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11-19-2007, 05:10 AM
I work at a tow company with the strip club right down the street. One day this came to me and since one of the readers here at bluestories messaged me and indicated an interest in such, I thought I'd post it...

I was rushing around the back of the building at Station One. Man, I had to pee! I’d been on this long, boring run with a lady that couldn’t shut her trap. I was towing her back to Bucky’s. The more I had to go, the more I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I shoved open the door to the can and stepped into the stall so I could piss in the toilet. I didn’t use the urinal. It stank like a son of a bitch.

Shit! There was somebody inside!

A female. Naked as the day she was born. What the hell? She was young. Blonde ringlets scattered down her neck. She was very tanned, almost bronze, and she was one of those girls who used little stickers to make whitened shapes in her tan. She had a Playboy Bunny shape on the inside of her thigh. It was sexy as hell.

“What are you doing in here?”
“Waiting for someone to show up.”
“Well I need to piss.”
“Then you’re who I was waiting for.”

What the hell?

“Pee on me, Darlin,’” she urged. She pulled her legs up in a V. A foot by each ear. She was flexible like a ninja.

Her feet were tiny and perfect. Little gold toe rings on three of her toes. God, she was pretty. Even though she was fucking nuts!

I had to go! Could I just pee in the water and be done with it? I glanced down.

With her legs all spread the way that they were, her pussy was wide open. Like a target. She begged me with steady eyes. Do it.

I fumbled with my zipper and pulled it out. I didn’t know if I could do this. I mean, I wasn’t used to anybody watching. I wasn’t used to aiming at anything but the ripple that formed on the water.

She put her hand down over her puss. Her fingers were slender with immaculate nails. They were painted a light brown. “Hit me right here. I love it.”

Fuck it. I had to go. I closed my eyes so I could remember how to pee and I pushed. Then I opened right up to aim. The pee was hitting her, right on her little blonde bush. I refined my touch and the stream arched lower and streamed right against her clit. She used her fingers to spread herself open. She sighed. The arc streamed to the left, then to the right, passing right across her ass.

Then she started peeing with me! I could see the piss coming out!

That made me stop completely, even though I wasn’t done.

I watched her piss, but it wasn’t just a regular pee. She was climaxing. I could see her body tense. She was closing her eyes. She arched her pelvis against her hand. Fingers, splashed and wet, probed inside her soaking cunt.

“I know you’re not done yet,” she said.

“I’m not,” I admitted.

“Then piss down my mouth. I want you to finish, then I’ll suck you hard.”

Before I could protest, she leaned forward, shins still up past her ears, and she took my cock in her mouth!

“Now pee!” she demanded. It sounded more like “Nyaw Bee.”

I didn’t know if I could! I had to concentrate. She wasn’t making it easy. Although she wasn’t exactly sucking on me, it was really hard to think about something else so I could finish my job. She held my dick there, against the warmth of her tongue. I tried not to think about it. I focused on the little amount I still had to let out.

Push. Push. Push. I willed myself. Somehow the stream opened back up and I could feel her tongue move to swallow. Fuck this was crazy!

She drank it down. The fucking crazy chick drank down my piss. Good grief!

Then I felt her flick the tip of her tongue against the pee hole, probing it. Making sure it was all gone. I pushed again. Was it all gone? It seemed to be.

Then with a glorious swirl, her tongue started dancing against me. I heard something, so I opened my eyes, and she was furiously masturbating as she sucked my cock. It didn’t take but a moment for me to get bone hard, and fill that pretty mouth of hers! Damn! We should get this treatment every time we go take a piss!

Cupping my balls in her hand, she started stroking her mouth up and down my hard shaft. Nice. She was doing a great job. Nice pressure. No teeth. Steady movement. Real nice.

Through it all, she was flicking her finger against her pussy real steady. I watched her like I was hypnotized. She started peeing again. This time she masturbated right through it, her fingers dancing around in the yellow juices. I imagined how warm that would feel.

Warm like the way her mouth felt around me.

She was doing a good job. After she finished peeing, she leaned closer in, and the suction got steady. It wasn’t going to take much more for me to cum. I looked down at her face. Hazel eyes looked back up at me. She kind of smiled. Well, as much as she could around my erection.

She was hot.

My dick stretched that last oomph, you know, where the ridges bulge out and the cum’s about to explode. She felt it coming. She closed her eyes and stoked her mouth up and back even faster, even steadier, waiting for the eruption.

“Oooh!” I called out. “Uuunnnnnnnngggggghhhhh!” I groaned against her, then I grabbed my dick to stoke the base, to milk the last little drops on her bright tongue.
As soon as I finished, she swung her legs to the floor and stood up in one swift motion. She pulled on a gold mini dress that showed off her hair and her tan. She smoothed it down. I could see splashes of golden pee still playing on her thighs.

I backed away and zipped up. Apparently she was done.

“Come see me sometime.” She said, opening the bathroom door to leave. The bright light beamed in.

“What do you mean?”

“I strip at the club down the block. They call me Golden. You know...as in showers.”

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Thanks Frye...i'm sure a lot here will love it

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fucking hell that was nice Fyre

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Why Pyro... glad to see you found the story so soon! Hugs! (Or should I say Dribbles???...) ha ha ha ha ha

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really hot story well told... thanks