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06-25-2006, 05:11 PM
Our Second Threesome (M/F/M, oral, anal, ws, farting, mild scat)
by Coproman

Even though a whole month had gone by, neither Sheila nor I could stop
talking about our first threesome with Karl, our 19-year-old sex partner.
We'd felt absolutely comfortable with one another and things couldn't have
gone better. On top of that, Karl had blown us away when he'd revealed his
piss fetish, and surprisingly Sheila and I were able not only to share this
with him but embrace it as a new and exciting addition to our own sex play.
Indeed after that we often spent more time in the bathroom than we did in
the bedroom! But we knew that to fully explore this kinky game, we needed
to get together again with the person who'd introduced it to us.

Because those were pre-cell-phone days and Karl still lived at home as he
attended Queens College, I did as he'd suggested and called under the
pretense of being one of his professors. A woman answered the phone, and
when I discovered that it was his mom, a part of me very much wanted to tell
her that my girlfriend and I were calling to borrow her son for a few hours
of sex and piss games. But the moment she identified herself, I became as
professorial as I could be, even letting her know how well Karl was doing in
my class, and she was pleased to hear this as she called him to the phone.

When Karl picked up, I told him it was "Professor Brad" and he began to
laugh. In the background, I heard his mom ask, "What's so funny?" and Karl
answered, "He said you have a nice voice," which made her laugh too. As she
cackled away, he whispered to me, "Listen, she's getting ready to go to the
store. I'll call you back as soon as she leaves." Before I could say
"okay" he hung up. Ten minutes later the phone rang.

"Duuuude! How ya doin'?!" Now that Karl was no longer muting his
excitement, I could clearly hear it in his voice, and this confirmed for me
that he was not the kind of guy who was interested in only one-night stands
with the couples he got together with.

After some small talk, Karl admitted that, when he didn't hear from us, he
thought we might have regretted doing what we'd done. Yeah, he HAD gotten
together with another couple after he'd left us, but his experience with
them didn't come close to comparing with the one he'd had with us. Plus,
when he'd mentioned watersports to them, they'd thought it was disgusting
and had ended the session prematurely. After a week he'd thought seriously
about calling us but hadn't because he didn't want us to feel that he was in
any way pressuring us into having a second threesome. Then he was scheduled
to join a new couple, but it turned out that the woman just wanted to watch
while her husband fucked him, so he'd made up an excuse for leaving and
gotten out of there as fast as he could. So when his mother called him to
the phone today, he was thrilled to hear my voice.

"So, dude, when are we gonna get together again?"

"How about this weekend? You have any plans?"

"Not anymore!" he chuckled. "So...same place, same time?"

"Yeah. But not the same room. One with a bigger bathroom."

Again he chuckled.

"I'll give you the details as soon as we have them, okay?"

"Yeah, cool."

I then handed the phone to Sheila, and after she and Karl chatted for a few
minutes, she hung up and we just looked at each other, smiling, nodding, and
licking our lips in anticipation.


By the end of the week, Sheila and I had reserved our new hotel room and I
called Karl back to give him the room number as well as a few instructions
on how we wanted him to "prepare" before he joined us. When I was done, he
just gave me his patented chuckle and said he'd be ready.

Like before, Sheila and I arrived at the hotel early, but this time only
early enough to check in, chill out for a while in our room (which, again,
was nice and spacious, with two full-sized beds and, this time, a large
bathroom as well), then strip and wait for Karl.

Only minutes after we got naked, there was a familiar knock at the door and
I looked out the peephole to see Karl squirming around as if he had ants in
his pants. I quickly opened the door to let him in. For some reason I
expected him to have changed in some way over the last month, but I was glad
he hadn't. There was that same pale skin, those same light blue eyes, and
that same sandy hair (though longer than before).

"I see you're doing the pee pee dance," I snickered as he slipped inside.

"Yeah, dude, I gotta take a serious leak."

"Well, I'm sorry, but the toilet is broken," I said, "so you'll have to go
somewhere else."

"ANYwhere, dude," Karl said, now dancing more than ever; then he looked at
Sheila, who was sitting at the foot of the bed. "I gotta go so bad, I'll
even go in your girlfriend's mouth."

I smiled when he said that. He had followed our prearranged script
perfectly. Then I looked at Sheila, just to make sure she didn't have an
"I'm-not-sure-I-still-want-to-go-through-with-this" look on her face, and
when I saw that, quite to the contrary, she was practically salivating, I
said, "Well, then, I guess my girlfriend's mouth is where you'll have to go.
Poopie, I hope you're thirsty."

Sheila nodded, dropped to her knees right in front of the still-twitching
teenager and stared up at him. When their eyes met, Karl immediately
stopped dancing, unzipped his jeans and, after groping around in his fly
long enough to tug down the waistband of his briefs, fished out his
semi-hard cock.

"Oooo!" Sheila said, smiling as she gazed at the blushing red head aimed at
her mouth. "Hi, cutie. Did you miss me?"

The fact that she was talking to his prick made Karl grin, which made his
bladder relax just enough for the first of his pee to unexpectedly squirt
out, spraying over Sheila's face and causing her to flinch in surprise. But
she opened up her mouth in time to catch the ensuing stream.

"Yeah, white boy!" I urged Karl as I began to stroke myself. "Piss right
down my girlfriend's fucking throat! Fill her up with your white-boy piss!"

It was as if Karl's bladder heard me and suddenly woke up because two
seconds later, piss was shooting out of the teenager's dick with such force
that it splashed off Sheila's tongue and hit me right in the eye. But with
a slight tip of her head, Sheila adjusted to the powerful stream, which
rapidly filled her mouth.

As I looked at them I thought how strange it was that, just a month ago,
Sheila had agreed to pee in Karl's mouth only if she didn't have to "return
the favor," and Karl had quickly responded how he preferred "getting it, not
giving it." Now the two of them were doing a pretty convincing role
reversal, as he eagerly flooded her mouth with hot piss while she just as
eagerly gulped it down, swallowing at the back of her throat like the
perfect human urinal.

"Drink it, Poopie!" I now urged Sheila. "Drink every drop of that white-boy

But while I kept thinking that Karl's golden flow would end at any second,
he surprised me by continuing to piss and piss and piss to the point where I
began to wonder just how big his teenaged bladder was and how much
"white-boy piss" Sheila was prepared to swallow. Finally, after what seemed
like half an hour, his stream began to dry up as he delivered the final
squirts of pee into my girlfriend's mouth.

Afterwards Sheila belched loudly, giggled, then gingerly took the head of
the teenager's hardening prick between her lips to suck out the last few
drops of urine. Then, without breaking their connection, she unbuckled his
belt, unbuttoned his jeans and, after tugging both jeans and briefs down to
his knees, clutched his bare ass and began to give him some serious head, as
Karl groaned and sank his fingers in her short afro.

"That's right, Poopie, suck it!" I now said, still stroking myself. "Suck
that big white dick!"

For a while the only sounds in the room were Karl's moaning and the sloshing
of spit in Sheila's mouth as she slurped the teenager's rod, and I watched
in admiration as it quickly grew to its full eight inches, pointing so
stiffly at the ceiling that Sheila was forced to change her angle of
"attack." I stooped down to get a closer look at the action, and when
Sheila momentarily opened her eyes and saw me, she gave me a hum of approval
and as much of a smile as she could with her mouth full of dick.

