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11-14-2007, 09:39 AM
I had to post this story here on bluestories, it is one of the best story's I have ever read.

Slave Rape?

By: Jaz

I think I may have been raped tonight. But I'm not sure. There is nobody offline that I can talk to about it. My name is... well just call me Susan and I am almost 17 years old. In a lot of ways I appear to be a normal teenager. I hang with my friends, am learning to drive, and am just starting to worry about college. I guess the only thing that is really different about me is that I have a Master (you can call him) John; and I am his slave, his slut, his property. God you have no idea how good it feels to write that. John owns me, I would do anything for him--and he knows it, expects it...demands it. Here is where it gets kinda sticky. John is 28 years old. Since I am underage and in fact living at home we have to keep things quiet. My master and I get together as often as we can but the truth is a large part of our relationship is facilitated by technology. Cell Phones, E-mail, Scanners, Beepers--we use them all. Master can track my every movement, he can reach me whenever he wants me. I did not become a slave overnight. I have dated other guys before I met John. I enjoyed flirting with them, teasing just a little. Some guys are so weak. I'd just walk by, wiggle my plump little ass, smile and they were mine. To be honest, well they bored me. John was so different. He was powerful, commanding. I instinctively knew I could not manipulate him. It felt natural, right to obey him. Obedience is the only thing of value I have to give my sweet master. Usually I am such a good little Slave. Last week though, I was not. That's why I am in so confused now. I think that i why I was raped. I got a call from my master at 5am Monday morning.

"Uh...hello. Whizit?" I groaned sleepily.

"Pull down your panties, spread your legs and masturbate for me. Now."

"Yes master, right away!" I said as I threw the covers back, and took off my master's oversized nightshirt that I always slept in. Soon I was completely naked. I locked my bedroom door and spread myself on the bed. "I'm ready master, I'm so wet for you. I'm thinking of you. I wish you were here, I wish you were touching me. Oh master I'm squeezing my tits for you. My little nipples are so hard, won't you taste them? Please master, I need you. I'm rubbing my juices on my nipples. They look so slick, and hot now. Master my cunt is red and raw, my pussy is all itchy and wet. My thighs keep sliding together. Are you hard master, should I come to you and suck your dick for you? I can sneak out, please master I could be there in 30 minutes. I need you master. I don't want my fingers in my cunt, I want your thick dick in me. Pleeazze master, Oh god, oh god I'm gonna cum!" I wailed.

"No! You do not have my permission to cum. Stop slave. I want you to be thinking of me all day in school. Reach in your pussy and scoop your juices out. Now rub it into your hair and skin. You are not to shower today. I want anyone who gets close to smell that you are a sweaty little slut in heat. Put on your blue satin shirt, black denim jeans and leather sandals. No panties, no bra, no socks, no makeup, no shower, no deodorant, no perfume. Do you understand?"

My heart was pounding. Did John know what he was asking? I only owned one pair of Black jeans. They were a size and a half too small for me now. It was going to look like they were sprayed on me. Without panties the stiff material was going to be rubbing against my clit--I'd be in a state of constant arousal all day. The shirt though...my god in the right light it was almost see through. Having that sheer material sliding over my sensitive, apple sized breasts would be torture. But the worst thing had to be the smell. I reeked of sex, I smelled like a freshly fucked whore. How could John ask me to do this? Then it hit me. He wasn't ASKING me. He was TELLING me. This was not my boyfriend making a wardrobe request. This was my master giving his slave an order.

"Yes master, I understand. I'll be a good slave."

"When you are dressed take a few Polaroids and scan it to me. I have to drive upstate today and I want to see how slutty you look," John said and then hung up.

I received many strange looks that day. I wore the shirt out to help cover my ass, but it was obvious that the jeans were way too tight. Guys kept pointing at me, and girls were whispering. People were staring at the front of my shirt, it was just opaque enough that they were not sure if I was wearing a bra. I was really flustered by the no panty thing. I was dripping little streams of cum. I had been to the bathroom twice to clean up. Around 4th period my cell phone rang.

"Where are you, and did you follow my orders?"

"I'm in the cafeteria. Yes master I did everything you told me." I lied in a calm voice. Imagine my surprise when I saw my master striding towards me. I was so embarrassed, ashamed. I had worn the outfit my master selected. I had no bra, or panties on. But...I had showered, and did have makeup, perfume, and deodorant on. My master sat down at the table next to me and did not say a word.

"H, Hello master. Um, I thought you were out of town on business today. See I wore the outfit you asked me to, do you like it? I have not masturbated all day just like you told me to.... Master I'm so sorry!"

"Slave I gave you some very simple instructions this morning. You. Lied. To. Me. I am very disappointed in you. I have no use for a disobedient, lying slut. I think we are done," John said as he rose to leave.

I was losing my master, the center of my universe. I had lied to him and it was all my fault. Of course he would catch me. My master knows me so well. He knew this would be hard for me. I could have made him so happy. Imagine if he had found me dressed like a whore and smelling like a slut? If I had surprised him with my obedience? I couldn't let it end like this. I had to try.

"Please Master, I'll do anything. Just give me a chance. Punish me! Discipline your slave, but don't leave me! I love you sir, please I love you!"

