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11-08-2007, 02:29 AM
Maltese Fun
by TomW50

(A bit longer than I usually find, it is 3 parts)

I was enjoying flirting with the waiter in the poolside bar. Since my sexual adventure with my bosses in ( Going Dogging) I had been enjoying my new found sexuality and with a better toned body, a new sexy wardrobe and a spray on tan. I had been determined to fully enjoy the break that Tom had booked for us in Malta. And that included possible fun with young guys like this.

Since my "adventure" with my "bosses" Tom had been pushing me for a threesome and indeed when he booked this holiday we had discussed the possibility of making it happen. The thought obviously excited him and we had some very good sessions fantasising on the basis of what could happen. He appeared to want me to go to bed with him and one or two "young studs." So I promised him that I would wear revealing clothes and if the situation arose where he wanted something to happen then I would most probably be "up for it."

I had worn white when I went down to breakfast as I thought it would show off my tan. I also went braless because while it is good to have a bit of support sometimes when you are as big on top as I am, I know Tom loves me to show my breasts off in public.

I am sure Tom was disappointed when he saw that there were few young single guys at breakfast just a few younger couples and a lot of couples our age -- probably like us taking advantage of the supposed "golden years" of retirement.

Certainly, at breakfast, while some of the younger guys with their wives were fanciable, there were no young single guys in evidence and while I don't mind flirting with hotel staff it's not very good for one's reputation to go any further if you want to return on holiday again.

Anyway to make up for Tom's disappointment of there being no potential young studs I thought I would give him a treat by wearing my most risqué bathing costume -- this basically consisted a tiny scrap of white material that barely covered my pussy mound and some golden braided string . It certainly had a "wow" factor for Tom because when I put it on he very roughly dry mounted me from behind while he groped my boobs. I think he would have taken me there and then if I hadn't persuaded him to wait.

To tease and please him more I wore a quite transparent wrap. It certainly had the desired effect when I went down to the pool as I noticed quite a few admiring glances from the guys at the pool and some rather disapproving looks from the wives. At one time this would have worried me but since I bedded the two guys I am quite confident about the attractiveness of my body and my sexuality. Hey -- although my breasts droop a bit more than they did and like quite a few supermodels I have a bit of cellulite -- I know that guys still find the overall package quite attractive.

While I had been swimming Tom had ordered some drinks from the pool bar and I had noticed the very handsome early twenties waiter's eyes fully take in my nude boobs and my rather prominent pussy lips straining against the wet and now fairly transparent tiny piece of material as I re-arranged it.

He knew I had caught him checking me out and we shared a smile when he realised this. He also smiled and looked back when I said to Tom " He's rather nice" as he walked away.

Actually he really was quite attractive being slim, about six feet tall and slightly dark skinned and he obviously had quite liked what he saw!

About half an hour later when Tom went for a dip, I said I would go and order more drinks and a couple of sandwiches and I knew from Tom's reaction he thought I was going to flirt with the waiter as I only pulled on the transparent wrap over my g-string.

The waiter smiled when he saw me come in and as I find it quite a turn on now to see guys admiring my breasts and I rather carelessly let the wrap slip open and it was gratifying to see his eyes go to my breasts as I perused the menu. He said the sandwiches would be about 10 minutes and in spite of his dark skin I swear he blushed when I asked him was he making them specially for me. He recovered well to say "for you madam they will be very special!"

He obviously wanted to keep me in the bar because he said " would madam like a drink while she is waiting?"

I was just relaxing with my drink and thinking how much fun I could have with this guy when I heard some people come into the bar and I was stunned to hear someone say "Mrs W -- it is you isn't it?" I turned round and was rather stunned to see the questioner was one of three young guys, and none other than Chris, the son of our golf club ladies captain who is a good friend of mine. Chris had caddied for Tom and me for several years before he went to University.

To say I was stunned was actually an understatement because although I am now more confident about my sexuality and body, I tend to dress more conservatively at home and certainly felt embarrassed to have everything on display for a boy I have known since he was a kid!

I am afraid it was my turn to blush and try to seek as much cover as I could from the thin gauze of my wrap. For their part he and the other two guys wanted to chat and explained that they had taken a short break before their Summer Uni examinations and they were just returning from a party in Bugibba! He seemed particularly keen to know whether I was "with the girls" or Mr. Wilson.

The conversation was a bit stilted and I was quite relieved when our waiter brought the sandwiches. Chris insisted on carrying them and the drinks for Tom and I out to the pool and the three guys ushered me out in front of them. I have to say I felt really exposed to have the three young guys and especially one of my best friend's son, see my largely exposed buttocks which I felt would be fairly obvious through my wrap.

Tom To celebrate Eileen getting the distributorships she sought and to be frank to try to take advantage of her newfound sexuality ( see Going Dogging) I booked a short

break to Malta last Easter. We like Malta at this time of the year because while it can be pleasantly warm during the day it is quite cool at night and Eileen can wear the short skirts and stockings that I love.

