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Chapter 3: The Hike

The splash of cold water broke her from her sleep, in the most rude way possible. Panting for breath Mandy looked up at Eric, her chest heaving from the shock of the water.

Smiling he opened the cage door. “Believe I said we were going on a hike today,” Eric’s smile had an evil glow to it.

“But last night,” Mandy was confused, “you said you were keeping me down here.” Seeing the look on his face she hastily added, “Master.”

“You’re my slave and I can do with you what I wish. I had so hoped you’d learned this lesson last night.” Reaching in and unlocking her collar from the chain he lead her out to a bar hanging from the ceiling. “I shall have to remind you before we go.”

Attaching her hands above her head, he ran his hands over her nipples. He kissed her neck before walking away from her for a moment. When he returned he fastened a spreader bar between her feet. Securing it on her he then attached two hooks to the pole affectively attaching her to the floor.

Mandy’s heart was pounding. Eric brought out the whip from last night and began to lash her whole body. Mandy’s scream filled the room as the whip raised whelps on her skin.

“You will remember to address me as master or sir, not as an afterthought, and do as I tell you. If you cannot speak in the proper manner, or do as I say I will take the right away from you. Do you understand me?” The lash landed blow after blow as he spoke.

Gasping for air as the blows landed faster and faster she managed a weak, “Yes, sir.”

“I can’t hear you!”

“Yes, sir!” Mandy gasp out loudly

“Much better,” laying the whip down he took her lose.

Mandy was shaking with fear. The pain receded rapidly as long as he didn’t touch the long red welts covering her pale body. Taking her by the collar he led her to a closet.

He opened the door, slowly almost teasing her with it. “Time to get you dressed, can’t take you out dressed like that.” Eric smiled at her as she stood shaking. “Don’t want you catching cold. It’s an easy hike so, no need for gear like that. Hummm…” he set to digging through the closet, “let’s see.”

Walking out of the closet he had his arms full. Tossing the clothes down, he walked over and undid the chastity belt. “Go relieve yourself now if you need to go.” He pointed to a drain in the corner.

“But sir, that’s not a toilet,” her face was red at the thought of him watching her use the bathroom.

“Very good. Come here first, I’m going to take the butt plug out so you can do whatever you need to do,” grabbing her roughly he bent her over and jerked the butt plug out of her roughly. Gasping at the pain she bit back a sob as he stood her back up, “Now, go, quickly!”

Mandy walked to the corner. The plug being gone made her feel empty. Squatting she could feel his eyes on her as she relieved herself. There was nothing to clean herself with as she stood.

“Don’t move,” Eric ordered and she froze. A blast of cold water hit her hard between her legs making her stumble and shake from the cold. Motioning her over she moved quickly afraid to make him angry.

Taking hold of her collar he led her back to the sawhorse from last night and strapped her down again. Rubbing her ass cheeks he was mumbling to himself as if he was making a decision.

The feel of his fingers sliding first in her pussy and then into her now gaping anus made her heart pound. His touch left her body completely and she felt something press against her vagina. Whatever he was pressing into her felt huge. It stretched her painfully as he pressed it in till it hit her cervix. The next sensation was another butt plug but this one seemed to have a different feel to it. As she stood shaking the dildos he’d put insider her started to vibrate for a moment before he shut them off.

Mandy gasped as they began to move against each other. Mere moments after they started Eric cut them off. Walking around in front of her he unhooked her from the sawhorse and walked her over to the clothes pile.

“Now, the belt goes back on first.” He said, as he settled the leather belt back in place on her. The mitts were still on her hands so there was little she could do to stop him. Holding up a pair of alligator clamps he smiled at her, then he began to suck softly on her nipples getting them to stand up rock hard. Try as she might her body was responding to his touch, while her mind screamed she shouldn’t like what he was doing to her.