But that wasn't the only reason I was down there watching so closely.
Earlier Sheila and I had agreed on something and I was hoping she would
remember before it was too late. It took a few more trips up and down
Karl's shaft before she realized what I was waiting for, upon which she
pulled her mouth off the white boy's boner with a pop.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Honey, here," and she moved back and sat down on her
haunches as I took her place, impaling my mouth on the teenager's
spit-coated pole.

"Oooh!" Karl responded, and I instantly felt his hands clasping my head as I
held on to his buns.

Instead of letting me do the work, as he had done with Sheila, the
19-year-old began to do what he'd done during our last get-together and fuck
me in the mouth. He also began to talk to me.

"Yeah, dude, suck it!" he panted. "I'm gonna shoot my shit right down your
fucking throat!"

"Mmph!" I replied.

"And you're gonna fucking swallow it all, right?"

"Mm-hm," I said, and I found myself holding on desperately to the white
boy's flexing ass as he fucked my mouth harder and harder, his balls
bouncing off my chin and his crotch crashing into my face as he labored to
give me what I'd craved for a whole month.

Just when I thought the 19-year-old would permanently flatten my facial
features, he suddenly jerked and went stiff. Clutching my head, he thrust
his hips forward, ramming his cock so far down my throat it nearly
triggering my gag reflex.

"Shit! I'm coming! Take it all, dude! Swallow my fucking load!"

"Yeah, Honey, drink his come!" said Sheila, furiously fingering her clit.

Karl lay trembling against my face, his pubic hair pressing into my nose and
his dick throbbing in my throat as it spat stream after stream of sperm
straight down my gullet. It was my first taste of male come directly from
the source, and even though I felt myself choking a little as I gulped down
the white boy's abundant ball juice, I still couldn't get enough of it,
refusing to release the teenager's tool from my lips until it had shrunk all
the way down.

With Sheila's stomach full of white-boy piss and mine full of white-boy
come, we were now both hornier than ever, so we figured we'd take care of
each other while helping Karl recharge his battery.

"Hey, Karl, why don't you stretch out on the bed...face up," I said.
"Sheila and I want you to watch us."

Smiling, Karl eagerly complied and Sheila climbed on top of him in a
sixty-nine. Last time, when I'd fucked Karl up the ass, it was Sheila who
was underneath, taking in the sights, and I thought about this as I took my
place behind Sheila, framing Karl's head between my knees as I looked down
at him.

"Can you see?"

"Yeah, dude, EVERYthing."


After winking at him, I grasped my super-hard prong and, bending it down,
carefully inserted it between the lips of Sheila's sopping snatch. I then
held her hips with both hands and thrust forward, shoving every last inch of
my dick into her.

"Shit!!" she screamed, and I could feel her whole body trembling as her twat
spasmed on my shaft. Bending over, I put my mouth right beside her ear.

"How'd you like that, Poopie?" I whispered.

"You fuckin' animal," she whispered back; then she turned her head to the
side and kissed me. "I LOVE you."

"Love you too, Poopie."

Straightening up again, I began to pull my cock out of her cunt. When only
the head remained inside her, I glanced down at Karl's face. His expression
told me that he was enjoying his "up-close-and-personal" look at the action,
so I proceeded to push my pole back inside her, only more slowly this time,
so Karl could watch it slowly disappear inch by inch into the same dewy pink
hole his tool had occupied a month earlier. Because Sheila was already so
wet, I started fucking her hard right away, my crotch slapping against her
ass as I pistoned her pussy.

"Hey, white boy, like what you see?" I panted.

"It's fucking awesome, dude! You guys are puttin' on one helluva show, and
I've got a front-row seat!"

I wanted a little more audience participation, though, and Sheila must've
sensed this because five seconds later I heard Karl gasp and looked down to
see half of his re-hardening cock in her mouth. This time, though, instead
of urging her on verbally, I began to fuck her even harder, energetically
jamming my joint into her to let her know how much I liked what she was
doing. In turn, Sheila let me know how much she liked what I was doing
when, with Karl's dick still in her mouth, she suddenly let go with a
high-pitched tremolo, her body began to shake all over, and her cunt got

But while knowing that I'd brought Sheila to orgasm certainly excited me,
what pushed me over the top was when she pulled Karl's dick out of her mouth
and began to smell him, first sniffing his pubic hair, then his balls, then
putting her hands under his thighs, lifting them up and sticking her nose
right in his asshole. Seeing my girlfriend's dark-brown face pressed
between the teenager's pale cheeks was too much for me.

"Fuck! I'm coming!" I hollered, pulling Sheila's hips against me while
shoving my cock as deep as I could into her cooze. "Take it, Poopie! Smell
his stink white ass and take my come right in your fuckin' cunt!"

"Mmmmmmmm!" Sheila responded, sinking her nose deeper into the teenager's
shit pit and shivering through another climax as I, shivering right along
with her, shot stream after stream of spunk into her throbbing box.

"Shit!" Karl suddenly said, jerking, and I could tell that Sheila had
replaced her nose with her tongue and was probing the white boy's puckered

"Yeah, Poopie, lick him good," I panted, as I continued to ejaculate inside
her. "Lick the shit right out of his fuckin' ass!" Then I whispered, "Come
here," and when she turned, we kissed and I could taste Karl's ass on her

For the next minute or so I kept my shrinking dick inside Sheila, both of us
flexing our internal muscles to force every last drop of semen out of it.
Finally, I began to pull out of her slowly, slowly, until my cock exited
with a soft "sploosh." As soon as it came out, Karl lifted his head, making
me flinch as he grasped the knob between his lips and began to suck Sheila's
and my juices off it.

"Oooohh, yeah, Karl, suck it," I moaned. But by now my dick was so
sensitive that I could barely stand what the 19-year-old was doing to it
with his experienced tongue, so after only a few seconds, I gently pulled it
out of his mouth, eased back, and crouched down low on my hands and knees
with my face only inches from his.

"You okay, dude?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just gonna rest up while I watch you do something."

"Watch me do what?" he asked, confused.

Smiling, I reached over and signaled Sheila by patting her ass twice. She
immediately adjusted her position until she was squatting over Karl's face.

"Okay, Poopie, let it go."

Both Karl and I stared up at Sheila's cunt as it and her anus both flexed,
flexed, then pursed open, resulting in her asshole puffing out a smelly
little fart right in Karl's nose.

"Oops! Sorry about that," she said.

To show Sheila just how "offended" he was, Karl lifted his head and
deep-sniffed her asshole, breathing the foul fumes deep into his lungs.
Then, for good measure, he flicked his tongue over it, making her shudder.
He then lay his head back down and looked up at me.

"So is THAT what you wanted to watch me do?"

"No, not quite," I said, again smiling. "Though I have to admit it's nice
to see there's one MORE thing we have in common."