Since Eileen had told me about bedding the two guys I couldn't get the thought of sharing her with some young stud out of my mind. We fantasised about it and I decided to try to make it a reality by getting her away from our home locality to make it to happen.

I decided to on a good quality hotel we had been to before near the north of the island. It has a sophisticated cocktail bar ( where skirts and stockings would not be out of place), and indoor and outdoor pools where I could get Eileen to show off her ripe assets. When we had been there a couple of years previously, although Eileen was a lot more modest than she is now, she had allowed me to persuade her to go topless at the pool and it had turned me on a bit to see younger guys ogling my wife's exposed mature breasts. After her experiences with her bosses I was really looking forward to having a real no limits sexual adventure with her on this break.

We were up quite late the first morning as it had been a late evening flight that had got us in. When we went down to breakfast Eileen looked cool and sexy, with her spray on tan being emphasised by her white outfit. This outfit consisted of a tight white tee shirt with no bra - that not only showed off her heavy mature 39" breasts but also her thick nipples and dark aureoles. With this she wore tight white stretch knee length trousers that showed off her ripe thighs framing a sexy prominent pussy mound and her two big jutting buttocks.

I was a little disappointed to see that apart from a couple of young couples most of the people at breakfast were couples of around our own age although it was still quite a turn on to see a lot of the guys ogling Eileen.

It was a glorious day and we decided to spend some time at the outdoor pool. My spirits perked up considerably when I saw the miniscule white thong that Eileen was intending to wear at the pool. The scrap of white material in front barely covered the large pussy lips and one could see the top of the little line of hair that she keeps above her shaven pussy. The back of the garment was a simple row of gold beads which were completely lost in the deep valley between her jutting buttocks. When she put it on my cock sprung to attention as I moved up behind her to grope the weight of the heavy breasts and if she hadn't suggested we leave it to later I would have had her there and then.

Once again she had quite a few glances of approval from the guys and disapproval from the wives when she arrived at the pool about 11.30 in just a fairly transparent wrap and the g string. A few of the younger women were topless but none in quite a daring costume as Eileen and most of the women of her age were in more "sensible" one piece costumes.

About midday Eileen decided to have a swim while I went in to the pool bar to order some drinks and the barman said he would bring them out. As I came back down to pool Eileen was just getting out of the pool and to my delight and the fairly obvious interest of most of the guys round the pool the tiny scrap of material was now not only almost totally transparent but had worked its way between her pussy lips and the lot was virtually on display.

What I thought was quite magnificent was that she was now so utterly confident in her own sexuality that she was totally unconcerned at the stir she had created. She was settling back into her lounger and was quite unselfconsciously adjusting the triangle of material over her pussy mound when the young waiter, in his mid twenties, came with our drinks. In fact she flashed a dazzling smile when she saw his eyes go first to her crotch and then to her breasts.

As he turned to go away she rather loudly and deliberately said -- "he's rather nice, I could quite fancy him."

She really did mean it because when I went for a dip she came over to the pool and said that she was going in to get more drinks and a sandwich. As she put on her wrap and went in to the bar, I noticed that there were quite a few guys eyes going to her big bouncing buttocks and their jewelled divider quite clearly visible through the transparent material of the wrap.

I was just coming out of the pool when I saw Eileen and the three guys come out of the bar. I too was stunned to see one of them was Chris, a guy we have known since he was kid, and in a place where we thought we could relax without anyone knowing us.

When we all sat down the conversation was a little awkward but we found that the guys were in the last three days of a 10 day break before going back to Uni to sit exams. I expressed surprise at them staying in a resort other than the livelier Bugibba but they said they hadn't been to Malta before and had chosen this hotel due to it having a tennis court and its proximity to the golf course. When I asked them were they not a bit bored -- they said they were a bit during the day but they went into Bugibba at night. One guy, John, suggested we might like to go with them that night but we declined saying we were still a bit tired from the travelling. I did take Chris up on a game of tennis later that day and the guys on a game of golf the next day.

The guys excused themselves to go and get something to eat and Eileen said she was mortified through seeing Chris. I told her not to worry as she looked absolutely gorgeous and there wasn't much wrong with going topless on holiday.

Somewhat reassured by this and possibly by a couple of G&Ts she was happy to drop the wrap and sunbathe in just the g-string even when Chris came to collect me for our game of tennis.


I had been a little embarrassed when Chris and his friends had "caught" me wearing very little indeed however a few G&Ts later and Tom's reassurance allowed me to relax and enjoy my sun bathing. When Chris came to collect Tom for the game of tennis I was quite relaxed and even a little amused to see him check out my breasts and crotch.

