeri a big clue as to what shape this ‘reward’ was going to take “Oh no, no way you are not going to…”
The beast made it clear it definitely was going to as it made a two handed grab and added Jeri’s top and skirt to the ruined jacket, reducing her covering to nothing more than some rather flimsy lingerie…


…Jeri frantically tried to push the demon away but it was every bit as solid as it looked, she might as well have tried to shove a tree around, “Oh god, oh god,” she whimpered.
“Not me,” the demon corrected her, deliberately misunderstanding, “but the one I serve, the one you will serve now.”
“I don’t want to, I don’t deserve this.” Jeri whined.
“Perhaps not, if you truly believed your client was innocent.”
Jeri was going to say she absolutely did, until she locked eyes with the beast and the words died on her lips.
“That’s what I thought.” The demon announced with a nod and settled his hands on Jeri’s shoulders and began to push her downwards. She couldn’t have resisted if she had tried and the previous exchange of words had badly dented her will to fight so Jeri simply sank to her knees and found herself face to groin with the demon. It’s swelling erection bore mute testimony to what it wanted. Jeri closed her eyes her eyes and opened her mouth to let her smooth pink tongue lick the rough looking tip…


…The cock felt scaly and hot as Jeri slowly licked at it, she was being tentative and delicate, which didn’t suit the beast at all, its big gnarled hand clamped on the back of her neck and pulled her head forward, forcing the cock between her lips and down her throat. Jeri gulped and gasped as she tried to swallow the whole of the huge thing, which in effect squeezed and sucked on it, making it bigger and harder and threatening her with oxygen starvation.
Jeri was getting distinctly dizzy as the cock was worked in and out of her mouth, no longer quite aware of exactly what was going on and sliding further under the control of the demon. The beast took full advantage of that as it quite suddenly dragged Jeri to her feet and ripped off her panties. Before Jeri could recover her senses it picked her up and dumped her on her back on top of the desk.
Her legs were dangling over the edge of the desk and now the beast grabbed them and yanked them up and apart, spreading her thighs wide apart, exposing her hot little sex to its throbbing phallus. The beast let the tip tease her pussy lips before slamming it deep into her hot tunnel…


…Jeri arched her back and shrieked as it thrust into her, and her whole body shook as the demon began to fuck in earnest. She couldn’t focus on anything but that massive cock pistoning in and out of her and she began to pant and squeal, her fingernails scratched the veneer of the desk as they clawed at the top, utterly heedless as she succumbed to raw hedonistic pleasure. The demon pumped faster and harder until Jeri just couldn’t take it anymore and her sweat sheened body bucked as she orgasmed, thrashing and writhing, smearing her dripping juices on to the desk.
She lay there feeling utterly drained but the demon had one more ‘reward’ to give her. It dragged her up from the desk and planted her on her trembling legs, removing her bustier in the process and spinning her to face away from him. It admired her ass for a moment before it forced her to bend over and stick it out, emphasizing its perfect roundness all the more, and making it an irresistible target.
As she felt the now slick cock pressing between her butt cheeks Jeri tried to protest but it was far too late and the cock drove into her, until then, virgin ass...


…If she had been shrieking before Jeri now screamed loud enough to bring the roof down as the demon fucked in and out of her tight little anus like a jackhammer. As it slammed harder and harder the demon began to grow, and tighten its grip around her slender waist. Jeri felt a tremor run through the beasts cock and she tensed in anticipation of what was coming but she couldn’t prepare herself for the torrent of spunk that was pumped deep into her ass, a burning flood that ate into the very soul of Jeri began to swallow her up.
Jeri began to gather what was left of her clothes together under the watchful gaze of the demon; the creature didn’t make a move but was clearly waiting for something. The burning sensation inside her wouldn’t go away and it seemed to be rising steadily upwards, and she could feel something changing inside her and suddenly she began to laugh, an ominous maniacal laugh that Jeri finally got under control as she faced the beast...


…”You can tell your master he knows where to come if he needs legal representation.” She informed him, and then dissolved into that awful laughter once more.

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very intresting story Im glad you posted it
keep em cumming

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Wow, as a newcomer I'm impressed. Good writing, a hot story, and excellent illustrations. Would love to see a followup.

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good story

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