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Corrupting Eva
Featuring Eva Amurri
By The Pornographer
(MF, Blowjob)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comment or suggestions

Being a well known producer in Hollywood I had already earned a reputation as a bit of a ladies man, in particularly preying on some of the younger and more youthful girls in the industry. I have to admit I always got a kick out of discovering the next Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff. For me there was just nothing quite like “having them” while they were still young and impressionable, and easy to train. While attending just another industry event in Los Angeles it was there that I first spotted her, my latest muse, Eva Amurri.

Truth be told I had only ever agreed to attend the event in hopes of finally bumping into Hollywood hottie Scarlett Johansson, who I had been informed was currently “doing the rounds” and wasn’t that fussy about who she went home with, especially when she drank. But unfortunately for me Scarlett was a last minute no show, and so left to my own devices and falling back on old habits I proceeded to scan the room. Letting my eyes wander it was then I spotted her from a far chatting up a storm with friends. And I have to admit I was more than a little taken by her.

Although Eva seemed extremely cute and innocent, she sure had a womanly figure. Standing at almost 6 foot tall, with heels, Amurri had long slender legs, a pretty face, and not to mention a huge natural rack which immediately caught my attention. Wearing her long brown hair up and off her face, Eva was extremely sweet and feminine and clad in a very sexy little white number which hugged her curvy bodice well, and which with its thin string like straps barely concealed and therefore showcased her massive natural cleavage. It was breathtaking.

Looking at her I presumed she was in her early twenties or maybe even in her late teens but regardless that majestic rack of hers had me spellbound. Watching her work the room we soon caught each others gaze and exchanged knowing glances. Keeping my eye on her during the rest of the night I finally watched her grab a glass of champagne and sneak off outside. Intrigued, I followed her out into the garden and observed her stroll through the courtyard clutching her drink while chatting on her cell.

Stopping at the far side of the gardens, which incidentally overlooked the Pacific Ocean, Eva then ducked into a small chasm by the side of the mansion and proceeded to light up a cigarette. Judging by her behaviour I assumed she was trying to hide the fact that she was smoking. There Eva continued to chat on her phone while hiding out in the dark space. Seeing this I saw my opportunity and decided to act.

Finishing my glass of champagne I then casually made my way outside and moved in her direction. Standing nearby I then lit up a cigar and admired the ocean view. Watching me Eva quickly rushed her conversation and a moment later hung up her phone. Looking a little annoyed she then finished off her cigarette but before she could flee I casually stepped in her direction and went to work, breaking the ice and making conversation.

“So how’s you’re night been?”

Eva simply smiled politely, “Good.”

As expected she was initially a little standoffish, even arrogant, that was until I then introduced myself. Making her giggle and feel a little more comfortable she soon opened up and we proceeded to chat.

“I’m Eva by the way.” She said while extending her hand.

Holding her hand it was then I began to stroke her ego a little.

“Eva? That’s a pretty name. Are you one of the models here tonight?”

Eva blushed and told me that she was in fact with her mother, Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon.

“Oh really?” I smiled outwardly, even though inside I was shattered.

Despite my casual demeanour I was really shocked and disappointed to hear she was Susan Sarandon’s daughter. In recent years I had briefly worked with Susan and her partner Tim Robbins on a number of projects but in all that time they had never mentioned anything about their sexy young daughter. Looking at her impressive rack again, and considering my very public track record I could see why. Admiring her glorious breasts I couldn’t believe my fucking luck. I wanted her so bad but was now relegated to just marvelling at her.

Career wise I had to be suicidal to pursuit her knowing full well who she, hence her mother was. Susan would kill me and most probably go out of her way to bury my business and good name. Despite this, Eva quickly lit up another cigarette and we continued to chat and get to know each other. Then, just as we began to enjoy ourselves we were suddenly interrupted by a small group of party revellers who were clearly drunk and stepped out into the summer night to also enjoy the full moon. Almost immediately Eva attempted to hide and ducked behind me.

“Oh shit, don’t let them see me!” She said while placing her hand on my arm, “My Mom will kill me if she finds me out here smoking again.”

