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11-19-2007, 02:04 AM
I flirted a little bit with the female pirate and continued to let her run her hands up my legs until she got bored and left, maybe she realized I was a no-go, hard to say. Either way, I enjoyed the compliment and relaxed even more. Or tired to anyway, my companion "Hef" was still rubbing my legs and moving his fingers higher up, or under as the case may be. I'm not generally a shy person, but still was not quite ready for that - I mean (gasp) there were people watching after all!

We stayed there and watched the orgy for a bit longer as new couples exchanged places when space, or people, became available, interesting to watch, but not my thing. We soon decided to check out the other areas and left the players to play. We peeked in one room and in my nervousness I started to babble something about my dog and he shushed me and said "not now" or something to that effect. OK, I'm pissed, don't talk? HE SHUSHED ME!! Well, that got my hackles up. After a few more minutes of watching (fine, I sulked) we left and he asked "now what were you saying..we weren't supposed to talk in that room" - Well hell, guess I didn't pay attention to all the rules after all. Hackles down..

We walked through the swimming area, said hi to our Pirates as they passed us, I looked at the strippers pole, and we went outside to check out the outbuildings. We'd been told there was a swing in one of the outbuildings and both of us were very curious. Sad to say we didn't get to it, but I had other things on my mind by then and so did he... he laid me down on one of the couches in the room, slid hands up my skirt, teasing my pussy as he pulled the g-string down. Hmmmm, guess I was a little more turned on then I realized, I was WET and when he put his mouth on my clit and started to nuzzle it, moving his fingers inside me, I think I came inside 5 minutes and that's unusual for me! Round 1 to Hef..no doubts about it!

Time to move on...our next stop was an outside tent, open on all sides, mattress placed on the ground, candles for light. A three-some left when we entered, fine, more room for us! He lay down next to me, kissing me and I realized that he'd only taken the edge off, I was still just wet as I was before; he may have had round 1, but I wanted more. In the meantime, another couple we'd been talking to came in, apologized and began to strip one mattress over. I'll admit that I don't remember much about fucking him inside the tent other than it was quick and hot for both of us also - he's not normally like that either, but fuck if it'd didn't feel good when he finally slid his cock inside me.

We cleaned up, left the tent and headed back inside to take a quick shower, the aroma of fresh baked cookies filled the house and was an enticement in it's own right to all players. Everyone gathered into the kitchen, talked, laughed and moved on. We went back to the original orgy room and watched some couples, a porn movie was playing in the back ground, hard core fucking, anal fucking, rimming - you name it, it was there. A couple comments were thrown out from the people gathered on the couch, including a slight discussion about rimming, my laughing over the porn and the whole room erupting in laughter over a wailing moan repeatedly coming (pun not intended, sorry) from another room.

It wasn't long before I felt his hands on me again and I straddled his lap so he could play with my breasts - I couldn't quite close my mind and was a little distracted by a couple of men watching from behind us and I did chicken out a little, I moved off his lap and took his cock into my mouth, playing with the tip, sliding my lips up and over his length. This didn't last long either before he pushed me back onto my back and started to fuck me again.... until the moaner came in and laid down on the mattresses in front of us and began to moan. No way, sorry.

We got up and went into the first room we'd check out (I was good this time)! The room was warmer then it had been any where else, the light were dim and there were two, maybe three couples on the bed. Sweat was glistening from their bodies as they rocked back and forth and my eyes were soon glued to one couple in particular, the way they moved with each other, the way he touched her, their bodies in sync and their rhythms in complete harmony as they switched from position to position, it was breathtaking to see. I felt Hef move behind me, or maybe I moved in front of him, I'm not sure, all I know is he was hard again, harder then he'd been all evening and as I leaned against him, he began to kiss my neck, the curve of my shouders, and I spread my legs so he could insert his finger into my pussy. I'd been licked once, fucked twice and I was still ready for more, ready for him - completely lost in what I was seeing and what he was doing.

I think both of us would have moved to that bed, maybe we would have even lost ourselves into the aura of the room, we'll never know for sure though, we'd been followed into the room by the wailer and that, I'm sorry to say, broke the spell.

11-19-2007, 02:35 AM
Another great story...glad you found our site

11-19-2007, 03:44 AM
Thanks and again welcome aboard

11-19-2007, 05:38 AM
Jef! I think I know this place! I haven't ventured to the outbuildings either, I always get distracted by the main play areas and all the wild and fun. I love reading your rendition of the play party. I wish this place was closer to home... Thanks so much for posting another great story!

11-19-2007, 07:13 AM
Good story, well thought out plot and well written... many thanks for sharing it here.

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loved your story

02-14-2008, 12:11 PM
Takes me back to my swinger days excellant descriptive actions

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