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I had no intentions of entering but then I found that I hadn't posted his story here so I guess it's fair game. I wrote it on Thanksgiving 06 as dinner cooked. It was cold and wet and the beach theme cheered me up.

All the sex is in the second chapter which can be read by itself if you must. Even then the sex isn’t over the top. Sorry about that. I hope you’ll take the time to read the whole story though.

This is just the story that wanted to be told that day. I sat down intending to write something entirely different that I had all planned. When I booted the computer and began typing this is what came out. Honest to god. Where stories come from is a mystery to me. Enjoy.

Coming of Age with Erin

The summer I turned sixteen my parents were having problems with their relationship and needed time alone so they sent me off to stay with my brother Dave for the summer. Dave was twenty-five. He went to technical school out of high school, learned a trade, and opened his own business. He was doing great as everyone knew he would.

He and his lovely wife Erin already owned a starter home near the ocean. Since they hadn’t begun having kids there was a spare room for me.

Dave and I are mirror images. Dave is an extroverted jock type who lettered in sports and had the best looking girlfriends in school. I’m an introverted geek which is to say I’m shy and shy guys don’t get much nooky.

Lacking Dave’s natural confidence I just seemed to stumble and fumble and make a fool out of myself every time I even tried to talk to a girl I liked. You know. A girl I wanted to fuck. I had some gal pals but that was different. They were just friends so I could relax and be me. Whoever that might be. I didn’t really know.

Erin is a sixteen year olds wet dream with waist length, flaming red, hair, sky blue eyes and freckles all over. A Viking Goddess miraculously transported into the twentieth century.

The girl glows with the halo effect of only the very beautiful and looks every bit a movie star or a runway model. In fact she did some local modeling as a teen. She’s a perfect complement to my brother, extroverted, brilliant, ambitious, and athletic. They do lots of outdoor stuff together like hiking and rock climbing which keeps them in perfect shape.

As if long muscular legs, a perfectly flat tummy, perky breasts that are just right for her slender body, and sparkling green eyes, weren’t enough, she was eight when her family came from Ireland and still has some of the accent. Not a lot, except when she’s pissed or goofing around, then the brogue will have you rolling in the floor with laugher. It’s a little grace note that makes her all the more adorable, more exotic and yes more sexy.

Naturally from the day Dave first brought his bride-to-be home I was attracted and therefore hopelessly awkward around her. Despite my adolescent awkwardness Erin went out of her way to put me at ease. Erin is an all around sweet person.

Erin worked at home. She was a freelance technical writer who wrote instruction manuals for things like airliners and nuclear subs, maybe even atom bombs for all I know. If not she was smart enough to.

When I first moved in things were rough. On top of the usual teen crap; my parent might split and I was uprooted not even knowing where I would go to school that fall. I was in a funk and totally miserable but being the darling girl she is, Erin set out on a quest to un-funk me.

First we played some new computer games that would be primitive today but we didn’t know better so they were fun and she even let me win sometimes. I didn’t know that at the time. I showed her how smart I was with computers but later discovered she already knew more than I would learn for years to come.

We hit he mall and she teased me out of my most geekish outfits and helped pick some stylish gear. We laughed and talked and joked and without thought we were quickly becoming close friends. Around Erin’s infectious cheerfulness and total self confidence I began to feel better and loosened up a little. I had never had so much positive attention

The apex came when we would go to the beach. Going to the beach with a bikini-clad red-haired Viking goddess opened a whole new dimension in my universe. It was my first taste of heaven.

Just being seen in public with a women like her was the stuff of sixteen year a olds dreams. That she was so much fun to be with was a bonus. Erin could show off a bikini exactly the way God intended when she inspired the delightfully skimpy little things.

Well if you were God and had designed such a sinfully delicious creation as woman, wouldn’t you want her to be seen in all her glory. Give me a break with all the prudishness.

The gal turned heads everywhere we went. If you were a guy, not gay and still breathing, you definitely checked out the redhead. Even women noted her passing.

