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A Friend in Need
Featuring Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell
By The Pornographer
(FF, mast, phone sex)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comment or suggestions

Hayden Panettiere sat on the end of her king-size bed, a cordless phone in one hand and her trusty laptop in the other. On leave from her hit show "Heroes" she was home alone and had been attempting to surf the net when unfortunately for her, her modem started playing up, stressing her out. Frustrated, she nervously chewed on the small rubber aerial on the phone, before taking a deep breath. With renewed confidence, Hayden then flicked the phone on and proceeded to dial eleven numbers. It barely rang once before a recorded messaged came to life.

"Hello, and welcome to—"


Terrified, Hayden abruptly hung up.

It had been the third time she had called in as many minutes, but each time she found herself unable to go through with it. Disappointed, she slammed the phone down into the mattress and angrily pushed the expensive laptop across the bed. She sighed heavily then let herself fall backward onto the bed, lying there defeated while staring up at the ceiling. Hayden had only recently turned 18, though she was wise beyond her years. Working hard to establish her acting career, all of this had caused her to neglect her promising sex life.

Thinking back, the last time she had had sex was over six months ago, and since then Hayden had tried everything she could think of to keep her strong urges at bay – trying Internet porn, erotica magazines, XXX videos and vibrators... her on set trailer looked more like an adult book shop than anything else. But despite all this, nothing seemed to fulfill her adequately. Taking a deep breath, Hayden picked up the phone once again and made another call. This time a woman's voice answered. This time it was her friend and fellow co-star, Kristen Bell.

"Hey Hayden, what's up?" she said playfully.

Hayden laughed, then sighed heavily over the phone, "I'm frustrated, Kristen."

Pausing for a moment she then added, "I'm so horny!"

"Oh! And you decided to call me, because?" Kristen laughed.

"Ha-ha," Hayden mocked her.

"I wondered how long it would take before I got this call. I told you before sweetie, you work too hard. You need to take a break, Hayden."

"I know, I know."

Sympathizing with her Kristen then asked, "You poor thing. So when was the last time you got off?"

"About a month ago, I think." Hayden answered.

Truth be told she was actually lying. Although it had been several months since she had had sex, she had only fingered herself to a very intense orgasm earlier that morning, but she wasn't about to get into the details of that with Kristen. Hayden wanted help arranging her next orgasm, not explaining her last one.

"Hey, don't feel bad," Kristen replied, "It's been a really busy week. My last orgasm was about two weeks ago, and that's a lifetime for me. But – sorry – we were talking about you. Go on."

"I'm just... I'm sick of doing it to myself, you know?"

"I understand completely. What about those match making sites Ali [Larter] was telling us about yesterday? Remember, before we broke off for the weekend she was talking about some sites?"

"Oh yeah!" Hayden interrupted, "I can just see the tabloid headlines now, ‘How I met and fucked Hayden Panettiere via the internet!' No thanks."

"Besides, I don't think I'm comfortable meeting someone like that. I mean, I don't want a one-night stand, but then again I'm too busy for any real relationship anyway, so... I don't know what to do."

"Hmm. I see your point."

Hayden then sighed, "I dunno Kristen, maybe I do want a one-night stand."

Kristen laughed. "Hmm, I'll make a few phone calls."

"Oh thanks." She joked.

She then added, "Actually, that's what I was doing right before I called you. I dialed this phone sex number but..."

"What?" Kristen gasped, "Phone sex? Wow, there might be a sexual beast inside that sexy little body of yours after all."

"So what was it? 1-900-Droppin-Loads?" she laughed, imitating a bit Hayden and her had heard while listening to the Howard Stern show.

"Yeah I wish. Nah I dunno, but I chickened out anyway."

"You what? Why?"

"I guess I don't get it," Hayden replied, "I wouldn't know how."

"There is no how," Kristen explained, "Just say what turns you on. Phone sex is all about communication and visualization."

"Yeah, I guess," Hayden said, "That's what worries me, the communication part. I wouldn't know what to say. I'm afraid I'd be all, ‘Oh baby, just fuck me with that huge cock!' or something."

"Um, Hayden, that's what phone sex is."

