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11-19-2007, 01:34 AM
I went car shopping earlier today, something I normally hate, any female who has ever gone alone, knows what a pain in the ass it can be. I love my car and would never trade it in, but if I'm going to start driving due South more often to visit family, I really do need something more fuel efficient. Not to mention trips to meet up with my latest fantasy, assuming, that is.
I pulled into the third car lot of the day, full of dread and noticed no one was rushing towards me, good start! I stepped out of my car and headed up an aisle, damn, I knew I wouldn't be that lucky, I realized as I saw a very short, portly man making his way towards me, huffing and puffing, mopping at his face. Shit! I quickly turned on my heels and ran smack into another salesman, double shit! I stepped back and looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, a deep sky blue surrounded by black lashes that I would kill for. Hmmm, I take that double shit back. Before I realize what I'm doing my eyes have roamed from his eyes, to his lips, moving from his chest to stop at his crotch, and oh lord I actually catch myself checking out the size of his feet and I know better!
I felt my face heat up and quickly brought my eyes back to meet his when I noticed he was holding out his hand, waiting for me to take it. Shit, shit, shit! "I'm Jason" he said, "Is there anything I can help you with today"? I take his hand in mine and notice how warm it is, his grip strong; "Why yes, you can strip naked and spread out below me while I ride the hell out of you"; I think, answering instead with, "Yes, I'm thinking of buying a second car, something that will get good gas mileage". "Well, let's see if I have anything you might like" he responds, releasing my hand. Was that a little extra squeeze I wondered,as he led me through another row of cars. "Do you want something big or small" he asked, "an automatic or do you prefer a stick"? Talk about loaded questions! "I don't want anything too big, what's the point; and if it's to small, why bother" I answer, thinking can I BE any more obvious? "and never an automatic," I continue, "I love the feel of a stick beneath my fingers". Why yes; apparently I can!
"Hmmm" he mutters as if I hadn't said anything remotely inappropriate, "I have just what you need, let me go get the keys; I guarantee you'll enjoy the ride". I nod, biting my tongue to stop another comment from slipping out, concentrating on his ass as he walked away, nice ass, verrreee nice ass. "Don't go anywhere, I promise you'll like what I have in mind for you", he called back, looking over his shoulders. I leaned back against a car and realized I was way to turned on by the prospect of what kind of ride he might have in mind. Nah...just trying to make a sale, I'm sure of it! Good, now focus I tell myself as I see him heading back towards me, keys in hand. "I have this PT I think you'll like it" he said. Been there, done that, but he's right, I did like the one I owned. "See how much room you have in here" he said, opening the trunk, "the back seats are folded down right now, full split, but you can also just fold down one side..... you there"? he asked waving his hand in front of my face. "Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking of what I could use the back for" I stammered, use it for indeed! "Well, lets take her for a spin" he commented opening the driver side door
for me, standing partially in front of it. "Thanks" I say, squeezing between him and the door, grazing my breast against his chest as I slid into the front seat, oops, not my fault they're the size they are. I adjusted the seat, stretched my legs out, adjusting the mirrors, leaning to the right to check the passenger mirror as he got in, conveniently ensuring he got a good look down my shirt. Nah, not obvious at all. I started the car, slipped it into first gear and headed out of the parking lot, hitting the gas as I sped up to avoid on-coming cars, my legs slightly spread, my skirt riding up each time I shifted, distractedly caressing the stick with my fingers, slowly moving them around the head of the shifter, up then down. "Where to"? I asked him. "If you'd like, there's an empty parking lot not far from here, it's not used much so you can see how it handles without worrying about anyone else". Uh, hell yes I'd like! He directed me to the parking lot where I did see how it handled.
"Not to bad" I commented, putting the car in neutral, lifting the e-brake. "Want to see under the hood"? he asked "Not a bad idea" I responded, turning off the engine and flipping the release lever before handing him the keys. He took them in one hand and held tight to mine. "What if I wanted to see under your hood" he asked, his eyes full of wicked mischief as he pulled me towards him, the e-brake hitting my ribs as he moved his other hand behind my head, my lips inches from his, my breathing quickening, "I do need to inspect everything in the car before I make a decision" I whispered against his lips as he closed in. He pulled my body as close to his as he could and crashed his lips against mine, kissing me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth. He moved his hand from the back of my head to skim over my shirt, moving down, his fingers slid under my skirt.
I spread my legs further to allow him access and felt his fingers running over my g-string. He put the e-brake down, smiling at me as he pushed his seat back as far as it would go and I climbed over to his seat, straddling his lap as he pulled my shirt over my head, unclasped my bra and started circling my nipples with his tongue, his fingers still running along the outside of my underwear, teasing me. He pushed my skirt further up my thighs, I leaned forward, reaching for his zipper. "No" he said, "not yet". He pushed me back until I rested against the dash and moved my legs so they were braced against the front of the seat, I heard fabric rip as he tore my g-string apart, I liked that pair too...He continued to run his fingers around my pussy, back and forth, teasing me, I didn't think I could get any wetter, I did. I put my hand over his, trying to move his fingers inside me, "No...not yet" he said. FUCK!!!!!! I started squirming as he continued to tease me, nearly screaming out loud when he finally touched my clit, gently rubbing it, bringing it to full attention, "That's what I like to see" he said, pinching my clit, circling it with his fingers, using his other hand, he slid two fingers inside me. I began to move on his fingers, breathing hard, starting to tense, my legs beginning to shake when he withdrew his fingers. I cried out in denial. "No...not yet" he repeated again. "Fuck not yet" I gasped. He leaned forward, grabbed my hair and pulled me to him, "Not...Yet...", he said, licking my mouth with his tongue, moving down my neck, licking my nipples, biting at them, his fingers back to teasing me. I will not beg, I will not beg was the only thought I had.
"You know, that's not the best way to close a sale" I managed to gasp out, laughing at the shocked look on his face. "Yeah, but it's my favorite sales pitch, a first offer" he replied laughing with me.
I sighed and leaned forward again, his eyes watching me as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time, running my hands across his chest, enjoying the feel of smooth muscles under my finger tips, pinching his nipples, following the line of hair leading to his waist, stopping to rub the bulge in his pants, "And a fine one it was, here's my counter offer" I told him, as I began retracing the path my fingers had just taken with my tongue. I slid off his lap, untying his shoes placing them on the floor between my legs, my hands sliding back up his legs, moving to his zipper; this time he didn't stop me. He lifted his hips so I could draw his pants off, he wasn't wearing anything beneath them. His eyes were still on mine when I took him in my mouth, his cock throbbing each time I moved up to the tip, circling it with my tongue then moving back down to the base, my fingers squeezing his balls each time I moved back up. I watched his face as I repeated each movement, saw his eyes close, felt his legs starting to shake, "Not yet" he ground out, pushing me away from him. He lifted me back up to his lap, placing my legs on either side of his, moving my hair away from my face before gently kissing me. Without warning he pushed me back against the dash again, "Now" he said, forcing his cock into me with one smooth, hard thrust. I leaned forward, forcing him deeper into me, I felt his mouth against my shoulder, catching my breath as he caught my rhythm, matching me stroke for stroke, our speed increased, our breathing becoming more shallow with each stroke, he reached up to grab a handful of my hair, jerking my head backwards, I felt the rush of heat in my face, felt my body begin to shake, saw his eyes turn a darker, stormy shade of blue and heard myself cry out as I came, my slickness coating him as he thrust one final time, his own body shaking with the force of his orgasm.
We stayed that way, waiting for our hearts to slow down and our breathing to return to normal. It was close to 10 minutes before we were able to start getting dressed. I pulled my skirt down, found my torn g-string and tucked it in my purse along with my bra, looking around for my shirt which he handed to me, pointing to a love bite he'd left on my shoulder, I couldn't tell you when that happened.
We drove back to the car lot in silence, which was fine with me, I didn't want to ruin a fantastic test drive with talk! When I pulled into the parking lot he told me to park next to my car, which I did, turning off the engine and handing him the keys. He held my hand in his and gave a slight squeeze. I returned it with a squeeze of my own. We got out of the PT and walked to my car, I opened the door, slid into my seat, started the engine and put the car in neutral, hitting the down button for the window. He knelt down, holding the door open with one hand, those blue eyes still full of wicked mischief, "So, what'd you think of the car"? he asked, a salesman to the end. "Well, I loved the way it handled" I answered, "but, I need to weigh the pros and cons before I actually buy". He nodded, stood up and stepped away from the door, "Well, if you decide to buy, come back and see me. I'd be happy to take you for another test drive". I leaned out and closed the door, releasing the e-brake. "Hey", he said, "Aren't you going to give me your name". I shifted into first gear, looking up at him as I began to inch the car forward,
"No" I said....."Not yet".