Meanwhile I basked in her reflected glory. Experiencing the sexual energy surrounding this beautiful, confident, woman was a breathtaking delight for this shy geek.

I pretended we were a couple or at least on a date and thought I was being sly but was probably pretty obvious. She never let on. Sometimes the guys would give me a questioning look. Like what’s the kid hanging with that chick? Now and then some dude would give me a you lucky dog smirk or a thumbs up sign. God how I lived for that feeling.

When aggressive guys came on too strong, Erin would clasp my arm and say sweetly. “Sorry hon.. I’m with someone,” we’d walk away arm and arm like the couple of my dreams. Erin walked, I floated.

I mentioned that Erin was athletic; she can still hike me into the ground any day of the week; so we didn’t just sit around looking pretty. We skated, rode bikes, played volley ball, touch football, and roughhoused in and out of the water. We laughed a lot and I did things I would never have tried. With Erin leading the charge I would try anything. Even if I wasn’t good at it I still felt good.

In the process of playing there was often physical contact and in hindsight that turned out to be the most lasting lesson of the summer.

Hands inadvertently touched sensitive areas. Sometimes we would get carried away and end up in a heap on the warm sand our bodies entangled laughing hysterically. Nothing sexual. At least not overtly.

From the team sports I gained similar experience with other girls too. Some were even almost as pretty as Erin. I learned that you could touch a woman without breaking anything and began to relax and have fun. My god. I discovered they actually liked to be touched.

It even dawned on me that touch football was just and excuse for the touch part of the game. Well duh. Hey I was sixteen and a boy genius but dumb as a rock about life.

All right. I confess. I managed to cop a few feels without being too noticeable or at least I thought so at the time. This was thrilling stuff for a nerdy little fucker like me.

And yes I got hard-on’s at the drop of a hat. What teenaged boy doesn’t? I was probably hard half that summer. Besides--Elvis would have gotten hard around Erin, and he’d been dead ten years.

It was embarrassing at first and I would try to hide the bulge but a tent pole in swim trunks is obvious. Erin saw it of course. She just acted like it was the most normal thing in the world. In time I accepted that if she didn’t care why should I?

I am embarrassed to admit that I still hadn’t figured out getting a hard-on around a woman was the object. Pretty dumb Huh?

I did notice her rock hard nipples though, crowing jewels, rigid against that sinfully tiny top, proudly erect as my fiery, be-freckled, goddess came up from the cool ocean all shiny and streaming in the hot summer sun. Such a sight has rarely been seen by man or boy. She pretended not to notice my stares and that of the other men for that matter. I decided she loved the attention as long as it was subtle.

Erin isn’t an exhibitionist but not overly concerned with modesty. Working at home we were together most of the summer so I got some peeks around the house. A flash of tit now and then when she was coming or going to the shower, or wearing a see-though nighty on the way to take a pee. Maybe a door left cracked open when she was dressing. Chance encounters that happens in any family. They would send me into adolescent ecstasy and off I would go to my room to take care of business.

One day toward the end of summer Erin plopped down beside me fresh from the shower wearing just a towel. “Here,“ she said. “Brush me out.” She swiveled around giving me access to her flaming locks. “Dave loves it but since he’s not here you’re my go-to guy.”

“Go-to” sounded cool.

“Most women like the attention and guys should learn how. You’re next girlfriend won’t mind at all. Not at all” She teased.

I blushed heavily but didn’t have to be asked twice and was soon entranced, my senses assaulted with the closeness of her. The feel of her silky flaming hair smelling sweetly of exotic flowers; the heat of her closeness as she leaded back into me in sighing in contentment, and the sight of her freckled breasts peeking from under the less than adequate cover, combined to produce a breath taking erotic experience. No wonder my brother loved brushing her hair.

The bottom edge of her bath towel drew my attention as well. My imagination was inflamed by the barely concealed promise hidden underneath. The thought that she wore no wearing panties alone was almost too much for my sixteen year old mind to bare.