John stared at me with cold, stern expression on his face for several seconds.

"OK, I'll give you a chance, to earn the right to be punished. Right now you mean nothing to me. It is bad enough that you did not do what I told you to do. But you lied to me. Do you think I am a fool. One of the stupid little boys that you used to control? Slut I am your MASTER! It will not be easy to earn my trust back. Your crime was severe, my punishment will be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. I will show no mercy. But before you will have the opportunity to be punished, you must carry out my original instructions. I want that fucking makeup off of you, and I want your pussy juice rubbed into your hair and face. Right now you are not my slave. You are just a lying Bitch. The choice is yours."

Hearing the anger in my loving Master's voice was almost to much to bear. I had hurt him. I had betrayed my master. He had never called me a bitch before. It had always been Susan, slave, or sexy-little-slut. I had to win his love back. I did not deserve it, but I had to try. I was making a choice, no more hiding, n more double life. My master would come first. As far as the punishment...well I guess I figured that if I got my master to love me again, if I was a good, submissive, obedient slut-slave he wouldn't hurt me too bad.

"Master I love you, and I deserve any punishment you see fit to give. I will obey, I will submit. I am your property. You have the right to do anything to me. I trust you sir, please do not leave your little slave. I need my master. I am so sorry master. I will do anything," I said in a quiet pleading, respectful voice, as tears rolled down my face.

"Alright little whore bitch, let's get started. It occurred to me that since I can't trust you, I don't know if you are wearing panties or not. I mean it's not like I can take your word for it. Show me."

We were in school. In a crowded cafeteria. We had not been very discreet today. There had been screaming, crying, and I was dressed like a 5 dollar crack whore. My 28 year old Master was sitting across from me. It felt like everyone was looking. I knew they weren't but still...

"Yes Master, let me show you."

Slowly I unzipped my jeans and pulled up my shirt to just over my belly button. I was sitting down and the table blocked the view of most people. If Master looked quickly maybe nobody would see.

"Stand up, show me." I slowly got up.

Master slid his chair back and indicated that I was to stand between his legs. Slowly I raised my shirt and the gapped open jeans revealed the tops of my pubic hair. I felt so exposed standing there. I could not help blushing. Anyone who looked closely could see me. I kept my eyes on my master. How far would he take this? Would he strip me naked in front of everyone? Would he make me fuck him right here. That would teach me a lesson. I felt my cunt begin to drip at the thought. My god how this man could turn me on, could play with me. As much as a small part of me sometimes rebelled--I knew that when master pushed me, he expanded my sexual pleasure. Yes he was doing it primarily to please himself...but he also made sure I would enjoy the experience. John was such a good master. But he was still angry at me. "Reach in your pussy and spread your bitch juice on you face." I started shaking.

I could not seem to make myself do what master had ordered. Someone would see! Oh, if only I had listened to master. I could have done this in the privacy of my own room. It was my fault for defying him. I tried my best to slide a finger into my pussy as surreptitiously as possible. I rubbed it into my cheek and looked at John. He seemed puzzled.

"Do it again, this time get a lot on your finger and hold it up so I can see."

I wanted to obey him but I knew I would fail. My pussy was almost dry. I had cleaned my girl cum out in the bathroom just before master called. I had to tell him.

"Master... there is no more. I have been coming all day, and was smelling really bad so... I went to the bathroom and cleaned it all out. I am sorry master."

I knew Master was furious, but his face never showed it. He did not like it when a disobedient slave thwarted his plans.

"Do you expect me to BELIEVE you? Should I just TAKE your word for it? Put my hands in your pussy and I will check for myself."

It was humiliating. Not so much what master was telling me to do (although that was bad enough), but why he felt he had to. My master did not trust me. He thought I might look him in the eye, while standing between his legs--and disrespectfully lie to him. I was Jonathan Pressman's slave! There is dignity in that, honor. I had the love and trust of kind and powerful man. But I had lost it...no I had pissed it away. Every time he questioned my honesty, my loyalty, my obedience--my love it physically hurt me, because I knew how much it must have hurt him to do so. I would get his trust back. I would earn the right to be his little slut again. I could not wait to prove myself to him. If he wanted me naked in my High School cafeteria...oh god I would do it. I reached out and took my master's right hand and put it down the front of my jeans. His hand felt so hot as his fingers wriggled about feeling for the entrance to my vagina. Master's expression was cool and detached. He was not doing this for my pleasure. This was almost a medical exam. He simply wanted to evaluate how juicy I was.

"Follow me Susan."

Apparently I had been upgraded from bitch, because I had obeyed him and told the truth. But if the truth be known in some ways it was worse. This man is not my boyfriend, we are not equals. Yes I love him, and I know he is fond of me; but I preferred to acknowledge his dominance over me by calling him master. In public it was sometimes necessary to use our given names. When he called me Susan it was usually an attempt to disguise what we really were--a slave and her loving master. I guess having master call me Susan was a little better than Bitch, but it was still a reminder that because of my disobedience our relationship had changed. Master led and I followed. He took me into the boys bathroom. He just walked right in, smiled at the nerd who was washing his hands, and escorted me in to the large handicapped stall.

"Get naked now."