11-19-2007, 01:44 AM
Hot story...the only thing it needs is a little formatting work...thanks!!!

11-19-2007, 05:27 AM
Jef! I am so glad you came over here to post a couple stories! I love your stuff!!!
This is such a great story. I love all the double innuendoes! Very clever, as always... you are such a handful!

What he means about the formatting is that it reads smoother if you put spaces between your paragraphs, sweetie.
Hugs and Kisses!!! Lots of hugs and kisses, Fyre

11-19-2007, 07:14 AM
A really good story but I have to agree those spaces give the reader pauses to breath as will your story.... many thanks for sharing.

11-19-2007, 02:12 PM
very hot story wonderfully written , but like Freedom and Fyre said it would make it easier to read with more spaces between the paragraphs

11-19-2007, 05:14 PM
Great story, but I agree with everyone else, work on the formating. But please write more

11-19-2007, 09:37 PM
great story

11-19-2007, 10:25 PM
good story, keep em cumming

11-20-2007, 12:41 AM
Great first story hope there are more to come. Nice having more stories from females

11-20-2007, 02:35 AM
Thanks all!! I am learning & will get better with the formatting, but take everyone's comments to heart!! Heck - does saying thank you HERE even get to everyone?! Hmmm..... : )~ Please keep the FYI's coming!

11-20-2007, 04:25 AM
Nicely related tale you've spun for us Jef.

At times the format can be a bit tricky, I find myself
having to make adjustments when I my stuff from
word pad to the actual post body on both here
and our sister site.

Welcome to what the world beyond the Blue door.

See you around on the boards.