Real screams echoed around the room as he attached the clips to her nipples. The clamps had small teeth biting into her, and as she watched he smacked each breast getting the clamps to move. Gritting her teeth she tried not to make a noise, but her body betrayed her, moaning in pain.

“Such a delightful sound. One day you’ll learn to behave and will associate this pain with pleasure. Then you’ll beg for me to punish you and to serve me.”

Shaking her head no, she didn’t answer as he landed two more blows on her breast. Smiling an evil smile he undid the mitts on her hands. He picked up a red silk shirt and held it up for her to put her arms in.

Confused but scared she stepped forward and slipped her arms in. The vibe felt funny inside her as she walked. Motioning her to button it, he picked up a black corset. Waiting till she finished he walked behind her and slipped it on her, pushing her breast up higher on her chest. He pulled it tight and pulled the ties on it so tight she could hardly breathe.

“You are by far the sexiest of my slaves,” he ran his tongue along her neck as he finished cinching the corset. Leaving her trying to breathe, he picked up a pair of soft cotton pants that fit around the waist but left it loose enough to hide the locks on the chastity belt. He buttoned them as he pressed his chest against her sore nipples making her moan.

Taking her over to a bench he sat her down. The shoes he brought her to wear were mid-thigh boots, wide at the top and covered the pants making her look like something out of a fantasy movie. Around the ankles of the boots were loops with D-rings attached to them. Her mind couldn’t help but wonder why she would need those on the hike. Reaching out for her hands he buckled a cuff around each one, also with D-rings and locked them in place with two small locks.

Pulling her to her feet he walked to the rows of objects along the wall. Taking down a huge coil of rope and a leash he turned to face her. “Come here bitch.”

Taking as deep a breath as she could she walked over to him, her heart was racing. Reaching out he attached the leash to her collar, then gave it a whip. He started up the steps, and she had no choice but to follow. One of the maids was waiting on them when they got to the top of the stairs. Handing Eric a basket she bowed and smiled at Mandy.

“Everything you asked for sir.”

“Including the dog bowl and food?”

“Yes sir,” she giggled, as she left the room.

Mandy froze. Surely he didn’t expect her to eat dog food. When she didn’t move he turned to face her. Jerking the leash hard he frowned at her. Shaking she moved to follow him, her mind replaying the last few days events. If she had known this was going to happen she never would have come here.

Just thinking about the fact her body had betrayed her last night when he was using her, made her blush. Why had she enjoyed it so much? Never had she let a man use her like that. Hadn’t he said he treated his slaves well? Why was he being mean to her now?

Curiosity got the best of her as they started down the steps, “Eric, I mean sir? Can I ask you a question?”

Looking back at her oddly he stopped walking, “I suppose I can indulge you just this once.”

“Sir, you said last night you treat your people well. Why are you treating me like this?”

“Very good question. Yes you shall be very enjoyable. Before I can give you the luxuries you have to learn your place. Once you are trained and perform for me as asked you will see the finer side of being my slave. Already I have you dressed in the finest silks. Now, let me give you a tour of my property. I assure you. You’ll see it like no one else has.” The smirk on his face made her worry, as he led her off towards the east side of the manor.

There was a nicely manicured trail leading up the side of the mountain. Eric hummed happily and pulled her collar from time to time as they walked making her stumble. He set a brisk pace, and it was hard for her to breathe with the corset so tight, but she managed to keep up.

Eric’s property was breathtaking, and he pointed out different trees and rare flowers as they walked. He was talking to her like last night had never happened and she wasn’t on a leash. Mandy was afraid to do more than look obediently as he pointed things out.

They had been walking forever it seemed. The heels on the boots made her legs ache. The vibes pressed against her insides as she walked. The fabric brushing her constantly hard nipples was setting fire to her loins. By the time the walk was over she’d be lucky not to be on her knees begging for him to fuck her.

They reached a break in the trees. Eric stopped to look out from the outcropping of rock at the mountains before them. “Beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir,” Mandy whispered, as she looked in awe at the land stretched out before her.