I could not tell if anyone else was outside the stall, but I knew better than to keep master waiting. I pulled my pants down and my shirt off. Master sat down on the toilet and said, "feed me your breasts."

I stood close to him and leaned over his face. I held my right tit up to his face and mashed it tight against his mouth. John breathed and sniffed my tit for several seconds before greedily devouring it. He lovingly licked the underside before settling in on my nipples. Master nibbled and sucked me hard. His arms circled my waist and he hugged me tight. After a while he started playing with my pussy while sucking my tits. It was too much.

"Master please you have to stop or I will come, please master I am trying to be your good little slave. Master you are making me feel too good, oh god master stop or I will cum!" I wailed in desperation."

"That's ok Susan, you have permission to cum. I want you to catch every drop and rub it in your hair. Cum for me now!"

I did. I had wanted to do this all day. I came all over master's hands and cupped my hands underneath his as best I could to catch it. I rubbed my pussy juice all over my hair. When master pulled out of my cunt I grabbed his hand, and lovingly rubbed it on my face and licked and kissed it clean. Master actually smiled at me.

"Hello slave." His deep voice rumbled and echoed in the bathroom stall. I started crying when he addressed me by my proper tittle. I was his slave again!

"Thank you masterohsweetmaster, yourslavelovesyou!" I babbled as I clutched his arm to me.

He pulled me into his lap and held me for a few minutes. I was naked in the boys filthy bathroom and I was happy and content to be in my master's arms.

Master played with my breasts and smelled my hair.

"You smell like a hot little fuck-slut but...you don't smell like MY property yet. Shit you could be any of a dozen crack whores; selling your sweet ass for a fix and a hot cup of coffee. That will not do. Stand up slave...good. I am pulling my pants down...for the next 30 seconds you may put my dick in any hole on your body. Go!"

I wasted a couple of seconds trying to gently line his dick up to my cunt. It was taking too long. I grabbed master's fat cock and stuffed it into my pussy as I straddled his lap. I felt so full as he stretched my slippery cunt. I tingled and itched all over and only my Master's hot dick could bring me relief. How long did I have left? I did not know as I slammed myself over and over on to John's hard beefmeat.

"Mymaster,mymaster,mymaster; fuck,fuck,fuck me MASTER, Fuck your SLAVE'S PUSSY RAW!" I screamed as I lost control and ground myself harder and harder on his cock. Master was saying something but the words did not register as I pounded him into me.

Suddenly he lifted me off of his dick and threw me hard against the bathroom door.

"Damnit Slave no means no! When I tell you to stop you STOP! I said you get 30 seconds and that is what I fucking meant Now get on your knees and suck my balls. I am going to cum all over your pretty little face. I want my scent on you for the rest of the day. Now suck, Susie-slut, suck."

The bell rang signaling the end of 4th period. I could hear boys in the bathroom now using the other stalls and urinal. I started sucking my master's balls and tried to block everything else out. I wanted to see if I could swallow them. I licked and kissed his sac for about a minute. Master was shivering. I must have really got to him, cuz he usually tried not to show any emotion during sex. It made me feel so good to make my master squirm and writhe under me. I did not even mind having my chin resting on the toilet, or the smell of urine that surrounded me. I sucked and kissed master's fat cock and heavy balls. Finally he grabbed my face and pressed his dick up against my nostrils. Load after salty load went up my nose and dripped down my face. I knelt before him and waited until he finished. The last few shots he pressed against my eyelids. I opened my eyes and could see the world through my master's cum. When he recovered he used his dick like a paintbrush and rubbed his cum-cream into my face. I know I looked shiny and sticky now, but soon there would be a layer of cum-crust.

"Now there is my pretty little slave. You have never looked or smelt better. This is how you belong. I am tempted to make you walk down that hallway naked and cum stained. Do you think you could make it to my car before some horny teenage boy grabbed you and raped you. Maybe a couple of lesbo cheerleaders would see your fat naked ass wagging at them and tackle you, spread you open and lick that juicy wet pussy of yours. Don't blame them. You are made to be a rape-slut. Hmm...it is tempting....but for now I think I like it that I am the only one who gets to know all of your secrets; the little dimples in your ass. Only your master should knows how sloppy your cunt gets. How you whimper and moan and sometimes cry as you cum. You have pleased me slave. You will be punished for lying to me--but I will keep you."

"Master...thank you. I love you so much, but master...can I ask you a favor. I know I don't deserve it but... Master you did not cum in my mouth. Anyone who sees me today will know I belong to you, if anyone touches me they will see how hot and wet I am, If anyone asks me why I look this way, they will hear me say that my master wanted me to. I cannot lie anymore. If anyone smells me they will know what I am. Master I want to taste you in my mouth. If I breathe on someone they should smell your cum. Please master, will you cum in my mouth?"

"Yes little one, open your mouth and I will fuck it for you. But we have to hurry, I have stayed too long." Master's cock was already hard and he did not take long. His thumb was in my pussy and his forefinger was up my ass, the whole time I sucked him. We came together. I did not swallow right away. I swished and gargled his juices in my mouth. Then I blew little sperm bubbles. Finally I drank his load, and was content. Master and I got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and could not help but blush. I looked like a 15 yr olds wet dream. Everyone would know I had been freshly fucked. I would be the talk of the school. I wondered if they would call my parents. My reputation as a bright, quiet girl was over. Forever. I would not have chosen to come out of the closet like this. But...that's the whole point. My master makes these decisions for me. I just had to learn to accept it. As we walked down the hallway, and out to his car, arm in arm he smiled at me.

