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Rockin' The Gazebo
by frustratedpoodle

Dave and Hannah Montgomery were the type of couple that can inspire hope in the very concept of true love, or tooth decay. Rarely were they apart, though this was not do to any one party being clingy or overbearing. They chose it that way. Though both were in their early thirties and had been married for seven years, it seems that they could read one another's minds like couples that had been together for decades, sometimes finishing one another's sentences. Though they were not into PDA's (public displays of affection), and bantered like siblings around others, there was no denying that the lights in their eyes when they looked at each other were fueled by an undying love that knew no bounds.

Physically, they complemented one another beautifully, and if they had chosen to have children, there is no doubt they would have produced something gorgeous. He was tall, broad shouldered and athletic, his boyish good looks accentuated by kind hazel eyes and a warm smile. He wore his light brown hair a touch longer than most men, and was the epitome of the casual dresser, generally seen in one of many shirts that proudly announced his loyalty to the Miami Dolphins and a pair of comfortable shorts.

Hannah was petite, with a figure reminiscent of Betty Boop, her long black curls framing a face that was perpetually touched with mischief. She had assessing almond shaped eyes that were nearly as black as her hair, and a smile that was as playful as her husband's was warm. She believed in comfort too, and when she did not have to dress up, tank tops and sweatpants were her usual choice of clothing.

I met them at a party thrown by a mutual friend. It was New Year's Eve, and the beer and sambuca were flowing freely. There was little doubt in my mind that all the little groups that disappeared around the side of the house were smoking some pretty strong herb. Things were loud, everyone was having a good time, and at one point, shortly after midnight, I found myself seated in the gazebo, discussing with Hannah my move to Minnesota in two months.

"Why would you go anywhere that it snows?" She asked, finishing off her beer and setting the bottle aside. "Even if it does double your salary, it seems a mighty huge sacrifice especially when you end up shoveling snow all the time."

"The money, Hannah. Aside from that, there's nothing for me here in Florida. Ever since Tim and I split up, it seems pointless to stay here. Everything is a reminder, and if I don't get a good change of scenery, I may have some sort of breakdown." I shrugged. It was true, though this was the first time I had expressed it. It seemed easier to say this sort of thing to a person I had just met after a few shots.

Hannah arched a brow at me. "You'll be ready to come back after a month of snow," she said teasingly. "Reminders or not. Don't let Tim run you out of the state."

"Maybe I will be back, but I won't know until I go, right?" I was nursing my beer, the world starting to spin in that comfortable fashion that warns that any more liquor will be too much. I wasn't going to keep talking about Tim, so I left her comment alone, her words well taken.

She nodded slowly, fingering the small strap to the black tank top she wore, which was edged in lace and stretched tightly over large breasts. "I just like the idea of celebrating New Years without freezing my ass off," she smirked, glancing toward the house. The gazebo was hidden in a cluster of fruit trees, the only illumination, from the house, casting the barest light on us. "Dave is taking his time with that other beer."

As though he had been summoned, however, Dave suddenly walked out of the house, heading our way with two bottles of beer in one hand, and a pack of cigarettes in the other. It was only moments before he had stepped into the gazebo and sat next to his wife. "My ball and chain talking your ear off, Edie?" He joked, receiving a playful punch on the arm from Hannah as he spoke. She took her beer and drank deeply from it.

"You know she is," I joked, leaning elbows on knees, and suddenly feeling as though I were in their faces, for the gazebo was not large. I was too drunk to care, though, and remained as I was, not caring if they were comfortable with it or not.

Hannah placed a small hand on my shoulder, rubbing it gently. "I just don't understand how anyone could want to leave Florida, that's all." She snuck a glance over at Dave, and I noticed, through my drunken haze, that he arched a brow at his wife, a smile passing quickly over his expression. The exchange was lightning fast, and I could not have known what it meant at the moment, though if I had, I am sure it would not have changed a thing. "We have so much more fun down here."