"I know," Hayden sighed, "I just don't feel right talking like that to a complete stranger over the phone. I'd be so nervous I probably wouldn't even enjoy it. And God knows what I would do if I was ever found out! I'd be mortified!!"

"All right, look." Kristen suggested, "Tell you what. How about we practice?"

"Oh God," Hayden groaned, laughing.

"Seriously. Let's just try it out. Just so you can get an idea and not go in cold turkey."

"Okay," Hayden said, suddenly intrigued.

"All right. Now you be you, and I'll be the guy. And lets act as though you just called me."

There was a long pause before Kristen finally spoke, "Well, what are waiting for?"

"Huh? I'm acting like I just called you," Hayden laughed, "I'm waiting for you to pick up and answer."

"Oh fuck," Kristen said rolling her eyes, "All right, all right."

Then, imitating a man's deep voice she spoke, "Hello?"

Hearing this, Hayden immediately burst out laughing.

"Okay, I definitely can't do this if you're going to do that voice."

"Fine, all right. We should start at the good stuff anyway. So Hayden, what are you wearing?"

Hayden looked down at her body.

"Nothing much just sweats," she answered.

"Oh, Hayden," Kristen replied, and with heavy sarcasm added, "That's so sexy."

"Well okay, what are you wearing?" Hayden playfully snapped back.

"I'm not wearing anything baby, just boxers and a cowboy hat."

This comment made them both giggle uncontrollably.

"Oh, a cowboy hat?" Hayden teased, "Nice touch, very masculine. Jesus, lucky we're both not writers for the show or..."

"Thank you sweetie." Kristen interrupted her, bring her back on track, "But you know, since I'm already pretty much naked, it's only fair that you are too, right?"

"You want me to take off my clothes?"

"Very much so," Kristen answered, "I'm getting wet, um, I mean, hard right now just thinking about it."

Hayden was a little shocked when she found that Kristen's comment about being wet caused a tiny surge of pleasure to pass through her body. Maybe this was going to work after all. With that, Hayden sat up and struggled to remove her shirt without taking the phone from her ear. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so when the sweatshirt came off, Hayden's pert young breasts jiggled freely. She wasn't sure if it was the excitement of what was happening, or just the chill of the cool air against her naked skin, but her thick, pink nipples were hardening quickly.

"Talk to me, baby," Kristen said with a sensual tone, "Describe everything. I don't want to miss a thing."

"Well, I took off my shirt."

"Can I see a bra, or..."

"No. I'm naked. Well, half naked. You can see my breasts, and my nipples." She explained before smirking, "And my nipples are getting hard."

"Mmm, I love your tits. I want to feel them. Can I put my big, rough hands on them?"

Hayden giggled and felt herself blushing, but that wasn't the only part of her body responding. Her nipples were getting harder still, and her pussy started to moisten. Hayden lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, using her imagination.

"Mmm yes I'd like that," she said, "You can touch them."

"Oh, yeah. They feel so nice. Do you like me touching you like this? Do you like me squeezing and playing with your tits, and pulling on your hard nipples?"

"Yeah. I like that a lot." Hayden answered, "It gets me off. My nipples are really sensitive like that."

Hayden's voice was softer, and breathy. Then, instinctively, her free hand moved to her breasts where she began to softly rub and knead them. She gently tweaked and twisted her pink nipples between her fingers, watching them stand at full attention, and riling another soft moan from her. Her young 18-year-old body was on fire.

Falling silent for a moment, Kristen then asked, "Can I lick them, Hayden?"

Her voice was so sincere, so serious. Hayden had to wonder if Kristen had ever done this sort of thing before.

"Please," Kristen continued, "Let me suck on those pretty little things, yes?"

"Okay, be my guest." She said matter-a-factly.

"Mmm... I'm licking them all over right now. Can you feel that?" Kristen soothed.

"Yes." Hayden replied, breathing harder now.

With that she tilted her head as much as she possibly could and pushed one of her breasts up towards her mouth and attempted to give it a long, slow, wet lick. She could barely do it, but somehow managed to wet her nipple.

"Tell me how it feels, baby."

Hayden had to swallow hard before she could respond.

"I can feel your tongue on my tits. It's so warm and wet. You're making my whole chest tingle."

"Just your chest?"

"No. I'm getting really wet, too."

"Hmm, that's good." Kristen continued, "That's very good, Hayden. Are your pants still on?"

