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06-25-2006, 04:55 PM
Party Favor (M/F~F bdsm cons)
by Jaenelle

I'm kneeling on the floor of the home office, waiting for your signal.

My body is wrapped in a short dress that flirts around an inch above my
knees, and a set of leather collar and cuffs encircle my throat, wrists, and
ankles. Or, at least for me the slightly above knee dress feels short.
Anything above my knees feels short and a bit exposed, and you know that.
The dress has buttons from the low neck to the high hem, which is something
that I do like. I'm also wearing stockings and a garter belt, and heeled
shoes that you know are another challenge for me.

I can hear the muffled sounds of the dining room as you play the talented
host. I know you had planned to cook most of the meal yourself, and then
have the other women in the harem actually serve it to your guests. You are
a very good cook. The small meal you sent to me earlier had your signature
spicing pattern all over it.

The sounds of dinner die down, and I hear the group shuffle into the nearby
living room. When everyone is relaxed and sitting, you come over to the door
of the room I'm in and knock on it, solidly, and return to your own chair. I
stand up and count to 60, to give you time to sit, and then open the door.

I walk into living room and the seats in the room are casually faced into
the center of the room, where there's a sturdy coffee table set up. I'm a
little surprised at the number of people I see gathered. Besides you, there
are 10 men, and 14 women.

You're seated at the "head" of the table, and I walk in slowly to kneel at
the other end, meeting your eyes for a moment as I lower my body to the

You explain in that warm voice that sends chills down my spine, that I'm
here for everyone's enjoyment, the party favor for the evening.

"Greet everyone, my pet. Start with this lovely lady to my right."

I stand up and walk over to the seated woman, a curvy woman with brown hair
and a light in her green eyes. I softly say hi then bend over to kiss her
first on the cheek, then gently on her pink lips. As I bend over to do so,
the edge of my dress hikes up to show everyone else that it's a garter belt
I'm wearing.

So I work around the room, saying hi then kissing each person on the cheek
then the lips. The third person, a guy in a grey shirt, decides to up the
ante a little by holding the back of my head and turning the kiss on the
lips to French kiss, his tongue sliding between my lips and dueling with

I flush as I pull back from the kiss.

"Now now, pet. Start greeting everyone all over again, since everyone should
get the opportunity for the same treat from you."

So I walk back with the first woman, and she chuckles. She looks around the
room and says, "Now, no one else better add anything else to the greeting,
or we won't be able to get our dessert." There's a round of chuckles and at
least one whispered "damn" which caused more laughter.

The rest of the greeting goes quickly... well as quickly as French kissing
22 people can go. The instigator in the grey shirt doesn't get a second
kiss, because you say that it wouldn't be fair for him to get more than the
rest of the room.

The last person to greet is you.

You are sitting in a lower seat than the others.

I hear a tisk from you when I bend my knees as I bend over. I straighten my
knees, and I have to bend over so much that the hemline creeps up and shows
that I'm not wearing panties, and that my pussy is clean shaven. I hear a
low whistle somewhere behind me.

Your hand goes to the back of my head, just like the first guy who kissed
me, and your eyes go wide in that way that just captivates me. You grip the
hair at the top of my neck, and I moan into the kiss that you've pulled me

As you let me go you say, "You're overdressed, pet."

I step back to the center of the room. My cheeks heat up as I start
unbuttoning the dress, trying to find that pace that is not rushing, but not
going too slow.

The buttons are small, and soon another woman, a slender blonde this time,
gets up and comes over to start at the bottom of the dress and unbutton,
moving up the dress.

She looks at you and asks, "How you want this to work out for everyone, my

You look over the two of us in the center of the room. "She is for your
entertainment. Take it from her."

She grins and slides the dress off my shoulders and a little further,
trapping my arms at my sides.

She then pushes on my shoulders and I drop to my knees. She has some sort of
sarong on, and she pulls the knot loose.

She's naked underneath, and she spreads out the fabric on the coffee table,
and sits on it, spreading her legs.