I had settled back into my book when I was rather startled by Chris's mates John and Peter, flopping down beside me, with John asking did I fancy a dip. I declined and said maybe later but couldn't help admiring their hard young bodies as they dived into the pool. When they came out they offered a drink. A further couple of G&T's later I relaxed enough in their company to allow myself to be persuaded to join them in the pool. Initially they were quite reserved but when I bumped into one as I turned at the bottom of the pool a little "horseplay" developed and the ice was broken. And I realised that both guys were happy to take the opportunity to "cop a quick feel" of my breasts and rear as part of their play.

I felt it was getting slightly out of hand when they sandwiched me and I felt Peter's erection against my crotch and John's against my rear. I excused myself and turned to leave the pool. Things continued to get sexually charged because as I climbed out I felt John help me out by placing his hands on my virtually nude buttocks and when the guys joined me in the fresh water shower it was difficult not to see their large erections in the wet clinging shorts.

Peter saw me looking at his and smiled "sorry about this but we really do find you very attractive."

I said " Don't be silly I really am old enough to be your mother."

John smiled and said "We love older women and especially beautiful women. You are the best looking woman by far in this hotel."

When I asked him what Chris would think of his two friends trying it on with his mother's friend they smiled and said Chris had had the hots for me for many years.

I led them back to the loungers and to ease the sexual tension I suggested to Peter that I would love a large G&T. As he went to get drinks I dried off and took up John's offer to do my back with sun cream.

I turned over on to my tummy and have to say and whether it was the G&Ts or the fact that I knew these two hard bodied young guys in their late teens wanted me, I got quite turned on when he very gently started to rub the cream from my neck down my back and on to sides of my breasts. I was quite intrigued to see what he would do when he reached my waist but before he did so Peter came back and said " Can I help?"

I was about to say "no that's fine" when I felt another pair of hands join the massage as Peter had obviously decide to massage my rear. I decided to cut the massage short when I felt the cool drizzle of cream in the crack of my rear and I thought Peter's fingers might follow.

As I turned to say to him, that I could do my own rear and thighs. I was almost literally face to face with what looked like a massive erection. and he asked if I would like him to put some cream on my front! Although I was quite turned on, I wasn't drunk enough or turned on enough not to realise what it must look like to the other guests to see two young guys massaging a much more mature lady. I rather tongue in cheek said to the guys "Mmmmm that might be fun but -- if you want to put some on my front you had better do it up on our balcony."

John muttered "What are we waiting for!"

I replied " Ok guys lets go up to our room for a drink because we are creating a bit of a scene here - but a drink only."

As we went up in the lift John bent down and kissed me and as I responded I felt Peter take the weight of one of my breasts in his hand. I hadn't really time to think where what had started out as a harmless bit of flirting was going. By the time the lift had stopped the guys hands were everywhere and when the door opened a rather elderly couple looked disapprovingly on as I rather tumbled out of the lift in a clinch with the two guys.

This sort of brought me to my senses and I managed to get them to stop groping me long enough to open the door to our room but as I did my wrap was pulled off and I was immediately sandwiched between them. Once again their hands were everywhere and I have to admit that the thought of two very handsome young guys so obviously desiring my body really turned me on. Only the thought of Tom coming back and finding me in bed with the two of them prevented me from responding. I broke away and said " Hey guys, lets cool it and have a drink, Tom could be back any time. After all I only agreed to you putting some sun cream on me not grope the hell out of me or worse!"

To be fair to them, in spite of their very obvious arousal, this time they did take me seriously and allowed me to go to the fridge to get a bottle of wine. As I poured them a glass John once again bent down and kissed me and said "Sorry we got so heavy Eileen, but you really do turn us on."

I broke free and took my drink out on to the balcony and to my amusement Peter followed me out with the tube of cream. " Ok, Eileen have it your way for today but at least keep your promise to let me put cream your front."

I turned and pushed my chest out and said "Ok, but be quick because I don't want Tom to come back and see you fondling my boobs!"

It was quite erotic to be kissed and cuddled by the two young guys as they massaged the cream into my breasts and rapidly thickening nipples and I suppose I did respond. Before I knew what was happening cream covered fingers had pushed my bikini bottom aside and had entered my pussy. As I tried to push that hand away, fingers similarly pushed the string aside and probed for my anus. In spite of my protestations I was soon being finger fucked in both orifices and only the fear of Tom walking in us prevented me from enjoying it.

In fact John whispered in my ear "Listen Eileen both you and we know you've been gagging for so don't play the cock tease now." I was literally saved by the bell when my mobile rang and it was Tom to see where I was and did I wish to join Chris and he, in the bar for a drink. This time the guys did take "no" for an answer and I shooed them out of the room with a promise to see them the next day.

Tom I enjoyed my game of tennis with Chris -- although he is much younger and much fitter I still keep in shape and at my prime would have been a better player. After a couple of hard fought sets which we shared he suggested a welcome beer.

As we were chatting I called Eileen to see if she wanted to join us and this stimulated Chris to say -- "Mrs W is looking absolutely fantastic." When I told him she was a little embarrassed at his mates and him seeing her wearing so little.