"Just a second," Hayden answered, and with that she swiftly got up off the bed, still clutching the phone to her ear and proceeded to strip.

Kristen then said, "Describe it to me as you take them off. Tell me what I can see."

"Okay," Hayden replied as she began pulling her sweat pants down slowly.

"Well, right now you can see just the top of my butt."

"Oh, baby. You're teasing me, huh? My big hard cock is so hard for you right now."

Hayden then pulled her pants down further, revealing just her backside.

"And now you can see my whole butt."

"Mmm, and what a butt it is. That ass is just perfect, baby. Can I touch it? Can I squeeze those pretty cheeks with my hands?"

"Mmm, yes please."

"Can you feel that?"

"Yeah. I like that."

Hayden then slid her hand across her buttocks and squeezed one of her cheeks. Then she traced the tip of her finger along the crack of her ass, causing her to moan just slightly, which caught both of them off guard.

"Oh, you like that, don't you?" Kristen smiled, "You like it when I touch and caress that ass. But what about that sweet little pussy of yours, can I see it yet?"

Despite chatting and fooling around frequently, at home and on the set, Hayden had to admit that hearing Kristin say the word "pussy" in this context shocked her. Kristen sounded so serious about it all, that it actually excited her. Hayden let her pants drop to her ankles before she stepped out of them and lay back onto the bed, closing her eyes again. Lying there without a stitch of clothing, she squirmed about on the bed with anticipation as the room quickly filled with the scent of her sweet, wet, throbbing sex.

Lying in the middle of the bed, Hayden parted her legs, bending them at the knees and tucking her feet up against her butt. Laying there with her knees flat on the bed, she was spread obscenely wide and glad to have the whole house to herself, imagining that if anyone might have ventured to her bedroom at that precise moment would have been treated to a wild sight – her pretty nubile body, not to mention her glistening wet pussy on full display.

With that, she let her free hand tickle the thin hairs just above her tight slit. Hayden liked the feel of her pussy when it was clean shaven, but she hadn't had much motivation lately to wax it all off. Instead, the teenager's blonde curls now matted her young mound, and Hayden made a mental note to change that later tonight.

"Now you can see all of me. I'm completely naked... and spread."

"Oh yes, you are a hot little number aren't you," Kristen said, "Now I'm going to pleasure you... finger you. Would you like that? Can I do that? Can I put my finger inside your pussy, Hayden?"

On cue, Hayden licked her own fingers and slid her digits over her wet slit before carefully dipping them inside. The action caused her to arch her back and let out a soft whimper as her young body trembled, as did her voice.

"Y—Yesss." She cooed – breathing a little heavier now, "Put your fingers in me."

"Mmm, you're so wet too," Kristen teased, only imaging the scene that was playing out in Hayden's bedroom.

"Let me put my finger between your pussy lips and gently run it up and down a little. Mmm yes, your pussy is so slippery, Hayden, it just wants to suck my fingers right in, doesn't it baby?"

Hayden could not speak as she gulped deeply and squirmed around – tossing her head from side to side as she took in each and every lewd comment from her friend.

"God you're so hot, Hayden. So hot and tight, even around my finger."

Hearing a slurping noise over the line, Kristen added, "Mmmppfff... you taste so good too. So sweet."

Hayden began moving not just one but now two fingers in and out of her slick cunt. Burying them knuckle deep, she twirled them around inside and gasped loudly as she heard Kristen continue to lick and noisly suck on her own fingers through the phone.

"Yeah... ohh Kristin," she managed to choke out, "It feels so good... deeeep inside."

"Hmm I know. Now I want to fuck you, Hayden. Yeah? Would you like that?" Kristen announced, "I want to stuff this big hard cock of mine right in that sweet little pussy of yours. Would you like that baby?"

Falling silent for a moment, Hayden seemed to hesitate before she answered, "No."

"No?" Kristen stopped, a little taken aback.

But trying to keep things moving she added, "Okay... here I go. Oh yes you do. You want me to fuck that sweet little ass of yours don't you, fuck you hard until we both cum."

"Kristen, no!" Hayden said again, starling her.