He smiled back at me then we both refocused our attention on Sheila's pussy,
whose lips were bagging out slightly. Suddenly, from within the pink, a
pearly white glob appeared, quickly growing until it was too heavy to stay
inside her and began to ooze out. Seeing this, Karl opened his mouth wide,
stuck out his tongue and started to lift his head again--but I gently placed
my hand on his forehead to stop him.

"No, don't go get it," I said. "Let it come to you."

Nodding, Karl laid his head down again, keeping his mouth open as he waited.
The slimy strand drooped lower and lower until, finally, it broke loose and
dropped onto the teenager's tongue. He eagerly swallowed it and immediately
opened his mouth again to get ready for the next dose of sperm, which was
already making its way out of my girlfriend's twat.

"So, Karl, how's it taste?" I asked him.

"Dude, it's DELICIOUS."

"Yeah, I agree," I said.

"Ewwwwww!" Sheila said with a giggle as she watched Karl's from between her
legs. "Honey, he's just as nasty as you are!"

That made both Karl and me laugh, the teenager doing so with his mouth wide
open again, allowing him to catch the next gooey gob of come, which he again
gulped down. For a moment I imagined one of those millions of sperm I'd
shot into Sheila somehow avoiding being squeezed into Karl's mouth and
swimming heartily enough to find her egg, penetrate it, and produce a fetus.
How could I not later introduce that child to Karl as someone who had
helped him/her be born by eliminating the competition?

After squeezing out two more healthy doses of come for Karl to swallow,
Sheila had pretty much emptied her pussy of what I had spurted into it. But
there was still some left over, so Sheila proceeded to sit on the teenager's
face, her twat landing on his open mouth with a little "squish" followed
almost immediately by loud slurping noises as Karl probed her insides with
his tongue, causing her to squirm and moan.

"Yeah, suck that black cunt, white boy!" I said. "Suck it dry!"

Of course that was never going to happen, because Karl was making her come
again and again, and every time he did, she would juice up all over again.
He was just about to lick her through yet another orgasm when Sheila lifted
herself off his face and moved forward, resting on her knees.

"Wait a minute," she gasped. "No more tongue. Just open your mouth.

He did and she slowly sat back down on it. For the next several seconds,
the two of them simply held their positions, Sheila sitting back on her
heels with Karl's red face buried beneath her black ass; then I heard a
"Mmph!" from under her followed by the muffled but unmistakable sound of a
liquid rushing out and the equally unmistakable sound of a mouth filling up.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Karl moaned loudly, and right afterwards he began to gulp
loudly, swallowing the golden deluge as rapidly as it was gushing into his

"Yeah, Karl, drink her fucking piss," I said, "just like she drank yours!"

And even though it hadn't been all that long ago that Karl had peed in her
mouth, Sheila was taking such a long time to finish going that I had the
feeling she was pissing out not only her own hot load but his recycled one
as well, forcing the white teenager to swill a double dose of urine, and
this thought made me so horny that I found myself sporting a full erection

Finally, after what seemed like half an hour, Sheila lifted her ass off
Karl's face to let me watch the last of her piss dribble into the teenager's
mouth. After he swallowed it, he smacked his lips and expelled a long,
hearty burp.

"Excuse me, guys."

Sheila moved back until she was kneeling right above Karl's head. Then she
bent over and, after staring in his face upside down, kissed him hard on his
piss-wet lips. After several long seconds, she broke it off, stared at him
again and, smiling, said, "You're excused!"

With Karl's belly so full of piss that it bulged out slightly and his dick
so hard again that lay plastered against that bloated belly, I knew he was
ready for something heavier than more oral action, so I told him how I
wanted to watch him fuck Sheila doggy-style from the same position he'd
watched us.

The 19-year-old's face lit up when I said this, and the three of us quickly
maneuvered around until I was on my back staring up at the visually
appealing canopy of Sheila's and Karl's genitals.

"You ready?" I heard Karl ask Sheila.

"Yeah, put it in me," she replied.

I watched with excitement as, only inches above my face, Karl grasped the
pale shank of his long hard cock and nudged the head between the pink lips
of Sheila's pussy.

"Mmmmmm," she responded, and because my arms were hooked around her thighs,
just above her knees, I could feel her shudder.

Karl teased her a while, moving his dick in and out, in and out until her
juices started flowing again. In no time Sheila was so turned on that some
of her pre-orgasm fluid seeped out of her snatch and dripped onto my face,
apparently unbeknownst to either her or Karl.

"Okay, big boy, sock it to me!" Sheila suddenly said, and without missing a
beat, Karl shoved his whole dick into her cunt, the same way I had done,
leaving only his big red balls pressing into her black pubic bush.

"Shit!!" she again screamed out. She also began to tremble again, and when
I felt this and heard Karl moan, I knew her vaginal muscles were spasming on
his dick the same way they had on mine.

"Okay, Karl, now fuck the shit out of her!" I said. "Like you did the last

I stared mesmerized as all but the head of Karl's lengthy rod emerged from
Sheila's cunt, its whiteness stark against her dark skin. Then he pushed it
all back inside her again; then he pulled it right back out, and pretty soon
the teenager was banging my girlfriend's box at a steady pace, the constant
"smack, smack, smack" of his crotch smacking her ass accenting each plunge
into her pussy.

"Yeah, Karl, FUCK me!" Sheila screamed, so loud I was sure that every guest
on every floor of the hotel heard her. "I LOVE that big white dick in my

Once again I couldn't believe--or understand why--I was getting so turned on
watching this white teenager fuck my girlfriend. With his bigger dick and
amazing strokes, I should have had a big jealous knot in my stomach.
Instead I was hoping that Sheila didn't accidentally brush up against my
dick, because I was so excited that I was sure it would trigger my orgasm.

And now that the two of them were sweating, I was not only watching them but
smelling them fuck, and I savored the aroma of hot sex that filled my nose.
An odd mixture of Sheila's and Karl's natural body odors, combined with the
pheromones the two of them were producing, it was like an aphrodisiac for
me, intensifying my desire for both of them.

Fully aroused, I lifted my head just enough to feel Karl's slippery schlong
sliding back and forth across my nose and lips. Then I stuck out my tongue
so I could taste Sheila's cunt juice on it while, at the same time,
stimulating him, and judging from the change in pitch of his moans, I was
definitely hitting a nerve.

Meanwhile Sheila was really getting off on having Karl's teenaged tool back
in her twat again because she had already come twice and was headed for a
third orgasm when I directed a "pssst!" at Karl, not sure he would even hear
me. I was surprised that he did and looked down.

"Listen," I whispered, "when you're ready to come, give it to ME, okay?"

"I hear you, dude," he panted. "Where exactly do you want it?"

"In my face," and right after those words left my lips, my heart begin to
beat double-time in anticipation.

"You got it, dude."

Now Karl began to speed up his strokes, driving his eight-inch shaft in
Sheila's snatch so fast that his bouncing balls kept hitting me in the face
and crashing his crotch into Sheila's ass so hard that I was sure he would
knock her flat and the two of them would come tumbling down on top of me.

Fortunately that didn't happen. Just as Sheila was quivering through a
third orgasm, Karl grunted, stiffened and, by some miracle, managed to yank
his cock out of Sheila's pussy. Holding tightly onto the shank, he began to
pump frantically.

