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11-19-2007, 06:18 AM
Audrey never quite imagined things could
get so intense until her boyfriend invited Mistress
Raven over for a little house warming party.

A surprise he'd told her of a woman merely
coming to lend a hand in making a few decorative
changes to Audrey's favorite place when wanting
some alone time with her plants and flowers.

Mistress Raven had her own unique version of
"Trading Spaces" and had turned Audrey's potting area
into far more than a place where green thumbs were the
order of the day.

Here the color of choice was RED and Mistress
Raven knew all the right spots on Audrey's milk white
skin to add that appropriate hue.

"Welcome Audrey, welcome to my my little version of
Dante's inferno," Mistress Raven chuckled.

Before Audrey could speak she felt the damp rag
being placed over her mouth and nose. No taste or odor
assailed Audrey as she struggled to breathe, she felt herself
falling as if into a void and all went dark.


When Audrey awoke she found herself suspended from
the ceiling beams of her potting area, her wrists restrained
by leather cuffs.

"What a sweet little ass you have honey, a little pale
for my taste but I can remedy that in short order,"
remarked Mistress Raven.

"Make that bubble butt glow cherry pink Mistress,"
giggled Josh, Audrey's boyfriend.

"The little bitch has been keeping that pussy off limits
to me for too fuckin' long and I aim to take me a good
dose of it," Josh said.

Suddenly Audrey's smooth bottom was assaulted
by the slap of thick leather as Mistress Raven used the old
razor strap across each cheek.

Audrey wailed with each blow, tears running down her
cheeks and smearing her mascara until she looked like a
helpless racoon with its leg caught in a trap.


"What really chaps my ass most of all is that she reads all
those fuckin' romance novels where the women get raped and
forced to do all kinds of shit and she still holds out on me,"
groused Josh.

"Perhaps you need to try a different approach Josh, if she's
reluctant to give you her cunny then maybe you should
utilize that delicate pucker of hers," Mistress Raven suggested.

"Please Josh, I'm sorry, I'll give it to you more often I promise,"
Audrey pleaded.

Mistress Raven unhooked Audrey, her arm locked under
her chin as she drug her over to the black leather padded table.

Audrey's flame red curls twisted in Mistress Raven's
fist as she continued to apply pressure to her slender neck.
Everytime Audrey began to swoon into unconsciousness
Mistress Raven would release her grasp for Audrey to take in a
shallow breath of air.

"You're killing me God damn it, let me the fuck up from here,"
screamed Audrey.

"Fuck her up the ass Josh, I'll get her good and loosened
up with my fist so you can get all that nice thick cock in there,"
demanded Mistress Raven.

Audrey moaned as she felt the delicate fingers of
Mistress Raven violating her rectum.
The muscles tensed as she wormed each finger
past the rippled pink anal ring.


Once inside the heated confines of Audrey's rectum,
Mistress Raven slowly, teasingly began tickling the
velvet smooth surface of her ass walls.
Each finger massaging the anal cavity firmly and with a
steady rhythm she knew would have Audrey yearning
to feel Josh's penis gliding in and out of the same spasaming
moist tunnel.

"Slide that hot prick meat right up there Josh, I want her to feel
the fire in that fucking thing as you ream her shit tube for her,"
Mistress Raven commanded.

Josh groaned with every thrust as Audrey's sphincter clasped
his shaft like a warm tender vice. The precum of his cock lubricating
Audrey's dilating anus, Josh pounded into her, his penis a rigid
battering ram knocking down any barriers.

"Are you gonna cum baby, is his big dick doing a good job down
there?" asked Mistress Raven.

Her arm beneath Audrey's throat, Mistress Raven held
her firmly in place allowing Josh free reign to penetrate
her time and again. Her own cunt dampening at the site
of Audrey's ass being pummeled with blistering strokes
pitched in and out as Josh continued to swirl his seed
heavily within his balls.


Mistress Raven could feel Audrey begining to buck her hips
back to meet Josh's thrusts. Her butt cheeks rolling against the
leather covered table to suction Josh's prick further and further up her
ass channel.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, that's it bitch, give me that hot ass, work that
load up in my balls for me," groaned Josh.

"Josh, don't forget our agreement now, don't shoot off in her, I want
to watch her drink it right from that pretty cock of yours," scolded
Mistress Raven.

Audrey could feel the intense pressure inside her mound
as Josh continued to vilolate her dark passage and knew she
was going to cum. She couldn't help herself as that familiar
buzz began down low in the pit of her tummy and quickly
spread to her groin.

As Mistress Raven pulled Audrey's hair tighter she
wanted to scream, this time the scream wasn't one born of fear
but of intense pleasure instead.

"That's a good slut, pull all that thick juice right up my
cock stalk so I can shoot it down your throat,"
Josh gasped as he pounded his meaty tool into her bottom.

Suddenly Audrey began to shiver and her legs stiffened as
she was on the verge of her own cum.

Mistress Raven brutally jerked Audrey backward across
the table pulling her off of Josh's slippery cock.

"Shit yes, what a sight that prick is, all swollen up
and wet with your dick drizzle and her ass juices,"
Mistress Raven said.

