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06-25-2006, 05:06 PM
Chocolate Slut
By Bobbi Johnson

As she answered the final question, Amanda Pearson look across
the room of executives and thought that, all in all, her
presentation had been the highlight of the conference. And it
should generate some new contracts. John Masters, the presenter,
shook her hand as she turned and went back to her seat on the
dais and whispered, "You sure knocked them out."

"I think I did," she replied, also in a whisper.

Amanda has started her own consulting firm the previous year and
to be the keynote speaker for this conference was a real feather
in her cap. She had spoken to the idea that a company's workers
really do know what is needed most of the time and management
should take their ideas to their workforce for feedback, rather
than pushing the ideas down their throats. There would be, she
had noted, pockets of resistance from middle management, but she
felt they rarely had ideas and almost never produced real

John rejoined her at the dais just as desert was served to the
group. "Interesting ideas, Amanda, that's for sure. Would you
like something from the desert cart?"

Amanda looked but saw nothing of interest. "I have to watch my
weigh," she replied. "I have heard that this hotel does a sinful
thing with dark chocolate though, something called the Chocolate
Orgasm. That would have interested me; I'll do anything for good
dark chocolate." They both laughed.

"I think weight is hardly a problem for you," John said, as he
appraised her for what seemed to be the millionth time today.
"You look terrific." And very fuckable, he added to himself

Amanda Pearson was in her early thirties. She did work out,
running and lifting weights. Her auburn hair was full and fell to
her shoulders in a thick mass. Her legs were shapely, and she was
full breasted with a trim waist and strongly rounded bottom. Her
oval face was striking with full lips and eyes that flashed green
or hazel depending on her mood.

"Maybe, I'll order the Chocolate Orgasm from room service
tonight," Amanda told John. "I have a breakout session early
tomorrow morning and an open session after lunch, so I'll think
I'm going to turn in early." With that she rose and shook hands
around the dais before going to her room.

Amanda entered her room and closed the door. She let out a big
sigh and said aloud, "God," as she dropped her file case on the
desk and kicked off her pumps. As she walked across the sitting
room toward the bedroom to undress she thought to herself, "Those
shoes are beautiful and do make my ass and legs look great. Paul
would say spectacular."

She wished Paul, her husband, could have made the trip with her.
She hated it when they were separated by these conferences and
her consulting trips. She missed the smell of him on her pillow,
the rasp of his beard stubble in the morning, and the way he
looked at her whenever she walked into a room. And yes, she truly
missed the feel of him inside her. She leaned back against the
door and sighed, "Only two more days." Then she walked into the
bedroom to undress.

She had just opened the closet and was about to take her suit
coat off when she heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" she
called out.

"Room Service."

She hadn't ordered anything. "I haven't ordered anything; are you
sure you have the right room."

"Yes ma'am. Ms Pearson, Room 831. Chocolate Orgasm, it's from a
secret admirer."

Must be someone from the dais overheard what she said. Still,
chocolate is chocolate, she thought and said to the server,
"Door's open, bring it on in." She turned her back to the outer
room of the suite and took off her suit coat and reached for a
hanger. She felt a damp cloth cover her mouth and nose as she was
pulled against a hard body, just before she blacked out.


Amanda came back to her senses, but had no idea how much time had
passed, or even where she was. Her eyes were blindfolded and she
was gagged and, though she was still dressed and he had put her
shoes back on her, her arms were over her head and she seemed to
be suspended from the ceiling. Or rather, she was standing and
supported from the ceiling. She breathed in calmly and tried to
hear anything that would explain her plight. Then she felt warm
breath on her neck and heard his silky voice.

"I understand you'll do anything for dark chocolate. Is that
true?" She could hear a smirk in his voice. "Well, we might just
find out what you're willing to do for chocolate. Maybe you'll
even have your own chocolate orgasm tonight."

Amanda jumped when she felt his hand on her side.

"Now, now, I'm not going to hurt you. Not much anyway. And you
might find you'll enjoy yourself tonight, if you follow a few
little rules. Do you understand?"

Amanda though she should be terrified, but wasn't. Only a few
people had heard her remark tonight and they surely wouldn't do
anything to her that was too bad. Besides, if he didn't kill her,
she could identify everyone at the dais.

"Are you going to answer me, or do I need to get rough early? You
do understand the concept of rules?" Amanda nodded.