"Shit! I'm coming! Take it right in your fucking face, dude!"

It's hard to describe what it was like to have Karl ejaculate in my face.
No, I don't mean the physical description. That's easy: He basically slimed
me, shooting the kind of incredible load only a horny teenager can shoot, as
spurt after spurt of hot come plopped in long, wet, sticky ropes all over my
forehead, eyelids, nose, lips, chin, even my neck. What's really hard to
describe is what it was like for my libido. Let's just say that if Sheila
had so much as breathed on my dick while Karl was showering me with sperm, I
would have shot my load too.

"Duuuude!" Karl said, and as I half opened one come-covered eye, I could
just make out the image of the white boy smiling down at me. "You should
see your face!" Then he snickered and added, "Or maybe not."

"Ewwwwwwww!" I heard Sheila squeal, and I knew that she had turned around
and was reacting to what Karl had done to me. "Shit, Honey, we've got a
fuckin' STUD on our hands! Look in the mirror."

Sitting up, I wiped enough sperm out of my eyes to finish opening them then
gazed in the mirror over the dresser.

"GodDAMN, white boy!" I chuckled as what gazed back at me was a face so
covered with splooge that it could easily have appeared in the final scene
of a gay porno film. "How the hell'd you manage to shoot THAT much on a
SECOND go-round?"

"I don't know, dude," he said giving me that sheepish smile of his, which I
could see in the mirror. "It just happens sometimes...especially when I'm
really turned on."

I just shook my head as I continued to stare at my face, pleased that Sheila
and I had been able to "really" turn the teenager on. Then Sheila grabbed
my arm, pulled me back down on the bed, and began to lick his semen off me,
her tongue giving me goose bumps as it swept all over my face, scooping up
one gooey gob of come after another. Then--surprise, surprise!--Karl joined
her, lapping up his own spunk, and I got not only more goose bumps but the
shivers and a renewed stirring in my loins from the double tongue action.

It took only a few minutes for Sheila and Karl to clean my face, after which
they exchanged a knowing smile and opened their mouths. I was surprised to
see that neither one of them had actually eaten the come but simply
collected it in their mouths; then Sheila said to Karl, "Come here," and as
I watched them kiss, I could hear them swapping semen and spit until, on a
signal from Sheila, they parted, smiled at each other again, and
simultaneously swallowed. So now all three of us had white-boy sperm
swimming in our stomachs.

Of course I was still super-hard, and with both Sheila and Karl lying right
next to me on their stomachs but with my hand fondling only Karl's ass, it
was obvious what my subconscious wanted to make obvious to all of us. So no
one was surprised when I crawled behind Karl and spread his cheeks,
revealing his smooth pink asshole, still wet with Sheila's spit. Even after
her tongue job, though, I could still detect a faint odor of shit as I
carefully sniffed the tight little entrance to the white boy's bowels. Then
I felt Karl's ass muscles flex, and the next thing I knew I was getting
blasted in the face by a loud, smelly fart.

"Oooo, Honey!" Sheila giggled. "He got you good--right in your nose!"

"Sorry about that, dude," Karl said without turning his head, "but I
couldn't hold it."

"Yeah, right!" I chuckled, and of course I now pressed my whole face right
in his stinky ass crack and began to sniff like crazy, trying my best to
inhale every foul molecule of the teenager's ass gas. In the midst of my
pervy act, he farted again, silently this time and with no apology, these
fumes much smellier than the first ones. Every rational part of my brain
was screaming at me to get away from the source of the putrid odor, but I
not only persisted in smelling the white boy's ass but replaced my nose with
my tongue.

"Yeah, dude," Karl moaned, "eat my asshole! Suck those fucking farts right
out of it!"

As I slurped the 19-year-old's shitter, I could see Sheila out of the corner
of my eye, a squinched-up smile on her face as she watched me do to Karl
what I'd watched her do to him earlier. After a while I pulled back, turned
to her and, with a smile, said, "Come here," and we kissed deeply, so now
she got to taste his ass on my tongue.

When I finally turned back and spread the teenager's asshole open again to
resume eating it out, I was greeted by yet another loud fart, this one
exploding out of him, spraying my own spit into my face and enveloping my
whole head in a cloud of stench.

"Phew!" Sheila said, fanning her face and giggling. "Shit, Honey, he's
dropping all KINDS of bombs in your poor face!"

"But I know how to get him to stop."


"Like this," I said, and I quickly climbed on top of the boy, lined up the
head of my dick with his anus, and pushed.

"Nngh!" Karl grunted, and before you could say "bombs away," the knob of my
cock had nosed into his asshole and his sphincter was closing around it.

"See, Poopie? All I had to do was plug him up. Now I'm gonna shove those
farts he hasn't made yet right back up his ass."

"Oooo, Honey!" Sheila said, her eyes sparkling. "You know how much I LOVED
watching you two do it before!"

"Well, Poopie, we're gonna put on an encore performance just for you, right

"My ass is yours, dude," he quietly acceded.

That Karl was surrendering his body to me excited Sheila. But she wasn't
the only one excited. Yeah, I was Joe Cool on the outside, but as my cock
slowly sank into Karl's anus, I was so turned on that it took every ounce of
control I could muster not to come prematurely.

Despite the ability Sheila and I had to talk openly and honestly about our
sexual feelings for others, for some reason I simply hadn't been able to
bring myself to tell with her what I really felt for Karl. Sure we'd shared
how he turned both of us on, but I just couldn't tell her how, after our
first threesome, I had become obsessed with fucking Karl again and that for
the past month, every time she and I had had anal sex, I'd closed my eyes
and imagined that it was HIS asshole I was plugging, HIS rectum I was
filling with semen; and this fantasy so consumed me that if Sheila suddenly
said something in the middle of it, I was actually startled to hear her
voice instead of his.

No, I hadn't suddenly discovered that I was gay, but I was certainly much
more than just the "bi-curious" guy I'd been before that first threesome. I
had to admit to myself how physically attracted I was to Karl, how totally
turned on I was by his smooth young body, unblemished white skin, and long
sandy hair. But it wasn't just these androgynous features that attracted
me; his very maleness--the hardness of his developing muscles, the youthful
roughness of his fucking, and the pure testosterone power inherent in his
eight-inch cock--turned me on just as much and made me want to possess the
teenager in every way I could.

"Nngh!" Karl again grunted, and it wasn't until I heard him that I realized
that during my musings, my almost-seven-inch dick had completed its entry
into the teenager's turd tunnel.

"Shit, Honey, it looks like you're all the way in him! Are you?"

"Right up to my balls," I said.

"Then what are you waiting for?"

When Karl didn't respond to this, I figured he was okay with me going ahead,
so I braced my hands against the mattress and began to pull my prod out of
the teenager's tight back door. It slid out rather easily, along with a
pungent odor and little gasp from Sheila, and when I looked underneath
myself, I wasn't surprised to see light-brown streaks all along my shaft.

"Look, Honey, he added his own lubrication!" Sheila giggled.

At first the idea that this was what my tongue and Sheila's had been digging
into disgusted me. Now I understood why the taste of Karl's ass had been
almost as strong on Sheila's breath as it was from his anus. But a second
later, that disgust got swallowed up by raw lust, and the sight and smell of
what I had dug out of Karl's bowels soon served only to stir up that lust
and make me even more eager to fuck the white boy's ass.

