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This story came about when one of the readers here at bluestories messaged me and told me he has a secret fantasy about his sister finding him wearing her clothes... Then followed a flurry of texts and a couple pics... what a fun guy!!! Additional parts to cum soon! <wink!>

My sister and I, well we used to play dress-up. We used to. Back when we were about five. We used to haul out our mother’s hats and scarves and skirts and put them on. Shelley, my sister, she used to love to dress me up like an old school marm. She’d put me in pleated knee-length skirts and turtleneck sweaters and tie scarves around my neck like I was an extra in Grease.

That was all fine and good till my father found out.

“You will NOT wear your mother’s clothes!” he hollered as he snapped his belt menacingly. “You will NOT play dress up with your sister. You are a MAN. You will act like a MAN.” and the belt came down on my ass leaving welts the size of the blades of grass we found by the creekside and could press between our thumbs to whistle.

My father slapped me with the belt until my bottom was hot and red. My dick got hard, but I pushed it into the plush of the couch and hoped he would not notice.

Eventually he asked whether I thought I’d learned my lesson. I was sure I had. The lesson was that I didn’t want him to catch me.

Now that Shelley was sixteen, her clothes were sexy and irresistible. No one knew I took her panties and little crop tops from the dryer. I hid them in my room and usually I slept in her silk and slinky polyester.

I loved her thong panties. I loved how the front clutched mercilessly at my penis and balls, the tiny strap disappearing into the cheeks of my ass. I put them on and immediately would grow hard, the fabric biting into my ass, the triangle of fabric lifting away from my body with a constant tension. The harder I got, the sweeter the torture. On Saturdays, when the rest of them would disappear to the mall, I would put on the tightest of her panties, some silk slippers and a velour robe that belonged to my mother. I would spring an erection and dwell in the expanse of it, straining against the elastic bonds. I would vacuum the house, and try not to think of the silky fabric rising away from my body. I would don plastic gloves and wash dishes up to my elbows, the tight thong t-back biting into the flesh around my anus. Then I would pour soap into palm of the rubber gloves, spring my hard dick free from the restraint and grease myself into a foamy release into the kitchen sink.

Not everyone can stand and jack into the kitchen sink without standing on tiptoes.

Yes, I’d reached six foot six. I wanted to measure my cock, but I didn’t want to be disappointed. I was sure it was ten inches now, but it didn’t seem to have grown much after I turned thirteen. I had a period of time when I had to grow into it, so to speak, the way a puppy grows into his feet.

Shelley came back to the mall wearing a fluff of blue marabou swagged around her neck. Oh it looked so soft! She had a stylish hat that jaunted out into a distinct angle of sophistication and she held a clutch of new makeup items: lipsticks and eye shadows and blush.

Why oh why didn’t men get to wear marabou collars and lipsticks and shadows and blush?

Now don’t get me wrong. I was just as much a guy’s guy as anyone else. The other players on the basketball team called me up and kept track of how many beers I could down, how many cheerleaders I could charm just like anyone else who made the team. I wasn’t the leader of the pack by any means, that score had to go to Jamal, who could drink until we made him stop and he’d shagged most of the girls on the cheer squad. He wouldn’t tell me if he’d screwed Shelley or not. None of the guys would tell me that. I wasn’t sure whether that was on account of Shelley being hard to get, or because I was her bro. I think they thought I would kick their asses.

At any rate, Jamal called me over to his place earlier that season and we played blowjob games with Jasmine and Amber. Another time, it was Theresa and Paige.

They just didn’t know that sometimes after one of those girls, clumsy with her braces, nicked me on the side of my schlong, I brought it home and wrapped it in silk for the night.

Sometimes it seemed like Shelley knew I took her things. I tried to be discreet. I’d take them under the guise of folding the laundry. They’d end up in my room. I’d masturbate to pretty panties and sports bras. I wished her strappy shoes would fit on my huge feet! I’d play with her clothing then hide it all back in the hamper, no one the wiser.

The next time she went to the mall, I couldn’t find the marabou scarf nor the catchy hat for anything. I went into her room and searched and searched. I did find her stash of tampons and a notebook of confessions from tenth grade, so I knew I was finding her secret hiding places. No marabou though.