“See I knew you’d see the beauty of it, and not the potential. Everyone else I’ve brought here has only seen the possibility to sell it and make money off the beauty here. I won’t do it. I want to keep it like this as long as possible.” Turning to her he pulled her to him. Pressing her body tight against hers he kissed her hard forcing his tongue in her mouth. The fire in her loins was growing as they kissed.

“Now, you get a view of this place like no one else has ever had,” walking her to the edge he pointed down. There was another path below this one. It was a good hundred-foot drop down. Turning her, he moved her feet close together and began to run one end of the huge coil of rope through the D-rings on the boots.

Panic gripped her. Laying the rope down, he took the other end and tied it tightly to a huge oak tree. Testing it and pulling on it he came back to her. Unable to walk with her feet hobbled together he picked her up and carried her to the edge of the rock.

“Going down,” he grinned, as he laid her down at the edge. The only thing keeping her from sliding over was his hands on her feet. “Oh I almost forgot, the last touches for your ride down the mountain.” Suddenly the vibes inside her were going off. Moaning she couldn’t concentrate to fight him as he lifted her up and locked her hands behind her back one huge lock through the D-rings. Slowly he pushed her back down, and started letting out the rope as he let her go over the edge.

Both vibes inside her were going crazy. Writhing against the rocks she slid down them slowly, but she was too preoccupied to be scared. Halfway down the hundred-foot drop he stopped lowering her. Mandy was writhing so hard she was swinging as she hung in the air.

The blood rushing to her head was making it harder to concentrate as she hung there. The rope just started moving again as she began to orgasm, and she humped the air as her loud moans echoed down the mountainside. Panting hard from the orgasm she realized he’d lowered her to about three-foot off the ground.

Her vibes were still going, and showed no signs of stopping as she hung there helpless. The weight of the clips on her breast hurt, pulling down on them, but for some reason the pain was increasing her orgasm as the vibes worked together to bring her to climax again. Rocks crunching got her attention, as she hung there trying to breathe.

“I do believe you are enjoying this,” Eric said, as he walked up. Standing in front of her he smiled. Running his hand over her nipples, he looked her over. “Think you’re about to orgasm again. Think you’re having too much fun.”

The vibes stopped, and she whimpered. Breathing hard she looked up at him waiting to see what he did next. His hands traveled to his pants, and he began to unbutton them. His huge member stood erect in front of her face. It was the most amazing penis she’d ever seen. Perfectly shaped, the head round and huge, he was easily nine inches, and hard as a rock.

There was a longing in her to have him in her mouth. Shaking her head, she tried to get control of herself. This wasn’t right. Her mind was screaming at her to listen, but the rest of her was absorbed in the sight in front of her.

“If you want down from there,” pulling her towards him he shoved his dick in her mouth, “you better give me one hell of a blow job.”

Mandy’s tongue expertly slipped around him, twirling circles around him before she slipped the tip of it into his hole. Eric was moaning and pulling her hair. The vibes kicked back on making her moan around his cock. As she moaned he began to fuck her throat. He rammed into her so hard she gagged and fought the urge to puke.

Soon all she could think about was the orgasm building in her pussy. The harder he thrust into her the more she liked it. Starting to orgasm she groaned loudly sending vibrations down the length of him as she worked him over with her tongue, sucking and pulling at him. It didn’t take long before he was unloading his warmth down her throat.

Pulling out he left her hanging there gasping. Looking down at his cock he smiled, “Oh you are something special. Didn’t miss a drop, probably the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

Mandy was panting hard trying to catch her breath. Eric cut the vibes off again, and took her down. Laying her gently on the ground he brushed her sweat soaked hair out of her face.

“I’m starved let’s eat, then I’ll take you back and let you rest before your next lesson.” Untying her feet then her hands he turned and handed her the pack, “Get the food out.”