If Kristen was confused by this startling reaction, Hayden was equally perplexed. For almost the entire session, Hayden had been trying to visualize a big, strong man doing these things to her, but she had failed. Instead, Kristen's sweet, undeniably soft feminine voice was just too much to ignore. It wasn't some cowboy who was touched Hayden's breasts and nipples – it was Kristen.

In Hayden's mind it was Kristen Bell who had sucked her breasts. Kristen Bell who had squeezed her ass. And sweet, beautiful, Kristen Bell who had slid her fingers deep inside her tight, wet, teenage cunt. And now, hearing Kristen's voice describing this "big and hard cock" was just too confusing and unappealing for her – potentially ruining her fantasy. Hayden couldn't believe what she was thinking, but she couldn't deny it any longer, either.

"Hayden? What's wrong sweetie? Did I..."

"Don't be the guy anymore," Hayden declared, "It just doesn't feel right, hearing your voice."

"Then, what do you want me to do?"

"Just be you." Hayden said sincerely.

Though she had lost some ground on reaching her orgasm, she continued to finger herself – panting and whimpering softly over the phone.

"Hayden, are you sure..."

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "You're all I can picture right now. Please, don't ruin it for me."

"All right," Kristen replied, still unsure about the whole situation.

Kristen was wary of taking advantage of her friend in such an aroused state, but at the same time didn't want to ruin the moment by upsetting her.

"Please," Hayden whimpered again, "Talk to me Kristen. I need this... please."

Hearing the anguish in her voice Kristen knew what she had to do.

"What do you want me to do?" She replied, instantly blushing and growing wet at her own submissive tone.

At 27, Kristen Bell was never one to take orders from no man, hell, she was never one to partake in phone sex either, especially with a another woman or so she thought. But now listening to her younger collegue on the phone, getting off so openly, she suddenly found herself incredibly aroused at the prospect of being under her total control, and doing what ever her twisted little teenage mind wanted her to do.

The mere suggestion that Kristen would surrender herself entirely over to this eighteen year old nymph now caused her own nipples to jut out excitedly while her hand unconsciously wandered her body, sliding between her legs and brushing over her crotch.

"Tell me what you want, Hayden."

"Ohh... tell me what you're really wearing," Hayden asked.

Then, almost interrupting herself she said, "No wait, I don't care."

"Just take it off. Whatever it is, just take it off now." She commanded.

Kristen was not, in fact, wearing the boxers and cowboy hat she had made up for the fantasy, but rather a black singlet top and jeans. Sitting at her desk in front of the computer, Kristen had not had as much experience with phone sex as Hayden apparently did, not that talking like this didn't turn her on, but she knew her sexy young co-star was the one in need of help and much needed release, and so her concentration was focused solely on Hayden.

Kristen stood up from the desk, set her phone down for a moment, and quickly undressed. Like Hayden she was a petite woman, slightly taller than her, and despite being older was several pounds lighter. Kristen Bell's eyes were a deep blue, and her lashes were long and dark. Her short blonde hair framed her face well, and her skin was, by contrast, rather pale. In a few short moments she stripped off her shirt, revealing a black, satin bra which incased two beautiful small breasts, which she quickly freed.

Her breasts were modest B-cups, with tiny pencil eraser nipples. Next she pulled off her jeans, kicking them free. Her legs were smooth and slim, and her tight little butt looked adorable clad beneath the black satin panties. In an instant, Kristen tugged them down her soft pale legs as well, leaving her naked hairless snatch glistened in the light from her wetness. It was a sight to see. Even she was surprised at just how wet she had become.

Quickly, she grabbed the phone and moved to lie down on a nearby sofa. Getting comfortable she spread her legs wide, putting one foot on the floor and the other on the top of the sofa's backrest. Then she briefly stroked her wet slit with her free hand, feeling her clit twitch and grow hard under her fingertips. It had been a while since Kristen had felt so aroused. Smearing some saliva across her clit she sighed as she briefly teased herself before returning to the converation.

"All right, I'm back." she said, still catching her breath after undressing quickly, "And I'm naked."

Having left Hayden alone for a moment, it seemed she hadn't wasted anytime getting off and was breathing a lot louder than before. Returning to the conversation, Hayden took control of the dialogue without missing a beat.

"So are you naked?"


"Beside your computer?"