In the back of her drawer, I found some red slinky tap pants and black thigh high stockings with seams down the back. I took them both. I straightened up what I could and went back to my room.

One of the video games I have has this inane music that challenges repetitive to repeat itself. That’s the video game I usually set up when I’m going to try on her stuff. Dad won’t let me have a lock on the door but the music is both repetitive enough that I know if someone’s around my room because I can hear the extra sounds. When I’m about to hit my jackpot, I switch the music to mask the sounds of my panting and straining to cum.

What I didn’t know was that Shelley had figured out my system.

There I was, dressed in her thigh-highs with seams up the back, trying to balance in her tiny strappiest black slut shoes, the tap panties on with the silkiness pressing against my groin, and then her tight thong panties on over the top of the tap pants, pressing, and straining. I was stroking my cock through the layers of fabric, my eyes closed, feeling the compression of nylon against my legs, wishing my size ten feet fit into her sandals... I felt the pressure start to rise, and I pressed on the joy stick to change the music to the louder, more caucus faire which would enable me to cum in disguise...

It was then that Shelley decided to mess with my head.

She came busting into my room. “Oh my God. Oh my God Jay, that is my stuff! What the hell are you doing?” She started laughing and pointing.

I swung around, totally unable to pretend I was doing something else, something more refined, like kicking back with a Budweiser. My face felt like I was sunburned; it was that red. I wished I could shrink down into a whisp of smoke and melt into the hardwood floor.

“Look! Look!” she kept saying, laughing... “I can’t believe I am seeing what I’m seeing. Oh my freaking God!”

Needless to say, my erection was the one thing that faded away into nothing. If they could, I was sure my balls would have crept up inside my belly. Suddenly the shoes were hurting my feet, the stockings felt confining, and the panties were sticking up my ass!

“Oh my God!” Shelley squealed. “I am so going to tell Mother. I am so going to tell Mother. Is that her robe?”

I hung my head in shame. There was not much else to do. I waited for the barrage of comments to stop and the public humiliation to begin. I imagined my father would make me parade in this costume in front of the entire basketball team, possibly at the next school pep assembly. My days of comfort and acceptance were over.

“You know what?” Shelley asked, her voice changing from glee to one of negotiation. “I am not going to tell Mother. I am not. This is going to be our little secret. Our little secret. I own you now, Jay. You know that, don’t you?” She held out her hand. “Give me back my stuff, you little Perv.”

“I am not going to give you your stuff back with you standing right there in the room.”

“Yes. You are.”

She held out her hand, all five foot three of her, blonde and bouncy and gave me her I-mean-business stare. “Give me my stuff. Dad’s supposed to be back in ten minutes. He’s running to the store to get smokes for Mom. I think you have about three minutes left.”

Awkward, I stumbled out of her shoes and peeled off her nylons. I carefully took off the thong and didn’t know what to do with it, so I handed it over to her. I looked at her one more time.

“I have to take off these panties in front of you?”

“Either that, or Dad’s going to be here in about thirty five seconds. Your choice.”

For some reason, my teenaged dick decided to spring back to life. I felt it expanding inside the tap panties, and I so wished I’d been able to give it some relief. It was only moments before when I’d been about ready to pop, and now I was unsure whether I was going to be able to pop at all. Seemed Sis had her own ideas on how things were going to proceed.

I turned away.

“No.” Shelley said. “I want to see your dick. I want to see how fat it is when it’s hard.”

It was hard all right. It was so fucking hard, I knew the blue veins were popping out and the purplish head was twitching. I turned back to face her, the satin stretched tight against my member. Barely covered, I knew she could see my pee hole, even through the slinky fabric. She could fucking see everything.

I wasn’t sure why that made me so fucking hard. I knew I hadn’t felt this way when I was there at Jamal’s house, the cheerleader Paige down between my knees. I knew I hadn’t been this hard right before I came for her, the glug, glug of my jism shooting up on her bright cheeks. I knew I hadn’t felt this panicked in a long time. This was the same hard a boy gets when his butt is being stung by a belt.

