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Leena's Transformation.

Chapter 05. Summoned to the Master.

After receiving Leena's email report of the party night, I instructed her, again by email, that I wished her to attend my home in London on Friday. I allowed her two weeks to arrange the flight from Scotland down to London and even allowed her the opportunity to bring her boyfriend, Steve, with her.

Furthermore I informed her that she would be required to stay a minimum of 72 hours and would be my slave for that period. I enquired if her attending was likely to cause her problems with her Steve as to the best of my knowledge she had not yet told him of my training of her to be a cum slut.

Hesitantly she agreed and said she would try to talk to Steve about coming with her, she was worried though as to how he would react as he had given demonstrations of being a touch jealous. The final information my email contained was that she would be expected to arrive at my home at 12 noon on the Friday and would be released to go home at 12 noon Monday. Anything in between those times was to be obeyed with out hesitation or question.

Two days later I received an email from Leena, saying she had discussed the matter with Steve and despite him initially becoming annoyed and jealous, she had managed to persuade him that it was all for his benefit as her deepest wish was to eventually become his cum slut and no one else's. She explained that the reason for her training was to make sure she would be able to carry out her slut duties without hesitation.

Steve eventually calmed down and asked why he needed to attend as she was going to be the Master's slave for the whole period she would be there. Here Leena took a gamble and suggested he would be learning how to control his slut for when they returned to Scotland. His eyes lit up at this and he was soon agreeing to the trip, Leena had spotted his interest as they spoke as his cock had risen to full hardness.

So she sealed the deal to attend London with a slow blowjob, she even displayed his load in her mouth as she asked him to kiss her full on the mouth. In the heat of the moment he did so and she pushed her cum coated tongue into his mouth and promptly received a spanking for this uninstructed action.

On the Friday in question they flew from Scotland directly into Heathrow Airport, London and taking the Piccadilly line on the underground they duly presented themselves at my home address at 11:00 am. I invited them in and for the next hour chatted to them as equals informing Steve that he would be acting as my assistant for the time they were with me.

Then at exactly 12 o'clock precisely I ordered Leena to remove her clothes in front of Steve and I, knowing she was not fully at ease with her own body, I saw this as a token gesture of submission to me. She slipped off her blouse and was immediately told to stop! "What are you wearing?" I demanded.

"It's a bra!" she replied.

"I know what it is? I want to know why you're wearing it? You know I forbade you from wearing one in any dealings with me!" I continued.

"Sorry Master!" she mumbled.

I then informed her that it was going to cost her a sound spanking of six slaps with my bare hand and a penance of standing naked in the corner for at least an hour, I added that I had not made my mind up which corner it would be at present but it could be the garden or somewhere inside the house.

"Continue Stripping my cum slut!" I demanded.

She slid her skirt down with apprehension, for she knew she was in trouble again for she was wearing knickers, again something I had banned her from wearing in my dealings with her.

I immediately snapped "that's treble the punishments for this second infringement!"

Looking sheepishly at her feet, Leena simply nodded her acceptance of her fate.

All this time Steve had remained seated and silent, he suddenly looked shocked as his girlfriend submitted so easily to my demands. He was further shocked when I demanded he strip off as well, and was about to demand to know why, when he suddenly thought the better of it and quickly stripped out of his clothes.

When both were completely naked, I pulled up a stool and sat upon it indicating that Leena should lie across my lap and prepare for her eighteen spanks. Meekly Leena immediately positioned herself across my lap from the right. I took her right forearm in my left hand and held her in place.

"Spread your legs, Bitch!" I instructed her. She opened her legs about three inches. "Wider, Slut!" I demanded. She now opened her legs as wide as she could and I saw Steve sitting up in a position where he could see right up between her legs and he stared at her already swollen cunt lips. I watched his reaction as I placed my hand on his girlfriend's ass and let my index finger press against her anal ring.

Leena suddenly pushed back against my finger until I told her to lay still, I teased her that she wanted me to finger her anal ring in front of her boyfriend. He could not believe his ears when she replied that Master my body is yours to do with as you see fit and if you wanted to fuck my anal chute, its yours to do so!