"Straddle his cock you smug little bitch, slam yourself
down on it and feel it drill right up your asshole."


Mistress Raven slid Audrey's legs over Josh's lap,
holding his glistening staff and guiding it once more
into the clenching haven of her violated anus.
She held Audrey's hips firmly in place as Josh once
more began to piston his shaft deeply inside.
Pinching and rolling the swollen bud of Audrey's clit
between her fingers, Mistress Raven could feel the heat
course through it as it began to pulse and swell with
a renewed surge of blood.

"FUCK, I want to unload up her ass Mistress, let
me shoot off inside her," Josh groaned as he began
to rapidly pitch his cock into her, feeling that tickle
of cum begin to rush up the stalk.

"It looks like it's about ready to explode and I think she
needs to wash it all clean for you Josh," Mistress Raven

"No baby boy, this load will serve to mark her as yours
because she's going to make it a part of her by eating
it all up and filling that sweet whore tummy of hers."

Audrey's tears cascaded down her cheeks as she was
denied her own cum, her head being forced down till she felt
Josh's penis part her moist lips.

"Swallow that fuckin' prick you little whore, take it all the
way down your throat and hold it there till I tell you to stop,"
Mistress Raven demanded.

Josh watched as Mistress Raven once again grabbed
Audrey's crimson hair and shoved her sucking lips to the
base of his erection.

"That's it, right fuckin' there, lap those balls and choke
on my dick baby,"moaned Josh.


"Eat his prick Audrey, I want you to try and swallow
those big cum filled balls of his too," commanded
Mistress Raven.

"Good girl, roll them in your mouth and suckle them up,
churn that load up for him as you soak those big
bastards with your spit."

Audrey's tongue lashed and whirled about Josh's
slippery fuck tube. She could feel the thick veins pulse with
blood as she bathed every inch of his flesh. Rolling her tongue
under the crown she tasted the salty traces of his sweat and even
a hint of urine clinging to the bloated dome.

Mistress Raven pinched Audrey's nose shut as she
continued to suckle the entire throbbing length of Josh's penis.


"You either keep sucking or suffocate, you little shit,"
giggled Mistress Raven.

"Fuck, mother fucking hell, I need to pump that ass hole again,"
bellowed Josh.

"I wanna fuck her till I'm ready to shoot and then I'll pull
out and blast her fucking face with my load," Josh hissed.

Pressing Audrey down in the classic doggie postion
Josh began punching his tingling cock missle in and
out of the widening orifice of her ass.

Every time Josh withdrew his prick he cold see how dialated
she had become, the gaping entrance inflamed by the thrust
of his thick root.

"Oh God Josh, bang my shit hole, I'm gonna cum off, fuck it
deep up there," whimpered Audrey.

Audrey buried her face against the cool tile floor as
Josh pounded her rectum and then let her cum overtake her.
Her palms slapped at the dusty floor as her pushed her ass higher
to offer herself to her lover's lust filled spear.

"PULL OUT NOW, I'll jerk it off for you Josh,'
Mistress Raven orderd.

Pulling his bobbing penis from Audrey's gaping rectum Josh
thrust it forward for Mistress Raven to take hold of.

Wet with Audrey's saliva and the comination of her ass
juices Mistress Raven slid the slippery sheath of his penis
back and forth along the length. Each twist and stroke tugging
all the boiling seed upward to bloat beneath his now widening
piss slit.

"Shootin' off, I'm gonna squirt now," wailed Josh.

Milky white strands of semen spewed over Audrey's
face and tongue as she forced her lips over the gushing eruption.

"Gobble that spunk up you nasty bitch," Mistress Raven demanded.


Mistress Raven reached over to clasp Audrey's cheeks with her
hand, applying a steady pressure to force her mouth open wider.
She wanted Josh's semen to fill the girls mouth, to watch as the
pearly strands of liquid lust boiled out and slither their way down
Audrey's throat.

Over and over Josh squirted heavy spirals of cock cream
that sprayed over Audreys tongue, lips and shoulders.
The leather table became slippery, now coated with a milky sheen
of the same cock seed.

Audrey couldn't keep up with the sloppy deluge pouring out
faster than she could swallow.

"Don't you dare let that go to waste, get down and lick
the platter clean you piggy bitch," scolded Mistress Raven.

Pressing her face into the cum saturated leather, Audrey's
tongue trailed through the slippery goo, lapping it up like a hungry
kitten nursing milk from its mother.


Deep down Audrey knew she had found something inside
herself, something she'd kept hidden but had always known was
there waiting to be set free.

She continued to lap the slimy cum trails of Josh's gift to her,
her face smearing the rich nectar against the table top as she
breathed the aroma of his maleness, the aroma of being his always.
Her realization having hit like a bolt of lightning cast down upon her.
There would be no holding out on Josh ever again and no way of holding
out on herself having found her place with him, in heart, in mind in
very soul.

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Shit, I need some sex!!!

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Hot hot stuff there Jeff

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Great hot story truly enhanced by the pics... Thanks for sharing it here.

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Great story, pics always help the imagination!

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great story and pics Jeff as always
keep em cumming

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now that is some nice stuff you got going on here, I love to read
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Great story and pics

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