Playing along I then took a few steps back into the gorge causing us both to disappear into the dark space. Still, Eva didn’t take her hand away from my arm and when I turned and placed my hand on her hip I suddenly felt a jolt of excitement rush through me as I stood concealed and hidden away with this young busty beauty. It seemed the more I couldn’t or shouldn’t lust after her the more I wanted to. She was forbidden fruit, but god how sweet she looked. Sliding my hand around her slender waist I then pulled her in close and reassured her.

“Relax sweetie, you’re safe with me.”

This seemed to really reassure her and she responded by running her hands all over my arm and shoulder while we covertly peaked out from the shadows. Listening to the guests wander through the gardens Eva and I then fell deafly silent. We were now standing so close to each other I could just hear her breathing. The combination of her breath and the ocean waves in the background was intoxicating and made me grow considerably.

Waiting a few extra moments for the group to disappear I then briefly poked my head out to see if the coast was clear before turning to face her once again. Finding ourselves now standing extremely close to each other we didn’t speak for a moment and instead just stared into her each others eyes. I was actually surprised to find that she wasn’t frightened in the least, considering she had just met me, but actually seemed more excited than anything else.

Eva’s breathing was now clearly a little more laboured which only enticed me further and I looked down and noticed her glorious chest rise and fall with each breath. Staring at her magnificent breasts I then smiled and complimented her on her sexy little dress – which I noted had shifted slightly and almost rewarded me with a nip slip. Despite knowing full well I was really just enthralled and speaking for her cleavage Eva grinned.

“Thank you.” She blinked slowly.

“I bet you get that all the time.” I added.

“Hmm depends.”


“What I’m wearing I guess.”

We both chuckled and it was then I asked her how old she was and she told me she had just turned 20. Smiling at each other knowingly, I then stood back for a moment and openly stared and ogled her ample breasts and I was sure she could read my mind, but to her credit she didn’t objection. In fact I’m almost certain she tensed up a little and pulled back her arms sticking out her chest further, almost showing off or presenting her tits for me. Moving a little closer again I then asked her if she liked older men and Eva smiled that she did.

Intrigued, I enquired to what the oldest guy she had ever been with was and Eva caused me to chuckle as she replied that she had once dated a guy who was 25. Shock horror I laughed, considering I myself was approaching 40. I was 36 to be exact. Asking me my age I then lied to her face and told her that I was actually 28, which still in the grand scheme of things was way too old for her but she took me by my word. It was only now that I realize just how gullible she was and I hoped to use that to my advantage.

“Does that bother you sweetie?” I asked her as I moved ever closer, almost kissing her.

Eva simply shrugged her shoulders and smiled shyly, “No, I don’t care.”

Reaching up I then slowly caressed her pretty face and she blushed brightly.

“So beautiful,” I smiled while stroking her cheek, “Do you usually like to chat like this with complete strangers?”

Staring me deep in the eyes Eva shook her head from side to side and whispered, “No, never.”

I grinned, “Yeah I bet you do.”

I could now feel her warm breath wafting over my face and she was definitely breathing a lot deeper. Noticing the mischievous glint in her eye I then threw caution to the wind and spoke.

“Yeah, and I bet it gets you all excited and wet to know that every single guy in that place wants to rip this dress off you and fuck you senseless, doesn’t it.”

Eva didn’t respond and just stared at me intently, listening to my words and just waiting for me to make a move.

“Yeah you love teasing all the guys with that sexy big rack... with those huge tits practically spilling out of this little dress.”

Eva still didn’t respond and simply stared at me as though hypnotised, staring at my lips and hanging on my every word.

Caressing her face I then probed, “Hmm, when was the last time you got fucked baby? Or have you ever even had sex?”

Finally Eva replied, almost boasting, “No I’ve had sex plenty of times!”

“Oh really,” I smirked, “Well then when was the last time someone slid their big cock between those pretty titties?”