I instructed Leena to count out the spanks adding 'Steve this is how I want you to punish me in the future!' between each strokes. I raised my right hand and paused it at the top of its arc. Leena tensed herself awaiting the first impact. I waited till she relaxed before delivering a hard sharp slap to her arse cheeks, when my hand made contact with her flesh it stopped dead, waiting for the heat generated to travel through her arse cheeks and reach my palm. Immediately Leena counted "One, Steve this is the proper way to punish me in the future!"

Before raising my hand for the second spank, I ran my finger down over her anal ring and along her cunt lips feeling the rigid little clitoris poking out of her already spreading cunt. I began to raise my hand dragging my finger across her skin again and I stole a glance towards Steve, he was sat perfectly still entranced by the treatment I was handing out to Leena, but he was still excited enough to be sporting a nice looking stiff seven inch cock. I repeated these actions till completing her punishment.
Leena counted "Eighteen, Steve this is the proper way to punish me in the future!"

"Well done, Cum Slut, you may now stand up and show me how wet your cunt is!" I informed her.

Leena stood in front of me but at an angle towards Steve as well so he could see the shiny effects of her cunt juice on her cunt lips. I actually caught Leena's sly smirk as she saw the effect her spanking had on Steve. So I ordered her to stand in front of Steve and bending over at the waist she was to give him a blowjob but she would be punished if she spilt a single drop of his jism or swallowed any of it also. I demanded to see it still in her mouth upon his climax.

As she bent forward to take his cock into her mouth I parted her legs a little and began to stroke three fingers in to her soaking wet pussy, I used my thumb to rub against her clit on the in strokes and my little finger to flick her anal ring on the out stroke.

I knew what with the spanking and now my administrations she was really close to orgasm and as soon as her hips began their involuntary thrusts I warned her that if she was to orgasm without my consent, all the punishment she had just endured would not only be wiped out but doubled and she would have to face all over again thirty six spanks.

How she managed to fend off the encroaching orgasm, I have no idea but she managed to steady her hip thrusts and concentrated on the blowjob she was giving Steve. He suddenly whimpered as his first jets of spunk hit the back of her throat. He continued to spunk his load into her mouth until his shrivelled cock popped from her mouth. Leena looked back at me over her shoulder and opened her mouth to reveal her tongue bathed in the creamy white slimy texture of Steve's spunk.

Just then I thrust rapidly my fingers into her cunt and told her to cum without spilling or swallowing the contents of her mouth. Unfortunately the sudden thrust sent her sprawling and as she yelped a small amount of spunk landed on her lip, she quickly sucked it back inside her mouth. I relented and allowed her to now swallow the load she was holding in her mouth.

I informed Leena that she was to act as my maid for the rest of the day and that as soon as it went dusk she was to go stand in the centre of my back garden in the nude and await my further instructions.

Instead of making Leena cook, I ordered in a Chinese meal for the three of us, only I forgot to tell Leena that she would have to answer the door and pay the deliveryman with the money I gave her and as a tip, allow him to see her fully naked body. It had to appear as a complete accidental flash to the guy or she would be made to give the deliveryman a blowjob whilst Steve fucked her cunt.

The food finally arrived and Leena offered the cash whilst trying to hide behind the door and flashed her body for a split second as she opened the door wide enough to gather the bags from the guy. His eyes shot wide open as he took in the split second view of this naked woman with the shaved cunt.

He actually let out a wolf whistle as he turned and happily headed back to his car. Leena quickly entered the living room where she had prepared the plates for the food. She was still blushing from her deliberate flashing, I whispered to Steve that he should feel her cunt to see how wet she was from the events which had just unfolded.

He stood and appeared to be going out of the room before he turned and demanded she stand perfectly still. His hand came around her waist and slide against her soft flesh until his two fingers were probing her cunt lips. "Fuck, she is absolutely soaking!" he gasped.

By the time we had eaten the food and Leena had taken four fingers from Steve up her cunt and a little later another four fingers from me, during which she had a total of three orgasms, it was turning dusk outside. I informed Leena, it was now time for her to undergo her final part of the punishment from earlier.

I instructed her to place her arms behind her back and grip each of her wrists in her other hands. Her arms were then tied together preventing her from covering her charms. I then led her stark naked out into the back garden and made her stand in the middle of my overlooked garden.

Retreating to the upstairs rear bedroom, I set up a 500w security floodlight, arranged it to highlight Leena and plugging it into a timer it switched on for five minutes and then went off for fifteen minutes. This meant she would be the centre of the illumination for a total of forty-five minutes during the next three hours.