Shelley was sensing the power she had in the situation and I think it made her afraid. She backed up a few steps but managed to keep her hand outstretched. “The panties. I want them now.”
At that point my mind lifted away from my body and I felt like I was watching myself bend down and pull the tiny red tap panties down. They had a stretch lace that was so fabulous and sure enough, booooiiiiiiiingggggggg, my dick sprung out and knocked against my underbelly. I looked up to watch Shelley’s face.

She was impressed.

When I noticed that, I was able to stand up straight, my dick standing out in front like a witching wand looking for a source of water. I flexed the muscles that made it flip up a bit, letting it strut out so she could see the whole thing, so she could imagine the give of it, the way I could thrust it about. I couldn’t tell if she was looking with some experience or if this was the first time she’d seen an erection. That last thought kept me stone hard. For some reason, I loved the idea of my little sister seeing my erection and having that be her first one.

I placed the panties into her upturned palm but she seemed to have forgotten what she was doing. I turned and her eyes followed my hard dick.
After what seemed like the longest seconds from Hell, she took the panties and put them with the hose and her shoes. “I own you, Jay. Remember that.” She turned on her heel and left me standing in my room. I still had the cum music playing and there was a bottle of lotion by the bed. This time, when I beat it off, I imagined her walking in and watching me finish. It didn’t take long.

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Thanks Frye....great story

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A reallt hot story well written, thanks for sharing.

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Fuck me runnin' LOL, talk about getting your
hand caught in the cookie jar.

Oh yesssssss, she owns his ass lock stock and both
smoking barrels now.

I can see how this could really turn into a new installment
with her using him any damn way she wants.

Very hot and creative writing!!!

Who says you can't get a good story from getting
a little input from others. Hee Hee

Rock on Fyre.

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i love it! very hot

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Good Imagery and nice sexual tension in that story Frye. Thanks lots

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Never, ever am I disappointed in your writings my dear! Hmmm.... whatever will be next?!

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wow thanks that was a great story hope theres more to cum
keep em cumming

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Chapter 2

I wasn’t really sure what Shelley meant by “I own you.” I mean, I could imagine it. But I didn’t really know. What it seemed to mean was that suddenly I ran taxi service for her and her gal pals. I packed her lunch. I cleaned the bathroom, which was her chore, and had been for years, but when I started to protest, she pulled the silver thong I’d been wearing out of her coat pocket just enough for me to see. “Da-a-ad!”

“I’ll do it. I’ll clean the bathroom.”

“What, Dear?” my dad said from the library.

“Nothing. Oh nothing.” Shelley gave me a knowing look.

So I cleaned the bathroom and did her share of the dishes. When Mom asked me what I was doing, I told her I’d promised to help Shelley out. She had a trigonometry test the next day. What Shelley really had going was some pink nail polish she wanted put on her toes, and she called me into her room.

“Paint these for me, would you, Jay?”

“Hell no.”

“Come on, it’s all girly girl. You might like it.”

She was probably right. I would. I would like it a lot.

“But I want you to change your clothes first.” She directed. “Put these on.” And she pointed to a spread of a turquoise thong, a soft terry robe and the marabou scarf that had gotten me into all this mess. “Go into my closet and put them on. When you come back, I want you to paint my toes.”

The girl knew what she was doing. She only saw me dress up that one time, but she knew what I liked. She didn’t have a lock on her door either, but I wasn’t too worried Mom would walk in. If anything, it would be Dad. That thought scared me.

“What?” she said, “You too scared. ‘Fraid Dad will walk in and catch us. Not hardly. It’s almost time for the ten o’clock news and after that, he usually falls asleep. You know the routine.”

I obviously hadn’t given it quite as much thought as she had.

“Besides,” she said, “I want to watch you squirm.”

Without any more protest, I dressed in the thong with the terry robe. I draped the soft silky feather boa around my neck. It felt fabulous.

She patted a stool where she wanted me to sit. She extended her toes. She had me insert foam separators and instructed me to shake the polish. “Now don’t move,” she said, and she used her other foot to reach inside the robe and nudge my package. “I want to watch it grow again,” she told me. “I’ve never really had much chance to watch.”

Having her say that made it rise like a cobra out of a basket. With her small foot poised at crotch level, I felt it break out, straining against the triangle of turquois. My balls felt pinched. “Oooh, Lookie,” she said. “I like that!”

