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11-20-2007, 09:16 AM
written by: BiSerious

Kari's First Shower:

Kari is a sweet girl. 19 years old, 5' 6", about 120 pounds. Her breasts aren't large, but they're perky and that's always made up for size, in her book. She knows she can have any man in the world, she's heard it all her life. ALL her life. Her uncle and brothers told her when she was very young. Two of her three brothers have even shown her how sexy she is. And she loved them, so it meant the world to her to know how special she was to them. She still loves them very much and tries to make sure they never go without knowing it for too long.

Right after her 19th birthday, this summer, her brother Sean came to visit her in San Diego. He lives up north with the rest of the family, but he missed his little sister so much, he just had to come down and make sure she was doing okay without them around. They had a great day on the beach and came home to her apartment, completely covered in sand and smiles. They'd been drinking beer all day and were both pretty tired. They argued about who would get to take the first shower before they both passed out for a nap. Finally, Sean said "Kari… Why don't we just take one together like we used to when we were kids? Our parents always told us it was good to save water and we're both so fucking tired. Let's just rinse off really quickly and then we can both take a nap and go out for some dinner tonight?" "Sean, we were a lot younger then… I don't know if it's a good idea now that we're older. You're 24, for God's sake. Plus, what if James or Kelly come home? What in the world would they think if they knew we took a shower together? I mean, Jesus, you're my brother!" James is Kari's boyfriend. A Marine stationed in San Diego. Kelly is her roommate, who works strange hours and comes home during the day all the time.

After a few minutes and another Bud Light, though, Kari conceded that she was exhausted and they should just rinse off and then take a nap. Sean went to the bathroom and turned on the shower while Kari set up the pull-out couch for him to nap on after they rinsed off. She tossed his pillow on the makeshift bed and hurried back to the bathroom so she could get to bed as fast as possible.

When she entered the bathroom, it was full of steam and there was a pile of Sean's clothes on the toilet. She said "Sean, I'm gonna put your stuff on the sink, k? I need to pee." "Just get in here. I don't care if you pee in the shower. Why waste the water? Plus you'll flush it and it'll be hot as hell in here." "Okay, whatever", she replied. "Just a sec." She pulled off his t-shirt that she was wearing from the beach and kicked her flip-flops under the sink. She got into the shower with her bathing suit still on. All of a sudden, she slipped on the floor of the shower and squealed. She fell down flat on her butt. It didn't hurt, she was just surprised.

She looked up to Sean, feeling like an idiot and saw him standing there running his hands through his short hair and enjoying the water. As her eyes ran down his body, she flashed back to those early times when they would shower together, at her parents request. He was always so fit and so handsome. And he had always had a dark tan on his whole body. Nothing had changed, except some definition in his chest and the obvious size difference down below. His soft penis was bigger now than it used to be when he was 15 and had a constant erection. She had seen a few more cocks now and knew that he wasn't the biggest in the world, but had plenty down there to satisfy a woman. And thank God he finally started trimming back that forest of pubes to match his cleanly shaven chest and stomach.

She surprised herself with how long she stared at his cock before she stood up and laughed "Just like always, Kari's falling all over herself. Why am I so fucking clumsy, Sean?" Sean laughed back "I dunno Kari, maybe it's just the sight of a real man in your shower." "I don't think that's it, Sean. You're my brother. It's not like that. Well… not any more." "Really?" Sean asked. "Yeah, Sean, things have changed. We learned a lot from each other, but we're not kids anymore. I mean… I was very young when we first started fooling around. We were so young!" Sean said "Well… I was 15, but some one a lot younger than me sure taught me a lot about girls. And about myself." Then he just returned to rinsing off his body and getting some shampoo to wash his hair.

Kari took off her bathing suit bottom and reached around Sean to rinse the saltwater and sand out of it. Then she removed her top and did the same. She opened the shower curtain just enough and tossed them into the sink across the bathroom. When she turned around, she was shocked to see that Sean staring at her ass and his formally soft penis had started to grow a little bit. "I'm sorry, Kari" Sean said "I was just thinking about how much you've change since back then." He continued, "It looks like not everything's changed, though…" He said, staring at her perfectly bald snatch. "Well," she said, "I try to keep it clean down there. You never know when someone's finally gonna get up the balls to eat some pussy around here." "He doesn't do that for you?" "No, but I'm still holding out hope!" Kari half-giggled.