"Good, here they are. You must never try to remove the blindfold.
You must do as you're told, without hesitation, or there will be
punishment. Do you understand these rules?" Again Amanda nodded.
"Will you comply with these rules?" A pause and a nod. "Good."

Again the hand on her side, and then both hands, he was gently
stroking her. He said, "You feel very nice. Oh by the way, you're
still dressed as you were for your speech tonight and I'm sure
you realize I put your shoes back on. They really do nice things
for your ass; let's say they display a great ass to its fullest
extent. And I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to find that
you don't wear pantyhose. The thigh-highs are a very nice touch."
Amanda shivered. "I've been very proper, no copping a feel while
you were out. But I do have a question for you. Will you behave
if I remove your gag? You know that these rooms are practically
soundproof, don't you? Screaming won't help and would really
annoy me. So, do we have a deal? No screaming and I'll remove the

Amanda thought for a moment and nodded again. Her jaw was
beginning to ache and she really wanted the gag out. Maybe she
could even talk her way out of this predicament. She nodded and
felt his hands fumbling at the back of her head. Then her mouth
was empty and she moved her jaw to ease the kinks in her jaw
muscles. "Why are you doing this to me?" Her voice was a raspy
and hoarse.

"Because I can. Because I want to. Because you look so very
fuckable and at some point tonight, I'm going to fuck you." His
hands were on her again, around her waist gently gliding up and
down, pulling her back against his body. "And I certainly hope
you'll take me in your mouth."

His hands slid around her and cupped her breasts. "Oh yes, very
nice." He released her and stepped away. "Maybe this is the time
to explain the rest of the rules. Or maybe objectives shall we
say. You could even say I am following your advice from your
speech tonight. You might want to imagine me as management, you
as my employee and the Chocolate Orgasm as your pay. Oh yeah,
there is a Chocolate Orgasm on my tray. But rather than explain
my ideas in words, we're going to experiment with them. How does
that sound?"

"Look, whoever you are, I'm happily married and might not want to
play your sick games. What happens then? Are you going to kill

"First, no I'm not going to kill you. As to playing my 'sick
games,' as you call tonight's fun, remember Rule #2. Do as you're
told, without hesitation or there will be punishment. And if you
don't enjoy what we do tonight, that's of no matter to me. It's
my enjoyment that's paramount. Now once again, do you understand
the rules?"

Amanda remained silent, fuming.

"SMACK!" he slapped her across her ass, hard. "I didn't hear your
answer. I asked you if you understand the rules."

"Yes," Amanda snapped the reply.

"Good. Then let us begin. First, as lovely as you look clothed,
I'll bet you are truly stunning without those clothes." She
jumped as she briefly felt something cold on her arm. "Sorry, but
your blouse and bra will require scissors."

She groaned, her blouse was silk and felt like a lover's caress
on her skin. She felt his fingers slowly unbuttoning the blouse.
He stopped and she held her breath. He slowly parted the front
and slid his hands onto her bare skin. She thought she might have
heard a moan. His voice sounded apologetic when he said, "Now for
the scissors." He cut up the sleeves and her blouse dropped from
her body to the floor.

"You are truly beautiful." Amanda said nothing. "And I am sorry
about the blouse and bra, but I know of no other way." He
continued to touch her flat stomach, his hands gliding higher
until they brushed the tops of her breasts. "Now for the bra."

Amanda felt his hands at her back as they released the clasp of
her bra and the pull as her breasts came free of the tension and
heard the intake of his breath as he stepped back to look at her.
He snipped the strap on her left shoulder and she felt the bra
drop and hang by the strap on her right shoulder. Then nothing;
no sound, not even the sound of her own breathing, it was as if
time had stopped. Then quickly the other strap was snipped and
her bra fell free.

"God, I was right; you are very beautiful." He lightly ran his
hands over the tops of her breasts, then underneath and cupped
them. "So full and lush." And Amanda jumped again when he brushed
her nipples with his thumb, even though she had been expecting
the touch. And she was surprised when they became very erect, and
very quickly. She wasn't excited; she was mortified to be handled
this way. Her nipples had betrayed her.

"I'm going to lower your skirt now and remove your slip, so
please don't struggle. Let's make this as easy for both of us as

"Why," Amanda angrily demanded, "should I make this easy for you?
I would have thought you'd want struggle. Isn't that what gets
your dick hard? Isn't that why you're doing this?"