He smiled and said "We certainly didn't mind!"

When I asked him did he and his mates find her attractive he said "very," and he admitted that he and most of the caddies had had a thing about her for years!

I noticed him checking her out when she arrived down in a white tee shirt and short white skirt and he readily accepted my invitation to dinner with us that night "if he didn't mind giving up a much wilder night in Bugibba."

When we went up Eileen appraised me of the fact that my call had been fortuitous as the two guys had just got quite heavy with her. When I asked would she have gone further my cock rose when she said - probably if they hadn't been mates of Chris's. When I asked her "what about Chris?" she smiled and said that she had never thought of him like that and hadn't really realised he was so good looking.

She smiled when I said that Chris had been talking about how attractive he found her all afternoon and she said the other guys had told her that he had "had the hots" for her for quite a few years. When I asked her was she up for it with him she grinned and said "Its up to you."

When I heard this I could hardly stop myself from jumping her there and then but satisfied myself by suggesting if anything was going to happen it would have to be that night as the next night was the guys last one.

That night when I saw what she was wearing for dinner I realised that while she was up for it she was playing it safe in case wasn't interested. She was dressed "smart sexy in a while low cut tee short that showed her cleavage off if she leaned forward and through which one could clearly see the nipples and outline of her unbraed breasts. She had teamed this up with a short black skirt, stockings and suspenders.

Eileen I was secretly delighted when Tom told me that Chris fancied me because he had turned into a very handsome and very fit looking young guy indeed. His blond streaked hair was set of well by his tan and I looked forward if things went well to seeing what looked like a well muscled body. My afternoon with his mates had got me aroused at the thought of having a young hard bodied and firm cocked guy between my thighs.

However I decided to dress "sexy and possibly available" rather than too overtly as I realised that the worst case scenario would be to offer myself on a plate and Chris refuse to go though with it leading to massive embarrassment when we got home. I decided to go braless in a v neck tee that showed a little cleavage, short black skirt and stockings and if I really wanted to offer it knickerless!

When Chris met us in the bar he looked very handsome in a sparkling white sleeveless shirt and tight white jeans. As he bent down to peck my cheek he murmured " You look really good Mrs W." I couldn't help wondering if the guys had told him about my session with them in the afternoon.

I didn't have long to ponder because when Tom went up to bar to get us a pre dinner drink he apologised about the guys getting heavy with me. When I said it wasn't anything I couldn't handle he grinned and said "Well with the outfit you were wearing it was understandable but not excusable!"

I smiled and said "Well it was slightly more revealing than I normally wear but Tom likes me to show my figure off when we are away -- did you think it was over the top for someone of my age?"

He grinned again and said "It was certainly revealing but I don't think any of the guys round the pool were complaining."

When I asked " And what about you?"

The grin widened even further and he murmured "Especially me! I always thought you were gorgeous but I never realised you were so very hot!"

"Do you really find me attractive -- do you realise I am only a couple of years younger than your mum?"

"All the guys at the club fancy you and we have all fantasised for years about getting into your pants."

I think things might have gone a bit further very quickly if Tom hadn't come back with the drinks. When I saw they were the bars speciality " Long Island Iced Teas" -- no more than 3 or 4 recommended I realised that he was fairly determined to "make something happen" that night.

Although we had a couple of bottles of wine on top of these, conversation over dinner was a bit stilted with all three of us wanting something to happen and no one really wanting to broach the subject.

About 11.30 when we went out to the lounge for a drink and Chris excused himself to go to the loo, I told Tom that Chris was probably up for it if he was but I felt I should make the first move. I suggested that when Chris came back I should invite him up to our suite "for a drink and a breath of air" on the balcony while he excused himself by saying he wanted to stay in the bar for another drink.

When Chris came back I said I would love a drink of champagne and suggested we go up and have it on the balcony. Tom on cue said he had met a chap he knew in the bar and had arranged to have a beer with him he said he would follow us up.

When we got to the suite I got Chris to open a bottle of champagne and suggested we take it out to the balcony. I asked Chris to light my cigarette and as he did I leaned forward to let him look down my top at my cleavage. I thanked him and sat back in my chair and crossed my legs to give him a flash of stocking top and said " Do you really fancy me as a woman or just a bit of forbidden fruit?"

" I really do fancy you. You are witty, smart and sophisticated and I think you are absolutely fabulous looking, with a fantastic body."

"Are you sure you don't just want me to show off to your mates? Would you really prefer to go to bed with me rather than some nubile young 20 somethings?"

"Very definitely- we all would rather go to bed with you than the girls we've had all week!"

He rather stunned me by asking if he could take a photo "to remind him of a fabulous holiday."

I posed for one and he muttered " You really are so very sexy."

I smiled slowly uncrossed and opened my legs and let my skirt ride up a little to give him a flash my shaven pussy and said " Are you really sure you want to go to bed with me?"