"You handle discipline very well slave, I am going to enjoy punishing you. Sometime in the next week you will be severely punished. Your life may never be the same afterwards. Now give me a kiss. Don't play with your pussy until I see you again."

Master got in his car and drove away. I love my master and would do my best to please him no matter what, but...I am not masochistic. I do not enjoy pain so master's threat made me very uncomfortable. As I walked back inside I could not help but imagine the terrible, sexual things my master would do to me.

John knows me too well. He knows how to break me if he wants to. I love him so much. Sometimes he can be wonderful, so tender it almost makes me cry. However there was no denying that my master cold also be cold, unrelenting and well; almost cruel at times. If you flipped his switch, if you set him off, under the right circumstances, my master is dangerous. It was buried most of the time beneath a layer of deep, cool smoothness...but John could be one mean, nasty mother fucking asshole if you pissed him off. I love my master, but I know him. And I was scared.

I was really scared.

I thought back to the start of our relationship; of some of the mind- bending, limit shattering fantasy scenarios that he had warned me I would eventually have to endure if I wanted to be his slave. We had been together since I was 14 years old. I was a virgin when we met. Oh I had flirted with guys, I am a playful cock tease at heart. I'm glad I waited for master to train me how to have sex. At first he was a kind and patient master. He was so gentle. He eased me into sex, coaxed me into slavery. For many months he was my "Man or my Lover," (he never let me call him my boyfriend). Kissing, petting, sucking, oral and finally vaginal-- master taught it all to me. He loved stripping me and just playing with my body for hours, making me cum over and over. He would bring me right to the edge of orgasm and then ask me to do or say something for him before he would give me release. I was terrified the first time he pulled out a polaroid camera when I was naked. I had to cum so badly and he insisted I let him take my picture--so I let him. Over the next three weeks the poses he ordered me into grew more and more explicit, the things he made me do were...nasty. Soon we moved from polaroids to video cameras. One day he asked me to pretend I was a hot little slave who would do anything to please her master. He taped me for hours. It was like he was taking a piece of my will with every picture, every cassette.

"Susan, spread your legs, wider...wider slut. Now look at the camera. Beg me to fuck you, louder you sweet little kitty cat, mmm finger yourself...scream my name slut. Good lick your juices off your hand...very nice little slut, such a good girl. Come sit on my lap and I'll fuck that slick little cunt of yours, you earned it. You've made me very happy."

I was 15 years old when I called John "Master" for the first time. Slowly it stopped being a role, it became a way of life. It felt so natural, so obvious that this man was dominant to me. He can make me do things that I would never dream of doing for any Things that would never even occur to me.I love surrendering myself to him. His wants, his needs, his slightest whim--it stimulated me sexually to obey him. But it is more than just the sex. As our relationship deepened he became the only thing that really mattered to me. Don't get me wrong I loved my mom and little sister. I even loved my dad, though he could be a pompous ass sometimes. But nobody compared to how I loved John. It was almost...religious at times. You know what I mean--Joan of arc, hang me on a cross, walk across some hot coals--I'd die for him, kind of love. I think the very real need to keep our relationship secret from everyone, made it more exciting. We have to work at it, plan our time together. I almost never get to sleep in his bed, in his arms they way I want. Every moment is stolen, budgeted--precious. I used to have a couple of close friends but we have drifted. How can I justify spending time with my friends, when I could be with my master? Oh we still hang sometimes but , to be honest they seemed so fucking silly, nattering on about going to the mall, what boy they had gone to second base with, or how cool the Backstreet Boys are. I am sorry but I just could not relate. I found myself spending more and more time when I couldn't be with John, ****** in D/s chatrooms, or cruising the erotic story sites. It felt good to talk to people who understood, who got "it." I talk to this one guy named Jaz a lot. I hope he won't mind it if I mention his name to all of you. He is deeply weird, but funny too and it was good to have someone who wouldn't judge me, shit couldn't judge me. His life was too fucked up for that. I don't know anything personal about him really. What's his real name? How old is he, what he does for a living, is he married, race, religion, cock size--nothing. It's funny how the Internet can make you feel close to someone when deep down you know you shouldn't. But we are able to talk about things I could never tell my so called friends, or family. Things my master "Won't" talk to me about. Jaz travels a lot though, and is gone a week or more at a time so...that's why I'm posting this letter. I can't sit around waiting for Mr. Jaz to cruise back in town. I need help now.