Steve and I sat inside the living room watching her through the patio doors, discussing what Steve was looking to get from this weekend in London. He mentioned that he was interested in seeing how an experienced Dom Master handled a new submissive like Leena. I asked him how he felt about Leena giving her skills to someone else whilst he would be standing by watching. He hesitated before replying I can take it although I am unwilling to admit that to Leena.

Then the second session of her being highlighted coincided with my next-door neighbour John being out in his garden. Suddenly he was leaning on the fence talking to Leena, whilst taking in every curve of her obvious charms.

I heard him ask, what is a good looking girl doing naked in Ray's garden in such obvious distress? Would you like me to come over and release you?

Trying her very best not to look in his direction, Leena mumbled, No thank you my Master would not like it.

As the light flicked off and Leena was plunged back into the darkening twilight, I slide open the patio door and approached John, "Hi John, How are you today?"

"Hi Ray, I am fine, just admiring the new bird wildlife you have started to attract to your garden!" John responded.

"Yeah John, This one has excellent plumage and proportions!" I retorted, "and she has been known to be extremely friendly with some interesting oral mating rituals!" I joked.

"I bet she has!" replied John.

Just then Steve hesitantly ventured from the living room trying his best to hide his tackle as he was still sporting a hard on he failed miserably. John's eyes widened as he watched Steve enter the Garden.

"AH Steve meet John, my neighbour. John meet Steve, he's the lucky bastard that has Leena here as his girlfriend and prepared to train to be his complete submissive slut!" After all the introductions had been completed, I instructed Steve to go tease Leena but warned him against making her cum. As he trotted off towards Leena, I explained to John that Steve was supposed to be training to be dominant but between the two of us he was as submissive as Leena, because he too readily accepted my status as dominant alpha and meekly undressed as instructed.

John then shocked me a little by asking if Steve was as submissive as I said, would he suck another guys cock in preparation for that cock fucking his girlfriend's cunt and maybe even clean up that cock when it was covered in spunk and cunt juice. I asked John why he thought of such a thing! He gave a sly smirk as he hinted that he had always wanted a guy to suck his cock before he fucked the guy's partner and have the same guy clean his cock before taking it up his anal chute.

John asked if he may come round to test the theory. I looked at Steve now kneeling between Leena's open legs licking her cunt and Leena already starting to squirm as I imagined his tongue was flicking her clitoris.

I simply turned back to John and nodded. Five minutes later he was knocking on the front door and I instructed Steve to go let him in. Reluctantly Steve stopped licking a now extremely excited Leena and trudged off to the front door. It was a while before the two of them emerged into the Garden and it was almost comical the way that John led Steve by his prick. John almost pulled Steve behind him as he came over to me and whispered, your right far too submissive, but still should be fun.

Just then the whole garden Illuminated as the security light flicked back on. Leena was suddenly made aware of the scene in front of her. There was her masterful boyfriend having his cock stroked by another man and meekly accepting it all. After the light when off again I approached Leena and whispered that for Steve to be a better Master to her, it would do him good to experience the submissive side of the coin.

She instantly nodded and I heard her mumble thank you. For the next two hours Leena had flashes of her boyfriend's humiliation during the periods when the light was on and was only aware of the sound side of the action during the dark periods. Basically John had Steve unzip john's trousers and take out his nine-inch cock and firstly stroke it.

Then he beckoned him to knee and accept the now fully erect monster into his mouth and after a few gasps of a choking sound, Steve found he developed a style where he was able to breathe through his nose whilst taking a hard cock into the constricting confines of his throat.

Steve whilst aware of the sensations he normally felt when his cock was about to blast of a load, was unprepared for the feeling John normally experienced. In fact the first Steve knew of it was when he tasted the salty seed hit the back of his throat and slide, slimly down his throat. Another first for Steve, for if three days ago someone had told him he would be sucking a cock other than his own, he would have not only swore they were lying but would have fought them for the implication he was gay, yet here he was swallowing the seed from John's cock and secretly loving it.

Finally, Leena's exhibition of humiliation was complete and she was led inside the house where she was offered a warm drink but not untied. Meekly Steve came in and went to kiss Leena, to show all was ok between them. She revelled in the hot breath smelling of fresh cum as they kissed open mouth and deep down she had wished it were her sucking such a fine monster cock.

