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11-16-2007, 03:37 AM
Okay, took a while, but here is part 5 of the story
working on part 6

* * *

“Aa-aah!!!” I woke up to someone screaming, “fuck, aa-aah!!” Wasn’t someone, it was me, I was being hit with a spray of water directly into the crotch of my chastity belt. “Jesus fucking Christ, shut it off!” Stream wasn’t that powerful, but it was enough to push me back against my rings, and it oscillated on, off, on, off. “Ar-rgh-h, son-of-a-bitch!”

Seemed like an hour or two, of getting splashed, but most likely fifteen minutes or so. Swear they put ice in it, and I was shivering, which just agitated the rings sending little twinges of pain throughout my body. The water stopped, and the lines went slack, decreasing the pain, then I heard, ‘Drop her.’

I hung there for a fraction of a second as if weightless then pitched face first and dropped like a rock, with me screaming at the top of my lungs. Was figuring my arms would break my fall, but my feet were catching up and I was going to land nearly face first onto that crystal altar. I came to a jarring stop half a foot from the slab of crystal.

After the echo of my scream died I could hear the three stooges yucking it up. Once I had my breathing under control I shifted the pain to block out the cold, as they started to crank me back up. This time they kept the ring lines taut, and I looked down at the crystal to see drips of blood. Once I quit moving the pain subsided, and I could concentrate on blocking out the cold. Finally quit shivering and the pain eased enough to get to sleep.

“Aa-ah!!” I again woke up, but knew it was me screaming, and the water I was being sprayed with was hot. Not hot enough to burn, but it was strong enough to get me swinging again. Being the water was hot I had to re-channel everything, but it didn’t take long and everything was in control. Still I kept screaming, if for no other reason than to tire myself out.

Alternating with cold and hot water I was awaken ten times or more, but I recovered each time faster, and also went to sleep faster. As for time, I had no idea, after I was lowered and released back on the crystal it felt like days had passed. But, my guess was they could only torture me once every hour, making it my second day. Being as ‘Hazel Eyes’ was playing and I figured my day had begun.

For breakfast watered down grits, having a gray tinge to them and tasting sour. Naturally, grits ranked up there with boiled peppers in my book. Using three fingers I spooned up the mess and choked the goo down, washing it down with water. I wasn’t surprised those piercings of mine I could see were healed, and except for being tired I felt pretty good.

The vultures were standing there watching me eat my slop, then a gong sounded. “Time,” Mr. Dark grunted, “shave the bitch, and give her the rod.”

Snickering like a moron Worm was drooling all over himself, as Frog asked, “Gear off, Master?”

“No, leave it,” he snorted, “a good chafing won’t hurt the bitch. Shave her fucking clean to keep the vermin down.”

“Whoa! Whoa,” I scooted away from Frog, “you aren’t cutting my fucking hair.”

“Wrong,” Mr. Dark crossed his arms, “I’ll do anything I want, it’s the terms of the contest of wills.”

“Contest my ass,” I spit at him, “only a damn contest if you’re getting the same treatment, you spineless prick. It’s torture pure and simple, and you ain’t cutting my hair.”

“Yeah,” he stroked his chin, “what have you got to offer in exchange?”

Before I can answer Worm poked me with the rod giving me a huge zap.

“What the fuck?” I scurried away as far as I could. “Get your fucking ape away from me.”

With a snap of his fingers Mr. Dark had his goon back away. “Now, just what do you have to offer, to keep your head from being shaved. Better make it good.”

“You know my bank statement, and you’re a rich cock sucker,” I kept glaring at him, “so, quit fucking around, and tell me what you’re offering.”

“Alright,” he smoothed down his mustache, exposed now because he wore a half mask, “keep your head from being shaved by pleasuring Frog or Worm.”

The moron Worm was slobbering all over himself, and I couldn’t bear to think about his nasty teeth or possible matching breath. As for Frog, if she had bathed in the last month I’d be surprised. Worm whipped out this gnarled thick dick, grayish-purple spots all over it, and he began to stroke it. Christ, he had to be ten inches long and three wide, but his cock looked diseased.

It was enough to make my mind up for me. “Frog Spit.”

“Alright,” Mr. Dark waved his charges off, “if you pleasure her, and truly get her off, your hair stays. Have to warn you, fucking whore is hard to get off, and she doesn’t fake it.”

Before I could say anything his ape had me by the bar, pulling me towards him, and Frog was scrambling up on the altar. My arms were pulled taunt, then Worm gave me another yank before cinching the ties down. With her robe balled up at her waist Frog plopped down on my face, and I was happy she didn’t have underwear on, they would’ve been rank.