Blushing brightly Eva was just about to respond to my intimate enquiry when we then heard another commotion in the background. Looking over my shoulder we could see that another batch of party goers were making their way out into the garden. Looking back at Eva it was only now that I realized she was holding on to me, her hands gently caressing my arms and shoulders. Eva just continued to stare at me lustfully, as though waiting for me to continue my seedy interrogation.

I then asked, “Well, when was the last time?”

“I... I can’t remember.”

“You can’t remember? Then I guess he wasn’t very good?”

Wanting to save face Eva then proudly blurted out, “I have a boyfriend!”

“Oh really? And how old is he?”

“He’s my age, 20.”

Stroking her face with my fingers I then chuckled, “Sweetie, he doesn’t know what he’s doing... you need a real man to give you pleasure, an older man.”

“I know.” She said softly before smiling sweetly.

“Oh you know?” I grinned and with that I reached out and placed her hand on my pants and over my ragging hard on.

Eva’s eyes immediately lit up as she felt my excitement.

“See?” I grinned, “You like that?”

Eva shyly responded by nodding her head and licking her lips. It was then that while I brushed my fingertips across her pretty face, cheek, mouth, I caressed her moist pink lips. Staring into each others eyes I then slowly pushed my thumb into her mouth and to my delight Eva warmly greeted it by parting her lips and sucking it gently.

Feeling her tongue graze across it I smirked, “Hmm yeah, you know exactly what you’re doing don’t you.”

Eva grinned wickedly and proceeded to wrap her lips firmly around my digit, twirling her tongue across the tip and showing me just how talented she really was.

“Yeah, I bet you love to suck cock too don’t you?” I told her.

Eva didn’t reply and just continued to suck my thumb. Finally, I leaned over and replaced my thumb with my mouth, kissing her firmly on the lips. Pinning her against the wall behind her I didn’t waste anytime and immediately grabbed at her luscious breasts, groping each tit through her sexy little outfit. Eva moaned softly into my mouth.

“Yeah you like that don’t you.” I told her as I stood there casually fondling her incredible breasts, kissing her neck.

Reached up I then slid a single strap off her shoulder and shoved my hand inside her dress, cupping her bare tit and making full contact with her soft, soft skin. Squeezing her heavy globe with the palm of my hand her nipples stood at full attention - begging to be touched, licked, sucked.

“Mmm yeah you’re such a good little cock tease aren’t you.” I breathed between kisses.

Repeating this a few times I nuzzled into her neck as Eva then finally panted, “I love to tease...”

With that she then gripped my cock harder and proceeded to stroke me through my pants.

“Oh god yes...” I moaned, seeing her enthusiasm, “You want some cock don’t you?”

Eva simply responded by shoving her tongue down my throat. Things quickly developed from there and I was extremely tempted to take her right then and there. Leaning over I eagerly took her nipple into my mouth and savoured the taste. It was incredible. Running her free hand through my hair Eva moaned sweetly and seemed to really get off on my musing. She seemed to be extra sensitive and loved it when I suckled her breast and slurped noisily on her nipples.

Suddenly, just as we were starting to get somewhere we heard someone approach our position, almost walking straight towards us. Panicking, I quickly jumped off her and turning my back, partially concealed her in the dark as the young couple stepped by us and briefly said hello. I could see from the expression on their faces they had busted us red handed, and seeing us together they probably wondered what on earth a man like myself was doing in the dark with a pretty girl so young.

Looking back at Eva I could see she too was concerned by the couple’s reaction. Thankfully neither of us recognised each other but it was a close call and taking it as a sign we reluctantly decided to cool it. It was then I asked Eva for her cell number, and we quickly exchanged numbers. Scribbling down her digits on my PDA we then kisses each other a few more times before I reluctantly and disappointedly stepped away.

“I’ll call you soon baby,” I told her before leaning over into the shadows to give her one last deep French kiss.

With that I then slipped back into the party and treated myself to a drink. Ah the life of a Hollywood producer I wouldn’t have it any other way, I grinned to myself as I head for the bar. There was just nothing quite like a smooth Cognac after tasting some sweet, ripe, nubile skin. It was my vice, my heroin. Funnily enough not more than 20 minutes later I was then spotted at the bar by Tim and Susan Sarandon who happened to be chatting away with friends.