It had been 2 days since Master had visited me in school. He had not called or given me permission to masturbate. I was convinced that if I disobeyed him, somehow he would know. So I decided to be a good(horny) little slave and wait for master to let me cum. I was ****** a lot, looking at the nastiest, sluttiest sex sites I could find. Jaz went out of town Wed, but he had sent me a copy of his free story/pic list. Lord knows I have a kink or two in my personality, but I found myself wondering just how sick Jaz really was. I mean there were links to the most perverted, downright filthy stories I had ever heard of. I'd guess there are over 70,000 stories on the list, with about 4,000 nasty pics thrown in just for fun. Did I mention, Jaz writes Rape/Incest stories too. I had read a few of his before and liked his power/dominant themes. But during this 2 day torture master imposed, I decided to read all 17 of Jaz's stories at once. It was...hypnotic. His stories painted a world in which betrayal lurked around every corner. Girls my age were raped without mercy, as were grown men, lesbians and others. I had masturbated while reading stories before, but Jaz did something to my pussy. It burned, and itched and dribbled small flows of my juices--without me laying a finger on it! That had never happened before. I could obey my master's orders and still get some relief. I was still hyper excited, and in need of my master's thick cock but believe me Jaz you were a lifesaver. Two days became four. I went to bed early Friday. My sister had a violin recital, but I said I was sick so my parents would go without me. It had been 4 fucking, days since master had fucked me. I had sent master pictures of me naked with my pussy glistening, and spread. I e-mailed him every day and begged him to come fuck me, or at least let me call him. All I got was an e-mail that said:

"Patience Slave, SOON."

I was leaking almost all the time now. My nipples were constantly erect. I had actually taped a piece of cotton to each nipple so they would not show. I was cranky, irritable, and needed to fuck. It wasn't just the lack of sex that was bothering me. I needed my master to dominate me, to subjugate me. I wanted him to test me, to let me prove my loyalty and obedience. What really hurt though was I knew my master sure as shit was not going 4 days without sex. How many slaves did he have. I knew for a fact that he had at least one girlfriend. Beth(I hate that fucking bitch) was not his slave. I try not to be jealous but it is so hard. She calls him John, or honey. She pouts and whines and demands things of him--and he lets her. Master told me that one day he would give me to Beth as a present. That I would have to eat her pussy, that she could beat me, play with me any way she wanted to. She might make me fuck another man, a hundred men, and I would have no choice. I cried and begged master not to give me to her. It was terrifying, it hung over my head like a sword. Sometimes he would let her play with my tits through my shirt. She really got off on squeezing, and pinching me. Beth knew I did not belong to her she had no right touching me, except the rights master gave her. I have no lesbian tendencies. Master knows this but he does not care. Once he made me let her kiss me. Beth forced me to sit in her lap and suck her tongue. I knew she wanted to fuck me, to rape me. Master actually let her strip me and spread me on the bed. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

"That's right you dirty little bitch, you are mine now. I can't wait to break you. Cry all you want it won't help. John is my man, and I'm tired of him sleeping with a cheap slut like you. Spread your legs you dumb fuck I want to see what you taste like before I shove my fist up your pussy."

I could not believe what I was hearing, my brain just started shutting down. I felt so betrayed. Master was letting her do this to me. Hot, bitter tears fell on my naked breasts as I felt her begin mauling me. Beth spread my legs wide apart. It only lasted for a second.

"You have overstepped yourself Beth. Take your hands off my slave. I am her master and I will not let you hurt her. Leave us. I will talk to you tomorrow."

Master was furious, and Beth knew it. She left without a word. Not many people are brave enough to face my master when he is angry. I felt a body cover me and was so happy when I opened my eyes and it was my sweet master. He was so gentle that night, and made me cum over and over. That was one of the few times he let me cuddle with him after and sleep in his bed for the whole night.

"Such a good little slave, you would have let her rape you. I know you submitted because you love me. I am very proud of you. But...you are not quite ready for that step. One day though, I will give you to her. You will not cry, or beg, you will submit. Get used to it Susan, you must learn your place. You are property. She is my girlfriend. I will not let her be cruel to you but you will service Beth. But not tonight little one, not tonight."

I laid in his arms and cried myself to sleep. I don't think I can convey how it feels to know for a certainty that you will be raped. Possibly more than once, by a woman who takes pleasure in humiliating you. I could not help wondering if Beth would be my punishment. Could I do it? Could I really Submit, humbly, respectfully to the bitch I hated; to the woman I was forced to share my master with? I was thinking of that very question when I drifted off to sleep on Friday.

I had been having vivid wet dreams all week. I was semi-conscious and could almost swear a large pair of hands were running over my naked body. Slowly they moved lower, and peeled my pussy apart. I felt a sharp stab and became fully alert. Someone was in my room! This was not a dream! I was blindfolded in my own bed and could feel the weight of another person in my bed. He was finger fucking my pussy rapidly. I could hear my juices sloshing around and his breathing was loud to my ears. I was scared, I wanted to scream for help. My dad has a gun. Then it struck me--what if the rapist had a weapon too. I could get my father killed. A second later another thought hit me. What if this was my punishment? What if this rapist was in fact my master? "Oh my god I could get my master killed, or arrested if I scream."
If there was any chance that this was John I had to be quiet.

"Master is that you? Is this my punishment?" I whispered without seeing.

The man stopped playing with my pussy, and went back to my tits. His hands covered both of them and he began pulling first one then the other, like he was milking a cow.

"Master please, you know I'll do whatever you want, but I have to know, Sir is that you? Please Master I need you so bad tell me--are you my master?"

"Yeah, sure kid I'm yer master, and I'm gunna fuck ya real good," a gruff, growly, scratchy voice informed me.