I wasn’t really sure she wanted me to actually paint her toenails, but I took off the cap, the brush dripping with bright pink polish. “Wipe the excess off before you try to paint with it.” I did. Then I tried to paint her toenails and like a clumsy oaf, I smeared color all along the edge of her toenail. If I couldn’t even paint her big toenail, what hope did I have of hitting the small ones?

“Here,” she said, somewhat irritated. “Let me show you. Oh even better yet, since you like looking like a girl so much, I’ll polish yours!”

And she giggled and got down by the base of the stool. My left foot was on the rung under the stool, and she took it, used the other toe separator to pull my toes apart, and I watched as she painted my toenails one at a time, a creamy, pretty pink.

From where she was sitting, I knew she could look right up the robe and watch my penis bulge against the triangle of her thong panties. She painted my toenails on one foot, then took the other. “You’ve got some scrappy looking feet. We’ll have to work on that another day. For now, you realize you will wear this polish for the next week. You will wear it during gym. You will wear it during basketball practice. God forbid any of your friends will see you wearing your sister’s pink nail polish.”

Wwwwweeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnkkkkkkk. Just like that. Just like the glide of a slide whistle, my prick went from fat to flaccid in less time than it took to fully process that thought. The bitch! She knew I had to dress down for gym. She knew my homeboys would be looking for me to change my socks and shower! What was I going to do now???

“Hey, Pretty Boy, what happened to my show?” Shelley was under the stool peering up at my now flattened package.

I looked down at her and caught an eyeful of cleavage. She let her own robe fall open and I could see the red satin tap pants.

My dick started to stir back to life.

She finished painting my toenails a second coat. I managed to live through it by consoling myself that I could see down her bra the whole time she did it. She had the prettiest tits! And she must be outgrowing her bras because they gushed out of the tops like stepsisters stuffing size nines into Cinderella’s glass slipper.

“Are you watching me, Jay?” Shelley laughed. “Oh I’ve got something I want you to see. But you like wearing girl panties... Do you like ME wearing girl panties? Or would you like to see me without?” As she teased me, she trailed fingertips along my arm. She stood and she pulled her robe closed. She bent down and the red tap panties were suddenly in her hand, which meant they were no longer covering her bum. She watched my dick, and like a thermometer, it continued to rise.

Oh I fucking wanted to see! I started to step down off the stool. “Oh no you don’t.” She said. “Don’t you move,” she directed, gesturing at my feet. “Your polish has to dry. It’ll look absolutely atrocious if you smear it, don’t you think that will draw even more attention?”

Leaving me perched on the stool, she leaned back into her bed, the robe falling open to reveal my sister’s beautiful body. She had more hair than I expected, but she must trim it somehow, because any thong triangle front would certainly cover it all. She didn’t look at me when she did it, but she let her legs fall open and the pink crevice that opened, all ridges and valleys...her finger trickled down, starting at the upper end, pausing to stroke against her pink nub, then finally smoothing down to settle inside her pussy hole. Just up to the first knuckle. My dick was twitching against the fabric. Aching. I wanted so badly to explore...

I started to push the fabric aside, to let my Johnson spring free, just enough to stroke it while I watched.

“Oh no you don’t. You Perv. You don’t get to do anything but watch.”

Shelley brought her shining finger to her mouth and licked it off. She dabbled some spit on it and inserted it again, this time wriggling it around inside her hole, like a squirrel wanting to bury a nut. I sure the hell wanted to bury a nut!

“Oh no you don’t. This is just something to think about while you’re letting that pretty pink polish dry.”

For the next ten minutes or so, my little sis put on the most amazing show. She pulled her breasts up out of the confines of that bra and pinched pert nipples into shiny points. She trailed her fingertips along the skin, tracing paths to her navel. She tugged at the pubic hair, and when she did, the lips pulled up, revealing the pink glisten that I so wanted to explore. She spread her pussy open then, enough for me to see the nugget of her clit, shining, like a small pearl. She stroked it there, and I could smell the heat rise off her body.

The triangle of satin on her thong was about to rise off my body, and she was not above noticing her effect on me. She giggled and licked her finger again. “Do you want a taste?”