At that he made his move and came over and bent down and kissed me and as I reciprocated his hand went quickly up my skirt and clamped on to my pussy. It was really arousing to be almost lifted to my feet by the pussy and our tongues were soon entwined as he hungrily kissed me. As he rather roughly entered his fingers in my cunt he shoved me up against the wall of the balcony and but for me murmuring "Lets go inside" I thought he would have mounted me.

My skirt was up round my waist as I led him to the bedroom and as he freed a fantastic looking cock with one hand as he tumbled me on the bed and freed my breasts with the other. There was little ceremony about the way he went between my thighs and literally rammed his long hard cock into me. I love the feeling of a young hard cock -- although Tom is fairly well hung older guys cocks do not have the rigidity of younger guys, but I realised that this first session was going to be pure animal lust rather than lovemaking as he pounded vigorously into me.

My responding to his vigorous thrusts brought him off and I soon felt the hot spurts of his young seed against my womb. He fell forward against me muttering "You've no idea for how long I have wanted to do that."

I felt him hardening again when I smiled and murmured "And I hope you're going to do it again!"

To encourage him up to full rigidity I eased myself our from under him and turning him over on to his back I grabbed him by the balls and went down on him. His cock rose rapidly to full size again and he was thrusting upwards into my mouth when I heard the door and Tom came in.

We both turned round and in spite of being slightly drunk Chris looked a little panic stricken until Tom said " Don't mind me I'm going to join you."

Tom When Eileen made it clear she was going to make something happen I gave her some time before coming up to the room. When I entered I saw her bent over Chris on the bed and from the bob of her head and his thrusts I realised she was giving him head. When I made a noise she stopped briefly and he looked a bit panicked for a minute and would probably have come up of the bed but I knew Eileen had him in the way she likes to give oral. That is holding the guys balls in her hand so she can control his penetration into her throat.

Chris appeared to relax enough to continue to enjoy the pleasures of Eileen deep throating him -- which she does very well. She has a small mouth which is excitingly tight on one's cock but she can swallow a complete length right into her throat as she takes the guy off.

I quickly lost my trousers and as she continued to pleasure him with her big buttocks put up to me, I felt between her legs to find her soaking wet from his semen. I found this remarkably exciting and with a more rampant cock than I had for some time I quickly mounted her and reclaimed her pussy for myself. It was fantastically exciting to be part of a team " spit roasting" my wife and I think all three of us felt similarly because she writhed between us eagerly and extremely willingly meeting our thrusts.

She soon had both of us coming off in our respective orifices and we all collapsed fairly spent on the bed.

As Eileen got up to freshen up and get us a drink. Chris rather shamefacedly said " I hope you don't blame me for getting rather carried away with Mrs W."

I smiled and said " It was very much our idea but what happens in this room has to stay in this room."

Eileen came back in with champagne for us and knocking hers back said "let me in between my two favourite guys."

As we sipped our drink -- her hands fondled our cocks, she smiled and murmured " I hope you guys have plenty left I want a long night of fun with you."

Both cocks rose to attention as she bent down and kissed the tip of mine and then his and turning to me she smiled and said "I hope you don't mind darling but I want some more of this hard young cock in my pussy."

My own cock almost rose to match his as I saw her straddle him and lower herself down on to his cock and him reach up to grab heavy dangling breasts.

It was a real turn on to see my wife ride this young guy and to hear her moans as he thrust up into her. I came off the bed quickly and parting her hips went for her anus. I was delighted to find that she had obviously taken the opportunity to put some cream on and my fingers went fairly easily into her. She eased back of his cock to meet my probing fingers and as she did so I felt him thrust up against the thin wall of her perineum. It was as exciting as I thought to "feel" this young guys rigid cock in my wife and I soon gently replaced my fingers with my cock. It was a bit of a push because as well as her being still tight anally -- she was engorged by Chris's cock filling her pussy.

It was exciting as she sort of "opened up" to accommodate both cocks and it was even more exciting than I imagined to have my wife willingly take on two guys and to feel his cock thrusting against mine only separated by a very fine wall of tissue as we pounded at our respective orifices.

She was obviously very excited by the twin intrusions because it wasn't long before she came off to a very powerful and noisy orgasm. I felt Chris go and followed him as we both ejaculated in our chosen holes. As I eased off her and she off him it was quite a turn on to see her seeping cum from both orifices and as she went to the bathroom to tidy up.

When she came back I went to the loo while she poured us some champagne. When I came out she and Chris were deep in a snog and although my cock felt as if had it had quite enough it stiffened slightly when I saw her hands at his semi erect cock trying to get him up again. As she went down on him with her mouth I heard him say "You really are quite insatiable Mrs W -- I need a little rest."

She smiled and licking his cock responded "I thought you young guys had a lot more stamina -- I thought having had my pussy and mouth you would want to have my rear."

Bearing in mind she had not been keen on anal sex until relatively recently, to hear her willingly offer her rear nearly did the trick for my tired erection and it certainly seemed to do it for his young one , as I heard her murmur "That's more like it -- I thought you would want to try me there."