I lean in, spreading my knees a little to give me a solid base, and part her
folds with my tounge. I narrow the focus of my world down to the pussy in
front of me, and noting the reactions of the woman to give her as much
pleasure as possible.

I feel a warm hand on my thigh, pushing the material of the dress away from
my ass. The other hand, just as warm, traces the line of the garter up and
then both hands grip my ass. They knead a little and work to relax the
muscles. I feel a moist thumb press against the entrance to my ass and it
pushes in, working to stretch me out a little.

The next thing I know is that there's a cock pushing into my ass, hard and
swift. I latch my lips around the clit in front of me and moan as I suck on
it, to ride out the pain, because the invasion burns and stretches my ass.
That pulling on the woman's clit is enough to push her over into orgasm, and
I continue to suck lightly to prolong her pleasure.

She pulls up my head and pats me on the cheek. She gets up and a man sits
down, his cock full and hard in front of my face.

I glance over to your chair and you are enjoying the show, if the intense
look on your face is any indication.

I soon lose track. I suck cocks until they explode in my mouth, and pussies
until they shudder on my tongue. I feel cocks and strap-ons in my ass and my
pussy. I'm spanked lightly by one person and fiercely by another. At some
point, I'm freed from the dress but strapped to the coffee table, first on
my back, then moved over onto my knees. My arms and feet are clipped to
points on the coffee table and to each other at one point.

I'm drenched in sweat and other people's cum, shaking from the need to cum
myself. Each time a cock or tongue is about to push me into an orgasm, the
pace backs off. There seems to have been an agreement that part of the
entertainment would be to fuckstrate me beyond all belief.

A pair of nipple clamps come out, adding more sensation to overload my body
and brain.

Another woman shudders in orgasm from my mouth. I'm on my back again and
she's straddled my face in a 69, her tongue dancing me along the edge of
orgasm. I'm lapping up the juices from her quivering pussy when she gets up.
She leans over and takes the clamps off my nipples and I hiss as the blood
comes back into them.

Because of that distraction, it takes me a minute to realize that no one is
taking her place, my pussy and ass are also empty, and I still need to cum.

And that you're the only one who hasn't touched me since that one kiss.

You call a number of the servants into the room to show your guest to the
facilities to freshen up. You have two of them come and collect me. One, a
large black man, wraps me in a large bath sheet and picks me up like a child
or a maiden being rescued from disaster. The other, a small Asian woman with
a impish smile carries a basket with bath soaps and massage oils with
another towel over her arm.

As soon as I'm picked up, The lack of sexual stimulation makes me feel all
that I've done. My arms, legs, and knees are sore, my ass stings and burns
both from being panked and being fucked. My pussy feels like it's on fire,
and only partially from wanting to cum. My mouth and throat are starting to
close up, protesting any further use. My breasts ache from being pinched by
the clamps.

I'm carried into the hallway, and you meet us there. Your palm cradles my
face and I weakly turn into your touch. Your hand goes to the ring of my
collar and lifts up my head to look into bring my eyes to yours.

"Choose." You draw my attention to Robert and Mei, the servants. My body
throbs with the promise of release at your word and the warmth of your
touch, even though I don't think I could move to save my life.

For pleasing you, and serving you through your guests so well, you give me
the choice of how I will cum tonight.

While Robert would be a quick fuck and he'd certainly get me off quickly,
the thought of having another cock in me, and one as large as Robert's can
get, made my well fucked and abused body shudder in alarm.

I whisper, "Sir, please, if Mei could attend to me?" I know she will be
gentler, teasing, and slow about letting me cum, but I need her gentle and
strong hands and skill as a masseuse to help me recover from my being your
party favor.

You nod, and you turn to go down the hallway. Another lady of the harem
opens the door to your room. Robert brings me to the bathroom with the large
sunken tub which is already steaming. He sets me in a chair and takes off my
collar and cuffs then lowers me into the water while Mei starts setting up
her gear to take care of me.

I hope my harem sister can handle your demands because I trust I've set the
expectations high for tonight.

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Good story...different and interesting...thanks

10-01-2006, 12:55 AM
That's one heck of a party...thanks for sharing that Jolly!