With my head pinned to the altar she wiggled around on my face, getting wetter by the second. She tweaked my nipple rings. “Eat my cunt, you cunt.” She started cackling, and I fought the urge to throw up. She was tugging on my belt, and I was hoping she’d eat me, so I could forget about was squatting on my nose.

There was the click of a lock, then another and another, soon the chastity belt was coming off. I was trying to come up with a plan, when I heard, “Um-m, me gets cunt-lapper’s cunt.”

The ape was pawing me. Twisting my head as far as I could in Mr. Dark’s direction I shouted, “You lying prick, fuck you.”

“Never lied,” Mr. Dark replied, “you’re to pleasure Frog, like our agreement. Worm will pleasure himself, and we never said anything about that while negotiating.”

Prick was probably a lawyer, and there wasn’t nothing I could do about it, just hoped my runes warded off whatever disease ape-dick had. “You’re a liar.”


“Shuddup!” Frog slapped me in the throat. “Lap cunt, cunt-lapper, don’t talk.”

Really wanted to take a bite out of this nasty pussy, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good, and I was at their mercy. Instead I lapped at her for a while, then bit her clit, which she seemed to like. Start giggling, thinking it’s no worse than plain grits and boiled peppers. Frog likes my giggling, and starts wiggling on my face, pushing me deeper into her stank pussy. I stick my tongue in her, trying to wiggle up higher for some fresh air, but Frog goes right along with me. Head the other way, but she stays right on me, and I swear I might suffocate.

I feel Worm’s rough hands crawling up me, and I can't believe things are going to get worse. He’s got a hand on my belly pushing down, as he stabs me with his fat cock. I take some of it, but it stops, he pulls back and slams into me, getting a loud scream out of me, which was muffled by pussy. I could hear both giggling as they raped me.

Called for Raven, and wanted her to rip their throats out, but she didn’t come. Tafia appeared, ‘Endure my child, it’s only your body, it shall heal. They can not touch your soul unless you allow it little one, resist.’

‘Yes grandmother,’ I mumble, as Worm is in me and I’m in Frog. ‘But I don’t want these urges, not from these two apes, my body is betraying me.’

‘Re-channel it little one,’ Tafia landed on my nose, as the skank had vanished off my face, ‘it shall come, and you need all the power you can muster. Re-channel it into anger, it feeds off of it, but it is its weakness too.’

‘It, who is it, grandmother?’

‘Because it takes females we call it he, but it is it, the nameless one, the essence of pure evil.’ Tafia flew off. ‘It shall come.’

Wanted to ask more questions, but Tafia was gone, and Worm was thrusting into me grunting and drooling all over me, or at least I thought it might be drool. I was re-channeling the pain and the very act into anger.

Grunting and drooling Worm shot his seed deep into me, as Frog squirmed on my face hissing, “Yeah, fill that cunt, uppity bitch.”


Got a hard slap on one titty, right on the nipple shield, getting me to scream into Frog’s pussy.


Frog gave me another hard slap on the other titty, getting the same result.

Whoever kept slapping me, while the nasty bitch rode the shit out of my face, ending with her squirting thick hot, foul-tasting girl juice all over my face. With her squirming around I thought she was going for a second ride, and was just about to take a huge bite when she rose up. The breath of near fresh air was do intense, so welcome, almost taking me to a blissful place.

Smack! Smack!

Bitch slapped me across the face, both directions. “My cunt did good job on cunt-lapper.”

The little dude rapped his staff hard on the ground, as I wondered if I’d get a chance at Worm and Frog after taking care of Mr. Dark. Don’t know why Ramon hesitated, but I wasn’t going to, and I smiled at the thought of me opening their jugulars, letting their lifeblood-

‘No, young one,’ Tafia scolded, ‘control your darkness, it is his best conduit, and he shall exploit it. You cannot do away with the darkness, but it must be made small as possible and shelved.’

Frog lowered her sloppy cunt back on my mouth, and cackling humped my face.

‘Yes grandmother,’ I sighed, ‘I’ll try, but you ask a lot.’

“No, child, no trying, you must do it to survive.’ Tafia fluttered into my vision. “Banish all blackness, corral the darkness, picture this world as it can be, as you can fashion it, do not lower yourself to their standards, or they shall vanquish you.”

Little dude rapped the ground with his staff, much harder.

“Getting to it,” Mr. Dark chuckled, “they’re just enjoying the afterglow.” With a grunt he snapped his fingers. “Release the bitches’ bindings.”