Initially she turned round and pushed her buttocks against his erection before getting up on all fours and putting her ass up to be mounted. My own erection stirred from its slumber at her extreme wantonness in opening herself up completely to Chris's by now quite huge erection.

I heard her cry out as he rammed it home without much ceremony and then I sat back to watch one of the most sexually exciting and erotic scenes I had ever seen -my previously quite reserved wife hair falling over her face and big breasts dangling as she thrust her big ripe ass up again and again to be sodomised by the frantic thrusts of her young lover.

It was an amazing sight and rather like seeing a muscular young stallion couple with a mare to see this well built muscular young man take such control over my wife's ripe body and her revel in having her ass taken so roughly.


Chris was a bit tense when he saw Tom enter the room but soon relaxed when Tom smiled and said he was going to join us.

I really enjoyed the combination of my well hung husband and my even better hung young stud as they took me in various combinations. I particularly loved the feeling of being completely "filled up" by Chris in my pussy and Tom in my rear. I used to hate anal sex and as Tom had not persisted hadn't realised how much guys love it. Since my experiences with my two bosses Tom and I enjoy it on a fairly regular basis.

With Chris and Tom together I actually enjoyed a quite unique double orgasm -- front and back and was ready for a lot more. When I went to freshen up I thought Tom might need a rest but was disappointed to find Chris was also only semi hard. While Tom was at the loo I started to snog Chris and try to work his cock up again however it wasn't until I offered him my rear and thrust my buttocks back against him that I felt his cock stir to its previous rigidity.

When I got up on all fours I noticed how big he was as he came up off the bed and he mounted me very roughly. Tom usually eases it in to let me get used to the size of it and I hadn't been torn since my first experience. Chris did hurt me a bit as he was certainly a bit longer than Tom and he rather rammed it straight into me. However I had little time to think about whether I had been torn as he grabbed firmly hold of my buttocks and pulling them apart stallioned me hard with his balls slapping against my rear.

His sheer lust of this young guy for me turned me on and I was soon thrusting my rear take his thrusts. This drove him to an even greater frenzy and a very vocal one as he shouted out about how long he had wanted to give me it "up your big ass."

I felt him tense and another hot flush of soothing salve as he ejaculated deep into me but such was his lust for my butt that he continued riding me until he softened.

The show we had put on had obviously stimulated Tom because as Chris came off me and I lay forward on the bed Tom was there like a flash pulling me up again on to all fours to get at my rear. Once again I felt a slight tear as Tom mounted me much more roughly than normal obviously wanting to reclaim my ass for himself and he too rode me roughly until he climaxed.

As I fell forward on the bed I was surprised to feel myself being pulled up to my knees again and Chris with a strong renewed erection muttering "I want more of that ass." Once again he mounted me taking a firm grip of my buttocks and although his "attack" on my rear was less frenzied than before he rode me hard with deep thrusts of his long penis into the depths of my bowels.

This time he appeared to be savouring his possession of my rear and he must have taken me for over five to ten minutes. By the time he came off both he and I were totally lathered in sweat.

When I got up to go to the loo I looked at my watch to see it was 3.00 am -- and smiled to myself when realised that I had had over three hours of sex! I called to the guys that, "that was that" as I wanted to get my beauty sleep.

When I came out they were dressed in their pants and finishing off the champagne. Chris got up and kissed me and murmured "that was absolutely fantastic Mrs W -- it really was something I have fantasised about for years."

Before he left Tom pushed him for a reassurance that what had happened in the room stayed in the room and said he would see him at c 11.00 am for golf.

When he left I think although both Tom and I were still on a sexual high it was tempered slightly when I realised the enormity of what we had done i.e. that I had let one of my best friend's sons share me with Tom and let him take my body in all the ways possible. However I was delighted when Tom kissed and cuddled me and told me it had been one of the bests nights of his life and the memory of Chris and he taking me together and Chris buggering me would be a turn on for him for a very long time.

We had a quick shower and fell asleep together in each others arms. I have to say the shared intimacy and excitement of the night seemed to bring us even closer together.

I awakened about 10.00am to hear Tim singing rather tunelessly in the shower. My head was rather hammering from the potent mix of cocktails and champagne and my body was aching from the unaccustomed exercise it had been given last night and my uterus and bowels actually felt bruised -- they probably were!

I thought Tom and I might feel a little awkward in the cold light of day -- but it was certainly the reverse for him. As kissed me and thanked me again for a wonderful night- he asked me should he cancel golf and spend the day with me. I said that I would prefer a lie in and that he should meet up with Chris and reinforce the message that our night should remain our secret.

When he left I went back to bed. I thought I hadn't been asleep for more than a few minutes when I heard a knock at the door and thought he had left his keys behind. Fortunately I pulled on a robe because when I opened the door I was surprised to see it was John and Peter. John murmured "Hi Mrs W have you forgotten our date?"