"Ahh, a bit of grit. I like that. And to answer your question,
no, your struggling doesn't make my dick hard. Well, maybe a
little, but if you don't struggle it will be just as hard. You do
that to me." He paused to let her digest that tidbit. "Now, I
will remove your skirt."

She felt him unbutton the waistband and slowly unzip her skirt.
He lowered it slowly to the floor and said, "Lift your feet,
please; I don't want to mess up your skirt." She obeyed, lifting
one foot, then the other. She heard him walk away and then the
rustle of hangers.

"I've hung your skirt up," he said when he returned. "Your slip
is next." Again he slowly lowered her slip and again she raised
one foot after the other so he could take her slip away. Again he
left the room, but she heard no sounds for what felt like hours.
She waited, her legs and feet together and her arms still
extended up. Nothing. No sounds. Finally she couldn't take the
suspense, "Well, what now?" She continued waiting.

"Why don't you have any thongs?" The voice was behind her and she
jumped. "I looked through your underwear and you have no thongs.
Lovely panties, and the ones you have on are very much the
nicest; power panties perfect for the keynote speech. You must
have felt very special, but why no thongs?"

Amanda realized that his voice, though still silky, had taken on
a husky edge. Her body was really affecting him, she thought with
some pride. "I don't wear them because they are uncomfortable."

"Oh, but you have the perfect ass for them. You have such a firm
perfect ass." He paused as if in thought. "An acquaintance of
mine once told me she wore them for a while until she could no
longer stand the constant arousal. She said they constantly
rubbed her until her clit would stand up and then it would be
rubbed all the more. She said she almost jumped the cleaning crew
at her office one night just to relieve the tension. Now she only
wears them when she knows that she's going to be fucking

Amanda made no reply, but she understood what he was saying and
she'd found it true as well. If Paul had made the trip with her,
she would have been wearing thongs as well, and for the same
reason as this man's friend. They made her hot. But I won't tell
him that. His voice startled her from her thoughts.

"Please open your legs a bit so I can take you panties off."
Amanda hesitated a second too long.


"OW! That hurt." Her ass burned and it wasn't his hand that hit
her this time.

"Rule Number Two!" He said emphatically as she moved her right
foot to the side. "Please try to remember. By the way, if you are
any louder, the gag goes back into your mouth. Might have to put
it back in a while anyway, but for now, be quiet." The huskiness
was gone from his voice, replaced by a hard edge.

His hands moved into her panties, palms at her side, and slid
down her hips to her stockinged legs and the slowly down to the
floor. Again she stepped out of her garment without being asked.
She heard him stand and take a deep breath and let it out as a
long sigh.

"Sniffing my panties now?"

"If you weren't so beautiful, so utterly desirable, I might
punish you just for fun. Bring you almost to climax over and
over, and then just leave you dangling for the other help to
find. But you're a smart woman and I believe you just want to try
to control an uncontrollable situation. Sorry, that isn't going
to happen. As I said earlier, this is for my enjoyment and I am
going to enjoy this night. I would like to think you'll find some
pleasure in our games too, but that isn't important."

He stepped away and then returned, "Open your mouth. I have a
surprise for you." Amanda pressed her lips together tightly.
"Rule Number Two, my dear. Besides you'll enjoy this, I promise."
She mumbled something, but parted her lips.

"A little wider, a little wider, there," he said as he slowly
stuck his finger in her mouth. "Don't bite, just suck."

As he slipped his finger into her mouth, Amanda smelled
something, something out of place. Her brain tried to make sense
of it. Chocolate! He had chocolate on his finger. She slowly
closed her mouth and tasted the richest chocolate she'd ever had.
"M-m-m-m-m," was all she could manage and was immediately

"See I'm not so bad. I've rewarded you and all the pleasure I've
really had has been visual. Imagine how nice it will be later
tonight when you've made me very happy?" Amanda winced, but was
becoming intrigued. And she was becoming aware of her shoes
again. They were hurting her legs.

"Back in a sec," he said and there was quiet again.


"Will you put my arms down?' Though there was no great strain on
her arms, she wasn't hanging by them, they were starting to get
tired and sore. "Please?" There was no answer. No sound, just the
cool air on her skin. Then she thought she heard a faint pop, but
maybe not. He was being so quiet, maybe that was part of his
game. Maybe that was part of the excitement for him, the

Amanda gasped as he put his hands on her shoulders; his hands
were very warm. He was rubbing her with some oil. And there was a
smell, definitely not chocolate. No, it was cinnamon. Then she
felt his breath where he had been rubbing and her flesh felt
aflame. He kept working the oil onto her skin, massaging the
tension from her arms and shoulders; then he was working his way
down her back to her ass.