Joining the conversation it was then that Eva happened to mingle over and by the time she realized I was amongst the large group it was too late for her to turn and leave. To my amusement just as Eva attempted to escape Tim then officially introduced everyone, including his sexy little step daughter to me. Playing dumb Eva and I both smiled politely.

“Hello, I’m Eva.”

“Hi I’m Max, nice to meet you.”

While Eva and I awkwardly shook hands it was then Tim explained to everyone about how I had helped with a few previous projects and how I was a great and trusting old friend. While Eva and I almost burst out with laughter, Tim then announced how he was very much interested in enlisting my help again and hoped that I would take him up on his offer.

“Hopefully if Max here agrees,” Tim explained while a little drunk, “We can get to work as soon as possible, and if he likes he can even come stay at the house for a few days...”

Right away I looked at Eva who almost choked on her drink which only made me want to chuckle.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Susan asked from the side.

I could barely contain myself. I was sure the term “sweetie” wasn’t lost on Eva as well.

“So what do you say Max,” Tim asked while patting me on the back, “that sound good to you?”

“Yes definitely, I’m interested.” I said while boldly looking at Eva.

The poor girl almost fainted.

“It’s settled then...”

Excusing myself from the group I then went into the bathroom where I needed to sit down and take a deep breath. I couldn’t believe how awkward that was. I sure someone out there int eh party Eva was just as anxious. Soon after I decided to cut my loses and left the party without saying goodbye to anyone.

Exactly three days later I found I couldn’t stop thinking about Eva and the unforgettable night together, and tempting fate, decided to give her a call. To my delight Eva answered her phone on the first ring and immediately remembered me. Unfortunately it seemed that I happen to call her at the worst possible time as she was apparently out with her mother shopping in Beverly Hills. Speaking to her briefly Eva then suggested I call her back later and hung up in my face.

I chuckle to myself thinking, “That little bitch! She’s got a nerve. She’s just like her mother.”

Later that night curiosity got the better of me and thinking back to that glorious rack and decided to give her another try. As before Eva answered right away but this time excitedly told me that she was home alone.

“Oh my god, I was about to call you!” she giggled, “I’ve got the whole house to myself for a few hours...”

It was then told me she wanted to see me right away and invited me over to the house. I told her as much as I’d love to see her sexy little butt, I didn’t think that was such a great idea.

“Uh sweetie I just don’t think people would appreciate seeing an older gentlemen like myself sneaking around your house in the middle of the night, “I joked, “Someone might be tempted to call the cops.”

Eva then admitted, “What? I always have guys over when I’m home alone.”

It was then Eva went on to explain that she lived on a large estate in Malibu and there was plenty of places to hide if need be. While I actually considered her offer I then offhandedly asked her what she was wearing and she started to tease me over the phone.

“Well actually I’m just in my underwear.”

“Hmm really?” I smirked.

“Well, actually just my undershirt and panties.”

“Hmm, and I bet those big titties of yours are practically pouring out of that top right now.”

Eva giggled, “Yes they are. My shirts hardly fit me anymore... so usually I just get around the house topless.”

Hearing this I quickly threw caution to the wind and decided to risk it all and go over. Hanging up I soon arrived to the address a few minutes later, and parking a few streets away, briskly walked up the long leaf littered drive away. Arriving to the gate I found I had butterflies in my stomach. I suddenly felt like a teenager again, sneaking around in the dark while the parents were away. Ringing the gate, Eva then buzzed me through and I made my way up to the front door, looking around nervously as I walked the next few hundred yards.

A moment later, Eva opened the front door clad in just her sexy little outfit, or lack there of. Just as she described she was clad in a tight white little singlet top and matching white panties. Despite her detailed description, I was gob smacked at her appearance, she looked incredible. As expected her huge natural breasts poured out of her tiny singlet, but unlike the previous night her hair was down and out, and she looked incredibly sweet, innocent, and virginal even. She was also a lot more leggier and slimmer than I remember. She really was a catch.