Oh God. You betcha. Did I want a taste? But I knew better than to act like I wanted something, anything at all. My sister could read me like a book anyway and the usual pattern was that if she knew I really wanted something, she would do everything in her power to keep it for herself.
I watched her petting her pussy like it was a sweet kitten in the rain. “Here. You want some of this. I think you want some of this.”
I didn’t need to answer. My dick was cramped and uncomfortable. She had a full view of my cock, and watched me wriggle to try to push it into a better position against my leg.

“Just leave it alone!” she said, abruptly sitting up. “And I think your nails are dry. You may leave. Leave my room now.”

I got up and left the room, completely forgetting I was still wearing her clothes. I went down to my room without any concious thought except that her pussy was the prettiest bright bubblegum pink I could ever imagine. I looked down at my toes, still spread by the foam divider. My toes were a pink that reminded me of only one thing, and I imagined the name on the bottle: Shelley’s Shiny Pussy Pink.

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oh wow Fyre, chapter 2 is fucking hot

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Another great Chapter...thanks

11-25-2007, 04:19 AM
Man Frye, that was so good it was hardly fair. Nice story.

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very nice I love the new chapter
keep em cumming

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Shelley checked daily to make sure I didn’t remove the polish from my toes. Oh she didn’t have to worry. As soon as I realized what color my nails were, the juicy color she showed me on her bed, I was fine having my toes painted that color. My cock was plenty hard that whole week. I didn’t have to do much but breathe or see her and my dick got hard. An imagination is a powerful thing. I hid my pink toenails inside sweaty gym socks and drove her friends around. I cleaned the bathroom. I rinsed out the sink. I put away dishes. The whole time my dick was rock hard.

I was waiting, I suppose, for the other shoe to drop. You see, I’d been caught wearing panties and stockings, and now had pink nails. My sister “owned” me-her word, not mine- and I was mostly entertained by her attempts to get me going. I’d watched her diddle herself on the bed. I knew she liked the jut of my Johnson and wondered what she was going to do next.

I didn’t have long to wait before I found out.

Shelley was in the her room when I got home from school. “Jay! Get in here!”

Who the hell knew what she wanted?

I stuck my head inside. “Whazzup?” I saw Paige. “Hi, You,” I said to my sister’s friend. There was that awkward blush of discomfort when you see some chick who grooved on your dick just a few weeks before. She’d been a good sport, but there was no way in hell she knew what to do with my full ten inches... Ha ha. Made me proud to remember I could choke a girl... We’d gotten drunk and probably let it go a little too far. Come to think of it, I hadn’t even talked to her since ...

“I see you two already know each other,” Shelley said. “Good, then, no need for introductions. Get in here.”

I went into the bedroom. Why did I have the impression I was a snake being charmed by two mongooses?

Oh no! Shelley had her cheer uniform all laid out on the bed. No, she wasn’t going to make me do that. Hell no.

“Paige wants you to try on this uniform so we can see how it looks. Get in here, Jay. Or should we call you Jolinda? The new girl on our cheer squad?”

Paige giggled. Now I didn’t feel like the dude who could choke her. My sis wanted me to be the dude she’d see prance around in a dress! Hell no.
“And maybe Paige could see you put these on.” Shelley laid out the silver thong. “You remember these, don’t you Jolinda?” She smiled her I-mean-business smile and I felt her ready to call my Dad. “Maybe you could show Paige your toes, Jolinda? What do you think about that Paige?”

Maybe Paige would save me from this humiliation... Maybe she didn’t want to see this any more than I did.

Paige just laughed. “Jo-Linda,” she said with disdain, “put on your sister’s uniform. And put on the thong panties!” She picked them up like they had cooties, and flipped them down on the bed. Then she said a few undistinguishable words, undistinguishable because she was laughing hysterically!

Shelley was laughing too. I started to turn and walk from the room.

“No. I don’t think so.” Shelly said, suddenly cool, calm and collected. “Put on the uniform, Jay.”

Shelly crossed the room and stood between me and the door. “I’ve got Dad’s cell number and all we need to do is to text Dad and to tell him what you and Jamal did to Paige over at his house two weeks ago...” Her eyes narrowed. “I think you should put on the uniform and get this over with.”