Mr. Dark hit me on the back of the legs with a long stick. “Listen up whore, not going to go over this again and again.” I was wiping off my face, and he chuckled. “They’re a pair of skanks, all these years and I can’t get either to bath regularly. Suppose you want a good douche, ‘ey?” I wasn’t about to answer, and he didn’t wait. “Submit, and it’s done.”

“Have to do better,” I spat at him, “than your whore’s stinky twat.”

“Oh, I will.” With the stick he tapped the altar, “You’re on what we call the point of origin, this temple, as in all ancient temples was built with sacred geometry, although this is the original. Simply put it is the ‘blueprint of creation’ and the ‘genesis of all form.’ It goes by other names, when learned men supposedly solved the mystery.” He snorted. “But, they weren’t close.”

“Right,” I looked down, “a smooth topped crystal, big fucking deal.”


Prick hit me across the face. “Don’t blaspheme the temple, you got more than me to worry about if you do.” He tapped the top. “Look again, see the etching?”

This time the little dude didn’t object, and I took it he thought this might be blasphemy too. I did see it, appeared to be a conch shell.

“It’s known as the ‘god ratio,’ and is proportional more than a length. You start with one add one, then add the last two numbers for the next, two plus one, three plus two, five plus three, and on. With this formula temples were built, as were all buildings.” He tapped the floor. “With this ancient formula they were built square, or I should say plumb, and aligned with the stars.”

“Okay, good architects,” I shrugged, “so fucking what?”

“No,” Mr. Dark looked as if he resisted the urge to hit me, “it’s not an architect thing, it’s a fundamental fact of life, it’s the design of nature. The proportions work in snowflakes, crystals, creatures, lightning, how a river flows, or a tree branches, it’s even in the molecular and atomic patterns that all solid metals exhibit, and it’s seen in our own DNA. In short, it’s the very building block of this universe, and those who come here from other worlds will understand it.”

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes, “what does it have to do with me?”

“This was the beginning of the end, and will be again, and you shall be that beginning, dealing the end to those, who so richly deserve their fate.” He tapped the crystal, then waved the stick at the others. “Crystals continuously put out electric-like radio waves, as does the brain, same thing can be said of the cosmos. When you submit he’ll return, and we shall proceed with the next stage of evolution. With your help, Lady Angel, the new generation will be born, and it’s time to go forth to conquer the cosmos.”

“Except,” I grunted, “I’m not going to submit.”

“Oh, you’re wrong Lady Angel, you’re a tough bitch, but you don’t know the power of the crystals.” Mr. Dark came closer. “No doubt you’ve heard of chakra, ankh, flower of life, holy grail, and star of David. Well those, and every other religious relic started with sacred geometry, goes for their sanctuaries too.” He waved the stick. “It’s all here, and so much more.”

“Yeah,” I again rolled my eyes, “doesn’t mean shit to me.”


“Understood,” he cracked that stick across my belly, “but will soon enough. You see all these crystals act as a conductor of cosmic energy, a single one is no big deal, and can’t trap enough energy to become vibrant. However, being linked is a different story, by the use of the golden mean these twelve crystals were placed to empower the thirteenth, and he is coming.”

“Maybe,” I gave him a head bob, “but I know you don’t have the thirteenth crystal skull, it’s being studied at various sites. So, I’m not impressed.”

“Pfft,” he made a rude noise, “don’t be ignorant, bitch, if that skull had any worth to this procedure I’d taken it back long ago.”


He hit me on the back of the legs. “In truth it was nothing more than a toy, a prop to keep the high priests in line with the cause. You want to know what happened?”


Prick nailed me again, and I didn’t give a shit what happened. “Seems one of my fucking trusted disciples,” Mr. Dark glared at Worm Dirt, “wanted a little fucking pussy…”


“And gives up the fucking crystal skull…”


Every time he hits me Worm cowers in fear, and I’m starting to get pissed. “For a piece of snaggle-toothed young pussy.”

With him glaring at Worm I snort, “Doesn’t sound like it’s no big deal if you’re still this pissed.”

“Fuck you!” He raised the stick, but little dude made some clucking sound, and Mr. Dark lowered the stick. “Matter of discipline is all, fuck the skull, altar has the real power, and you shall see soon enough, Lady Angel.” He chuckled. “Yes, soon enough.”

Did not have much, but seemed to me I had a little bit of control over the situation. “So, asshole, what’s with the masks, ya’ll as ugly as I think you are?”

“None, of your concern.”

“Right,” I spat at him, “how about I strap your ass down here and dictate your concerns to you, you fucking dickhead.”