"What is that?" she asked him. "It feels very nice. Though it, I
don't know, almost burns. No, somewhere between a burn and a
tingle." She had almost forgotten her predicament.

"It's massage oil. I have it made for me by a ju-ju woman I
know." His voice had that husky tone again. And he was massaging
her ass now, obviously enjoying it. "The massage should help you
relax. The oil..., well the oil has ingredients that will make
your skin more sensitive; you'll be more aware of the tactile."

His hands moved down to the tops of her thighs. As he rubbed more
oil into her inner thighs, above her stockings, the back of his
hand lightly brushed her lips. She reflexively started to closer
her thighs. "No-no, don't do that! Remember Rule Number Two!
Besides, your lips are becoming a bit puffy and felt damp. I
think you're beginning to enjoy this."

"No I'm not!" Amanda realized that while she, the conscious she,
wasn't enjoying this at all, her body seemed to have an agenda
all its own and was beginning to enjoy this quite a bit. "You
might fuck my body, but you won't fuck me. How can you get
pleasure from this if I'm not here? You might as well go stick
your dick in a jar of peanut butter." With the same vehemence
that was in her voice, Amanda snapped her thighs closed. Her
outburst was met with silence.

She waited and got no reply - verbal or, to her surprise,
physical. "Wel ..... oughmph."

Her question was cut off by the gag being stuffed back into her
mouth again. "Things were going so well. I really thought this
would be pleasant for both of us. But I see by your little
outburst that you just can't play nice. Now I won't play nice."

Amanda almost chocked as he buckled the gag. The she felt him
wrapping something around her ankle, more buckling and the same
for the other ankle. "Ankle cuffs,' he said, "back in a second."
She heard him walk away, then return. "I'm going to attach a
spreader bar to your cuffs to keep your legs open. I wish you'd
done it the easy way."

Having her legs spread put more pressure on her shoulders and
strain on her legs because of her shoes. But his hands were back,
coated with the warm oil, gliding over the front of her body. The
tops of her breasts, down the sides and cupping her breasts, his
hands moved slowly in gradually smaller circles. Then he stepped
back and she wondered, "Is he admiring his handiwork" She heard
the faint, wet rubbing sound; no, just more oil.

He started on her taut middle, never touching her nipples. God,
she actually wanted the warm tingling sensation on her nipples.
"Don't worry Ms Pearson; I'll get back to your nipples in a
minute." It was if he was reading her mind. He was still working
his way down her body, almost to the small patch of hair. She
felt his breath blow up her body and her skin went aflame.

"Isn't that a wonderful sensation, the way a lover's breath sets
your body on fire?" More oil, his hands at the junction of her
thighs. Slowly he rubbed the inner thighs from the front, the
backs of his hands barely brushing the lips of her sex. "I want
to touch you there as much as you want me to touch you. But you
demanded punishment, so now it's time." His hands left her body
and she actually moaned.

"I had hoped that when I smacked your bottom the second time
you'd have realized that I wasn't playing games. It wasn't my
hand the second time. Open your right hand!" Amanda did as she
was told this time, fear very real in her now. "Feel this,' he
said slowly running his quirt over her fingertips, "let it dance
over your fingers. Feel the length of it. Feel how springy it is,
how flexible? And the leather patch on the end?"

He slipped the end from her fingers and continued, "I could
actually take your skin off with this if I was so inclined, but
I'm not. You see, this little toy can be a very erotic plaything,
for both of us. But first ..." She felt his hands go around her
waist securing some sort of elastic belt; then a cord running
down between her cheeks. Like a thong she thought. Then he
suddenly was parting the lips of her sex.

"Ah, I thought your clit would be somewhat erect by now and lo
and behold ..." An electric shock ran through her body as he
touched her clit and began attaching something. "This is a little
clit vibrator thing remote control, first rate and I can just
sit across the room and make you dance and cream." He finished
attaching the cord to the front of the belt around her waist. He
stepped away and Amanda heard a small click and simultaneously
felt the vibrator strapped to her clit come to life.

"Oh God!," she thought. "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!"