Of course Shelley didn’t know it, but I’d put on her uniform once before. I’d put on the uniform and swished the pom pons over my lap, feeling the cool rustle of plastic, watched my dick rising through. I’d jacked off slowly and methodically, the radio blaring fight songs at half time in the background.

This wasn’t going to feel like that time.

“Oh, and put on these too...” and Shelley gestured toward the black thigh high stockings. And a pair of huge black heels. These heels looked like they were a men’s size ten! I saw them and even though I was humiliated, my heart rushed a few beats.

“Where?” I said. “Where do you want me to dress?”

“Us girls get dressed in front of each other. What? Are you ashamed of yourself?”

“No.” I insisted, but really I was. “No, Ma’am.”

I started to strip off my sweats. The girls cuddled together on the bed like they were watching some sort of live entertainment. Every so often I could see them poke each other with elbows, point and whisper behind their hands. Paige and Shelley were both giggling non-stop.

I didn’t know how to feel about any of this. A few weeks before, I was the stud who could choke Paige on my nice, thick dick. Now, the two of them were over there, pointing out my pink toes, twittering at how I looked in stockings, and talking back and forth about the huge erection I had and could not make go away, no matter what I did. I felt so exposed! The skirt was short, and with my dick poking it out, I kept catching myself on one of the pleats; it made the girls laugh uncontrollably. I was humiliated, but horribly aroused. Aroused beyond belief.

The more they giggled and scrutinized me, I was both embarrassed, and somewhat proud. I was proud that I could take this, that my dick was hard, nonetheless. They were obviously impressed. I got done putting on the sweater and stepped into the wonderful shoes.

Of course, I toddled. I had no experience walking on four inch heels. I couldn’t imagine standing that way all day, the heel cranked all the way up, the instep muscle strained to its full length. But I looked down, and they were fascinating! The pink polished nails lurked mysteriously beneath the black stockings, and my feet each tapered to a sexy, point. If I may say so, they looked delicate, and that was hardly an adjective I’d waste on myself. If I’d been alone, I would have pulled my dick free, hankered down and jacked off, just looking at the shape of my feet in those sandals.

But I wasn’t by myself. Not even close.

“Get over here,” Shelley ordered.

She wanted me on the bed! I couldn’t imagine. What the hell was she going to do to me next?

I went over and sat next to her where she motioned, on the side of the bed. I wanted to cross my legs, trying to be –ahem– ladylike, but the expanse of my dick was going to make that a very uncomfortable prospect. When I sat, the fabric on the skirt popped up into the shape of a half opened umbrella, the pleats in the skirt leaving no doubt how long and hard I was underneath.

“Now we’re going to strip for you, Jolinda. Maybe we’ll even teach you a little cheer...”

Paige and Shelley hopped up off the bed and Shelley flipped the CD forward a couple tracks. “Who let the dogs out?” boomed from the speakers. The girls went into the cheer squad formation, well as much as they could, just the two of them, and pom pons and all, started cheering for me. They were professional and perfect. I wanted to clap.

After that song ended, “You can Leave your Hat on” came on, and I watched as they dropped the pom pons, and started taking their clothes off. Shelley wore that sexy hat that I liked so much, and Paige wore one that was more like a derby. Both girls were intent on taking it all off, but hiding as much as they could behind hats and/or pom pons, I didn’t have a hope to catch sight of much more than a glimpse of a nipple or the rounded curve of Paige’s shiny ass.

Watching the two of them prance around, blocking the good stuff behind their hands and even using one another to hide from me. For the finale, Shelly all but gave me a full frontal, then dove behind Paige to cup her hands over her breasts while Paige hid her pretty little bush behind the pink derby. Seeing my sister cup those generous breasts in her small hands totally turned me on. My dick was all but twitching in torture. I wanted to jack off so bad!!

Their whole little show took about ten minutes. As the second song ended, both of them were naked, my sister behind her friend, both of them flashing eyes full of mischief. I was sitting on the bed, so vulnerable in my sister’s little costume that she’d come up with. If my father would have walked in at that very moment, my life would have been over.