I often saw more of her in a bikini but this was more intimate, infinitely more erotic. My cock was immediately hard. I was sure she could feel it but didn’t appear to mind at all. Playing around at the beach was one thing but being alone, with her nearly naked, was a whole new ballgame.

Sighs of contentment soon indicated that I must be doing something right. She moaned as my fingers brushed her long slender neck.

“Ah me lad, don’t women have the most sensitive necks now?” She sighed, in her Irish way of ****** a statement into a question.

Well no I didn’t know that but I sure was glad to learn. I began to massage her neck as I brushed out the tangles and was rewarded by a sound much like a purring kitten. “Mmmmm.” she vocalized.

My lips were drawn to her neck like a magnet. Instinctively I kissed and gently licked those intoxicatingly delicious freckles producing a covering of goose bumps and a contented moan of pleasure.

It seemed so right one moment and the next I went into total shock at what I had done. An experienced man would have responded to her show of pleasure and the game would have been on. She was doing everything but hitting me up the side of the head. I had the green light but the ignorant insecure teenage I was, I panicked.

“Oh god Erin I’m so sorry.”

I jumped back like I had been stung.
Oh shit now I’ve really screwed up. She’s going to kill me, kick me out of the house or worse. My-god she’ll tell Dave. Thoughts of horror raced through my terrified mind in an instant.

“Chip, don’t you dare get upset. Didn’t it feel ever so grand now?” Then she switched off the Irish. Well sort of. “It’s ok Chip. I don’t break that easy. Now get over here and finish up and if you’re hands stray to me neck I won’t scream and run away. Not at all.”

Nobody could be that cool. Nobody but Erin anyway. I dodged a bullet and we were Okay. It didn’t cross my mind that I had done exactly what she wanted or at least begun to. I knew women liked to be touched but somehow it didn’t yet always compute.

I lingered as long as I could but the moment was broken.

“That was lovely Chip. You have very gentle hands. Did you enjoy doing my hair?”

“Sure. It was great.”

Erin giggled like a girl and planted a kiss full on my lips. No tongue but not a sisterly kiss either. I was stunned and turned bright red instead of returning the kiss the way I should have.

“Oh Chip you are such a dear lad. You have no idea. When the girls finally figure you out, you won’t be able to sweep them away with a broom. Tell you what dear boy. I’ll save this chore for you for the rest of the time you’re here. Dave will just have to do without.” She giggled and blew another kiss as she walked away to get dressed. The towel had ridden up in the back and confirmed my suspicions. She wasn’t wearing panties. My heart almost stopped.

Chore? Things were getting really interesting and damn, I was only going to be there a couple more weeks.

Chapter 2

In late August I lay in bed my bed unable to sleep. My brother Dave was out of town for some recertification thing. The beach scene was winding down but Erin and I had made a day of it, perhaps for the final time that summer. I was going home in a couple of days. Mom and Dad had worked things out and I would be soon be returning to my old school.

The summer had begun horribly but had morphed into the best time of my young life. I lay nude on top of the sheets trying to cool off enough to sleep as my thoughts raced round and round wishing I could hold back time and keep the season alive.

“Are you awake Chip?” Erin whispered after softly knocking.

Ever shy I hurriedly covered up and answered that I was awake.

As she entered I could see that she had on one of her see-through gowns. She was back-lit against the window so I couldn’t see any details but I knew she didn’t wear under clothes at night. The thought sent a shiver up my spine and I began to get hard.

“You can’t sleep either?” she asked. “Thinking about going home?”


She lay on the bed and elbowed me teasingly. “Scoot over big boy. Since we’re awake we may as well keep each other company.
You know I’m going to miss having you around Chip we’ve become good friends haven’t we?”

“Can I still come back to visit?”

“You bet you can. Besides your just going across town buddy. Friends are friends, right?“ You‘re welcome any time. I predict we’ll be friends for a very long time and have other adventures too.” She ruffled my hair.