I turned my face toward Hannah's, our noses nearly touching as she leaned forward, letting her hand drift down my back. It was something that I would never have allowed someone I had just met to do, but coming from Hannah, so down to earth and pretty, it all seemed okay. "I think I missed all the fun."

She widened her eyes, and I was keenly aware that Dave had fallen silent and was leaning back in his seat. Hannah had one hand draped over his knee, and the other continued to lightly rub my back, my skin tingling through the material of my button down shirt. "You can always start making up for it now," smiled Hannah, ducking her head to firmly place her lips on mine, engaging me in a kiss that I could not break from, and after a few moments, did not want to. Her tongue was warm in my mouth, alive, and I responded with unexpected passion and want. Hannah was a beautiful woman.

Her hand snaked around my waist, and she slid her other hand from Dave's thigh to mine, rubbing it teasingly, just under the hem of my skirt. "No one's going to walk out here, I hope..." I began, though her mouth was on mine again before I could say more, and I found myself curling my fingers around one of her full breasts, her nipple straining against the thin tank top and into the palm of my hand.

"Then they can join in," cracked Dave, who had by now, set his beer aside and was simply watching me make out with his wife.

Hannah slipped her hand underneath my skirt, fingers brushing over my mound through the thin lace of my panty. I shuddered, letting my legs part a little further, dampness gathering between them. Her lips left mine and she leaned closer, sliding herself onto Dave's lap, fingers never straying from my pussy as she rubbed gently at my clit through the panty. Her own skirt had ridden up as she rubbed her ass against her husband's crotch slowly, a soft groan leaving his lips. A soft spray of kisses trailed down my throat, and two buttons were undone as her head dipped into the cleavage beneath.

I pinched her nipples, pulling her shirt up to get my hands underneath it, and moaning as I realized that she wore no bra, and leaving the scrunched up shirt to rest just above her nipples. Hannah's fingers pushed the panty aside, and with little warning, two fingers stabbed into me, and I arched toward them with a little cry. "You're so wet, Edie," murmured Hannah teasingly. "You want me to eat that pussy, don't you?" With her other hand, she was tugging at her husband's shorts, even as her fingers slid in and out of me with a laziness that could have made a corpse come. I tried not to moan for fear of having someone hear me, muffling the sound against Hannah's round breasts.

I could only nod at her words. Right now, her touch was like a little slice of heaven.

Dave's shorts were down around his ankles, and he had hitched his wife's skirt up completely, exposing a shaved pussy that seemed not to believe in underwear. As she fucked me slowly with her fingers, I let my own hands slip between her legs, fingers pinching at an engorged clit that was wet with her juices, and letting my own fingers slide beyond the soft folds of flesh, letting her pussy engulf them with her warmth. She shuddered, gasping. A quick glance up told me that Dave had taken over the other end, his fingers sliding in and out of her tight little ass. I felt my heart race, and Hannah's fingers quickened within me, her thumb rolling over my clit steadily and firmly.

Hannah's eyes were wide as we filled her from either end, and she looked as though she might come right then and there. She seemed aware of this, and slowly pulled my hand away, taking it up to her lips to lick each of my fingers through her groans of pleasure. Dave was talking to her, telling her what a beautiful ass she had, telling me how beautiful I was, and how I needed to have my pussy licked. With those words, Hannah pushed me back, leaning into me. She was standing between us now, taking two fingers slowly between her round cheeks, and pressing her face between my legs.

Her tongue sent chills through my gut and down my spine as she pressed it into me, then licked her way toward my stiffened little nub. She sucked and playfully pulled on my clit with her mouth, moaning against it as she herself was penetrated. I whimpered, my hands running slowly through her glossy tresses. Dave's cock was out of his shorts and rock hard, his free hand stroking the thick appendage, his gaze fixed on his wife as she worked my pussy over, fingers back in it, pumping in and out furiously. I squirmed against her face, the blouse completely undone as I grabbed at my own breasts through the lacy bra, panting. Hannah's other hand was on her own clit, rubbing lazily as her ass moved on Dave's fingers. There was no way to stop the orgasm now.