"No. I'm on the sofa now, lying back with my legs spread. I've got one foot on the floor and the other on the head rest." Kristen admitted, "I'm just lying here touching myself for you."

"Mmm, for me? Can I see your breasts?"


"Are your nipples hard?"

"Yes, very. Do you want to suck them? I love it when they get sucked."

"Oh, definitely," Hayden answered breathlessly, "But only if you keep fingering me."

"Ohhh yesss, all right," Kristen breathed.

Hearing Hayden speak so openly only aroused her further. It seemed the true, sexy Hayden was coming out. Just as she had caught her breath from her previous exertion, Hayden was taking it away again. Kristen's chest moved up and down, going faster with each second.

"So you want me to finger you?"

"Yes, and use two fingers. I like that." Hayden continued, "I only ever use two fingers."

"Hmm interesting,"

"Rub my clit with your thumb too."

"Yeah? I can do that."

Hayden was detailing exactly what she was already doing to herself on her bed. Sweating profusely, she felt heat radiating from her entire body, but especially her pussy, which was now dripping with exhilaration. She in fact was now so wet, that her fingers made lewd gushing sounds as she moved them in and out. Her clit was throbbing and her legs trembled. Stealing Hayden's idea, Kristen positioned her hand so that she was doing the same actions to herself, and the explicit deed caused her to let out a series of moans.

"Oh God," Kristen said, "I can hear how wet you are form here."

"Yea—aahhhh... so wettt."

"Let me listen, Hayden. Put the phone next to your pussy and let me hear your fingers slide in and out."

"Ohh, okay."

With that, Hayden placed her phone between her spread knees and proceeded to twirl her fingers around, in, out, in, out. Meanwhile, Kristen would hear Hayden's moans in the background, and imitaiting the actions, she groaned with pleasure as she tried to keep up pace. Just then, Kristen then suddenly heard Hayden pick up the rhythm to the point where the soft gushing noise was finally replaced with a deep lewd and reapeated slopping and slapping sound. Louder and louder in became. It was extraordinary.

"Oh ohh uuhh uurghh uurrghh nnNGHH URGHH NNGHH!" Hayden cried in the background, "Uuurghh fuckk!!"

Hayden was now clearly fucking herself senseless with her fingers – two fingers knucked deep, to be precise – thrusting them in and out of her hot little cunt at a frantic pace as her palm slapped loudly against her sopping mound!

"Ohhh ooh uughh... ohhh yesss."

"Oh my God..." Kristen moaned to herself as she licked her fingers and fervently twirled her digits around her clit.

Finally after a few moments, Hayden picked up the phone again and breathed, "Did you hear it? Can you hear how wet I am because of you?"

"Oh yes." Kristen moaned, "Can you finger me, too? Please, I want to feel your fingers inside me, Hayden."

"Mmm you'd like that wouldn't you? Okay, Kristen. There. Can you feel me inside you? I'm in your pussy."

"Mmm yeah."

Hayden was not used to saying that word "pussy", which was exactly why hearing it from her turned Kristen on so much.

"Oh, yeah, I can feel it," Kristen moaned, "I want to lick you so bad."

"Oh fuck yeah," Hayden panted, "Me too. I've wanted to for so long."

She fingered herself faster, deeper.

"Yeah. I want to taste you. I want to taste your sweet pussy, baby."

Hayden said nothing. She just moaned her approval.

"Just imagine that we're at work, at the studio, on set in your trailer." Kristen breathed.

She then proceeded to describe the fantasy playing out in her head.

"And just imagine we're kissing, making out passionately as I slowly strip your clothes off..."

"Uh-huh... ooohhh, I bet you're a great kisser too, Kristen."

"Now imagine I take off all your clothes and lead you over to that sofa of yours and lay you down, spreading your legs wide."

"Mmm yeah."

"Then I strip, climb over you and straddle your head."

Almost panting, Hayden then interrupted, "Oh yess... and we get in a 69 position, with your beautiful pussy right above my face. Mmm yeah... and as I lean up and lick it, you lean over and eat mine too! Oohh yeah that's so hot Kristen. I can soo see us doing that right now."

"Lick me, Hayden. I want your tongue on my clit. GOD I'm wet!!"

"Oh, Kristen, yesss!" Hayden exclaimed, "I'm so fucking close! So close..."