"That's the low setting; I'll increase it as we go along."
Suddenly the intensity of the vibrations increased to the point
Amanda would have dropped to the floor if she hadn't been
suspended from overhead. Then just as quickly the vibrations
returned to the lesser intensity. "Thought you'd like to know
what you're in store for with this little gadget. Now for some

The quirt slapped her ass sending pain through her body. And
again. And again. And again. Amanda tried to count and lost track
around twelve of so. She would have tried to dance away, but the
bar between her legs prevented any escape. And that damn vibrator
just kept buzzing away. She thought he'd increased it a little.
Finally he stopped, her ass felt on fire. Then his hands were
back, more oil, gently rubbing and squeezing. She heard a moan
and the thought came to her, 'Him or me?'

"Wasn't that fun? No, I guess not; that was punishment. Now for
the real fun." The little paddle-like thing she'd felt on the end
of the quirt hit her inner thigh. Then the other. The first
again. Then her belly and back to her thighs. And the vibrations
increased. Amanda was becoming dizzy with sensations. Then he
stopped. He was breathing hard and sounded very husky when he
said, "Oh, I forgot your nipples."

Dread shot through her. "Please, oh please, don't whip my
nipples," Amanda thought.

Then she felt his hands, well oiled, cupping and gentling
squeezing her breasts. His thumbs lightly caressed her nipples
and areoles. The heat, combined with the feathery touch had her
nipples hard and extended. She could never remember that feeling
before. Then he slowly rubbed them with the palms of his hands in
maddening slow circles. And the vibrations increased below.
Amanda was throwing her head from side to side. She wanted this
to end. She wanted it to go on forever. She wanted him.

His voice, silky and husky, interrupted the fog that her brain
had become. "I wouldn't want your nipples to go down, so I've got
a little something for you." She heard a clinking sound and then
something cold and metallic on her left nipple. Tightening.
Almost to pain. Now the right nipple. Tightening. Almost to pain.
Then there was a tug and something bounced on her body just above
her navel. "Nipple clamps on a chain with a small lead weight.
That should answer your all your questions." And the vibrations

And so did the whipping of her thighs and belly. Occasionally he
would hit the chain or weight accidentally? and there would
be a sharp tug on her nipples. Amanda felt like she would lose
her mind. It was being overloaded with sensations, too many
sensations; she was sure she would explode. Then the whipping
stopped. And the weight was lifted from the chain. And the nipple
clamps were released. The combination of blood flowing back into
her nipples with the heat from the oil made her feel as if her
nipples had literally burst into flame. And then the vibrations

"Please God, make him stop." In her mind she was shouting, all he
heard was her moaning, a low back-of-the-throat animal moan. He
increase the vibrations just a little and sat back to watch.

She was so beautiful; and now she was covered in sweat, her thick
hair getting a little kink, or wave, to it. He wanted to touch
her, take her right now, but he waited and admired his work. As
he studied her body, his vision clearing from the lust haze he'd
been in, he noticed how wet she was between her legs. Had her
bladder let go, or had she cum? He leaned toward her and the
aroma told him the answer; she'd cum. She had an earthy musky
smell. How he wanted her now, but there were more games to play.

"Amanda?" His voice startled her back from wherever her body had
taken her. "Amanda, if you'll behave I'll remove the gag again.
Will you behave?" Her head lolled from side to side. "Is that a
NO? Do you mean you want me to punish you more?"

That snapped her out of it. She shook her head from side to side.

"I'll take that as a NO. Which means you will behave if I take
the gag out of your mouth?" He turned off the clit vibrator, he
needed her full attention. "OK? You will behave?" She nodded.
"Good, you know your voice is as beautiful as your body, and I
was enjoying it."

As the gag was taken from her mouth, Amanda gulped great
mouthfuls of air; she almost looked like a fish on a wharf. She
said something so faintly he couldn't hear her.

"What?" He leaned in close.

"Thank you." Her voice was very weak, as if she'd been

"My pleasure; but then that's what this whole night is about
isn't it? My pleasure." He released the belt around her waist and
pulled away the vibrator on her clit. "I thought you were going
to wear out the batteries on the thing. You look a bit sore; let
me rub it better." And with that he stared rubbing her, massaging
her, with the oil. Setting her body aflame again. Her back, her
arms, her thighs, her breasts and nipples, her belly. Right down
to her sex. And Amanda realized, except for attaching the
vibrator, he really hadn't touched her sex at all. She tried to
move against his hand. She wanted him to touch her there, work
the oil, and his magic, on her puffy swollen lips.