I can’t say that I didn’t have all sorts of thoughts racing through my head at that time. I was thinking about how Paige’s mouth felt around my cock. How I’d shoved her face down over it until her eyes bugged out and watered. She came up off me coughing and gasping for air and me and Jamal mostly laughed at her. I was feeling right now that wasn’t my proudest moment. I was remembering Shelley all stretched out in front of me, playing with herself for me to watch. I was thinking about the pink of the nail polish. The pink of nipples and derbies, and of course, virgin pussies. I was also thinking about the quick switch of leather on my bare ass, the last time my father’d caught me dressed up.

I both wanted the day to continue, however it was going to proceed, and wanted to end the day right now, before I could find out the end, before more could happen to emasculate me.

The water bottles. What was with the water bottles? I watched, and the girls took another swig. The glasses had been half full when I’d come into the room, but the girls kept signaling to each other, then they’d giggle, and take another drink.

They were rehydrating themselves after cheer practice. Right?

For some reason, it felt like there was more to it than that. The giggling. There was altogether too much giggling.

“Jolinda. We want you to lay down right here...”

Then there was a shower curtain, and the naked girls were pulling it out across the floor. “Lay here...”

I felt like the stupid little kid who is the last one to figure anything out. Like the butt of the joke. Like the stupid ass who could never get anything right...

But, of course, I wasn’t going to admit that. The girls were standing normal. I could gawk at their breasts, watching how they swung... that wasn’t something you could see in posed pictures in a magazine. I watched lean leg muscles flex as they patted a spot in the middle of the shower curtain. They wanted me to lay down on my back.

There wasn’t so much a true sense of knowing what was going to take place. They knew. I knew they knew. I could taste that in the air like the bitter crispness that comes away from the orange as you peel. I just didn’t know what they knew.

So I laid down. In the pretty little cheer dress, I laid down. I tucked the dress around me, and I looked aghast, staring at pert nipples, and the undersides of boobies I could only imagine. Paige had a dark, bushy bush. Shelley’s was trimmed into a small little triangle, as I knew from last week. Hard to imagine that was only last week. I laid on the floor, only hoping to catch the sight of spread pussies, all glistened and pink...

I was hardly prepared for the gold streams of urine. Oh my God! What the hell were they thinking?

As I laid on the floor, looking up, half-dreaming, the girls passed a silent code back and forth and both of them kneeled down over me. I couldn’t help it, I was staring, trying to imagine how touching their soft pussies would be, and then... SWISH! They both started pissing!

At first, I plain couldn’t believe it. No way. These were girls! They stood over me and they pinched their lips and spread their pee holes and tried spraying me all over. The urine rushed down, soaking the outfit, hitting my face... I reached up to block it, but Shelley said, “No you don’t, you little Bitch. Don’t even think about it. That will spray stuff all over the room. You need to lie there and take it. Bitch.”

She stepped on my arms, and I dropped them to my sides. She was now straddling my face, and the piss came down in a thick, pungent stream, soaking my chin, running in rivulets over my cheeks, my nose, even into my mouth! The perfect warmth of it caught me off-guard. 98.9 degrees. I couldn’t believe how luxurious it felt, how delightful, how precious.... If I could only get past that two girls were pissing all over me.

Then Paige was squatting and letting all hers loose, directed at one spot: the apex of the tent under that cheerleading skirt. Oh my freaking god! To feel all that warmth, rushing over my dick, sweeping down over hairs, plastering the fancy fabric from the thong and the panties... oh what was she doing to me???

I was both humiliated and exhilarated. I wanted to cower down and to dance. I felt both imprisoned, and freed in that instant of imprisonment. I wanted to lay there and take it. I wanted to resist and hold them down and rape them both. I wanted to pee all over them, have them take it from me... I even wanted my father to come in and catch us, all in that moment... All I could think was “Look at me NOW!!!” Take this, Brutal Bastard. I’ve got two hot, lovely ladies, dancing and stripping and playing for me, and now we’re in the midst of some marvelous headgame....

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I realized they were done. I looked up and they were getting dressed, twice as fast as they’d undressed, giggling and rushing, pointing at me...

“You better get up, Dumb Ass.” Shelley said, “You’re gonna get fucking cold.”

She was right. The piss was changing temperature quickly. My clothes felt clammy and tight. The shoes were wet and uncomfortable.

Paige tossed me a towel. Arm in arm, they left the room. Me, still laying on the floor, drenched. With a fucking hard-on that was never going to quit...

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