“You think?”

“You’ve changed a lot this summer Chip. Grown up. You’re an inch or more taller and you’re body is beginning to fill out like a man. With all the exercise we’ve gotten you’re a lot stronger too.

She was right about that. “Thanks” I said.

“You’re a lot more coordinated and confident about yourself. The games helped with that don’t you think?”

I hadn’t thought about that. “I guess.”

You’ve learned about women too. I’ve noticed that you don’t get nearly as flustered around the gals.

“Yeah, maybe there’s hope after all.”

“And why wouldn’t there be? You’re a great looking lad. The girls are going to go nuts over you now that you’ve learned that they don’t break. You can relax and just be Chip.

“There’s one more lesson I could teach you and I will if you want to but first you have to promise me something. You have to swear you will never tell a soul that I even brought this up. I mean it now. Nobody. If you do you’ll hurt people who love you.”

I was about to blurt out yes but she put a finger to my lips silencing me for the moment. “I want you to think about what I just said. It’s a solemn promise I’m asking you to make lad.”

This was spooky stuff but how was I going to say no. “Jesus Erin I trust you more than anybody. I don’t know why this is such a big deal but if you say so--Okay, solemn promise, I’ll never tell anybody. Cross my heart and hope to die.” I added. “What in the world are you talking about?”

“In some ways it may have been better if you we’re staying here so you could start all over again in a new school as the new Chip.”

Her finger tips stroked my neck and goose bumps told me that men have sensitive necks too--especially when being stroked by the fingernails of a nearly naked Viking Goddess that you are madly in love with--and, oh yes, who just happens to be in you‘re bed. My dick was rapidly forming a tent pole in the sheet.

“You’ve made a lot of progress this summer and we don’t want you to go back to school, relapse, and turn back into Mr. Nerd all over again. Right?

“That wouldn’t be good.” I agreed. I didn’t know where this was headed but I began to see where it might be headed. My mind reeled with possibilities.

“So what you need is a life changing moment. Something so dramatic that you won‘t, you can‘t, go back to you’re clumsy adolescence.”

I held my breath.

“If you absolutely swear to never tell a soul--and if you want to--I could teach you how to make love. To really make love not just screw without knowing how to please you’re lady.”

I gasped despite myself. I was thrilled and scared too. I wanted to be with Erin more than anything but she was my best friend and also my brother’s wife. Now I understood how profound this secret was. My mind was screaming yes but I couldn’t form the words. I didn’t have to though.

Sensing my conflicted emotions Erin kissed me on the cheek and said “It’s alright. We’ve been together every day for three months. We’ve been nearly naked and touched each other plenty. It’ll be like that only better.”

“Oh my-god Erin. I don’t believe this is happing. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted you. How much I‘ve thought about you in--well--that way.”

“Of course I do silly boy. Women always know. Don’t you know? You think I missed that way you looked at me? Some of those feels you copped weren’t exactly accidental now were they?”

“Well--ah--no--I guess.”

“Of course not and wouldn’t I have told you to bugger off if I didn’t like it. It was fun--you learned that it was Okay to touch--and wasn’t some of the feels I copped accidentally on purpose too?” She giggled. “Oh and didn’t you love doing my hair and looking at my boobs? You don’t think that just happened do you and you didn’t freak out and run away either. Not at all. Not at all.”

She kissed me on the cheek then angled my face toward her and kissed me again. This time on the lips. This time not sisterly at all. “Ummmm.” I moaned. Nature took over and I found myself passionately engaged in my first real tongue fuck kiss.

The tip of Erin’s tongue touched by lips probing, exploring. My lips parted granting her slippery tongue entry. Soon our sensitive tongues darted back and forth, in and out, sliding over and under, probing farther, sucking, teasing merging.

She smelt of flowers and sunshine, her touch was breath-taking. I had never experienced anything like it. I didn’t have a clue but by-god it felt wonderful and of course I wanted it all. I couldn’t get enough.