“Watch your mouth.”

“Why?” I stretched my aching muscles. “What are you going to do torture me more?”

“It could get worse, could indeed, bitch. Just a warning, you can do as you please.” He walked around me glaring. “Could get a lot worse for others too, if you–”

“Fuck you,” I cut him off, “you said no others are to be harmed.”

“No,” holding up a finger, he grinned, “I said, ‘no killing,’ didn’t say shit about ‘no harming.’ Can you picture what these two morons could do to your friends? Um-m, not–”

“What friends?” I cut him off. “You lying fucking prick, shoulda known you’d not honor your god damn word. All this is bullshit, it’s over.”

“No, doesn’t work that way, sweetheart. I–”

“Fuck you, don’t call me that, or I’ll rip your heart out.”

“My, oh my,” Mr. Dark leered at me, “a sore spot. Anger, hate, murderous rage, such delightful emotions, the top feeders. You’re going to be a tasty morsel, easy to break and re-form.” He dusted off his hands. “Well, your rest time is up.”

“Wait,” I tried, “what about Ramon, you were going to tell me his tale.”

“Nice attempt,” Mr. Dark clapped his hands, “but not happening, maybe in the morn. Let’s get her gear back on, give her a little workout before you start her wrap.” He turned, then stopped. “Oh, and clean up all the jiz, got bad enough flies already don’t need more.”

The pair were bowing and scraping. “Hey, asshole,” I hollered, “I got to go.”

“Fine,” he snorted, “go, none of us give a shit.” The three start yucking it up, and Mr. Dark shrugged. “Suit yourself, do it when you got your gear on, or hold it for another nine days. Way you were screaming and carrying on, probably already done it a time or two.”

As usual the prick was right, and I undoubtedly relieved myself during last night’s ordeal. I certainly do not recall any active thoughts on the matter, but surely must have needed to before now. I went to the edge of the altar, but needed more slack. “You mind?”

“Fuck you,” Frog shook my restraints, “you wern’t half bad, but ain’t stupid enuff to turn ya loose, dumb-ass cunt lapper.”

Suppose humiliation was part of their torture, and took care of my business at the edge of the altar with them two looking at me like a pair of buzzards. I resisted the urge to make like a monkey and start slinging shit.

As soon as the apes yanked on my restraints, dragging me across the altar, I regretted my decision. Right off they jammed a dildo and butt plug in me, amazingly neither big enough to be uncomfortable. In no time I was back in the gear, including spreader bars and headed back up, with the lines pulling hard on my rings. There was pain, but nothing to scream about like I was doing.

Once up in the air, the stream of water hit, and giggling Frog was yanking on the lines, which sent bursts of pain through me. Have no idea how long they kept at it, but it was a lot longer than my sessions last night. It was a useless endeavor, seeing as I became numb from the pain within ten minutes of this torture. When the water stopped it was no surprise to find me falling back to the altar, screaming at the top of lungs from my greatest fear.

As always I came up inches short of smashing face first into the altar, but this time with more light I could see it clearly coming at me. Thought I would be headed back up, but I was lowered face first onto the altar.


He hit me across the back of my thighs. “Well, you’re not such a stinky bitch now. How long is it going to take for her wrap?”

“Um-m,” Frog waggled her hand, “four hours, give or take.”


“Alright,” prick had a great aim, catching me in the exact same spot as before, turning the sting into a burn, “wrap the bitch, and tube her.”
* * *

I had no idea what he meant, but knew it wasn’t going to be good. My spreaders were taken off, and it felt good to move my limbs more an inch or two. But it didn’t last long as the two apes began putting six-inch spreaders in their place. Of the two I liked these better, because it was rather easy to pick my feet up, even move them side-to-side.

Soon found out what was meant by wrap, as the skank began wrapping my legs with one-foot wide heavy cloth. It was woven and stretched so she could wrap it oh so tight, and I was liking it. Still, I thought it best to complain, which got these morons slumbering all over themselves and me. Closed my eyes, wishing this was being done under different conditions.


Prick nailed me on the titties. “Enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yeah,” I hissed, “change places any time you want though.”

“You need this for when he comes,” he sneered, “if you want to keep your sanity.”

“Sanity?” I roll my eyes. “Look around, what part of all this looks like fucking sanity?”


Was his only answer, and I yelped louder than need be. “Make sure the bitches' rings are exposed, and Worm go stir up her new friends.”

Frog was giggling at this as she finished wrapping me with the second bandage, ending at the top of my thigh. She slapped me across the face, getting the little dude to rapped his staff. “What asshole? Had to get her damn attention.” Frog clipped lines on my chastity belt, then motioned up and I heard the cranking. In no time I was hanging just off the altar, but except for a bit on pressure on my crotch pain free.