"Yeah, both locked in a hot and sweaty 69... sucking and tonguing each other's pussies till we cummm! I'd make you cum so good Hayden. Stick my tongue as far inside of you as I can."

"OHH!" Hayden moaned loudly.

"Just suck my clit, sweetie! I want to feel your hot tongue on me... your hot breath... your sweet lips. You think you can do that for me? You thing you can manage that next time we see each other?"

"Oh fuck yes! God YES!!" Hayden almost yelled, "I'm gonna eat you so bad when I see you. I'm gonna shove my tongue down your throat, take you back to my trailer and lick you till you scream!!!"

"Uurghh yeaahhh, you dirty little bitch! You better, I like that!!" Kristen moaned, "Mmpphhh, I might even have to take you right there on the set, in front of everyone! And bend you over like the naughty little bitch that you are and stick my tongue in your ass!!! Yeah? How do you like that, hey? You think you could handle that!!"

"NNnnghhh yessss!!!" Hayden cried, "Ohh... but not if I do it first! Wait till I see you!! I'm gonna shove my tongue and fingers so far in your ass and pussy at the same time you're not gonna know what hit you... and you're gonna scream my name!!!!"

"You do that, and I'll cum all over that pretty little mouth of yours!" Kristen then vowed, "You'd like that wouldn't you! Mmm yeah... watch you slurp down all my cum and juices."

Hearing this, Hayden then shrieked out loudly, her body convulsing and thrashing against her diligent hand. Even in the cool room, sweat dripped from her sexy body and she bit her bottom lip and threw her head back, whipping her hips wildly.

"OHH SHIT KRISTEN!!! OHHH SHIITTTT!!!" Hayden choked back a scream as she was climaxed.

Hearing her cum, Kristen moaned, "Urghh suck it Hayden! Suck my fucking pussy!!! Can you feel my tongue inside you, deep inside you!?! You taste so fucking sweet!"

She bucked and jerked violently on the bed and rolled around several times – her fingers never stopping their furious assault inside her cunt.

"Did you cum baby? Did you like that?! Nnghhhh!!" Kristen panted, already on the edge herself.

"OOOHH fuck Hayden, did you cum on my tongue while I licked that wet... NNNGHHH FUUUCKKK!"

And with that Kristen reached her own impending orgasm.

In all the commotion, Kristen dropped the phone and grabbed a nipple firmly, tweaking it hard as her orgasm washed over her. Bucking and thrashing about wildly on the sofa, cum leaked from her throbbing cunt and onto the cushions. She then yelped out loud and nearly rolled right off the couch and onto the floor. A short while later, the two women waited for their breathing to return to normal. Neither of them had moved from their positions, and both were still naked, gasping, and coated in sweat.

Hayden's nipples were still as hard as ever, while Kristen continued to gently stroke her slick mound, making her tremble with aftershocks. Kristen paused when she heard a sound coming from below. She reached down and picked up the phone.

"You still there?"

"Yeah," Hayden panted, "I thought we got disconnected."

Pausing for a moment to take in what had just occurred, Kristen then giggled, "That was fucking, intense!"

Still reveling in their shared orgasms, the girls were extremely light headed, and hearing this confession from Kristen caused Hayden to start giggling uncontrollably.

"Oh my God!" Hayden said, sitting up and taking a deep breath, "What the hell did we just do, Kristen?"

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I think. I think I need a cigarette." Hayden said, her voice sounding detached, "I'm also thinking... I mean, did we just cross a line?"

A big smile spread over Kristen's face.

"You bet your sweet little ass we did! And I tell you something else. I can't wait to see you at work next week."

"Oh my God." Hayden giggled, "Me either."

The end

11-20-2007, 04:35 PM
Great to see you back again....thanks for another good story.

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Nice read. If the writer's strike continues, maybe you should put that in teleplay format and send it to NBC. It did the job for me maybe they would like it.

The Pornographer
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HAHAHA, thanks. Now there's an episode of Heroes I'd definitely TiVo lol.

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I just found this one - great story, and with two of my favorite celebs.

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oh my god.that was great.though i think having the two of them together in the same room would have been much better.please bring part two to us.

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I agree, a Part 2 with them actually having sex together would be great.