"Uh, sir you don't sound like my master, and why have you blindfolded me? Can I please see your face just for a minute so I know it is you? Then you can do whatever you want to me, please Master, I need to be sure it is you."

"Slut, this is a test. You should know your master even if you are blindfolded. You should instinctively obey me no matter how I sound. You have been a naughty slave and I have always wanted to Rape you. Obey me and I will not hurt you much. I am your master bitch!"

Bitch, he called me bitch! It was my master and this was clearly the punishment he had promised. Master did have several rape fantasies and had even made me give him a key to our house so he could break in and rape me under my parent's noses. It would not be pleasant but I did deserve to be punished, and I was so grateful not to be turned over to that sick bitch Beth for a lesbo rape, I wanted to show my gratitude. I was horny as hell and trusted master completely. If he wanted to fulfill his rape fantasy who was I to deny him.

"Anything you want master, please fuck me. Please fuck your little slave. I need you so bad master, and I am sooo horny. I'll do anything." "Um ok, great. Is there anyone else in the house. How quiet do we have to be?"

"Well my parents and my little sister, but their bedrooms are upstairs and at the other end of the house."

"Alright, uh how about you spread your legs and let me taste you, ok?"

I got on the bed immediately and spread my legs wide. Master fumbled around a little bit while he got comfortable, but soon his face was buried deep in my snatch. He was licking and slurping and stabbing my clit with his tongue. He grabbed the backs of my thighs and butt and lifted my crotch right up against his mouth.

"Oh god you taste so good baby, so sweet. I love it, I'm going to lick you dry. Oh shit you are so hot. Do you like my tongue in your pussy you tasty little slut....can you feel me moving around inside you?"

I could feel him just fine. I was so horny after four days of no sex it did not take very long.

"Oh master stop, please I'm going to cum, I can't help it master, I'm so sorryeeee!"

I wrapped my legs tight around master's head and fucked his face as I came, and gushed all over him. Oh my god I came before master, and without permission! That was one of the first lessons I had learned. Master owned my pussy. I had no right to cum without his say so. As I laid in my bed gasping for air I could not help but think how strange master was acting. My master was usually so calm and in control during sex. He never asked me questions he just fucked me---in any way that he saw fit. Maybe this was all part of the rape fantasy though. Apparently tonight master wanted to pretend he was a normal guy who was raping a young girl. He did not seem to mind or even notice my faux paus in coming before him. It was strange, but like always master turned me on. I never dreamed of questioning him, at least not at that point. My body was tingling and I felt this electric buzz. I knew that I was on the brink of a massive series of orgasms. I needed my master's fat cock so bad, I had to get this cum out of me.

"Climb in my lap baby I want you to taste your juices from my lips."

I scrambled up in master's lap and we sat face to face. He began licking and kissing me. John tasted like cinnamon, and spices. As I sucked his tongue I wondered what he had been eating(besides me). He had never tasted or smelled like this before. I felt his cock bumping around at the entrance of my vagina.

When is he going to fuck me?!" I thought to myself. I was surprised at how long he was taking. Sure my master liked playing with me AFTER we fucked, but usually our first time was hot and hard and nasty and FAST. Not tonight. Master kissed and sucked on my nipples for a few minutes and then rolled me over flat on my back. I put my arms over my head and spread my legs wide. Now he had his tongue in my belly button. Master had of course kissed me there before but never like this. It went on for several minutes. His tongue just kept poking my belly, licking and sticking it in over and over. Each time it went in my stomach clenched and rippled in delight. A stream of my fluids were trickling down my leg. It was very frustrating. My hands were almost shaking from my prolonged hyper-excited state.

"Please master, fuck me now. I can't take it."

"Oh sure thing, I guess you are wet enough...I want you to enjoy it. Let me know if I am going to fast. God you are so beautiful. Peel your lips open for me...now guide me in...ahhh."

Slowly he sank deep in my pussy. It felt so good, so warm to be filled... something was strange though. My master had a short thick, beefy cock. Usually my tiny pussy was stuffed and scraped in all directions at once. I guess I must have been so slippery that it did not feel as full. Apparently he was stroking me pretty hard though because it felt like he was going deeper than he ever had before.

"Oh you sweet little cunt, gonna fuck you, gonna fuck you good. Cum for me baby, oh yeah. Going to make you pregnant, so hot, so wet. Oh god I love it, I love your little pussy. Sorry baby I can't help it yer making me cum! Take it slut, take my cum and like itttt!"

Master came inside me. He almost never did that. He enjoyed coming on my face, in my eyes, up my nose. I can't remember when we last had missionary, vanilla, cum in my pussy sex. It was...odd. As good as it felt, all the praise, and talking and politeness was throwing me off. "I want you to enjoy it"?! What the fuck was that? I knew master was just playing with my head. If I could see his face I know he would have that mocking grin, that said he was in complete control. Oh how he must be laughing at my confusion. Master knew precisely what it took to bring me to orgasm, so he must want to keep me on the brink. He was probably laughing at how desperate I was to cum. It was cruel, but then again this was not sex. It was punishment. I would do my best to take it. John did not roll off of me. He kept me pinned beneath him and kissed me, and stroked my hair.

"You made me feel so good little girl. You are the best. I need you again. Get on your stomach and I'll give you a massage."