Sean was soaping his body and Kari said "Switch with me, I need to get wet." Sean moved to the other end of the shower and Kari's nipple just barely touched his arm while she was passing him. It might as well have been an electric shock. She just kept moving, though, and got into the water. She got her hair thoroughly wet and then began massaging shampoo into it. As she rinsed it out, she opened her eyes to see Sean facing the other way and bending over to wash his feet. She'd never seen a man's asshole staring her straight in the face before and was surprised to see that he'd even trimmed back there. It looked like time she used a mirror to look at her own asshole when she was thinking about letting James take her butt virginity a few months prior. Soft, hairless and puckered. She couldn't help but laugh a little at the sight of her brother's tight little bunghole staring her straight in the face. When she laughed, she remembered that she had to pee and turned around to let it go toward the drain. Sean noticed a little yellow in the water while he was washing his feet and quickly turned around to see his little sister trying to relax enough to let the full force of her bladder go. "Hold on," he said. She immediately tensed up and stopped the flow. "What? I just need to pee."

"Kari, can I tell you something?" "Of course, but why can't I pee while you tell me?" "Just look at me, Kari." She turned around. "What?" "Well, you know how we've experimented with a lot of things together and we've learned so much together?" "Yeah, come on Sean, I need to piss like a race-horse." "Well, would you do it on me?" "What?! What are you talking about Sean?" "I've been wondering what it was like for a long time now. There's a lot of things I've seen on the internet on some porn sites that I've been wanting to try, but I'm too embarrassed to ask girls I date to try them. We can talk about anything, right?" "Of course, Sean, but that's a little weird." "Will you just do it for me? I'm really curious and it'll just be once. I'd do anything for you, Kare-Bear." "I know you would… Sean, I have to pee so bad…" "Here, I'll just lay down and you can just let it go. You can close your eyes if you want, I won't care." But she didn't close her eyes.

She just stood there and began to spread her legs apart as he slid down under her on his back. "Are you sure you want this?" "Kari, I've wanted this for a long time now. And your pussy looks fucking beautiful from down here, it's dripping." "That's just the water. But damn, Sean, I just have to piss right now." "Then let it go." And she did. She'd had to pee since they left the beach, after all those beers. With a huge rush, her golden yellow urine started spraying out and immediately hit him in the chest. He rubbed it into his chest and then brought his hands to his mouth. To his surprise, it was very sweet. He moved down a little bit so she was pissing directly into his mouth. Then it just stopped. As quickly as it had begun. "You're done already?" "No, I just stopped it. Sean, that is gross. But it's getting me kinda turned on. When did you hear about this?" "I saw it on a website. At first I was grossed out, too, but then it was such a turn-on, I just had to try it. Do you have some more in there?" "Yeah, like another gallon!" she laughed "I've had to piss for an hour!" "Then give it to me!" "Okay, if you want it!" she giggled. And she unleashed her warm liquids on him again. He slurped up a little bit more, then pushed himself back up until she was pissing all over his now rock-hard cock.

The sensation was unbelievable. He was watching his little sister let a full 12-pack of piss go on his dick and it was so slippery. For some reason her piss was like lube. It dripped down his cock and all over his smooth nutsack. He reached down and massaged his balls while she just continued to piss all over them. He kept rubbing backward and was all of a sudden using the piss as lube for his ass as he slid his middle finger slowly into his own asshole. This was so different than when he used regular lube back there. Rougher, but still enough to let his finger slide in easily. He had never been so turned on and he slid down with his finger buried in his asshole to let her squeeze the last few pulses of piss straight into his mouth. He swallowed it and lay there in amazement staring at her glistening snatch and wondering what it tasted like mixed with her pussy juices.

She stared down at him. "Holy shit, Sean… When did your dick get so big?" He laughed, "I don't know, Kari… I guess it's been a while since you've seen it like this, huh?" "Yeah it has. So um… how did it taste?" "What? Oh… it was sweet." "Bullshit." "No, seriously, I was surprised, too. Your piss tastes awesome, haha…" Kari looked surprised, "I find that very hard to believe, but I'll take your word for it." "Well, I'm a pretty reliable source, since I can still taste it in my mouth right now," Sean laughed. He stood up and looked her straight in the face. "Kari, thank you… That was even better than I imagined all this time." "No problem, Sean. That was honestly the best piss of my life" Kari laughed. "I don't know why, but it felt amazing to see you so happy and to feel the relief of finally pissing!"