Quickly ducking inside Eva shut the front door and proceeded to give me a brief tour of the house, dragging me around by the arm and showing me all the rooms. Watching her dance around in front of me I couldn’t help admire her tight little ass in those panties and losing my patience I finally grabbed her in the hallway and pinned her against the wall roughly. Eva shrieked and giggled nervously as we then proceeded to make out passionately. Giggling sweetly, she then took me by the hand and led me into the living room where there was a warm fireplace in the corner.

I couldn’t believe how playful this girl was. Fooling around it was then I playfully grabbed at her butt, pinching and nipping at her. Shrieking out in delight, I then pushed her roughly to the large sofa. Eva fell to the middle of the large spacious corner lounge and I pounced. There I quickly spread her long legs apart and instructed her to hold them open for me. Eva didn’t argue and did as she was told. The sight before me was breathtaking as she lay there spread wide, her knees pushed up against her chest while flashing me a wicked smile.

I then kneeled between her open legs and gently ran my finger over her panties, revealing the groove of her precious slit. Toying with her I watched her face for any reaction and she inhaled sharply as I teased her pussy through the thin material. The heat emanating from her crotch was incredible, and her panties were already slightly moist. I then leaned over and blew my breath across them, making her gasp. Inhaling her scent I placed my lips over the front of her fresh underwear, right over her entrance and nuzzled my nose against her clit.

Eva could only squirm as I then proceeded to eat her pussy through her panties, running my lips and tongue across them and making them wet. Moaning softly, I finally pulled her panties to one side and was rewarded to the sight and smell of her incredible 20-year-old snatch. The strong scent from her pussy was intoxicating. To my delight she was completely shaved clean, and her lips were tight, pink, and glistened with anticipation.

Looking at her I actually wondered if she in fact was a virgin. Again, Eva insisted she wasn’t but her pussy was so tight and sweet. I then instructed her to show me how she liked to play with herself and she didn’t hesitate. Eva proceeded to gently touch herself while her huge natural breasts jiggle above her. It was then I directed her to talk dirty to me and she did as she was told.

With a dazed, lustful expression on her face Eva breathed, “You like watching me touch myself? Rub my clit with my fingers...”

“You’re so fucking sexy baby...” I told her as I stroked my hard on through my pants, “Don’t stop.”

“Yeah? Are you getting hard watching me? I want to see your cock.” She smirked slyly, “I need cock! Can you give me some cock?”

“Oh god yes,” I chuckled, realizing I had created a monster.

Eva’s panties stretch over her hand while her fingers moved over her snatch. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. I then leaned over and proceeded to kiss and lick the inside of her thighs, slowly inching my way towards her scented pussy. Reaching her crotch, I ever so gently kissed her labia as she twiddled her clit. Hearing her groan I then slowly ran the full length of my tongue up and down her glistening slot, making her shutter.

“Oooh yeah... lick my pussy” she moaned, “Eat my sweet, wet, pussy...”

Still holding her legs wide apart from the knees, I then slid my tongue down to her entrance and fucked her with my mouth. Watching her play I then got up to my feet and pulled out my cock. Kneeling up beside her head I then shoved my cock into her mouth and reached down to grope and fondle her beautiful breasts as she continued to frig herself.

“Mmmmppphhh nngggghh!” she groaned with a mouth full of cock.

Reaching down I then pushed her hand away and without warning jammed two of my fingers into her wet cunt. Eva bucked her hips and grunted loudly with delight.

“Uhh you look so fucking good right now... you sexy little slut!!” I told her.

Picking up the pace Eva started to groan loudly and moaned she wanted more.

“Uunnghhh yesss... fuuck me... feels sooo goooddd!”

Suddenly as Eva and I were getting into it we then heard a loud noise. It was the sound of the garage door opening and a car slowly pulling into the house! Mortified, we stared at each other in shock and disbelief for a moment before we jumped off the sofa. It seemed her mom had come home unexpectedly. Rushing round Eva then pulled me by the arm and hustled me upstairs to hid me away in her bedroom before rushing back down.