My hands cuffed to my belt I had no choice but to swing there, as Frog came at me with another bandage. She was carrying a cage made of sticks, but when she placed it on me I knew this was the tube. Five inches across, two inches tall, was more of half a tube. Frog held one end near my chin, and rolled the bandage around my shoulders, then spiraled downward towards my waist.

When finished I looked like a mummy, well I would’ve if I were fully wrapped, feet were sticking out, as was my head, and my pussy bare, no doubt to get at the rings. As for this tube, I had no clue to what it might be, probably another form of water torture.

Mr. Dark came by chuckling. “Frog Spit does a nice job wrapping up her cunt lappers, doesn’t she bitch?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “But you forgot to feed the cunt, and we got rules to abide by.” He crossed his arms, and tilted his head. “To nice of a job to unwrap the bitch, better feed her, she’ll need her strength tonight.”

He turned, then raised a finger. “If you’re stuffing her face she might resist.”


My belt gave me a shock, and I let out a loud yelp, getting him to chuckle. “Yeah, that oughta keep your mouth open long enough to eat.”


“Yep, gotta abide by the rules.”


Prick walked away laughing his ass off. Other two stooges shuffled off, and the shocks stopped til I heard them coming back. I’m not sure if it was a range thing or they quit because no one was there to enjoy my screams.

Was no surprise my meal consisted of liver, pepper, and onions, ground up and boiled I think, from the looks of it. The cranking started and I was lowered to the altar. “Hey asshole,” I turned my head back and forth, trying to locate him, “what did you do to Ramon?”


“Nice try, told you tomorrow.”


“Better pin her head, so she don’t make a mess.” He whipped the stick through the air. “And when she starts puking, don’t kill her like that one you–”

“Master, that’s been ages ago,” Frog cut him off, “and only the once.”


Prick nails me. “You talking back to me?”

“No Master, never.” Frog strapped me head in an upward position. “Me make sure no mistake.”


Swore he would be wearing this damn thing and would get the full treatment. “Good,” he caned my titties, “after you feed the bitch, ring her.” He struck me again. “You know what? Ring her now, she’ll enjoy her meal better not thrashing about.”


He walked away laughing. Thoughts of murderous rage filled my mind, and Tafia appeared, ‘Child this is not the way, control such anger or defeat is imminent.’

‘Yes grandmother.’ I fought the thoughts of him dying from my mind. ‘Tell me, why all these deaths, why all these lies?’

‘Power, little one, it is always about power.’ She fluttered about, landing on the tube. ‘Those who have the power wish no others might take it. First, it was your enemy, you sacrifice those captured to weaken fighting against you, then those who oppose you. Next are those who object to this tactic, finally those who might oppose you, by then someone else is in power.’

“Yeow!” Bitch yanked my clit ring, catching me totally off guard. Removing the thoughts of my hands around her neck was hard, but I managed. She gave my nipple rings a tug. “Um-m, could you do those again.” She yanked all three, getting a little squeal out of me.

‘This is better, young one,’ Tafia was just off my left, ‘remember, you must let it in.’


Before I could form a question he shocked me again, and my scream was cut off by a mouthful of slop. With no other real choice I gagged it down, or most of it when the next jolt hit me. My muffled scream was cut off all together with another ladleful of garbage.

After four of these feedings, the skank whore backed off and let me choke down the slop. Wasn’t about to tell them, but all ground up and together was easier to eat than separate. “Ah, what we got here,” Frog was holding something above me, ‘ain’t no reason ya gots to drinks just water, ‘ey, cunt-lapper?” She poured something warm in my mouth. “V-8, goods fer ya.”

Only thing worse than cold V-8 to me was warm V-8. Didn’t help she poured it down my nose, then gave me enough for two mouthfuls. Spitting the nasty shit out did no good, as it just sprayed back down on my face. I got half of it down and another ladleful of slop was dumped down my throat, getting me choking and gagging.

“Worm,” Frog hissed, “get yar cock and stuff in the cunt-lappers throat.”

Our eyes met, and he wasn’t as dumb as he looked. “Nope, she biter.” He backed away from me, and he’s right I’d bit it clean off had he got close enough to me.

Bitch poured more of the garbage down my throat, and I gagged it down, with Frog laughing her ass off. I swear she fed me a pot full of the slop, washing it down with a gallon of V-8.