I muttered something about having had a hard night and had to firmly resist their suggestion of coming in to finish off what we had started yesterday. I said I would see them at the pool for lunch.

John smiled and said " and more?"

After I refreshing shower I felt more alive and once I put on some makeup and hid my tired eyes behind a large pair of sunglasses I felt ready to make an appearance at the pool.

I had chosen a new plain white one piece swimsuit which while it was high legged and fairly low cut wouldn't give the impression to the guys that I was available.

I could see they were slightly disappointed that I wasn't wearing something more revealing when I came down to the pool and Peter said "How are we going to rub sun cream on your front?"

I decided to play it a bit cool and said "I am sorry if I led you on a bit yesterday -- I think we all had a little bit too much to drink."

They were obviously fairly disappointed but smiled when I said " Anyway you probably got all that testosterone and randiness out of your system last night in Bugibba."

John grinned " Yeah of course we did but we took it a bit easy because we both wanted a really good session with you!"

"Do you honestly mean to say that after having had fun with beautiful young girls you would want to go to bed with me?"

"Are you kidding Mrs W all three of us have been crazy to get into your knickers since we first saw you at the pool yesterday."

I was rather relieved it appeared Chris hadn't shared the news of his conquest the night before and murmured " Hey guys don't get heavy I had a hard night and what I would really love is a large G&T."

While John went to get drinks Peter said " Mrs W we didn't mean to get heavy with you but you really turned us on yesterday and we were really looking forward to taking it further today."

In spite of my exertions the night before I have to admit I am only human and I was beginning to get turned on a little by the very obvious desire these two young guys had for me, and a couple of very large G&Ts later I felt up to joining them in the pool for a swim.

The water was refreshing and I did a couple of lengths of the pool and was feeling quite relaxed as I swam up to the guys at the shallow end. I was a little bit stunned when I stood up and both guys eyes went immediately to my boobs.

"Wow, Mrs W, we thought you had covered up but that is actually sexier than you being topless."

I looked down to see that the material that had looked quite modest dry , when wet had become virtually completely transparent and as Peter said it actually looked more daring because it clung tightly round my breasts and actually emphasised them and my nipples.

Instinctively my hands went to cover my breasts by John , gently took them away saying "Don't be silly Mrs W, we have seen and fondled them before."

As if to emphasise this Peter came up over pecked me on the cheek and took the weight of one of them in his hand said "They really are superb and that suit shows them off to perfection."

Realising that we could be seen from the poolside I swam over to the side and as I went up the steps suddenly realised that if the top of my swimsuit was transparent so would the bottom be!

The guys whistles and the looks of the other people at the pool reinforced this impression and when I looked down I could see that any coverage from the suit had disappeared and everything was on show including my rather prominent pubic mound and pussy lips.

When the guys flopped down beside my lounger from the tents in their shorts it was obvious that they liked what they could see and I had to grin when Peter said " Ms W you just get sexier and sexier, we thought we had never seen anything sexier than you in that g string yesterday but I think that suit is even sexier!"

"Thanks guys but I didn't realise that I was going to put on such a show. I genuinely thought it was quite modest."

I accepted their offer of another large G&T but declined their later suggestion of going for another swim until I had gone up to change my suit into something more modest.

It was very hot at the pool and when they went for another dip I slipped upstairs to get a more modest bikini. I had just changed and poured myself a G&T when I heard a knock at the door -- I thought it might be Tom but surprise, surprise it was the two guys in their trunks with a cold bottle of wine.

"Mrs W -- get some glasses we thought you might like to have a drink with us on your balcony."

" Ok guys, but a drink it is only as Tom could be back soon."

However when I filled the glasses and brought them out to the balcony the guys were obviously intent on more and I found myself between them, being groped quite roughly. I could see from their faces and feel from their hard erections against me that they were extremely aroused and I was rather powerless to stop them fondling my breasts, pussy and butt. I realised that unless I did something to stop them they would simply take what they wanted.

I made a super human effort to break free and as I did so my top came off.

As I stood panting with my breasts dangling I started to say " Hey guys I meant a drink only."

But my words were drowned by John muttering "You really do have some rack on you and we've been looking to get to grips with it all day."

At that he grabbed for my boobs again and once again the two guys had me between them. I tried to break away saying "Guys I mean it -- not now." But as I made for the gap in french doors they were on me again and I ended up face down over the patio table. As I tried to get up so John leaned down and rather held me down while he kissed me and I felt Peter pull down my bottoms.

John whispered in my ear " Relax Mrs W you have been prick teasing us since we met you and you know you want it as much as us!"

By this time I realised that the guys were not going to take no for an answer and suggested we go inside but as I did so I felt my hips being pulled back and I had to put my hands further out to steady myself. As I did so John tightened his grip round my shoulders with one arm while groping my boobs with the other and I felt Peter reach through my legs to grab my pussy as a prelude to mounting me. His cock appeared as big as it had looked in his shorts and I gasped as I adjusted my position to accommodate it.