He turned around to pick the soap back up and she said "Here, I'll get your back." He handed his little sister the bar of soap and she started lathering up his back and then massaging him lightly. She dropped it and he bent over to pick it up for her. She saw his tight little hole again and noticed that it was a little red now. "Are you okay?" she asked. "What do you mean?" "Your butt… It looks red." "Oh, that's another thing I've been toying around with lately… You don't need to know about that, though…" "What do you mean?" Kari asked, curiously. "I've just been playing around back there a lot lately. It feels amazing. I finally think I have some idea of what it feels like for a girl to have something in her. Incredible!" "Haha… Yeah, it's pretty fucking great, big brother. But it's probably a bit different in that hole. I wouldn't know, I've been too scared to try it, but I can imagine it's a bit different." "I'm sure it is, but it still feels great to me. I've only used my fingers and a beer bottle, but it feels awesome." Kari laughed… "A beer bottle? I hope it was gone already!" "No, I finished it afterward. It was sweeter." Kari couldn't contain herself "You and your 'sweet' flavors… I just can't believe that one." "No, it's true, Kari. I promise."

Kari's curiosity was growing. She was hearing about these things for the first time and was enthralled. A little disturbed, because these things were so forbidden. A little confused, because this was her brother and he was being so open with her. And here they were, naked as the day they were born, dripping wet and his cock was holding steady, hard as a rock, at about six inches long. Finally she couldn't help herself. "Sean…" "Yeah?" "I wanna know what it tastes like." "My ass on a beer bottle?" he laughed. "No, Sean… urine. Err… piss. I wanna know what piss tastes like." "Really? I was gonna wait until I got out of the shower, but I have to pee, too. I could show you how it feels, if you really want." Kari got nervous. "I don't know. I'll have to think about it, but I'm really curious now." "Okay, well just let me know. I pee on myself in the shower all the time since I started getting into this, and I drink a lot of water so I can do it as often as I want. So anytime…" "Okay, I'll think about it," Kari said. Sean moved past her and began to pee into the drain. Then he rinsed himself off and said "Okay, I'm gonna dry off now. I'm not very tired anymore, so I'm just gonna go watch some TV. See you out there?" "Yeah, I'll be out in a minute," Kari said.

After her brother got out of the shower, she stood there for a few minutes just soaking in all that had just happened. Her brother was a pervert, that was for sure. He was into some crazy shit, but she had just helped him live out a fantasy and it had made her feel amazing, too. She loved her brother until death and it had been proven time and again that they could both carry secrets very well. She had nothing to feel badly about, she was just showing her brother how much she loved him. And that was very very much. Apparently it was enough to piss in his mouth while he fingered his ass. And that was, strangely, the most erotic thing she had ever seen.

She finally rinsed off and got out of the shower. Forgetting altogether about her plan to use the showerhead to calm her mood beforehand…

She dried her body and wrapped her towel around her head. Then grabbed another dry towel and wrapped her body in it. She went into her room and laid down on her bed. She had forgotten about her exhaustion, but it set in quickly and soon she was dreaming. It felt like she'd been asleep for days from all the dreams that had raced through her head. But less than two hours later, James was sitting next to her, rubbing her shoulders and telling her it would be okay. Apparently dreaming about getting fucked up the ass by your brother looks a bit like a nightmare to the uninformed. "Good morning, honey," she whispered. "Hey baby. It's only 4pm, but good morning to you!" He kissed her and then laid down next to her after a long day working on the base. He passed out immediately and she got up. She got dressed in the skirt and tank top her brother had bought her by the beach that morning and went out to check on him.