"Nngh!" Karl grunted once more as I jammed the whole length of my dick back
in his shitty asshole. But I was in there for only half a second before I
pulled out again; then I dove right back in, harder this time, and before I
knew it, I was steadily pumping the teenager's rump.

"Yeah, Honey, fuck him!" Sheila yelled as she frigged herself and pinched
one of her nipples. "Show him how much you missed his cute white ass!"

I swore her remark had been prompted by what she saw in my face or what she
sensed by the way I was fucking Karl, but I refused to dwell on whatever I
might be revealing about my feelings for the teenager; I was determined to
enjoy this "cute white ass" that I had indeed missed over the past month.

I was soon sweating like crazy as I drove my dick deep in the teenager's
rectum, his ass turning red from the constant smacking it was getting from
my crotch, and every time I felt my orgasm rising up, I would just stop with
my rod stuck all the way up his ass and begin to rotate my hips the way I
often did when I fucked Sheila's pussy, grinding my cock around in his snug
sheath, stretching it, and apparently firing up so many nerve endings back
there each time I did it that, after the third time, something like a hoot
came out of Karl's mouth and he screamed:

"Fuck my ass, dude! Stir my fucking turds!"

That's when I really went at Karl, banging his butt with authority, bouncing
on top of him so hard that the mattress and box spring creaked, the frame
shook, and the headboard clattered against the wall. It had to be more than
obvious to the guests in the rooms next to ours, as well as to anybody who
happened to be walking past our door, that some heavy-duty fucking was going
on inside, and that it was going on between a couple of guys.

"Ooh! Ooh! Honey!" Sheila gasped, and the next thing I knew she had
stroked and squeezed herself to yet another "vibrato-and-vibrate" moment.

Knowing that just watching what Karl and I were doing had made Sheila horny
enough to come turned me on even more, and I got to the point where I could
no longer hold back my own orgasm. After dive-bombing my dick into the
teenager's doo-doo hole a few times more, I jerked, gasped, and forced it as
far inside him as I could, crushing him into the mattress and driving the
air out of his lungs.

"Fuck! I'm coming!" I yelled, grabbing a handful of Karl's hair and jerking
his head to the side, making him wince. "Take it, white boy! Take it right
up your shitty white ass!"

"Yeah, give it to me, dude," Karl moaned. "Just like you did before. Fill
my white ass up with your fucking come!"

And just like that first time, my ejaculation was intense. With every
pulsation of my dick I spurted another slimy load of semen deep into the
teenager's spasming shit chute, filling it with my seed.

"Give him a nice big load, Honey, 'cause I'm gonna suck it right out of

"I'll try," I said while thinking, Shit, what an understatement! I'm coming
so fucking MUCH up his ass that if it was a pussy, he'd already be fucking
PREGNANT! But I kept quiet because I knew Sheila would find this out soon
enough for herself.

It took another minute or so for me to empty my balls in Karl's asshole, and
right afterwards I began to feel a different sensation, since I was the only
one who had yet to take a leak. At first I started to repeat what I did
during our last get-together and let go right in the 19-year-old's ass,
flooding his colon with piss. But I wanted to watch Sheila eat my come out
of him, so I put my hands on Karl's shoulders and lifted my hips until my
shrunken prick popped out of him. Even though it was heavily soiled with
the white boy's shit, this didn't stop Sheila from popping it in her mouth
and flicking her tongue all over it, as I winced and flinched because it was
now so sensitive.

Meanwhile Karl had pulled his knees up under himself, which put his butt up
in the air. Sheila and I both watched as his deep-pink asshole winked at us
then spit out a big white blob, which hung precariously from the lip of his
dilated anus and threatened to drop onto his balls, until Sheila moved in
and caught it on her tongue.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed with her eyes closed as she pulled her tongue back into
her mouth, swallowed the sperm and licked her lips. But she had little time
to savor it, as another pearly glob was already making its way out of the
teenager's shithole. This time she sealed her lips over the white boy's
anus, and I was more than a little surprised when he farted right in her

"Mmph!" Sheila responded as she sucked in his gas, and I was afraid that
Karl had gone too far, giving her something that she hadn't expected and
didn't particularly want. But when Sheila didn't move and I heard Karl
begin to moan, I knew that she was okay with what he'd done and had gone
right back to tonguing him. In fact, she seemed to be more than okay with
it, because now she was attacking his anus even more exuberantly than
before, almost as if getting farted in the mouth had actually stirred her

When Sheila finally came up for air, she smiled and stuck her tongue out at
me. A drippy white gob of come and a tiny light-brown turd clung to the
tip. I returned her smile and, without any hesitation, kissed her, getting
a hearty whiff of fart breath as I sucked the shit and sperm off her tongue.

By this time my bladder felt like it was about to burst, and even though I
was sure that more than a few of my sperm cells were still convening in
Karl's colon, I couldn't wait any longer to go. So after Sheila and I
finished kissing, I got up, smacked the teenager on the ass, and said, "Come
on, white boy, I have something else I need to give you. You too, Poopie."

Sheila and Karl smiled at each other then at me as they followed me into the
bathroom. Once there, I had Karl sit in the bathtub with his knees up and
his legs spread; then I had Sheila sit between his legs and back up far
enough for his semisoft dick to press into her lower back. Satisfied with
their positions, I stepped up on the toilet and crossed over to the tub,
putting a foot on either side of it then placing my left hand on the ceiling
to keep my balance. So now I was towering over them. Finally I squeezed
the neck of my dick and let my bladder go (kind of like stepping on the
brake while pressing the accelerator), and I could feel my piss rush right
up to where I was blocking its exit.

"You guys ready?" They both nodded. "Better close your eyes." They both
did. "Okay, here goes."

Aiming first at Karl, I released the pressure on my urethra and watched as a
yellow stream shot out of my dick and hit the handsome teenager smack in the
face, the unexpected force of it causing him to jerk back in surprise as he
was suddenly drenched in hot piss. Then I directed the stream onto his
head, saturating his sandy hair; then I moved forward, peeing in Sheila's
afro before finally pissing in her face. Back and forth I went, from Sheila
to Karl, thoroughly soaking them while thoroughly enjoying their lusty oohs
and aahs, the glorious relief of emptying my bladder, and the incredible
power of peeing all over two people.

When I felt myself running dry, I again squeezed the neck of my dick to stop
the flow, and stepped down into the tub, right into a puddle of my own pee,
which had yet to made its way down the drain. I then moved up and stood
right in front of Sheila. By then both she and Karl had wiped and opened
their eyes, and as soon as Sheila saw me standing there, she understood
without my saying anything exactly what was going on and, leaning forward,
took the head of my prick between her lips. I released my grip on it and,
with my other hand, held on to her head as my piss poured into her mouth and
she steadily swallowed it.

"Yeah, Poopie, drink my piss," I sighed. "Does it taste as good as that
white-boy piss?"

"Mm-hm," she responded, running her hands up and down my thighs to emphasize
her answer.