Mr. Dark was back and caught me across the bare tits. “So, you feed the bitch. Bit of a pig, hope her new friends enjoy. Well, time for bed.”

Had no idea what he was talking about, but tried, “What about Ramon?”

“Good try,” he chuckled, “but not happening, wire her.”

Frog tied the wires to my rings, each headed in different directions, so no matter which way I moved there was pain with every breath. I could shift just a bit to get the pain going to different areas, so it was easier to take.

‘Hock-tui.’ Frog spit in my face. “Next time cunt-lapper ya licks me better and me might not tighten ‘em so god damn much.”

“Fuck you pig face, wash your big nasty twat and I might lick you ten times better.”

She looked around cautiously, then smiled and whispered, “Me scrubs it up now, but ya don’ts do a better job on me ya’ll have hell to pay.”

“Clean it,” I hissed, “you won’t be sorry.” The way she was smiling I was thinking she might be coming over to my corner. Now, I had to think of something to do with big dick.


“Looks like the bitch is ready.” The prick whacked me on the damn titties again, getting me to jerk, sending a wave of pain through me. “Say good night, bitch,” he started laughing, “for a while.”

With that it went dark. I couldn’t move anything but my head, and that was no more than an inch any way, well I could wiggle my feet too, but that was it. As far as torture went this was lame, seeing as I didn’t mind being bound. I yelled a bit, so they wouldn’t hang me on the ceiling, then I closed my eyes figuring to get caught up on my sleep.

If I fell asleep it wasn’t for long, and I was woke by a loud grating noise, which I believe came from above. Sounded like the water valves or whatever before I got hosed off, and I was happy this drying slop might be washed off me. Instead of being splashed there was a soft thud or two, then nothing.

I was a bit disappointed, really wanting this stink off of me, but instead of squawking about it I shut my eyes hoping to get some extra sleep. There was another soft plop or two and I didn’t even try to look, just concentrated on sleep. Was feeling so good my feet were tingling, and I was giggling, thinking what a lousy time to get an itch.


A jolt ripped through my pussy, and I believe out the top of my head. Screaming I jerked a bit.


This one started in my ass, and I think ran the other way. I was quivering, thinking this was going to be a long night, when there were a handful of soft plops on me. Thinking the fucking whore was throwing more food on me I wearily opened my eyes, as something grazed my bare titty.

Look down the best I could, can’t see more than half my boobies with the nipple rings pulled tight from the wires. I sighed, then stiffened as the tip of this hairy little brown leg came out from around my titty. My eyes big as saucers I waited, wondering what this critter can be. Another leg popped up, followed by a furry head.

‘A-argh, fuck me, get that fucking thing away from me!” I screamed at the three stooges, who were now giggling, as this monster spider kept coming towards me. “Fuck you, get me out of here, now prick!”

“Submit,” came from the shadows.

The nasty thing was larger than the palm of my hand, with humongous snapping fangs. Had no idea what it was, but didn’t think it was of the poisonous variety. Still, I didn’t want bitten from the monster, and shivering I yelled, “Fuck you!”

“So be it,” Mr. Dark let out a chuckle, “release the rest.”

Somewhere in the darkness above me there was a click, I was expecting water, but something landed on my legs, then two things bounced off my thighs and finally several hit my stomach. With that nasty-assed spider crawling on my titties I didn’t want to look, still I had to know, and I raised my head. Squealing out a yelp I tried to run, as a dozen of this furry prick’s cousins had joined him, but I was going nowhere wrapped and tied as I was.

Feeling pain from the rings, I tried to relax and lay my head back on the altar, which is when I saw them. More spiders were coming down the wires connected to my rings, getting the wires to jiggle. Their weight put enough tension on the lines so I didn’t get any relief no matter which way I moved, and there was no blocking the pain.

There was a scraping noise, but everything else was muffled by my intense blood-curdling scream, as spiders and whatever showered me. There must have been a lot, because in no time I could feel the weight of the little bastards on me, but now had my eyes shut tight, wishing they’d up and croak.


It dawned on me what the holes in the wrappings were for, as the vermin was crawling around them like they were tunnels. Their hairy little legs scraping against the near week old stubble on my legs sent chills throughout my body.


At least two were fighting on my pussy, the legs rubbing against my clit, another caressing a nipple over and over. Wiggling the best I could I tried to shake the nasty things off, but it was a futile gesture. Two others were on my other nipple, and a bunch on my ass.

“FUCK!” I panted, “What are these horny spiders?”

