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11-08-2007, 12:33 AM
Just a quick short story. If anyone likes it ill add more details

It was a cold saturday night. I say cold cause in florida anything below 70 is cold.

Me and my best friend lets just say joe , sat around a bond fire drinking beer and catching up on old times. His mom on the other hand is a handful. Shes much older now than before. Shes starting to get old and her age is showing so to speak. I think thats why shes always hitting on my friend joes friends to get attention. Shes not an eye turner but she isnt fat. Just old.

Well that night went by and between me and joe we had one to many to drink. We ended up playing halo on the xbox and passing out. I woke up around 3am which only must of been an hour after we passed out. I woke up looked around ( for the bathroom) and then glanced into the kitchen to see joes mom on the phone. Everyone else was passed out. My friend his brother his dad even the dogs ect. She however was still up. I proceeded to the bathroom pulled out my cock and took a piss. Shook it off and zipped it up. Then back out to the living room area where joes mom had already gotten off the phone. She looked at me i looked at her and being both drunk we really didnt have a clue what was going on around us or between us. She waved me over and whispered in my ear to follow her out the back foyer area. Which was like a day room witha couch and another tv. I followed guessing she wanted to talk or ramble on like she always does when shes drunk. I was really looking for a quick way out and just jet home.

I followed her out and she said sit next to her on the couch. She had shut the door behind us and i followed her to the couch. We both sat down and she began to ramble on how im such a gorgeous man and that joe should have more friends like me. She always wore loose clothing exposing her bra less tits to everyone which usually joe never noticed. Apparently he was use to it. But her nipples so hard that cold night stood out more than ever before. She grabbed both my hands and layed back and placed them on her stomach just under her shirt line. I rubbed upwards grabbing her tits hard and forcing my way ontop of her. Which in all reality was what she wanted. She was drunk but she knew how to have a good time.
This whole time i could only think about how fucked up it would be for my friend to wake up and catch me.
I pulled down her pajama bottoms to find a pantyless pussy exposed with a dense yellow grayish bush. I quickly found my cock in my hand and jammed it in her so how after finally getting it moist enough. His moms eyes just squeezed shut and she bit her bottom lip. It was like she was craving it for so long. I pulled out and jammed it in agian an began my relentless series of pumps whille squeezing her tits and then it happpend i busted my nut within the 1st 5mins. Usually when im drunk i can go forevever i guess the pure passion overwhelmed me. I gave one more quick jab and then released and slowly pulled out. His mom just went limp all over and passed out as quickly as it all began. I guess she never knew it really happend perhaps she did. Shes always drunk and horny so i can never tell but it hasnt happend agian.

11-08-2007, 12:40 AM
Thanks for posting it...more is always welcome

11-08-2007, 01:16 AM
Thats alot shorter than you usually write....thanks and more will be welcome.