When I'd pissed out about half of what was left in my bladder, I squeezed
off the flow again, pulled out of her mouth, stepped over her, and presented
my dick to Karl.

"Okay, white boy, your turn."

Smiling up at me, Karl didn't hesitate to take my cock between his lips, and
the moment he did I released my grip on it, allowing the remainder of my
piss to stream into his sucking mouth as I held on to his sopping head.

"Yeah, drink it, white boy. You like drinking that nigger piss, don't you?"
I asked him, a little surprised to hear myself using "the N word" but not at
all sorry or embarrassed that I had.

"Mm-hm," Karl also responded, closing his eyes and nodding, but he really
answered me by continuing to guzzle down my urine, even flicking his tongue
over my piss slit after I gave him the very last drops.

Now that I'd given free reign to my sadistic side, my masochistic side
wanted its turn, as I suddenly had an urged to be "paid back" for what I'd
done to Karl and Sheila. To this day, I'm not sure how Sheila knew this,
but she seized the opportunity by backing up against Karl and urging him to
wrap his arms around her, which he did, holding a tit in each hand. Then,
looking directly at me, she began to talk to him.

"Hey, Karl, you ever do to another a guy what Brad did to you before we came
in here?"

There was a long pause as his eyes widened. "You mean..."

"Yeah, I mean have you ever fucked another guy?"

He blushed. "Uhh...no. I've always, like, been on the receiving end."

"Well, I think it's about time that changed, don't you, Honey?"

Embarrassed that my masochistic need was so obvious to her, I was now the
one hesitating, finally mumbling out, "Uhh...maybe."

Sheila shook her head. "No, Honey, it's more than just 'maybe.' You fucked
poor Karl up his ass then came in him. The LEAST you can do is let him
return the favor while I watch, don't you think?"

I just stared at her, dumbfounded, my eyes pleading for her to stop pushing
for this and to keep pushing at the same time.

"But, Poopie," I finally said, "maybe he's not into fucking guys. Maybe he
just prefers GETTING fucked. For all we know, if he had to DO the fucking,
he might not even be able to get it up."

She smiled. "Oh, I don't think he'd have a problem with that." She tipped
her head back and rolled her eyes up until she caught his eyes. "Would you,

He chuckled the most self-conscious chuckle I ever heard him chuckle then
said, "No, probably not."

I knew I certainly wouldn't have a problem with it. The very thought of
this white boy's ruddy eight-inch pole plowing my shit chute was making me
so hot that my cock was already back at full mast. And when Sheila gently
moved Karl's caressing hands away from her breasts and inched forward, I saw
right away why she was so sure the teenager would have no problem fucking
me: What used to be a semisoft dick had grown into a super-hard erection
that was leaking pre-orgasm fluid, a strand of which stretched from his piss
slit to Sheila's back.

"See, Honey, he's MORE than ready to fuck you."

"Yeah, I can tell," I nervously laughed. But as much as I admired Karl's
dick, I now felt a pang of fear as I looked at it because there was one
little fact that both Sheila and I were aware of but that neither of us had
mentioned. With the way things were progressing, though, I had a feeling it
wasn't going to stay unmentioned much longer.

"So how about it, Honey? Wouldn't it be great if Karl's virgin experience
with a man happened in your VIRGIN ass?"

For the next several seconds there was silence as the three of us gauged
each other's reactions to this very big cat that had just been let out of
the bag.

I sighed deeply. "Well--"

"Duuuude!" said Karl, cutting me off, his blue eyes twinkling with delight.
"You mean I'll be taking your cherry?"

"That's right," I said. "And I'll be taking yours. You down for that?"

"Shit, yeah! To be honest, I've wanted to try it ever since my first
threesome 'cause I was really attracted to this woman's husband. But even
though he and most of the other guys in the threesomes I've done have fucked
me, none of them ever volunteered to let me fuck them, and I was always
scared to ask 'cause I thought they'd get mad at me and kick me out."

"Yeah, I understand," I said. "Unfortunately a lot of guys have that macho
attitude where, as long as they're doing the fucking, their manhood is
somehow safe. And, Karl, I apologize for not offering to let you fuck me
the first time we got together. But since it was our first threesome, I was
just a little..."

"Scared shitless," Sheila said before I could say anything.

I smiled. "Well, I was going to say 'apprehensive,' but I guess you have a

"Well, don't worry, dude. I promise to lube you up real good before I put
it in you. I mean, it'll hurt a little at first, but if you stay cool and
don't tense up it'll pass, and after a while it'll start feeling good. Just
ask your girlfriend," and he looked at Sheila and they exchanged a knowing

"He's right, Honey. And since it turned me on BIG time watching you fuck
Karl, I'm gonna LOVE seeing him jam that big, beautiful white dick of his up
your black ass."

I could feel both my dick and my asshole twitch in response to Sheila's
words, and suddenly that masochistic part of me--which, right now, seemed to
have swallowed up the sadistic part--couldn't wait for the white boy to fuck
me. And I really liked the idea that, exactly as it had been for me the
last time, it would be Karl's first time not only fucking a black guy but
ANY guy.

"So, dude, you ready to get started?"

I looked at Karl then at Sheila then back at Karl and nodded.

"Good. Me too," said the teenager.

Without even bothering to wash off my piss, Sheila and Karl climbed out of
the bathtub and headed back into the room. I glanced at myself in the
bathroom mirror before following them out.

Taking a pillow off the other bed, Karl put it in the middle of the bed we
were using and stacked the other two pillows on top of it. Then he told me
to lie down with my crotch on top them. When I did, my position put my butt
way up in the air, which made me feel very vulnerable. Then I felt the
19-year-old's large hands on my ass, cupping my cheeks they same way he'd
cupped Sheila's tits in the bathtub, gently squeezing them before spreading
them apart to expose my anus. Not sure exactly what to expect next, I
flinched when I felt his hot breath on my asshole and flinched again when I
felt his tongue probing me.

"That's right, Baby, lick his ass," Sheila urged Karl in her most dulcet
tone of voice. "Get him ready for your big white dick."

"Fuck, that feels good," I moaned. "You suck ass good, white boy."

Of course he wasn't just sucking; he was also spitting, depositing more and
more saliva in my anus, so much that I could feel it overflowing. For a
moment I thought about my macho middle-class black male friends, the ones I
often went to strip clubs with and who were constantly bragging about all
the women they'd bagged. How would they react to seeing me lying here
thoroughly enjoying the experience of having a lanky white teenager perform
anilingus on me in preparation for sticking his dick up my ass?
Furthermore, suppose they knew how excited I was about getting fucked? I
would certainly be--yeah, I'll say it--the BUTT of their jokes from now till
eternity. But, on second thought, how did I know that every single one of
those guys didn't secretly harbor the same fantasy?

As Karl continued to tongue my ass, I felt movement on the bed and suddenly
Sheila was lying on her back right in front of me with her knees up and her
legs spread apart, proudly displaying the glistening pink interior of her
cunt. At first I thought she was there to allow me to focus on something
other than the pain she knew I would feel when Karl forced his way into my
back door. But she was out of range of my mouth, lying at least a foot in
front of me, so I figured maybe she just wanted me to look at her pussy.
But then Karl stopped licking my ass and climbed over my back, and the next
thing I knew, I was staring straight at his big white ass. Without so much
as a glance back at me, he aimed his rock-hard tool at Sheila's snatch and,
in one quick motion, shoved it all the way inside her.