“Slow down me boy,” she reeled me in, “we’ve got all night, all night long. Trust me it’ll be best not to rush. So I take it you liked our kiss me lad? And a fine one it was, wasn‘t it now?” she said.

“God yes.” I was still gasping for breath.

“Well that was just the warm up. You let me lead you tonight, okay buddy? You’ll have the rest of you’re life to take the lead, men usually do, you know. Tonight is about learning, dear one. I dare say that this is a class you‘ll remember for many a year.” She chuckled.

My covering had fallen away and I was naked but she wasn’t. “Can we take you’re gown off. Touching you feels so good. God your skin is so soft. ” My hands explored the lovely body I had coveted for so long.

“Sure we can me lover.”

She sat up and turned the bedside lamp on low.

“It’s better if we can see each other. I’m all yours tonight and tomorrow night. Then we can’t do this again. That’s the rules. We’re not having an affair you know? Can’t do that even if we wanted to and I don’t. Don’t I love Dave so very much? He’s my soul mate for life. I can teach you to fly and then your own your own. Understood?”

“Yes,” I croaked. I knew she was right. She always was but I wished it could be otherwise. I was afraid to be alone again, afraid to fly without my guide.

“You can explore me body as much as you want. I‘ll tell you if something doesn‘t work but you don’t have to worry you’ll not break me. It‘ll be alright love, we trust each other. ”

Erin raised her arms for me to remove the flimsy covering; then her rear, inviting me to remove the bottom too. I almost came at the sight of her.

In the low soft light my Erin glowed of honey and flame, her golden tan and her flaming hair iridescent and shimmering. The sight, the feel , the smell of her was intoxicating, bewitching as only a beautiful woman can be to a man. I experienced a magic as old as humanity, a man’s first glimpse of his beloved in all her glory offering her body to him. Overwhelmed I drank in the moment, stretching time, willing it to stop so I could live this moment this instant, forever.

Then I got anxious and wanted all of her at the same time, my greedy hands trying to possess her, to pull her into myself and make her mine forever. Once again she calmed my fumbling efforts transforming them into the beginnings of the ancient mating dance.

“You remember the song Slow Hands by the Pointer Sister’s Chip? That’s what a women likes at first.”

I later learned that was the rule except when it wasn’t but who was I to argue at the moment.

“Here let me go first. Don’t worry you’ll get plenty of turns.” she said.

We kissed passionately, her hands, explored my body. The feeling of our skin touching, her hands roaming over me and our tongues playing thrilling games was overpowering . Each time I tensed up almost cumming she would expertly control the pace teaching me how to relax and prolong the delicious agony.

Then it was my turn. I tried to imitate what she had done. She allowed me complete access to explore, to tease and play.
I worshiped each delicious freckle of her perfect breasts reveling in the rubbery hardness of her nipples against my lips. My tongue traced “love” on her tummy. I went to heaven without even dying.

Then--Erin’s hand took on a mind of it’s on and wandered down to my cock. That’s all she wrote. Little more than a touch pulled my hair-trigger. In a heartbeat I came and shot my load into her hand and over her stomach.

“Oh No!” I yelled. Oh god it was over and I hadn’t even gotten started. I expected her to jump up in disgust and run away to clean the sticky stuff off. I’d would die in shame and never see her again. Never touch her. I was devastated. I wanted to cry.

“Shush it’s Okay,“ she said, “My fault. I shouldn’t have touched you there yet. It just happened. Sorry, the ‘devil’ made me do it I guess,” she grinned. “Don’t worry you’ve got lots more where that came from and we’re going to drain every wee bit by morning.”

“What? You aren’t mad? God I’m such a looser.”

“Not at all silly boy. You’ll learn to control it better. Now that you’ve cum you’ll be able to go longer the next time. Besides,” she pointed out, stoking my pecker, “you haven’t even lost that stunning hard-on. It’s just a normal thing for a young man. You’ll get better with practice.