The more he talked in that odd scratch voice the less aroused I became. It was nice to be praised occasionally, but this was just weird. Now he wanted to give me a massage? I guess it was supposed to, I don't know--give me pleasure.

Frankly all I wanted was for master to slide into me from behind and powerfuck me till I cried, and came and dripped snot all over my bed.

Instead I was being massaged. It did feel kind of good in a way as master's strong hands rubbed my neck and shoulders. He played with my rib cage and dug his fingers under me to cup my tits. I could feel his cock get hard again as his hands reached my ass. At first he was very gentle, almost shy as he handled my butt. slowly he became bolder. "I love your tattoo, he said referring to the {MASTER'S - slave} he had ordered me to get shortly after I acknowledged him as my Dominant. He mashed and kneaded my cheeks for a couple of minutes. He kept pulling me wide apart. I could feel a breeze on my exposed asshole. He was blowing on my asshole! Then he started sniffing it.

"This ass is perfect! It looks delicious, it smells wonderful...I gotta see how it tastes." John ripped my cheeks as far apart as they would go and then stuck his tongue up my asshole. He was slobbering and drooling and worming his tongue all around. Every once in a while he took a long doggie lick starting at my upper thigh, between my buns and stopping at the small of my back. I had to admit it felt amazing. If he would just do it a little longer I would be able to cum--hard. I was on all fours and began wiggling, and humping my ass back to meet him. I was holding myself apart for him now and starting to enjoy myself again.

"Ok bitch you're wet enough now. Hold that pose for me you little butt slut."

"Huh, whaddya meaannnn! OW! John what are you doing, you promised not to fuck me in the ass again until I got bigger! Please god don't do this! Last time I was bleeding for a week. I thought I would have to go to the hospital! Master you promised! You are too big for my tiny little ass." I cried out in fear and disbelief.

Master had been so scared for me when I had started bleeding the one time we tried anal sex. I don't think any guy likes seeing his dick covered in blood, and dripping shit. Master's thick dick had almost caused me serious damage. I was 14 then so the Dr.s would have reported it to my parents if I had gone to the hospital. I'm sure they (and the police) would have wanted to know how a 14 year old gets her ass split. Master could have been arrested, and our relationship over. We had both agreed never to do this again--at least not until I was much older, and with plenty of lubrication. As I felt my Master's dick sliding into me I kept waiting for the searing blast of mind-fucking pain that was sure to come.

It never did. Somehow...Master fit.

It was hard to believe my asshole had grown so much in only a year, but I guess it must have. Oh it was not pleasant at first, but it was nowhere near as bad as it had been the first time. I felt really full, and knew if Master wanted too, if he went just a little deeper it would hurt. But he didn't He slowly worked me into a rhythm and let me adjust to his cock in my ass.

"Shit baby, so good, do fucking good. Ummm, you are so tight, I could fuck your sweet ass all night. How does--uh, that, uh fell you hot little butt-slut. Take my cock bitch, take my cock, Cum for me little girl, cum for me while I fuck this gorgeous ass." Master ordered as he pounded my ass hard.

His hands were playing with my tits and cunt, and rubbing my clit. It was too much for me to take all at once.

"I'm coming master, oh god feels so good, fuck me, please don't stop. You own my ass, you own me. I missed you so much master. Punish your slut, rape me all you want, anytime you want. I can't help it, I'm your slave, what can I do?"

Little orgasms were pouring out of me now, master's hands were slick with my juices. He began feeding it to me. I was still coming as I licked my master's hand clean. He gave one last brutal thrust and held it at the bottom of me, as warm sticky blasts of his sperm cleansed my ass. Feeling master spurt, hearing him scream, and clutch at me, holding on for dear life, sent me over the edge at last. The tears started coming as I rode out a prolonged major orgasm. I drifted off to sleep with John's warm dick still in my ass and his hot cum cooling inside me.

I was not out for long. Master was just getting off the bed. I reached up to take my blindfold off but he stopped me.

"No! Slave it's not over yet. You have done very well tonight, but now it is time for you to be punished. Do you trust me? Will you obey your master? I am going to give you a command. There will be no discussion. You are my slave. And. You. Will. Do. It. "

This was it. Either I loved this man or I did not. Either I trusted my master not to hurt me, or what was the fucking point. He is my MASTER, I am his slave.

"I will obey you Master, always."

"Take off your blindfold, Go upstairs, and bring you little sister to me. Now. I promise, I will not hurt her."

I could not believe what I had just heard. My mouth went dry, and it felt like everything was in slow motion. I could hear a rushing sound in my ears as I stood up and removed my blindfold. Master was sitting beside my bed, dressed all in black, and wearing a ski mask. He looked so menacing, so demanding, so dominant I instinctively went into auto-pilot and obeyed him. I did not understand why he wanted me to bring Shauna to him, but I would do it. I promised myself though nothing bad would happen to her. I would be in the room and if something went wrong, I wold protect her. I slipped a robe on and left my room without a word. It was 2 in the morning, everyone was asleep. As I climbed the stairs I came up with a plan to lure my 14 year old sister to my room.

"Psst... Shauna, wake up...come on sleepy head you have got to come with me, I need your help, but be quiet."