Mandy took out a plate full of fried chicken, bowl of cole slaw, and several biscuits. There was only one plate, and she sat it down in front of him. Knowing what was coming she set out the dog bowl, and can of dog food.

Eric loaded his plate before reaching for the can of food, “If you continue to improve as your lessons go along, you’ll get better food. Since I had to remind you of your place this morning, this is all you get. I want you on all fours, and the bowl licked clean. Even one drop left and I’ll hang you off the mountainside all night, naked. It gets pretty damn cold up here at night. Better start eating my little puppy. We’ve got a long walk home, and you’re not going back the same way you came up.”

Looking down at the bowl she couldn’t believe he was making her eat like a dog. The embarrassment was horrible as she got on all fours and began to eat the dog food. The first bite made her gag, but she managed to get it down. It took a long time for her to fight the food down, as he sat and watched. Once she was done she sat back on her feet waiting for him to check the bowl.

Smiling he picked it up and put it in the pack with everything else. Taking her mitts out of his jacket she looked up surprised. Mandy hadn’t seen him put them in there. Putting them on her he walked back to the cliff side and cut two long lengths off the rope.

“On all fours,” he ordered as he walked up. Mandy did as she was told, starting to realize struggling would just make her life harder. Quickly he tied her ankles to her thighs so she was left on her knees and hands. Walking around her he picked up the leash once again.

Pulling her he headed down the mountain forcing her to walk like a dog behind him on all fours the entire way to the mansion. Her muscles ached as they made their way back. Several times she’d slowed hurting, but he’d just drug her across the gravel. It seemed like an eternity before they got in sight of the front steps.

The maid from earlier was waiting for them, and smiling she took the pack from Eric. Mandy felt herself flush red as the girl ran over and patted her head like a dog before going inside.

Something inside her broke as the girl skipped away. That’s all she was now. A dog, a toy for his amusement. It hurt, but yet as she stood there on all fours something else seemed to open up inside her. Something in her felt right, felt complete.

It was hard to get up the steps as he pulled her, but she managed not to anger him too much. Once inside the door he reached back and undid her legs. Tugging the leash she stood.

He lifted her face to his so he could look in her eyes. “It’s so close to being complete,” he whispered, “you’re almost ready to accept this is what you want. What you’ve been missing.”

Mandy dropped her eyes, ashamed he was right, her heart wanted nothing more than to be his plaything. Her mind still screamed she was losing it, but it was a distant, faint cry.

Smiling he took the leash off her. “I think you deserve a treat for behaving so well today.” Leading her down the stairs he began to strip her once again.

When the corset came off she took a deep shaking breath. “Thank you, master.” In moments he had her stripped of everything, but her belt and collar.

Taking her to her cage, he reattached her to the bed and shut the door. “I’ll think of what treat you’ll get after dinner. I advise you take a nap, it’s going to be a long night.”

Mandy’s eyes were already closing from exhaustion, before he made it to the bottom of the steps.

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god about time, good thing it was worth the wait,
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Well, this shows all the more just how romantic
you can be.

Perhaps some might see it as far from that but its
like sweet music to my ears. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

All teasing aside I do like the storyline and the direction
its taking with Mandy's training.

Although some might see this as just too far out there
to even consider being a part of, we both know that
it's something that can be a real bonding experience and
pleasurable given the people involved.

In fleshing out the storyline as you go I hope you'll
bring out more of Mandy's thoughts and how she sees
herself evolving through the various stages of her training.

A focus on her toughts as to a realization that this has
always been a part of her, if in fact that's how this
particular tale is to unfold.

That this man was able to unlock those places that perhaps
she'd kept hidden away and she finds herself taking pride in
just being who she is. This of course if that is how you
intend the storyline to resolve where they have a strong
bonding between them.

My only suggestion would be to have Mandy's character
be made to have more dialogue as it continues on.
Perhaps having Master have her verbalize more of what
she's feeling when he takes her through the various levels
of his training.

That's enough on this from me for now, it's good, very good.

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