"Oooohh!" Sheila gasped; then I watched as, in a repeat performance of our
first threesome, Karl propped her legs up on his shoulders and began to fuck
the shit out of her. This time, though, he delivered no more than a dozen
quick strokes then tugged his dick out, causing Sheila to gasp again. Then
he backed up, his ass bumping against my face as he made his way over me
again in reverse until he was on top of me.

So that's it, I thought; he just wanted to give himself a natural lube
before he fucked me. Sure enough, the very next thing I felt was Karl
spreading my asshole open with one hand and nestling the knob of his cock
against it. By now Sheila had scootched up close enough to put her cooze
right in my nose, and as the teenager pressed hard at my resistant poop
chute, I buried my face in Sheila's twat, first sniffing its pungent odor
and wiping her juices all over my lips, nose and chin before diving into her
with my tongue. Once more she responded with a gasp, grabbing my head, and
right after my tongue penetrated her pussy, something much bigger penetrated
my anus.

"Nngh! Fuck!" I yelled, and it seemed as if every nerve ending from the tip
of my spine to the top of my head suddenly came alive as my sphincter
swallowed the head of Karl's dick. I started to tell Karl to hold up a
minute, but he had enough savvy to do this on his own.

"Don't worry, dude. Relax," said Karl. "I won't go any further till you
give me the green light, okay?"

"Okay," I grunted back, as my asshole throbbed like crazy; then I said, "You
know what, guys? I suddenly have a LOT more respect for both of you." They
both laughed, and I'm sure they must have exchanged another knowing glance.

After a few minutes the pain began to subside, so I stuck my nose back in
Sheila's pussy and did some deep breathing of her fragrant female essence
before hesitantly indicating to Karl that he could proceed. This time I
remembered to push out as he pushed in and was surprised to feel his rod
slip into me with very little pain. In fact, I felt comfortable enough to
go back to eating Sheila's cunt, making her writhe and moan as I sucked her
clit into my mouth and began to brush the tip of my tongue over it. I was
so occupied doing this that, before I knew it, I felt Karl's weight on my
back and heard him sigh what I was sure was a sigh of completion. At that
point, I knew that my virgin asshole had swallowed up all eight inches of
the white teenager's cock.

"Hey, dude," he said in a husky whisper. "Guess what?"

"Oooo, Honey!" Sheila said before I could answer. "His dick is all the way
up your butt! So how's it feel?"

"Weird," I said. "Kinda like I have to take a serious shit. And there's
all kinds of throbbing going on back there. But it's okay."

"How about you, Karl?" Sheila asked the teenager. "How's it feel to have
that big beautiful dick up my boyfriend's virgin ass?"

"It's fucking AWESOME!" he said. "My cock feels like it's being squeezed in
a fucking vise!"

For the next few minutes, the three of us just lay there as Karl patiently
waited for my rectum to recover from the shock of the forced entry of his
ironhard boner. Both he and Sheila were casually stroking my hair, and I
felt so incredibly contented it almost scared me. But this was just the
calm before the storm, and I knew it was up to me to get that storm going.

"Okay, Karl, I think I'm ready," I finally said. "But take it slow."

"You got it, dude," and right away half of the hair stroking ceased as Karl
braced his hands against the mattress and began to lift his hips, pulling
his prong out of me. I winced a little as he withdrew because I could feel
the sides of my asshole clinging to his dick. But at some point the spit,
cunt juice and whatever pre-orgasm fluid Karl had leaked into me all seemed
to kick in, making the last part of his out-stroke relatively painless.

"Everything's out except the head, dude," Karl announced. "So now I'm gonna
put it back in, okay?"


Again there was the heat, the pressure, and that strange growing feeling of
fullness as the teenager's ramrod slowly made its way back inside my
asshole. But there was also less pain now, so by the time he bottomed out
and was pulling out of me again, I was eating Sheila's pussy again,
determined to focus on bringing her to orgasm and ignore what Karl was doing
to me.

But that was easier said than done. In fact, I managed to make Sheila come
only once before it became impossible for me to either focus on her or
ignore Karl, who by now had worked up a pretty good head of steam in ramming
his rod up my ass. And I guess Sheila, realizing that my attention on her
was waning, decided she wanted a better look at the anal attack, because she
soon got up and crawled behind me.

The moment she was out of sight, Karl's actions got my full attention, and
though I felt some residual pain, it was quickly being replaced by an
overall feeling of pleasure, and just like Karl and Sheila had predicted, I
was actually beginning to enjoy being fucked up the ass.

It wasn't just the sensation of that eight-inch pole pistoning my poop chute
that was turning me on, either; it was the whole package: Karl's crotch
smacking against my ass, the heaviness of his strokes shoving me into the
mattress, his sweat sprinkling onto my skin, and his hot breath on the back
of my neck as he labored his way to another orgasm. And on top of
everything was the fact that Sheila was watching all of this happen.

Then I heard, "Fuck him, Karl! Fuck him HARD like he fucked you!" This was
followed by a loud slap and a gasp from Karl, as Sheila had apparently
decided to stress her words by bringing her open palm down hard on the boy's
bucking ass.

The encouragement seemed to work because the next thing I knew, Karl grabbed
my wrists, pinning my arms to the mattress, and began to drive his dick so
deep in rectum that he hit a nerve I never even knew existed, causing my
whole body to tense up from the sudden unexpected pain. But though my
instinct made me try to escape, I couldn't move, and the idea that this
white teenager was exerting that kind power over me, making me take his
hard-thrusting tool up my ass whether I wanted to or not, actually excited
me, causing my cock to grow underneath me and making the ass-pounding
tolerable again.

"Do it, white boy! Fuck me!" I suddenly heard myself saying. "Fuck the
shit outta my black ass!"

These words also seemed to affect the teenager, for he began to fuck me even
more intensely, jamming his erection into my shithole so hard and fast I
swore I could feel it coming up my throat. Then, all of a sudden, he jerked
violently, and cried out as if he were in pain, upon which he plunged his
pole all the way inside me and lay trembling against my back.

"Shit! I'm coming! Take it all right up your fucking ass, dude!"

I could feel Karl's dick throbbing deep in my rectum as he spurted his slimy
load deep into my bowels, depositing millions of white-boy sperm deep in my
anal canal.

"Yeah, Baby," Sheila cooed. "Fill his asshole up with your thick white

And my asshole itself seemed to want this too, for even after the teenager
had blown his whole wad in it, it continued to contract spasmodically on his
cock--just like his had on mine--coaxing out all the remaining the semen.

Afterwards Karl exhaled deeply and lay down right on top of me, turning me
into his bed. Though oppressive, his body weight was also curiously
comforting, as I could feel his heart beating and his diaphragm expanding
and contracting with every long, slow breath he took in recovering from his
anal workout. Then it occurred to me that he may have been just about ready
to get rid of that bellyful of pee Sheila had given him, and considering
what I did to him at the end our first get-together (and came close to doing
again after fucking him today), I tensed up, expecting at any moment to feel
hot piss gushing up my ass and wondering if my tortured colon could hold it
all. But when he was done resting, he just slowly lifted up, pulling his
shrinking tool up, up, up until, with a squelching sound, it popped out of
my ass.