Laughter came from the shadows, then the prick came into view. “Did I forget to tell you something?” He just kept cackling as these spiders crawled all over me. Stopping he slapped his forehead. “That’s right I didn’t tell you the last thing frog did,” he leaned over me, sporting a leering grin, “sprayed parts of you down with love juice. Yeah, spider love juice, you’re about to be gang banged by a herd…”

Mr. Dark snorted, and scratched his head, “Is it a herd? Or is it a nest of spiders?” He shrugged. “Oh well, no big deal, and we can just call it a shitload of the furry bastards. Save you the trouble Lady Angel, submit and they’re gone.”

“Fuck you,” straining at my bindings I spat, “you fucking sick piece of shit.”

“Oh, there’s gonna be a fucking,” Dark busted out laughing, “and you’re it.” He damn near rolled around on the floor. "You’re gonna be coated in spider jizz and you’re gonna be getting off on it.“


“Yep,” he dusted off his hands, “that’s what we’re talking about.”

Closing my eyes tight I wished myself away, but the creepy crawlers told me I’d gone nowhere. With nothing else to be done about the situation I quit screaming, except now my mind unwillingly focused on the ministrations the vermin were doing on my nipples and clit. If not for the furry legs rubbing against my legs I might not have been able to control my body.


Like the water and all the rest of his torture I had to act like this was working or endure more. “No, I can’t get them off,” I scream, getting the morons laughing and cracking wise, “you can’t do this.” Oh the little bastards were heading up towards my face. “NO! No fucking way!”

Ar-rgh, woof!

In my mind’s eye I’m on the altar, snarling at the mutant spiders. ‘Raven, oh Raven, I never thought you’d come. Help me Raven, kill these filthy buggers!’ There was no way my warrior self was killing them, but I don’t think they were getting closer to my face.

The other good thing about Raven, I was no longer being excited by their creepy touch. Because of this Raven vanished and I opened my eyes, to see none of these little pricks were closer than my titties. I didn’t have to worry about an orgasm, still I cried, “No, it’s impossible I can’t be cumming. No! God no, oh shit, I’m cumming.”

Pieces of shit are having a field day at my expense, and I want a blade in my hand, plus them within arm’s reach of me. Only thing on my mind is how I could feel those first hairy little legs throughout my body.

Fucking things, always crawling about, at least I couldn’t feel them actually humping me. After I finished my quick phony orgasm I kept up the screaming, trying to think two steps in advance. This cock sucker knew my dislikes, although who could like fist-sized eight-legged freaks, but how did he come by this information.

I closed my eyes thinking he had said something important, a slip up on his identity. I channel this nonsense with the spiders away from me, racking my brain, and it comes to me, ‘he was waiting for me at the bar.’ No way had I been followed, meaning it was someone I knew.


My body trembled in anger, straining at the bindings, as my mind raced through all the names of those I knew. Had to be someone at the office, to know we were going there, because I didn’t know before that very morning. Gwen was the one who set it up, but no way could it be her. Chuckled to myself, yeah she would’ve definitely claimed the sex goddess title for herself.

Wait a minute, Pete stopped by in the morning, some lame excuse about his first base glove. Like it would’ve got lost in my stack of first base gloves. He didn’t have much to say to me, but pumped Gwen for info, whom in turn spilled her guts to me before he was out of the building. Besides, he wasn’t that long or thick, and I’m sure it was real.

Went through most of the other names in the company, but eliminating each for one reason or another. With no success in the name game I go back to thinking of killing the three, then peeling their masks off to solve the mystery for good.

“Ah fuck me!”

One of the little vermin bit me, on the thigh, near my pussy. Didn’t think it was poisonous, still I trembled in rage wanting to stomp the piss out of the damn thing, but I wanted to do that before being bit. Another bit me, then another.

“FUCK! Get these biting fuckers off me, now you prick!” To my right Raven was snarling and biting at spiders, this time seeming to fling some in the air. It was enough to get my mind off the biting and creepiness of those legs, and I concentrated on the pain, channeling it to killing these inhuman monsters, not just the spiders.

As if far off in the distance I heard the rap of the little dude’s staff, but the spiders still crawled all about, might’ve even been scurrying faster. I re-channeled it all to killing these three torturers.

I imagined how it would feel, knife in hand, I come up behind the laughing hyenas. I get the big one first, grab him by the back of his head, pulling it toward me, which is easy as he’s in a full belly laugh. Wrap my arm around his thick neck, lay the blade on the left side of his neck, stick it in and start drawing it around his neck in one quick motion. The heat of his blood pours over my hand, and I put more pressure on the knife, which in turn produced more blood.

