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07-16-2007, 08:40 AM
It was a perfect day to play upon the ocean. The waves were calm, the breezes were light, and one could see for miles. Sherry loved days like this. She loved to be upon the water and feel its power. Even on calm days like today, the swell would roll in and lift her high in the air, then slowly take her down. She never really knew why it gave her such thrill. The huge rocks scared her. The smells scared her. Even birds scared her when they would pop from under the water with complete indifference to her presence. Yet she was drawn to sea kayaking like mold is drawn to bread.

Sherry was not a pretty girl, but she filled her wetsuit better than any one could imagine. Her breasts literally bulged out of the zipper on her Farmer Jane. She had all the right body parts for anything water related. Men at work seldom noticed, Sherry, even if she was feeling hurt and in need of attention. The creamy white skin of her ring pierced belly would go unnoticed for days no matter how little she whore. But put a three mill neoprene skin around her and she became irresistible.

Sherry had paddled out to the one mile buoy at Point Arena expecting to find the usual lazy seals sunning themselves about it. As she neared the buoy a coast guard helicopter flew overhead at an unusually low level. She could see the crew leaning out the door and starring at her water. They clearly were not looking at her, yet they were fixed on something right near her. This event was the complete antithesis of a good day kayaking. One hopes to escape scrutiny not find it directly overhead. "What the fuck" she said to herself and she struggled to deal with the wind of the rotor blades. Kayak paddles are designed to grab and redirect water in such a way that one can move through it and brace on it. The trouble is they do something similar in high speed air. So now Sherry found her self forced into a hard brace and then a full roll due to the chopper.

As she righted herself, she heard something like a warning on a loudspeaker. She looked up just in time to see a diver jump from the chopper. Again she did a forced roll, because he hit the water unexpectedly close. The roar of the blades made it hard to hear what the diver was trying to say to her. He swam to her kayak to try and put her at ease, but just then he realized , there is no way to calm someone by telling them there is a dead body in the water behind them. Sherry did not take it well.

Now a second diver, Neil, jumped from the helicopter, because Sherry had semi-fainted and lost her ability to stay upright. She was fully protected in her wetsuit and personal floatation devise, but her face was in the water. Neil didn't know if she had stopped breathing or swallowed water, so he took her face in his hands, pinched her nose, covered her mouth with his, and filled her with a rescue breath. She moaned but did not orient, so he filled her with his breath again. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she was in need of getting out of the water.

A rescue basket was already being sent down. As Neil and Dave, the first diver, loaded Sherry into the basket, they were shocked at how good looking she was. It was big time odd to notice such a thing in that setting. After all, there was a dead body not thirty feet away. But notice they did. Sherry was absolutely beautiful in the water. It was necessary to unzip the front of her Farmer Jane so she could breath with less restriction. As they did this her breasts spilled forth. This was a complete surprise. Now it was Dave and Neil's turn to loose orientation.

Somehow having her tits flopping about in that rescue basket brought Sherry back to reality. She asked "What are you guys doing with my tits?" She laughed as she said this, for she knew how easily they burst out of everything she whore. She looked up just as the cable started to draw her skyward. Her mind was still in a whirl, but she had enough wherewithal to shout down to Neil "Save my kayak if you ever hope to see these tits again."

07-16-2007, 09:06 AM
Very nice story. Thanks a lot for entering the contest.

I've helped fish a couple of people out of the water and one of my fears is to come across a dead body floating. The water here is so cold that a life vest isn't a big help if you are too far from land to make it before hypothermia gets you.

07-16-2007, 05:55 PM
Not a bad start to the story, a second part is crying out though. lol. I might have a real lift story after next week, since we are going camping.