"Quick, Honey, close your asshole up before you start leaking," said Sheila.

Squeezing my sphincter as tight as I could, I shimmied off the stack of
pillows and turned around just in time to see Sheila carefully grasp Karl's
shit-flecked penis between her thumb and forefinger and gently engulf the
head with her lips.

"Oooohh!" the boy moaned, shuddering, and I could tell that, just as I had
been when he and Sheila sucked me after I came, he was grateful for the
attention but his post-orgasm super-sensitivity was making it difficult for
him to fully enjoy it. Fortunately, Sheila sucked his cock only long enough
to clean my shit off it, after which she gave it a final kiss and turned
back to me.

"Okay, Honey, turn around so you can see your butt in the mirror. Then we
can all see just how much come Our Favorite Stud squirted up your hiney."

I did as Sheila said, crouching low on my hands and knees then turning my
head so I could see my ass in the mirror as well as the reflections of
Sheila and Karl staring at it. I then relaxed my sphincter and began to
flex it. At first I just farted; then, after a few seconds, a little glob
of white sprouted out of the center of my asshole.

"Oooo, look, Honey, here it comes!"

I watched in fascination as that glob slowly grew fatter and longer until it
began to ooze out of my asshole and down my perineum. And when I flexed
again, more pearly sperm got pushed out behind that glob, hastening the flow
out of my anus. And every time I flexed my sphincter after that, more sperm
seeped out of me until there was a thick white stream running from my
asshole to my balls.

"Damn, white boy, you did it AGAIN!" I said, once more amazed by his body's
ability to replenish its reserves of semen so rapidly. "You need to donate
those fucking balls of yours to science!"

"Duuuude!" he chuckled in embarrassment, and I smiled as I watched his
reflection turn red.

"He's right, Baby," Sheila agreed. "You have a gift. But I'm selfish, so
forget about that science stuff. I don't think you should share it with
ANYbody...except us."

Right after Sheila said this, the reflection of my ass was blocked, as she
crouched down behind me and began to slurp up Karl's come, first off my
balls, then off my perineum, then out of my asshole, drilling her tongue
deep inside me to make sure she scooped out every gooey drop, all the while
humming to herself as I moaned. After a few minutes of this, she crawled
around until we were face to face. There was a smile on her pursed lips as
she gestured for me to kiss her. I did, and the taste of Karl's semen
combined with that of my own ass was--to say the least--strange.

"Mmmmmmmm!" we hummed into each other's mouths as we swapped the shitty
sperm. Then, on cue, we broke our kiss and each of us swallowed our share.
What I didn't expect, though, was that Karl wanted his share too, so I was
surprised when I suddenly felt his tongue digging up my ass in search of his
own spunk.

"Yeah, white boy, lick your fuckin' come right outta my ass!" And I
exchanged a smile with Sheila as the teenager wormed his tongue around in my

At this point, Karl announced that he indeed had to take a leak again, and I
thought it was more than fitting that our second threesome was about to find
a measure of perfection by coming full circle, ending the same way it had
started. Only instead of Sheila's mouth again becoming the teenager's
urinal, mine would do the honors.

But I wanted more than that, so leading my partners back to the bathroom, I
lay down in the bathtub then had Karl stand over me and Sheila stand beside
him, holding his dick.

"Oooo, Honey, I LIKE this position!" Sheila giggled. "It makes me feel like
I'M about to pee on you instead of Karl."

When I thought about that, I realized that she was basically right-on.
Since she would be directing his stream, and since that stream was made up
mostly of the piss he'd drunk out of her, it WOULD be like she was peeing on
me, and the idea of Sheila becoming Karl and taking a leak on me through his
body was so kinky that it totally appealed to me. On top of that there was
the delicious contrast of Sheila's dark fingers holding Karl's white dick.

"You ready, Honey?"

I nodded. Karl put one hand behind his back and the other on Sheila's
shoulder; and as I stared at the slit at the end of the ruddy knob of his
cock, a golden stream shot out of it, spraying all over my dick and balls
and soaking my pubic hair. Then Sheila aimed higher, sending the stream
onto my stomach, up my torso, over my chest and, just as I closed my eyes,
in my face.

"Open your mouth, Honey."

I did and it was immediately flooded with hot piss, which I swallowed with
my mouth open, gulping it down at the back of my throat. Then I nearly
gagged as piss shot up my nose. As I coughed, trying to recover, I heard a
gasp, and when I squinted my eyes open, I was shocked to see that Sheila had
turned Karl's penis up and back, arcing the stream into the boy's own face,
drenching him with his own piss.

"Now open YOUR mouth, Karl."

He did and Sheila aimed the flow right into it, filling it up; then Karl
closed his mouth and swallowed, as Sheila continued to shower him in the
face with his own piss. Through it all, Karl never once tried to stop
Sheila or avoid the flow, and I began to think that maybe this wasn't the
first time the teenager had taken his own piss in his face and mouth.

Soon, though, the force of Karl's stream began to diminish, only reaching up
to his chest then only to his stomach. At this point Sheila stuck the
boy's prick in her own mouth and sucked down all of his remaining piss,
burping loudly afterwards.

I was now so horny from being fucked, peed on and watching Karl and Sheila
both get a golden shower and drink that I grabbed my super-hard,
piss-dripping cock and began to jack off, as my sex partners, watching
intently, slowly slunk down until they were sitting in the tub with me. It
took only a handful of strokes to bring myself to orgasm, and as soon as
Karl heard me gasp, he leaned over and slipped the head of my dick into his

"Fuck, yeah! Eat my come, white boy!" I helped him out by grabbing the
back of his wet head with my free hand as I shot a healthy load of semen
into the teenager's mouth.

Afterwards Karl sat back and just stared at me with those big blue eyes and
a weird look on his face. Then he opened his mouth and I could see a little
white lake of sperm inside it. I smiled at him, shaking my head, then
leaned over, cupped his face in my hands, and pressed my lips to his.

"Oooo, Honey, I've been waiting for this," Sheila said, and even though my
eyes were closed, I could feel her watching as Karl and I kissed, licking
each other's tongues and swishing my pissy spunk back and forth, back and
forth between us before we each finally swallowed our share. Then we both
opened our eyes and, after exchanging another smile, gave each other a final
affectionate peck before separating.

For the next several minutes the three of us just sat there with our legs
all tangled up, relaxing, caressing one another and reeking of piss. I
couldn't have been more satisfied, being with the woman I loved...and the
man I loved. And I began to wonder how much persuading it would take to
convince my two lovers that we should all just walk away from our lives
outside this hotel room, move in here together, and commit to a permanent
ménage à trois.

06-26-2006, 05:10 PM
Thanks Jolly....Not quite my cup of tea, but very erotic in it's own right...Im sure we will have several folks who love this type of Kink....

Thanks for the find and sharing it with us.

11-16-2006, 04:53 PM
Want to keep things active.....enjoy......:)