Once the blade made it to the right side of his neck I pulled it back. Laughing had stopped, and gurgling the big bastard clutched his neck with both hands, as he spun to get a look at his murderer. Arterial spray washed over my face, as the monster’s eyes grew wide with terror as blood flowed freely between his fingers. His lips moved, but no words came, just a river of blood.

“Yeah,” I put my hand on his chest, “fuck you, rapist.”

I pushed him backwards, watching him stumble while trying to stem the flood of crimson covering his chest, listening to the gurgling wheeze. Too bad I had severed his windpipe I really would have liked to hear his dying words.

Having been holding the blade outward, I flipped it backward, then as Frog screeched a warning I gave her a backhanded swing, sticking the knife in the middle of her neck. The force cut off her threat, and I pulled upward on the knife, getting the blade to slide up to her chin. To make sure the job was complete I slam the palm of my hand into the knife’s hilt driving the blade into her brain.

“Yeah,” looking into the dead eyes, “fuck you,” I yanked the knife out, “skank bitch.”

One more, Mister Prick, his back still to me, but he was starting to turn, just a single step away from me. Flipping the blade back so it pointed outward I took that step snarling, “I win.”

I heard, “You think so,” as I thrust upward, hard as possible, aiming for his spine. He turned slightly and I missed the mark, but the steel pushed through soft flesh. Despite being already blood-covered his hot blood flowed over my hand, I hit gristle but ripped through it. The blade is stopped for just a fraction of a heartbeat by bone, but the power behind the thrust gets it scraping against the surface til finding a gap. There’s just the slightest pop as the blade slides in up to the hilt and the gaping wound wheezes and spews blood.

Caught him in the lung, and I twist the blade, expanding the wound, as I grinned at his death rattle. “Yeah, the final fuck you is for you pig.” I pull the blade out, and being sprayed with blood I thrust the blade into his lower back, hitting nothing but soft tissue, then giving it a half twist. Was his kidney or liver, I wasn’t sure, being as I was seeing everything in a red haze, I just knew it was a vital organ and my torment was over.

Mr. Dark turned to face me, but fell on his back, legs kicking while a dark blood pool expanded under him. “Told you,” I leaned down to cut off his mask, “shouldn’t have fucked with me.”

“No child, not like this,” it was Tafia, “you don’t win with such thoughts.”

“Why not grandmother?” I shook my head. “He's dead, along with the other two, it’s over.”

“No child, those two were his tools,” Tafia fluttered down to land, “just as he is the other’s tool. You do this you play in to the other’s hand, child. Remember, violence is not the key.”

There was a hideous sinister laughter coming from all around. “Oughta not listen to the old cunt, she couldn’t save herself from me, neither can you. Be gone insect.”

Tafia vanished, and a cold wave washed over my body.

“Fuck!” My body jerked at the dream, but I realize I’m being hit with water. Open my eyes and sure enough a flood of water washes over me, carrying many of the vermin off the altar. Tension on the rings eased up, and I thought it was from the lack of spiders, but could see the slack on the wires.

“Well now,” Mr. Dark strode up, “Lady Angel, do you think you can keep this up for… oh, that’s right, you have no idea when your time is going to be up.” He giggled like a bitch. “Might have another twenty sessions with your new friends to look forward to, or other encounters far worse.”


The prick nailed me across the titties with that damn stick. “Oh yes, you got far worse to fear locked up in that pathetic brain of yours, Lady Angel.” He runs the tip of the stick across my nipples a few times, getting a moan from me.


“Fucking prick!” He nailed me again, and the image of me sticking him time and time again popped into my head. “You have no idea what’s in my pea brain, asshole.”


“Wrong,” Mr. Dark laughed, “you have no idea what’s in your brain, or your worse fears. But trust me Lady Angel, he does and he’ll dig them out and expose those horrendous fears to you, bitch.” He waved the stick, but didn’t hit me. “String the cunt up, and clean these little furry pricks up.”

The cranking noise started, and I was raised up in the air,then hit with a stream of water hard enough to push me back til the lines to my rings were taut. The pain wasn’t bad, and I was thankful to get the mess washed off me. My muscles hurt from the constant straining I had done through their little torture session, and was so tired.

The water stopped, and I was so happy to be all wrapped up, not strung out like the first night, or was it like Dark said, ‘I had no idea how much time had passed.’ I shut my eyes, wondering how much time I’d get to sleep before the next go round.

-to be continued-

11-16-2007, 06:14 AM
Get me a can of RAID...I hate spiders....yuck...very hot chapter though...can't wait for six

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I'm working on 6, well thinking about it

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did you ever finish this story? It's really good and I would like to know how it ends