"I do believe you want to be touched now, don't you?" He asked
her as he removed his hands.

"Yes, please." Amanda's answer was quick, so quick she would have
been embarrassed if she weren't so far gone in her erotic haze.
"Please touch me. Please." She continues begging and he just

He poured a little more oil in his hands and knelt in front of
her, slowly running his palms on either side of her sex, but not
separating her lips and entering. Not yet. He though he could
actually make her beg him to enter her, and he was sure going to
try. He continued the slow massage, feeling the hard node that
was her clit. He breathed in slowly the sweet aroma of her.
"Please," he heard her say very faintly, "touch me."

He ignored her and kept his slow rhythm, working up and down the
outside of her lips. He knew some of the oil had rubbed off
earlier onto her clit when he'd attached the vibrator. But the
heat may have worn off by now. Still, he continued his slow up
and down massage.

Amanda's voice broke his reverie, "God, please touch me. Touch me
inside, I need you inside me. Oh God, I'm begging you, PLEASE."

"I could never refuse a lady who says please." He smiled and on
the next up stroke his thumb separated her lips and rubbed across
the tip of her clit and every muscle in her body spasmed.

"Oh God Yes!"

Which one of them had shouted that? He really didn't know. He
wasn't sure if he even cared as he continued his up and down

"Oh Yes!" Her voice was hoarse. ""Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes1" She
kept repeating as he continued to rub her on the outside of her
lips, occasionally slipping his thumb in to graze her clit on the
way by.

He stood, never stopping his erotic massage, and looked at this
woman. Her head was lolling back in the near ecstasy. He leaned
forward and flicked her right nipple with his tongue and smiled
as her whole body stiffened. 'Hum,' he thought, 'let's see if we
can raise this a little higher." And with that thought he slowly
ran his tongue around the areole and slid the middle finger of
one hand into her sex. As he sucked her nipple and areole into
his mouth, he reached in and up with his finger, finding the spot
just under her clit and pressed from the inside.

Her head fell back and her knees buckled. She was held up by her
arms and his hand in her; to her mind though, it was the finger
that held her up. And the heat from the oil suddenly ignited her
from within. The heat spread and she felt her heart and mind
would both explode as he continued to suck at her breast and
pressure her from within. His other hand began moving up her body
under and over her left breast. And just as the palm grazed her
nipple, his thumb rolled her clit against the finger inside of
her and an orgasm, the strongest she'd ever had, engulfed her
entire being. When the haze cleared, he was gone.

She was alone, hanging by her arms, her whole body trembling.
"Please, are you there?" Her voice was so weak even she could
hardly hear it. Silence.


Her body felt chilled, air conditioning and sweat, but her skin
stilled burned from his touch. Why had he stopped? Why did he

"You didn't think I'd leave you yet, did you?" Silky and husky
again. "I thought you might like some wine. Since you had a nice
Merlot, I poured us a couple of glasses. I've been drinking my
wine and feasting on your beauty with my eyes. Would you like a
sip of wine?"

She felt a glass touch her bottom lip and she opened her mouth.

"Careful, I don't want you to drown."

"Thank you."

"It was the least I could do. You made this not only an enjoyable
evening, but also a memorable one as well. I really don't believe
I've ever seen a woman cum as strongly as you did." The he added
after a pause, "Are your arms tired yet?"


"Finish your wine and I'll let you down." He brought the glass to
her lips again. She sipped the wine and found she was savoring
the flavor. "Alright, all done; let's get you down."

She felt him as he released the brace from between her ankles. As
she tried to center her stance he rose and brushed her sex with
his nose, very slowly she thought. Then his tongue flicked out
and he nipped at her clit. A bright balloon of color seemed to
explode in her brain and Amanda passed out again.

She was not gone long and when her mind brought her back she
realized she was lying on her back. Her arms, she note were still
over her head and when she tried to move them found that she
still was secured to something. The headboard? She heard a
"snick" and found that her legs were spread and virtually
immoveable as well. She was spread-eagle on a bed.

"Thought I was going to have to get some cold water to wake you
up for a minute, but here you are."

"Why am I tied down like this? I don't think I could run."