John grinned at me and murmured "Old Peter is well hung but a big pussy like yours should have no trouble taking it."

In spite of being slightly annoyed at the guys roughness, I couldn't help thinking if I am going to take these two guys on I might as well enjoy it and I was soon responding to Peter's thrusts. He didn't last all that long and I soon felt him come off deep inside me. As he withdrew he gave my ass a slap and murmured "That really is a fuckable big ass."

As I tried to straighten up and said I would prefer to go inside as we could be seen from the other balconies, John rather ordered me to stay where I was at saying " I want a bit of that ass just where its at."

I hadn't much time to object because Peter was putting his slightly flaccid cock up to be sucked while John mounted me. As he thrust into me one of his hands was doing most exciting things to my clit and I have to admit I was rather enjoying pleasuring these two young guys and being pleasured by them. Before I realised it the thought of being seen from another balcony had been forgotten and I was pushing up my rear to meet John's thrusts and fondling while Peter with a renewed erection was deep in my throat.

I heard John grate " Mrs W you really are as good a fuck as I thought you would be and this big ass is as good as I thought it would be." I thought he was about to climax when he increased the pace of his thrusts but as I pushed back to meet him, I was rather disappointed that he dismounted.

I felt him part my hips and I knew what was coming. I broke free of Peter's thrusts into my mouth to plead " John, please not there it will hurt" as I tried to protect my damaged rear.

I was stunned when I heard him say , "Sorry Mrs W but Chris has told us how you like it up your ass and couldn't get enough of it last night so we are more than happy to help out."

I was really annoyed that Chris had shared his experiences of the night before and realised that these guys wanted my ass and were determined to have it so I said. " OK guys if you want a bit of my ass I'll let you have it but you'll need to let me prepare myself and lets go inside and have it in comfort."

In spite of their obvious arousal the thought of me giving them anal voluntarily was enough to make them release me and as I got up John give me a stinging slap on the rear and advised me to "Put on a lot of lube you're going to need it."

When I came out of the bathroom the two guys were waiting for me in the bedroom with a large G&T and two huge erections. I decided to take control of the situation and said " Ok guys you want my ass and can have it but lets have it fun for all three of us and if you're hurting me please stop when I say so."

I knocked back the G&T before pushing Peter back on the bed and cupping his balls leaned down to suck his cock. I thought Chris was well hung but this guy was seriously large with the sort of 10" cock so loved by erotic writers.

As I really stretched my lips to get him in, I felt John part my hips and felt his fingers probe my well lubed rear. As I eased back towards him I felt him enter the head of his cock in my anus and gently ease into me. Although not as big as Peter he was still big and I was a little bruised from the previous night and I winced slightly as the head of his cock passed my anal sphincter. But it was quite pleasant as he eased in and out and I relaxed enough to be able to thrust back against him.

His tempo increased as did Peter's thrusts into my throat and I was soon being bounced quite vigorously by being impaled on two stiff young cocks. Peter grabbed my hair and pulled my head down so I was gagging on his cock as it entered my throat and exploded. As he pumped the last of his ejaculate into my mouth John parted my hips roughly to get better penetration and he two was soon ejaculating into my bowels.

As I fell forward quite spent on the bed John went to get drinks while Peter although still only semi hard pulled me back up into an all fours position. He started to finger me in pussy and anus and my rather wanton response obviously excited him because when I looked round I saw he was up to his full size.

I have to say I was not sure I could accommodate such a monster in my rear and did my best to relax and open up when he tried to mount me. Although I was well lubricated I was slightly ripped from the previous night and probably a little tense. Plus he was really far to big for most women to accommodate him anally. He really did hurt me as soon as he tried to enter the head of his huge cock and I had to ask him to let me try more lube. I sipped my drink with John as he went to get it and the pair of them applied it liberally to my rear.

Once again the pain was excruciating when he tried to mount me and I asked him to let me try to ease back on to him. As I eased back slowly on to him John pulled my head down to his stiffening cock and as Peter pushed his cock in my scream was rather muffled by the mouthful I had of John's cock. Whether Peter took this as a moan of approval or not he rammed his full length into me. I screamed again as the girth of his intrusion tore my sphincter and his length ripped my insides but once again this was muffled by John getting to work on my mouth.

It was a blessed relief when after Peter pounding my ass for what seemed an eternity climaxed and I felt the soothing flush of his ejaculate. His pounding had turned John on and I felt him tense before his climax -- as I bent further down to swallow his spunk he pulled out and ejaculated over my face and hair.

I was a little annoyed at this but the pain from my rear was so great as Peter eased off me that I had to immediately retire to the bathroom to tend my very damaged rear. It really was quite badly hurt and bleeding quite heavily and I thought to myself "that's out of action for the rest of the holiday."

However that wasn't quite true but that's a story for another time.

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