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11-19-2007, 01:53 AM
Every year there is a waterfront festival that I try to go to with a couple friends of mine. This year, was no exception, especially since one of my favorite local bands was playing. We headed directly to the beer garden so we could get good seats, walked by the "guard" who seemed to be checking i.d. (I didn't get carded), passed three cops who were standing around talking, before ending up at a table near the entrance. I like to people watch as much as anything so I turned back towards the entrance where I took notice of a new cop who had joined the other three. He was wearing typical cop sunglasses, but that's where anything typical about him ended. He was about 6'3, jet black hair and his uniform fit him like a glove, I was drooling.
After we were settled, David took our drink orders and went off to go get our drinks, I turned to Teresa and said, "Holy shit, did you notice that cop over there, he's fucking hot, I think I've fallen in lust". She shook her head in the not again way she does with me, but looked towards the cop and said, "I think he's looking at you". Me?? No way! I looked over at him again, he'd taken off his glasses and sure enough, he was looking straight at me, a slow smile spread across his face as he replaced his glasses and nodded in my direction. NO FUCKING WAY! I nodded back and turned to take the beer David was trying to hand to me. I took a sip then proceeded to spill it down the front of my shirt. My face flamed red as David, being the wonderful man he is, helped me out by congratulating me on starting a wet t-shirt contest. "The bathrooms are right over there, lets see if we can clean you up" Teresa shouted over her husbands laughter. I shook my head no and began to dab at the beer.
Yeah right, I'm supposed to walk past Officer Hottie with beer down the front of my shirt? Um, thank you, but no, I'll just sit here and freeze my ass off, or more correctly my tits! I glanced over to the cop in question and realized he hadn't seemed to have noticed my fall from grace. Well all right then! I had decided to sneak to the bathroom when the lights started flashing on stage, followed by the announcer shrieking that the band was only moments away, I stood along with everyone else and began to cheer, taking another sip of my beer. The ass to my right hadn't pushed his chair back far enough which caused him to trip into me which caused me to spill the rest of my beer down my shirt. FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!
I looked over and, of course, the cop was staring right at me, smiling that oh-so-cool smile. David had noticed as well. "Here, go take off your shirt and put this on" he said, handing me the shirt he was wearing over his t-shirt. "What and lose the T-shirt contest"? I asked. No way around it now, I thought. Taking his shirt with a thanks, I grabbed my purse and headed to the restroom. "Ma'am" Officer Hottie said taking off his glasses as I walked by, "looks like you've had a little to much beer". His smile was wickedly hot, his green eyes lighting me up. "Oh, just a little, but don't worry, I'm not driving oc-i-fer" I replied then promptly shook my head; making stupid drunk jokes to a cop, NICE, that damn mouth of mine! Mortified, I slipped past him to the bathroom, hoping to wash away the smell of beer and salvage both my shirt and ego at the same time. I hid out in the bathroom for as long as possible, finally peeking my head out only to find him leaning against the wall, looking my way.
I left the bathroom still hoping to make a clean break, apparently he had other plans and blocked my escape. "Come here often" I asked (damn it!), trying to move around him. "Not often enough it seems, I usually miss the good stuff" he said, nodding towards the shirt in my hand. "Yeah, well...what can you do"? I muttered, attempting to walk past him, brushing against him instead. I hadn't taken more then half a step when I felt his hand on my arm, his grip forcing me to stop and felt his fingers caress my skin. "You know, that could be considered assaulting an officer" he said, smiling down at me. Now this could be interesting after all! "Believe me, if I'd assaulted you, there'd be no considering about it" I said. "Yeah"? he asked, "Yeah". "Sounds like this could turn into an interesting discussion, I'm off at 12:00 if you'd like to meet for coffee or something" he said, eyes flashing again. Hell yes! "Awww, that's to bad because I plan on being in bed by 12:00." I said as I took out a piece of paper, wrote on it and handed it to him. Smiling he looked at the paper and then back at me, confused. "What's this? Your name? What the hell am I supposed to do with this"? he asked, annoyed. "Do what cops do" I told him walking away, "Find me".
I got back to the table, laughing at my friends reaction when I told her what I'd done. "And what are you going to do if he does show up"? She asked. "Why, play cops and robbers of course", I drawled, laughing all the harder when her husband tuned in and asked; "Huh..what's she done now"?
The band began to play a new song, drowning out any response we might have had and we soon got into the groove of the music, the mix of "retro" songs, played to get you in the mood, no matter what mood you want to be in, relaxed me and I forgot about Officer Hottie for a little while. Occasionally I'd peek over to see if my cop was still around, catching his eye, I smiled at him, he glared in return. Maybe he didn't want to play after all, too bad.
It was near 11:15 when the band finished their last song and we got up to leave, as we passed Officer Hottie. I said, "Have you found me yet? 45 minutes and counting". That earned me a smile. I had only taken a couple steps when I turned and walked back to him, leaning in as close as I could, I ran my tongue around his ear, breathing lightly I said, "And wear the uniform". His smile turned from wicked to pure devil in the space of a heartbeat. Then again, maybe he did want to play! I left him there, visions of cops and robbers playing in my head.
I dropped my friends off at their house, Teresa not closing the door until I promised to call her with all the details, telling her husband to mind his own when he asked again, "Huh..what's she done now"? I winked and drove off...

11-19-2007, 03:00 AM
great stuff...thanks for sharing it with us

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Thanks for the story...;)

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great story again Jef... thanks for posting it here

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wonderfully story , hope to see the rest of it.