My sister was groggy and confused as I pulled her up out of bed. She staggered behind me as I led her to my room and closed the door.

"Susan I'm sleepy, why'd you make me come down her... mmpf!" Shauna screamed as Master snuck up behind her and taped he mouth shut.

"Shh Shauna don't be scared I'm right here. Just be good and do what he says, and everything will be ok."

Master ordered me to put my blindfold back on and then surprised me by handcuffing me to the chair.

"Master, I brought her, Please sir what are you going to do to her? She is my baby sister...don't scare her, Please!" Master patted me on the head and then fondled my breasts for a few seconds.

"Such a good little slave. I want to see your sister's body. I am going to look at her, but I will not touch her. No matter what you hear, I expect you to sit in that chair and be quiet. Is that clear?" What else could I do but trust my master?

"Yes Master," I said in a submissive tone.

John did not say a word the rest of the night. I was blindfolded. I could hear my bed creak, and soon heard Shauna's muffled screams. There was heavy breathing and what sounded like slapping. Shauna was begging and then keening and crying. It went on for about 20 minutes and then it was quiet. The only sound I could hear was Shauna's pitiful sniffles.

"Master! master where are you? Is it over, please untie me!"

Master did not answer, he was already gone.


The next morning my parents found us. I was still handcuffed to the chair, and blindfolded. Shauna was spread naked on my bed gagged and tied to the frame.

Clearly she was in shock. She refused to speak and would not even look at me. The Doctors all claim she has been raped, that we both have. I knew there was no way I could explain what really happened, so I just went along with their theory. Obviously something had happened to Shauna. I was afraid to contact master with the police and my parents watching so closely. It was 3 days before he called.

"Hello slut. It has been a week, and you have not had sex or masturbated. You should be horny enough to appreciate Beth now. Meet me tomorrow at 7 pm and your punishment will begin."

Well that's my story. I don't know if the man I had sex with last night was my master or some creep who tricked me and raped me. Master had said the punishment would be the worst thing that had ever happened to me. He was certainly capable of setting mind traps to confuse me. He would enjoy my frustration and doubt. Not knowing was horrible. Had I sacrificed my sister to a rapist? My god if I had really had sex with another man, even by accident I would have to tell John. I would have to look him in the eye and admit that I was such a poor slave, I did not even know my master's touch, smell, taste, voice. The more I replayed events the more I thought maybe it wasn't my master, maybe I had been raped. I should have fought to the death to prevent another man from taking what belonged t my master.

How could I tell him what I had done?

Please help me. I can't think clearly about this. I am posting this to some of the story sites Jaz uses. Tell me what you think. Was I raped, how about my sister? Should I tell my master, or is he just messing with my head. Master ordered me to meet him and Beth tonight. Should I go? If John really did rape my sister after promising not to...I don't know if I can accept that. I don't know if I can forgive that. My family is devastated. My sister must hate me, she will never be the same. How does a slave leave her master?

If John did this to me, to us -- then I am no longer his slave, and I hate him. But if he is innocent then I have betrayed him.

Mr. Jaz I need some advice NOW. You said you won't be back in town till next week, and are not checking e-mail. When I post this I am asking White Shadow to put it on your page. I am hoping you will get horny on your trip and visit one of your own pages. If you see it please contact me. We have never talked before but...You know what state I live in, so you can find the area code. The rest of my # is 345-2469.

Mr. Jaz please call me. I need help, if you care about me at all, you will call.

If I don't hear from you by tomorrow night, I will let Beth have me. Maybe If I let her rape me, if I submit to her every sick desire, my master will tell me if he raped my Sister.

If anyone can think of a better plan please e-mail me through Jaz's account.

Susan Robiniwitz
Feb 6th 2,000


How does a guy become "deeply weird?"

Well opinions vary but usually there are several societal factors. Parental oddities, stress, strict religious upbringing, and a couple of freak nasty girlfriends are often involved. Oh yeah, and lots of us enjoy some downright filthy porn. In my case though my first exposure to the dark side was a poorly translated french film on Cinemax, called "Submission." I remember it clearly. It was one of those free promotional weekends. I was 13 or 14 and was downstairs in the dark soaking up the action. I've seen a ton of porn since that movie but none of it affected me the way this did. Watching this 30 something mother's helpless descent into sexual submission was intoxicating. She resisted her master's dark fantasies as long as she could but it was a losing proposition. From walking naked down a public street, to allowing him to fondle her in secret while she helped customers it just kept escalating. His final demand was for her to surrender her young, teenage, virgin daughter.

I won't ruin it for you in case anyone decides to rent it (Blockbuster used to carry it, mine does not but it is in their "movie book," so maybe yours does).

I filed the movie away, grew up and did not really dwell on Dom/Slave Master/Subs. Then a young submissive asked me to write a story about her master's rape fantasies. So here it is.

Two housekeeping notes. Please don't ask me to custom write you a story. I do one a year and she beat you to it.

As always this is not a true story. It's just a fucking story, that was fun to write. Jerk off to it if you like. Share it with a loved one, but if you think you need to try some of this shit for real, get some help. The KKK, Black Panthers and the NRA can refer you to some excellent assistance programs.

There, now I can rest easy.


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