John sensed the moment and offered, if Ray agrees, tomorrow night's load is especially for you, Leena. I nodded as John walked out the room and went home. I indicated to the pair it was indeed time for bed and led Steve still butt naked up to the master bedroom, where he was tied to the foot of the bed, across the bed bottom but facing any action I decided to have with Leena. I even made sure his cock was nicely framed with soft silk Japanese rope in a slipknot so I could tighten the knot if and when he became aroused. This would prevent him from losing his erection and stop his spunk from shooting out, until released.

I then went to fetch Leena, slipping three fingers deep into her overflowing horny little cunt; I led her upstairs in this manner. She marvelled at the scene before her as she entered the bedroom. Even Steve's cock jerked when he saw how Leena had been led into the room. I smiled to myself that this would be easier than I had originally thought.

I quickly untied Leena and instructed her to show me how she masturbated herself when alone and in need of relief. Hesitantly she lowered her right hand down to her cunt and began slipping two fingers into her cunt as her thumb rubbed against her clitoris. Her left hand immediately went to her right breast and she began to tease the nipple, until it stood erect and so delightfully stiff, all pink and puffy as it did so.

The Right hand started sawing back and forth as she increased her pace and I watched, as her rising passion seemed to transfer itself through thin air to Steve's rapidly hardening cock, as there was no contact between them. Soon his cock was back to his full erection and a quick pull of the silk ropes made sure it would remain so until I was ready to release it.

I told Leena to stop and then positioned her on the bed with her mouth on the end of Steve's cock and her arse high in the air, her hands then ordered behind her back were again tied tight preventing her using anything other than her head as a support for her body. I climbed on the bed behind her and ordered her to open her legs as wide as she could. She hesitated but only until the sharp sting of my hand sent her buttocks wobbling and all a glow. Her head shot forward and she had to swallow more of her boyfriends cock.

I then eased my hand up over her cunt mound trailing my index finger along her cunt slit and up over her anal ring, I delighted in the way her body tingled and quivered as I did so. I then raised myself up on to her back, just in front of her arms and instructed her that if Steve's cock slipped from her mouth without my say so I would severely punish her. Steve smiled until my sharp voice caused him to cringe as I informed him that he was going to suck my cock hard so I could fuck his girlfriend and he would then be expected to clean my cock and her opening.

I deliberately left the impression of it being either her anal opening or her cunt, as I knew she loved anal sex and wanted top see how Steve would react. He did not shrink back as I had half expected, so he placed his mouth over my cock and gave me a delightful sucking until my penis stiffened to its full eight inches and I eased it from his oral grasp. Slipping down towards Leena's feet I then slowly inserted my cock into her tight soaking wet cunt. She almost lost Steve's cock as she gasped as my prick opened her cunt lips wide.

Soon I was fucking her like an express train and every forward thrust transposed itself on to her mouth sliding along Steve's rigid prick. Steve was in heaven and hell at this point as he was delighted in her administrations of her mouth on his cock but the feelings of his balls wanting to explode and be4ing unable to cum was sheer hell to him.

I continued to fuck her until the tell tale tingle in my balls warned me of my impending climax, I pulled straight out and managed to delay the first spurts. When I calmed myself down again I drove my cock up her arse, gently but firmly, pausing for her to adjust to its size. With in three or four thrusts, Leena was Cumming like a river, spraying her juices backwards covering my lower legs and the bed covers. I continued to fuck her arse with firm full-length thrusts until i8 could not delay my spasming cock any longer, spraying the walls of her anal canal with thick white spunk.

Steve was eager to suck me clean as I pulled out and I ignored the fact that during my climax, Leena had dropped Steve's cock from her mouth. I ordered her to now turn round and stick Steve's still tied cock up her arse and to fuck him for all she was worth. I waited until they were in full throws of passion and reached beneath his cock and slipped the knot loose. Steve immediately released his frustrated loads up her anal ring joining his spunk with mine.

I made Leena wear a large Tyrolienne towel in the form of a diaper till morning and had great fun in humiliating her as I removed it, giving all the goo's and ga's as you would to a baby. The towel had a clear soiled area where the spunk had dribbled out of her during the night.

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