"Hey lady!" Sean said as she entered the living room. "Hey brother… Whatcha watching?" "Oh, I can turn it off… I just hooked up the PlayStation to the internet and was looking at that website I told you about earlier." "Be quiet, Sean. James is in the next room. Geez…" "Sorry, I didn't notice him come in. Is he taking a nap?" "Yeah, he passed the fuck out." "Gotcha… Well should I turn this off? Toss me my shorts over there, I was um… enjoying this a lot. Just found this new part of the site with some more crazy stuff. Here, just check this out…" She walked over with his shorts in hand and looked at the TV for the first time. "Oh my god, Sean," she gasped. "I know, it's fucking hot, huh?" "I don't know, Sean, that's really… I don't know.. It's just… Wow. I can't believe how much she's peeing." "You should've seen it earlier, Kari. That's what you looked like. You went at least that much, if not more! It was so hot, Kare-Bear." "Wow… That must've been great for you, huh? I mean to feel all that on you." "Yeah, it was more than I ever dreamed… I've only done it to myself before, but it was never like that, and I've always pussed out before I tasted my own." Kari stared in amazement as the girl on the screen peed all over the other woman, who looked like she could be her mother. Then the girl on the screen licked her own pee out of her "mother's" pussy. "Okay, that's it," Kari said. "I have to know what it's like. But James is here." "He's passed out, though, right?" Sean asked. "Yeah, he is… But I don't know, Sean… Do you have to go right now?" "I can always go, Kari, I told you."

She grabbed him by the hand and he stood up with her. She had forgotten that he was still completely naked and was shocked again to see his fully erect cock sticking out at her. "Let's go. Quickly." She led him to the restroom and locked the door. She immediately took off all of her clothes and laid down in the shower. "Hurry up, Sean, I want your piss on me before he wakes up." Sean stroked his rock-hard cock a couple of times and then began to let his urine go. It was slow at first and Kari sat up to get it in her hands. She cupped them and let them fill up. Sean pinched off his piss to watch her. She began to drink from her hands. "You're right, Sean! It's so warm and sweet! This is great." "Then lay back down and I'll give it to you better…" Sean stepped into the shower and straddled his baby sister. He crouched low over her and let his stream go again. He showered her face and she opened her mouth wide. He slowed his stream as well as he could and began to move closer. He put the tip of his dick just inside her lips and let the piss drain into her waiting mouth. She couldn't believe how great it felt and tasted on her lips.

Slowly she began to slide down in the shower until her tits were being covered in her brother's piss river. She rubbed her breasts and then stuck her fingers in her brother's mouth. "Mine tastes just like yours!" he said, surprised. "Of course, big brother… same blood, same pee!" then she got a little more of his urine on her hand and reached behind him. Much to his surprise, she began to work a tiny finger into his asshole. "Oh my god, Kari… That feels so good… Slide it in and out… Slowly. Really slow, Kari." And she did as she was told. Suddenly he couldn't help it any more. He sprayed her with his piss in a torrent. She was blasted and covered in yellow sexy urine. She continued to finger his ass and he started stroking his cock right in her face. He sat down on her finger and she moved her other hand under him to play with her own pussy. Then she got curious, too, and slipped one finger into her ass while she fingered her brother's smooth-shaven asshole. It DID feel incredible. She put another finger into Sean's tiny hole as he sat down harder and began fucking her two fingers with his full weight while he stroked his pulsing cock. Finally he couldn't hold back and he showered his baby sister's face with his hot cum. He sprayed up her nose and in her mouth. She could barely breath, but that was just as much from the sticky fluid covering her mouth and nose as it was from her own orgasm that was building up from her finger in her own asshole. She took her hand from her brother's ass and starting rubbing her clit vigorously. She exploded inside and shoved her finger as deeply as possible into her asshole as she came. With her body shaking and her mind reeling, she said "You gotta go, James is gonna wake up soon… Make sure you turn off that smut on the TV." And Sean got up, shook the remaining cum and piss off his dick onto his sister, wrapped a towel around his waist and left.

Kari turned the shower on and rinsed off, careful to taste as much of the sticky cum as possible before it was all washed away. Mixed with pee, it tasted even better than when they were kids. Her love for her brother filled her up as she rinsed off and then got dry and dressed. When she walked out of the bathroom, she almost knocked James over. "Oh fuck," he said, "I was hoping to catch you in the shower still… Oh well… Maybe we can have some fun later?" "Of course, honey" she said and went back to the living room to play some video games with her brother.

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