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11-19-2007, 01:51 AM
Voyeurism, is there anything in the world quite like watching a very intense, very sexual couple enjoying themselves, seemingly oblivious to everything going on around them? I wouldn't have thought so until my first visit to a swingers club on the east side. I found that I quite liked and, was highly turned on by, not only watching that particular couple, but by being watched as well. By the time I visited a club in California, all bets were off.

I can't say that the idea of a swingers club or even just the voyeuristic aspect of it had previously even entered my mind. So when a former partner asking if I'd be willing to go with him, I was cautious, more than a little nervous, but willing to try almost any thing once.

Before I agreed to go with him, me being me, I had to know what I was getting myself into so I hopped onto the computer, went to the website and read anything and everything I could on the swingers lifestyle. Within a short period of time, I was hooked on the idea of going.

We were advised to dress up in costume, a nice evening gown or sexy lingerie. Of course, you think I could find anything that went along with the theme? No, of course not, so I ended up with an outfit from Lover's Pantry; a short black mini with Boxer-Girl written in pink across the waist, a thin top, a tiny g-string and a robe to match the skirt. My pink flip-flops might have ruined the appearance some, but hey, comfort is comfort right? I even had the required mask, one I didn't end up wearing, but I've kept it as a memento, both mine and his.

He showed up while I was getting ready, the final touches: hair-check, make-up-check, vanilla perfume-check. We grabbed our bag, got into the car and off we went. The club is not far away from me, but I had enough time to 20 question him about his past experiences, me and that damn curiosity of mine, ever the inquisitive cat I am!

My first thought as the house appeared was that it was beautiful, my next thought was oh shit as I saw a very attractive woman casually stroll across the lawn in a very see-through negligee who, as it turned out, was our hostess for the evening. After parking and taking a deep breath, my playboy and I went in.

They had a very nice potluck dinner and people were chatting, getting to know one another or reconnecting with others who'd already been there, very relaxed. We received a tour of the house, the rooms were explained, the outbuildings, what each area could be used for etc. Then we were called in for orientation. Our hosts for the evening were very clear on the rules and protocol that had to be followed, first and foremost, NO means NO period. OK, so I'm impressed. Our hostess even went so far as to fling herself across the mattress and give a preview of an acceptable way to approach a woman or couple if you'd like to join them. OK, so now I'm really impressed!

After orientation was over, everyone was allowed in and those who wanted to, stripped down and began to play, right in front of where we were sitting, apparently we had selected the best seats in the house . Within moments I felt his fingers move up my legs and begin to rub...

Now he'd already been forewarned, but I'm pretty sure he had visions of girl on girl action when when we began talking to the couple next to us. "The Pirates" were in a world of their own and she began to rub my leg as well. She was quite cute, laughed at herself and told me not to mind her, she was just a "little bi". Hmmm, to bad I'm not, she was cute after all!

11-19-2007, 03:42 AM
Off to a good beginning...Thanks

11-19-2007, 07:16 AM
Thanks Jeff for this wonderfully written story.