"I decided to move you to the bead for two reasons. One, I derive
great pleasure from licking and sucking a woman and I don't think
your arms and shoulders could have taken much more abuse. And I
believe this will be more comfortable for fucking as well." He
slid a pillow under her hips.

Breathing deeply and slowly to regain some of her senses, Amanda
asked, "And the second reason?"

He laughed, "Why, I want you comfortable when you beg me to fuck
you." And with that he slid the palm of his hand lightly over her

There was a sharp intake of breath, then Amanda said, sounding
more calm than she felt, "And if I don't beg?"

"Oh, you will beg, my lovely plaything. You will." And he kissed
her mouth, slowly, tenderly; gently exploring her mouth with his
tongue. And, all the while, continuing to light rub her sex with
the palm of his hand, slowly exerting more and more pressure. 'Oh
yes,' he thought, 'you will beg me.'

Amanda felt the bed shift from his weight as he joined her. And
he continued to kiss and rub her. Then without stopping the
motion of his hand he moved the kisses to her throat. She raised
her throat to him and gave herself over to the sensations. His
kisses moved down to the tops of her breasts, to one nipple then
the other, to the bottoms of her breasts and down her stomach.
All very slowly, maddeningly so. Then his hand was replaced by
his mouth and again Amanda thought she would lose her mind.

He kissed her lips, nibbled them with his teeth, and slowly ran
his tongue along the slit. From bottom to top. Again and again.
His hands, on her inner thighs, massaged the skin just above her
stockings. She tried to raise her knees to bring her sex up to
him. She wanted desperately to spear herself on that tongue, but
her legs were just as secured as her arms. And it was then that
it happened.

His tongue slid between her lips and slowly, as he worked his way
from the bottom of her sex, slid into her entrance. It was if he
were lapping her flow from the inside. And the his mouth moved to
her clit. He slowly sucked in into his mouth and flicked it with
his tongue. She knew then that he'd been right; she was going to

He sucked harder and pulled her clit between his teeth, always
flicking it with his tongue before he released the pressure. And
then slowly repeated the process suck, bite, flick!
He could feel her body tremble. He could tell she was trying to
grind her sex into his mouth. And he heard her.

"Please!" Faint. He didn't stop his ministrations. "Oh God
Please! Now!"

Suck, bite, flick!

"Please! Now! Please! Now! Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!"

Suck, bite, flick!

"Oh God Please! I want you in me!"

Suck, bite, flick!

"Now! I want you in me now!"

Suck, bite, flick!


Suck, bite, flick!

"PLEASE FUCK ME NOW I'M BEGGING ..." Her voice trailed off to

And he entered her. Slowly, very slowly. Stopping when she tried
to rise to meet him; entering further when she stopped, sobbing.
Then he was all the way in, his pelvis grinding pressure on her
clit. As he started to withdraw, the muscles around him
tightened, trying to keep him in. They only let go and 'relaxed'
when he started the slow penetration again.

He gradually increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts.
She still grasped at him with her muscles as he withdrew and
relaxed them as he thrusted. At the moment of total penetration
he would twitch his hips forward, as if the gain deeper entry
into her, but actually it was to press his pelvic bone against
her clit. Their breathing became ragged together. Then she sensed
him ready to cum.

"Paul, take off the blindfold. I want to look in your eyes when
you cum into me. Please Paul! Please!" With no break n the
rhythm, the blindfold was ripped from her eyes. She looked deep
into his blue eyes as they rolled up into his head and he filled


"When did you figure out it was me?" Amanda was nestled into
Paul's shoulder, a leg thrown across his groin.

"When you mentioned the 'ju-ju woman'; anyone else would have
said 'voodoo woman.'" He fed her another bite of the Chocolate
Orgasm. "Not that I'm complaining, but why did you stage all this
bullshit? Why not just come along for the conference?"

"Tonight, or last night actually, was the first anniversary of
you starting your new business and I wanted to surprise you."

"Which you did, I must say."

"And play the mysterious interloper game."

"Which you did quite well."

"Are you complaining?"

"No," she said sitting up, "but you threatened to make me suck
you and then didn't. So, I thought..." And, smearing a dollop of
Chocolate Orgasm on the head of his penis, she slid down his body
and took him I her mouth.

They never figured out who moaned first.

06-26-2006, 04:09 PM
Very good story....really hot.....Great Addition Jolly.

Thanks for sharing it.

11-10-2006, 05:05 PM
Bumped for our Chocolate lovers...hahahah Enjoy