She was amazing. My brother Dave is the luckiest men on earth to have attracted this angel to his bed and his life.

We made love all night. Sometimes frantic yet often slow. Dawn was breaking when we gave up and collapsed in each other’s exhausted arms. I had leaned a side benefit of staying in shape. You can keep going longer.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had but she didn’t let me have all the fun though. Her stated goal was to teach me to make love to a woman. She made sure I took the time to learn what gave her pleasure. How to rub her clit, find her G-spot, the places and ways she wanted to be touched and when to do it.

She sucked me, even deep throated. Then showed me how to return the favor. I learned other glorious uses for my tongue besides eating food and swapping spit. I was a willing student as she taught me were to lick , were to suck, how much pressure to use and didn’t let me stop until she had a massive climax.

It was a real cum too. You can’t fake it and flood someone’s face. I loved her taste and would have kept going forever. After a second orgasm she begged me to stop.

“Aren’t you the lovely boy with the talented tongue now? You keep that up and you’ll make the girls awfully happy now don’t you know. I’ll be alright in a few minutes. It gets too sensitive and sometimes the girl has to take a break too. If you’ve taken a liking to eating out me pussy then you’ll have lots more fun later. Isn’t it ever so lovely.

It was the first orgasm I had ever given someone else. I was surprised at how wonderful it felt giving my sweet loving Erin so much pleasure. In some ways it was better than my on cum. After all I knew from experience that if I tugged at my cock long enough that I’d get off. It’s a powerful thing to give that to someone you love.

Later she showed me how to find her G spot while giving head. That was awesome. Like kicking a jet into afterburner. I had no idea that a woman could cum so hard she would almost pass out.

Erin let me move her around pretty much at will trying out positions. She showed me variations on missionary, and doggie. We did it standing up, bending over, sitting in a chair; then she got on top and took control for awhile. Ride ’em cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl too. I fingered her ass- hole but she wouldn’t do anal. She said that was an advanced lesson.

“Dave and I do it now and then for variety but I’m a good old cock in cunt kind of gal. That’s what really gets me off. Well that and tongue on clit. And of course, come to think of it, cock in mouth is really nice too.” She broke up laughing. “I guess I‘m just a big old whore for me man but doesn’t he just worship me ever so much?”

“We dosed off in each other’s arms as dawns light brought shadows to the room and slept until hunger forced us out of bed. The rest of the day we chattered away mostly about sex. She taught me all sorts of things from a women’s perspective for which later lovers would be eternally grateful. Then we went to bed and did it all over again.

In those two nights my sister-in-law gave me a PhD in sex. She taught me stuff that would have taken years of fumbling around to figure out or put together from different partners. I didn’t learn everything of course. That’s the great things about sex. Your always reinventing the wheel in different shapes and the fun is in the eternal adventure.

Then it was over. I moved back home and began school the next week and we never had sex again. However with the exception of my wife, Erin is still my best friend.

A week into the new year I struck up a conversation with a new girl at school. The conversation turned into some casual dates. We messed around some then finally hooked-up.

Beth wasn’t the head cheerleader type but she was pretty and smart and fun. She really took a liking to fucking too. I was her first and a pretty good teacher if I do say so. She made me a happy camper in the sex department that’s for sure. We lasted until going our separate ways to college.

When we began going together the first person she met in our family was Erin. The same thing happened a few years later with my own bride-to-be Karen.

“Karen meet my sister-in-law and good friend Erin.” I introduced my most favorite females.

Behind Karen’s back I could see Erin give me a big thumbs-up and an angelic grin. I knew things would be great and they have been.

If you’re wondering. Karen and Erin are the very best of friends too. However Karen doesn’t know who taught me how to please her so well. That’s still a secret between Erin and I--and now you.

__________________________________________________ _

Thanks for reading. Reply’s are always appreciated. If you liked the story that’s good to know. If you didn’t, suggestions for improvement are welcome. Writing, like sex, is always open for improvement. Happy Orgasms where ever you may find them.

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