The significance and seriousness of the situation now caused me to curse myself for being so stupid. Had I really just risked it all, my career, friends, and reputation, for a piece of ass or in this case a pair of tits? As I pondered this I could hear Eva greet and chat to her mother in the kitchen as if nothing was wrong. I then had to chuckle as I heard Susan scold her.

“Eva! How many times have I told you, put some clothes on, you look like a damn whore!”

Eva then finally came back upstairs to change and check up on me and as she stepped into her room I suddenly reached out and grabbed her roughly, making her yelp. Startled, Eva then giggled as I shut the door and pinning her against it, kissing her passionately. Running my hands all over her body, Eva moaned sweetly into my mouth as I lifted her leg and ran my hand up her thigh to her ass. It suddenly occurred to me that if I was going to get caught, I might as well make it worth my while.

Holding her in place she then explained that Tim and her brothers were on their way home so I should probably think about taking off through the window. Thinking with my dick, I then told her I was interested in leaving until I was sure she had cum. Eva giggled and tried to push me away but I continued to palm at her huge breasts and ignored her wise words. Sliding my thumb into her mouth again Eva sucked me keenly and flashed me that sexy look again.

It was then I then pushed her to her knees and she fell willingly in front of me. Then before she had time to resist or object I pulled out my cock and stuffed it into her mouth, making her suck me. Sucking me keenly right beside her bedroom door, I then reached down and yanked her singlet top off her shoulders, leaving her topless. Eva didn’t complain and like a woman possessed continued to suck and slurp of my tool. She really was a cock hound. Finally, I then pulled out and proceeded to slap my fat member against her face and she seemed to really get off on in.


“Uhhh urghh ughhh!!” she grunted sweetly while I struck her across her chin and lips.

Pulling away I then instructed her to mash her tits together so I could fuck her sweet breasts. I was addiment I wasn’t going to go anywhere until I had at least had my cock between those two spectacular fun bags. Looking up at me with the most innocent eyes, I then told her to stick out her tongue as I fucked her huge rack. To my delight Eva was really into it too as she continued to grunt to my thrusting.

Pulling her hair she then moaned, “Yeah fuck my tits! Quick... nngghhh before my mom, oohh... comes upstairs... mmhhh”

To her credit Eva didn’t miss a beat and continued to talk dirty to me as I fucked her chest.

“Uurhhh fuu fuuuckk my tittsss... yeah” she stuttered as I fucked her sexy curves.

It seems she liked it a little rough. Suddenly we then hear her Mom yell from the bottom of the stairs.

“Eva? Eva! Are you listening to me? I’ll be back in a few minutes...”

Eva barely yelled back, “ohhh-okay mom...”

Listening to her mom step away from the stairs I quickly picked up the pace. Hearing the car start in the garage only riled me up further, and I then pulled her up to her feet and pushed her towards the bed. Bending her over I then ripped her panties down to her knees and rubbed my cock between her luscious butt cheeks before I proceeded to fuck her hard from behind. Slapping her ass, it seemed she was up for anything as I yanked her hair and spanked her butt.

“Uurghhh yeaahh...” she let out, “fuuckkk meee!”

I pushed her forward and flipped her over, instructing her to change positions. Lying back on the bed I then pulled her over me motioning for her to get on top and ride me. Seeing this Eva grinned widely as it was apparently her most favourite position. Impaling herself over my tool, she then proceeded to ride me vehemently, bouncing up and down. I lay back staring up in wonder as her massive breasts swung and jiggled freely from side to side.

“Ride that cock you sexy little bitch!!” I told her.

“Urghh yeahh, I love riding cock!! Your cock feels sooo good!!!” she moaned.

Riding me hard and fast for a few short minutes I then pulled her by the arm and rolled her onto her back before getting on top. Seemingly dazed by my suddenly action, I then pinned her legs almost back to her shoulders and fucked her mercilessly. Now Eva started to really scream.

“Uuurghh uhhh nnnnghhh yessss!!!” she cried out at the tops of her lungs.

Pulling out the very last moment I then leapt up and erupted over the side of her head, turning my rod to make sure I splashed some goo all over her tits.

Falling beside in exhaustion I then told her, “School’s out baby.”

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