When it came, I barely had the sense to keep quiet, waves of sticky wetness flowing against Hannah's face, which she buried deeper against my pussy. Her fingers slammed into me, three now, moving impossibly fast and twisting deliciously within. She was relentless, never letting the orgasm abate until it had been utterly spent, and I was left gasping for air, back arching into Hannah's face still. It was glistening from nose to chin when she lifted her head, fingers still buried in me, muscles contracting hotly around them. "Oh, Edie," she whispered, breaths ragged as she wiggled back against Dave's invading fingers, "You cannot take that pussy to Minne-fucking-sota."

I giggled a giddy little giggle, still relishing in the waves of pleasure that swept through me with slowly decreasing force. The fires that were ebbing sprung back to life, however, when Hannah's wet little fingers came to rest on my knees, and she slowly began to lower herself onto Dave's stone hard cock. His thick head disappeared into her ass slowly, and he gently pulled her down onto him, a hand on either hip gripping tightly. He threw his head back, muttering breathlessly, "That's...beautiful..."

Hannah gripped my knees more tightly the deeper he went, her eyes wide and glassy, and a whimper caught in her throat. "Lick me, Edie. Lick me while my ass gets fucked..." the words were but a breathy whisper, but the pleading in her tone was not lost on me, and it sent a deep shiver through me. I slid a finger deep into my pussy, sticky from the orgasm, groaning as I pulled it out, wet, smearing my juices across Hannah's lips. Her tongue snaked out to suck my finger, and she gasped as the cock in her ass was driven all the way in. Her hips moved on Dave with a laziness that was agonizing in all the right ways. His fingers tightened on her hips, and his breaths came quick.

I dropped on my knees to the floor, my finger still playing over Hannah's lips as I kissed my way down her body, now covered in a sweet, clean sweat. Past the pushed up tank top, pausing at the erect nipples to bite them, even as my hands roamed her taut inner thighs. She murmured something about needing to be licked as I worked my way down her tummy, nipping at her flesh. My mouth caught the rhythm of her movements on Dave, and I latched onto her clit, sucking at it and positioning three of my fingers so that she came down on them the next time she took that cock fully into her again. Her hands were suddenly in my hair, clenching me to her even as she fought to keep her cries quiet.

Hannah was beyond control. She was moving fast now, almost pulling herself fully off of Dave's cock as she slammed herself down against us both. My mouth couldn't keep up, but my fingers stabbed deep into her soaking pussy with each thrust, and I could tell that neither of them would last much longer. Hannah came first, and I hoped that no one heard her cries as she squeezed wetly around my fingers, grinding against them, as well as the cock lodged deep in her ass. She was begging Dave to come in her ass, and I could only imagine the amazing throbbing sensations in the tight little space as he finally did, holding her down on him as tightly as he could, and leaning forward to quiet his own cries against her back.

Slowly, I slid my fingers out of Hannah and licked them clean, staring at the spent couple before me, not sure what to make of what had just happened, but never regretting that it did. Hannah brought me off one more time, this time while Dave watched, her fingers working me over and penetrating both of my entrances hard and fast.

On those long winter nights, when I recall my life in Florida, it always drifts back to Dave and Hannah, and the way that they seduced me in the gazebo. It is an experience that never fails to drive me into long sessions of maturbating, and when I want to come, I can practically do it on cue when I think of the way Hannah's tongue felt on my pussy. I have had lovers since that time, both men and women, and none have been able to touch the power of that particular orgasm.

I saw them once before I moved North, and plans of a repeat performance at their house were dashed when Hannah stumbled in her heels and broke her ankle only ten minutes after we had solidified the plan. It was at a mutual friend's birthday party, and Hannah had even gotten me in the bathroom and heated up for it with ruthless teasing that only a woman like her can manage to make work. That night, my hope for another taste of this couple were shattered, and when I went home, I thought of Hannah's hands all over my ass in the bathroom earlier and it did not take long for me to get off.

Even as I write this, I have slowed down to type with one hand, for the other is down beneath the soft cotton of my panty, rubbing my clit to a memory like no other.

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